Tuesday, 2012-09-18

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Stskeepsmorn _Thomas04:54
JvD_looks like i was wrong about vgrades raspberry kickstart file being broken05:00
JvD_it seems to work just fine05:01
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Stskeepsgood morning dakovaci05:21
dakovacimorning Stskeeps :D05:21
Stskeepsdakovaci: how difficult would be to run qt5 test suite post 'make install' on a device, you think?05:23
Stskeepsie, something that's installable and runnable on an actual device05:23
dakovacinot hard at all05:23
dakovaciunit or system test?05:24
Stskeepswell, i guess either - we can't reasonably run the unit tests for ARM within our build systems05:24
Stskeepsbut something that verifies qt5 is 'behaving correctly'05:24
dakovaciwell all of the system tests were being run on the IC system05:25
dakovacibut you could run them on the device manually as well05:25
dakovaciyou just need to make stests05:25
dakovacithen make check05:25
dakovacitests and examples are not built by default05:26
Stskeepsone of the most difficult parts of testing a core, like Mer, is to get proper test coverage, so having qt5 test all it's dependencies is a pretty good start05:27
dakovaciI have managed to get Nemo on the device today, so me is happy :D05:30
Stskeepscool :)05:30
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dakovacithe mac was not playing well for some reason05:30
dakovaciso fired up the wintel box05:31
Stskeepsyeah.. usb flasher is always a challlenge05:31
ljpI always flash with linux05:31
dakovaciI was going to try to get some tests running and see how it does05:31
dakovacidon't want to commit my N9 to the task until I get a new phone, tell me, is the performance on the N9 better than the N900?05:32
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Stskeepsyeah, the SGX is much better, more ram, higher ghz..05:33
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Stskeepsotoh n900 has a more modern kernel, for now05:33
dakovaciyeah, the N900 is just on the other side of sluggish05:34
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Stskeepssometimes the non-coexistence of qt4 and qt5 annoys me a bit05:40
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Stskeepsie, on devel header level / pkgconfig05:41
dakovaciNemo is all Qt 4, isnt it?05:41
Stskeepsi have a seperate (open) project/effort where we take qt5, build VMs with that and software rendering / llvmpipe, qml compositor, wayland, try to take components from nemo and qt5-ify them05:42
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Stskeepsas well as my project to put qt5 on android hardware adaptations.. without actually running android: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hvRP3rcF9o&feature=g-upl05:43
Stskeepssimply because the biggest lesson ever learnt from working with nokia.. always have hardware that can run your next platform with a stable hardware adaptation, you can't iterate your UI fast enough with with hw that constantly breaks05:45
dakovaciyeah, true05:45
dakovacibeen there done that :)05:46
Bostik"require: working hw"05:46
Bostikfeels familiar05:46
ljpI think nokia tried to learn that several times...05:47
dakovacibut never really learned that lesson :D05:47
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StskeepsBostik: qt5 beta1 coming along nicely05:48
ljpprobably doing it still05:48
StskeepsBostik: packaging up qtgraphicaleffects too05:48
timophthere's always a level of management that fails to get it in big corporations05:48
Stskeepsalready had it up and running with -platform xcb on n905:48
BostikStskeeps: neato, although I guess the toolchain upgrade isn't in the default target yet05:49
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Bostikjust tried a qtbase rebuild and it went flat05:50
StskeepsBostik: it is delivered as part of latest snapshot05:50
Stskeepsnot full release though05:50
Stskeepsas i want to have qt5 beta1 in there05:50
* timoph ponders core dumping05:50
Stskeepstimoph: that bad morning? ;)05:51
timophkinda like seeing things crash and burn05:51
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timophworking on a script that creates sb2 target by rsyncing, installs debug stuff, extracts rich-cores and gets a backtrace from them05:53
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timophneed to make the script a bit smarter than it currently is05:53
timophthings like figuring out arch for sb2-init, etc.05:53
timophalso pondering about doing things on device05:54
timophthe on-device approach is simpler and faster05:55
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Stskeepssome things can be done on device, but debug symbols are really harsh, like qt ones05:55
timophin any case I plan to document both options05:55
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timophimo it's up to the developer to choose which approach to use05:56
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timoph/etc/mer-release always in the same format?06:09
timophso I could do something like this: arch=$(cat /etc/mer-release | cut -d "-" -f 3 | tail -1)06:09
Stskeepsdo you do this from the device?06:10
Stskeepsif so, rpm --eval '%{_arch}' might be better06:10
timophor in the rsynced rootfs06:10
* timoph tries06:10
Stskeepsthere might be a better one than %{_arch}06:11
timophthat just returns arm06:11
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BostikStskeeps: if you're wondering why some/most of the tests are not built during qt5 compilation, I had to disable them (patch out from .pro) when they systematically failed, and at least in one situation failed to compile06:12
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Bostikno idea if they have been fixed since06:12
StskeepsBostik: yeah, i'll look at that when stuff has built06:13
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Stskeepsqtgraphicaleffects built \o/06:16
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* timoph takes a thinking break06:16
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situMorning everyone06:30
Stskeepsmorn situ06:30
Bostikmorning indeed06:30
StskeepsASSERT: "i >= 0 && i < elementCount()" in file painting/qpainterpath.cpp, line 49906:33
Stskeepswell, that's promising06:33
* timoph ponders if "arch=$(ls /var/cache/zypp/packages/mer-core/ | grep -v noarch)" does the job06:36
Stskeepswell, qtcinematicexperience isn't exactly well performing on n906:38
timophlbt: ping06:40
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Stskeepsgood morning mikkoh06:44
mikkohStskeeps: good morning06:44
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_ThomasStskeeps: Morning :)07:07
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veskuhanyone else had issues in cloning git repos over https with mer sdk?07:09
Stskeepsveskuh: "out of memory" issue, or certificate issues?07:10
veskuhStskeeps, certificate07:10
Stskeeps_Thomas: seen my latest exploits?07:10
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Stskeepsveskuh: try install multi_c_rehash and ca-certificates07:10
veskuhStskeeps, same repo works fine outside mersdk07:10
_ThomasStskeeps: No? :)07:11
veskuhyep multi_c_rehash was missing ca-certificates was preinstalled07:11
_ThomasStskeeps: We've been so busy making Cotton Candy a reality for sales :)07:11
Stskeeps_Thomas: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hvRP3rcF9o07:11
Stskeeps_Thomas: ability to sanely use android GPU drivers under non-android (mer)07:11
_ThomasStskeeps: Released beta1 now, and getting CE/FCC documents next week07:12
Stskeeps_Thomas: sounds good :) i may buy one07:12
phaeronveskuh: then you need run multi_c_rehash07:12
_ThomasStskeeps: Cool07:12
veskuhphaeron, no, still fails07:12
Stskeeps_Thomas: did 1024x768 at 60fps on an android kernel, on qualcomm hardware, with gpu drivers built against bionic, so pretty nice demo07:13
_ThomasStskeeps: We will release working drivers for OpenGL with and without X11, tho, so it doesn't matter so much for our product :)07:13
Stskeeps_Thomas: yeah, you're the good guys :)07:13
phaeronveskuh: what's the error ?07:13
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veskuhso running sudo multi_c_rehash fixed my problem, thanks phaeron07:17
phaerongood :)07:17
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lbtmorning all08:26
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timophReminder: Platform SDK meeting in 30 minutes in #mer-meeting08:31
timophlbt: ok for you to explain the current status of the sdk at the beginning of the meeting?08:32
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timophPlatform SDK meeting starting in 2 minutes in #mer-meeting08:58
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Stskeepslbt: let's schedule tomorrow for you to explain git-pkg for me09:12
lbthttps://github.com/lbt/git-pkg has a readme09:16
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sledgeszumbi, yes I played with QSB09:21
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sledges(good morning ;))09:22
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zumbisledges: hi! but QSB or QSB-R?09:44
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faenilhi everyone :)09:55
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sledgesheya faenil :)10:02
faenilhey :)10:02
sledgeszumbi, it was QSB, not the -R . Hopefully it's only the PMIC difference :)10:03
sledgesand I used ltib's patched uboot and kernel - best bet10:03
zumbisledges: whats ltib?10:03
zumbisledges: mainline u-boot works fine, but kernel is missing PMIC10:04
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zumbiso it does not mount root (when its in SD card) - for QSBR10:04
zumbiQSB are fine10:04
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sledgesFreescale's BSP dev kit uses ltib: I wonder if there's a newer one: L2.6.35_11.09.01_ER_source.tar.gz + Linux_20201112_20patch_bundle.tar.gz10:08
sledgescheckout freescale's website, support for QSBs10:08
sledgesyou'll get officially supported kernel+uboot which will take time to hit mainlines10:08
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timophlbt: we could restart the sdk sync meetings. something like bi-weekly10:17
lbtI'm OK with that10:17
lbtfeedback is good10:17
sledgeszumbi, ^ if you didn't get yet :)10:20
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timophlbt: lets set a time slot for it later (a bit busy atm)10:31
faenilis a new Mer SDK coming out anytime soon? I have to set everything back up after the format...10:32
timophwas just released a day or two ago10:35
faenilyeah checked last modified date on server, thanks :)10:35
faenilcrap, I'm not subscribed...subscribing :)10:36
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Stskeepswb marcosx8611:48
Stskeepsmarcosx86: you might want to grab Mer Platform SDK, http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SD11:48
Stskeepsmarcosx86: you might want to grab Mer Platform SDK, http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK11:48
Stskeepssaw your talk last night, so11:49
marcosx86yesterday i stepped into mic2 and building11:49
marcosx86the image11:49
marcosx86but i have deeper plans11:49
marcosx86since i have some distro knowledge11:49
marcosx86as of linuxfromscratch.org experiences11:50
marcosx86like doing linux distros every 6 months11:50
marcosx86I want to give some extra life to my N90011:50
Stskeepsokay, though nemo project already provides quite good support for n90011:50
marcosx86tried on NITdroid but there is a low level of papers and stuff available11:51
marcosx86i mean, e-yes is now concentrated on N9 aswell the other involved guys11:51
Sage_lbt, timoph: sry, missed the sdk brainstorm. Couple of comments. First is the sdk mount, enter thing. Persoanlly I need to do unmount, mount, enter11:52
Stskeepsmarcosx86: did you try nemo on your n900 yet?11:52
Sage_lbt, timoph: whe e.g. rebooting computer without first doing unmount it well leaves stuff there and simple mount doesn't do11:52
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Stskeepsmarcosx86: did you try nemo on your n900 yet?11:57
*** akuma_ has joined #mer11:58
Sage_Stskeeps: http://review.merproject.org/#change,844 <- what went wrong?11:59
StskeepsSage_: needs to be kicked12:00
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marcosx86sorry i went down: 3g network12:01
*** hazchemix has joined #mer12:02
marcosx86what was my last text?12:04
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iekku14:50 < marcosx86> I want to give some extra life to my N90012:04
marcosx86omg, i wrote like 12 things to /dev/null lol12:05
lbtSage_: I am happy for users to write wrappers for their own SDK usage - and I think the enter/mount problem is simple-ish to solve12:06
marcosx86I tried on NITdroid but there is a low level of papers and resources on how to build and improve it, the guys involved are now concentrated on N9 and other recent models12:06
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marcosx86I got sleep yesterday just after successfully building a 1.1.90 meego image, tried also latest ks but no success since I had like 10 broken dependencies12:07
Stskeepsyou should just try nemo images12:08
marcosx86I often try out some images, carry always a 4gb card with a burned image12:08
marcosx86tried most meego images, and some nemo images also12:08
marcosx86I havent liked too much the latest one, with a fake shutdown option on top bar (or it doesnt work)12:09
marcosx86so today morning I burned the latest -1 image (mid-aug)12:09
marcosx86now Im talking from maemo over 3g12:10
marcosx86also Im aware of the Jolla venture, reading about it12:10
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marcosx86next days ill learn about the KS files and what is composed the meego/mer12:13
Sage_lbt: yes, I'm not seeing it a problem just saying what I experienced12:14
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marcosx86by the way, I dont know too much about you people12:14
lbtprobably for the best... :D12:14
Bostikhang around, get a feel12:14
timophSage_: yeah. that's why I'm using the mount-enter-umount script. Need to think how to make it work so lbt approves :p12:14
Stskeepsmarcosx86: we like icecream, that's all you need to know..12:14
Bostikthen decide whether you want to actually know more12:15
marcosx86Stskeeps, you are a maintainer?12:15
*** nj3ma has quit IRC12:15
Stskeepsmarcosx86: mer project architect12:15
lbtmarcosx86: webpage has some background12:15
marcosx86lbt, yeah I saw once but cant remember everything yet :)12:16
marcosx86a little doubt, mer core is fedora or debian?12:19
lbtneither - but it is rpm based12:20
marcosx86i saw some packages related to rpms and zypper, guess fedora12:20
marcosx86oh, so, just package, not about repo12:20
marcosx86i use debian for like 4 years, had low contact on yum/rpm style12:21
* lbt uses debian all the time12:22
marcosx86recently i was modding a broken tablet with a debootstrapped arm rootfs12:24
marcosx86pretty cool, even no good interfaces, usb just thru a ugly 28pin connection12:24
RaYmAnslightly offtopic I know, but anyone here happen to have an unlocked TF300 running pre-JB? :)12:25
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w00tStskeeps: http://review.merproject.org/#change,84513:40
w00tshould allow http://review.merproject.org/#change,783 to build13:41
Stskeeps ta13:41
w00toh.. dammit13:41
w00tspecial just caught me not fixing spec/yaml13:41
Stskeepsbad w00t13:41
* w00t harrumphs13:42
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w00tStskeeps: 846 now13:55
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Stskeepslbt: got a URL for the sb2 sdk rules?13:58
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timophdo we have .ks or images for the Pi somewhere?14:29
*** mpthx has joined #mer14:29
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lbtStskeeps: http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-tools/sdk-kickstarter-configs.git;a=tree;f=modes;h=0ed5cf4f03799feaaf70d71e983489b467cd783d;hb=master14:38
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Stskeepslbt: https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=559 is probably a fix needed in sdk-build / sdk-install15:10
MerbotBug 559: major, High, ---, not-taken, NEW, var/run symlink causes sb2 target's zypper not to work15:10
Stskeepsto add /run in the rules15:10
Sage_can osc handle properly multiple simultanouse local builds btw?15:10
Stskeepsif you seperate the build roots in .oscrc15:10
Stskeepsljp: did you get your r-pi yet btw?15:11
lbtcareful about cache updates too15:11
ljpStskeeps: yes, havent done anything with it yet though15:12
Stskeepsljp: alright15:12
Stskeepsljp: it's a bit of a target for the qt5+wayland stack i want to do as well, so was curious15:12
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zenvoidhmm... qt.nokia.com now redirects to qt.digia.com15:31
Stskeepsdidn't you read the acquisition is now complete?15:31
Stskeeps(thank $DEITY)15:31
zenvoidno idea about the acquisition until now15:33
zenvoidI just started reading a doc in the nokia page, and it seems it has been changed in the middle :)15:34
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lbtdakovaci: can you fix your client please19:14
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Sage_An_t_Eilean: hello19:39
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An_t_EileanHi Sage_19:53
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An_t_EileanYou probably know about sound cutting out from bluetooth playback on the N9.  I'm just looking for a solution and haven't found a definitive answer.  So I'm wondering would any one here be able to point me in the right direction?19:55
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Sage_An_t_Eilean: depends if you are talking about the meego 1.2 harmattan or nemo on your n9.19:59
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An_t_EileanWell, it's meego 1.3 harmattan... I doubt that matters to you though.20:00
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Sage_An_t_Eilean: well then I would advice you to go to #harmattan channel instead20:22
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An_t_EileanSage_ Okay thanks.  On nemo, where should I go to have a look at it?20:24
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Sage_An_t_Eilean: well, if you are using harmattan n9 as your primary phone I doubt that you want to install nemo on it.20:25
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An_t-EileanSorry dropped off there.20:26
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