Friday, 2012-07-20

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cristihow do I get mer to start the openssh daemon at boot?00:09
cristiit looks like there's no init script, or I can't find it..00:10
cristiactually there's something in /lib/systemd/system/, will try to get it run from there00:12
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cristilooks like the network is not starting, will check tomorrow00:41
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Sleepy_Coderlbt: So did it work out with that [very] minor lua thing I did?  I could write up some rules for it if you've been having trouble :]02:24
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E-Pmorning Paimen, rcg, iekku05:19
E-Pyep :)05:21
kyyberiwoohoo :)05:22
iekkutomorrow ZZTop \o/05:23
Paimensunday we have summer parties for friends :)05:26
iekkuone week to go and 2 vacation starts with Puntala (punk festival)05:27
iekku2 weeks05:27
Paimenwell one week of vacation and then well it kind of continues05:28
Paimenmore time to harvest berries and mushrooms from forest05:30
Paimenand more mer time :P05:31
Paimenand now there is use for all that money I have paid to union :P05:34
iekkusometimes it's good to have a bit bigger vacation05:35
iekkui could easily use 6 weeks05:35
E-Piekku: , I think we can resolve that. Should I first change the assignee to carsten and then closing it?05:35
iekkuor not really, it's so interesting times in jolla05:35
Paimenyeah, also first 3 weeks was just renovation of our home, so it is nice to have some time so you do not have to do anything you don't want05:36
Paimenjolla is exiting thing indeed05:36
iekkuif you ask my "wife" too exciting05:37
PaimenE-P: yesterday I was thinking those tdriver tasks basically you need to do them simultaniously because without modifications you cannot even compile agent_qt05:37
Paimensilly me05:37
E-PPaimen: you are right05:38
E-Piekku: I was also thinking should we change the Mer QA Tools product in bz to Mer QA05:41
iekkuwhy not05:42
E-Pand creating a new component 'tests'05:44
iekkui was expecting that :)05:44
iekkuE-P, done05:46
E-Pthat was fast, thanks :)05:46
iekkuit needs just couple of steps to create new components / edit older ones05:47
PaimenE-P: I think you knew, but for tdriver I think these should be gone trough as smoke test for it05:47
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E-PPaimen: actually I didn't know that :)05:48
Paimenwell you know now05:48
E-Pyep, thanks for the info05:48
E-Pat the moment we don't have any CI for tools05:49
E-Pso you have to run tests yourself before submitting changes05:49
Paimenwell those should investigated and maybe add some qt5 tests and then we have at least something we can use05:50
E-PPaimen: can I add you to QA's todo that you are working on TDriver?05:53
Paimenyeah you can add me, but I cannot promise any strict schedule beacuse wife has her vacation starting today and then for 3 weeks I'm not sure how much she allows me to sit before computer :P05:54
E-PPaimen: understandable :)05:55
Paimenbut yeah, as it seems it is not on anyone todo list I might start doing it05:56
E-PPaimen: this is voluntary work, work and family goes first :)05:56
iekkuE-P, wasn't it "food first, open source second" ?05:57
E-Pat the moment you have good knowledge of the TDriver and what needs to be done05:57
Paimenyup, but you can scrap that first so it is family and then this :D05:57
E-Piekku: yep :)05:57
Paimenfood is provided by IAET and they don't expect me to do work05:58
iekkuPaimen, :nod: if you do too much open source, it might be so that wife doesn't cook anymore05:58
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iekkuso no food :P05:58
Paimeniekku: wife, cook?05:58
Paimenme no understand05:59
iekkumy wife cooks05:59
jussiPaimen: I take it you are like me, the household cook? :D05:59
Paimenwell downsides or upsides of working from home is that you have more time to cook05:59
jussiI cook and bake so much better than my wife :D05:59
jussiPaimen: and now you have3 even more time...06:00
iekkuPaimen, not really. i was very annoyed that i need to cook during workday06:00
iekkuwaste of time06:00
Paimenwell I take it as time off from computer so I can think things trough06:00
jussithrough! Paimen!06:01
* jussi hugs Paimen06:01
jussihello timoph06:01
iekkuPaimen, pyh pah06:01
Paimenpeople meet jussi my personal dictionary and thesaurus06:01
Paimeniekku: well it kind of depends what you are into06:02
iekkumight be, i don't like cooking06:02
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timophah. the iekku's wife discussion06:02
timophalways funny06:03
jussihaha, I take it this has been discussed before then...06:03
timopha few times :)06:03
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timophbut you have to give it to iekku - she knows how to confuse people :p06:04
jussioh lol06:04
E-Pheh, yep06:04
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timophE-P: I thought of starting collecting pros and cons on doing python version of tr-lite to the wiki06:06
E-Ptimoph: finally :)06:06
timophE-P: I'm not that convinced that it's worth doing atm06:06
Stskeepswhat is it's deps atm?06:06
timopha sec06:06
E-Pyep, it is a big task to do and not important at the moment06:07
iekkutimoph, my relatives said last summer that i couldn't do anything else anymore to shock them, so i got married06:07
E-PStskeeps: mainly that the it is written in c, hard to extend06:07
E-PStskeeps: and it was designed to be executed on the device, which is not the use case anymore06:08
timophStskeeps: BuildRequires: autoconf, doxygen, libxml2-devel, check-devel, libcurl-devel, libtool, libuuid-devel06:08
timophthat's one of the things. with python you'd lose some performance and it would require more deps06:08
Stskeepsok, so not so bad06:08
timophand the optional libssh2 dep06:09
timophrun time deps: test-definition, openssh, testrunner-lite-hwinfo, libuuid06:09
timophit's called 'lite' for a reason :)06:10
E-Ptimoph: is duplicate of ?06:10
timophand it's pretty thoroughly tested in actual use06:11
timophE-P: seems to be06:11
* timoph resolves it06:12
timophforgot that I filed it already earlier06:12
E-Pi did already :)06:13
timophhmmh. why did I pull the fix for it06:13
E-Pif I remember you wanted to fix it better06:13
timophyeah. I was planning to make refactor the definition into a template06:14
E-Pnow the Mer QA bugs and tasks should be up-to-date06:15
timophnow I remember. I started doing a mako template of test-definition but then started thinking that do we really want to add python, etc. as a dependency to it06:16
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jussiooh, gimli joining just reminded me, is there a mer image with xmbc for the imx53 starter board?06:30
Stskeepsi think sledges tried with imx5306:30
Stskeepsbut not sure about xbmc06:30
jussiIve seen it running perfectly there, but Im not certain what platform06:34
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lbtmorning all07:12
lbtnot working today btw07:13
Stskeepswedding anniversary?07:13
lbtwell, apart from when Denise isn't looking07:13
Stskeepsi won't be working on the 15th etiher07:13
lbtyeah - she puts up with a lot07:14
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Stskeepsmorn saya07:18
sayagood morning!07:18
StskeepsSage_: i'll boot nemo mer-next on actual hw to debug a bit..07:22
E-PStskeeps: when you have time, could you send the Mer Core package list?07:24
Stskeepsdid i already send the initial groupings?07:25
E-PStskeeps: at least I haven't got anything07:25
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Sleepy_Coderrahh, I need to move to antarctica where I can play with my bulldozer proc in relative comfort :(07:39
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jussiStskeeps: we should ban lbt for the day07:53
lbtshe's not found me yet07:53
jussilbt: still, you should be planning something.... fun...07:54
lbtjussi: we're going to look at kittens at 11am :D07:54
Stskeepsjussi: hide and seek is fun07:54
lbtStskeeps: that too07:54
jussiStskeeps: hiding what? :P07:54
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E-Ptimoph: good points07:56
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kylanpaj_timoph: is there more discussion about reimplementation somewhere?08:05
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ZogG_laptoplbt mazal tov btw anniversary08:11
timophkylanpaj_: in different irc logs :)08:13
timophthat's why I started that08:13
timophjust to collect people's views about it08:13
cristivgrade2: ping08:15
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Stskeepscristi: if r-pi questions, i might be able to answer too08:16
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cristiStskeeps: it is08:17
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle08:18
cristiI'm trying to connect to my pi over SSH, it looks like the networking service does not start, or I am doing something wrong08:19
cristiI don't see it on the network at all08:19
Stskeepscristi: show me the .ks you've used?08:20
cristithe one listed in the wiki08:20
cristione sec08:20
Stskeepsok, go in and edit releases/0.20120209.1/ to say releases/0.20120614.1/ instead08:21
cristiStskeeps: do you have a better one?08:21
Stskeepsand it should come up on boot afaik08:21
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cristiare there any reasons why not using the latest one, 0.20120719.0.1/  ?08:23
Stskeepsthat's a snapshot08:23
Stskeeps0.YYYYMMDD.1 is a full release08:23
Stskeepssnapshot one we know to be broken :)08:23
cristiokay, thanks :)08:23
cristiany ideas why would mic try to open in gedit some install-root file that I don't have permissions to open as my user?08:27
cristiduring the build of the raspi image08:27
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Stskeepsno, are you using mer platform dk?08:28
cristiyes, this is from the sdk08:28
Stskeepswtf :P08:28
Stskeepsno, i don't have any explanation of that.. or why gedit is in the sdk :P08:28
Stskeepsbug please and as much info as you can..08:29
cristilet's see08:29
cristiit opens thegedit outside of the sdk chroot08:29
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Stskeepsany messages during build?08:34
cristino, the build seems to be fine08:34
cristiat least the previous one was, except for the networking issue08:35
cristiit booted nicely and ran the qtquick demo08:35
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: i think i got closer on booting =P08:35
phaeroncould be launching it using a dbus socket exposed by the bind mounts or something08:36
cristiI'll finish burning the build against the current release then try to debug this gedit issue08:36
cristihi phaeron, long time no see...08:36
cristiI've seen you're working for jolla, congrats :)08:37
phaeroncristi: thanks :)08:37
phaeronhope life is treating you well :)08:40
cristiI can't complain, still at Nokia08:41
cristiI survived the layoffs once again :)08:41
phaeronyeah, someone else _would_ complain , but as long as you're happy, then it's ok08:42
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cristiI'm now on sick leave after breaking a bone last week, so I got more time to hack on stuff :)08:43
cristiand the bone is recovering faster than I expected08:43
cristiI got the raspi in the same day when I was injured08:44
cristijust in time, I would say ;)08:44
phaeroncristi: ah, get well soon then , and take care08:45
cristiyeah, well, it's not that serious08:45
cristiit could have been much worse, I'm happy it wasn't the case08:46
cristiI fell of my bike, without wearing a helmet08:46
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: now it boots in alternative Os but all i get is black sceen and led on =\08:46
cristirotated in the air then hit the concrete with by elbow, hip and back, but the head was untouched08:47
phaeroncristi: were you filming a stunt o_O08:47
*** fosstux has quit IRC08:48
cristithe elbow was broken, and got some bruises, yesterday I got rid of the gypsum I had around the elbow08:48
phaerongoes to show that the safety things we don't care about are for a reason :D08:49
cristiyeah, this was a tough lesson for me08:50
*** Openfree` has quit IRC08:51
cristibut I was extremely lucky08:51
cristiand surprisingly the pain was less than I expected a broken bone to be...08:51
phaerondepends on the type and extent of the fracture08:52
phaeronbut good thing you were lucky08:52
cristithe worst part was that the area under gypsum was getting itchy and I couldn't scratch it :)08:52
phaeronif it stayed longer you could get a window to scratch through08:54
cristiI actuaally did after a few days08:54
cristiit's so good that it's over08:54
cristiand the mobility of the arm is not impacted, I just must be careful about not using it for any heavy lifting08:55
phaeronget more sun to help harden the bone08:57
cristiit's a bit hard to get sun in here, it's been mostly cloudy the last month or so08:58
cristilot of rain08:58
phaeronok then get sun pills :D , ca++ and vit.D08:58
E-Psounds like Finland08:58
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cristiI'm in Berlin08:59
phaeronthe weather has been fine lately here08:59
phaeronups and downs but it's genearlly ok08:59
cristiI'm used to much warmer summers08:59
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cristiat home we get 30-35C a lot during the summer, here it barely gets at 25C09:00
E-Pin Finland we have had barely 20C09:01
E-Pbut nice weather to work :)09:01
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timophsigh. I'm starting to think that it's easier for me to implement a results viewer in Qt/c++ for tr-ui than to make the css/js/html stuff work offline09:06
E-Pwhat is the biggest issue?09:08
*** joroi has quit IRC09:08
timophgoogle charting api + references in the css files to a lot of images09:09
E-Pso the simplification of the result.xsl would fix that?09:09
timophlooks like we'd have to ship 2M+ files with test-definition09:09
*** Openfree` has joined #mer09:10
timophso we need a web dev :p09:10
E-PI can take a look on that09:10
timophxsl etc. stuff are not really my things09:11
*** jonnor has joined #mer09:11
E-Pdo you have any result.xml that I can use for testing?09:11
timopha sec09:11
E-Pactually, I can use tr-lite's regression tests09:11
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alien_Stskeeps: the raspi networking works now, I've managed to SSH to it09:20
*** alien_ is now known as cristi09:20
*** eebrah has joined #mer09:23
cristithanks for the help09:23
Stskeepsi think somebody packaged up the graphics libs too as well09:24
Stskeepsi might have been dreaming though09:24
Stskeepsmaybe you can take that + qt5 and try out qmlscene -platform eglfs09:24
*** aurium_ has joined #mer09:24
cristiStskeeps: are you talking to me?09:25
cristiI'm going to try the qtmediacenter on it09:25
Stskeepsstart at lower level first though09:25
Stskeepsget gfx acceleration working first09:25
cristigood point09:26
cristiwell, my goal is to get the qtmediacenter work properly on it09:27
cristibut I will take it slow09:27
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*** sledges has joined #mer09:32
sledgesHELO everybuddy09:32
sledgesinteresting layout, Stskeeps :)09:33
cristiFailed to load platform plugin "eglfs".09:33
Stskeepscristi: sec09:34
Stskeepscristi: qt5-plugin-imageformat-jpeg qt5-plugin-platform-eglfs qt5-qtqml-qmlscene qt5-qtqml-import-qtquick2 qt5-qtqml-import-window209:34
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*** denism1 has joined #mer09:36
cristilibEGL warning: GLX: failed to load GLX09:36
cristinow it's getting clearer09:36
cristithe HA might be missing GL support09:37
Stskeepshas an updated hw adaptation09:37
Stskeepswith gfx libs there09:37
Stskeepsyou might need to make sure -> and -> libGLESv2.so09:38
*** Openfree` has quit IRC09:38
Stskeepsor make it fit better into mer09:38
Stskeepsanyway, plenty of fun ahead09:38
*** pdanek has joined #mer09:39
mikhasw00t, surfaces API would improve Maliit VKB perf on higher screen resolutions, for the C++ version, but sadly not for QML + Qt4 (which still uses fullscreen overlay)09:39
*** clopez has joined #mer09:39
pdanekso anyone from Mer community going to get job in JollaMobile? :)09:40
Stskeepspdanek: many of us has worked there in stealth before going public..09:40
Stskeepswhich shows a good commitment to open source09:40
w00tmikhas: mmm, I think nemo is using QML09:40
pdanekreally? :O09:40
mikhasw00t, I kknow09:40
pdanekso Mer and Jolla will be in kind of cooperation?09:40
Stskeepspdanek: yup, mer is a open source project, properly openly governed, etc though09:40
Stskeepsjolla's a vendor like any other09:41
mikhasw00t, making every key on a keyboard a full-blown QObject (or a collection of QObjects even) might not be such a great idea ;-)09:41
mikhasbut that's what you have with QML, on top of the not-so-optimal rendering09:41
w00tQML performance on nemo - even with qt4 - is actually surprisingly reasonable09:42
Paimenhow is qtquick 2.0 on Nemo?09:42
w00tI guess we gain a lot from having newer just-about-everything09:42
StskeepsPaimen: i don't have any solid data under x1109:44
*** arcean has joined #mer09:45
alteregolame ... :
Stskeepsalterego: add -lm09:46
Stskeepsand not lame, helps perf a lot09:46
alteregoI know ..09:47
cristiStskeeps: do we have wayland drivers for the pi?09:50
Stskeepscristi: not yet but it's on my list when we have more updated qt packages09:50
Stskeepsit'd 'only' be for qt apps, but ..09:52
cristiwell, qt apps are enough for me :)09:53
*** mikhas has quit IRC09:54
alteregobloody autoconf crap.09:54
*** Openfree` has joined #mer09:56
* alterego holds breathe09:58
*** jluisn has joined #mer09:59
cristiStskeeps: you were saying yesterday about hardfp on armv6, what's the issue there?10:03
Stskeepscristi: well, the only real problem is the inability to use -mthumb so it might be heavier on ram10:03
Stskeepscristi: i'm considering to potentially make the armv6 hardfp more official10:04
cristiwhat are the steps to add it on Mer?10:05
cristimaybe I could help with this10:05
Stskeepswell, we need rpm architecture name for it, zypper support, image creation..10:05
Stskeepsto really get it done properly10:05
*** lofty306 has joined #mer10:09
alteregopackage is broken ..10:10
* alterego updates sources10:10
alteregoThat worked :)10:10
alteregoThough I bet tonegend needs to be integrated into systemd too -_-10:11
Stskeepsmaybe better in user session10:11
alteregoI can do that ;)10:12
cristiit looks like sivu's hardware adaptation has some issues, the image I generated against it doesn't boot anymore10:14
*** denism1 has quit IRC10:14
Stskeepssivu: ?10:14
*** denism has joined #mer10:14
cristiI'll take a look in there10:15
*** jjardon has quit IRC10:18
*** denism has quit IRC10:20
cristithe only difference that I can see is CONFIG_BCM2708_NOL2CACHE=n, which was added by sivu, otherwise the kernel and bootloader packages are identical10:22
Stskeepsyou have a a retail pi, right?10:24
*** merder has joined #mer10:24
cristimkimage is also identical10:26
cristiyes I do10:26
cristiI'll switch back to vgrade's adaptation and install the GL stuff from sivu manually for now10:32
ZogG_laptopi'm trying to recompile the source of kernel from nokia for harmattan with nemo .config and i get error arch/arm/mach-omap2/sec_hal_entry.S:26: Error: selected processor does not support ARM mode `smc #1'10:35
sledgessounds like hardfp/softfp issue, but I might be wrong10:37
Stskeepsno, just bad selection of processor, ish10:38
Stskeepssee how nemo does it10:38
ZogG_laptopi just copied the exact config from /boot in nemo10:38
cristinemo might have a newer kernel10:39
*** jluisn has quit IRC10:39
cristiso it might be that the option set for harmattan was changed and no longer works for nemo10:39
cristiand you get the wrong CPU10:39
Stskeepsnah, for n950 it's same10:40
Stskeepsjust a newer compiler10:40
cristithey seem to blame the compiler for this one ^^^10:40
ZogG_laptopgcc-config  -c10:42
*** rcg-work has joined #mer10:44
sivustskeeps, i updated the kernel to newer version and NOL2CACHE was introduced in newer kernel10:50
Stskeepssivu: ok, and it booted for you?10:51
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC10:51
*** fvennetier has quit IRC10:51
sivuactually i didn't try because i don't have a proper sd card at the moment10:51
*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer10:55
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC10:55
*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer10:55
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer10:57
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*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer11:00
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC11:00
*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer11:00
*** jd has joined #mer11:03
*** jd has joined #mer11:03
*** Jade has quit IRC11:06
E-Ponly one css file needed11:10
E-Pno other http files needed11:11
*** norayr has joined #mer11:12
*** jluisn has joined #mer11:13
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC11:19
*** jonwil has joined #mer11:21
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC11:22
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer11:22
*** fvennetier has joined #mer11:30
*** KaIRC has joined #mer11:37
*** pohly has quit IRC11:37
Sage_Stskeeps: found the mtab issue. So patching setup11:41
Stskeepsok cool11:41
Sage_or actually updating it to x.x.+30 version ;)11:41
Sage_we are lacking a bit behind :)11:42
Stskeepsjust remember we have local mods11:42
Sage_yes, those are patches11:42
Sage_will rebase those11:42
Stskeepsand less hard deps i think11:42
*** pohly has joined #mer11:45
kyyberivisualizing those dependencies is hell :)
*** himamura has quit IRC11:49
*** pohly has quit IRC11:59
Sage_Stskeeps: how do you boot raw vm image?12:03
Sage_my virtualbox at least fails to do anything for the image as it is output from mic12:03
*** situ has joined #mer12:06
*** pohly has joined #mer12:07
cristiSage_: you should build a vdi, I think mic is able to do it12:07
cristior you can convert the raw to anything else using qemu-img12:08
cristiI don't think vbox is able to use raw disk images12:08
Sage_Stskeeps: prelink with armv7hl12:09
StskeepsSage_: /boto partition12:09
StskeepsSage_: and VBoxManage convertfromraw12:10
StskeepsSage_: that looks really really bad..12:10
Sage_so something in our prelink in general has gone bad12:10
Stskeepsguess who touched it last? :)12:10
Sage_me? :)12:10
Stskeepscan you try with older prelink and see if it works better?12:11
Stskeepsjust git checkout the older version and build it12:11
dm8tbrSage_: consider using kvm + vmm, really good stuff12:11
cristiStskeeps: the r-pi hardware adaptation for GFX is pretty broken, I will create a new one from scratch starting from upstream binaries and get it work12:11
Stskeepscristi: alright12:11
Stskeepscristi: keep in mind it won't ever do x11 egl, just framebuffer egl12:11
Sage_Stskeeps: I'm considering currently just not use it for now and debug the systemd stuff12:12
*** oceanbubble has joined #mer12:12
*** oceanbubble has left #mer12:12
Sage_cristi: mic doesn't do vdi anymore12:13
Sage_so convert guide would be nice12:13
cristisee qemu-img -h12:14
cristiqemu-img convert -O vdi test.qcow2 test.vdi12:14
timophE-P: seems good. I'll try it with tr-ui a bit later today12:15
*** jmk_ has quit IRC12:16
kyyberilbt: any preference on which to build those bg processes for MeetMer? Resque? Backgroundrb? Whenever?12:19
*** rcg-work1 has joined #mer12:20
lbtwrite a cli implementation first12:21
lbtthen we'll automate later12:21
*** rcg-work has quit IRC12:21
* lbt is off again ...o/12:22
kyyberiwell...that's pretty far, lacks just connection to database and pushing new data12:22
kyyberilbt: cy12:22
*** smoku has quit IRC12:22
*** smoku has joined #mer12:23
*** aurium_ has quit IRC12:24
*** Aurium has joined #mer12:25
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer12:25
*** blaroche_ has joined #mer12:30
*** situ has quit IRC12:31
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer12:31
*** Jade has joined #mer12:33
*** Jade has joined #mer12:33
*** lofty306 has left #mer12:35
*** jd has quit IRC12:35
*** JvD_ has quit IRC12:39
*** JvD_ has joined #mer12:40
cristiStskeeps: how should I run a qt5 qtquick demo on top of the framebuffer?12:55
Sage_o_0 uh... our util-linux contains code under GPLv313:00
*** jmk_ has joined #mer13:00
jonwilis that a problem?13:01
sledgesjonwil, reading my mind :)13:01
jonwilIs someone using MER on a device that is tivoized or something?13:01
Sage_Stskeeps: our util-linux has 3 files that have GPLv3 license.13:02
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer13:02
jonwilunless someone is using mer on a device where the users cant change the software, it shouldn't be an issue IMO13:02
*** FSCV has joined #mer13:03
Sage_jonwil, sledges: Stskeeps might be better in explaining it. But something related to
sledgesI wish there was "legislative document into human language" dialectiser :)13:07
*** lbt has quit IRC13:13
jonwilif I read the clause correctly, once you distribute GPLv3 code, you cant sue anyone for violations of patents in that code (even if the patent-violating code was not in the specific version you distributed)13:13
*** eebrah has quit IRC13:14
*** lbt has joined #mer13:15
*** lbt has quit IRC13:15
*** lbt has joined #mer13:15
*** eebrah has joined #mer13:18
*** eebrah is now known as Guest125713:18
Stskeeps  cristi: -platform eglfs13:21
StskeepsSage_: what files? we disable some tools13:22
dm8tbrnow SPDX might come in handy13:22
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC13:23
*** Guest1257 has quit IRC13:25
*** diggy has quit IRC13:29
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer13:29
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC13:33
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC13:43
Sage_Stskeeps: have to recheck later just noted that13:44
Sage_hmmp... did the image boot ... :)13:44
*** pohly has quit IRC13:44
cristiStskeeps: I get nothing when running as user, and when running as root I get a segfault13:44
Stskeepscristi: egl and gles propelr y setup?13:45
cristiI guess so13:45
Stskeepscristi, will help diagnose later.. should really work13:46
Stskeepson the go atm so13:46
*** gimli has quit IRC13:47
*** rcg-work1 has quit IRC13:53
Sage_\o/ Xorg up with new systemd13:53
Sage_darn this takes time :)13:53
* Sage_ can see xterm13:54
Sage_Stskeeps: systemd, setup, filesystem, pm-utils, boardname at least needs patches :)13:54
*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer13:55
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC13:55
*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer13:55
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC13:55
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC13:55
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #mer13:55
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer13:55
Sage_also I have no idea what in Nemo side fails this is almost plain mer that I run in my vm atm.13:55
cristiStskeeps: I think I must fix the GLX stuff first, there are some missing components13:56
*** gimli has joined #mer14:00
Sage_Stskeeps: that boots to xterm already14:06
Sage_Stskeeps: main problems are in the filesystem part so setup and filesystem packages. See
*** lbt has quit IRC14:09
*** lbt has joined #mer14:12
*** lbt has quit IRC14:12
*** lbt has joined #mer14:12
*** cj101 has joined #mer14:22
cj101i have a few questions if anyone is here and willing / able to answer them14:23
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC14:23
* sledges LOL: " if anyone is here and willin" -> "Sleepy_Coder has quit (Read error..."14:25
sledgescj101, don't ask to ask ;)14:26
cj101is mer basically the new version of meego?14:26
*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer14:27
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC14:27
*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer14:27
sledgesMer = MeeGo - UX (UI) - Hardware_Adaptation + Coolness14:27
smokucj101: yes and no.  it's a new version of only a part of MeeGo - the core linux distribution.   without any user interface, nor hardware dependant part14:29
cj101ok cool. im trying to get it to work on qemu. im using qemu to emulate a raspberry-pi. if i use the raw file as the image then it just keeps rebooting. any ideas as to what im doing wrong?14:29
*** shanxS has joined #mer14:30
smokucj101: everything. ;-)  there's not much point in running pure Mer ;-)   you will get qml-viewer launched in a window and that's all.14:31
cj101ok i got the 3 files from here (link in the update section under the vid)14:33
smokuoh. so this is some distribution based on mer. bundled with some desktop and apps.14:35
cj101oh ok then. :( back so square 114:36
smokuthis may require working opengl implementation14:36
*** FSCV has quit IRC14:37
sledgesprovided that qemu is simulating everything so OS feels it really is inside a raspberry-pi and does not fall over14:37
smokuwe have mesa-llvm based opengl implementation working on qemu (used for i586 demo images), but I guess it is not bundled in the image you are trying14:37
smokuthus problems14:37
cj101smoku, basically I liked the way the meego ivi ui looked and want to find a version that will run on an armv6 processor as meego dont support arm i cant use it. i read somewhere that you could create a ui for mer in html5 so i thought about using it. ive been trying to find an image file that i can use on qemu with my setup all day lol14:40
*** norayr has quit IRC14:41
smokucj101: why don't you try i586 image?14:43
smokuthis one has llvmpipe GL renderer which works fine on qemu14:43
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC14:43
cj101but wouldnt that image be for an x86 cpu?14:44
sledgesqemu can do either cpu14:44
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer14:44
sledgeshowever, smoku, I think cj101's next question will be: can I run this thing on a physical HW once I get my Rasp-Pi? ;)14:45
smokucj101: yes.  but in case of Mer there is no difference in layout, packaging etc.  just different architecture with the exact same system14:45
smokucj101: for "trying it out" sake there's no difference.14:46
smokuunless you do not believe that we have working armv6 binaries ;-)14:46
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer14:46
*** talavis has quit IRC14:48
*** Behold has quit IRC14:48
smokui.e. I do all my Mer related development in native i586 build running on bare hardware.  then after I have stuff running the way I like, I just pull the same packages built for ARM, throw them on a tablet and it usually just work14:48
cj101ok so mer is redhat based then looking at these packages?14:53
cristiany ideas why I keep getting "Server returned an error: HTTP Error 401: basic auth failed"  when using osc against the public OBS?14:55
cristicj101: it's closer to opensuse than rhel/fedora14:56
cristibut it uses RPM packages14:56
cj101and i take it yum to install and update then?14:56
cristiit uses zypper instead of yum14:57
cristiand has a small subset of the packages available on a full blown general purpose distribution14:57
cristicj101: if you are planning to work on raspberry pi, just remember that the binary graphic drivers of raspi only work with the framebuffer, not with Xorg15:01
*** louisdk has joined #mer15:01
cristiso don't even try to add Xorg if you expect to have accelerated graphics15:02
cj101ok. ond oh. let me guess that image i just downloaded and have now got running on virtualbox is using xorg?15:02
cristiwhich one?15:02
cristisee here:
cj101the one smoku tole me about here ->
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC15:03
cristithat's another thing15:03
cristilemme check15:03
cj101also i have a problem with the one running in virtualbox. my mouse doesnt seem to be recognised15:05
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC15:05
cristicj101: use the virtualbox mouse in tablet mode, or how was it called15:05
cj101ah ok, is does work i just cant see the pointer lol15:05
cristiwell, the handset has no pointer15:06
cristiyou wouldn't want to see a pointer on your mobile device :)15:06
cj101lol, yea15:06
cristithe option is "enable absolute pointing device", in the system tab15:08
cristibut it won't be visible15:08
*** notmart has quit IRC15:08
cj101ok, so no mouse or keyboard. i want it to be able to use a mouse and keyboard if they are available. is there a way to set that up?15:09
*** aurium_ has joined #mer15:09
*** Aurium has quit IRC15:10
cj101ko unticking that box doesnt show the mouse pointer lol15:11
cj101or that could be as my mouse is not ps2 its use maybe?15:12
sledgescj101, you need to put export M_USE_SHOW_CURSOR=1 to effectuate during boot15:12
sledgesto see mouse pointer15:13
cj101ok thanks15:14
sledgesput it under /etc/profile.d/10-show_cursor.sh15:15
*** beford has joined #mer15:15
cristicj101: what do you plan to use the RPi for?15:17
cj101sledges,  ok now im getting lost. do i add it into the boot options or to a file15:18
*** louisdk has quit IRC15:18
sledgesthis is a bash env variable, cj10115:18
sledgesyou export it15:18
alteregow00t: DTMF buttons!
*** rcg has joined #mer15:18
sledgesso you add it to a file under /etc/profile.d/ <- files from here are executed during init (i.e. boot time)15:18
sledgescontents of the file are as follows:15:19
sledgesexport M_USE_SHOW_CURSOR=115:19
cj101cristi, eventually i will be using the device for 2 things (if i can get my hands on 2 of them) first one i will be putting in my car to replace the radio / cd / mp3 player, second one i will be using connected to my home tv as a media center15:19
cristicj101: I am already working on a media center with my RPi, started yesterday15:20
cristithis will be mer-based (Openelec already runs fine on it)15:20
cj101cool, well as i said, the first one i want to do is the car one so i can replace my radio with it lol15:23
*** yunta has quit IRC15:29
cj101sledges, ok, so how do i get into a terminal?15:34
*** Termana has quit IRC15:35
cristican you connect over SSH to it?15:36
cristithe other way would be to mount the image from another VM and do the changes to the filesystem, then boot Nemo off it15:37
sledgescj101, or Ctrl+Alt+F115:37
sledges(if you got keyboard ;))15:37
cj101cool, thanks15:37
cj101sledges, i cant as that just does it for the host machine lol15:38
*** wesk77 has joined #mer15:39
cj101cristi, i would try to ssh to it but i have no idea what its ip address is lol15:40
cristiyou can tcpdump and see what you give it while it's booting ;)15:43
sledgescj101, if it launches Xorg fine, mount your filesystem from another VM first, and just symlink /usr/share/xsession/default.desktop to your created file /usr/share/xsession/xterm.desktop with contents similar to You will then get xterm starting with Xorg15:43
cristi sudo tcpdump -i eth0 -n port 67 and port 68 -vvv15:43
cristii'm still haveing issues with osc, can anyone help me avoid/clear the keyring? it looks like I keep sending wrong simple-auth credentials and --no-keyring --no-gnome-keyring don't seem to help15:47
cristireply: 'HTTP/1.1 401 Authorization Required\r\n'15:48
sledges[there are no dumb questions]: is user/pass correct?15:49
sledgesBTW, I remember when once using osc, authenticating via https://15:49
cristiI know the password for the web interface, was able to login there, but it looks like the command line osc tool is having a cached one that's definitely wrong15:50
*** denism has joined #mer15:50
sledgescaching passwords....15:50
sledgesscary topic for a friday night :)15:51
cristiit looks like the gnome keyring had it stored15:51
sledgesare you using OpenSUSE? I thought Mer SDK had it all nicely encapsulated away in a chroot from an overlying host+UX15:52
cristiit's ubuntu15:53
sledgeswith 'native' osc ?15:53
cristithe sdk is running in chroot, but it has home bind-mounted inside15:53
cristiI have both in and outside the chroot, both fail the same way15:53
sledgessneaky gnome :)15:53
cristiit used to work a few months ago15:54
sledgescristi, try seahorse ti clear cache:
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:55
sledgesor simply rm ~/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring cristi15:57
*** clopez has quit IRC15:58
*** sledges has left #mer15:58
*** sledges has joined #mer15:58
cristithanks sledges but it doesn't work15:58
cristiI'll log off and try again15:58
*** aurium_ has quit IRC15:59
*** cristi has quit IRC16:00
*** clopez has joined #mer16:00
*** Behold has joined #mer16:00
*** Aurium has joined #mer16:02
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC16:04
*** cristi has joined #mer16:04
cristino luck16:04
*** ssirkia has left #mer16:08
cristisend: 'GET /source/home%3Aalien%3Araspi/_meta HTTP/1.1\r\nAccept-Encoding: identity\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: close\r\nAuthorization: Basic YWxpZW46\r\nUser-agent: osc/0.132.5\r\n\r\n'16:09
cristithe Basic authorization contains just my username16:09
cristias if my password would be empty16:09
*** fvennetier has quit IRC16:10
sledgesso, isn't osc opensource? ;) i still doubt it's gnome's problem16:11
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC16:13
*** smoku has quit IRC16:15
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake16:15
*** smoku has joined #mer16:15
cristiI'm looking at the sources16:15
dm8tbrdon't, for your sanity's sake16:16
sledgesfun times! "Let's look at the code" one of most nightmarish phrases by a lecturer to many of my coursemates back in a day :)16:16
sledgesdon't look, grep ;)16:17
*** smoku has left #mer16:17
dm8tbrcristi: what's your problem, can't find a clear thing from the backlog?16:18
*** cj101 has quit IRC16:20
sledgespdanek, Firefox OS looks like yet another Tizenoid :)16:20
cristidm8tbr: the osc doesn't ask for a password, the oscrc config file doesn't have it and so it just passes an empty string to the python utllib16:21
befordsledges: i tried the b2g osx build did not get it working16:22
*** shanxS has quit IRC16:22
sledgesb2g osx, b2g droid, b2g ios, [b2g win], ..? I'm not getting something here :)16:23
befordoh, I meant they are releasing some boot2gecko (firefox os) prebuilt for linux, osx, and windows. I could not get the osx one working P:16:24
sledgesgotya :) something like ubuntu out of windows (was called w.... something)16:25
befordyea but you don't need to install anything, let me get you the link16:25
cristidm8tbr: if I remove the username from .oscrc it just creates a Basic auth string containing the default of the config parser for the username, which is "your_username:" if you run base64 -d on it16:26
sledgesaaa, then it is an "EnterBootloader.exe" equivalent in iPAQ h1940 good ole times :)16:26
dm8tbrcristi: ah, I bet that's a bug and you have to put it in the .oscrc :/16:28
dm8tbrcristi: btw, are the permissions on oscrc right?16:28
cristiit works16:31
cristiI just had to write the password in plain inside oscrc16:31
sledgeswhere were you writing it otherwise?16:32
cristiI didn't have it there at all, just the username16:32
cristiand was expecting it to ask me the password every time16:32
sledgesyes, it is not elegant to have it there plain text, but that's how it rolls for the moment :(16:33
cristifuck, this costed me 3 hours16:33
sledgescristi, but how come it would work for you before?16:33
*** shrikrishna_ has joined #mer16:33
cristiI used it just a few times before, almost a year ago16:33
cristiI can't explain16:34
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC16:34
cristimaybe I removed it back then16:34
*** shrikrishna_ has quit IRC16:34
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer16:37
*** kzhk has quit IRC16:42
*** Guest6142 has quit IRC16:44
*** gimli has quit IRC16:55
*** blauzahl has joined #mer16:57
*** vilpan has quit IRC17:02
*** Attie has quit IRC17:04
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:06
*** gimli has joined #mer17:08
*** nsuffys has joined #mer17:13
*** Eismann has quit IRC17:15
*** slaine has quit IRC17:16
*** Behold has quit IRC17:18
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer17:18
*** rcg has quit IRC17:18
*** mikhas has joined #mer17:23
*** wmarone has quit IRC17:28
*** wmarone has joined #mer17:32
*** Behold has joined #mer17:33
*** wmarone has quit IRC17:33
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC17:33
*** wmarone has joined #mer17:34
*** clopez has quit IRC17:37
*** wmarone has quit IRC17:41
*** trip0 has joined #mer17:42
*** arcean_ has joined #mer17:42
*** arcean has quit IRC17:43
*** blauzahl has quit IRC17:48
*** blauzahl-laptop has joined #mer17:49
*** saya has quit IRC17:50
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:52
*** pdanek has quit IRC18:00
*** andre__ has joined #mer18:03
*** andre__ has quit IRC18:03
*** andre__ has joined #mer18:03
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC18:06
*** clopez has joined #mer18:09
*** bjarneh has quit IRC18:10
*** jmk_ has quit IRC18:14
*** clopez has quit IRC18:19
vgrade2cristi, hi18:19
*** Beineri_ has quit IRC18:20
*** Beineri_ has joined #mer18:21
*** leinir has quit IRC18:26
*** leinir has joined #mer18:28
*** leinir has quit IRC18:28
*** leinir has joined #mer18:28
*** wicket64 has joined #mer18:32
kyyberilbt: MeetMer can now update meetings list from cmd line script. I have also changed my database to mysql so that production env and mine are the same.18:32
*** pdanek has joined #mer18:36
kyyberimeetmer repo updated18:38
*** decibyte has quit IRC18:44
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer18:46
* Stskeeps returns to desk18:47
*** decibyte has joined #mer18:49
Sage_Stskeeps: check my last coments. Got the device to boot :)18:49
Sage_vm but anyway18:49
*** pdanek1 has joined #mer18:50
StskeepsSage_: ok, got changes sent to gerrit yet?18:50
Sage_Stskeeps: needs quite a lot of verifying as my build env keeps breaking so probably something in setup or filesystem broekn18:50
*** pdanek has quit IRC18:50
Sage_also Xorg seems to crash first and second run stays up18:50
Stskeepsdoes it have a session set?18:51
Sage_I sent one minor fix to pm-utils though to gerrit18:51
Stskeepsso.. how do we get to release with this stuff?18:51
Stskeepsi'd be happy to take merges18:51
Stskeepsalso, stick with systemd version we have in gerrit right now18:51
Stskeepsif possible18:52
Sage_well, already went with 187 :P18:52
Sage_though that it was the problem but not apparently so debugged wrong thing at first :P18:52
Sage_But I must say that it is very hard to debug systemd when the system doesn't boot at all :D18:52
Stskeepswell, at least we're getting a very good reason for having good QA18:53
Stskeepsthis directly blocks release18:53
Stskeepscristi: did you get further?18:53
Sage_I can push the changes to gerrit I guess, but please don't accept any of them yet even if passes automated review. Very quickly packaged stuff and probably typos, but more eyes on them would be nice18:53
Stskeepsthat'd be good18:54
Stskeeps.. so do we fix systemd or do we revert it?18:55
Stskeepsand go for it in next mer release instead18:55
Sage_Well, I would say that if we can get x86 liveusb and N950 to boot accept the changes.18:56
Sage_I haven't done either one yet as had to leave the office just a moment after I got it booting :)18:57
cristiStskeeps: I took a break18:57
cristivgrade2: it was about raspi18:58
Stskeepscristi: alright18:58
StskeepsSage_: okay, so, do you plan to look at it over the weekend? :P18:58
Sage_I plan to look at it now :)18:58
cristiI forked sivu's OBS stuff and working on that now18:58
Stskeepscristi: alright18:58
Sage_got back to my comp just now :)18:58
StskeepsSage_: OK18:58
StskeepsSage_: is what got removed of meegoish stuff btw19:01
StskeepsSage_: i really don't understand how prelink started breaking out of the blue..19:04
*** leinir has quit IRC19:08
*** wmarone has joined #mer19:09
Sage_Stskeeps: maybe it has done that for a long time already but we have just missed it?19:09
StskeepsSage_: i can check if 0614.1 does it19:10
vgrade2cristi, ok i saw chat, I've updated to add new release details. Feel free to add anything.19:14
Sage_Stskeeps: ok, changes pushed now. Will do N950 image next and see if that boots19:15
cristithanks vgrade219:15
Sage_Stskeeps: review with very critical eye appreciated.19:15
vgrade2cristi, just a word of warning you may need to get a matched set of kernel and gpu drivers from the Rpi repos19:15
cristiwell, I am now trying to get an Xorg-less build work with qt519:15
cristiouch, I forgot about that19:16
cristimaybe that's why it was broken19:16
StskeepsSage_: seems like 'setup' broke19:16
* Sage_ :headdesk:19:17
Stskeeps0614.1 doesn't do it19:22
Sage_oh, but it has the prelink update so something else19:23
Stskeepsi'm really astonished at what this could be..19:23
*** mikhas has quit IRC19:24
Stskeepsit really shouldn't be use in any way19:25
Sage_oh, true19:25
Sage_well, nothing cause rebuild for that in last build19:26
*** tilgovi has joined #mer19:30
*** tilgovi_ has joined #mer19:32
*** tilgovi has quit IRC19:33
*** mike7b4athome has joined #mer19:34
cristihow could I build an ARM package locally using the platform sdk?19:34
*** tilgovi_ is now known as tilgovi19:34
Stskeepscristi: osc build19:35
Stskeepsuse 'osc repos'19:35
Stskeepsto get parameters19:35
cristiosc build failed19:35
Stskeepsyes, with what error..19:35
Stskeepsphaeron: could you do me a favour and do a repodiff on mer 20120614.1 and 20120719.0.1?19:37
*** rzr has joined #mer19:45
cristiStskeeps: thanks, I figured it out19:47
StskeepsSage_: there's nothing that makes sense about this glibc stuff..19:48
* mike7b4athome kinda confused reading MER wiki, where should I start if I want to setup a "local toolchain" ;)19:48
Stskeepsmike7b4athome: .. local toolchain?19:49
Sage_Stskeeps: did you manage to find the problem with systemd-fsck?19:49
cristimike7b4athome: just use the platform sdk19:49
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer19:49
cristiit will automatically short-circuit do a lot of toolchain compiling stuff that you're used to in other projects by using binaries stored in the OBS19:51
cristiit's pretty awesome19:51
Stskeepswe also have sb2 in there, too :P19:52
cristimike7b4athome: check
mike7b4athomeforget my question, it seems I have to learn before I ask stupid questions ;) I am just affraid of that OBS thinngy. I want to compile stuff locally :)19:54
cristiyou will compile stuff locally, but only your own stuff, not the toolchain19:55
cristieverything else is fetched from the OBS on demand19:55
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC19:57
mike7b4athomecristi, ok19:57
*** furikku has quit IRC19:59
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:04
phaeronStskeeps: yes will do20:04
Stskeepsphaeron: thanks.. we're chasing down some random corruption so20:04
*** jepped has quit IRC20:06
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC20:06
Sage_Stskeeps: did you manage to get ethernet working on your vm image?20:09
StskeepsSage_: i haven't tested that.. ifconfig eth0 up ?20:10
Stskeepsis connman there?20:10
Sage_yes, I have 3 problems now with systemd20:14
Sage_1) fsck fails. 2) bluez fails 3) pam/login reports errors with20:14
Sage_besides those it seems to work :)20:15
Stskeepsthere's nothing that should cause glibc corruption there..20:16
*** dijenerate has quit IRC20:17
Sage_Stskeeps: and 2 and 320:18
Stskeepscheck bluez service file from fedora?20:22
Sage_they are using the upstream stuff as are we20:23
StskeepsSage_: ok, so it seems like glibc error is caused by a corrupt glibc build20:26
Sage_ <- might be part of pam issue20:26
Sage_corrupt glibc build?20:26
Sage_err... that can cause anything20:26
Stskeepsi just linkpac'ed glibc into another project, rebuild20:26
Stskeepsno issue20:27
*** blaroche_ has quit IRC20:27
* Sage_ ponders how much issues he is seeing because of that20:27
Stskeepsi think this calls for a total rebuild20:27
Sage_well, in tat case I would say that those last patches from me would be nice to go in. Though probalby couple of more fixes needed, testing that pam next.20:28
Stskeepslbt: phost2 seems to have been corrupting stuff somehow20:30
*** Behold has quit IRC20:30
*** beford has quit IRC20:31
Sage_yup pam issue fixed20:31
Sage_pushing to review20:31
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer20:32
Sage_so fsck and bluez are visible issues on the minimal mer boot20:32
Sage_so almost there :)20:33
Stskeepsi'll let them review the night over and then admit them20:34
* Sage_ ponders if this would already boot on N900 and nemo20:34
*** ulf` has quit IRC20:34
Sage_err... what20:34
* Sage_ is getting tired 20:36
Sage_forgot to save file :P20:36
*** poka has joined #mer20:37
*** ulf` has joined #mer20:38
*** rcg1 has joined #mer20:40
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*** poka is now known as kola20:47
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*** himamura has joined #mer21:05
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle21:05
Sage_Stskeeps: I'm thinking that the glibc thingy can be part of the cause for this all. I can't figure out couple of odd things that are happening in the image.21:07
cristivgrade2: why do we patch the kernel makefile and add KBUILD_CFLAGS  += -mno-unaligned-access ?21:07
cristivgrade2: shouldn't we push this patch upstream?21:07
*** jonnor has joined #mer21:13
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cristiI bumped the hardware adaptation rot raspPi to the current upstream code, the stuff is now building in my OBS repo21:30
*** situ has joined #mer21:37
*** beford has quit IRC21:41
*** talavis has joined #mer21:42
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*** situ has joined #mer21:50
vgrade2cristi, we have to add that when we upgraded gcc21:53
vgrade2its needed on all arm kernels using that version on gcc. kernel boot hangs if its not there21:54
cristiit looks like my newly built kernel hanged for some other reasons21:56
cristiand I have no idea how ti debug this kind of hangs21:57
vgrade2did you upgrade the bootloader package as well.  All packages need to be from the same release21:57
cristididn't update the bootloader yet21:59
cristiwill try that too21:59
cristikernel and gfx are in sync with current upstream22:00
cristiwill update the rest soon22:00
cristihopefully that fixes it22:00
vgrade2let me know how you get on, I'll be around this weekend.  night22:02
* CosmoHill gives vgrade2 a cookie then wonders off22:07
cristiI don't understand how could they make hundreds and hundreds of megs of hardware adaptation binaries for the rasPi, this is insane22:09
cristiyeah, they duplicate everything there, as I was expecting (gcc, kernel image and so on)22:11
cristiand we just use a tiny fraction of all that22:11
CosmoHillnight night .o/22:15
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC22:16
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Sage_Stskeeps: ok, so fdisk and partx are using also gplv3 code blob not only the lscpu that was disabled already22:45
*** NIN101 has quit IRC22:47
Sage_pah, and now I broke sb2 :)22:54
Sage_ok, time to sleep22:54
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