Thursday, 2012-08-16

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curiosityGood morning!04:54
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Paimen.travelful morning05:10
iekkuPaimen, safe travel!05:11
iekkuPaimen, and succesfull one also :)05:11
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Paimenlet see what happens05:11
* Stskeeps hides the obstacle course05:12
Paimenat least train wlan works while standing on statio05:12
Paimenssh -t screen -UDr05:13
iekkuwooh! i'm going to home today \o/05:13
Paimenhmm what as that05:13
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iekkuPaimen, oooops paste?05:17
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Paimeniekku: fingerterm had button hat did it ;)05:20
iekkusomehow wasn't suprised05:21
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Stskeepsgood morning antseppa and tsiirone05:24
tsiironegood morning Stskeeps05:24
antseppaStskeeps: good morning05:24
tsiironedo I need to add reviewers to gerrit manually?05:26
Stskeepstsiirone: no, i'm restarting the auto-review machinery at the moment05:27
tsiironeStskeeps, ok, so I thought from reading the wiki05:28
Stskeepsthe cycle is typically that auto review handles most of it, then we pick up changes when we prepare changes for next release05:28
Stskeepsand merge things into core itself05:28
tsiironeyep, we used to add reviewers by ourselves in the project M05:28
Stskeepsgenerally everybody can help review and improve eachothers packaging skills that way :)05:29
Stskeepsokay, things should be rolling now05:34
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Stskeepsgood morning phaeron06:14
phaerongood mornin06:16
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X-Fadelbt: ping?06:45
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StskeepsBostik: so far so good on qt5 snapshot06:54
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Bostikoo, yum06:55
X-FadeStskeeps: Any idea why this request complains about spec file changed?
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StskeepsX-Fade: bad whitespacE?07:03
X-FadeStskeeps: I wonder, doesn't look like it.07:03
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phaeronX-Fade: try getting latest spectacle ?07:13
X-Fadephaeron: Looking in Mer:Tools, any ubuntu packages?07:17
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phaeronhmm no :D .. debian in Project:MINT:Testing07:18
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X-Fadephaeron: If I wipe the spec and leave the yaml, will it be regenerated?07:21
X-Fadephaeron: Seem a bit duplicated info anyway :)07:21
phaeronX-Fade: yeah I know , and no you have to run specify manually07:22
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Andy80hi all07:55
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curiosityhi Andy8007:55
Andy80hi curiosity how is it life on Mars :) ?07:56
curiosity:) fine thanks, sun is shining07:56
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lbtX-Fade: pong08:39
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* lbt takes craft knife away from kitten09:49
lbtkitten now has sock instead... maybe I should take it off?09:49
lbtnb.. new c.obs will probably have typos in places...09:50
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lbtStskeeps: phost2 seems down09:51
lbtStskeeps: we need to find a way to be able to do resets09:52
Stskeepslbt: is phost2 mine?09:53
Stskeepsand what does it host?09:53
lbtnothing atm09:53
lbtI was going to migrate fe/be there today09:53
Stskeepsi couldn't find a single host that was down, so09:53
Stskeepsso just went back to sleep09:53
Stskeepsgive me ip of phost2?09:54
Stskeepssent reset request09:54
lbtthey're in public DNS09:54
lbtnb ...I'm setting up ipv6 too - could you add that to phost2,3,409:55
lbtyour 309:55
lbtgo to server, ips. Then "order additional IP"09:56
Stskeepsipv6 /64 subnet?>09:56
lbtit's instant09:56
Stskeepspurpose of use?09:56
RaYmAn"ipv6" :P09:56
Stskeepsone for each server..?09:57
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lbtit's routed - so I can access any internal VM that way09:57
lbthey RaYmAn09:57
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RaYmAnhowdy :)09:58
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dm8tbrRaYmAn: 'RFC6540' is also a nice justification ;)09:58
lbtdm8tbr: good point - I can use that09:59
Stskeepslbt: is phost2 back up yet10:00
lbtraise a fault?10:01
Stskeepsi'll order a manual reset in 30 mins10:01
lbta hard reset should take 5mins10:01
Stskeepswasnt phost2 the one with issues?10:02
Stskeepslbt: so it was a worker?10:04
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lbtI didn't think so10:05
lbtit was a worker10:05
lbtbut phost4 had the ntp issues10:05
lbtI disabled phost2 as a worker to make it a vm host10:05
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Stskeepslbt: i'm starting it up in rescue and kicking the button10:06
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curiositymars calling to earth11:16
sledgeshouston, you have a problem11:17
sroedalhi mars, asl?11:17
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Ionakkahmm... i didn't realize at first how many packages there were which have abandonware tarball from gitorious combined with n+1 patches o.O11:44
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Stskeepsit is really awkward when development is moved in house, or stopped in the middle, etc11:45
E-PReminder: Mer QA meeting starting in 12mins @ #mer-meeting11:48
phaeronE-P: I won't be able to make it this time :(11:52
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Ionakkaanyway, yesterday i made a local clone of dsme and applied the patches there, most likely i'll have time tomorrow to finish adding nemo-specific things/clean up a bit11:54
Ionakkathe question is whether there's interest in adapting the packege (among quite few that imho should be adapted) into some git repo11:54
Stskeepssure, probably on nemo side11:55
Ionakkaif there is, i'll push the repo somewhere11:55
E-Pphaeron: ok, no problemo11:55
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tukemsparkling conversations here today :-)13:20
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Stskeepsyeah, we're all a bit slow13:23
Stskeepsalmost weekend13:23
*** vilpan has quit IRC13:23
Paimenmmm weekend13:23
*** vilpan has joined #mer13:24
* iekku can't wait weekend starting13:26
iekkuhard week13:26
tukembit different than usual I suppose13:26
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer13:27
dm8tbriekku: I can imagine13:28
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tukemwhere is mer in relation to suggestions given in lbt's blog writings?13:35
Stskeepsquite well13:35
tukemthat's nice to hear13:36
tukemwebsite needs some work and documentation I suppose but what else13:37
Stskeepswell, more hands, more QA13:37
tukemah yes it's not easy to find anything about QA at a moment.13:38
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tukemok it was there. Just not as fancy with charts as in MeeGo13:43
Stskeepsit's coming :)13:43
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curiosityHouston, we have a connection15:23
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* Stskeeps twitches15:47
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*** clopez has quit IRC16:22 doesn't seem to have too many projects. If I would like to build couple of projects which OBS should I / could I use? Or do I need to setup my own..16:22
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:22
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:22
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC16:22
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:22
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:22
dm8tbrkulve: ?16:23
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:23
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:23
dm8tbrkulve: the fake obs stuff is IIRC not visible through web ui, but you can build against it.16:23
dm8tbrsomeone correct me please if I talk BS16:23
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:23
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:23
dm8tbrvivijim: fix your connection please!16:24
*** vivijim has quit IRC16:24
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:24
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:24
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:24
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:24
kulvedm8tbr: Ok. I'll use that one16:24
dm8tbrStskeeps lbt - mind to stop the join/part parade?16:24
*** vivijim has quit IRC16:25
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o lbt16:25
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps16:25
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:25
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:25
*** lbt was kicked by lbt (User terminated!)16:25
*** lbt has joined #mer16:25
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:25
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:25
*** Stskeeps sets mode: +b *!*vivijim@unaffiliated/vivijim16:25
*** vivijim was kicked by Stskeeps (please fix your irc client)16:25
*** Stskeeps sets mode: +b *!*vivijim@*16:26
lbtdm8tbr: you see why I normally leave that to Stskeeps :)16:26
befordlol lbt16:26
lbtwhat astonishes me is that konversation has "kick yourself" as the top entry in a menu - right next to where "de-op yourself" lives ... :)16:28
Paimenlbt: sounds like excelent ux design16:29
lbtanyhow ... meshed virtual switch is looking good16:29
lbtPaimen: indeed16:29
* Stskeeps takes a deep breath after a long day16:29
kulvedm8tbr: I want to provide packages explicitly to Mer, is the still the right place? Can I build there against Mer's core?16:29
Stskeepskulve: check /topic16:29
Stskeepsit has against-straight-mer targets16:29
Stskeeps"Building against Mer in COBS"16:29
kulveStskeeps: excellent. Sorry for n00b questions :)16:30
Stskeepskulve: no problem16:31
lbtStskeeps: set phost2 to reboot to rescue for me16:31
Stskeepslbt: k16:31
Stskeepslbt: we were repurposing it for auto-QA?16:31
*** __kozak__|work has joined #mer16:31
lbtwell, I was making it a general purpose vm host16:31
lbtthen offload fe/be from CI to it16:32
Stskeepswhich one were we putting auto-qa on then?16:32
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer16:32
lbtdoes auto-QA need a dedicated phost?16:33
Stskeepsi'd say so, it is kinda worker-like behaviour16:33
lbtI don't think it ever got planned16:33
lbtphost4 is currently free16:33
lbtphost3 (monster) is too16:33
Stskeepsnot really16:34
Stskeepsi really should just move my crap off it and decommision it sometime16:34
Stskeepswhere do we have releases@ again, monster?16:34
Stskeepsi don't think so16:35
Stskeepshost -> monster16:35
lbtreverse proxy16:36
lbtI think16:37
*** blauzahl has quit IRC16:37
Stskeeps:P16:37 go to my ~/public_html ;)16:37
Stskeepsso no16:37
Stskeepsi think that needs to go on the IT todo list16:37
Stskeeps"move releases off monster"16:37
*** Rajesh has joined #mer16:38
*** Rajesh is now known as Guest1524416:38
lbtoh yes, repos is the CI repos16:38
lbtbut releases is still monster16:38
lbtit is way too convoluted - we have some things bouncing around NAT, some going via rev-proxy and some to phosts16:39
kulveI'm afraid I'll be asking quite a bunch of n00b questions. I would like to build my own hw adaption for Gumstix Overo (I guess that doesn't yet exist for Mer). Are there bootloader and kernel projects that I could just branch or how should I go on with those?16:41
Stskeepskulve: yes16:41
Stskeepskulve: perhaps look at sage's pandaboard work16:41
kulvehmm.. kernel is updated 7 months ago16:48
Stskeepswell, i meant, as a model16:48
crevetorStskeeps: do you have some time to explain how you managed to use the android openGL stack on Mer ?16:48
kulveStskeeps: you mean that I should make my own kernel project and just copy the logic from there?16:48
Stskeepskulve: yeah16:48
*** vilpan has quit IRC16:49
Stskeepscrevetor: yes, at some point, but long story short, i abused android's linker16:49
kulve"CE:Adaptation:PandaBoard " looks like a good start, so I'll see how it works16:49
crevetorStskeeps: I'll check it out16:49
Sagekulve: haven't had time to update it in a long time :/16:50
*** calvaris has quit IRC16:51
Sagekulve: also I accidently broke that and never fixed it back properly.16:51
Sagecan't really recall the details but should look at it at some point again16:51
kulveat least the packages are succesfully built16:51
Sagepvr is missing probalby from there now16:52
Sagehad some issues with the hardfp binaries16:52
kulvePVR is a whole different topic. My project luckily doesn't need it but I'll see how things go if I'll try to add it as well16:52
*** rcg-work has quit IRC16:54
*** ssirkia has left #mer16:57
*** TimDH has joined #mer17:05
Stskeepshello TimDH :)17:05
StskeepsTimDH: welcome to #mer :) so what brings you here?17:06
TimDHI am getting an ArchOS 80 G9 in a couple days and am planning to play with Plasma Active on it. In the meantime,17:06
TimDHI tried to run the basyscom x86 builds on my laptop and netbook from USB. It did not get very far...17:08
TimDHI also tried running in a VirtualBox, but apparently my PAE-enabled kernel does not allow VirtualBox to run.17:08
Stskeepsenable PAE in virtualbox too?17:08
TimDHWondering if there are any other options or knowledge of these issues.17:08
Stskeepsthere's an option for that, so17:09
TimDHAccording to my search results, I actually have to have a non-PAE kernel. I was not up to building that last night, so gave up...17:09
TimDHI think the Plasma Active FAQ said to disable PAE...17:10
Stskeepshmm, that's interesting17:10
Stskeepswell, there's other options but you need to roll up your sleeves and learn how to build own mer packages17:10
TimDHI have not dug much into the Mer outputs, but if I get a "core release", does it just come up to a console? Or is it a basic X environment?17:11
lbtminimal Mer is bare Qt517:12
TimDHI am planning to start trying build Mer myself (soon).17:12
StskeepsTimDH: long story short, you just need to recompile a kernel and make your own image17:12
Stskeepswith that kernel17:12
Stskeepsget mer platform SDK17:12
TimDHThanks! I will get to work. (I will be back! ;-)17:13
*** TimDH has left #mer17:14
*** localhost has quit IRC17:16
*** slaine has quit IRC17:16
*** situ has joined #mer17:18
Stskeepsgood evening situ17:28
situHey Stskeeps17:28
*** localhost has joined #mer17:28
situStarting to upgrade a package.17:28
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC17:30
kulvenggh. I can edit the source files in the OBS web interface but the saving doesn't work?17:32
kulvelike the .spec file17:32
*** swerden has quit IRC17:32
Stskeepskulve: should, but normally editing in obs web interface is bad idea17:32
Stskeepsjust use osc17:32
*** swerden has joined #mer17:33
kulvehmm. the web ui did save the files, I just got empty files when trying to re-edit them in there..17:37
*** Rajesh has joined #mer17:43
*** Rajesh is now known as Guest3702017:43
*** drussell has joined #mer17:44
*** rcg has joined #mer17:45
*** blauzahl has joined #mer17:48
*** pohly has quit IRC17:48
situStskeeps: Could you have a look here ?17:49
*** terietor has joined #mer17:50
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:50
* Stskeeps looks17:52
situShould I remove from .spec file ?17:52
lbtmixed tinc/openvpn meshed vlan \o/17:52
Stskeepssitu: change from %reconfigure to %configure ?17:54
situWhere is %reconfigure ?17:55
Stskeepsin the .spec i would guess17:55
situIt's not there.17:55
situBut there is no , and it's being triggered in build process.17:56
Stskeeps./ comes from the .spec17:56
Stskeeps%build section?17:56
Stskeepsremove that then17:57
Stskeepsthe ./ then17:57
curiosityMars to Houston: signing out17:59
*** NIN102 has joined #mer17:59
iekkucuriosity, in what planet are you living?18:00
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC18:00
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*** shrikrishna has joined #mer18:00
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situStskeeps: Failed again for different reason
*** Guest37020 has quit IRC18:02
*** andre__ has quit IRC18:02
StskeepsBuildRequires: python18:03
*** curiosity has quit IRC18:03
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*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:05
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*** Guest37020 has joined #mer18:14
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*** situ has quit IRC18:23
*** situ_ is now known as situ18:27
situStskeeps: Done!18:28
situJust tweaked .spec file a bit.18:28
*** lamikr has quit IRC18:30
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Paimenah finally home19:11
PaimenStskeeps: I noticed that my shell provider does not run mosh19:12
Stskeepsah, that's bad19:12
*** Estel_ has quit IRC19:13
Paimenwell it does not hurt to ask if it is possible to use there19:13
*** VDVsx has joined #mer19:21
*** cristi has joined #mer19:23
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*** _xnt14 has joined #mer20:03
*** taziff has joined #mer20:13
*** jingzhe has joined #mer20:13
*** Behold has joined #mer20:13
jingzheHi, one question, which branch is nemo's branch for libmeegotouch?20:14
jingzhejingzhe@jingzhe-linux:~/nemo/meego_git/libmeegotouch_old$ git branch -a * master   remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master   remotes/origin/Harmattan_1.0   remotes/origin/Harmattan_1.1   remotes/origin/Harmattan_1.1.1   remotes/origin/Harmattan_1.2   remotes/origin/Harmattan_1.3_proper   remotes/origin/master20:14
*** odin_ has joined #mer20:15
Stskeeps#nemomobile would be good for that20:15
Jake9xxStskeeps: ok, forget my ping about wayland. my build is short on egl for PVR540, again *sigh*20:15
StskeepsJake9xx: yay sgx20:15
Jake9xxStskeeps: I am right now looking at omap4 debian repos if there is something I coud glue in... *sigh* x 10020:16
Stskeepsthis is really where i hope my android-compat stuff can help.. non-android gpu adaptations are such a mess20:16
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC20:17
jingzheStskeeps, I use "git branch -a" to list all the branch from remote repository, there is Harmattan_1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3_proper, and master, which one is for nemo?20:18
jingzherepository is git://
jingzhesorry , repository is git://
Jake9xxStskeeps: but wayland compositor for raspi is already in out there so it's only (?) about getting that freaking SGX to play ball20:20
StskeepsJake9xx: yes, i have bottoms of a wsegl already20:22
Stskeepsand my old n900/n9 proto20:22
Stskeepsgot 60fps composition back then20:22
*** NIN102 has quit IRC20:25
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer20:25
*** Behold has quit IRC20:27
jingzhedoes anybody know which branch in git:// is for nemo?20:27
Jake9xxStskeeps: the omap3 stuff is well present in 'meta-ti' but omap4.. :)20:28
Jake9xxsometimes I wonder how hard one has to bang head to wall...20:29
Stskeepsjingzhe: look in obs, find version, find tag20:31
Stskeepsadd patches in obs20:31
*** javispedro has joined #mer20:33
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crevetor1Stskeeps: here ?22:54
*** cristi has quit IRC22:55
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC23:01
lbtcrevetor1: anything I can help with?23:06
* lbt -> bed .... 'night all23:09
*** mike7b4_n9 has joined #mer23:17
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