Wednesday, 2012-08-01

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rsadhugood morning04:09
rsadhuto all04:09
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Stskeepslpotter: sorry to hear about brisbane offices05:34
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Stskeepsmorn timoph :)06:36
timophhmmh. couldn't find a bug for the black screen with terminal on a virtual machine06:41
Stskeepsfile, please06:41
Stskeepsit's a llvmpipe issue06:41
timophactually, is that mer or nemo06:41
Stskeeps.. well, technically mer06:41
* timoph files06:41
timophno component for llvmpipe under core06:43
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timophtoo bad I don't have it running now so can't add any debug info to the bug06:48
Stskeepsit;'s fine06:48
Stskeepsthe problem is that ximage backend doesn't allow native buffers06:48
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Stskeepslbt: prerelease please07:00
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jussiis nemo dual boot with harmattan on n9 impossible?07:02
Stskeepsjussi: no, i do that07:03
Stskeepsit's just warranty-voiding07:03
jussiStskeeps: right, guess Im just looking in the wrong place on the wiki...07:03
* jussi runs off to re-read the wiki07:03
Stskeepsthose instructions don't seem right07:04
jussiyeah, seems like something is missing07:04
Stskeepsah, no07:04
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StskeepsSingle Boot by Loading The Kernel07:04
Stskeepsunder Nokia N9 section07:05
lbtStskeeps: OK07:05
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jussiStskeeps: so that allow me to dual boot? :Confuzzled:07:08
Stskeepsjussi: yes, but you have to use a pc to do it07:08
jussievery boot?07:09
Stskeepslbt: btw, i assume you're UNIX-y with the account enablements, that you don't respond when they're enabled07:09
Stskeepsjussi: yes, welcome to aegis hell07:09
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jussiI dont get it07:10
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Stskeepsjussi: n9 doesn't allow sane dual booting that allows a secure harmattan to co-exist07:10
Stskeepsdue to security framework07:10
jussiwhats the so major difference between n950 and n9... :/07:10
Stskeepsdifferent bootloaders and one of them is a commercial product07:11
jussibloody helll nokia.07:11
Stskeepsi consider the warranty message a sign of pride07:11
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Stskeepslbt: just got queried about one of the accounts, hozmaster, so if you could just review my /msg tab :)07:11
timophyep. "achievement unlocked"07:11
jussiI think Ill go single persistent boot :/07:11
jussiI can always go back to Harmattan, right?07:12
Stskeepswith a full reflash, i think07:12
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jussiok, good07:15
Stskeepswarranty warning is pretty permanent though07:15
lbtStskeeps: just did07:17
Stskeepslbt: alright07:17
lbtStskeeps: yep - just doing the accounts whenever you msg07:17
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jussiStskeeps: do you know which variant the finnish one is? I cant find it in the list...07:23
Stskeepsjussi: check your sim card slot07:23
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Stskeepsmorn phaeron :)07:24
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jussiStskeeps: yes, it says rm-696, but this list from the perl script provided, they are all rm-696, but with countries listed after.07:25
Stskeepsjussi: no, there's a id number on the slot, afaik07:25
jussiStskeeps: yes, the FCC ID, however, thats not included on mylist :/07:26
Stskeepsno, not that one either :P07:26
* Stskeeps isn't going to take off the cover of his n9 right now.. but it's on the sd card slot07:26
Stskeepser, sim07:26
SageStskeeps: when ever the next mer release is done and can be released what would you think about releasing release after that quickly? We have lots of commits in the review already that could make new release in a week or so for example?07:27
jussiok, theres another number nearby07:27
StskeepsSage: i don't mind a snapshot no07:27
Stskeepsjussi: under "Made in finland"07:27
Stskeepsor wherever it is made07:27
jussibut, still, that doesnt correlate to anything like what this list gives07:27
* jussi checks the SW about thing...07:28
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Sagelbt: shouldn't sdk-kickstarter-configs require mer-kickstarter-configs ?07:32
jussiI still am very unsure which one to choose... there is no Finnish ones here! :/07:35
jussiI have a list that looks like:07:35
jussi226. RM-696 NDT COSTA RICA MAGENTA 16GB07:35
jussi227. RM-696 NDT NORTH EUROPE BLACK 64GB07:35
jussi228. RM-696 NDT BANGLADESH BLACK 64GB07:35
jussi229. RM-696 NDT LTA MAGENTA 16GB07:35
jussigenerated by this perl script...07:36
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dm8tbrif in doubt use 007:36
jussiis it incredibly important which one? or can I just choose swedish... :P07:37
jussidm8tbr: 0 is a  benelux 64gb :(07:37
jukkaeklundjussi, hold on a sec I'll check07:38
Sagejussi: pick ROW (Rest of the world) that matches your color and memory size.07:38
Sagethat what I did at least :)07:38
phako16 is 00107:39
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jussiSage: ok, so I guess its this one: 113. RM-696 NDT 16GB ROW MAGENTA07:39
jussiIll wait for jukkaeklund to comeback though07:40
Sagejussi: I think that would do.07:41
jukkaeklundjussi, whats the product code?07:41
jukkaeklundsame here07:43
jussijukkaeklund: so what Sage says is correct then?07:43
jukkaeklundyou might want the emmc content to be northern europe07:43
jukkaeklundcore is same07:43
jussiIm installing nemo, so I guess its not such a big deal atm07:44
jukkaeklundno :)07:44
jukkaeklundbut the one correct is NORTH EUROPE MAGENTA 16GB07:45
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jussiahh, excellent, thank you07:47
lbtSage: yes, it does now07:49
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Sagewhere is mer-kickstarter git upstream atm. need to checkthe code and patch it.07:57
SageTrying to move nemo to use that finally.07:57
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Stskeepslbt: so, prerelease kicked off?08:06
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SageStskeeps, lbt: mer-kickstarter git tree what is the one atm.?08:10
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lbtStskeeps: prerelease is running08:37
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Sagelbt: _mer-kickstarter_08:39
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* Sage gives lbt coffee08:39
lbtah, I'm working on sdk-kickstarter now so ... :)08:39
lbtDenise is being slow with coffee... tut tut08:40
* Sage throws lbt with coffee mug08:40
* Sage ponders if lbt notes what he did wrong again ;)08:40
StskeepsSage: fairly sure i'm having deja vu on this conversation08:41
Sagelbt: Hint: remove -config from your mind :D08:41
Sageor -configs08:41
lbtoh fu08:41
Sagelike but mer one :)08:42
lbtisn't mer-kickstarter now sage-kickstarter08:43
StskeepsSage: i'm fairly sure we discussed this before08:43
StskeepsSage: log.06-26-2012:[08:47:25]<Stskeeps> Sage_: sages-kickstarter @ d4784c472f1adc9d05db897e9d5c108a0e83ef71 + = mer-kickstarter 0.1308:43
SageStskeeps: so there is no upstream for it?08:43
StskeepsSage: you're the upstream08:43
SageI knew that but I though that there was git tree for mer-kickstarter :)08:43
* lbt passes sage coffee and grins08:43
* Sage :headdesk:08:44
Sagelbt: sry about that :)08:44
Sagetoo early in the morning it seems08:44
lbt*g* np.... makes me glad I'm not the only one :)08:44
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lbtplus sed is now eating the internet08:45
lbtSage: that will move to mer's git mer-tools/08:45
lbtif you want to migrate anything you're managing there that's good by me08:46
SageStskeeps: actually sages-kickstarter+that patch != mer-kickstarter there is no patch to rename the stuff. ;)08:46
Sageit would still be called kickstarter after the patch ;)08:47
StskeepsSage: i'm fairly sure i gave you the entire tarball of my git, too08:51
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lbtafk for a bit09:15
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Stskeepshello wellu :) welcome to #mer. if you have any questions on Mer or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time09:25
welluI'm trying to find some nemomobile related source code.09:25
Stskeepsalright, #nemomobile also exists for this09:25
wellu..ah.. seems that I'm bit confused with all the projects.09:26
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Stskeepswellu: yeah, Mer is Core, doesn't contain UI or hardware adaptations. Nemo is a handset UI project on top of Mer :)09:38
Stskeepshello vesse :) welcome to #mer. if you have any questions on Mer or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time09:39
StskeepsSage: if you have time, can you enable i486 build for all nemo repos?09:41
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SageStskeeps: well, can't recall the git tarball :)09:45
StskeepsSage: ok, let me find it..09:45
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Stskeepshello hozmaster :) welcome to #mer. if you have any questions on Mer or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time09:47
StskeepsSage: a continuing report is people that can't have things working on their non-ssse3 machines, so09:47
SageStskeeps: pah, you didn't commit to the tree. Well I can do it if that is ok fo ryou.09:47
hozmasterhello, thanks09:47
StskeepsSage: yes09:47
StskeepsSage: it's a mess and JFDI'ed, agreed09:48
SageI'll try to get it usable for nemo today09:48
Stskeepssounds good09:48
hozmasterI do have problem with osc ls09:48
Stskeepsthe idea is the lego block approach where we can add in ui or hw adaptations09:48
Stskeepshozmaster: osc -A ls works better?09:48
hozmastercredentials are not valid09:48
hozmasteri will try09:48
Stskeepsdo they work on ?09:49
Stskeeps i mean09:49
Stskeepssorry about that :)09:49 did work09:50
Stskeepscan you point me to the documentation where it said osc ls?09:51
Stskeepsit's a problem others told before09:51
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SageStskeeps: i486 enabled, let me know if something is missing09:51
StskeepsSage: thank you09:52
Stskeepsalright, i'll review and fix09:52
*** harha has joined #mer09:53
Stskeepshozmaster: fixed, thanks for reporting09:55
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SageStskeeps: funny thing kickstarter is developed again in meego git10:09
StskeepsSage: well, they're using it for tizen, i think10:11
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jukkaeklundkickstarter is hot word nowadays :p10:19
dm8tbrhehe, overloaded word10:20
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Sagedid anyone did any sanity checks for the kickstarter? ;)10:43
Stskeepsit works for sdk10:43
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Sagelbt: I hope you are not working on kickstarter atm. as I need to fix couple of things to get it a bit more usable with larger config base.10:45
Sagegood thing is that I can actually do the repository stuff with it without the -r repos.yaml thingy10:45
Sageso welldone with the Inherit stuff10:45
Sageneeds a bit more love but I think this is quite good10:46
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Sagefor example it should search the PostScripts NoChrootScripts Part etc. from ExternalConfig path's10:49
Sagecurrently it searches them only from cwd10:49
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Sage\o/ first nemo .ks file done with mer-kickstarter :)10:58
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Sagenow if it only would look the same everything would be ok :D11:00
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StskeepsSage: it wouldn't be fun if things worked the frist time11:06
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Sageok, so only repo urls need love for the first image anymore11:15
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Stskeepswho was it that looked into MADDE?11:21
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Sagewhat is the git tree for mer-kickstarter-configs?11:31
rsadhuhow to run make for building up some project ?11:31
rsadhui did sb2 -t mer-core make ?11:31
Stskeepsrsadhu: usually we use osc build if we can, but sb2 -t somesb2target make should work too11:32
rsadhui have setup sdk properly11:33
kallaballaSage: isn't it
* Stskeeps thinks kallaballa is right11:33
rsadhuand then set target mer-core , now i wanted to build yasm which was missing component11:34
rsadhui ran sb2 ./configure11:34
rsadhuwhich works fine11:34
Sagekallaballa: ah, true11:34
rsadhubut sb2 -t mer-core make11:34
rsadhunothing happening11:34
Stskeepsrsadhu: zypper in make11:34
Stskeepsin the sdk11:34
Stskeepsand file a bug please11:34
Stskeepsthat 'make' doesn't work in sb2 if make is absent in the sdk11:35
rsadhu@stskeeps : right ! thanks , now compiling11:36
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Stskeepshey mdfe_ :)12:01
mdfe_Stskeeps: hi :)12:04
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Venemowhat is the zypper counterpart of yumdownloader?12:18
E-Pgood afternoon12:26
lbtback now12:29
Stskeepswb lbt12:29
lbtprerelease looks good - importing to cobs12:30
Stskeepsphaeron1: did you have a vm that can build against a mer release alone?12:35
Stskeepsand smoke test12:35
*** vgrade__ has joined #mer12:36
phaeron1Stskeeps: yeah the minimal vm , but it is really minimal12:37
phaeron1Stskeeps: how much smoke do you have in mind :)12:38
Stskeepsphaeron1: just to try out prerelease12:38
phaeron1Stskeeps: ok will do , I'll probably have feedback tonight12:39
phaeron1ok ?12:39
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lbtusing the HW adaptations for -next would be close12:41
*** stefan_schmidt_w has joined #mer12:42
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*** shrikrishna has joined #mer12:53
SageStskeeps: lbt: and
Sagecomments welcome13:00
Stskeepsok, should be QA'ed with the sdk13:03
Sagewell, still needs some more cleanups13:04
Sagethe nemo configs at least13:04
StskeepsSage: so, n900/n950/n9 and x86 validation tomorrow morning?13:05
Stskeepsprerelease getting imported atm13:05
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC13:05
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer13:06
SageStskeeps: sure13:06
Stskeepsthen we perhaps finally can get this release out..13:06
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC13:15
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer13:15
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*** lizardo has joined #mer13:18
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Sageoh, kickstarter doesn't support inherit in multiple levels13:30
Stskeepsit probably could but..13:31
Sagejust not done or problem with it in general?13:32
Stskeepsjust not done and there was some weird issue about duplicate symbols or something..13:32
Sageok well I want to use this today so avoiding that for now.13:33
*** norayr has joined #mer13:37
*** norayr has quit IRC13:38
Sageuh. makes it hard actually to collect this without that :/13:38
E-Pkyyberi: can you participate tomorrow's qa meeting? I was planning to have a topic about dashboard13:43
StskeepsSage: what are you trying to do?13:44
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer13:46
SageStskeeps: well, I wanted to split stuff a bit and at the same time use the mer stuff as base.13:46
Sagee.g., having "Nemo Handset N900" That inherits "Adaptation N900" which then "Mer armv7 hardfp"13:48
*** alien_ has joined #mer13:48
*** FSCV has joined #mer13:49
* Stskeeps looks at COBS13:56
Stskeepsprerelease imported13:56
*** rsadhu has quit IRC14:00
alteregolbt: how's your "mer-sdk-chroot exec" implementation coming along?14:01
*** calvaris has joined #mer14:02
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer14:05
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*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer14:06
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*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #mer14:06
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer14:11
*** tanty has joined #mer14:12
lbtalterego: all done14:13
lbtjust tweaked yours a little bit14:13
alteregoCool :)14:20
Stskeepsprogress :)14:24
* Stskeeps has to go to dentist14:24
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC14:26
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*** rsadhu has joined #mer14:40
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kyyberiE-P: I'll try15:29
kyyberinow that I think about it more thoroughly, should be possible15:31
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer15:31
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SageStskeeps, lbt: What do you think if I would rename the Baseline to Release in kickstarter?16:01
lbtwhat's the git repo you're using sage? I'll clone it16:03
lbtI think I want to talk about named variables - but I don't recall the terminology16:03
Sage                    r['Url'] = r['Url'].replace("@RELEASE@", meta['Baseline'])16:04
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #mer16:04
lbtgot git repo from backlog16:04
Sage^ that is why I want to rename it :)16:04
*** FSCV_ has joined #mer16:05
SageBaseline doesn't say anything and it relaces the RELEASE in URL :)16:05
lbtyeah - I hate @RELEASE@ being special cased16:05
lbtI'd like to support something like -D syntax for cc16:06
slaineudev rules can really chaff my aXX16:06
*** FSCV has quit IRC16:07
StskeepsSage: if we can replace with some kind of macro mechanism maybe16:09
Stskeepsthe baseline thing16:10
*** lbt has quit IRC16:10
E-Pkyyberi: great16:10
SageStskeeps: Only thing that baseline does is to subsitute that value in URL and add extra directory to outputdir16:10
*** lbt has joined #mer16:10
*** lbt has quit IRC16:10
*** lbt has joined #mer16:10
SageStskeeps: so I don't see any point hardcoding it to MERVERSION as when used in nemo it should be NEMOVERSION for exapmle16:11
lbtyeah - I hate @RELEASE@ being special cased16:11
lbtI'd like to support something like -D syntax for cc16:11
lbtSage: wouldn't you like to have NemoRelease & MerRelease16:11
lbtie @NemoRelease@ & @MerRelease@16:11
lbtnot just @RELEASE@16:11
SageI wouldn't16:11
* lbt checks web backlog16:13
SageI want to have like
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer16:13
Sageso not hardcoding anything like that there let the vendor decide what he wants to use16:13
lbtthat's ~ what I said with -D16:13
*** jonwil has quit IRC16:13
lbtand you do need 2 values for VERSION16:14
Sagelbt: heh, well I though you meant cmdline :)16:14
Sagelbt: why 2?16:14
lbtwell, don't mind how16:14
lbt2 because the Mer release identifier for any Mer repo != the nemo release identifier16:15
Sagevendor has release X: that contains Mer releasy Y, hw adaptation Z and vendor stuff V. And they want to call it Release X and move all the stuff under that one dir.16:16
*** ka6sox is now known as ka6sox-away16:16
lbtso a Nemo release will do a direcory copy of Mer /releases?16:16
Sageactually doesn't matter as with the .yaml thingy modifiable so vendor can decide16:16
Sagelbt: we Nemo doesn't want to do that, but other vendors might16:17
lbtright ... but we should support sharing the Mer release
lbtbut your solution allows that16:17
lbtwhich is fine16:17
Sagealso noted that mer or sdk doesn't seem to use baseline atm. so removal is ok?16:20
SageI don't think anything uses it even nemo doesn't16:21
Sageor well, does but not in the purpose it was intended :)16:21
lbtalso @BUILD_ID@16:25
*** Attie has quit IRC16:25
*** niqt has joined #mer16:25
E-PSage: kernel-adapation-pc failed to compile for i486-next16:28
SageE-P: known I have fix but it breaks on -latest so haven't submitted16:28
SageE-P: see
E-PSage: ok, I can use that one for testing16:29
*** ka6sox-away is now known as zz_ka6sox-away16:30
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC16:31
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC16:35
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #mer16:37
*** vilpan has quit IRC16:39
*** blauzahl-laptop is now known as blauzahl16:41
Sagelbt: what do you think RepositoryURLVariables: key that is list of value;key pairs?16:41
Sageerr.. key;value16:41
Sagedo we add automatically @ marks to there like @key@ or do we allow user to define his own stuff?16:42
lbtso when are they expanded?16:44
Sagewhen .ks files are created16:44
lbtBUILD_ID is changed at mic time16:44
lbtand that is @BUILD_ID@16:45
Sagewell if vendor wants to change it in kickstarter he can or leave it to URL's16:45
Sageit is the beauty of it vendor can choose what to do ;)16:45
lbtright - but should we have something for mic and something for yaml16:45
SageI don't get that.16:46
Sagelbt: and?16:47
lbtvisual inspection does not tell you if @BUILD_ID@ is a mic-time expanded value or a yaml-time16:47
Sagepersonally I don't want mic to do any substitutions actually. Easier for all if those are done in .ks time and just create separate .ks for each.16:47
SageActually we should not try to have on universal .ks file for every release because there can be changes. Thus I don't see the actual need for it either.16:48
Sage.ks file follows the release and is released with release so why would you need variable there for mic runtime?16:49
lbtOK, but having said that - mic *does* do @BUILD_ID@ ... and upstream doesn't use kickstarter afaik16:49
lbtso if we use something other than @VAR@ then it seems cleaner16:50
Sagelets say that user can decide what is the syntax for his variables it can be @VAR@ or #VAR# or just VAR16:50
lbtthese files are run through cheetah - so maybe use that syntax and provide a populated key/value pair?16:51
Sageanyway same user creates the .yaml that has repos that creates that variable list16:51
lbtdon't get that16:53
* Sage creates example16:53
lbtOK - it certainly seems like we're producing ,ks from template fragments and also want paramerisation16:54
lbteg I want to build using MER_RELEASE=mer-next16:54
*** zz_ka6sox-away is now known as ka6sox16:55
lbtSo I want the config name/value pair to be runtime variable and the yaml Configurations to be in the release16:56
*** Oipo has joined #mer16:58
*** Behold has joined #mer16:58
lbthow does that work in multiple Configurations?17:01
SageWell you can define that for each config separately. if wanted. let me edit it a bit17:01
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC17:02
lbtI'm thinking the common usecase is to vary the release(s) you're using17:03
lbtand to use configurations to produce .ks files for a set number of variations with a certaint 'version'17:04
*** mord_ is now known as mord17:04
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:04
*** Ionakka has quit IRC17:08
Sagelbt: I can see what you mean with the vary the release(s)17:08
lbtOK - and tbh I'd rather see discrete repos in that particular case17:09
lbtin varying the release I want to point mic at a pre-release too17:10
Sagewell, that was only an example if someone wants to use it like that :)17:11
lbtOK - just checking17:11
lbt(I hate when someone picks at the example too)17:11
Sagethat is ok :)17:12
lbtso I think we should decide if we're building finalised kickstarts or if mic gets to modify them (@BUILD_ID@)17:13
Sagepersonally I would like to see finalised kickstarts17:13
lbtif they're finalised then I think we need some kind of commandline or supplementary key/value set17:13
lbtso I can say "build me a set using these values" and "build another set using these values"17:14
Sageletting mic to handle that all makes it a mess in code wise.17:14
Sagelbt: sounds nice.17:14
lbtyep - agreed (although kinda thinking about IMG too)17:14
lbtIMG server takes a .ks and a value for @BUILD_ID@17:15
Sageso if there would be -DKey=Value for cmdline you would be happy? :)17:15
lbtso ... keep in mind17:15
SageI want to have the .yaml there as well as I think some want that as well.17:15
lbtI think I'd prefer a config file17:15
lbtjust not embedded in the master .yaml17:15
Sagewell, config file sounds better indeed17:15
lbtso master yaml (which includes fragments from vendor+Mer) plus config (to define specific release) => set of ks files for a set of devices17:16
*** FSCV_ has quit IRC17:16
Sagesounds good. I can agree with that17:17
lbtneat... wfm ... we may need to modify IMG to use config - but that fits really well with BOSS17:17
lbtand to use mic+kickstarter instead of mic17:18
*** talavis has quit IRC17:18
phaeron1that's separate17:18
lbtOK ... the other complete PITA is how inheritance fails to work17:18
lbtit's too blunt17:18
lbtit needs to overlay rather than wipe/replace17:19
phaeron1usually kickstarter builds kickstarts in obs , and there's a participant that looks for the binary rpms and extracts the kickstarts from there17:19
phaeron1and feeds them to imager17:19
lbtphaeron1: yes - we're saying that ks won't be built in obs anymore17:20
Sagewell the inheritance is another story. Lets stay on this topic for now :D17:20
lbtSage: OK17:20
phaeron1lbt: why!17:20
Sagelbt: well, I don't see why this wouldn't allow building kickstarts in OBS as well still.17:20
lbtOK, OBS can run any code and do anything :) ... so you still can do that17:21
phaeron1storing the configs in obs and building in OBS and making it follow the promotion process so we can test it as well sounds like the right thing17:21
lbtwhat I meant was that kickstarter produces finalised .ks files17:21
phaeron1storing in git17:21
lbtwell, yes and no17:22
lbtsage and I just agreed that kickstarter produces finalised .ks files17:22
lbtwhich means they have hardcoded repos in them17:23
lbtthat won't work in OBS17:23
* lbt is thinking17:25
phaeron1I am half thinking so I can't promise to come up with coherent arguments :D17:25
* phaeron1 is too hungry17:25
*** thetet has quit IRC17:26
lbtSage: this is all a bitch when we need to use OBS repos17:26
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:27
*** __kozak__|work has joined #mer17:37
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phaeron1Stskeeps: ping18:23
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer18:25
*** phaeron1 has quit IRC18:26
* Stskeeps yawns18:31
Estel_Stskeeps, little question, if you don't mind, about Mer on N9/50.18:32
StskeepsEstel_: ask away18:32
Estel_Under harmattan, even with open kernel, device is still semi-closed, as open kernel already comes into world closed down by hardware trustedcomputing things18:33
* lpotter blinks18:33
Estel_like CAL18:33
Estel_how Mer handle that?18:33
Estel_it's closed for Mer too?18:33
Estel_or somehow Mer goes around such closed things (aegis legacy in hardware)18:33
StskeepsEstel_: i think CAL is read-only to us18:33
Stskeepsbut i've never seen errors from any of our hw adaptation regarding it18:34
Estel_I see, so probably other closed elements too = same cons as with open-kernel and everything aegis-free...18:34
* Estel_ nods18:34
Estel_so no things like locking device?18:34
Stskeepsthe n9/n950 hw adaptation could have been much better if feb11 hadn't happened18:34
Estel_(as in locking with password)18:34
Estel_yea, I'm aware of that18:34
Stskeepswe don't even have aegis activated in the kernel and i don't believe you can use mer anyway with a lock code on device18:34
Estel_feb11 is somehow mentioned like 11.0918:35
Estel_so proper way is to disable lock code all-together before wipping out harm and installing Mer18:35
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*** hozmaster has joined #mer19:18
hozmasterwhat are rules for email's in the git commit and changes file?19:20
hozmasteris there have enter valid emails to git commits ?19:20
hozmasterI htink that there quite permants19:21
lbthozmaster: yes, they should be a real email address. You're expected to sign-off on commits so that's quite important19:24
*** clopez has quit IRC19:24
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*** kallesintonen has joined #mer19:42
Stskeepshello kallesintonen :)19:43
kallesintonenGood evening :)19:43
Stskeepskallesintonen: good evening and welcome to #mer :) if you have any questions on Mer, or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out :)19:43
kallesintonenThanks a lot :) Just discovering for the moment and doing after :)19:44
kallesintonenJolla will have mer based products right ?19:44
Stskeepswell, let's say product just to be safe, before the tabloids arrive19:45
kallesintonenwhat im interested especially is to know to which market are they going to focus, any idea about that19:46
Stskeepsi don't know, we just do open source core here :)19:46
kallesintonenim not looking for high-end expensive devices19:46
kallesintonenthe base :)19:46
Stskeeps#jollamobile for unofficial discussion, but you're unlikely to find more info than what's on twitter and press releases/interviews19:46
Stskeepsyep, shared between many different companies19:46
kallesintonengives more power to you when this kind of projects are launched :)19:47
kallesintonentabloid ?19:47
Stskeepsyou know, flashy magazines, gossip, etc :)19:48
kallesintonenyou should be from the UK because its the only place tabloids are really used :D19:49
Stskeepshehe, nah, just picking up words from irc :)19:50
kallesintonenhmm i pointed wrong then :)19:51
kallesintonenwhere are you located ?19:51
Stskeepspoland, though from denmark19:52
kallesintonenalways cool the open-source projects, all kind of nice people from all around :)19:53
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:55
kallesintonenall right i start to read the SDK specs and will come back later19:56
kallesintonenhave nice evening :)19:56
*** phaeron has joined #mer19:57
kallesintoneniltaa suomalaisille :)19:58
Stskeepswb phaeron19:59
phaeronStskeeps: thanks. was asking: do we have any test assets for the smoke test ?20:01
phaeronStskeeps: and which ks do you want to test20:01
*** hozmaster has quit IRC20:02
Stskeepsphaeron: well, at the moment 'does it boot'20:02
Stskeepsis a good start20:02
phaerondidn't E-P have some basic tests packages ?20:02
*** tsdedst has joined #mer20:02
Stskeepshmm, he had some blts-x11 ones20:02
*** aurium__ has quit IRC20:03
*** Aurium has joined #mer20:04
timophdo we already have a list of tests needed defined? iirc E-P was working on that20:04
timophwould be easier to see what's needed and contribute20:04
*** talavis has joined #mer20:05
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CosmoHillnight night21:40
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