Sunday, 2012-09-16

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situMorning everyone05:10
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Stskeepslbt: snapshot when you have time07:00
situStskeeps: started with Qt5 beta ?07:00
Stskeepshad to finish the toolchain first :)07:02
Stskeepsqt5 i'm doing monday morning07:02
Stskeepssitu: did you see my qt5 on android gpu demo?07:03
situNope where it is ?07:03
Stskeepsalso works in 1024x768 at 60fps07:04
situThis one I saw :)07:05
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situStskeeps: Let me know if you need help with anything else.07:07
Stskeepsgoing to take a look at the qt5 packaging now07:08
Stskeepscould you send me the most recent tar.gz of your modular-qt-specs?07:09
situJust apply diff to the the tarball I sent.07:10
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byako\o/ pancake time!08:26
* Stskeeps had pancakes yesterday08:26
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capisceStskeeps: do you have a recommendation for an android tablet to play with the gpu adaption?09:04
Stskeepscapisce: anything that has a (proper) open source kernel above 2.6.32, where you can flash and boot your own rootfs, ideally from microsd09:06
Stskeepsit has been checked on omap4 and qualcomm so far09:07
* dm8tbr would suggest archos g9, but that has working x11/glibc drivers :)09:07
Stskeepsyeah, archos would probably be a nice choice09:07
Stskeepscapisce: i'm still astonished it worked so easily, 1024x768 @ 60fps, no crashes in kernel/app, etc09:09
Stskeepslooking forward to putting some input into that thing too09:09
capisceStskeeps: nice :)09:09
capisceyeah, touch input is pretty crucial09:09
RaYmAnat least ics/jb put more constraints on touch drivers for android, so they are closer to what x11 wants :)09:10
StskeepsRaYmAn: saw my most recent video?09:11
RaYmAnStskeeps: yeah, looks cool!09:11
Stskeepsi also look forward to seeing how we can have buffer sharing on android style drivers09:11
RaYmAnWill be interesting to try it out on tegra3 :> (yeah - there are x11 drivers, but meh) or even allwinner based devices! :)09:11
capisceStskeeps: dm8tbr: would the asus transformer pad TF300T also do the trick?09:14
Stskeeps looks sane-ish09:15
RaYmAntf300 even has a 3.1.10 kernel :P09:19
RaYmAnThe ohters only have unofficial 3.1.10's09:19
RaYmAn(tegra-wise, 3.1.10 is the newest with android graphics drivers)09:20
RaYmAncapisce: there are actually official X11 drivers for tegra3 from nvidia - they should work on tf300 with a bit of shoehorning09:23
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Stskeepsgood for performance comparison, i guess09:24
* Stskeeps ponders idly why a small android system inside a mer system somehow seems less dirty than libX11 dependencies..09:24
capisceI wonder what Google would say about a mer/android device given the recent Acer nonsense09:27
Stskeepswell, i think the problem lies in if android trademarks are being used09:28
Stskeepsand if anything, i like to see this way of getting people out of the android trap.09:28
Stskeepswhere there are no choices than android due to lack of hardware support09:29
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Stskeepsi look forward to seeing how well wayland+qml compositor+qt5 can run on even low end android hw09:32
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Stskeepsmorn Sfiet_Konstantin09:36
Sfiet_Konstantinmorning Stskeeps09:37
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, late morning09:37
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: seen my latest exploits?09:38
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Sfiet_Konstantinrunning mer + qmlscene on an androiid device using bionic hw drivers ?09:38
Sfiet_Konstantinthat was impressively smooth09:38
Stskeepsit's even smooth in 1024x76809:38
Stskeepsi should really get some particles demo on there..09:39
Sfiet_Konstantinkudos !09:39
Sfiet_Konstantinoh yeah I want !09:39
Sfiet_Konstantinwhy I suddenly want to get an android device ? :D09:39
Stskeepswell, still a lot of work to be done, infrastructure wise, etc09:42
Stskeepsthough that starts with qt5 beta1 on monday-tuesday, then i start making virtual machine images with that and qml compositor, so we really can start testing09:42
Sfiet_Konstantinalright !09:43
capisceStskeeps: this is a pretty cool test case, I ran it on the raspberry pi:
Sfiet_Konstantini've forgotten: is that running wayland ?09:43
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: no, right now it's 'just' eglfs09:43
Stskeepsie, full screen egl09:43
capisceyou might be interested in a qml terminal emulator as well: :)09:44
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StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: when you have eglfs, you can run qml compositor with shm wayland buffers.. then when you implement gpu buffer sharing, you can have gles apps09:45
Stskeepsso it's a pretty good start09:45
Sfiet_Konstantinyeah, seems to09:46
Sfiet_Konstantin(I'm not totally aware of every technical term here, but alright)09:46
w00tcapisce: cool09:47
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lucas_Hi Mer community. I'm wondering, what is the main work you do? Mixing all the existing open source projects that it runs ootb for OEMs, so mainly packaging? Like e.g. Debian but for (mainly) for mobiles?09:57
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Stskeeps'lo lucas - what we do is providing a mobile core, ie, all the stuff and tools you need to have a sane mobile device and an operation surrounding it (build systems, QA tools, etc). we don't provide hardware adaptations and we don't provide UIs, and strive to make a solution that yields 60fps for QML/HTML5 interfaces09:59
Stskeepslucas_: as well as having a common area to collaborate on, without areas that normally would cause a lot of arguments and discussions09:59
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Stskeepswhat we mainly do: packaging, participate in upstream projects, innovate in areas to make it easier to put on devices (see libhybris), QA, tools surroundign the core (SDK, image creators, development tools, build farm software, continous integration, etc)10:02
Stskeepsso even a small startup can do things that used to be reserved for bigger companies to do10:02
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lucas_Thanks for the answer. But you don't write code for accessing GPS / GSM / .. ? You use Qt Mobility (or provide) ?10:03
Stskeepswe use ofono and connman, as example, we provide qt mobility10:03
Stskeepswe try hard to avoid NIH, so if there's a good solution there already, we use it10:04
Stskeepswe intentionally split out hardware adaptation to ensure sane interfaces and portability10:06
Stskeepsand ensuring open source of the core10:06
Stskeepslucas_: so what's your interest in mer?10:07
lucas_ah ok, so if I want to get involved in mobile developing (more coding part) I should more have a look at projects like Nemo?10:07
Stskeepsfor example, or plasma active10:07
Stskeepsthey use us as a core10:08
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Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: a question10:09
Sfiet_Konstantindid openWebOS or Tizen shown interest about Mer ?10:09
lucas_rndI decided to get involved in a open source project :).  Mobile is a very interesting subject, and I got some C++/Qt skills, so I'm checking where I can and how I can get involved10:10
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Sfiet_Konstantinlucas_rnd: well, build some apps ?10:12
Stskeepslucas_rnd: start with qml then, and try out nemo10:12
Sfiet_KonstantinI remember that I started (unsuccessfully) with KDE10:12
Sfiet_Konstantinnemo can be a good target10:12
Sfiet_Konstantinor if you need practice, what about Harmattan on Freemantle before nemo10:13
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: openwebos.. maybe so me of the community people but it's hard to convert OE people10:13
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StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: tizen.. do i really have to comment10:13
lucas_rndFor a good app I would need a good idea. I'd rather try to get involved in something bigger10:13
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: it is what it seems like. That's really bad10:13
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: :P10:14
lucas_rndI will have a look at Nemo & Plasma active. Thanks for the explanations10:14
Sfiet_Konstantinlucas_rnd: just go to TMO10:14
Sfiet_Konstantinand see the number of OSS projects you can contribute10:14
Stskeepslucas_rnd: feel free to hang around and ask questions at any time :)10:14
Stskeepslucas_rnd: #nemomobile and #active10:14
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StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: Tizen 2.0 is mer-ish anyway10:16
Sfiet_Konstantinie ?10:16
StskeepsSfiet_Konstantin: which is good, since they listened10:16
Stskeepswell, structure wise10:16
Sfiet_Konstantinit would be better to just take mer and rebase their EFL framework on it isn't it ?10:16
Stskeepssome might argue that10:17
Sfiet_Konstantinbut maybe they don't really want to work with downstream ?10:17
Stskeepsand the intel OTC are good guys but ina bit of a hard place10:17
Stskeepseither way, we do what we do in mer and we do it well10:18
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: it seems10:18
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Stskeepsand merging os's is always such a mess.. changing tools, teaching people how to use new methods, etc..10:20
faenilmorning people!10:21
Stskeepsmorn faenil10:21
CosmoHillmorning faenil10:34
faenilhey :)10:34
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Stskeepslbt: snapshot please :)11:31
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lbtyep, saw, doing11:33
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lbtnew gcc ?11:39
Stskeepsand glibc11:40
Stskeepsfor qt5 ICE problem11:40
StskeepsRaYmAn: could you outline me what exactly boot.img and recovery.img contains?11:41
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lbtStskeeps: I'm going to purge old pre-releases (0.20120719.0.4 and older) - any objections?11:45
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faenilback :) Stskeeps what's the current status of Qt5 on nemo? needs porting? needs packaging?11:46
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lbtSage_: I'd like to tag and release 0.3 of repomd-pattern-builder11:58
lbt"Handle multiple documents in a yaml file"11:58
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RaYmAnstskeeps: ramdisk, kernel, optional cmdline, load addresses and sizes.. got a standalone package for messing with them here :
StskeepsRaYmAn: cool12:04
faenilStskeeps, Qt5? :P12:04
Stskeepsfaenil: monday-tuesday12:04
faeniloh ok so it's already done12:04
RaYmAnits just blobs of data that gets loaded to ram so actual format for e.g. ramdisk doesnt matter as long as kernrl can handle it12:05
faenilgreat! one more thing, where's qtmobility repo? is it still in OBS? I can't find it12:05
Stskeepsfaenil: it's in mer git12:05
faenilalright, last time I checked it it was in meego's obs...thanks ;)12:06
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rcggreetings from almeria12:42
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vgradeStskeeps, I found this usefull when I started with boot.img's
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tanukIf I have two OBS projects, one of which depends on the other, how do I instruct osc to download the dependencies from the right repository instead of just using whatever Mer provides?14:18
tanukI have changes in pulseaudio (branched from Mer.MDS:Core:armv7hl) that I need to have available when I build pulesaudio-modules-n900 (from CE:Adaptation:N9xx-common).14:20
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tanukSo the trouble is that my changes in pulseaudio are not available, because osc build downloads the pulseaudio-devel package from the official Mer repository instead of my own branch.14:23
lbttanuk: so show me the projects14:24
lbtright - thought that's what you meant14:25
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lbtosc copypac home:tanuk2:branches:Mer.MDS:Core:armv7hl pulseaudio-modules-n900 home:tanuk2:branches:Mer.MDS:Core:armv7hl14:26
lbtso what's happening here...14:27
lbtwhen you build an osc package you use a repo to obtain the build deps and install deps14:28
lbttypically you provide src and build against a reasonably complete repo (Mer)14:28
lbthowever, when you build your package the binaries go into a repo of the current project14:29
lbtand that's now searched first14:29
lbtso by building all the packages in one repo, you put all the rpms of your src together14:30
lbtand they are prefferentially used14:30
lbtthere is another way...14:30
lbtin the metadata for home:tanuk2:branches:CE:Adaptation:N9xx-common you can see a <path> directive14:31
lbtyou could add another <path> pointing to the home:tanuk2:branches:Mer.MDS:Core:armv7hl repo14:31
lbt(that's something we'd do if we had a team repo and they wanted to work with another team's bleeding edge code)14:32
lbtmake sense?14:32
tanuklbt: Yes, thank you very much!14:32
lbtnp ... and yes, I will write this up ... promise14:33
tanuklbt: While waiting for the writeup, I'll save the irc log... About the second approach, does the order of the paths matter? Or is the version with the highest version number selected if a package is found in both repositories?14:35
lbtboth good questions14:35
lbtyes, order matters, I *think* it does a scan through the <paths> and then goes deep into the first one14:36
lbtthe algo is not documented AFAIK14:36
lbtIt uses the first rpm it finds - even if a newer is available14:36
lbteven if the version it finds is too low for the Require and a higher one is available elswhere (ie it fails to build in that case)14:37
lbtso it's .... interesting14:37
tanukAlright, thanks again for the information.14:38
lbtmulti-<path> is best avoided and certainly best kept to a minimum14:38
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lbtphaeron: ping17:08
phaeronlbt: yes17:08
lbthey ... just looking at imgw1 on mer infra17:08
lbtit has img-worker installed17:08
lbtbut nothing is running17:08
lbtthere's nothing in init.d/17:09
lbtor in chkconfig17:09
*** nj3ma has joined #mer17:09
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer17:09
phaeronI don't know what's imgw1. is it newly installed ?17:09
lbtno, been up a while17:09
lbt12.1 suse box17:09
phaeronlbt: :)17:09
phaeronlbt: also skynet status17:10
lbtERROR: is supervisord running ?17:11
lbtsystemctl start supervisord.service17:12
lbtJob failed. See system logs and 'systemctl status' for details.17:12
phaeronhow's the new phost coming ?17:13
lbtall new phosts are up17:13
phaeronone of them was supposed to be for imager ?17:13
phaeronI don't know I am asking you :)17:14
lbtit has img and imgw1 on it17:14
lbtfrom months and months ago17:15
lbtit still doesn't really work17:15
phaeronok shouldn't we deploy a new one instead with proper kvm workers ?17:15
lbtsure - I just wanted an SDK image ...17:15
lbtand web ui was up17:15
lbtit worked in june since Stskeeps did an image then17:16
lbtbut for some reason it now fails17:16
lbtprobably doesn't survive a reboot17:16
phaeronwell if supervisor is not running then you have something wrong related to that17:16
phaeronit does if it is setup correctly17:16
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC17:16
lbtso2012-07-02 14:07:24,761 INFO success: build_ks_0 entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 5 seconds (startsecs)17:17
lbtlast message in /var/log/supervisord/supervisord.log17:17
phaeronquite old doesn't mean anything17:18
lbtSep 16 19:17:06 imgw1 systemd[1]: supervisord.service: control process exited, code=exited status=717:18
lbtSep 16 19:17:06 imgw1 systemd[1]: Unit supervisord.service entered failed state.17:18
lbtthe rather unhelpful systemd report :(17:18
phaeronthere should be some logging in demsg or something17:19
phaeronsystemd is great ! not .. :D17:19
*** nj3ma has quit IRC17:19
lbtknowing systemd you just need to write a little C code to grab the logs from the "obvious" bit of kmem or something17:20
*** faenil has quit IRC17:25
lbtupgrade the VM ... now it won't boot17:34
lbtCould not find /dev/vda17:35
phaeronI really really  think we should deploy a new imager :)17:36
lbtui works17:38
lbtbut OK17:38
lbtboth destroyed17:38
lbtwhat OS?17:38
lbt12.1 ?17:38
phaeronis it connected to the boss that doesn't work ?17:39
phaeronI mean does it need a new boss first , too ?17:39
lbtwhy not17:39
lbtdm8tbr: ping reminder about ircbot :)17:42
phaeronlbt: do you have a README for the new boss deployment process ?17:42
lbtthis will help me make one17:43
lbtI think it's "zypper in boss"17:43
phaeronok let's see17:44
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lbtphaeron: OK - the 12.1 of boss install has a few issues - I think we need to be more rpm-ish and not actually start services18:09
lbtwhich also means we can't auto-create users since DB may not be running18:09
lbt(the errors are from python-boss-skynet-0.6.2-1.1 and rabbitmq-server btw)18:10
phaeronlbt: we used to start rabbitmq manually I think18:11
lbtso fresh vm18:13
lbtERROR: is supervisord running ?18:13
lbtzypper in python-xml18:14
phaeronlbt: which side is that now boss or img18:16
lbtbug 57118:17
MerbotBug normal, Undecided, ---, need-triage, NEW, supervisord prints: ERROR: is supervisord running : missing python-xml dependency18:17
*** nj3ma has joined #mer18:18
lbtphaeron: it looks like I was wrong :)18:22
lbtzypper in boss rabbitmq-server18:22
lbt(and the python-xml to workaround the bug)18:23
phaeronoh yeah boss recommends only because it could be on remote server18:23
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*** nj3ma has quit IRC18:38
*** akuma_ has joined #mer18:43
*** shadeslayer has quit IRC18:54
*** shadeslayer has joined #mer18:55
Stskeepsyeah, hopefully we'll be able to do really insanely cool interfaces with qt5 too19:05
*** icebloke1 has joined #mer19:09
*** crysaz has quit IRC19:09
*** icebloke1 has left #mer19:11
*** furikku has quit IRC19:15
*** talavis has joined #mer19:17
*** niqt has joined #mer19:31
*** mikhas has joined #mer19:32
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*** f3an0r|2 has joined #mer19:43
*** nj3ma has joined #mer19:48
*** Artox has quit IRC19:48
lbtphaeron: so19:50
lbtimg_web                                  00 BACKOFF19:50
*** aquatix is now known as aquat1x19:50
lbtrequest_image                              BACKOFF19:50
*** niqt has quit IRC19:50
*** deztructor has joined #mer19:52
phaeronskynet log19:52
lbtah, I missed the mysql config19:54
lbtnb ... no root passwd was created for mysql19:54
phaeronwhat does that mean ?19:55
lbt"MySQL is installed by default and during installation a root account will have been created. The password is needed to create an img user."19:56
*** phdeswer has quit IRC19:56
lbtfwiw that doesn't happen19:57
phaeronmust be something different in 12.119:57
lbtsuggest running: mysql_secure_installation19:57
lbton suse at least19:57
*** thetet has joined #mer19:58
*** gimli has quit IRC19:59
lbtnginx or lighttpd?19:59
phaeronnginx or apache19:59
phaeronapache not documented yet19:59
phaeronlighttpd I should remove from the docs.20:00
lbtThe following NEW packages are going to be installed:20:01
lbtxorg-x11-libICE xorg-x11-libSM xorg-x11-libX1120:01
lbt  xorg-x11-libXau xorg-x11-libXext xorg-x11-libXpm xorg-x11-libXt xorg-x11-libxcb20:01
lbtfor nginx ?20:01
phaeron--no-recommends ?20:01
lbtit's only GeoIP which is recommend20:02
* lbt suspects some weird font stuff20:02
phaeronok apache then20:02
*** mikhas has quit IRC20:03
phaeronthough with nginx it's quite easy to fastcgi pass20:04
lbtand /etc/nginx/vhosts.d/ doesn't exist20:05
*** niqt has joined #mer20:05
phaeronthat's typical sysadmin stuff20:06
*** niqt_ has joined #mer20:08
*** niqt has quit IRC20:15
yuntalbt: are you installing imger with phaeron's instructions?20:16
yuntaI can give you working nginx config if you want20:17
lbtyes please20:17
yuntaI remember having similar problems20:17
yuntabut I fucked-up by not correcting the instructions :(20:18
phaeronI merged in whatever corrections you sent :)20:18
lbtI am currently thinking it's a bit much cut'n'paste - this stuff should all be in a sample config dir20:18
yuntaphaeron: yes, I fucked up by not sending everything :)20:19
phaeronI need to merge the vm_testing branch too20:21
lbtwhat does:  participant group img-web does not exist, ignoring it20:22
lbt(from skynet reload img-web)20:23
phaeronlbt: img_web20:23
phaeronlbt: skynet status20:23
*** f3an0r|2 has quit IRC20:23
phaeronwill show you what is running20:23
lbtI cut'n'pasted :)20:23
phaeronsorry :(20:24
*** yunta_ has joined #mer20:25
*** mikhas has joined #mer20:26
lbtyunta_: config?20:28
lbt(was just fixing the django static failing on suse because the conf file had /var/www )20:28
*** akuma_ has quit IRC20:29
*** akuma_ has joined #mer20:29
yuntalbt: I've sent it some time ago by email20:31
*** thetet has quit IRC20:31
lbtgot it - was waiting for a pastie :_20:31
yuntaI was too lazy to figure out what you actually need :)20:32
yuntaso I tared everything20:32
yuntaI can't find my installation notes. But in general: you'll need to create proper accounts, missing directories (also for nginx, for logs, for who knows what),20:33
yuntanot all participants configs are good to go without modifications20:33
lbtyep - some I can understand20:33
yuntareading 'just the interesting' sections of docs may not be enough20:33
yuntaand copy-pasting from there blindly just doesn't work20:34
lbtthe really difficult stuff is that I wrote it so I know it ... apart from where it changed :/20:34
lbtthe participant/boss stuff - not the django/img stuff20:35
*** mikhas has quit IRC20:35
phaeronthe base stuff hasn't really changed much20:36
lbtno, it's weird shit like "nginx needs to run as same user as participant" ?20:37
phaeronis not true20:39
*** nj3ma has quit IRC20:39
phaeronwhere did you get that ?20:39
lbtyunta's config20:39
yuntamy config is not the best reference20:39
phaeronwhat's the error with that , maybe I can remember20:40
yuntaI was kind of hurry and did not understand a bit I was doing20:40
phaeronlbt: log ?20:41
lbt*13 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, clie20:41
lbtit's no longer listening20:41
lbtit was before20:41
phaeronlbt: just make sure the fastcgi is listening on correct address / port20:42
lbtit stopped20:42
lbtmy bad ... I'd stopped it20:42
lbt    says  curl -k -O
lbtwhich is .... not there20:45
* phaeron tries to decipher20:46
phaeronwhen did we jump to sdk docs :D20:46
*** phdeswer has joined #mer20:46
lbtI'm seeing GET /images/sdk/mer-sb2sdk-i486-chroot-latest.tar.bz2 HTTP/1.1" 404  in the logs20:47
lbtand wondering why20:47
phaeronin the nginx config there's an alias for the dir to serve images20:47
lbtanswer ... I didn't move the images to the machine20:47
lbtno, as in I just wiped the LV with the image on it20:48
phaeronok, I am confused now20:48
lbtI just rebuilt the IMG machine?20:48
lbtold IMG is gone20:48
phaeronok, yes , does it mean we lost data ?20:49
lbtjust that file - everything else should be transient20:50
Sage_lbt: any changes in the repomd-pattern-builder api or output? I'm just pondering if I need to rebase nemo stuff?20:50
phaeronok we'll regenerate it soon20:50
lbtSage_: I don't think so - there should be though - needs some tlc I think20:50
lbtall changes are upstream20:51
Sage_lbt: ok, I can check the thing tomorrow if that is ok?20:51
lbtphaeron: yes20:51
lbtSage_: sure... ty20:51
lbtphaeron: is there some css missing ?20:53
phaeronlbt: admin or normal ?20:54
*** niqt_ has quit IRC20:54
phaeronafaics the interface looks ok (but I can't login)20:54
lbtnot done ldap yet20:54
*** apol has joined #mer20:55
*** KaIRC has joined #mer20:55
*** jotik^^ has quit IRC20:55
*** deztructor has quit IRC21:03
lbtldap done21:03
*** niqt has joined #mer21:04
*** phdeswer has quit IRC21:09
lbtok imgw1 now21:21
phaeronok hope it goes well21:23
lbtcan we xfer images back to the img yet?21:27
phaeronlbt: no if workers > 1 setup nfs21:28
*** blauzahl has quit IRC21:30
phaeronie worker machines or ips21:30
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:30
*** blauzahl has joined #mer21:31
phaeronit's a principle of least effort and max efficiency21:32
lbtimg.conf - is that needed on worker?21:32
phaeronlbt: worker is /etc/skynet/build_image.conf21:34
*** merder has quit IRC21:34
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC21:45
*** martianixor has joined #mer21:45
*** akuma_ has quit IRC21:46
*** akuma__ has joined #mer21:46
*** Ian-- has quit IRC21:59
lbtfucking systemd22:03
lbtDear Mr Systemd .... this is a remote VM. Whatever you do - please start sshd. Yours sincerely, David22:04
*** w00t has quit IRC22:06
*** w00t has joined #mer22:07
*** w00t has quit IRC22:07
*** w00t has joined #mer22:07
* jussi smacks lbt around the head with a mashed up jaguar...22:12
lbtit's not mashed up .... yet22:13
lbtalthough the front left tyre does need replacing22:13
jussilbt: btw, we will again be present in the UK this week...22:13
lbtcoffee is always on...22:14
jussiif you feel like a drive up to birmingbham and back :P22:14
lbtah, IVI conf?22:14
lbtcan you get me in ?22:14
jussiactually, we will head down to london way on thurs evening22:14
jussilol, umm, dont think so, its 300€ a pop22:14
lbtI asked Matt Jones but not heard back from him22:15
lbtwanted to meet up again22:15
*** jstaniek has joined #mer22:15
*** niqt has quit IRC22:16
*** yunta has quit IRC22:18
lbtphaeron: 20GB per worker instance  in  /tmp  ??22:24
phaeronnot /tmp. new mic uses /var afair22:24
phaeron20Gb / one partition is fine22:24
lbtimg_tmp for qcow2 ?22:25
phaeronoh you're going for nested ?22:26
lbtyeah, pretend I'm not22:26
phaeronok .. yes the base qcow2 is sparse 20G , so the overlay could fill upto 20Gb depending on the image22:27
lbtuse_9p_cache :)22:28
phaeronactually mic can sometimes use 20Gb for 10Gb image22:28
lbtwe tend to make much smaller ones22:29
* ljp remembers needing more than 20 gb for meego stuff22:29
lbtbig bunny is banned22:29
*** akuma__ has quit IRC22:29
phaeronlbt: practically for mer / nemo 4G is enough22:29
lbtI figured about that22:30
ljpusing osc for day to day development uses tons of space22:30
lbtljp: yes - are you sharing caches and cleaning up build roots?22:30
ljpnope and occasionally :)22:31
ljpthis was with meego and ******* dev22:31
*** saad_ has joined #mer22:36
*** saad_ has quit IRC22:37
*** nj3ma has joined #mer22:40
*** martianixor has quit IRC22:41
*** akuma__ has joined #mer22:42
*** arturo182 has joined #mer22:43
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC22:43
*** nj3ma has quit IRC22:48
*** yunta_ has quit IRC22:50
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer23:16
*** metallisto has joined #mer23:29
metallistowhere can i download the mer sdk?23:29
metallistothe old path from wiki is not available23:29
*** akuma__ has quit IRC23:30
*** jstaniek has quit IRC23:33
lbtmetallisto: I broke it23:34
lbtwe're working on getting a new one out23:35
metallistookay. i want to start to develop for jolla, is the meego sdk a alternative?23:35
lbtthere should be something up in a few minutes23:36
*** metallisto has quit IRC23:48
*** metallisto has joined #mer23:48
*** akuma_ has joined #mer23:50
metallistois the old install guide still working?23:57
metallistofrom wiki23:58

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