Friday, 2012-09-21

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dcthangmorning :-)02:35
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timophplatform sdk's ssh seems to be compiled without kerberos or something04:53
Stskeepswe don't have kerberos in mer, afaik04:53
timophgetting Unsupported option "GSSAPIAuthentication" when trying to ssh from the sdk04:54
timophinto nemo that is04:54
Stskeepsright, so we need to fix the conf04:54
timophyep. just need to comment line 49 in /etc/ssh/ssh_config04:58
timophthose are only warnings so nothing critical04:59
Kypeligood morning iekku !05:06
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* timoph crosses fingers and starts sb2 target creation from device script05:19
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sonachStskeeps: Have you seen news similar to ?05:58
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Stskeepssonach: yes05:59
Stskeepssonach: it was all over western technical news too05:59
sonachStskeeps: so what do you think about this, especially in  Mer's point of view?06:01
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Stskeepssonach: it may well play into non-Android's favour - it's quite obvious that google has too much power if they can stop non-android handsets to come to market06:01
Stskeepsthis isn't first time it has happened, though06:02
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sonachStskeeps: yes. so many companies that want to modify android will slow down their steps, and look for other choices...06:09
sonachsomething similar to what we are doing :P06:09
Stskeepssonach: i have succesfully run qmlscene on top of android gpu drivers now by the way06:11
Stskeeps1024x768 @ 60fps at qualcomm hardware06:11
Stskeepsqmlscene is qmlviewer for qt5 qtquick206:11
sonachStskeeps: cool. now my platform at hand is bcm7231(mips) with ics4.0.4.  and hi3716C(arm) has not arrived. so I still can not do the test?06:15
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Stskeepssonach: probably need some patches for MIPS but i'm sure we can find them06:15
Stskeepssonach: this may be interesting for you, by the way: ,
sonachok, so you mean that I can find the patches myself?06:16
Stskeepssonach: nah, i'll find them for you :)06:16
Stskeepspeople on working to make it easy to have android without dalvik in it06:17
Stskeepsor more customized android06:17
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sonachStskeeps: so, if i want to do the test,  i can start it now?06:18
Stskeepssonach: over the next week or so i will be making it easier to use libhybris and try it, so it's better after that06:19
sonachStskeeps: ok, no hurry,06:20
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Stskeepsmorn slaine08:04
slaineMorning folks, Stskeeps08:04
Skryhey, if there is someone with some skills in C and kernel drivers, I could use some help with something which should be dead simple to someone who knows what he is doing.. :D08:06
Bostikthat sounds really bad08:07
Bostik"kernel drivers... simple.."08:07
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StskeepsSkry: probably easier to just ask08:07
sroedal_everything is simple if you have enough knowledge08:07
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sroedal_Stskeeps: btw, I have an Android device now08:09
Stskeepssroedal_: cool :)08:10
sroedal_Stskeeps: do I need to build my own kernel to play with the libhybris stuff? :)08:10
Stskeepssroedal_: if possible, locate a android source tree for it too08:10
sroedal_asus have provided sources08:10
Stskeepsas you'll need to patch bionic08:10
SkryI need to call function from driver x when driver y has certain state and this should happen in board code08:11
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Skryhave practically no experience in this stuff but no-one else wants to do this08:12
Stskeeps'lo simon_ :)08:13
Stskeepswas good seeing you in person last08:13
simon_lo Stskeeps :)08:13
* timoph goes out for a victory smoke08:13
simon_mer wiki logins not working?08:13
Stskeepssimon_: should be08:13
simon_same as bugzilla right?08:13
Stskeepswhat error do you get?08:13
simon_now too many login attempts, but previously login incorrect08:13
simon_bugzilla working fine.08:14
Stskeepsprod lbt later today08:14
simon_ok, will do, thanks08:15
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lbtmorning all08:20
Stskeepsmorn lbt08:20
lbtsimon_: wiki uses your username, not email08:20
lbthey Stskeeps08:20
simon_lbt: supid me08:21
simon_lbt: shame on me, it is workin...08:23
lbtnp - I guess we could be clearer about this somehow08:23
simon_lbt: maybe a hint on login page in the line where it says it's a bugzilla account08:26
simon_sth like (username, not e-mail)08:26
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simon_lbt: btw, in bugzilla preferences i do not see my username anywhere, which is simonbolek, only e-mail08:28
lbt*nod* ... I had to futz BZ to make it authoritative for LDAP and I noticed that issue myself... it's on the list somewhere :)08:29
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kulvethere's no ARMv6 hardfp releases of Mer Core?08:39
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Stskeepskulve: there is experimental stuff but nothing concrete08:40
kulveit seems that the proprietary binaries for RPi comes also in hardfp and I was about to use those..08:41
Stskeepsi've considered to switch armv6l to armv6hl over time08:41
kulvehow could I try that experimental stuff then? :)08:42
Stskeepsmm, can i say 'not yet'? :)08:42
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kulveno, I don't think that's a possibility :)08:42
kulveI guess I can got with softfp, but if there's any progress related to hardfp, let me know. I can test it then08:43
Stskeepswill d08:43
kulvecan I detect on the spec file which one is used? I could include both the the tarball and just copy the ones we are "building" for?08:43
Stskeeps%ifarch armv6l08:44
kulveok, thanks08:44
Stskeepsand %ifarch armv6hl08:44
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situHi all08:58
Stskeepsmorn situ08:58
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_ThomasStskeeps: I talked to bizdev today, so if you send stuff my way, I'll pass it on to the correct people :)09:07
_Thomasand, morning :)09:07
Stskeeps_Thomas: :nod:09:07
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Sage_Stskeeps: oh, the xorg fixes were not in yet in the .0.0.3 snapshot09:27
StskeepsSage_: right09:27
StskeepsSage_: what is missign in dashboard atm?09:27
Sage_nothing critical from me I think, I'm good for the release already. Already thinking about the one after this next.09:29
Sage_of course if you want there are some SR's from me you can accept ;)09:29
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Stskeepswhich ones..09:30
Sage_err.. reviews09:30
Sage_those with +1 in review pretty much :P09:30
lbtfyi ... just restarted ci workers as they were down at ~50% due to poor umount of tmpfs (I think)09:31
Sage_and some more actually that would need kicking.09:31
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cat_x301morning; does anybody know how to shut up systemd-jounal so it does not span on serial console like this ?10:13
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cat_x301never mind, quick hack in journald.conf seems helped:10:42
cat_x301though i do not understand why default ForwardToConsole=no does not have any effect.10:42
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smita_hi.. i get 1 out of 5 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file.. but actually no such file is getting generated on that path.. does anyone know what can be the problem10:57
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Stskeepssmita_: look at BUILD/ directory?11:03
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smita_Stskeeps, there is no build dir11:04
smita_Stskeeps, i get this problem with "osc build"11:04
Stskeepsosc chroot11:04
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kulveI'm getting this: "ERROR: No build ID note found in [...]" and I've tried setting _missing_build_ids_terminate_build with %define and with %global but it doesn't seem to have any effect.. Any hints?11:21
Stskeepskulve: are you packaging binaries?11:22
Stskeepscan you show me build log?11:22
kulveyes, please see the priv msg11:22
Stskeepskulve:  %global debug_package %{nil}11:23
Stskeepsas well11:23
slaineSo, some advice if you will11:23
slaineI've got some upstart scripts that I want to re-write for systemd11:24
slaineIs there a porting guide anywhere ?11:24
slaineI know there's different types of systemd scripts, .service, .target etc.11:24
slainebut I don't know how that affects my choice11:24
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slaineThe particular script I'm looking at porting now gets run once early in the boot process to figure out which device type it's running on and create some flag files for the software stack to pick up on later on11:25
Stskeepsslaine: take a look at boardname service?11:26
Stskeepsin mer11:26
slaineStskeeps: sounds similar, I will, thanks11:26
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kulveStskeeps: it worked, thanks11:30
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slaineStskeeps: Hmmmm11:41
slaineSo, rather than include the script body in something like my hwsetup.service, I should just have hwsetup.service call a script /sbin/hwsetup.sh11:41
slaineseems almost too easy11:42
Stskeepsljp: congratulations on maintainership :)11:50
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Sage_Stskeeps: any estimates when next snapshot/prerelease is out?12:25
StskeepsSage_: i'm waiting for something to build atm and then that's the content12:26
Sage_uh... connman has now commanctl cmd... that reminds me something ;)12:26
StskeepsSage_: next up, merging into systemd12:26
Sage_Stskeeps: you said it not me ;)12:26
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Sage_Stskeeps: I would have liked to get connman update to this release but that can wait to next one as well I guess. it seems quite stable atm12:27
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smita_Stskeeps, after dealing with the.rej and making changes in my code...still when i do build i get the same problem "1 out of 2 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file".. do i need to delete the .rej file ?12:57
CissWita/win ruby12:57
CissWitsorry :)12:57
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StskeepsBostik: finally, merged qt5-beta1 to mer.. i want to package some additional things like qtpim, qtconnectivty, qtfeedback, pim, qtqa and i'll work on a merge request for modular-qt-specs14:20
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Stskeepsqtwayland comes in next line14:21
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BostikStskeeps: whatever you do, I won't pull one directly - I'll probably cherry-pick things one-by-one and make sure of the intermediate steps14:21
Stskeepsso you even wouldn't mind a tarball with git changes?14:22
Bostikthe diff is just too big to handle in one go14:22
Bostikcertainly would not _mind_14:22
Bostikwould welcome it, evevn :)14:22
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer14:22
Stskeepsi'll make a postit and it to you on monday14:22
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*** condo4 has joined #mer14:23
Stskeepsmonday-tuesday-wednesday my wife's out of town, so i have 3 hacking days to iterate libhybris/wayland compostitor/virtual machine with qml compositor, etc14:23
condo4Hello all14:23
Stskeepshello condo4 :)14:23
Stskeepscondo4: so what brings you here?14:23
condo4I'm presenting me, I'm a hard/software engineer on linux embedded platform.14:24
Stskeepscondo4: cool :)14:24
condo4I'm very intresting about Jolla, and so, mer project14:24
Stskeepswell, you're in the right place then14:24
condo4I have a question about the SDK;14:24
*** cat_n9 has joined #mer14:24
Stskeepscat_n9: silly question, do you have a android adaptation for that mk802 too?14:25
condo4Why the mer project don't use the Yocto project to built environment ?What is the pro/cons about this sdk...14:26
RaYmAnStskeeps: it comes with ICS14:26
*** FSCV has joined #mer14:27
Stskeepscondo4: yocto's doing a good job at what they're targetting - and mer has it's own ways - it allows to scale quite quick from prototype to full team with build systems, qa, etc14:27
RaYmAnthere are native x11 drivers though - they almost work properly :P just a matter of not-too-long-time and they should wokr fully (opengl es on fbdev does work though.)14:27
Stskeepscondo4: i could try and convince you all i want, but read the mer wiki pages, mer package, and try out what we have, see if you like it14:27
Stskeepsmer package = page, i mean14:27
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Stskeepscondo4: i can however show you the amazing things people have built with Mer :)14:28
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer14:28
Stskeepscondo4: for Jolla, and other companies, they're happy with what Mer delivers and engineers involved have naturally tried out other approaches14:29
StskeepsMer's aim is simple - enabling the ability to do 60fps QML/HTML5 products to even the smallest business, and scale operations as you go up from one idea to 100 employees14:30
Stskeepsthere'll be cases where Yocto is better, there'll be cases where emdebian is better, or buildroot14:31
condo4Yes, I need to try this project... In my job, we work on PowerPC based architecture, and, we recently start to work with Yocto... Since I've the N9 and I'm  interesting to Jolla, I need to try the mer project...14:32
Stskeepscondo4: feel free to ask all the questions you want :)14:33
*** gimli has joined #mer14:33
Stskeepskulve: how's the pi coming along then?14:33
condo4OK, I need to try... just a question, Mer Project is availlable for PPC target ?14:34
Stskeepscondo4: hehe, sadly not, but it is available for armv6, armv7, mips32, generic x86 and Atom processes14:35
Stskeepsprocessors, that is14:35
condo4ok, I can try for my Wetab tablet... thanks...14:35
kulveStskeeps: well, we have it booting so far. I managed to get the gfx packaged following the sage's pandaboard logic but that's still untested14:36
Stskeepscondo4: Seadot is a mer based distribution for wetab at least14:36
Stskeepskulve: alright14:36
Stskeepskulve: i'm a little uncertain of eglfs qt plugin working properly on r-pi anymore14:37
*** beford is now known as bigotes14:37
Stskeepsfor qt514:37
Stskeepsbut let's see14:37
kulvewe tried the alien's packages earlier but they segfaulted with "qmlviewer -opengl"14:38
kulvebut they where quite old already14:38
Stskeepsqmlviewer -opengl qt4.8 will make anybody cry on r-pi14:39
Stskeepsqt5 is really only solution, unless you use my nasty nasty hack14:39
condo4where can I find download/ information about seadot14:40
*** phdeswer has quit IRC14:40
Stskeepscondo4: i think it's on the wetab forums14:40
Stskeepsmay be in german :P14:40
condo4....hum, this is the problem with wetab... majority of sites are in german...14:42
condo4I found the git repo for seadot :
condo4thanks for all informations, good bye14:49
Stskeepssee you around14:50
*** condo4 has quit IRC14:50
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zuhStskeeps: I was trying to get a target set up for compilation for RPi but I'm hitting something I don't understand:
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer15:03
* Stskeeps looks15:04
Stskeepswhat image did you base off?15:04
Stskeepsand can i see that targets etc/rpm/platform ?15:04
*** shrikrishna_ has joined #mer15:05
zuhA custom .ks seen here:
zuhAnd no, since it doesn't exist... So looks like an invalid user error?15:05
Stskeepsecho 'armv6l-meego-linux' into etc/rpm/platform on there15:06
Stskeepsdoes behaviour change?15:06
zuhHm, so have I missed something in the creation of the target or what should originally create that?15:07
Stskeepsthe .ks %post section usually does that15:07
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC15:07
Stskeepsdidn't know it was needed for armv6l target though15:07
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC15:07
*** nsuffys has joined #mer15:08
zuhI can look an example of what to add from mer release .ks or ..?15:08
Stskeepsfirst two echo'es of %Post15:09
zuhok, so nothing fancy needed. Thanks!15:11
*** shrikrishna_ has quit IRC15:15
*** smita_ has joined #mer15:17
*** fvennetier has quit IRC15:18
*** himamura has joined #mer15:18
*** _Razor_ has quit IRC15:21
*** pohly has quit IRC15:22
*** talavis has quit IRC15:22
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer15:22
*** andre__ has quit IRC15:29
kulvewhy the long list of Provides: lines:
kulveI skipped those in my package and now I'm getting:15:34
* Stskeeps looks15:34
kulveError <creator>: Failed to build transaction : gfx-rpi-1-10.1.armv6l requires libvcos.so15:34
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer15:34
Stskeepsi think somebody forgot to make their libraries +x15:34
kulvethat might very well be..15:35
Stskeepsrpm is a bit picky about that and i'm not sure why15:35
kulveon my debian stable most seems to be without +x15:37
*** araujo has quit IRC15:37
Stskeepsi think it's also because of the awkward /opt/vc stuff15:38
kulvedo you know if that directory is mandatory? I guessed no and put them to /usr/ ..15:38
kulvebut haven't tested anything yet15:38
Stskeepsi hope not, at least15:39
kulveI tried quickly reading some install-script there and it seemed to allow a prefix.15:39
*** andre__ has joined #mer15:41
Stskeeps the one might be genuine though15:43
Stskeepssomebody had this funny idea there should be no proper soname on libGLESv2 and libEGL in the past15:43
*** veskuh has joined #mer15:43
Stskeepsand i'm fairly sure it was due to the PowerVR SGX build scripts totally crapping out when you tried15:43
*** araujo has joined #mer15:44
*** araujo has joined #mer15:44
*** acpi_ has quit IRC15:44
* Stskeeps looks15:45
Stskeepsphaeron: thank you, merging15:45
kulvehmm.. why did mic give me a long list of warnings about packages being damaged?15:49
Stskeepskulve: cache doesn't distinguish between architectures15:49
Stskeepsit's fine, ignore it15:49
kulveok :)15:49
*** kostaja has quit IRC15:49
Stskeepsie, you can have two noarch packages with different sha15:50
kulveyeah, all those seem to be noarch packages15:50
kulvethat +x seemed to fix that problem, thanks15:50
kulveI even managed to create those package groups, "@Raspberry Pi GFX" etc15:51
kulvenice package count the mic is giving me: [301/217]15:53
*** cat_x301 has quit IRC15:55
*** Behold has joined #mer15:57
*** marcosx86 has joined #mer15:58
*** stepiro has quit IRC15:59
*** shrikrishna_ has joined #mer16:00
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC16:00
*** stepiro has joined #mer16:01
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC16:02
*** marcosx86 has quit IRC16:04
*** apol__ has joined #mer16:04
*** apol_ has quit IRC16:04
*** cat1 has joined #mer16:06
*** vilpan has quit IRC16:06
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #mer16:07
*** phdeswer has joined #mer16:17
*** Attie has quit IRC16:18
*** thierry_troll has quit IRC16:19
*** otep has quit IRC16:20
*** crevetor has quit IRC16:21
*** Aurium has joined #mer16:21
*** crevetor has joined #mer16:21
crevetorwoot woot !
*** hhurtta has quit IRC16:22
*** moo-_- has quit IRC16:23
*** harriv has quit IRC16:23
*** Sage_ has quit IRC16:24
*** reels has quit IRC16:28
*** arc_mat has joined #mer16:28
Stskeepscrevetor: \o/16:29
*** calvaris has quit IRC16:30
crevetoryay !16:32
*** _Razor_ has quit IRC16:32
*** talavis has joined #mer16:33
*** gimli has quit IRC16:33
Stskeepscrevetor: congratulations :)16:34
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer16:34
*** harriv has joined #mer16:35
*** moo-_- has joined #mer16:37
*** leinir has quit IRC16:38
*** Sage_ has joined #mer16:40
*** hhurtta has joined #mer16:40
*** thierry_troll has joined #mer16:47
*** scorp1us has joined #mer16:50
scorp1usHi all, do you have a mali-400 compatible distribution?16:50
scorp1usAnd instructions on how to isntall mer on an android tablet (wiping out android)16:50
cat1scorp1us: it should work out of box giving that you know where to take u-boot and kernel.16:51
cat1scorp1us: but do not expect any graphics yet :)16:52
scorp1usno graphics: I kinda want to see something16:53
cat1scorp1us: at least with mer. actually i am trying to achive something similar with mk802, a10 based.16:53
scorp1usit's essential to active plasma16:53
scorp1uswhat is the deal with graphics?16:55
*** mikhas has joined #mer16:55
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:55
cat1scorp1us: well, for some it works with different distros, but i haven't got it working with mer yet.16:56
scorp1usI'm not sure I understand. I thought it was a matter of having X and the right X driver?16:56
cat1scorp1us: you need kernel support for fb16:57
scorp1usoh, where there are drivers avaiblible.16:58
scorp1usbut I don't know if mer includes those. I guess that's waht I am asking16:58
cat1scorp1us: what is your hardware btw, except it has mali400?16:58
scorp1usrockwell 29, arm 7l16:59
cat1scorp1us: soc?16:59
* cat1 is lazy to google ;)16:59
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer17:00
*** thierry_troll has quit IRC17:00
scorp1usIt has ICS on it so it can't be that bad17:01
scorp1usis that descriptive enough?17:02
*** thierry_troll has joined #mer17:02
cat1scorp1us: it is not bad, but i cannot see what is inside. will google a little bit..17:03
scorp1uswhat are you looking for specifically?17:03
cat1scorp1us: btw, have you looked at linaro's kernels?17:03
*** Behold has quit IRC17:03
scorp1usno i have not17:03
cat1scorp1us: looking what chipset is behind the scene..17:03
cat1scorp1us: does not tell me too much -- still check it on web :)17:04
mikhasStskeeps, managed to see the last two talks at XDC today!17:07
mikhastravelling is fun, right?17:07
mikhasat least I avoided the shame of not picking up my badge17:07
mikhasthey might have to rename it to WDC next year though17:08
mikhasor at least everyone I spoke to only talked about that17:08
mikhas(but that's because I am biased, of course)17:08
*** amjad_ has quit IRC17:12
*** blauzahl has joined #mer17:20
*** nitrate_ has joined #mer17:20
*** mikhas has quit IRC17:21
cat1scorp1us: could not find anything related, sorry. Anyways, mali400 support is not yet in mer. Actually, each device/chipset should have some adaptation in place before one is able to run mer/nemo and as far as i can see there is none for your tablet.17:21
*** otep has joined #mer17:23
scorp1usit shoudl eb easy, no?
*** gimli has joined #mer17:28
cat1scorp1us: to some extent yes. at least i was able to compile modules but drm is not really implemented for mali400. they only provide some sort of skeleton. Though fb works with GLES for some, give it a try too!17:31
* cat1 feels being useless with this advice..17:34
Stskeepshardware adaptation is hard, but hopefully it'll be easier in future17:36
RaYmAnI guess with fbdev/gles2, it should be possible to get wayland running17:38
*** u1106 has quit IRC17:38
Stskeepswell, on shm yes17:39
Stskeepsas in, you can't share gpu buffers with fbdev/gles2 alone17:40
Stskeepsjust apps that render into shared memory17:40
*** nj3ma has joined #mer17:40
RaYmAnah, right17:40
*** u1106 has joined #mer17:41
kulveeglinfo: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: glPointSizePointerOES17:44
*** nj3ma has quit IRC17:44
Stskeepsis there too?17:45
Stskeepshmm :P17:45
StskeepsLD_DEBUG or ldd might be your friend17:45
kulvewhy eglinfo doesn't link to it?17:45
kulveaccording to ldd it doesnt17:45
kulveor should the libegl link to it..?17:46
Stskeepswell, does eglinfo use anything from gl* ?17:46
Stskeepsif it does, yes, it should link to it17:46
*** kostaja has joined #mer17:46
kulvethat eglinfo is from mer and I know you know every code line in there.. :)17:46
Stskeepsi don't, actually :P17:47
Stskeepsbut if it has gl* in nm -D eglinfo17:48
Stskeepsand it doesn't link to libEGL17:48
kulveLD_PRELOAD did the trick17:48
Stskeepsit's a problem17:48
kulvenm: command not found17:48
Stskeepsah, :P17:48
kulvezypper seems to be a hard word to write in friday evening..17:49
Stskeepsi'm having to deal with a missing 'uic_location' in QtCore's pkgconfig file17:49
Stskeepsi decided a rum and coke was a good addition to that mix17:50
kulvehaving ethernet on a board like this is really a plus. And I happened to have a self-soldered usb-serial dongle on the table, so serial console wasn't a problem either17:50
kulveI guess I could take captain morgan with a coke as well :)17:51
*** phaeron has quit IRC17:51
kulve# nm -D /usr/bin/eglinfo | grep -i gl | grep -c -v egl17:52
kulveso looks the eglinfo works and broadcom doesn't (surprise with proprietary components..)17:52
Stskeepswell, eglinfo is probably built against X1117:53
kulveat least it doesn't seem to care about $DISPLAY17:54
kulveEGL vendor string: Broadcom17:54
kulveEGL client APIs: OpenGL_ES OpenVG17:54
Stskeepsah, so it can do it without17:54
kulveEGL_KHR_image EGL_KHR_image_base EGL_KHR_image_pixmap EGL_KHR_vg_parent_image EGL_KHR_gl_texture_2D_image EGL_KHR_gl_texture_cubemap_image EGL_KHR_lock_surface17:54
kulveglestest want's the DISPLAY but still says "Got no EGL display."17:55
*** arcean_ has joined #mer17:56
Stskeepsyeah, figured as much17:56
Stskeepsthere's no x11 in the r-pi gles drivers so17:56
kulvedo you happen to know, what is vcfiled (VC file daemon) provided by bcm?17:57
Stskeepserr. no idea17:57
*** arcean has quit IRC17:58
kulveis there strace in some mer package?17:58
Stskeepsin mer:tools probably17:59
*** smita_ has quit IRC18:02
kulvehmm.. yes, it was there but my RPi's ethernet seems to be a bit flaky..18:04
vgradeevening all18:07
*** cristi has joined #mer18:07
vgradehi cristi18:08
Stskeepsevening vgrade18:09
*** Guest29702 has quit IRC18:09
vgradeevening Stskeeps18:09
Stskeepshow is it going?18:09
vgradebit of a killer week18:09
vgradejust sat down with a beer18:10
vgradesee the new tizen release? has some web apps18:11
Stskeepsyeah, but it's a kinda lousy wrapper, it's just efl webkit18:11
Stskeepsno web runtime as such18:11
vgradeyea I saw they said it was not using wrt18:12
vgrademight run it up anyway on the exo as its good background for the day job18:12
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away18:12
*** scorp1us has quit IRC18:14
cristihi vgrade18:14
*** stepiro_ has joined #mer18:16
*** stepiro has quit IRC18:16
vgradecristi, kulve was asking about raspPi gfx package earlier18:17
cristiI will check the logs18:17
kulvevgrade: well, I already recreated it..18:17
cristikulve: I worked on an upgrade but didn't commit it to OBS just yet18:18
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer18:18
*** stepiro_ has quit IRC18:18
cristiit was based on a snapshot as of Sunday or so18:18
kulveI took the latest versions of bootloader, kernel, gfx, etc. from the github18:19
cristigreat then18:19
kulveand I put only the minimum tarballs to OBS18:19
kulvebut so far it boots and eglinfo works but nothing else has been tested..18:19
Stskeepsperhaps you should set up a common project for this stuff?18:19
*** stepiro has joined #mer18:20
cristiStskeeps: good idea18:20
kulvewhat kind of common project?18:20
Stskeepslike, OBS project18:20
Stskeepskind of like how we have CE:Adaptation:N90018:20
*** yunta has quit IRC18:21
cristiStskeeps: how can we do that?18:21
kulvemultiple persons have write access to that, I assume?18:21
cristithanks kulve18:22
kulvethere's my project. zuh has also been actively testing18:22
cristikulve: I had
vgradeand the original, :)18:23
kulveI know, I first branched everything from there and then created my stuff with newer smaller tarballs and basicly copied your .spec -files (except gfx I took from sage's pandaboard)18:23
cristiI will commit my current work now18:23
vgradegood idea about a shared project18:23
kulvevgrade: yeah, these seem to be a bit one shot things. People do them and not upgrade them anymore :)18:24
cristiI was going to update the qt5 stuff to the beta18:24
kulvelike my gumstix. I had it more or less working but probably now I won't touch it anymore as I'm working with RPi..18:24
Stskeepsgive me some user names on people who are working together on this stuff..?18:24
cristiwill try to contribute that to the common repo18:24
kulveStskeeps: kulve, zuh18:24
cristiI guess sivu too18:25
cristiI forked his stuff, originally forked from vgrade18:25
kulveso my fork is 4th :)18:25
kulvebut I think I cleaned up couple of things from cristi's work and upgraded everything to today's versions from git18:26
kulveand the gfx includes separate packages for egl, gles1, gles2 and omxil. And separate packages for -devel. And pkgconfig files. Not sure if everything really makes sense but it was at least quite clean approach18:27
Stskeepseach of you are maintainers now18:27
vgradekulve, I'm sure there were things to fix in my packaging as that adaptation was my first18:27
Stskeepscopypac an initial adaptation in18:27
Stskeepsand then use submitreq and OBS requests from there18:27
Stskeepsand review eachothers' packaging18:27
cristikulve: please upload your stuff there18:28
vgradeStskeeps, thanks for the playground18:29
kulvecristi: hopefully it's ok, if I do it during the weekend? It's too late to do it today anymore..18:29
Stskeepsno problem, do a good job, i'll need that adaptation in a few months ;)18:29
cristino hurry18:29
kulveif somebody still has energy today, go ahead and copy my stuff there18:31
*** Venemo has joined #mer18:31
Stskeepsevening Venemo18:32
kulveI just started testing a bit and I don't have a clue how the videocore stuff should work. E.g. "vcdbg" give me errors (OTOH I don't even know what that is..)18:32
Venemohey Stskeeps :)18:32
Venemowhat's up? :)18:32
StskeepsVenemo: having fun with qt518:32
VenemoStskeeps, quite fun, isn't it?18:32
kulvecristi: also my kernel report 122M of total memory according to "free -m"18:33
kulveI guess it should more unless VC or something takes half of it..18:33
vgradekulve, it used to need the app to call a function before you could do gles stuff18:33
kulvevgrade: is that documented somewhere? I haven't followed RPi too much as I didn't have my board until this week..18:34
vgradekulve, there is a config file on the dos part which allows you to tune userspace vs gpu mem18:34
vgradekulve, I'm sure there is stuff documented.  I've not revisited since I did the initial adaptation18:35
cristikulve: the gl stuff needs to be adapted to work on the pi18:35
zuhkulve: ^18:35
vgradezuh, hi18:35
cristikulve: there were some examples, I don't remember where18:36
kulveOk. I'll probably have some time during the weekend to dig into this. My first RPi boot ever was 1.5 hours ago :)18:36
kulvezuh: lot of options18:38
vgradekulve, spooky coincidence my first boot of Mer on Pi was a year ago tomorrow,
vgradehow time flies18:39
kulvebtw, my packages are here:
kulvefeel free to comment if there's something that should be changed when I push them to CE18:39
kulvee.g. we named them -rpi instead of cristi's -raspPi18:40
*** apol has joined #mer18:40
*** amjad_ has joined #mer18:41
vgradekulve, sure18:41
kulvecurrently all those (i.e. gfx-rpi) packages should support both hardfp and softfp builds. So as soon as Stskeeps sets up Mer's ARMv6 hardfloat builds, we can enable both :)18:41
*** apol__ has quit IRC18:42
vgradekulve, I wonder how much difference it makes.18:43
cristiwell, once we have it we can benchmark :)18:43
kulveso do I. Some claims that there is clear difference but who knows..18:43
vgradekulve, the Linaro testing only showed improvements in things like raytracing18:43
Stskeepslike 5k kflops or something additional18:43
Stskeepson ARM it matters to the ui18:44
cristiI think the operclocking improvement from this week would be much more helpful18:44
kulveStskeeps: are there any (significant) downsides?18:44
vgradecristi, overclocking the Pi?18:44
Stskeepskulve: well, no thumb118:44
cristivgrade: sure18:44
vgradecristi, missed that news18:44
kulvevgrade: it can be run now at 1GHz without voiding the warranty18:45
cristiwhoops, it's in german18:45
vgradegoogle tranlate hels18:45
kulveI guess that's the original post18:46
vgradenice, have you guys seen
Stskeepsisn't it the allwinner stuff?18:48
zuhYeah, A1018:48
vgradeStskeeps, yes. Distributed by a guy who works at aw18:49
vgradeStskeeps, #arm-netbook and #cubieboard18:50
vgradefirst batch went for $5018:51
vgradeStskeeps, still mali400 issues though18:51
vgradeStskeeps, nice to see _Thomas getting close to shipping Cotton Candy18:52
cristithere was one such board but with quadcore arm, at about 100$18:52
Stskeepsyes, it really looks like a nice device18:52
Stskeepsi still need to put my two r-pi's into service18:52
CosmoHillme too18:53
vgradeStskeeps, too many nice devices18:53
vgradehi CosmoHill18:53
CosmoHillhey dude18:53
CosmoHillhow's it going?18:53
zuhAnd people sell complete tablets for $40...18:53
vgradeok, spending too much time at day job and not enough here18:54
vgradehows the gun shop18:54
CosmoHillbit quiet18:54
CosmoHillwas playing with this yesterday:
Stskeepszuh: yet everybody seems to think we should be doing only cellphone-like UIs on tablets and mobile devices..18:54
Stskeepsthere's much more fun things to try18:55
vgradeCosmoHill, when you said 'playing with' do you mean shooting?18:55
CosmoHillno, just handerling it18:55
*** kostaja has quit IRC18:58
CosmoHilli find myself doing sod all after work so I need to do more stuff18:59
CosmoHillatm I'm painting part of my car18:59
CosmoHillwell, sanding the wiper arms19:00
vgradethats the quad core, yes19:00
zuhbeh, sb2 hates me :(
vgradeany gles drivers with that?19:01
zuhIt refuses to play armv6l for me19:01
Stskeepszuh: that's fine19:01
Stskeepszuh: what toolchain did you set it up with?19:01
cristivgrade: it's mali400, so it has android adaptation and WIP free drivers19:02
Stskeepsok, shouldn't need to worry about that19:02
*** nitrate__ has joined #mer19:02
zuhStskeeps: I'm worried that it messes up an autotools project19:02
cristivgrade: it should work with the stuff developed by Stskeeps for android adaptations19:03
vgradezuh, I made this ages ago,
Stskeepszuh: shouldn't matter19:03
vgradecristi, ok19:03
zuhStskeeps: Well, I guess I'll see what happens19:03
*** thierry_troll_ has joined #mer19:04
*** thierry_troll has quit IRC19:05
*** thierry_troll_ is now known as thierry_troll19:05
*** nitrate_ has quit IRC19:06
zuhvgrade: I see the "Host SDK Development using gcc" section is empty, are you suggesting I should fill it in? ;)19:07
vgradezuh, it links to the sdk page19:07
vgradezuh and then to the sb2 page19:08
zuhOh yeah, I'm following basically19:09
vgrademight be worth linking to those directly from the Pi gcc section. Feel free to add links19:09
*** Behold has joined #mer19:10
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC19:14
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC19:15
cristiStskeeps: do you have any hardware adaptations for Mer using libhybris that could be published on OBS for reference?19:15
Stskeepscristi: that's on my list for the coming week19:16
Stskeepsthere's a few puzzle pieces i want aligned, so19:16
*** pohly has joined #mer19:18
cristiI just ordered my second RPi and a ODroid-X :D19:23
cristimy current Pi is already in production :)19:24
cristiso I can't use it for hacking anymore19:24
*** chinmaya has joined #mer19:29
*** furikku has quit IRC19:29
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer19:33
*** spoofy has quit IRC19:33
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*** spoofy has joined #mer21:41
*** fk_lx has joined #mer21:43
ljphmm.. I suppose if mer/nemo uses qt5, some meego backends will need to get ported from qtmobility...21:55
w00tljp: i personally think that'll happen on a case-by-case basis.. some areas for instance aren't clearly maintained, so it may end up being "safer" to port that part of mobility whole (+ backend) rather than try figure out the work needed to port the backends and risk using un-productized code21:58
ljpsure. I was specifically meaning sensors and systeminfo :)21:58
*** zowtar has joined #mer22:02
*** zenvoid has quit IRC22:04
w00tdidn't you do sensors already? ;)22:10
w00tah no22:10
w00tthat was the sensorgesture backport to qt4 i remember seeing somewhere22:10
ljpya, the other way :)22:18
*** gimli_ has quit IRC22:22
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC22:23
ljpfor sensors, it'll be fairly straight forward22:29
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC22:41
*** fk_lx has left #mer22:41
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*** Guest29702 has joined #mer22:56
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