Monday, 2012-09-10

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dakovaciwatching the uploaded video parts I missed the other day live00:01
dakovacithanks for uploading :D00:01
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phinaliumzgood morning03:50
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* Stskeeps looks forward to his .fi travel04:01
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iekkuStskeeps, :)04:34
iekkui was late from previous bus about ~5mins, so needed to wait 25min for the next. it's not so warm anymore04:35
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zchydemStskeeps: welcome to cold Finland. It was almost 0C this morning...05:19
Bostikor for short - welcome to HEL05:20
BostikDante might have a deja vu...05:22
iekkuhell-sink-in even05:22
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iekkui should also look forecast yesterday05:23
iekkuit seems that +20 what they promissed last week isn├Ąt going to happen...05:24
iekkuuh, hard to write, huge lag05:24
Stskeepszchydem: and it'll be 28C here today05:24
zchydemStskeeps: nice! Sometimes it makes me wonder, why do I live here. It's 6 months of darkness, cold and wet here...05:26
zchydembut otherwise, quite nice:)05:26
iekkuhmmm, i should buy snowshoes05:33
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timophiekku: highly recommmended06:31
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kyyberihi again06:44
kyyberiafter a _few_ days06:44
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Kypeli_In Mer / Nemo bugs, what's the differernce between task and enhancement?07:12
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veskuhKypeli_:  Good question, normally I'd expect definition to be in bugzilla itself:
veskuhKypeli_:  but task is not defined there as far as I see.. iekku ^^07:14
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iekkuveskuh, please file a bug for me for nemo07:17
iekkuin mer it's somewhere i think07:17
iekkui will go those through anyway07:17
veskuhiekku: ok07:17
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* sivang saw the hack day pictures, and, well nothing to say than 'wish I was there' :)07:21
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lbtmorning all07:44
sivanghey lbt :)07:44
sivangdm8tbr: was it cold in that picture? You guys seems to be well dressed07:45
iekkulink to the photos?07:48
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sivangdm8tbr, iekku : sorry, yes the fb img Carol posted.
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tanuklbt: Could you give Meego COBS access to my another account: tanuk. (Previously you have already given access to tanuk2.) Sorry for the hassle, but I like to have two "identities": one for free time contribution (tanuk) and one for work (tanuk2).08:12
* dm8tbr doesn't fakebook08:13
sivangdm8tbr: haha 'fakebook'08:13
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lbttanuk: sure; done - have double the fun :)08:18
tanuklbt: Thanks a lot!08:18
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dm8tbrsivang: that picture was taken while waiting for the bus back to herwood forrest. it was not so warm and as the weather was mixed people had brought their jackets.08:21
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iekkumer bug triage starting now11:01
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kontioany body ever tried to connect the device via usb from a kvm virtual host? the vm recognized the usb device, and I could configure usb0 with, and also the device has configured on usb0... but ping/ssh does not work :-( any other trick needed to make it work?11:41
Stskeepskontio: is networkmanager somehow involved?11:42
kontiohmm guess should be anybody instead of 'any body'... isn't the same ;-) no networkmanager is should not be involved in vm, but in host system...11:42
kontiooh no damn there is a network manager...11:44
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pqStskeeps, hi, I'm looking into hybris again. I got ChickenCutlass' changes, but still banging my head on segfault at eglMakeCurrent time on test_egl.11:57
Stskeepspq, at physical work, will answer later12:06
pqStskeeps, just FYI :-)12:07
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kontioI think I can rule out NetworkManager, is it even supposed to work through vm (kvm) the usb network? if it does not work then I can stop to try :-)12:18
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ScriptRipperMoin Stskeeps12:24
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lbtvesse / phaeron: look at  and
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phaeronlbt: might be useful , but qareports wants to use rvm as well , not only bundler13:55
lbtIMO rvm is a bad idea for a production server13:55
lbtunless it has some packaging/deployment mechanism I don't know about13:55
phaeronlbt: I am not saying it is bad or good , I am saying it's what is documented13:57
phaeronlbt: it also allows running multiple ruby versions as separate users. which is easier than running multiple vms13:58
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vesselbt / phaeron: there's no need to use rvm, we've just included in the documentation because we use it and like it14:15
vesseruby shipped with your linux distro often has problems related to gems, versions, or such14:16
vesseand at least in my opinion keeping ruby up-to-date is easier with rvm than with compiling from sources14:16
vessebut that's just matter of opinion. rvm needs some tweking for .bashrc, .bash_profile and alike due to different files being read in different situations14:18
vessephaeron: btw, if you have ideas, needs or problems related to qa reports let me know.14:20
lbtvesse: yep - it's the usual issue :)14:23
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phaeronvesse: yes I do have some, the most annoying issue I found was that an empty results file causes QAreports to fail the whole upload request ( rest api )14:30
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francois___I'm still trying to make scratchbox2 work with my standalone OBS server14:59
francois___I applied the patches to obs-build in a personal branch of the opensuse tools factory15:00
francois___I am now trying to replicate Core:armv7l to play with it15:01
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francois___The 10 x86 packages have built successfully15:02
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francois___however when building for arm it says that sb2-tools-armv7l-inject is missing15:04
francois___although it has been build as far as I can tell15:05
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Stskeepscheck your prj conf having right ExportFilters15:15
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cat1Stskeeps: ping15:34
cat1regarding lib32/lib64 issue: do we consider this a problem?15:35
cat1the fix is trivial though.15:35
Stskeepsit's something that needs to be documented at least, or bug made15:37
cat1ok, will try to create bug report15:37
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cat1failed. i hoped my old meego account would do the magic.15:41
Stskeepsnop15:41 is a completely different system15:42
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cat1well, maybe i will do something about this later. besides, it looks like it is only me who has this mini-issue.15:43
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pqStskeeps, did you have any ideas about informing gdb about bionic-libs in hybris? Or should it just work? It doesn't seem to even notice libs being loaded.17:13
Stskeepspq: it isn't, and unless you want a headache you don't want to dive into how gdb figures out that stuff in the first place :)17:13
Stskeepsi do have some ideas, but they come afterwards the bionic changes i may need to do17:14
pqI already have a headache for not being able to see what segfaults :-P17:14
Stskeepsyeah, it's not exactly the funniest way.. sec17:14
Stskeepslog.08-20-2012:[13:34:14]<Stskeeps> (gdb) print find_containing_library(0xafd11420)->strtab + find_containing_symbol(0xafd11420, find_containing_library(0xafd11420))->st_name17:14
pqChickenCutlass, hey, you're here. How did you get hybris running GLESv2 on GN/ICS, exactly?17:15
Stskeeps0xafd11420 being place something fails17:15
Stskeepstells you the function name17:15
pqStskeeps, ooh, thanks.17:16
pqStskeeps, btw. do you have an idea whether to keep the gingerbread/ics/jb separation or could they be merged? I could look at the diffs, if you haven't.17:17
Stskeepsi think it may make sense to keep them seperate.. but logic also kind of dictates it should be able to load old binaries17:18
Stskeepsmy goal is to do libhybris once i'm home from helsinki17:18
pqlogic? are you sure? we have some? :-o17:18
Stskeepsyeaah.. :P17:18
pqI also have a huge urge to clean up the hybris sources, but realize that this is probably not the time.17:20
Stskeepswell, i'm fine with cleaning up sources, but i think as a start i want to be able to build a bionic of my own17:20
pqso I've just hacked stuff for now17:20
Stskeepsso we can 1) fix the errno TLS slot issue 2) start breaking more things17:21
pqfork the whole bionic repo?17:22
Stskeepsbasically we need to move some things into TLS locations where it won't interfere with glibc17:23
pqare those abstracted enough, so they didn't get hardcoded into every lib built against bionic?17:24
Stskeepsexcept for the opengl slot, as far as i can see17:25
Stskeepsopengl slot is OK, it's in a padded area..17:25
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Stskeepsyeah.. well, needless to say i don't like bionic17:25
ChickenCutlasspq: yes.  I am running it on a galaxy nexus17:27
ChickenCutlasspq: using an armel chroot17:27
ChickenCutlasspq: I bind mounted /system into the chroot to have the android libraries17:27
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: also to let you know -- I re-built bionic with the change of moving errno to slot 5 and it fixed a bunch of problems17:28
StskeepsChickenCutlass: oh cool17:28
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: like to atoi one I was having17:28
pqChickenCutlass, funny, I imagine I did exactly the same, and I used your patches, and test_egl just segfaults after getting to eglMakeCurrent17:28
StskeepsChickenCutlass: happy to know that. how difficult was it to do a only-bionic build?17:29
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: I built a mimimum android17:29
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ChickenCutlasspq: did you copy /system/vendor to /vendor17:29
pqChickenCutlass, I did a bind mount, don't think that is a separate fs?17:30
ChickenCutlasspq: if you look on the phone /vendor is a symlink to /system/vendoe17:30
pqoooh, missed that17:30
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pqhey, I could try strace, too :-o17:33
pq...but it probably misses all calls from bionic. Will have to see.17:34
Stskeepssyscalls are syscalls17:34
pqI don't know what mechanism strace uses for those17:35
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timophevening, squires!17:51
Stskeepsevening timoph17:52
Stskeepshow's rich core going?17:52
timophknow what I mean, nudge nudge17:52
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timophgot it to compile. didn't do anything else yet17:52
morderr. sorry for the noise, failed ssh suspend17:52
timophit's using systemv atm so need to adapt it to systemd17:53
timophjust thinking does it need to be a service17:54
Stskeepswell, maybe a sysctl.d or something17:54
timophwell yeah. enabling disabling should be something like that17:54
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timophanyway, I first planning to just hack it together directly on a device17:56
timophonce I get a processed core out of it I'll start thinking about how to package, etc. it17:57
timophsome use for my exopc17:57
Stskeepsi brought my exopc and a keyboard to finland.17:58
timophI need to get a better kb for it17:58
timophI'm using it currently with a rubber kb17:58
timophthat really sucks ^ :)17:59
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StskeepsChickenCutlass: out of curiousity.. after the errno fix18:47
Stskeepswhat problems do you have now?18:47
*** furikku has quit IRC18:47
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: nothing right now :)18:47
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: but need to test more.18:47
Stskeepsoh that's interesting18:48
Stskeepswell, of course, the errno's for wrapped functions will be foodbar18:48
Stskeepsie, glibc doesn't send the errno to the right place for the bionic __errno() to see it18:49
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ChickenCutlassStskeeps: right18:52
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: so how do we fix that?18:52
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Stskeepswell, we can be mean and simply, erm, make an unresolved symbol in bionic that we catch in libhybris hooks18:55
Stskeepsso it actually goes to the right errno place18:55
ChickenCutlassStskeeps: not bad18:55
Stskeepsie, rewrite __errno18:55
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Stskeepsevening shmerl18:55
shmerlI was just looking at the list of Mer packages and noticed that telepathy and farstream aren't there.18:55
Stskeepscorrect, they're in Nemo for example18:55
shmerlDo you think they should be part of the core?18:55
Stskeepsi don't see a huge reason for them to be18:55
*** iekku has joined #mer18:55
shmerlThey are base communication libraries.18:55
shmerlI.e. they can be optional in the repo.18:55
*** alexxy has joined #mer18:55
Stskeepsyes, except we don't do optional in mer18:55
shmerlBut why duplicating them in each vendor?18:55
*** arfoll has joined #mer18:55
Stskeepsit has to be there for a reason18:55
shmerlFrom what I understand mobile is all about communication.18:56
shmerlSo they are quite belonging there.18:56
Stskeepsand you'd probably be surprised to hear some don't like telepathy for that, but instead other tools..18:56
Stskeepsthat's another good topic.. and the idea was to have a common pick-off-shelf repo people could use18:56
shmerlNot surprised actually :)18:56
shmerlsome use libpurple.18:56
shmerlBut telepathy isn't that bad.18:56
Stskeepsit isn't, but it also adds to the amount of QA we need to do18:57
Stskeepsand then we end up with the unmaintainable mess meego was..18:57
shmerlSo you plan to make some optional add-ons repo for Mer?18:57
shmerlWhich vendors will be able to share?18:58
Stskeepswell, mer:tools is a bit in that direction18:58
Stskeepsand vendors are more likely to take pieces and put them the right place in their own stack18:58
shmerlI see.18:58
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shmerlSince people are complaining that Skype and etc. are missing, I was thinking how video calling could work with telepathy/farstream.18:59
shmerlBut codecs belong to the core?18:59
shmerlLike Opus, VP8 and etc.?18:59
Stskeepsthat is a little more likely, yeah19:00
shmerlOpus is rather new but it's the best audio codec out there.19:01
shmerlSo if some common library is added which isn't mandatory, it will go to mer:tools in the future to avoid duplications?19:04
Stskeepswell, some kind of off-the-shelf components thing would be good in future19:05
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crevetor_watching devaamo videos I wish I lived in Finland20:33
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Stskeepsit's certainly an innovative place.. the nokia crap might actually cause a lot of innovation in that area20:52
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crevetor_Stskeeps: yup20:54
* Stskeeps watches h+20:55
crevetor_hopefully tonight I'll have working autoWhiteBalancing in fcam and will be able to produce a decent looking photo :)20:55
Stskeepswoo :)20:55
Stskeepshow much control do you have over the sensor by now / lens / flash?20:55
crevetor_Stskeeps: Flash is pretty much done, lens I need to take care of.20:56
Stskeepsgood work :)20:57
crevetor_But I want to have whitebalance working to get rid of the blue tone I get on every picture :)20:57
arceancrevetor, out of curiosity do you have working viewfinder on n950?20:57
crevetor_I can already controle exposure/gain etc20:57
crevetor_arcean: not ATM. It's only console base capture20:57
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crevetor_arcean: but once the fcam N950 driver works I don't think it'll be really hard to get a viewfinder working (I think example5 has a viewfinder)20:58
arceancrevetor, I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)20:59
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crevetor_arcean: :)21:00
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