Wednesday, 2012-09-19

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Stskeepshuomenta jukkaeklund05:42
Skryhuomenta vain vaikkei minulle puhuttukkaan05:44
befordhakuna matata05:44
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kulveStskeeps: is there a maintained RPi hw adaption for Mer somewhere? I got my RPi yesterday and will start to use it for my "robotics" stuff06:17
Stskeepskulve: i think cristi was doing one06:17
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* Stskeeps pokes cobs with a stick06:19
kulveCouldn't find "cristi" in cobs..06:20
kulveah, thanks06:20
timophbtw, what's the schedule on moving away from meego cobs?06:22
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Stskeepstimoph: we have a instance running but we first want stuff working06:24
Stskeepsie, it being production06:24
kulveWho's moving away from cobs?06:28
timopheveryone at some point :)06:28
timophiirc it'll shutdown 2 years after the last meego release06:29
timophor something like that06:29
kulvewould that support 3rd party projects? I.e. could I use that for compiling my own projects?06:29
kulveit's possible with cobs now although I'm not sure if that's the intention..06:29
Stskeepskulve: yes, that's the intention - we'll put nemo on there but mer and mer related stuff is always welcome06:31
Stskeepskulve: it works after a co-operative principle, so if you're using large amount of resources or support, you're expected to pitch in06:31
Stskeepsfor the random build here and there, it doesn't matter :)06:31
timophjust gimme the account nro where to pitch in and I'll do it06:32
kulveok, sounds good. I'm just worried that it would be a bit expensive to run a farm like that and therefore no "extra" projects would be allowed..06:32
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Stskeepskulve: we pay ~340 eur per month for mer infra atm06:32
timophhow many machines that covers?06:33
Stskeepswhich all things considered, is quite cheap, considering that covers CI builders, etc06:33
Stskeepswe have a few of these babies06:33
jukkaeklundstskeeps, morning06:33
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* timoph could do a monthly 20e donation to the project06:34
JvD_is there a updated .ks for raspi or should we start with the one that's pointed in community workspaces wiki page?06:34
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StskeepsJvD_: - and change the repos to alien's instead06:35
Stskeepsand a more modern mer release06:35
Stskeepsi guess06:35
JvD_yes that's the one I was talking about06:35
kulvehmm.. I tried that url yesterday from home and got an error. But now it works at work..06:35
JvD_i did build an image with latest mer and vgrades cobs repo06:36
JvD_I failed to build mer image at home beacause of too old Linux distro06:38
kulveJvD_: isn't the image built inside the Mer SDK? The host distro shouldn't matter?06:38
JvD_qemu version was too old06:38
StskeepsJvD_: just grab mer platform SDK06:39
Stskeepsand you'll be much happier06:39
JvD_ok =)06:39
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Stskeepsmorn mikhas, how's UK?07:45
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mikhasStskeeps, moin!07:46
mikhasactually, quite sunny and rain-free07:46
Stskeepssure you're in the UK? ;)07:46
mikhasStskeeps, I blame Ryanair, god knows where we landed07:46
Stskeepsprobably spain :)07:46
Stskeepsmikhas: wrapping up with beta1 at the moment, i'll try to build maliit against it later today07:47
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mikhasStskeeps, I have a bugreport with a patch you need to aplly07:47
mikhasand then some examples will still fail …07:47
mikhasstupid last minute API breaks07:48
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mikhasStskeeps, found it:
MerbotBug 189: normal, Normal, ---, not-taken, NEW, Diff against fakeobs doesn't work in OBS webui07:50
mikhasno merbot, that's Maliit ;-)07:50
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ljpqtmobility with sensor gestures compiles now :)07:56
ljpworking, of course, is something totally different07:57
Stskeepsship it ;)07:57
ljphavent even run autotests07:59
ljp8 cores is nice08:00
dakovaciOnce I get my Xserv up, I will laugh at your puny 8 cores :D08:01
ljpdo they run linux?08:05
ljpman, my n9 battery doesnt even last a day using 3g08:10
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lbttimoph: I can take donations - and if you're a vat/ltd company we can benefit from that too08:33
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vgrade__interesting development,
Stskeepsthey didn't have one already?09:33
Stskeepsthat sounds lovely, but i want to bet they'll end up with something like mer09:34
vgrade__builds on Tizen, so not sure yet how it differs09:34
Stskeepswell that sounds like a winning strategy09:34
Stskeepswonder how GENIVI fits in there though09:35
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vgrade__I'm at the conf this afternoon so will report later09:35
w00tStskeeps: how realistic is it to fit the QMF upgrade into next mer release?09:36
Stskeepsw00t: semi09:36
w00twe don't have anything relying on it in nemo with the old SMS application gone, so there's very low risk of breakage I think.. unless the PA guys use it, which I doubt09:36
* lbt notes I'm out this pm09:37
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Stskeepslbt: yeah, we're not meeting thursday anyway09:37
vgrade__from the Toyota comment in that page it would look like they want to cut out GENIVI09:38
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Stskeepswell, at least tizen ivi is going forward09:39
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Stskeepsvgrade__: i think we're just seeing politics to be honest, genivi didn't want tizen in the form it was in, probably, and this is a douche move to make it go that way..09:46
Stskeepsand challengers in genivi from other reference platforms09:46
Stskeepswhich were doing better than the meego reference platform which was no longer receiving updates09:46
vgrade__from what I hear this is being driven (pardon the pun) by Toyota09:47
BostikStskeeps: did you read the latest genivi compliance draft?09:47
StskeepsBostik: no, i don't have access to that09:47
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BostikStskeeps: the _first_ item on the list of required elements was a flash plugin...09:48
StskeepsBostik: heh :)09:48
Bostikcertainly made me raise eyebrows09:48
Stskeepsvgrade__: and genivi is land rover..09:48
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vgrade__Stskeeps: genivi is but some are also mentioned in the AGL release09:50
Stskeepswell, i don't have much faith in any LF projects anyway09:53
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dm8tbrgot burnt much? ;)09:54
situHi all10:07
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sledgesanother political axe... How could we make Mer spotted by big heads eventually?10:32
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Bostikosmosis, mostly (my opinion)10:33
lbtnew kernel ... bbiab10:34
lbtBostik: jolla news should help10:34
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Bostiklbt: osmosis :)10:34
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sledgeslet's have fingers cross, keep calm and carry on :)10:35
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lbtsound like something broke internally11:37
JvD_now I am much happier11:38
lbterm wrong chan11:38
JvD_I have platform SDK runnin g11:38
lbtJvD_: good - any issues?11:38
JvD_I had to do sudo zypper install syslinux-extlinux inside chroot11:38
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lbtJvD_: OK - can you file a bug as to why - but I think that's a bad dependency for mic for certain types of image11:40
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kulveI think I had to do the same originally..11:42
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dm8tbrdamn those setbacks are hard for vivaldi12:59
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Sage_dm8tbr: ?13:02
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Stskeepsdm8tbr: if anything it shows what chalennges exist in the marketplace13:03
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Sage_Stskeeps: pushed device-mapper fix/update to review and testing that on exo soon13:08
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Sage_Stskeeps: ok, verified that with that device-mapper it boots13:11
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deztructorhmm, in mer sdk sb2 executes command for target with USER=<username> but user is nemo13:12
faenilthere's Jussi Hurmola live at :D13:13
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timophgot it already14:11
timophseems to need some updating14:11
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Bostikoh yum, 2xRPi15:53
Stskeepsyou got two?15:53
Bostikyup, ordered two and got both15:54
Bostikone for daughter's computer, one for own experiments15:54
Bostikstill waiting for the monitor, but that's coming from Germany (Lilliput 8" 'car monitor')15:55
lbttouch ?15:58
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moo-_-dm8tbr: yo16:32
dm8tbrheh :D16:32
dm8tbrmoo-_-: I'm moo on and pretty much the same thing happens to me from time to time...16:33
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moo-_-dm8tbr: so you are my evil clone stealing my nick on! ;)16:35
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dm8tbrlbt_away: done, the only thing missing now is reverse proxy16:37
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marcosx86hi people17:22
marcosx86I tried to mic-image-create the minimal-n900.ks that is on the wiki17:22
marcosx86got a couple of issues17:22
marcosx86anyone maintain that?17:22
Stskeepsdid you install mer platform SDK?17:23
Stskeepsand do it within there?17:23
marcosx86I ran from a Debian VM, just with the mic, compiled from git17:23
marcosx86the problems were related to the packages, not the environment17:23
Stskeepsyeah, no17:23
Stskeepsinstall mer platform SDK17:23
marcosx86first of all, I changed "copy-kernel" to "save-kernel", cuz it wasn't recognizing17:24
Stskeepsbasically you need to get mer platform SDK to get the right versions of everything17:25
marcosx86then when I ran mic gain, it said "Nokia N900 Proprietary Support" wasn't found17:25
marcosx86so I googled and saw each rpm name for the whole package and replaced the @thing for all packages17:26
Stskeepsso all the errors you're getting at the moment aren't real errors from the tools we ourselves use17:26
marcosx86then mic worked17:26
Stskeepsso, please, install mer platform SDK :)17:26
marcosx86but when I burned the raw image, I get now kernel panic by VFS not mouting root17:27
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marcosx86yeah, I'll make another VM with the platform sdk later, I'm outside home now17:28
marcosx86also I got some "key not found in repo" messages17:28
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marcosx86and confirmed by looking into the url's inside the ks17:28
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* zchydem thinks that he shouldn't do anything today... Things just dont' work at all17:39
Sage_Stskeeps:,849 check armv7tnhl build something is REALLY WRONG there :)17:40
Sage_lbt_away: ^17:41
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Bostikbtw.. anyone in Hki? I'm there tomorrow and have evening open18:37
Bostikwouldn't take much of an effort to persuade me for a beer18:37
* Stskeeps is (sadly) in warsaw18:37
Bostikanother time with you, mate18:38
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Sage_Bostik: sry, going to tampere tomorrow :/18:42
Bostikevery third Thursday?18:43
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Sage_Stskeeps: note my comment about armv7tnhl where it rebuilds everything everytime?19:53
StskeepsSage_: yes, though i'm not surprisd19:54
Stskeepsit may be due to the glibc aggregate19:54
Sage_ok, it slows down the reviews quite a bit19:54
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