Friday, 2012-07-27

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* iekku offers Stskeeps some coffee05:45
timophI'm pretty sure that 90% of open source code wouldn't exist without coffee05:46
Paimentimoph: but some of it could be better without alcohol :P05:47
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Paimenbut yeah lot of coffee have beel flowing this morning when I try to understand qt5 branch of tdriver05:48
* timoph reading qmf docs05:49
iekkutimoph, that f***g lumia didn't charge itself during night05:50
iekkuso it seems i can't take it05:51
timophyou could make a piece of art from it: 1) nail it to a 2x4 2) frame it 3) hand it to wall next to your workdesk to remind why you're not doing nokia work anymore05:53
Stskeepsok, i know people normally hit moose on motorways.. but did you ever have a stork be in low flight in front of your car?05:55
Stskeeps(we didnt hit it but it was -low-)05:55
Paimeniekku: haikara05:57
timophiekku: there creatures that bring you babies I believe :p05:57
iekkui don't belive in babies, so haven't seen any stork05:57
iekkuwait what?05:57
iekkuPaimen, haven't heard earlier05:58
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Paimenoh well, this bungle of messy code needs to wait for next monday06:23
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Paimenhmm s/bungle/bundle06:25
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Bostikiekku: those creatures are usually called "midwives" I believe07:09
Oipo9 AM and talking about midwives.07:10
Stskeepsand storks07:10
OipoSomeone got visited by a stork?07:11
Stskeepsi had a near hit with one while driving07:12
OipoOh man. Well, good way to wake up, no? With a bit of adrenaline instead of caffeine.07:12
Stskeepsyeah :P07:12
* iekku prefers caffeine07:20
OipoYep. Me too. *sips*07:22
* timoph starts listening Turmion Kätilöt07:23
Stskeepsdevelopment  on irc can be a bit dry at times so if you manage to get a virtual office kind of feel, it helps a lot :P07:23
OipoOh yes, I've been an IRC guy for about a decade now. I've seen communities come and go, sadly.07:24
OipoBut in almost all of them, a feeling of homeliness formed somehow. I guess it's just that which makes people come back, no?07:25
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iekkuhmmm, should i listen to some punk07:28
iekkuor wait until evening07:28
Paimenwell I need something comforting later today07:28
Paimenneed to take one of our dog to final trip to vet :/07:28
OipoIn the mornings I usually start with some easy-going jazz. You into that?07:28
iekkuPaimen, ouch! the last service for a friend is hard07:29
* iekku hugs Paimen 07:29
OipoGood luck with that man.07:29
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vgrade__Sage: any changes required in kernel packaging after your work upgrading systemd etc08:45
Sagevgrade__: got it working :)08:45
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Sagevgrade__: -next boots on my N900 now with new systemd08:45
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vgrade__Sage: yes , I saw. nice one.  I was just checking if there was any general changes required in kernel packaging?08:46
vgrade__Sage: did you have to make any changes to N900 kernel packaging08:46
vgrade__Sage: which may be required in other kernels?08:47
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Sagevgrade__: moment08:47
Sagevgrade__: so basically two things that really mattered. a) depmod -a should be run after kernel installed b) /boot partition is vfat and that module needed to be buildin to boot properly08:48
Sagein theory systemd/kernel or something should modprobe the vfat module but that didn't happen08:49
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E-Ptimoph: have you got this before when executing tests with tr-lite "logger: invalid option -- 'e'"09:09
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E-Pusing remote execution over ssh09:10
* Oipo cracks knuckles09:12
OipoTime to get working.09:12
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OipoStskeeps, in updating any library in Mer, would one need to test if an image can be made correctly? Or somehow test that the upgrade works correctly? What's the default way to handle this?09:26
lbt_awayOipo: normally yes09:29
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lbthave you seen the SDK page?09:29
OipoI've looked it over a few times, yes.09:29
OipoI managed to get it up and running.09:29
lbtso that has manual image creation details on it09:29
lbtwe *will* *soon* have automatic image creation09:30
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* lbt is blocking that :/09:30
OipoAlright. I'll have a look at that.09:30
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* iekku starts vacation, next 2 weeks not so much contribution in here09:40
E-Piekku: have fun!09:42
iekkustarting with finlands biggest punk festival09:43
iekkuand sun is shining09:43
zzatsthe weather is _great_09:44
OipoSweet. I've once been to Ilosaarirock. Which festival you headed to?09:46
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kyyberiiekku: have fun10:03
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E-Ptimoph, Stskeeps: eat-run-command mixes up remote test executions10:10
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PaimenE-P:  that qt5 branch is bit of a mess, it is based on 1.3.1 and they have commented out QGraphicsView related code etc10:23
Paimenwell most propably they need to test qtquick 2.0 and just hacked it to work and removed widget code, because of those have new include path10:24
Paimeninclude paths etc10:24
PaimenI'll look into that next10:26
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Paimenhmm next week10:27
Paimenmy enter finger is too quick today10:27
E-Pwould be nice to get the latest tdriver to work with qt510:28
Paimenyeah, it should not be problem only thing that comes to mind is how to do backward compatibility with qtquick 1.010:29
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E-PPaimen: that might be an issue10:35
Paimenwell actually if I remember correctly I should just include qtquick1/qdeclarative<component>.h and they should be available viw graphics view10:35
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Paimenbut something to dig into10:35
Paimenbut I think that is why qt5 branch has commented out GraphicsView code10:36
E-Pthanks for looking10:38
Paimenwell I keep looking and mergin this. I'll use if you want to check my progress10:39
Paimenso far I only merged memory bug fix there so I do not forget to add that10:42
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Oipoosc ls returns http error 401. Do I need to register on a site somewhere to use osc? *never used opensuse*11:02
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denismOipo: osc -A ls11:03
lbtOipo: there's a ~/.oscrc ... each of the api entries can have an "aliases=" value ... there's also a default api11:05
OipoAh right.11:05
phaeron1even better :
OipoThough I still have a problem logging in on the meego apiurl. Hrm.11:06
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Oipo uses the login credentials from the Mer Gerrit, right?11:12
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SageOipo: no. That uses credentials from www.meego.com11:20
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SageOipo: also one needs to ask from lbt or phaeron1 to enable the access to that obs after creating the credentials11:20
lbtyup - thought you had that11:21
OipoYeah, I didn't find that explained anywhere.11:21
OipoI thought I did as well.11:21
lbtwhere are you going to add it ?   *g*11:21
OipoI see what you did there.11:21
lbtbut that's from meego days11:22
lbtwe need to add some getting going with osc to the mer wiki11:22
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lbtI'll probably do that as part of the sdk work next week11:22
lbtfor now ... just tell me your acct name11:23
OipoWell, I could add some small info on Platform_SDK#Running_osc and Contribution_in_detail#Configure_osc11:23
OipoIt's Oipo11:23
lbtdone - I think I'd done you already11:23
lbtI'd go for a discrete osc page11:24
lbtand link to it from places that need it11:24
OipoGood idea.11:24
lbttrying to keep the wiki  with a strong "one primary theme per page"11:25
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lbtand tutorials are too hard to keep updated11:25
OipoHmm, it still rejects me.11:26
OipoOkay, maybe I forgot my password.11:26
* Oipo facepalms11:27
OipoOkay, moving on.11:27
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OipoOh. While I did use the wrong password, it still rejects me.11:30
Oipolbt, is the username case-sensitive? If so, it's "oipo"11:31
lbtjust double check you're on pub ... there's a too11:34
OipoOh. I guess it took some time to propagate or something.11:35
lbtcreate+password changes take 10m... everything else is instant11:36
lbtbut nm if it works now11:36
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OipoThe wiki could use some formatting to ignore specific formatting. Or does it have that already?11:59
OipoAt least, backslashes don't work.11:59
OipoOh got it. I guess i'll have to make a wiki formatting page as well.12:01
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vgrade__mdfe_: hi12:39
vgrade__how's things12:39
alteregoBig n9?
alteregoMore like a 770 with N9 internals :)12:43
alteregoI wonder how hackable it'd be ..12:44
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vgrade__alterego: usual story I guess12:46
alteregoAre there any 7" tablets with OMAP?12:46
alteregoSomething that'd run what we have already on N912:46
vgrade__yes, I think one was linked here recently12:47
alteregoWell, sure I can google it :)12:47
phaeron1archos g8 maybe12:47
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Lava_Croftthe vivaldi tablet?13:38
Lava_Croftim not sure if thats omap13:38
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mdfe_vgrade__: hi, sorry really busy atm13:39
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vgrade__mdfe_: same here,13:40
mdfe_vgrade__: I hope I will find some time in an hour13:40
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situIs there any way to browse source code online for Mer ?17:06
oipoThere's the mer webgit page, if that's what you want.
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lbtsitu: it's not source though :/17:25
lbtit's tarballs17:25
lbtFWIW I'm working on a solution for that17:25
oipoI'd like to take this moment to whine about the long compile times Qt has: 45 minutes and counting.17:27
oipoOkay, thanks for the moment.17:27
situlbt: what's the solution ?17:31
situsorry I was out.17:31
lbtoipo: yep - buy an SSD or use tmpfs :)17:32
lbtsitu: it's called git-pkg17:32
oipoMy VM doesn't have enough memory to use tmpfs haha. But yeah, an SSD would be nice.17:32
oipoAnd it errors out near the end of course, due to limited space. I am overjoyed.17:33
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lbtoipo: try to use tmpfs backed by swap17:33
oipoHmm, that might work I guess.17:33
situAre we having problems with build bots ?17:36
*** oipo has quit IRC17:37
situI tried to change spec file of few projects, and build bots fail to compile.17:37
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situStskeeps: ping17:39
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lbtsitu: he's on holiday17:40
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CosmoHillwatching the opening cermony, bbl20:01
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sivangevening all :)21:03
sivangI've installd the platform SDK as instructed on the wiki, and I'm just before doing the build image test as per , after this image is created, can I just run it through QEmu to play with Mer on my PC?21:04
sivanghey there Oipo21:04
OipoI haven't actually gotten that far! I just got stuff to compile and such.21:05
sivangah okay. I'll continue googling then :)21:05
OipoSurely other people know. *looks at lbt*21:05
sivangwell, I'll take more steps to research before bothering lbt ;)21:06
phaeronit depends on the  type of image your produced. an i586 raw can be run in virtualbox for example21:07
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sivangphaeron: are there any prebuilt images for testing from a server somewhere?21:11
* sivang on a sparse GSM network connection, not sure he can download reqs for image building but going to give it a try anyways.21:11
sivangOipo: what have you compiled so far? </curious>21:12
OipoI'm busy updating Qt to
sivangOipo: oh, on your Mer? you should try QtQuick 2 with hardware accel. :)21:13
sivangOipo: even building it on my crappy ULV laptop took only 2.5 hours21:13
OipoYeap. Still getting used to how everythign is structured. I rolled into Mer two days ago. Kinda overwhelming trying to understand everything.21:13
OipoIt took me a little under an hour in my VM.21:14
sivangOipo: wow, strong machine?21:14
OipoIt's just an i5. If I had an i7, it'd be even faster.21:14
sivang(mine is an ultra low voltage laptop with pentium something single core proc.)21:14
phaeronsivang: nemo vm should work21:14
OipoNot to mention that I've got an older model i5. I'm sure it's not that strong :)21:14
sivangphaeron: k, I'll go dig some more21:15
*** gabrbedd_ has joined #mer21:15
sivangOipo: most of the stuff in Mer btw, are based on upstread legacy, you probably know that already but everytime you find yoruself overwhalmed try to find the "source", e.g.  for instance- if you are trying to figure what goes on in boot process, track it down to systemd which apparently is what Mer uses to do parallelized system bootup21:16
sivangOipo: but you probably know that already :)21:16
OipoHmm, I'm familiar with most of the packages used in Mer. I'm more talking about the entire process to build images, packages, use the git, OBS etc.21:17
sivangOipo: ah, well, those require a bit of learing curve. I'm recouping on it myself to see if I can handle it after a while I've been away.21:18
* sivang goes to try and build an image.21:18
phaeronyeah there's always a learning curve associated with new tools, but we try to help.21:19
OipoI'm managing pretty well with the helpfull people here :)21:20
sivangphaeron: wiki page for Platform SDK is quite good, I would love to see some references from it to how to wheat your appetite in like how to go from platform SDK installation to having an Mer  (nemo) image running for the enthusiastic contributor :) maybe they are there already and I overlooked?21:20
sivangOipo: yep, it is a well bread community that has already gone through some interesting phases :)21:21
OipoWell bread hmm? Do you also have peanut butter? *snickers821:21
* sivang notes is not a native speaker, and it is late for him and has been a long day , but urban dicts nonetheless :)21:22
phaeronthe difference between sdk and having an image running on hardware is the  hardware adaptation21:22
phaeronit's not a simple thing. but lbt has done excellent work on that, let me find the guid21:22
sivangphaeron: thank you.21:22
OipoHuh. Where does "osc ci" push the changes to?21:25
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:25
phaeronto OBS21:26
sivangphaeron: hmm, I should have been able to find that with this title / page url ;)21:26
phaeronwikis are confusing :)21:27
sivangOipo: I would guess it pushes to your corner in OBS, as osc is somewhat like a RCS system but from after packages are built21:27
sivangOipo: so that would probably be somewhere underl your userid, IIRC21:27
sivangphaeron: :-D21:28
OipoHmm. I know I once ended up on OBS of meego...I should bookmark important places.21:28
phaeronOipo: what is the project you checked out ?21:29
phaeronfrom the public obs , right ?21:29
phaeroncommunity obs21:29
OipoI think so yeah21:30
Oipo right?21:30
phaeronwhen you branch from a package it creates a subproject under  your home project21:31
OipoAaaah, nice. It committed it to there.21:31
sivangOipo: this is a good coverage about this, I also need to go over it to refresh so thought of pasting for you as well :)
OipoAh, thankss.21:34
sivangOipo: yw!21:35
OipoNow the only thing left is to try and build an image and get it to run in VirtualBox.21:36
*** jonnor has quit IRC21:46
*** jonnor has joined #mer21:46
sivangphaeron: right, so I can prolly use the ExoPC kickstart file to test on nemo vm/ qemu?21:47
sivangI mean, the image created using the exopc .ks file21:48
phaeronI am not sure that's the correct one. maybe check
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer21:52
sivangphaeron: are there other verticals than -handset- at the moment? (actually makes sense to focus on one IMHO)21:52
*** kallaballa_ has joined #mer21:52
*** kallaballa has quit IRC21:53
sivangphaeron: I see according to the pkg list that it should be good to go , though.21:53
phaeronno resources to create more vertical "UX" cases. help is welcome :)21:56
*** mike7b4athome has joined #mer21:56
*** kallaballa_ is now known as kallaballa21:56
phaeronthat's default UX's , however there are a couple of other UXes by the community21:57
phaeronPlasma Active and Cordia. maybe worth a shot to learn21:57
*** mikhas has joined #mer21:57
OipoHrm. So I created an image from the latest kickstart file. How do I add in my updated package? And how do I use the .tar.bz2 in an emulator? Lol.21:58
sivangphaeron: no as I said, concentrate on -handset- is what I wanted for us to do back in the old days as well :)21:59
sivangphaeron: yes, Cordia is using Vala right?21:59
* sivang recalls something from a year a far22:00
phaeronsivang: gnome / hildon based22:00
phaeronOipo: you want to add the repo produced by your project into the kickstart , before creating the image. use the kickstart in the url I pasted above to produce a raw file that you can boot in  a cm22:01
OipoAaah, gracias.22:01
*** blauzahl has quit IRC22:02
phaeronprego :)22:03
sivangyes, they promote and use vala, I recall talking to some cool guy a way back when he started Cordia with some others :)
*** Ian--- has joined #mer22:05
sivangphaeron: how can I add some repos to my PlatformSDK so I can use it with vim, wget etc?22:05
phaeronsivang: smoku hangs around here sometimes22:05
*** Ian-- has quit IRC22:05
OipoAnyways, off to bed. 'night people.22:05
*** Oipo has quit IRC22:06
phaeronsivang: zypper ar 'repourl'22:07
phaeronzypper ref22:07
phaeronzypper in vim22:07
phaeronetc ..22:07
sivangah right, I was trying to use yum and I was lacking yum-config-* etc22:07
sivangphaeron: is there a sense to leave yum there ? for backward compatibility or are some scripts using it?22:08
* sivang likes the PSDK feeling22:09
phaeronmic image creator uses it22:11
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC22:11
*** tsdedst has quit IRC22:13
sivangphaeron: ah, cool.22:15
*** blauzahl has joined #mer22:16
sivangimage creation started though a gsm network connection, /me crosses fingers ;)22:19
sivangphaeron: I get this notes about some libs dependencies requires, and then mic exists but I see no .img produced am I doing something wrong?22:23
*** gabrbedd_ has quit IRC22:23
phaeronsivang: make sure you use -A i68622:31
sivangphaeron: did --arch i586, as the kick start files noted '586'22:31
sivangphaeron: can I spec 686 when the kickstart file name has 586 in it? (not the filename hte issue, but perhaps the semantics in the ks depend on it)22:33
*** jonnor has quit IRC22:33
sivangphaeron: also, there's no need to specify --format=raw anymore right?22:33
sivangsorry for the bombardment of questions :)22:33
*** kallaballa has quit IRC22:36
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:37
sivangphaeron: wow, thanks! --arch i686 fixed it22:39
phaeronsivang: arch naming is a bit messed up.22:40
phaeronformat raw  is important if you want a raw image22:41
sivangphaeron: and raw is required to be run under a vm right?22:42
sivangphaeron: mic refused my -f raw attempts, but I can restart the creation process :)22:42
*** __kozak__|work has joined #mer22:46
* sivang notes the format arg is missing from mic help create22:51
phaeronsivang: mic create raw foo.ks22:55
*** gimli_ has quit IRC23:08
*** test__ has quit IRC23:10
*** phaeron has quit IRC23:20
sivangnote to self: get the mic source code to learn of command line args and usage as is not in mic create help :)23:21
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:22
*** rcg has quit IRC23:29
sivangyay, image created!23:40
*** sivang has quit IRC23:46
*** trbs has quit IRC23:48

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