Monday, 2012-09-17

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marcosx86where can I find information about buiding my own Nemo/Mer images, for N900 for example?02:10
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iekku ?03:00
iekkumarcosx86, wiki should be your friend03:01
marcosx86I read that OBS is a major tool for compiling packages, but there is another way to do the images?03:07
marcosx86I already read*03:07
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* Stskeeps limps towards the coffee machine04:38
* timoph heads to the soda machine :p04:39
* Bostik looks longingly at teapot04:42
Bostikmorning guys04:42
Stskeepsmorn Bostik04:43
StskeepsBostik: new prerelease has new toolchain and i begin qt* integration when stskeeps.caffeine_level > stskeeps.caffeine_needed04:43
timophoh. forgot to mention that I broke backwards compatibility on my version of rich-core04:43
timopheasyfix if we introduce lzop into mer04:44
BostikStskeeps: yay!04:44
timophimo bc in this case is not hat important04:44
Stskeepstimoph: i guess only place it might matter is in crashreports website, or?04:46
timophStskeeps: yep. the extracting bit04:46
timophso one need to use the maching version of extract04:47
timophI'm thinking of renaming the dumps to something.rcore.gz to make the thing clear04:48
Stskeepsyeah, makes sense04:48
Stskeepsdon't call a .gz .lzo ;)04:48
timophcurrently it's just .rcore04:48
timophwas the lazy way to to do it since the current version of extract accepts file ending .rcore and .rcore.lzo04:49
timophso need to change that as well :)04:49
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timophalso we need to test how fast the thing is with bigger dumps04:50
timophtried it only with my failworld.c so far04:50
Stskeepsi also need to see how to deal with systemd a bit.. there's a feature for storing core dumps in journal and it isn't so good on mobile devices04:51
timophlzop is supposed to be fast so using gz migth have impact on perf04:51
Bostiktimoph: webkit generates quite a dump when it fails :)04:51
timophI think I'll write a simple webview thingie that crashes04:54
timophfun to write code that's only purpose is to crash :)04:54
iekkutimoph, :D04:55
iekkutimoph, i think today is good day to come and visit you04:55
* Stskeeps ponders idly if to buy new laptop, or RAM upgrade..04:55
timophiekku: already at work? (I am)04:56
* iekku looks around, yep, at office04:57
dm8tbrgood moaning04:57
timophlunch? or do you need it earlier?04:58
iekkutimoph, i have food with me, so lunch isn't a option. today having 2 triages, calendar empty for rest of the day04:59
timophiekku: anything during the next 15 minutes?04:59
iekkulet's have a smoking meeting :P04:59
iekkui can walk to your office04:59
iekkuor we can meet in the middle :P05:00
timophI'll meet you hald way05:00
* timoph goes out05:00
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* Stskeeps ponders idly if iekku is XML formatted05:35
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iekkuStskeeps, no, only XL05:36
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* dm8tbr transforms iekku using XSLT05:39
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curiositygood morning05:43
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veskuhMer SDK downloads do not have link to latest anymore so the wiki instructions do not work06:31
Stskeepslbt: ^06:31
Stskeepsi think they were setting up the new IMG so06:31
veskuhobviously you can still download but you need to go to dir to see what is the latest06:32
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InquiryGoodbye everyone.07:09
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Stskeepsthat was quick07:10
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Kypeliveskuh: Just noticed the same.07:16
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veskuhI installed this SDK image mer-sdk-i486-chroot-6.0.2.tar.bz2 since it was to only one I could find, but it does not seem to contain SB207:23
Stskeepsyou might have to manually install it, zypper in scratchbox2?07:23
Stskeepsshould probably be there oob07:23
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phaeronStskeeps: I think lbt is planning to move to smaller core sdk and pattern installs07:25
* lbt screwed up SDK last night - sorry07:25
Stskeepsphaeron: right, though some core functionality ought to be there oob07:25
Stskeepsmic, sb2, etc07:25
phaeronmic is not core imho07:26
veskuhStskeeps, thanks got it via zypper07:26
phaeronveskuh: zypper in -t pattern Mer-SB2-armv7hl07:26
Stskeepsfrom what i recall, the agreement was that sb2 contains what you typically need on a day to day basis on a mer-based system, as a developer07:26
phaeronlbt: right ?07:26
Stskeepsif that has changed, we need to discuss it07:26
Stskeepser, not sb2, but sdk07:27
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lbtI included Mer-development-tools Mer-image-creation Mer-OBS-development by defauly07:27
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lbtno sb2 tools07:27
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veskuhfar more people need sb2 than image creation07:28
lbttypically 1st thing is to download Mer-SB2-<your-arch>07:28
Stskeepsokay, let me ask it another way07:28
Stskeepsdoes the guides tell you how to do this?07:28
lbtit does/will07:28
veskuhAt the moment guides are broken07:29
Stskeepsok, let's get the guides fixed first then07:29
* lbt is on 4h sleep atm so I'm just getting on with it07:29
Stskeepslbt: ah, okay, i'll back off a bit then07:29
* Stskeeps passes lbt the coffee pot07:29
lbtty - I stupidly thought I was serving images from the repo server - actually they came direct from IMG07:30
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lbtIMG was running debian which is deprecated atm07:30
lbtso I wiped + rebuilt it with Islam07:30
lbtbut then realised the SDK image went too07:30
lbtI don't have an old one to replace it with - but I'm about to release new SDK so figured lets just do that07:31
lbtbloody silly - don't code when tired07:31
lbt ??07:32
lbtnot finished07:32
lbtlooks like PA has jumped the queue :)07:33
Stskeepsi don't see any not finished there?07:33
* lbt goes for espresso07:33
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lbtveskuh: also, don't forget that for any company that wants to, it's trivial to make a specific SDK instance witht the exact package set needed locally07:40
veskuhlbt, well, I'm just grumpy whenever something goes to more manual direction for me07:42
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* timoph skips the joke about manual direction07:43
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lbtI do have a pattern for a 'full' SDK but it comes out at about 1G iirc07:43
dm8tbrmanual direction as in 'there, RTFM'? ;)07:44
timophwas thinking more about the same statement applying the girlfriends/wifes :p07:44
veskuhdm8tbr, well, SB2 used to be there and now I have to do one more step by installing it.07:48
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* Stskeeps slaps youtube for showing him lumia commercials07:48
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KypeliIsn't SB2 a vital tool for developers (as in D in SDK) so it should be there, so it missing for now is a mistake, right?07:50
Stskeepslbt: once you're more awake in some hours, give me some statistics on what sb2 + cross compilers cost in footprint07:50
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lbtOK has been updated for 6.1.0 release of SDK08:47
lbtI'm about to take Denise to train - will walk through when I get back08:48
lbtif anyone wants to sanity check with me I'd appreciate it08:48
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timophlbt: the patterns are a good addition08:56
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iekkumer bug triage starting soon10:56
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lbtiekku: can you chair/edit? I'll be present but am busy10:58
iekkulbt, sure i can10:58
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lbtphaeron: can I do a changelog diff on 2 normal rpm repos ?13:15
lbtor rather; given your recent work on revs2: how can I best do a changelog diff on 2 normal rpm repos ? :)13:16
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phaeronlbt: ignoring the repo reporting tool for now , you can use the repodiff tool on any 2 rpmmd style repos13:27
lbtwhere does that live?13:28
lbtI want to check the SDK delta13:28
* phaeron lost track , let me try to locate it 13:29
lbtOK - I wasn't sure if you had a git tree for it13:30
lbtyum utils maybe13:30
phaeronlbt: added it to boss-standard-workflow as util script , and module + participant13:32
phaeronsome time ago13:33
lbtOK, ty13:33
phaeronwill paste link once gitorious wakes up13:33
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* lbt is beginning to falter13:34
lbtmy alarm kittens went off at 8am13:34
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phaeronit's actually packaged too , but not built yet13:37
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lbtUnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u92f8' in position 2537: ordinal not in range(128)13:48
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crevetormorning everyone13:59
Stskeepsmorn crevetor14:05
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Stskeepsgood morning ChickenCutlass14:10
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: hi there14:10
StskeepsChickenCutlass: saw my latest video>?14:10
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: no URL?14:10
Stskeepsvery short, and i've done it in 1024x768 at 60fps too14:11
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: awesome14:11
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ChickenCutlassStskeeps: so where is the qt5 branch for this?14:11
StskeepsChickenCutlass: only thing it took was the TLS errno location14:11
StskeepsChickenCutlass: rest is libhybris14:11
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: libhybris is working great14:11
Stskeepshave you made any progress on your side?14:12
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Stskeepsyeah, i'm shocked that it worked this good with qmlscene14:12
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: so did you build a qpa plugin for qt14:12
Stskeepsno, i just used the eglfs plugin14:13
Stskeepswhich is fullscreen egl14:13
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: I see14:15
Stskeepswill be spending more time on it from now on, i'm packaging up qt5 beta1 today (waiting for it to finish building)14:15
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: excellent. Let me know what I can do14:15
Stskeepsthe next step is obviously to try out some more challenging tests on there14:15
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: Things are working nicely on my end as well14:15
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Stskeepsalso, it might be good if we somehow can redirect errno as well so that works 'properly'14:17
Stskeepsie, start using glibc's errno location14:17
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: right.  Which slot is glibc's?14:17
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: I also want to get things working on jellybean14:18
Stskeepswell, i was thinking to just chicken out and just provide a  unresolved symbol that bionic __errno function will use14:18
Stskeepsand catch that in linker14:18
Stskeepsthen we get internals of bionic 'doing the right thing'14:18
Stskeepsthe other side of things is that we might, on occasion, need to run android binaries14:25
Stskeepsso we may need to have two's as such, one for android, one for libhybris14:25
Stskeepsand be able to set up shared properties with those processes14:25
Stskeepsthink pvrsvrinit etc14:26
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Stskeepslo timoph15:05
timophStskeeps: did you try rich-core yet?15:06
timophI'm pondering what to do with it15:06
timophthe basics seem to work15:07
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timophimo the real target of that should be a web service where you can send your cores manually or from test automation15:08
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Stskeepsperhaps sdk integration?15:10
timophnot sure if I get what you mean by that15:11
Stskeepsas in, extract core from device, get sb2 target with gdb and coreduump?15:11
lbtphaeron: ty - a nap was all it took - I have a changelog15:12
timophthat's already quite easy(ish) to do15:12
phaeronlbt: cool15:12
timophat least creating the target by rsyncing rootfs from the device worked15:12
timophI could do a script to automate that15:13
*** fk_lx has joined #mer15:13
timophtakes 30+ minutes to run so imo only useful with automation15:13
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phaeronlbt: the sdk snapshot we did yesterday is missing multi_c_rehash and a run of it15:29
*** _Razor_ has quit IRC15:30
*** _Razor_ has joined #mer15:30
lbtthat's not in Mer:Tools:Testing15:30
phaeronlbt: it's in Mer:Core15:31
lbtso you're saying you'd like it in the image by default ?15:31
lbtI see15:31
phaeronwell otherwise the ca-certs pack is unusable by curl for ex.15:31
lbtyou're saying ca-certs should Require it and run it in post15:31
lbtbug :)15:32
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Venemogood mornin17:05
Stskeepshow are things?17:05
Venemothey're okay... sort of.17:06
*** Guest95171 is now known as zumbi17:06
VenemoI was wondering, what's the fastest way to cross-compile something for the raspberry?17:06
Stskeepsprobably sb217:06
VenemoI'm currently just using its default debian distro17:06
Stskeepspotentially still sb217:06
Stskeepsevening zumbi17:07
zumbihi Stskeeps17:07
Venemothe mer sdk seems to be up to the task, but I haven't been able to figure it out yet17:07
zumbidoes someone have a mx53 QSB-R board around here?17:08
Stskeepszumbi: i think sledges has been playing with one17:08
Stskeepszumbi: he had lipstick up on it17:08
zumbiI get a data abort while trying to boot it17:08
Stskeepslbt: phaeron: any idea how i can find out how a dependency is brought into a osc build?17:09
zumbiI wonder if he might be using u-boot and kernel from mainline17:09
VenemoStskeeps, is it possible to squeeze that debian image into the mer sdk and get it cross compiling?17:09
VenemoI know this may not be the way it meant to be used, but...17:09
StskeepsVenemo: sure, it's just another image, but you might as well just use sb2 in debian directly17:09
VenemoStskeeps, "use sb2 in debian directly"?17:10
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zumbiStskeeps: how is sb2 behaving for cross building packages?17:10
*** the-gibson has joined #mer17:10
Stskeepszumbi: no complaints so far17:10
zumbiis it fast?17:10
Stskeepsand we've been doing it since march-ish17:10
Venemozumbi, yep, for me it is17:10
Stskeepsyeah, it's good enough for me17:10
zumbiis it same as building native?17:11
lbtStskeeps: you mean you want solver traces?17:11
zumbiI mean a week, for 3k packages17:11
Stskeepszumbi: it's much faster than qemu-based, yes17:11
Stskeepsi do 320 packages quite a fair often17:12
zumbihow long does it take for mer's 320 packages?17:12
Stskeepshalf day ish? but that's with rebuilds due to OBS, etc17:13
zumbithat's good17:14
zumbiif I build time, I'll try to play with it17:14
Stskeeps:nod: i haven't tested it with debian packages and SB217:14
Stskeepsbut it should theoretically be possible17:14
zumbiwhat scares me the most is that it can render miscompiled code, doing unaligned memory accesses, hence finding segfaults at runtime17:15
zumbibut I think V7 corrects those unaligned acceses17:15
zumbiactually, its not miscompiled code, but code that access unaligned memory chunks17:16
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resolverany hints on where to find the git repo for someone pls...thanks19:37
MerbotBug 290: task, Low, ---, not-taken, NEW, Automatic time update feature not present19:37
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* Sage_ starts to fix old reviews in mer review so we can clean the lists.20:18
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marcosx86where can I find a decent usage guide thru OBS and image creation?21:27
Jake9xxmarcosx86: did you look at the wiki ?21:27
marcosx86yes, also on mailing list, saw interesting things about testing and ks files, but im in search or wider resources21:30
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Jake9xxmarcosx86: there are good people working to get that level of documentation but it's not ready yet. You just need to try and experiment issues and if you see problems with SDK, talk it over in #mer or file a bug. If you have OSC and MIC (plus couple other tools) installed you should be able to create a flashable image21:33
marcosx86I got a mic.appcreator module not found on my debian system, and then solved a lot of other dependency issues by running a lot of apt-get's.21:43
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