Tuesday, 2012-08-14

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AgronHello, is there an ISO for x86 of Mer? I would like to see what it is in a virtualbox.02:21
befordthere is a vbox image02:23
befordmer is well just a core02:23
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befordso there's not much to "see" on vbox, except what core packages are included and a prompt02:24
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AgronI am looking for an environment to run Qt C++ and QML applications on touch panel. I just want to run Qt examples on it. What do I need?02:34
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jonniAgron: QtCreator + N900/N9/N950/HP TouchSmart/Lenovo T10-3T/ExoPC/(or simimal hardware which supports touch)?04:15
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aifffwhere  is   vbox image?  on  the window04:35
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jjardonHi, a question about .spec file: the %define debug_package %{nil} makes obs to not create the debuginfo rpm, rigth?05:05
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Stskeepzjjardon: think so05:06
Stskeepzgood moring Ionakka, sniff05:06
jjardonso seems not a good idea (A manager here is proposing to add this to all the spec files)05:07
Stskeepzjjardon: yes, that's a bit of bad idea - you can disable that in OBS supposedly though05:08
Stskeepzjjardon: why would you want not to make them, btw?05:08
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jjardonStskeepz: I think they want to have debug symbols in the normal rpm, without create -debuginfo rpms05:11
Stskeepzah, that's not good..05:11
Stskeepzhave you seen webkit debug symbols lately05:11
Stskeepztrust me, debuginfo is just easy to deal with05:12
jjardonI agree, but in case they keep asking, what is the correct way to do this? (have symbols in normal rpm and do not create -debuginfo)05:13
Stskeepzyou could probably add %define debug_package %{nil} in the project config under Macros:05:13
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Bostikgood grief, debuginfo straight in webkit package?05:15
StskeepzBostik: management :)05:15
Bostikterm "PHB" springs to mind05:15
PaimenBostik does not need coffee this morning he is awake already05:16
BostikI don't drink coffee05:16
PaimenI know05:16
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Bostikand that's for the benefit of everyone...05:16
Paimenhave you read article how count stakula misuses matcha05:16
Bostikno, should I?05:17
StskeepzBostik: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1lYo7gXuhg05:17
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Paimenwell at morning he just shakes tablespoon full of matcha to 0.5l water and shakes and drinks that "liquid"05:18
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Paimenalso he mixes matcha to long-drinks and other alcohol05:19
jjardonthanks Stskeepz !05:22
Stskeepzjjardon: be prepared for your installed image to blow up 150x05:23
Stskeepzhigher application load times (bigger file to search through), etc05:23
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jjardonStskeepz: yeah Ill warn people about this bad decision05:30
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Bostikassuming ARM binaries with thumb instructions are 50% smaller than x86-32 binaries... webkit package would be a whopping 160MB *larger* with debug symbols05:36
Bostikjust to get a nice starting figure :)05:36
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lbtAgron: ping07:28
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lbt-> coffee07:42
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mike7b4morning folks, is it possible run kernel for x86 with gma500 (more exact kernel 3.4) in mer?07:51
mike7b4(its an embedded intelpc with gma500 chip)07:52
Bostikcan't think of a reason why not, but you need to spend some effort with the EMGD drivers07:53
mike7b4Bostik, with 3.4 I not there is a FOSS kernel driver thats wwhy I want that version instead of EMGD.07:55
mike7b4i meant in 3.4 there is a foss driver.07:56
Stskeepzkernel driver yes, but no 3d accel07:56
mike7b4no  need for that it just will show a qmldialog with some buttons... cant gwt debian compile 3.4 so need fast solution thats why I thougt maybe mer is.solution hmm...08:00
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Bostikshould work08:00
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mike7b4_workn9second q is there any guide howto build custom kernel in mer?08:10
Stskeepzhello ovasyura :)08:11
ovasyurahello Stskeepz :)08:12
Stskeepzovasyura: welcome to #mer :) if you have any questions on Mer or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time08:13
Bostikmike7b4_workn9: I'd just take an existing kernel package and modify the specfile (and .config) to suit your needs08:13
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ovasyurayes. Usually. I am investigating SDK and just connected to irc. First my task will be trying to integrate Sphinx speech recognition engine and my Qt library fo it. It was made for Meego.08:15
lbtovasyura: sounds good08:16
Stskeepsovasyura: should be good for IVI, too08:16
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ovasyuraWhat is the plan for Qt? I see there is two available version of Qt: 4.8.1 an 5.0 are vavailable in mer repositories. What will be used by default in Mer?08:26
Stskeepsovasyura: when qt5 is stable it might be default, right now you can ask to have qt5 if you need it, during build process08:26
Stskeepsthe idea is run-time is possible to install both at same time08:27
Stskeepsbut build-time you need to do them independently08:27
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mike7b4_workn9bostik, ok08:47
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jussidoes mer run on Galaxy s3?09:18
Stskeepswhat SoC is that?09:19
Stskeepsgenerally: if you can muster a kernel 2.6.32 or above and you can flash your own root file system to it and boot those two, you can run mer09:19
Stskeepsrest is hw adaptation09:19
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jussiits some samsung thing, hang on a sec09:24
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jussikernel version is 3.0.1509:25
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: the devil is in the details though. :)09:25
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: At least Samsung devices should be unlocked.09:25
Stskeeps'rest' is the hard part09:26
Stskeepsworking to make it easier though09:26
* stefan_schmidt_w remembers his days on porting linux 2.6 on 2.4 based mobile phones09:26
stefan_schmidt_wMan that is 7 years back now.09:26
stefan_schmidt_wI'm getting old09:26
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: The easiest thing would be if all hardware support would be in the mainline and arm kernel flexible enough to boot on different hardware09:28
stefan_schmidt_wThat will be some more years and hw generations though it seems09:28
Jucatoyou're probably lucky. not many are able to get that experience and knowledge nowadays. (unless you're working/connected to that industry)09:29
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melonipoikahello everybody09:48
melonipoikafirst time here... I just installed the mer SDK and i am having problems when creating an image following the instructions on the wiki: "Unknown command: <?xml "09:49
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melonipoikaany tips?09:49
Stskeepswhat command gave you that?09:50
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melonipoikasudo mic create fs mer-sdk-x86-chroot-latest.ks -o . --pkgmgr=yum --arch i486 --compress-disk-image=tar.bz209:50
Stskeepshow did you get the .ks?09:51
melonipoikacurl -k -o mer-sdk-x86-chroot-latest.ks https://img.merproject.org/images/sdk/latest/images/mer-sb2sdk-i486-chroot/09:52
melonipoikai guess that was the mistake... i didn't specified the ks file..09:52
Stskeepslbt: what was the issue there?09:52
lbtdocs are a bit fuzzy09:52
Stskeepsyes, but the command line looks weird09:53
melonipoikaworks now... sorry :(09:53
lbtyeah - it makes assumptions about users level of bash knowledge :)09:53
Stskeepsplease to fix then, second time somebody runs into it :P09:54
lbtmelonipoika: np - you followed what looks like a cut'n'paste09:54
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melonipoikayep :-) copy paste first, then read :-(09:55
lbthttps://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK#Building_an_image better?09:55
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melonipoikathanks :-)09:58
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lbtmer release meeting in 28m Stskeeps?10:32
Stskeepsi guess we can just summarize now10:32
Stskeepsanother snapshot tonight i hope10:32
Stskeepsi have to catch build status10:32
lbtwanted to raise packaging versions and rolling updates10:32
lbtie to say that the next release would move to SPEC_REL10:33
lbtwe're screwed on CI_CNT10:33
lbtmaybe do it this release10:34
lbtoh wait, that's tomorrow :)10:34
lbtand we've no pre- yet :(10:34
Stskeepsthat's the idea tonight10:34
Stskeepsnot done building yhet10:34
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Sagemer re meeting today?10:45
Stskeepsi can't do two meetings at same time10:45
Stskeepslet's just sync here if possible10:45
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Stskeepshello ariak :)11:09
Stskeepsvesse: is CrashReports guy still in leonidas too?11:10
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Stskeepslbt: what could we use instead of openvpn?12:18
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lbtStskeeps: http://www.tinc-vpn.org/news/12:46
lbtit does mesh12:48
lbtso any node2node traffic is direct, not via a hub12:48
* Stskeeps is so happy he's not in warsaw city centre at the moment -- first they close down a major traffic artery and a bridge due to a water river found underneath the city.. and then they find an unexploded ww2 bomb12:49
Stskeepsnot a good day for traffic12:49
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dm8tbrordonance disposal in metropolitan areas has always huge impact (pun intended)12:50
Figuredoes that tinc vnc auto detect if node2node is possible? e.g. if you are behind nat you actually might need a hub12:51
crevetorhi guys12:51
Stskeepsmorn crevetor12:51
lbtFigure: not sure tbh - I'm mainly planning to use it on 'public' hosts in a datacenter where12:51
lbtall nodes are on the internet direct12:52
jussibah, what was that scheme that Nokia has for small companies to get unused patents?12:52
vesseStskeeps: yes he is12:52
Stskeepsvesse: good12:52
Stskeepsjussi: windows phone 7 and bankruptcy auctions?12:53
jussiStskeeps: lol12:53
jussiStskeeps: I was being serious though12:53
jussiI know what it was, I just dont remember it now :P12:54
vesseStskeeps: how come? or just out of curiosity :)12:55
Stskeepsvesse: ran into crashreports and pondered if it was another leonidas invention :)12:56
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Figureany ideas how I get access to api.ci.merproject.org?13:35
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StskeepsFigure: https://build.ci.merproject.org but you really only need it in rare cases13:39
Stskeepswhat do you need it for?13:41
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FigureI dont know :) I just followed the instructions and it mentioned that address and the meego one :)13:42
Figureso I should be fine with the meego since it works13:42
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SageStskeeps: connman and systemd patches to fix the main bugs submitted should be added to next release.14:43
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lbtxdelta depends on glib15:13
*** deztructor has quit IRC15:27
lbtbinary delta15:32
lbtneeded by pristine tar15:32
lbtsuse has a glib2 patch15:33
lbtjust built - good15:33
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phaeronlbt: https://build.pub.meego.com/package/show?package=pristine-tar&project=home%3Aiamer%3Apristinetar maybe it can help15:36
lbtsec iamer - door15:37
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lbtphaeron: it's the xdelta I need15:49
phaeronah ok15:49
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:49
lbtand it needs to use xdelta1 to be compatible with pristine-tar in other distros (format)15:50
lbtanyhow, done now15:50
phaeronwhy do we care about other disto15:50
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curiositygood evening folks!15:55
lbtphaeron: same reason our tarballs should unpack on other distros15:56
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Stskeepshello Bungo :)16:45
BungoHi room :-)16:45
StskeepsBungo: welcome to #mer :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time :) else feel free toh ang out16:46
Stskeepsto hang out, that is16:46
BungoJust got a N900 , for it's Debian capabilities , and is looking for options ... Is installing Easy-Debian right now16:46
Stskeepswell, new mer isn't debian originated16:47
Stskeepsbut it does look shiny together with Nemo16:47
dm8tbrand you can make calls with it16:49
BungoHe..He - I actually have an iPhone for calling , but had to get a phone that gave access to Xterm + SSH etc .... I don't even have a sim-card in the N90016:51
BungoSo it's mostly for playing around ...  Is it easy to "Brick it" ? ... I mean really brick it , as in you'd need a Jtag to revive it ?16:53
Stskeepsit's really damn difficult to brick it16:54
Stskeepsbut don't touch NOLO's areas in mtf16:54
Stskeepsand watch out with overclocking16:54
BungoOki - Thnx16:54
Stskeepsand whatever you do, don't clear your CAL area16:56
ovasyuraHow can I create image from my sb2 target? Unfortunately I could not find any information about it.17:00
Stskeepsovasyura: theoretically you could just take the file system directly, but in practice you would make rpms , create a repo, and include it in .ks file and mic the mage17:01
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Stskeepshello pocek_17:06
*** jstaniek has joined #mer17:06
StskeepsBostik: going to spend some time over the next evenings updating qt517:07
Stskeepsas we're getting close to beta17:07
Stskeepsand then start on my wayland development environment in a more replicateable manner17:07
*** trbs has joined #mer17:09
Stskeepspocek_: welcome to #mer :) if you have any questions on Mer or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time17:13
faktorqmhello all17:15
Stskeepshello faktorqm :)17:16
faktorqm:) I installed nemo on my n900 and it is running from the microSD, and I reported 2 bugs on nemo.bugzilla. What I need to do? just wait and keeping reporting more bugs? or I will be involved in another process in the future?17:18
faktorqmit's my first time reporting bugs, sorry :)17:18
Stskeepsfaktorqm: you're always welcome to help fix them too ;) but in practice we do a bug triage every week17:18
Stskeepsand then bugs will be prioritised and handled17:18
Stskeepsand hopefully people fix them too17:19
faktorqmoh! I realized17:19
*** Bungo has quit IRC17:20
BostikStskeeps: okay17:20
crevetorfaktorqm: hi17:20
crevetorcan you test something for me on your N90017:21
faktorqmI'm not a programmer, so, I don't think that I can help you too much, but in the future I hope to learn qt17:21
faktorqmof course! glad to help17:21
faktorqmStskeeps: the dmesg has many messages about firmware and another things missing, which is the correct way to report that? (if there is a bug to report)17:23
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC17:23
Stskeepsfaktorqm: that's fairly normal :)17:23
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer17:23
faktorqmthe keyboard shortcuts present on maemo, should work on meego? There are replacements? for example http://nokiaexperts.com/tips-shortcuts-handy-tidbits-nokia-n900-user-guide/17:24
Stskeepscan we do this in #nemomobile instead?17:24
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:24
faktorqmoh! for sure17:24
faktorqmwhat is exactly nemomobile ? a compilation of mer project for handhelds?17:25
crevetorfaktorqm: does the camera app work ?17:25
Stskeepsnemo is a handset UI on top of mer17:25
faktorqmahhh ok17:26
faktorqmcrevetor: no, no at all17:26
crevetorfaktorqm: ok17:26
crevetorfaktorqm: that's all I need ;)17:26
faktorqmthe app doesn't launch when you open the camera objective. if you close desn't close too. if you open the app within or without the camera lens opened, always you see all black17:27
faktorqmyou access to the flash options, and all the things, but you always keep seeing all black17:28
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC17:30
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Figureso I've just created rpm packages how can I test that those work? :D17:44
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC17:45
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer17:45
crevetorFigure: are they in a repo (did you build them with obs) ?17:49
Figurecrevetor: I used the osc local build17:49
Figureso I know where the files are17:49
Figurebut I'm not sure how to deploy those to the environment I'm using17:49
crevetorFigure: then you can scp the files and use rpm -ivh17:50
*** calvaris has quit IRC17:50
Figurecrevetor: scp where? I'm inthe scratch box env..17:51
StskeepsFigure: what env are you using exactly? :)17:52
crevetoroh ok17:52
FigureStskeeps: the mer compilation env17:52
StskeepsFigure: just sudo rpm -ivh then17:52
FigureI upgraded the tcl package and now I want to test that it works before actually submitting17:52
Figurelbt: so is there still a problem with the tcl? :) it seems we did some dublicate work :)18:04
*** VDVsx has quit IRC18:07
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Figureany idea how to get my www.meego.com account to work with build.pub.meego.com ?18:12
Stskeepsask lbt or X-Fade to enable it18:13
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC18:13
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer18:14
lbtFigure: I'm just running tk tests now18:14
Figurelbt: ok. At least the build passes with the new version18:14
lbtyep - and gitk is now running inside SDK18:15
pvuorelado people usually find new merge requests on their own, or should i be bugging someone to get stuff reviewed? :)18:16
Stskeepspvuorela: mer or nemo?18:16
Stskeepspvuorela: usually it's picked up by the automatic review checker, and then somebody manually reviews it18:17
Stskeepsdon't worry about it, once you've done the submit, you can go on to next you'd like to do18:17
Stskeepsas it's in someone else's hands until a bad review comes back to you18:17
* Stskeeps takes a look18:18
Stskeepslooks fine, at first glance18:19
*** gimli_ has quit IRC18:20
* Stskeeps waits for qtbase to compile18:20
FigureStskeeps: that might take some time..18:21
Stskeepsnah, not that bad18:22
lbtFigure: http://gitweb.merproject.org/gitweb?p=mer-tools/tk.git;a=summary18:23
*** faktorqm has left #mer18:24
Figurelbt: ok so you added tk also18:24
*** M13 has quit IRC18:24
lbtyep - the main issue now is that it needs some fonts - not sure which18:25
Stskeepsliberation-sans-* ?18:25
lbtyes, it works with them18:25
lbtI meant more what the minimal dependency set was18:25
Figurebased on the comments on the bug I didn't bother to update the tk part. Since as you commented that no one seems use it anyway :)18:25
lbtI just like gitk :)18:26
Stskeepsi used to do tcl for eggdrop.18:26
lbtand hate having to move out of the SDK to use it18:26
FigureI still do tcl for eggdrop but you dont need tk for that :)18:26
Figurelbt: makes sense18:26
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curiosityand good night!18:48
*** curiosity has quit IRC18:49
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*** situ has joined #mer19:01
Stskeepsgood evening situ19:01
situHey Stskeeps19:02
situWhat's going on ?19:02
Stskeepsnot much, waiting for builds to wrap up19:02
Stskeepsbuilding qtbase and fixing up packaging to prep for qt5 beta19:02
*** clopez has quit IRC19:02
situOk :)19:03
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Figuregood night19:51
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*** Tal has joined #mer20:21
TalHi all!20:21
TalCan I run Mer with VMware or Xen?20:21
Tal<beford> Any link?20:22
*** antseppa has quit IRC20:22
befordlet me see20:22
befordbut, you want just mer core?20:23
befordor something on top of mer20:23
befordlike nemo, plasma, etc20:23
Tal<beford> Does it makes any different to the virtualization?20:24
Tal<beford> Another question: can I run in in chroot20:24
befordyes chroot is supported20:24
TalOn Debian20:24
beforddownload the platform SDK20:24
*** sasikala has quit IRC20:24
Tal<beford> There's a guide there?20:25
befordthat will allow you to develop for mer20:25
TalOh see it. Thanks.20:25
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:27
Tal<beford> Thanks. I still don't understand why you don't support the Deb packages however.20:27
befordI think its because of OBS. but I'm not a Mer developer :P20:28
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lbtwell, we have emacs :)22:26
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