Monday, 2012-07-30

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E-Pmorning Stskeeps and dm8tbr05:08
Stskeepsmorn E-P05:08
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Stskeepsmorning kallaballa05:40
kallaballagood morning :)05:40
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Stskeepsgood morning to rsadhu too :)05:41
rsadhugood morning StSkeeps05:41
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E-Pmorning Paimen05:46
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E-PStskeeps, lbt: could you create a project Mer:QA to cobs?05:52
Stskeepssure, but what are we putting in there?05:52
E-Ptests and patterns for tests05:53
E-Pand some packages that those tests require, like mwts-common and blts-common05:54
Stskeepsi can't recall if we wants to put them into Tools or seperate, but in the end you make the call05:57
Stskeepsit should likely build against tools somehow05:58
E-Pthose *-common packages are not really tools, so I wouldn't put them there06:01
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E-Pbut some of the test packages require tools like min, so tests should build against tools06:01
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rsadhu@all : If i  have to set up sdk(mer) and nemo , do i need ubuntu 10.10 only , will 10.04 lucid be ok ?06:03
Stskeepsrsadhu: it doesn't matter, sdk is just a chroot :)06:04
Stskeepsso it actually runs a little mer in that chroot06:04
rsadhuactually i am done with sdk06:04
Stskeepswe got tired of having difficulties with our sw on various distributions, so we decided to wrap it nicely and test it already06:04
rsadhui was following wiki and encountered mic to create mer image? do i need that ?06:05
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Stskeepsrsadhu: yes, it's contained within the sdk06:08
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rsadhustskeeps: Ok I think i misinterpretted the wiki , so i am done with sdk , and all tools are within the sdk06:21
rsadhubut i'd need source code to fix the bugs06:22
rsadhuif i want to contribute06:22
Stskeepssure, what do you hope to work on?06:22
rsadhuso this wiki is basically few liner usefule for me as of now :)06:22
rsadhuyes bugs i'll pick up now06:22
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kallaballahow do i find the git repository for libjpeg-turbo? git clone ssh:// does accept public key authentication only it seems06:28
Stskeepsit's called libjpeg and i admit it's a bit screwed up06:29
Stskeepshmm, or not06:29
Stskeepstry with libjpeg insteaD?06:29
Stskeepsif that's same issue, add your SSH key in gerrit settings06:30
kallaballayep. same issue. ok. thx06:30
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Stskeepsmorn alterego06:46
Venemo_N9hey alterego :)06:46
alteregoYou're up early Venemo_N906:47
Venemo_N9alterego, indeed :)06:49
Venemo_N9I need to get to work, you know06:49
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Paimenwork, what is that06:59
* alterego wonders if his new computer case will actually arrive today, or whether he'll be let down again. :'(07:00
OipoYawn indeed.07:00
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alteregoStskeeps: what's adreno200?07:05
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alteregoDon't remember that .so07:05
Stskeepsalterego: qualcomm07:06
alteregoAh, hrm.07:06
alteregoNot testing on the N950 then?07:07
Stskeepsalterego: that's me succesfully loading a driver made for android :)07:08
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alteregoYou're using Android graphics drivers for Mer?07:09
alteregoI thought you were trying to run Android binaries.07:10
Stskeepsandroid dominates hw adaptation market atm and the biggest challenge for non-android is the hw support that android has and they don't07:10
alteregoThat's neat.07:11
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* alterego ponders implementing a mini NTP daemon that uses ofono as a source.07:14
Stskeepsnah, don't bother, insanity lays that way07:15
lbtkallaballa: not sure why libjpeg-turbo exists07:16
lbtit's empty07:16
* alterego ponders getting an iPhone to stick Mer on it :P07:16
Oipolbt, if it's empty then why is there a bug report about updating it?07:18
kallaballahehe exactly07:18
kallaballawas trying to fix Bug 46607:18
Stskeepsfor various reasons libjpeg-turbo is in libjpeg07:18
lbtand Mer#49407:19
* Oipo scratches head07:19
lbtStskeeps: delete it ?07:19
Stskeepslbt: deleting projects in gerrit isn't trivial, but file a request to do this07:20
lbtI read about it and attics - looks like it will become supported soon07:21
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kallaballathere is another thing i can't seem to figure out. whats the right obs project to branch for pixman?07:21
Stskeepswell, Core:somearch, doesn't really matter which07:21
lbtistr current solution is not tidy but plenty good enough if I ignore the OCD07:22
lbtkallaballa: usually i486 to support local build+VM test - an arm if you want a device test07:22
kallaballatried osc branch Mer:Core:i468 pixman.. getting 40407:23
kallaballaooh...  thought MDS is refered to by Mer:fake? could you please clarify it for me? :)07:24
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StskeepsMer:fake:Core:i486 or Mer.MDS:Core:i486 is the same07:24
kallaballaah! thx07:24
lbtMer:fake sounds silly so I made Mer.MDS ... then all hell broke loose ....07:25
kallaballalbt: hehe07:25
lbtthey're symlinks to the same place07:25
lbtalso that found a bug where . broke project names ... I seem to trip over edge cases a lot :/07:26
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Venemo_N9lbt, you are right, why is Mer fake after all?07:35
StskeepsVenemo_N9: because it links to a fake obs07:36
Venemo_N9what is a fake OBS?07:36
lbt<goto [30/07/2012 08:25] >07:37
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alteregoYay, new case just arrived :D07:55
alteregoIt's monstorous O_O07:56
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timophalterego: what case did you buy?07:59
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lbtStskeeps: looks like I'll miss triage today - need to take car to garage08:08
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Stskeepslbt: alright08:12
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SageStskeeps: had any time to look at the prelink stuff?08:37
Sagewhy it suddently started to fail08:38
StskeepsSage: prelink seems to have been solved when rebuilding glibc08:38
Stskeepsthink there was a issue with a phost08:38
SageStskeeps: oh, well my image creation goes still bad08:38
StskeepsSage: hmm?08:38
Stskeepsshow me .ks and errors08:38
Stskeepsok, i think that's -probably- solved in next prerelease08:39
Stskeepslet's see how that goes08:39
Stskeepswe need a smoke test that fails a image build is prelink fails on a core image08:40
SageInfo: Installing: pm-utils             ++++++++++                         [147/472]/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.G8yYbQ: line 4: touch: command not found08:41
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Stskeepslack of coreutils dep?08:41
Sagewasn't that fixed in current -next already08:41
Stskeepsyes, possibly08:42
Stskeepsjuly 2008:42
E-PStskeeps: I can add a test case for prelinks if you can tell me how to test that08:45
Stskeepshmm, good question how we do that best08:47
Stskeepsmaybe it has correct return values08:47
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SageStskeeps: /dev/root  /         None    defaults,noatime 0 008:51
StskeepsSage: uhh08:51
Sagewhat should be the device with n950? :)08:51
Stskeepsi'd say 'it depends'08:52
Stskeepsmmcblk0p4 i think08:52
kallaballai'm working on updating pixman. is building mer-core-i486-xorg-basic-qmlviewer and running it vbox good enough as a test? should i also build the armv7hl variant and test it on my n900?08:52
Stskeepskallaballa: should be fine08:53
kallaballaStskeeps: thx08:53
Stskeepsgenerally watch out for unguarded NEON optimizations08:53
Stskeepsbut knowing pixman, they watch out for that themselves08:53
kallaballaStskeeps: ic. thx!08:53
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lbtStskeeps: moved car thingy to thur so I can do bug triage after all10:20
Stskeepslbt: ok10:20
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Stskeepshuomenta jukkaeklund10:28
dcthangterve Stskeeps10:28
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Stskeepslo dcthang10:28
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Stskeepslbt: can you check sync on phost4, phost6, phost7?10:35
lbtI think the cache is broken too10:37
lbtwhich means massive vpn traffic10:37
lbtkeystroke latency is >10s10:38
Stskeepsshut down workers, review?10:38
lbtI can check sync first10:38
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lbtthey all appear to be in sync10:44
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Stskeepslbt: could we maybe put in a date -u in build script10:49
Stskeepsand see if that seems correct?10:49
StskeepsREMINDER: Mer bug triage in 10 minutes in #mer-meeting10:50
lbtStskeeps: who's driving and who's editing ?10:51
Stskeepsyou feel like driving?10:51
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lbtBug triage starting now in #mer-meeting11:01
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Stskeepslbt: after meeting,
Stskeepssearch for 09:0311:12
Stskeepsthat's date -u output11:12
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lbtexactly 2hrs out ?11:20
Stskeeps2 hours it seems11:21
Stskeepsphost4:~ # date -u11:21
StskeepsMon Jul 30 11:20:22 UTC 201211:21
lbtalso in top line11:22
Stskeepsthat's from host11:22
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alteregoI have something that depends on libpng12, but we have "libpng"11:27
alteregoAnyone had to deal with this before?11:28
Stskeepsand be happy11:28
alteregoIt's the ./configure script that's complaining ..11:28
Stskeepspatch it and beat the author with a stick11:28
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* alterego wonders how to do patching, so I create a patch, stick it in the package dir with the .spec and source tarball, then update the .spec and it should work like magic right? :)11:31
Stskeepsis there a yaml file? if so, edit hat instead11:31
alteregoNo, no .yaml11:31
alteregoJust .spec11:31
Stskeepsthen yes11:31
StskeepsPatchX: and %patchX11:31
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lbtalterego: talk to me first11:32
alteregoAlso, Should I update the file and get the build process to run Or should I patch both and configure script?11:32
Stskeepsalterego: what are you hacking?11:32
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alteregoApparently I can set environment variables png_{CFLAGS,LIBS} instead of making it use pkgconfig, should I do that?11:34
alteregoThat way I don't need a patch.11:35
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alteregolbt: preferable? ^11:37
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alteregolbt, Stskeeps: lines 32+33 ?11:44
Stskeepsalterego: no no11:44
Stskeepsalterego: fix the problem in and %reconfiguer11:44
alteregoSo %reconfigure before %configure ?11:45
Stskeepsno, instead11:45
alteregoAnd, what should I call the patch? :)11:47
alteregoOh, you want middle score there as well.11:49
* alterego tests11:49
alteregoSo what am I doing wrong now?
alteregoIt complains when applying patch11:51
Stskeeps%patch0 -p111:51
alteregoAh, -p111:51
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alteregoDamn, still borked11:52
phaeronshouldn't patching be in %pre11:52
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alteregoGreat, now fails -_-11:53
alteregoDo I need to do something like: BuildRequires: autoconf, automake & m4 ?11:57
Stskeepserror log?11:57 warning: macro `AM_PATH_SDL' not found in library11:57
alteregoI guess not.11:57
alteregoYeah, don't really want _SDL support11:57
alteregoAng on a minute ..11:59
alteregoIt only needs this crap for build tests.11:59
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alteregoStskeeps: this is the actual error ... ./ line 27: libtoolize: command not found12:01
Stskeepsalterego: fun, buildrequires: libtool12:01
Stskeepslbt: so, it looks like KVM's understanding of UTC is totally fucked12:02
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lbtdoesn't make sense12:04
Stskeepsit doesn't, no12:04
Stskeepsbut the output states it's like that12:05
lbtI wonder what the system clock is set to12:06
Stskeepsphost4:~ # hwclock -r12:07
StskeepsMon Jul 30 13:06:50 2012  -0.828278 seconds12:07
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lbtphost4:~ # date12:07
lbtMon Jul 30 14:06:32 CEST 201212:07
Stskeepsso hwclock is .. utc?12:08
lbtno, utc+1 by the look12:08
Stskeepsi have to drop down to the shop for a sec to grab some water12:10
Stskeepshow does it look on other phosts?12:11
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lbt6/7 have a hwclock set to 22:1212:13
lbtnot really important but a bit odd12:15
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SageStskeeps: is something we really need to solve12:18
Sagecan't reuse the buildroot if setup is going to be reinstalled12:18
Sageand I think same goes for filesystem12:18
Sagesome permission issue with sb2 perhaps12:18
alteregoStskeeps: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_ICONV_LINK12:22
alteregoIs that gettext?12:22
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kallaballai try to debug a mipsel build error (MER#469) but can't get mic to make a target fs for mipsel.
Stskeepskallaballa: bug please12:39
Stskeepslbt: any more insight?12:43
lbtbeen googling12:44
rsadhuI am trying to set up met environment , my sdk is ready12:45
rsadhubut my ocs is failing12:45
rsadhuocs ls12:45
Stskeepsosc -A ls ?12:45
rsadhuCreating osc configuration file /home/rsadhu/.oscrc ...12:46
rsadhuUsername: rsadhu12:46
rsadhuTraceback (most recent call last):12:46
rsadhu  File "/usr/bin/osc", line 22, in <module>12:46
rsadhu    r =
rsadhu  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/osc/", line 53, in run12:46
rsadhu    return prg.main()12:46
rsadhu  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/osc/", line 302, in main12:46
rsadhu    self.postoptparse()12:46
rsadhu  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/osc/", line 136, in postoptparse12:46
rsadhu    conf.write_initial_config(e.file, config)12:46
rsadhu  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/osc/", line 669, in write_initial_config12:46
rsadhu    write_config(conffile, cp)12:46
rsadhu  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/osc/", line 569, in write_config12:46
rsadhu    with open(fname + '.new', 'w') as f:12:46
rsadhuIOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/rsadhu/'12:46
rsadhui created my account12:46
Stskeepsls -al /home/rsadhu/.oscrc*12:47
*** mikhas has quit IRC12:47
lbtrsadhu: use a pastebin in future too12:47
rsadhui'll do that now on12:47
lbtnp ... irc convention12:47
rsadhu@lbt: my bad , i knew it though12:48
alteregoStskeeps: what category should I stick qrencode in?12:48
Stskeepsalterego: doesn't terribly matter12:48
alterego"Multimedia/Imaging Codecs"?12:48
*** tanty has joined #mer12:49
rsadhu@stskeeps: ls: cannot access /home/rsadhu/.oscrc*: No such file or directory12:49
Stskeepsrsadhu: ls -al /home12:49
rsadhumer rsadhu12:49
rsadhutwo folders12:50
rsadhuno hidden file12:50
Stskeepscan i see the exact output of -al ?12:50
rsadhudrwxr-xr-x  4 root   root 4096 Jul 28 07:52 .12:50
rsadhudrwxr-xr-x 22 root   root 4096 Jul 28 07:52 ..12:50
rsadhudrwx------  2 rsadhu mer  4096 Jul 30 06:07 mer12:50
rsadhudrwxr-xr-x  4 root   root 4096 Jul 30 12:46 rsadhu12:50 next time :)12:50
Stskeepsi don't know why your home directory is owned by root12:51
Stskeepsthat doesn't look correct12:51
*** jonnor has joined #mer12:52
Stskeepsrsadhu: can you ls -al /home outside sdk?12:53
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*** schmooster has joined #mer12:55
*** schmooster is now known as gaz12:56
*** gaz is now known as Guest9327812:56
rsadhuoutside sdk?12:58
Stskeepsok, that looks weird12:58
Stskeepslbt: ^12:58
rsadhustskeeps: what seems to be the problem13:03
lbtrsadhu:  :   drwxr-xr-x  4 root   root 4096 Jul 30 12:46 rsadhu13:03
lbtroot shouldn't own your home13:04
lbtrsadhu: for now run this inside the sdk :    sudo chown rsadhu /home/rsadhu13:05
*** jpwhiting has joined #mer13:14
rsadhuafter i ran chown13:15
lbtdoes /etc/resolv.conf look sensible in the SDK13:16
rsadhuyes it does13:21
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w00tkallaballa: i see your jpeg and raise you a png :)14:16
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kallaballaw00t: netbpm ftw :p14:44
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lbtkallaballa: ping15:56
lbtdid you do anything on the mtab bug?15:56
kallaballalbt: yes15:59
kallaballalbt: need to create a proper patch. but i didn't test it16:00
lbtnp, I'm merging things now - can you send me what you have16:00
kallaballalbt: i thought i should at least do a build of the reference images16:00
lbtOK - if you like you can help me do that when I push a test pkg to Mer:Tools:Testing16:00
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lbtI've upped the version to 0.13 and found the proper git tree16:01
kallaballalbt: cool. i'm in16:01
*** vivijim has quit IRC16:03
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:03
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:03
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:03
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*** vivijim has joined #mer16:05
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:05
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:05
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:05
kallaballalbt: i send it to you via you're merproject email address?16:06
*** vivijim has quit IRC16:06
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:06
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:06
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*** vivijim has joined #mer16:10
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o Stskeeps16:11
*** vivijim was kicked by Stskeeps (please fix your IRC client)16:11
*** vivijim has joined #mer16:11
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o Stskeeps16:11
w00tforgot the ban16:12
Stskeepsnah, i think it's calm now16:13
Stskeepsmorn ulf` :)16:15
* Stskeeps continues on his android hacking for fun and profit16:16
ulf`Hi Stskeeps :)16:17
kallaballalbt: when you've got things sorted so far, please give me a ping so i can apply/merge and test.16:18
*** NIN101 has quit IRC16:19
lbtemail could be greylisted16:22
*** tanty has joined #mer16:23
kallaballai'll upload it to mediafire16:24
lbtnp got it16:26
*** andre__ has joined #mer16:28
*** andre__ has quit IRC16:28
*** andre__ has joined #mer16:28
*** Aurium has joined #mer16:34
*** arcean has joined #mer16:43
alteregoSo, how do I find what repo a package is from?16:51
alteregoAh, nvm, finally :)16:53
*** situ has joined #mer16:54
*** ALo has joined #mer16:57
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC16:58
*** ALo is now known as ALoGeNo16:58
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer16:58
*** Hexxeh has joined #mer16:59
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*** raignarok has quit IRC17:07
*** raignarok has joined #mer17:08
*** FSCV_ has joined #mer17:10
*** FSCV has quit IRC17:10
lbtkallaballa: OK - pushing to build in Mer:Tools:Testing... not installed or run it myself yet - may not even install :)17:10
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #mer17:11
*** SCV__ has joined #mer17:12
*** linux_tom has joined #mer17:13
*** FSCV_ has quit IRC17:15
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:15
*** slaine has quit IRC17:15
*** Attie has quit IRC17:17
*** Raimiss has joined #mer17:20
kallaballakallaballa: hehe.. i'll check it out17:20
*** tanty has quit IRC17:22
*** shadeslayer has quit IRC17:23
*** shadeslayer has joined #mer17:33
lbtkallaballa: could you attempt a mipsel image too - you may need to hack at a .ks17:34
kallaballalbt: sure... afaics it should only be about the repo directives?17:35
lbtbase it on one from here maybe :
kallaballalbt: hmm.. do they differ from those generated from the reference yaml?17:37
kallaballalbt: because that's what i'm using17:38
*** NIN101 has quit IRC17:39
*** linux_tom has quit IRC17:39
*** NIN101 has joined #mer17:40
*** linux_tom has joined #mer17:41
kallaballalbt: mipsel ran almost to the end but failed.
*** shadeslayer is now known as shadeslayer_17:44
*** shadeslayer_ is now known as shadeslayer17:45
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC17:48
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC17:49
Stskeepslooks like qemu isn't copied in17:51
*** divanov_ has joined #mer17:51
Stskeepshello divanov_ :)17:51
kallaballaStskeeps: not sure yet whats going on, but l'll clear all caches and retry with strace17:52
divanov_Stskeeps, hi17:52
Stskeepsdivanov_: welcome to #mer, if you have any questions about Mer or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time :)17:52
*** rzr is now known as rZr17:52
kallaballathere have been issues in fedora with a similar result17:52
Stskeepskallaballa: fairly sure qemu-mips isn't copied in. look at the scriptlets17:53
Stskeepsthey're failing17:53
Stskeepswhich means the binary emulation isn't working17:53
kallaballaStskeeps: ic. thx.. gonna have a look17:56
*** kallaballa has quit IRC18:00
*** Eismann has quit IRC18:05
*** Eismann has joined #mer18:05
denismMer::Tools osc ( ) has osc-0.135.1.tar.bz2 and osc-0.133.1.tar.bz2 - should it be reported as a bug?18:05
*** kallaballa has joined #mer18:05
*** Raimiss has quit IRC18:06
lbtdenism: yes, it's a bug - I can fix it now though18:07
denismlbt: lets say so, question is - is it better to say about such/similar finding in future in irc - or create a bug at bugzilla?18:08
*** Raimiss has joined #mer18:08
lbthard to say, some things are trivial and easy to fix; otoh if we're busy bugs are a reminder18:09
denismok :)18:09
lbtwe're not anal about only doing things via bugs18:09
kallaballalbt: are they any known issues with building images in parallel?18:10
lbtkallaballa: yes18:10
lbtit breaks18:10
lbtapart from that. no18:10
lbtiirc it's to do with shared cache updates18:11
*** situ has quit IRC18:11
lbtit should be doable really18:11
*** Raimiss has quit IRC18:13
kallaballahmm.. maybe one platform sdk per build would work around it, since it's chrooted18:14
*** Raimiss has joined #mer18:15
lbtyou can work around it - but we have IMG to do that18:15
lbtit's built to scale up image building as a service18:15
kallaballalbt: btw.. mtab bug seems to be a gonna. though i need to test more.18:16
lbtnice - good18:16
kallaballalbt: oh. didn't look at that one yet.18:16
lbtit's mainly of interest to vendors when they want to scale up18:21
*** Venemo has joined #mer18:23
*** situ has joined #mer18:25
*** Venemo_N950 has joined #mer18:26
*** Venemo_N950 has quit IRC18:27
lbthey Venemo18:36
VenemoI'd like to set up passwordless login on my N950 running Nemo.18:36
lbtnormal ssh applies18:36
VenemoI tried adding my public key to /home/nemo/.ssh/authorized_keys but it does not seem to have any effect18:36
lbtcheck permissions?18:37
Venemolbt, what do you mean?18:37
lbt.ssh may need to be 700 and auth 60018:37
lbtI always set both - not sure if both are needed :)18:38
Venemocould you please tell me how to set them? I'm kind of a noob at this area.18:40
lbtchmod 700 ~/.ssh18:41
lbtchmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys18:42
lbtalso ls -laF ~/.ssh and ensure they're owned by nemo and not root18:42
Venemoawesome, it works now :)18:43
Venemothanks lbt :)18:43
Venemolbt, you just boosted my workflow with 500%18:44
Venemoseriously! :)18:47
kallaballalbt: good and bad news18:47
CosmoHillwhat wait18:47
MerBotlbt: Error: "!!" is not a valid command.18:47
lbtonly good news is acceptable18:47
kallaballabuilding platform sdk: works. using the platform sdk to build mer-core-i486-xorg-basic-qmlviewer works.18:48
kallaballaso i'll ommit the rest :p18:48
* lbt guesses mipsel18:48
kallaballaexactly.. gonna file a bug18:48
lbtno need18:49
kallaballastill need to create arm builds and test them on my n90018:49
lbtadd to that one18:49
Venemolbt, is there any way to make the scp inside the SDK remember the passphrase of the ssh key?18:49
*** kallaballa has quit IRC18:50
lbtwell, ssh-agent does that18:50
lbtnot sure if it's included in any of our packages18:50
Venemolbt, I'm unfamiliar with it18:50
lbtit's there ... this is good18:50
lbtthere's a fair amount of tutorials on ssh-agent - ping if you get stuck18:53
Venemofor now, I'm just scping from the host system18:55
*** arcean_ has joined #mer19:01
Bostikdoesn't ssh-agent simply look up SSH_AUTH_SOCK for connection to the client?19:01
*** arcean has quit IRC19:02
*** rZr is now known as rzr19:03
*** kallaballa has joined #mer19:06
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer19:06
*** jonwil has quit IRC19:08
*** linux_tom has quit IRC19:09
kallaballatbl: currently building nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-0.20120614.1.NEMO.2012-07-02.1.ks.. gonna try it on my n90019:10
StskeepsBostik: how would you like to run wayland + mer on top of a android hw adaptation?19:11
BostikStskeeps: very much, thank you19:11
StskeepsBostik: how much are you into obscure operating system topics like linkers?19:12
*** Estel_ has quit IRC19:12
*** Estel_ has joined #mer19:12
BostikStskeeps: I don't *like* them, but in my work I've had to touch them - whether I know enough is another topic but that we'll probably find out19:13
*** Raimiss has quit IRC19:25
*** talavis has joined #mer19:27
*** yunta has quit IRC19:36
*** gimli has quit IRC19:36
*** kallaballa has quit IRC19:42
*** kallaballa has joined #mer19:48
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*** furikku has quit IRC20:00
*** InformatiQ has joined #mer20:00
VenemoSo, yes, it's possible to implement a cool desktop UX with QML.
*** rcg1 has joined #mer20:16
lbtalterego: did you make any changes to sdk 'exec' thing?20:20
lbtif not I'll rewrite it as per review if that's OK20:21
* lbt growls at m2crypto not being called python-M2Crypto20:28
Stskeepslbt: did we figure out more about UTC problem?20:30
Stskeeps / ntp20:30
lbtI got frustrated at the latency and then got into working20:31
*** mikhas has joined #mer20:32
alteregolbt: got for it :)20:35
Stskeepslbt: can we make it convention that hardware clocks should be utc?20:35
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC20:36
lbtStskeeps: let me make a couple of tweaks here and then look at it20:36
lbtlatency is sane now20:37
*** rubdos has joined #mer20:37
rubdosI did it. Ordered my N9 64gig black. I have it tomorrow or thursday :D20:38
alteregoIsn't that how things are supposed to be? :P20:39
lbtand slow again20:41
Stskeepslbt: i've edited /etc/sysconfig/clock , default timezone europe/berlin, and /sbin/hwclock --systohc --utc20:42
Stskeepsthis makes clock correct on phost6 at least20:42
Stskeepsinside kvm20:43
lbtfor i in phost4 phost5 phost6 phost7; do echo $i; ssh $i "hwclock --utc -s" ; done20:43
lbtfyi :)20:43
Stskeepsphost4 still gets wrong kvm clock20:45
Stskeepsi propose we take phost4 out of service until further notice, as obs worker20:47
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer20:47
lbtit's 11.4 vs 12.1 iirc20:47
lbtand OK20:47
lbtpuppet or it will bring it back20:48
Stskeepsi've stopped the obsworker itself20:48
Stskeepswill it restart it??20:48
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer20:48
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer20:48
lbtit's clever :)20:48
Stskeepsok, so how do i kill that?20:49
Stskeepsbeyond a phost shutdown20:49
*** clopez has quit IRC20:49
lbtdone it but: /etc/puppet/manifests/nodes.pp tells you all the service/roles for phosts and vms20:49
lbtjust commented out #  include obsworker20:49
*** Behold has quit IRC20:50
Stskeepslbt: sh-4.2# date20:52
StskeepsTue Jul 31 06:52:18 CEST 201220:52
Stskeepson phost720:52
lbthow do you break my systems?20:53
Stskeepslbt: by using them!20:53
lbtgoddam it life is easy without users20:53
Stskeepsplease take phost7 out of service too for now20:54
Stskeepsuntil we've solved that issue too20:54
lbtit's missing adjtime20:54
Stskeepsso does the rest, afaik20:55
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:55
lbtno, they have it20:55
Stskeepseither way, this explains the bizarre boot loops20:56
Stskeepsphost7 would build a pkg and those would stall for ages, phost6 would build one, but only loop for 2 hours20:57
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:57
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC20:57
Stskeepsphost6 is now reference for behaving correctly :P20:58
*** Oipo has quit IRC21:00
lbttry phost7 now too21:00
lbtI think we may have TZ as UTC too21:01
mikhasVenemo, nice video21:02
Stskeepsfeel free to start obs worker and monitor.. i'm off laptop as it's past bedtime21:02
Stskeeps(only way i stay sane ..)21:02
lbtArgument "48G" isn't numeric in multiplication (*) at ./bs_worker line 404.21:03
Venemomikhas, thank you :)21:03
alteregois there short name for /usr/lib/pkgconfig in .spec?21:04
alteregolike %{_pkgconfigdir} ?21:04
*** divanov_ has quit IRC21:08
*** NIN101 has quit IRC21:08
*** zzats has quit IRC21:10
Venemoalterego, %{_libdir}/pkgconfig21:10
*** zzats has joined #mer21:10
*** tanuk2 has quit IRC21:10
*** boklm has quit IRC21:10
Venemothat may not be shorter but it's more appropriate21:10
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC21:11
alteregoThat's what I'm already doing ;)21:12
*** boklm has joined #mer21:12
*** pohly has joined #mer21:12
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*** situ has joined #mer21:45
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Venemodo we have anything like libsocialweb in Mer?21:56
*** himamura has quit IRC21:59
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC22:03
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