Sunday, 2012-08-05

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rsadhugood morning :)04:51
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Stskeepsand welcome to fjb too06:32
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Stskeepshuomenta laavu06:43
laavugood morning06:43
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Stskeepsdzien dobry jstaniek06:51
jstaniekwitaj Stskeeps06:51
jstaniekmiły poranek06:51
Stskeepsyeah, though it's going to rain a bit later06:51
Stskeepsjstaniek: - managed to utilize android GPU drivers under Mer06:52
jstaniekimpressive for me06:53
Stskeepsyeah, it's the one thing that many thought couldn't be done :)06:53
Stskeepssame concept can be used for android RIL/modem drivers, perhaps multimedia, etc06:55
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jstaniekStskeeps: could I use mer on native intel (i7) for some prototype device?07:04
Stskeepsjstaniek: sure07:05
Stskeepsjstaniek: we have atom/ssse3 port and even generic i48607:05
Stskeepstry to boot Nemo mobile's x86 image on it and if that works, it's almost trivial to get things working07:06
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jonwilThis is awesome that you can run Mer on this larger range of devices :)07:31
Stskeepsmy plan is to clean up code a bit, make a libegl/gles wrapper and then have community start playing with it on their devices07:32
Stskeepsso we can find out just how much the concept works across multiple devices07:33
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Stskeepswow, a lot of changes to review07:42
Stskeepslbt: i think we can schedule release for tomorrow07:54
Stskeepscan you review release blockers and see what we forgot?07:55
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lbtwill do08:01
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rsadhu@dm8tbr: dont mind : why do you always moan :p08:17
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dm8tbrrsadhu: because it's a variation of 'good moaning' 'good morning' and before my second coffee I can't do much more than moan08:30
lbtno release blockers outstanding08:30
Stskeepsok, verify the closedd too08:31
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rsadhudm8tbr: :)08:32
lbt349, 373, 412, 377, 378 are merged08:38
lbt(nb, too hard to tell)08:38
lbtphaeron: ping08:39
phaeronlbt: morning08:39
lbthey :)08:39
lbtso where did compare-repo end up ?08:39
phaeronlbt:  split to script , module , and participant08:40
lbtcool - can I compare 2 OBS repos? Tools and T:Testing?08:41
phaeronlbt: yes either with the command line tool or the participant obs_repodiff :source => 'prjname', :target => 'prjname'08:43
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phaerondid  we ever find where our mic git is ?08:46
lbtand that will (eventually) be the answer for anything in Tools08:50
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lbtphaeron: so... PYTHONPATH=/mer/mer/devel/mer-mint/boss-standard-workflow/modules/ ./ --old= --new=
lbtthat tells me mer-kickstarter has changed09:09
lbtbut doesn't mention osc or mic09:10
lbtwhich have outstanding SRs09:10
Stskeepslbt: i'm not sure 482 is fixed09:11
Stskeepsui comes up anyway09:11
lbtonly triaged on 30/Jly so not in this release09:12
phaeronlbt: outstanding SRs ?09:12
Stskeepslbt, i saw it on my img at least09:13
lbtStskeeps: yeah - we slipped a lot on this release and I think that's a blocker for the next one09:14
phaeronlbt: probably your nice new versioning scheme, patches welcome09:14
* lbt sobs quietly09:19
phaeronremove that and next line , and test again09:19
phaeronor hmm09:20
phaeronnot remove it needs to take into account the rest of the version09:20
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lbtoh, you mean it ignores -<release> because it's CI_CNT ?09:23
lbtpackage 0.2.3-4 == 0.2.3-5  ?09:23
lbtOK - ty, I'll look at something else09:24
lbtphaeron: FYI I get:   when doing a diff at the osc level09:33
phaeronthat's revision based09:33
phaeronlbt: btw I am getting different results09:34
phaeronlbt: you're using debian yum ?09:34
phaeronor sdk yum (which could also be old)09:35
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lbtsdk yum09:35
lbtphaeron: I know - but it is accurate and so should be useful09:36
phaeronwho is accurate ?09:36
lbtme of course :)09:36
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lbtit's also src package based (which is what I want for this situation) - but it's godawful slow09:37
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Stskeepsvgradetab: how are hols@?09:38
vgradetabStskeeps: world changing post there09:38
vgradetabGreat sat by the pool reading the news09:40
Stskeepsvgradetab: my plan is to clean it up, then have community go crazy with it09:40
Stskeepsto get largest amount of reference devices early on09:40
vgradetabThey sure will. Good way to propell her even further09:41
phaeronlbt: only slow first time , second time has cache. it doesn't open the packages only uses repometadata09:41
lbtno, my method is slow09:44
lbtby comparison yours is blazing fast first time :)09:45
phaeronlbt: ok :) , repodiff also uses the 'src' arch so it compares source rpms only ( you can add other archs if you want , but usually redundant09:46
lbtah, good - didn't realise that09:47
phaeronlbt: ah it seems the issue with osc at least is there is no new changelog entry09:47
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lbtfair - it only deletes the debian packaging09:49
phaeronlbt: there are two report modes. short diff only cares about version , that's the line I pointed out above. the long diff looks at changelogs and if there is no new changelog it considers it a rebuild (because of the assumption about CI_BC)09:51
lbtso we should be OK since we'll insist on a new changelog entry for new -<REL>09:52
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phaeronyes , but I don't know how to care about full version without reporting a lot spurious things09:53
phaeronfor short diff09:53
lbtI can only think --number-of-significant-dotted-values-in-release=109:54
lbtdefaults to 009:55
lbtyou may want to abbreviate that to -n09:55
lbtideally you'd deduce from prjconf Release:09:55
lbtbut too risky09:55
phaeronit's not tied to OBS , you can diff any repos09:56
lbtyep, exactly09:56
lbtgoing to cancel my SRs btw09:56
lbtcreated Mer:Tools:Trial09:57
phaeronif release starts with a letter , it is significant ?09:57
phaeronlbt: static trial ?09:57
lbtI need to do it 'now'09:57
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lbtAard: did you get emacs running on Mer yet?10:24
lbtwow ... looking out window and it looks foggy - but it's just *really* heavy rain10:24
Aardlbt: didn't try, should be trivial, though10:28
AardI still have all the useful packages to put on top of meegos emacs around10:28
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Rubdos_I just got email about s2110 from Lenovo. A tablet with keyboard, android 4. Any thoughts about mer/meego on it?10:53
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Venemow00t, could I use that UI for my event feed accounts?10:58
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Venemoalterego, btw, are the qtmobility orientation sensors still using polling?11:01
w00tI guess, if you like, though there's really nothing useful to it, it's a pile of mess that execs processes.. I'm sure we'll have a proper solution one day(TM)11:02
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VenemoI'm up to making a proper solution in the coming week :)11:03
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situStskeeps: ping13:14
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situStskeeps: What does this mean mean in review messages "Change subject: Fixed invalid url entry in iproute spec file" ?13:17
Stskeepsit talks about the subject you sent the change with13:18
Stskeepsso you know what change it's talking about13:18
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rcgis there somewhere a build of usb_modeswitch for mer armv7l?16:21
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ajalkanekyyberi: - is not allowed,
*** [ol] has joined #mer18:11
ajalkanesorry misread... it is allowed so nothing wrong with that name18:11
*** fk_lx has quit IRC18:11
*** fk_lx has joined #mer18:12
Stskeepsi'm taking name ideas for my android-hw-adaptations-on-mer library18:12
*** GeorgeH has quit IRC18:15
[ol]Stskeeps: Are you going to make android applications run on Mer or Mer run on Android kernel?18:15
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #mer18:15
*** GeorgeH has joined #mer18:15
kyyberiajalkane: but does it have to be same with module name in install_generator.rb?18:15
Stskeeps[ol]: i don't care about the first.. i have a working example of me using android GPU drivers with a mer glibc based application18:15
Stskeeps[ol]: on an android kernel18:16
kyyberiajalkane: as in here
ajalkanekyyberi: sorry, I don't remember any Rails details anymore. Too lnog time ago, and things have probably changed many times since I last looked at it18:16
kyyberiajalkane :) ok18:16
*** beford has joined #mer18:17
*** Oipo has quit IRC18:26
*** furikku has quit IRC18:30
kyyberiI'll ask in another channel (#rubyonrails), but not tonight. Need to chill a bit before monday morning comes18:32
*** yunta has joined #mer18:33
kyyberinevertheless, MeerMer core is ready (stripped features from it)18:33
*** fk_lx has quit IRC18:36
*** nsuffys has joined #mer18:37
*** gimli__ has joined #mer18:39
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SageStskeeps: Suggestion. After the next mer release is ok (Monday). Can we make new prerelease on tuesday or wednesday with the glib2 and all stuff that has already been accepted to staging?18:43
StskeepsSage: that's the idea..18:43
*** gimli_ has quit IRC18:43
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, can you help me with the raspberry pi sometime? my first attempt resulted in no output on the screen :(18:43
StskeepsVenemo_N9: ok18:43
Venemo_N9I basically flashed the already built image18:44
*** gimli has joined #mer18:45
Venemo_N9note that I tried the composite video output, as I don't have an hdmi monitor18:45
*** rsadhu has quit IRC18:46
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle18:47
*** gimli__ has quit IRC18:48
SageStskeeps: I was thinking that maybe we could actually try to push next Mer release through a bit quicker. First snapshot on wednesday and testing and release even already on next monday?18:50
*** Oipo has joined #mer18:52
Stskeepsright now i'd like to get livecd working as it's a PITA18:52
Stskeepsto use raw in real devices :P18:53
*** gimli has quit IRC18:54
Sageabout the next release. I really would like the glib2 update in fast as it blocks my telepathy stuff and I don't want to waste time by selecting versions just before the glib version requirement :)19:01
*** situ has joined #mer19:01
*** ajalkane has joined #mer19:03
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*** fk_lx has joined #mer19:08
Stskeepswb fk_lx19:11
fk_lxhello Stskeeps19:11
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC19:16
*** nsuffys has quit IRC19:19
*** disco_stu_ is now known as disco_stu19:24
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*** w00t has joined #mer20:06
lbtphaeron: ping20:14
phaeronlbt: *yawn*20:16
*** Venemo has quit IRC20:25
*** Oipo has quit IRC20:28
phaeronlbt: ?20:30
*** Behold has joined #mer20:30
lbtphaeron: missed your hilight :)20:31
*** gimli has quit IRC20:31
lbtoh yes20:31
phaeronyou mean omg ?20:31
lbtwe need the latest mic in IMG to make SDK images with mtab20:31
*** Venemo has joined #mer20:32
lbtare you up for doing the debian/suse packaging for MINT?20:32
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC20:33
* phaeron is confused ?20:33
phaeronlbt: mic is already packaged , just update it20:34
phaeronyou don't use img yet , do you ?20:34
lbtyes, it's on phost5 on mer infra20:34
*** norayr has joined #mer20:35
phaeronlbt: the old one that doesn't work ?20:35
phaeronlooks very old20:35
lbtare the colours faded?20:36
* lbt wonders about patenting a UI that shows cracks when bug fixes are available upstream20:36
lbtand where the colours fade and peel when a new release comes out20:37
lbtand then does boring shit instead...20:37
phaeronI think you're still using mic bootstrap ?20:38
lbtold == long time since I looked at it == not sure20:40
*** situ has joined #mer20:40
*** harha has joined #mer20:40
VenemoStskeeps, I wish I could watch your presentation again.20:40
phaeronlbt: ok20:40
*** phaeron has quit IRC20:40
*** situ has quit IRC20:42
fk_lxVenemo: Stskeeps is probably sleeping now20:44
fk_lxhe told me so about 30 minutes ago20:44
*** situ has joined #mer20:44
fk_lxthat he is going to sleep20:45
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer20:46
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer20:46
Venemofk_lx, I should be sleeping too, probably20:47
*** situ has quit IRC20:47
fk_lxVenemo: btw. nice work on that N9 like desktop you've made for Nemo20:47
Venemofk_lx, thank you. :)20:48
Venemofk_lx, although it's nowhere near complete yet20:48
fk_lxVenemo: I know and I think you should add "behavior on rotation" when the orientation changes20:49
*** situ has joined #mer20:49
Venemofk_lx, what are you suggesting? I plan to add a nice animation.20:49
fk_lxI see20:50
fk_lxvery good :-)20:50
*** situ has quit IRC20:52
Venemofk_lx, at the end though, I want it to look somewhat less like a harmattan copy.20:52
*** situ has joined #mer20:53
fk_lxVenemo: that's great, I am sure you can do better than it is in Harmattan20:53
*** situ has quit IRC20:53
*** situ has joined #mer20:54
Venemofk_lx, I'd like to add some more UI elements and customization possibilites. and widgets! :)20:55
fk_lxVenemo: yeah, widgets, that is one of the things I miss from N90020:55
Venemothat is the case for many people fk_lx, not just you :)20:56
*** rsadhu has quit IRC20:57
fk_lxVenemo: probably I am not special and unique, just average user :-)20:58
*** parancibia has quit IRC20:58
*** situ has quit IRC20:59
fk_lxbtw. is there a way to help you somehow with the stuff you are doing21:00
Venemoyeah, there's a lot of work to do.21:00
Venemofor the most part, I could use help from someone with deep knowledge of X and a bit of free time.21:01
Venemoas there are some X bits that are still rudimentary.21:01
fk_lxI doubt I know someone who is deep into X21:02
Venemothe other thing that I'm still looking into is a way to implement the event feed.21:03
fk_lxyou want sth similar to Harmattan event feed?21:04
Venemoyes, with a different UI21:04
fk_lxof course :-)21:04
VenemoI haven't decided on the architecture yet, but I'd like it to be extensibe with plugins.21:04
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:05
Venemoone possible way is to require plugins to be written in QML and load a bunch of QMLs from a directory in runtime.21:05
fk_lxthat seems reasonable21:05
*** yunta has quit IRC21:06
Venemowhatever backend we end up using, this approach would warrant easy replaceability for it.21:07
Venemoas the plugins themselves could use any other thing backing them.21:07
Venemoone such option is using libsocialweb21:07
VenemoI've taken a look at libsocialweb. pro: seems to be able to do what we need + has Qt bindings. con: not very well documented + not sure how maintained it isc21:09
fk_lxit doesn't have it's own dedicated project page21:11
fk_lxas far as I can see21:11
fk_lxonly some repository21:11
Venemomy point exactly21:12
Venemowe could then also use some lightweight solution, I'm sure there are lots of libraries out there.21:12
fk_lxmaybe someone could do that research for you21:13
VenemoI already found some facebook and twitter libraries.21:14
Venemoanyway, that is out of my scope for now. :)21:14
fk_lxanyway it is very valuable information for me what you've written21:15
Venemowhat do you mean?21:15
*** norayr has quit IRC21:15
*** rubdos has quit IRC21:16
fk_lxVenemo: it is sometimes hard to create tasks for students21:16
fk_lxVenemo: I mean the topics of projects21:16
fk_lxVenemo: sth that would be useful for others21:16
Venemofk_lx, oh, you'd like to give this to your students? :o21:17
fk_lxVenemo: why not? actually I am on this channel to look for such kind of ideas21:17
Venemoawesome :)21:17
Venemowell, the event feed is definitely something where you can chime in. :)21:18
fk_lxthe bad news is that it is still long time before October21:18
fk_lxcurrently students are mostly slacking off21:18
fk_lxas I can guess21:19
VenemoI'm sure there will be work to do in october too21:19
fk_lxyep, certainly21:19
Venemoalso, I'm looking for creative guys too.21:19
Venemomostly for ideas21:20
VenemoI have many ideas, but not all of them make sense, you know :)21:21
fk_lxIt's just the same like me21:21
fk_lxit was famous saying in one of the books from my national literature21:22
fk_lx"I don't have nothing, you don't have nothing, together we have a lot"21:22
fk_lxso maybe combining and confronting ideas will create some great value21:27
*** merder has quit IRC21:28
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