Wednesday, 2012-08-29

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Stskeepsmorn :)06:31
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timophStskeeps: good day today?06:45
timophand morning06:45
Stskeepstimoph: meh, woke up with headache06:46
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timophhmmh. I need to write myself an application for listening radio streams06:48
* timoph goes at it06:49
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situGood morning06:53
Stskeepsgood morning situ06:53
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Stskeepsgrr, mer boss isn't functioning07:11
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Andy80'morning guys!07:25
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Stskeepsmorn gtk_is_it07:26
gtk_is_itthis irssi on n900, anyone knows how to shift among chat/channel windows?07:27
Bostikesc - win_num07:28
Bostikctrl-n [next window]; ctrl-p [previous window] too07:29
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sivangmorning all08:30
situStskeeps: Is the build server stable now ?08:31
Stskeepssitu: should be08:31
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Stskeepslbt: something's off with mer boss08:57
Stskeepslbt: where does it keep logs?08:57
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lbtin /var/lib/SkyNET/store/*/log/main/current08:59
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lbtthere's not much logging09:00
Stskeepsi executed a bunch of BOSS processes and nil happened, so09:00
lbtlet me look after the meeting09:03
lbtI've not moved boss machine but it could be failing to be notified09:03
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sivangsledges: So, recalling our discussion from yesterday, so just Mer and Nemomobile could use a social fb/ g+ presence, as Jolla already has those?09:10
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sledgeshi sivang09:14
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sledgesyes, fan pages mainly. Should it be two -- for Mer and for Nemo?09:16
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sledgesI'd go one step at a time and create "Nemo Mobile" only for now09:20
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sivangsledges: hey sledges , sorry for no greetings but my day started so early it is like evening time for me now :)09:26
sivangsledges: right, this makes sense as NemoMobile is the thing more likely to attract normal and power users.09:26
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lbthey phaeron :)09:33
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phaeronlbt: hello09:45
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lbthaving a nice break I hope09:46
phaeronso far yes09:47
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Stskeepsphaeron: when is it your holidays are over, out of curiousity?09:47
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phaeronI fly back 9/9 but next week I'll be available more09:48
lbt^^^ subtle09:48
Stskeepsphaeron: i think we have a deal for steak in helsinki then?09:48
phaeronsure :D09:48
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phaeronanything urgent needs to be  done ?09:52
Stskeepsa steak, well done09:52
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sivangStskeeps: sorry for spamming the ML, noted.14:30
Stskeepsgood, it's very important to keep mer as independent as we go forward, with big contributors in it14:31
sivangStskeeps: yes yes, I will mail Jukka about this he might know what to do with it14:31
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Andy80hi again!14:39
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sivanghey faenil , Andy8014:42
faenilhey :)14:42
sivangfaenil: how's your part of the world this evening?14:43
faenilare you referring to something in particular? :)14:44
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sivangfaenil: ah no, thought you said you were in Italy14:44
sivangso was wondering14:44
sivang(it is DEAD hot in here)14:44
faenilIt stopped being very hot 3-4 days ago14:45
faenilI stopped frying during the day14:45
sledgessivang, ml written :) (as well as #nemomobile related stuff)14:45
faenilI mean my skin stopped frying :P14:45
sivangsledges: you're a king.14:46
sivangfaenil: frying and baking is till on here, people run from AC to another14:46
sledgeslol thanks, hope I read your mind enough ;)14:46
sivangfaenil: and it hurts the eyes bad14:47
faenilsivang, I feel your pain :D14:47
Andy80hey sivang :) 16C here :D "winter is coming..." :D14:47
faenilAndy80, aren't you leaving? :D14:48
Andy80but I'm going back to Italy on friday14:48
Andy80just said14:48
sivangAndy80: Love winter!14:49
sivangAndy80: here== ?14:49
faenilAndy80, perfect weather in Italy atm..14:49
sivangsledges: bull's eye, thank you very much for this.14:49
Andy80sivang: here what?14:50
faenilwell not perfect, but much better than it was till a week ago14:50
Andy80I was just wondering.... do you think it would be useful a frontend to flash Nemo images on Nxx ?14:51
sivangAndy80: where's 16c ? ;)14:52
sivangAndy80: people are doing it AFAIK14:52
Andy80sivang: here <--- Tampere14:52
sivangAndy80: ah! lovely Tampere14:52
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sivangAndy80: I had the best weather at my visit there, during first week of July14:53
Andy80indeed :)14:53
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sledgesawesome, let's see how it kicks off14:55
Andy80I bit sad to leave now... I did read about many event in september :\14:56
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faenilAndy80, why don't you stay there a week more? I was thinking about attending the event ;)14:58
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Andy80faenil: 1) flights already booked, 2) apartment contract ends on 31th, 3) who says I wanna see your bad face :D ?!15:06
faenilAndy80, ahahah I'll remember that when we meet again ;)15:06
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sivangfaenil: I'd also like to attend the event, but.. yes, too much traveling in short time.15:07
faenilyeah :/15:07
faeniland I can't pay much for the accomodation too :/15:08
kdubStskeeps, libhybris is very cool :) been helping chickencutlass with it a bit15:08
Stskeepskdub: cool :)15:08
Stskeepskdub: yeah, if we can stabilize it, it could really make a massive change in how things look in mobile space15:09
* sivang cheers15:09
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* kdub has it working on my omap4 graphics hardware :)15:10
Stskeepssomething else than samsung nexus?15:10
Stskeeps(don't need to say if it's a secret device)15:11
kdubgalaxy nexus15:11
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Stskeepsin truth, we'll end up with a solution where we probably need to recompile bionic with our own patches to break apart non-compatible-with-glibc parts15:12
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Stskeepsor stub out entire bionic from even linking15:13
*** VDVsx has joined #mer15:13
Andy80faenil: why don't we organize some Qt event in Italy instead? We must keep up the trend. Don't let the old Qt developers feel like abandoned15:13
Stskeepsthere's qt developer days in berlin coming up as well15:14
Andy80Stskeeps: yeah, I'm aware about it. I hope to be able to attend! :)15:14
Andy80I submitted a talk too, but they're so slow to reply...15:14
faenilYeah I should be able to attend that one too ;)15:15
sivangStskeeps: already waiting to get approval for my presentation proposals (2, about QtQuick)15:15
sivangStskeeps: and I'll volunteer in organizing if I can, just as I did for the last Qt Summit15:15
sivangerr, that was to general channel15:15
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sivang(easy finger on the tab)15:16
sivangAndy80: what is your talk about?15:16
*** beford has joined #mer15:16
Andy80sivang: SocialConnect library
Andy80sivang: it's one of the project I was working on in Nokia. Since it's public and since I've been explicitly allowed to talk about, I decided to pick it.15:17
StskeepsAndy80: on your way out from nokia, can you please slap whoever thought the license was a good idea?15:17
Andy80Stskeeps: on my way out I've a "spicy" email waiting in my outbox guess for who ;) by the way... which license are you talking about exactly?15:18
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* sivang wonders why phonegap app did not run in emulator, but forgot HTC was connected to desktop, so app is there :p15:19
sivangAndy80: ah! Andrea, it is you15:19
StskeepsAndy80: i'm not really being serious, and don't burn bridges or make enemies :P15:19
sivangAndy80: that night at the club was a bit crazy, could have been better with more practice :p15:19
Andy80sivang: this means.. go to drink some coffee and come back coding :D15:19
sivangAndy80: we should call Atilla here15:20
sivangAndy80: yes :p15:20
Stskeepsvery lousy license :P15:20
Andy80Stskeeps: yeah... but the temptation to write to the CEO what I think about it's strong :D15:20
sledgesAndy80, does Facebook mobile client for Nokia use SocialConnect?15:20
*** yunta has quit IRC15:20
sivangthis is MIT no?15:20
sivangStskeeps: ^15:20
Stskeepssivang: no, it's like MIT on drugs15:20
sivangbah, and is bad due to the limitations?15:21
sivang(I use pure MIT in my stuff)15:21
sivangwell people, as long as we're here , anjoying our selves and hanging together, I think the future is bright.15:21
*** Openfree has joined #mer15:21
sivangdon't mind licenses and the past.15:21
sivangwe create our future :p15:22
Stskeepsof course the future is bright, it's a mushroom cloud in the distance15:22
Andy80Stskeeps: ah that license! Oh... it's neither an OSI approve one :( well... nothing to say about SVN instead :D ?15:22
StskeepsAndy80: svn i can stand15:22
sivangStskeeps: ++15:22
Andy80sledges: no, as far as I know15:22
Andy80oh maybe it should be.....  /drunk/Licence.txt :D15:23
sledgesAndy80, well then I hope SocialConnect is miles better than Fb app (just got its update on n9 - same annoying bugs)15:23
faenilAndy80, did you write SocialConnect during the stage?15:23
sivangoh Jukka responded , he's quick15:23
sivangAndy80: lol15:24
sivangsledges: it sucks, yes, very jerky and cripples Harmattan's multitasking15:24
Andy80faenil: not all, I improved a bit the Twitter part, I added errors support and wrote the Instagram plugin.15:24
sledgesyup, sivang, I feel it's just terribly bad cowboy coding15:25
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sivangso, gotta go home now, I'll take some time to break and then perhaps join again15:25
Andy80sledges: the library itself would need to be improved more, but I was not allowed to break any compatibility with any existing application (I wonder who is actually using it anyway...) so I could not do much more15:26
sledgescheerio sivang15:26
sledgesI see, Andy80.15:27
*** arcean has quit IRC15:27
sivangthanks for the help sledges :)15:29
sivangbye all.15:29
*** sivang has quit IRC15:29
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Andy80a similar nickname... or an old friend :) ? calvaris15:31
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sledgeshave a good evening everyone!16:24
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Stskeepslbt: around by chance?16:50
lbtrelease is done, doing mds on both16:50
Stskeepslbt: getting_started.. wpapassphrase16:51
Stskeepstext string of the password or the kinda hex format one?16:51
lbttext string16:51
*** pohly has quit IRC16:52
* Stskeeps wonders wtf it's not working..16:52
lbtand those are old (and therefore tested) .ks files16:55
Stskeepsthe connman autoconfig stuff is on a new .ks16:56
lbtI've not looked at that yet - have redone the .ks file generation locally to use the new kickstarter though16:57
lbtISTR the .ks is very similar16:57
*** amjad has joined #mer16:58
Stskeepswell the .ks isn't the problem i think16:58
Stskeepsmy test .ks just doesn't connectu p to my wifi :)16:58
*** slaine has quit IRC16:59
lbtkittens have stolen usb cable :/17:00
faenillbt, lol17:00
faenilmy dog ate some of my chargers years ago...nasty animals :D17:01
lbtah-ha - under shelf with sock!17:01
gandhijee_Hi Stskeeps17:02
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:03
Stskeepsevening gandhijee_17:03
Stskeepshow's things?17:04
*** GAN950 has joined #mer17:05
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC17:06
Stskeepslbt: nm, i was being retarded17:07
Stskeepslbt: i don't actually have a SSID called '98' anymore.17:07
gandhijee_not bad, how bout yourself?17:07
gandhijee_mind if i send you a PM?17:07
Stskeepssure, go ahead17:07
Stskeepsgandhijee_: pretty good.. happy to see my libhybris work (android hw adaptations on mer) be validated on multiple platforms17:07
*** GAN950 is now known as GeneralAntilles17:08
gandhijee_that sounds pretty interesting, and i'm surprised i haven't seen it.17:08
Stskeepsit's pretty boring really17:08
Stskeepsbut very exciting for people who are into mobile17:09
faenilStskeeps, what devices have you seen it running on so far?17:09
Stskeepsfaenil: qualcomm, omap417:10
gandhijee_looks like you can use the android GL libs for your mobile OS?17:10
Stskeepsgandhijee_: yup, and other things17:10
faenilStskeeps, great :)17:10
faenilI'm leaving guys, dinner with17:10
faenildinner out with my gf :) have fun!17:11
*** taziff has quit IRC17:11
lbtStskeeps: OK17:11
faenilI will :) bye!17:11
lbtmine just said "Error <creator>: Failed to find group 'Nokia N950 Proprietary Support' : No Group named Nokia N950 Proprietary Support exists"17:11
Stskeepsyes, we dropped that AFAIK17:12
lbtany other changes?17:14
*** amjad has quit IRC17:14
*** imunsie has quit IRC17:14
Stskeepsno idea, sage did it17:14
*** amjad has joined #mer17:15
*** arnaud1 has quit IRC17:15
*** lizardo has joined #mer17:16
*** arnaud1 has joined #mer17:17
mdfe_is a new mer release pushed the last two hours on mer core repos?17:18
*** amjad has quit IRC17:18
*** amjad has joined #mer17:19
Stskeepsmdfe_: mer-enxt, but the new mer release is ongoing ATM17:19
Stskeepsas far as i know17:20
lbtmdfe_: mer latest just updated on the releases area and is about to hit cobs17:22
mdfe_I just wondered why I get glibc updates by using zypper up on a fresh image17:24
lbtmdfe_: are you aware of
mdfe_you are talking about pre-releases?17:24
mdfe_please take a look to the time stamps of
lbtno, I am however eating my dinner and editing the release message at the same time :)17:26
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer17:26
mdfe_enjoy your dinner :)17:27
Sagelbt: yes, dropped that one.17:27
Sagelbt: see
Sagelbt: dropped more stuff as well but I think you are interested mainly about the adaptation, right?17:28
Sagedropped the proprietary group and merged to the other group17:28
lbtSage: correct - I'll put minimal onto a vendor verification process too17:28
lbtso in future I'll notice I hope17:28
lbtalthough groups are a bit tricky17:28
Sagelbt: well there are the packages in nemo repos that update when groups are changed17:29
Sagelbt: also you should probably build with nemo-kickstarter-configs content, but for that I would need to publish the kickstarter-configs somewhere in rpm format17:29
lbtI'd still like to split out the HA17:30
mdfe_nice evening, see ya17:31
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:31
*** amjad has quit IRC17:36
*** amjad has joined #mer17:37
*** M13 has quit IRC17:39
*** disco_stu has quit IRC17:59
*** disco_stu has joined #mer18:00
*** harha has joined #mer18:01
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*** amjad has joined #mer18:09
*** beford has quit IRC18:13
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*** amjad has joined #mer18:15
*** amjad has quit IRC18:18
*** amjad has joined #mer18:19
*** harbaum has joined #mer18:21
*** taziff has joined #mer18:24
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*** beford has joined #mer18:24
*** amjad has joined #mer18:26
*** vgrade___ has quit IRC18:32
*** situ has joined #mer18:34
*** Attie has quit IRC18:34
*** lbt is now known as lbt_away18:41
*** thuttu77 has quit IRC18:43
*** thuttu77 has joined #mer18:44
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*** amjad has joined #mer18:45
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*** arcean has joined #mer18:55
*** amjad has joined #mer18:55
*** ansoni has joined #mer18:56
*** furikku has quit IRC19:00
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*** blauzahl has quit IRC19:00
Stskeepsevening ansoni :)19:01
*** blauzahl has joined #mer19:01
*** amjad has joined #mer19:01
ansoniafternoon here19:01
ansoniStskeeps is an automated bot or a real person?19:02
Stskeepsansoni: welcome to #mer :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out19:02
befordautomated person19:02
ansonithat is what I figured:-P19:03
Stskeepsansoni, i'm a real person, just pathologically friendly. i'm the project architect here19:03
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC19:03
*** amjad has quit IRC19:06
*** AndrewX192 has quit IRC19:06
*** AndrewX192 has joined #mer19:07
*** AndrewX192 has joined #mer19:07
*** amjad has joined #mer19:07
*** amjad has quit IRC19:11
iekkuStskeeps, could i be mostly harmless?19:12
iekkuor can i be, or am i19:12
ars_ansoni: I bet most of us have the same thought when joining the channel :)19:12
ansoniyea... I haven't been on IRC in awhile but old habits told me not to carry on a conversation with the only op in a channel19:14
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Stskeeps19:14
Stskeepsars_: when i go on holiday, i could probably just leave a well written shellscript to replace me, nobody would notice19:14
Stskeepsansoni: good catch, no wonder nobody was talking to me ;)19:15
*** arcean has quit IRC19:15
ars_ansoni: I also did my research before answering :D19:16
*** arcean has joined #mer19:16
*** notmart has quit IRC19:16
ars_Stskeeps: you could do that, but we all know you couldn't really stay out ;)19:17
ansoniso... I'm setting up the platform SDK19:18
ansoniis anyone working on automating these tasks?19:18
Stskeepswell, platform sdk is pretty straightforward19:19
Stskeepsuntar, mount, enter19:19
Stskeepsars_: you already know me too well :(19:22
ars_Stskeeps: doesn't take long to learn that :)19:23
* lpotter-home blinks and tries to wake up 19:23
* Stskeeps passes the coffee pot to lpotter-home 19:24
* lpotter-home drinks it all19:24
lpotter-homeweirdest week ever19:25
*** Behold has joined #mer19:25
* Stskeeps prolly won't have time for a weekend this week..19:26
ansonisorry guys... distraction19:26
ansoniyea, the mount/enter stuff was godo19:26
* lpotter-home has the longest weekend ever coming up19:27
ansonibut... then getting into the sb2 stuff is a lot of stuff that requires the wiki19:27
Stskeepsansoni: ah, that does need abstraction/automation yes19:27
Stskeepsproposals and code welcome19:27
Stskeepslpotter-home: mine ended up lasting 5 months.. in the end it drove me crazy to do nothing, so made oss into my work19:28
Stskeepsand worked at it like i would do a work19:28
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC19:29
lpotter-homeoh ya. I have more than enough things to do to keep me busy19:29
iekkulpotter-home, good morning19:29
ansonicool, next question... any thoughts on moving away from scratchbox to something like virtual box?19:29
Kypeli_lpotter-home: Jolla already hired all of you?19:29
lpotter-homeKypeli_: ha! I wish19:30
Kypeli_Damn :(19:30
Stskeepsansoni: we have entire mer in virtualbox for a virtual 'device', but for cross compilation, sb2 is the way to go19:30
iekkuuh, planned to go early to bed and sleep at least 6h19:30
lpotter-homeya a lot of talent being wasted.19:30
iekkugood night people19:31
Stskeepsnite iekku19:31
StskeepsKypeli_: things sometime go a bit slow but generally if people haven't heard anything negative from us, it means we still have them on radar19:32
Kypeli_Stskeeps: Of course :)19:32
Stskeepsit's not every day we have 3 nokia sites full of mobile linux talent shutting down..19:33
lpotter-homelooks like I'll get to keep the macbookpro from work. :)19:33
Stskeepslpotter-home: and dont forget the n900 ;)19:33
lpotter-homeand N9, and all the other old devices I got as well :)19:34
ansonilpotter:  I'm still employed and telling:-P  j/k19:34
ansonij/k about the telling part19:34
lpotter-homeits known :)19:34
lpotter-homeall old lappies being wiped last night19:35
ansonigood call.  that laptop would just sit in some warehouse19:35
ansoniStskeeps:  Are you guys not heavily integrated with Qt Creator at this point?19:35
ansoniI guess you could say that I was hoping to see some more Qt related stuff in this SDK setup process19:35
ansonigotta run... I will catch the answer in the logs I guess:-)19:36
Stskeepsansoni: we have a hack .. ish19:38
Stskeepsbut works nicely19:38
*** f3an0r_ has joined #mer19:40
*** ansoni has quit IRC19:40
* timoph uses Qt sdk as is and then obs to get binary packages for mer/nemo19:41
Stskeepsalterego has smth that uses mer platform sdk to do it, too, i think19:42
timophneed to take a peek at some point19:43
timophas a simpler process would be nice19:44
timophin other news, I seem to have found the fun in coding again19:44
* lpotter-home hopes to get remotivated again soon19:45
timophconcentrating in writing stuff for myself helped19:45
Stskeepsrandom question, does RIM use qt mobility?19:45
lpotter-homea fork19:46
Stskeepsok, i wasn't sure of that19:46
Stskeepsanother good question is how a common qt/qml app story could look across vendors19:46
timophI'd like that19:47
lpotter-homerim/cascades is all components19:47
timophdunno if that's ever going to happen but still19:47
alteregotimoph: yeah, still WIP but currently can use qt creator to build, deploy and execute on target.19:47
Stskeepsthats the thing nokia really didn't do well in establishing19:47
timophalterego: cool19:47
*** NIN102 has joined #mer19:48
*** Venemo has joined #mer19:48
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:48
*** sshaaf has joined #mer19:48
timophalterego: do you have any docs, etc. for it somewhere?19:48
lpotter-homea standard components import would be nice.19:49
lpotter-homeits been a controversy internally19:49
lpotter-homejust like qml itself19:50
Kypeli_How MeeGo and Symbian differ on Component level is just ridiculous.19:50
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:50
timophyep. common api would have been nice19:51
Kypeli_and wouldn't been hard to achieve. The differences are mostly on the level of "we don't have time to align API call names".19:52
Stskeepshow different is cascades api?19:52
lpotter-homeyes, it was a resourcing issue19:52
Kypeli_lpotter-home: To me it shows that nobody actually cared (or had time.. which is also sad) to look at the big picture.19:53
Stskeepsheh, reminds me of 'oh but rpm vs deb isn't going to be an issue for app developers'19:53
lpotter-homeit was a time thing.19:54
* Stskeeps told them it'd be a problem but nobody listened..19:54
Kypeli_lpotter-home: Really surprised that there wasn't a "great architect" to look after all QML Component development (or even someone to align what different "silos" are doing).19:54
Kypeli_lpotter-home: But I am not surprised :)19:54
*** NIN102 has quit IRC19:55
lpotter-homecomponents were being developed elsewhere than Brisbane19:55
Kypeli_Yeah sure, I don't blame Brisbane at all for Symbian and MeeGo things :)19:55
lpotter-homebut they were proprietary19:55
Stskeepsand lets not get started on dui vs orbit..19:56
Stskeepsat least qml came out on top there19:56
Kypeli_Saved a lot19:56
lpotter-homeyou know the qml/declarative project got shutdown 3 times in its history?19:57
*** f3an0r_ has quit IRC19:58
* Stskeeps at least hopes to foster a good atmosphere for both product and research in jolla..19:58
*** f3an0r has joined #mer19:59
lpotter-homeya, both qt creator and declarative were started as creative friday/research projects19:59
Stskeepsand if we can move as much as possible of research to public/open source development metholodogy.. then that really speeds things up20:00
*** f3an0r has quit IRC20:00
*** f3an0r has joined #mer20:00
timophStskeeps: I really hope that will be the case20:00
Stskeepstimoph: it kinda already is20:01
Stskeepswhich is a good sign20:01
* lpotter-home still plans on doing his nokia PDP research20:03
lpotter-homepersonal development plan20:04
lpotter-homeonly have 1 of 3 left to do20:05
lpotter-homebut something keeps getting int he way20:05
*** harbaum has quit IRC20:06
*** gimli has quit IRC20:21
*** thetet has joined #mer20:32
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*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer20:34
*** Behold has quit IRC20:38
*** clopez has joined #mer20:50
Andy80Stskeeps: +1 for esearching time! :) Try to organize something like Google20, I'm sure you will benefit from it.20:52
*** Behold has joined #mer20:54
Andy80Stskeeps: don't tell me some people still use gdb :D ? ah... so old! :D20:55
Stskeepsgdb is excelelnt20:55
Stskeepshow else would you debug when your android linker is acting up and you need to find out what instruction pointer the thing crashed in, when you don't have any kind of debugging support for non-glibc libraries20:56
Stskeeps(hint, ask the linker's own functions to tell you what .so the instruction pointer is within, then ask it to find the specific function using same info..)20:56
* Andy80 did mean "aren't putting the device under water to see bubbles?" :D20:57
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC20:57
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:58
* Stskeeps goes crash in be21:00
Stskeeps3 phonecalls tomorrow to 3 different countries, in 3 different timezones, this should be fun21:00
CosmoHillnight night21:06
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC21:07
*** tripz0 is now known as trip021:12
*** rsadhu has quit IRC21:14
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer21:18
Andy80night time! See you tomorrow guys21:23
*** Andy80 has quit IRC21:24
*** kaziklubey has joined #mer21:25
*** javispedro has joined #mer21:25
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faenilseems I'm late :D22:24
*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:30
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*** librab103 has joined #mer23:41
librab103quick question.  How do I remove myself from the mailing list?23:42
librab103anybody around?23:56

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