Wednesday, 2012-08-15

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crevetor_Guys, how do I compile against mer-next in COBS ?00:47
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Paimenpaintfull morning04:50
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iekkuPaimen, started your artist career?05:02
Paimenstill renovating that stupid vestibule. Need to paint architraves one more time05:05
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StskeepsSage: merging systemd, connman change05:32
Stskeepsit turns out i had multiple copies of Core:i486 slowing down builds05:36
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Stskeepsgood morning tsiirone, Figure05:37
Sagewell, now all I wanted for next mer core is there at least05:37
Figuregood morning05:39
FigureStskeeps: do you ever sleep?05:39
StskeepsFigure: i do, 22-6 normally05:39
Figureok :) "normally" meaning once a week? :)05:39
Stskeepshehe ;)05:40
FigureI'm waiting for the cable guy05:40
Stskeepsyou know you have a good open source project when i can slip off for a nap once in a while and things keep on running and people keep on working ;)05:40
Figuremy fiber opitcs line is losing ~5% tcp/ip packates05:40
Figureheh :)05:41
Aardonly use the other 95% of the line? :p05:41
FigureI've tried for past three weeks :(05:41
Figurealso got some reductions from the price05:41
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Figurealso the DNA company providing the service is using some shitty inteno routers05:42
Figurethat doesn't help either05:42
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Figureso now they have one guy coming here with measurement equipment to see where the problem is05:42
Figurelets see if he can find it05:43
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Stskeepsmorn jukkaeklund05:56
jukkaeklundmorn stskeeps05:56
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dm8tbrjukkaeklund: hw-hacking session today or tomorrow? today I can probably even free myself around 12(modulo lunch)05:59
jukkaeklunddm8tbr, now I can't do during day today or tomorrow :|06:00
dm8tbrand evenings are family-time...06:00
dm8tbrwhat would be your proposal then?06:00
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jukkaeklunddm8tbr, well I don't mind family but they mind :p06:01
jukkaeklundlet me think06:01
tsiironeI'm getting started to fix some bugs. So here goes the first question, is this valid url for mailcap project as stated in #261;a=tags as for me it doesn't seem to lead to correct place at least with browser?06:02
jukkaeklunddm8tbr, how about today evening? like after 17 sometime06:04
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dm8tbrjukkaeklund: sure, sounds good.06:06
Stskeepstsiirone: git clone or ssh://
jukkaeklundsweet, where?06:06
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tsiironeStskeeps, yeah thanks, but I just started with task to simply fix the url in yaml file, and for me the statement in the bug seems to be wrong06:07
Stskeepstsiirone: yup, let me just check the bug06:07
tsiironeStskeeps, I mean the url that is said to be correct doesn't seem to be valid06:07
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Stskeepsfedora messed up their git urls recently.. moment06:08
tsiironeStskeeps, http:// would be better I think06:08
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Stskeeps maybe even better06:08
tsiironeStskeeps, yes, thanks.06:09
Stskeepstsiirone: good catch :)06:09
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Figureis there a need for htop for mer?06:26
Figurenoticed that it's missing :D06:26
Stskeepscheck if it's in Mer:Tools or Mer:Tools:Testing06:28
FigureStskeeps: it's not there06:29
FigureI checked yesterday06:29
Stskeepswell feel free to package it then06:29
Figurethere is powertop in testing06:29
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Figurebut after looking at it seems a bit different06:29
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alteregoStskeeps: you're working on moving a lot of stuff from xdg auto start to systemd at some point?06:32
Stskeepsbut not yet06:32
alteregoI want to move dialer manager (and possibly ui) there as well (currently xdg)06:33
alteregoWould you be doing that for me? or do you want me to do it? ;)06:33
Stskeepsstay tuned for more details06:33
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Stskeepsi just spilt coffee on my keyboard ~10 mins ago, not terribly happy panda06:34
alteregookay, not exactly hi prio for ke, but xdg seems like a cludge :)06:34
alteregoke .. me ..06:34
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Stskeepsgood morning sasikala_06:39
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sasikala_Stskeeps : Good Morning Carsten...How are you doing?06:39
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Stskeepssasikala_: i'm doing good, spending my morning processing emails i didn't yesterday06:40
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sasikala_oh ok06:40
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Stskeepsand waiting for Mer to finish building so we can do a prerelease06:41
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lbtmorning all07:17
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Figureso I now have a compiled version of htop07:26
Figurehow can I add it?07:26
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Figurestep three "wait for the git repo to be created" who creates it?07:27
Stskeepssubmit it to Mer:Tools:Testing as its a tool07:27
Stskeepsdifferent method, pester lbt :)07:28
Figuredo I even need the git repo for it?07:28
Figurecan I just submit my obs package?07:28
Figurethat's the package :)07:29
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Figurelbt: well I made the request anyway :)
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lbtFigure: I'm working through a mechanism and process to store mer code and packaging in git07:42
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lbtI'm developing it using Mer:Tools07:42
lbtit uses pristine-tar and some scripts07:42
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lbtso I need a git tree with an orphaned packaging branch07:43
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lbtFigure: nb .. isn't atop better?07:44
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Figurelbt: dont know. We used htop in Meltemi :)07:57
Stskeepsi use htop07:57
* lbt rejects htop on that basis07:57
Figurewell at least htop > top :)07:58
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Figurelbt: so is there anything else that I need to do than just the submit I already did?07:58
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lbtyeah, I've not documented the steps or released the script so it's down to me07:59
lbtFYI I run : git init; gp_setup --existing --pristine --unpack /mer/obs/cobs/Mer:Tools:Testing/htop07:59
lbtand it's in the right format07:59
Figure git init; gp_setup --existing --pristine --unpack08:00
alteregocan we add DISPLAY to to user bashrc or something?08:00
Figurelbt: gp_setup not found :)08:00
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Figureok that gp_setup messed up my home folder :D08:08
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lbtsorry - but I'd really appreciate comments/fixes08:08
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Figurewas it ment to run inside mer sdk?08:09
Figureor out side?08:09
lbtI do both - but you need beta sdk08:09
lbtit should run in the pkg dir08:09
lbtso cd ~/src/htop08:09
lbtgit init08:09
lbthtop should be emtpy08:09
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lbtif you want to get the latest 6.0.2 SDK then
lbtthis is a touch volatile atm08:10
lbtbut that just means you may need to force some rpm if there's a problem with versions08:11
lbt(as I do this I realise I need to make many, many releases to test patches to fix upgrade bugs, installs etc... this would leave us at 6.0.124 with many Gb of wasted space on transient releases - so I'm treating 6.0.2 as a 'volatile' release)08:12
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Figureout of space..08:24
Figurewhere did it all go..08:24
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rugheadDoes Mer have open source vpn client?11:01
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rugheadlbt: ok, thx11:13
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Figurelbt: any ideas why the htop package doesn't compile on arm? is the /proc/stat in different place than in i586?11:16
lbtcompile... hmm11:17
lbtcould be due to autodetect not working in qemu11:17
Figurelbt: so should the check be patched out and just trust it's there? :)11:18
lbtdo you have a device?11:18
FigureNokia took my devices :(11:19
StskeepsFigure: what error do you get11:19
lbtOK - so in your home, build a version that has the test commented out and get someone (me) to put it on an arm device to test11:20
lbtthen you can SR that11:20
FigureStskeeps: in configure state11:20
Figureconfigure: error: Cannot find /proc/stat. Make sure you have a Linux-compatible /proc filesystem mounted. See the file README for help.11:20
Stskeepsurgh :P11:21
Stskeepsbad confgiure check really..11:21
Figurelbt: a nother question is how do I define a second build target for my own project?11:21
lbtFigure: look at
lbt(it's in the 'Advanced' tab)11:22
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lbtFigure: I'll delete that from Tools:Testing btw11:26
*** yunta has joined #mer11:28
Figurelbt: I added the same repo info from testing and now I get missing packages :D11:31
Figuremissing stuff starting from gcc11:31
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Figurehmm maybe I'm just too fast.. now it builds it's own..11:39
Ionakka   <--- would someone happen to remember how sysuid is shut down (or where to dig the details)?11:40
Ionakka(any pointers to (init)scripts/docs related to shutdown/reboot appreciated as well)11:40
*** Rajesh_ has quit IRC11:44
Stskeepsi think "brutally"11:44
Stskeepsit should be the one handling shutdown button ideally11:45
lbtFigure: seems sorted now ?11:46
lbtoh, nm - missed your comment11:46
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IonakkaStskeeps: you mean that it should ideally display some dialog when user presses the power button for longer?12:08
Ionakka(i think i remember seeing bugreport like that)12:08
Stskeepsie, not a lock screen12:08
*** lbt has quit IRC12:08
Stskeepsor shorter12:08
Ionakkareplacing the lockscreen12:08
Ionakka(or instant-lockscreen action)12:08
Stskeepsnot 100% surte12:09
Stskeepsn9 just shuts down and starts a shutdown12:09
Stskeepsat ours we have catastrophe shutdown at ~30 secs of press12:09
Stskeepsie, dsme handles it12:09
Ionakka<Stskeeps> ie, dsme handles it   <--- useful piece of information, thankyou12:09
Stskeepsthe catastrophe shutdown that is12:10
Ionakkai have the feeling that there's not too much clean shutdown design around12:10
Stskeepssystemui should handle it earlier12:10
Ionakkathough i can be wrong12:10
Stskeepswe used to have "pull battery" as shutdown design12:10
Stskeepsthen we made the dsme thing ;)12:10
Ionakkawell, the "pull battery" is bit tricky with n9 ;)12:10
Stskeepswe had n950s :P12:10
dm8tbrand removing the Tx5 screws is part of the unboxing procedure :)12:11
Ionakkayou lucky bastards ;p12:11
Stskeepsdm8tbr: what, screws? we didn't even have those12:11
Stskeepswe had plastic door12:11
dm8tbrStskeeps: oh, /those/ 'n950's ;)12:11
Stskeepsmicrochips made of wood, etc12:12
dm8tbryeppers :>12:12
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Figuresomeone want to test my htop package? :)12:16
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Stskeepswb lbt12:24
lbtreboot - radeon cursor corruption :/12:26
Figurelbt: I've got the .rpm's ready for arm12:27
Figurelbt: if you want to test those12:27
lbtFigure: yep, will do12:27
lbtI have an N950 with minimal mer12:27
Figureshould work fine over ssh12:28
Figureif you have ncurses12:28
lbtbattery is dead :/12:36
*** faktorqm has joined #mer12:36
Figurehah my luck :)12:37
jusa_trying to figure obs atm, going to submit fixes for NEMO#257 and NEMO#331 soon(ish)..12:42
Stskeepsjusa_: good luck :)12:42
* w00t wishes we had a bugbot12:42
jusa_Stskeeps: thanks :)12:42
lbtoh ffs... n900 lasted long enough to zypper ref ... type zypper in htop and it decides to shutdown :/12:45
Figureuuh that was close :/12:46
lbtok, so do another SR for it12:47
lbtI'll test it when I review it later12:47
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w00tStskeeps: <- qt5 is definitely making steps in the right direction :P13:02
*** situ has quit IRC13:06
sledgesw00t, great! But if his patch was there from the beginning of days, Qt5 actually went lower on performance :))13:06
sledgesby 0.003s, meaning - didn't change much13:07
w00tsledges: right, i'm talking about 4.8-unpatched vs 5.0-unpatched13:07
*** sasikala_ has quit IRC13:08
Paimenw00t: have you seen this already:
w00tPaimen: yup13:08
jusa_ok.. submit requests sent.. and now /me waits what I did wrong... :)13:12
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* Stskeeps watches a mushroom cloud on the distance13:12
*** Guest1810 is now known as Termana13:12
lbtStskeeps ... *again* ?13:13
Stskeepswasn't me13:13
Stskeepsreferring jusa_13:13
lbthave you been mentoring?13:13
* lbt shakes head13:13
jusa_aw damn.. noticed a fault in patch myself when looking it through obs..13:16
jusa_stupid last second changes to fixes..13:16
iekkuStskeeps, mushroom!!!! badger badger13:17
Ionakkahmm... how is mer/nemo dsme maintained?13:23
Ionakka(is there git repo etc)13:24
Ionakkadsme in CE:MW:MTF contains generic rpm packaging files (spec/tarball/patches)13:24
Ionakkawould be interesting to know whether they're generated etc13:24
* dm8tbr throws iekku an AFRICAN SNAAAAKE!!11!13:25
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer13:25
jusa_well, now updated request..13:30
*** antseppa_ has quit IRC13:37
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*** vgradetab has joined #mer13:40
Ionakkastupid questions continue: it looks like the dsme is maintained as upstream tarball (coming from ? ) + set of patches13:41
Ionakka(though not sure about that)13:41
Ionakkawas wondering whether it would actually make sense to have native git repo for it as there doesn't seem to be too much "upstream" activities around it13:42
Stskeepsi think dsme as an upstream might be slightly dead by now13:42
sledgesIonakka, Sage has just replied the same in #NemoMobile on meegotouch-systemui:13:42
*** zeq has quit IRC13:42
sledgesIonakka: "well, we don't have upstream access atm. If you do patches push them to OBS Project:MTF:UX. We should probably fork our own git tree soon though if we can't get upstream commit access"13:43
*** zeq has joined #mer13:43
Ionakkasledges: thanks13:45
Ionakkawell, the wonders of git: cloning a repo is extremely easy ;)13:45
*** zeq has quit IRC13:46
sledges:) pity MeeGo activities died out together with MeeGo itself; so if not git, we could call having pulled the plug; that being a disaster &)13:46
sledgesthanks Git and Linus therefore :)13:46
sledgeshe just made opensource a little bit more immortal13:47
Ionakkathe "opensource immortality" is nice part13:47
sledgeswhich is rapidly approaching full reality :) look at Jolla on the smartphone's side, hope they will deliver big13:48
Ionakkaas i've heard public conversations of nokia "killing meego" which doesn't make any sense... if the tech is available as open-source, no single entity can "kill" it (prevent others from utilizing it for their own purposes)13:48
sledgesas OSS is such a great power, provided you wield it right13:48
sledgesbut Nokia left some cards in their hands to pretty much strangle it to the point where we have no nice apps (as Nokia's Facebook/Mail/... clients for MeeGo/Harmattan were closed source)13:49
Ionakkasledges: they aren't that untrivial13:50
Ionakkawell, mail client isn't that trivial13:50
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC13:50
Ionakkabut there's a lot of available building blocks, one just needs to tinker ui fitting the platform13:50
*** yunta has quit IRC13:51
sledgeshopefully, with the help of QML an equiv open source facebook app could reborn, I really like the N9's fb app though, and pity the bugs it still has13:51
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC13:53
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Ionakkahmm... i'm wondering if facebook provides some public api that can be used to write clients for it14:01
*** AndChat|333696 has joined #mer14:01
*** juriikon has quit IRC14:01
Ionakkawithout having to mimic web browser that is :p14:02
sledgesSOAP or along those lines should be exposed, remember looking at that back in a day14:02
sledgeslook for Facebook API14:03
*** yunta has joined #mer14:05
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iekkudm8tbr, it's Aard who handles the snakes14:07
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fk_lxhi all :-)15:08
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sledgeshi fk_lx15:11
fk_lxhi sledges15:13
sledgesy'alright? :)15:14
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lbtyay - solved the stupid 'tap0' won't start bug on infra :)16:50
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC16:51
lbtphost 8+9 up btw16:51
lbthow's prerelease schedule?16:51
* lbt planning to go out dancing later - would like to kick it off < 19:15 UK time and finish up cobs when I get home16:52
*** trbs has joined #mer16:52
lbtdon't mind a late night though16:52
Stskeepsi'll just check16:53
Stskeepsanniversary, etc, so i'm a bit offline16:53
lbtyeah - good point16:53
Stskeepslooks like we're ready though16:53
Stskeepsgo for it16:54
lbtyep - workers look kinda dead :/16:54
lbtonly 5 left16:54
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lbtcobs updating18:46
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* lpotter is lucky most of the code I worked on for Nokia is FOSS19:16
Stskeepsyeah, i had same feeling19:16
Stskeepsi did a lot of work on meego arm and it never was wasted19:17
leiniryeah... i was only there for two and a bit months, and i can't even tell you what it was, nor that it'll never see the light of day :P19:17
lpotterya. so much potential wasted19:19
leinirat least it wasn't, say, some new platform that was almost ready for release or something, now /that/ would've really sucked...19:19
Stskeepsmeh, we'll do better in Jolla :)19:20
leinirOh definitely :)19:20
leinirno double-faced idiots on the board in there, just people who know what they're doing, always a nice thing :)19:21
lpottertoo many cooks spoil the pot19:21
leinirTrue :)19:22
* Stskeeps ponders idly if he knows what he's doing19:22
Stskeepsi don't truly think so, but it seems to work out nicely so far19:22
* lpotter doesnt and makes it up as I go19:22
timophpretty much my way of doing things as well :p19:22
lpotterfor whatever reason, it's really difficult to get motivated at work lately19:23
Stskeepsi think none of the recent waves of kicking out linux-minded people has been pleasant for anybody involved19:26
Stskeepsi'm amazed i lasted as long as i did.. many good people from my team that didn't get their contracts prolonged19:27
Stskeepsbut it did cost me 4-5 months of no work anyway19:27
timophwell, you did do mer in that time19:28
Stskeepsthat is true19:28
timophI wouldn't call that a waste of time19:28
*** Hei_Ku has joined #mer19:28
Stskeepsof course, but it was erm, a fair bit of money if i have had a job in same time, in terms of effort19:29
timophat least you had fun things to work on19:30
*** faktorqm has left #mer19:31
CosmoHillwhat is the difference between jolla and mer?19:32
Stskeepsbig different19:32
Stskeepsmer is a open source project to build a mobile core that vendors can use to make products19:32
Stskeepsjolla is a vendor that uses mer to build products19:32
CosmoHillwhen I left meego I had to pick between the two19:32
Stskeepsyou mean tizen and mer19:33
CosmoHillah yes, my mistake19:33
Stskeepsthere's nothing like debugging qt5 build errors when you discover it's using old tarballs, fwiw19:34
Stskeepsfor what it's worth19:38
CosmoHillah thanks19:39
w00tStskeeps: and also asking for help looking into it, so you feel even bigger a fool? :-p19:39
CosmoHillit sucks when you can't figure out why anything you do fixes the problem only to realise it's an old copy / binary19:40
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befordanyone has a pandaboard?22:04
*** Ian--- has quit IRC22:04
befordis it necessary the rs232 cable to change the OS?22:04
phdeswerbedford: nope cable not needed. You can rewrite the sd on your pc. But it helps.22:05
phdeswerAnd check #pandaboard they can help you for sure22:05
befordthanks, makes sense to ask there too :)22:05
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