Thursday, 2012-07-19

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ZogG_laptoplbt: still around?02:52
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ZogG_laptopso if i install nemo/mer/other_os as dualboot as said on wiki03:12
ZogG_laptopwhen i flashed with moslo and extracted rootfs03:13
ZogG_laptopwhen i boot into harmattan, where this rootfs is? i want to try to chroot in there03:13
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E-PStskeeps, phaeron: you were on tv :) (starting from 6min)05:21
Stskeepsoh crap05:21
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E-Pnot so bad05:24
Stskeepswe're actually discussing non-secret stuff05:24
Stskeepsthat's Mer:Tools:Testing on screen05:25
E-Pit looks good when there is only one red line and lots of green lines05:25
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StskeepsE-P: yes, it was a nice cut of the screen view ;)05:30
E-Pgood publicity for Jolla05:31
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* timoph installs flash plugin to see Stskeeps on tv :p05:44
Paimentimoph: yle-dl is good too :P05:47
timophPaimen: true05:48
timophso 1st Jolla news and Paavo Nurmi stuff *after* that. must be big :)05:49
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StskeepsSage_: ping06:14
StskeepsSage_: why does kmod provide module-init-tools?06:14
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Sage_Stskeeps: because it does06:19
Stskeepsok, so we should remove old module-init-tools?06:20
Sage_yes, but also should check that update doesn't cause problems from old image to new one for those that use it.06:20
Sage_It should update fine06:20
Stskeepsok, but kmod provides: module-init-tools, i guess06:20
Stskeepsthat's sufficient for another prerelease..06:21
Sage_yes, and obsoletes it06:21
* Stskeeps gets out the big hammer for obs..06:21
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* lbt is out this morning - time to start a pre-release in next 60m ?06:25
Stskeepslemme check obs..06:26
StskeepsSage_: can you do a nemo image to verify prerelease otherwise?06:28
Stskeepsand tell me if it seems like repos are sane06:30
Stskeepslbt: when do you come back?06:30
lbt~1pm UK time06:31
lbtjust checking space too06:31
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Stskeepsother than that i don't see any regressions.. lsof in utils behaves a bit odd however06:38
Stskeepsexecutable man page, etc..06:38
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Sage_Stskeeps: yes doing that atm.06:48
Stskeepsok, thank you06:48
Stskeepsi can help validate on n9/n95006:48
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Sage_Question, did someone change "next/next-release" link/file opposite they were before?06:49
Sage_meaning is now the link and is now the file containing the version06:49
Sage_I'm just wondering how did my script work before :D06:50
Sage_if I had the typo or if someone changed those two :)06:50
Sage_Package module-init-tools is obsoleted by kmod, but obsoleting package does not provide for requirements06:51
* Sage_ ponders what that means 06:51
Stskeepsnew prerelease?06:51
StskeepsSage_: ah, another udev fix needed06:52
Stskeepsthose test cases should be disabled anyhow06:52
Stskeepsas they probably wont work in dbus06:53
Stskeepserr, in qemu06:53
StskeepsSage_: did you get the message when generating image?06:54
Stskeepslbt: i think we need another prerelease for sage_ to fully understand what broke with kmod..06:58
Stskeepsunless he has exclude-pkg06:58
Sage_Stskeeps: wait a moment so I have time to check what things are wrong06:59
Sage_that module-init-tools thing seemed to be only warning07:00
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StskeepsSage_: you're not marko.saukko@jolla in mer bugzilla?07:04
E-Piekku: any easy way to get mean-time of fixed bugs from bugzilla?07:04
iekkunot really07:05
E-PI have to see if I find my python + bugzilla script somewhere07:06
Sage_Stskeeps: no I'm not, should I be? I like to have those mails to my gmail as I get them filtered better there.07:06
StskeepsSage_: ok07:06
StskeepsSage_: i guess not, code contribution is probably where it matters07:06
Sage_Maybe plugin for bugzilla where one can enter more than on e-mail?07:06
StskeepsE-P: you can export to XML07:08
Stskeepsat least07:08
* lbt realises his internal clock was wrong - not leaving for ~ 60m still07:09
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phaeronlbt: brain leap second issues ? :D07:10
Sage_mkinitrd-7.0.17-2.1.Nemo.Adaptation.N900.armv7hl requires /sbin/insmod.static07:13
Stskeepsdoes kmod have that?07:13
Sage_that is one thing we should get rid of as well, mkinitrd that is. Wasn't that replaced by something else couple of years ago or so?07:13
Stskeepsat least it's not used for x86 in later tizen versions, i think07:14
Stskeepsmm, not evne in use07:15
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Stskeepsmorn mikhas :)07:37
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* Stskeeps works on importing the usual batch of performance tools to mer07:44
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w00tStskeeps: cool07:47
lbtStskeeps: I thought you said the new CI/BOSS process was higher prio than that?07:49
Stskeepslbt: it is, but this is for other stuff.07:49
Stskeepsso i want to pick those pieces off and then do other stuff when i'm at home07:50
mikhashey w00t, you made it onto the frontpage of HN yesterday? nice!07:52
w00tentrely accidental!07:52
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Stskeepsbetter than on TV07:55
timophneed to start wearing sunglasses while ircing here with all these celebrities08:04
Paimentimoph: but that only means, we are almost celebs then08:05
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Stskeepsok, i'm almost sure that pacrunner is the source of many of our pacrunner bizarre issues08:09
Stskeepserr, zypper08:10
Sage_Stskeeps: prelink broke08:13
Stskeepsshow me/08:13
StskeepsE-P: when is mer qa meeting?08:14
* Stskeeps blinks08:15
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Stskeepsdid it do this in older release too?08:15
Sage_ not baesd on log08:16
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Sage_Stskeeps: and it seems to be i586 only08:17
StskeepsSage_: bizarre08:17
Stskeepscheck mer CI glibc build log?08:17
Sage_not sure what to look08:21
Stskeepsany linker errors, etc08:22
timophStskeeps: 12 utc (qa meeting)08:22
Stskeepsok thanks08:22
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Sage_none of those08:24
Stskeepswell, let's see if the thing boots08:24
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Sage_that error isn't in log files08:27
Sage_so it could have been earlier there as well08:27
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kyyberimikhas: direct link in ycombinator?08:34
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kyyberimikhas: ta08:36
E-PStskeeps: 12 UTC, and 15 Finnish time08:36
Stskeepsi'm first taking off at 8pm tonight, plenty of time..08:36
* Stskeeps is packaging some of the sp-* tools08:37
Stskeepsor rather, fixing them to match with mer..08:37
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Stskeepssage: didn't you build swaplogger at some point?08:48
Sage_yes, but couldn't find it anywhere last time I tried08:49
Stskeeps ?08:50
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Sage_who is using it? :)08:56
Stskeepsi guess pelagicore ivi guys08:57
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timophStskeeps: offline results preview with tr-ui requires a bit of effort to make happen. the problem is that the styling, images, etc. come from www and are defined in test-definition's xsl09:14
timophthat needs to be changed somehow in any case since currently it's fetching things from qa-reports.meego.com09:15
E-Ptimoph: should we deliver those files in the test-definition rpm package?09:16
timophE-P: I was just thinking the same :)09:17
timophand already did some experimentation09:17
timophthe problem to me is that the files contain css, js and images09:17
timophso I'm thinking a simplified version of the xsl would be something worth doing09:18
timophminimize the need for additional files and eye candy09:18
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E-Pand the result.xsl uses google chart API09:21
*** arcean has joined #mer09:21
timophyep :/09:22
E-Potherwise it should work if we add those css and image files to package and change the result.xls to point to local file09:23
E-Pthere is only 4 files, couple of css and one png09:24
timoph(already did that)09:24
E-Pgreat :)09:24
timophin a quick and dirty way09:24
E-Pcan you file a task about the simplification?09:25
timophjust heading out. I'll file it after I get back09:25
timophoh. the screen.css points to a few additional files..09:26
* timoph goes out. brb09:26
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timophE-P: 44409:44
*** vilpan has joined #mer09:45
E-Ptimoph: that is good, thanks09:45
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*** vilpan has joined #mer09:48
timophhah. at least we won't run out of things to do :)09:48
E-Pbreadcrumb plugin would be nice to wiki09:48
timophfile a fea req09:48
StskeepsE-P: ok, so not -that- bad09:49
Stskeeps22-81 days for a high bug we need to get down, obviously..09:49
*** himamura has quit IRC09:53
E-Pthere is only 17 high bugs, and 4 of them are over 40 days09:56
E-Pmedian for high is 12.809:57
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Stskeepsit'll be interesting to track those over time as operations scale up10:09
E-Pyep, we should update those metrics after release10:12
Stskeepsswaplogger working..10:12
Stskeepssp-rtrace working..10:16
kyyberiStskeeps: tracking feature in MeetMer?10:17
kyyberiI had in mind that viewing at least stats about bugs would be there10:20
kyyberia few more ours work and then back to hobbies10:20
*** cckwes has quit IRC10:25
* kyyberi added that in MeetMer issue tracker as enhancement10:25
kyyberithat is already mentioned in what dashboard should have
kyyberisort general level, not in details10:29
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StskeepsSage_: with the cubox, you have the vivante gles libs?10:41
*** situ has joined #mer10:44
*** wook has joined #mer10:50
Stskeepshello wook :)10:50
wookhello :)10:50
wooki wasn't expecting anyone active atm :D10:50
Stskeepsmany of us are in europe10:50
Stskeepswook: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?10:50
wookyes, i can assume that :D10:51
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wookwell, i was playing with my phone while ago multiboot....and i came across idea to write ui for boot loader that will be compatible not just with n950 but with n9 too and to be able to boot nitdroid, harmattan, meego, nemo, plasma...10:52
Stskeepsthe only sane way is really kexec10:52
wooki am not that familiar with linux terms as i come from symbian side :D and honestly, this is my first linux phone, and as to desktop, i use just package manager :D hehehe, so, it would be very very awesome if you explain me more :D10:53
Stskeepshehe :) if you have any questions about Mer, feel free to ask at any time, or on how to contribute10:53
RaYmAnStskeeps: Mer-as-a-bootloader? ;)10:54
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*** Myrtti has joined #mer10:55
RaYmAn(though ,given's current ability, it's kind of pointless to redo)10:55
*** dijenerate has joined #mer10:55
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wookwell, so far, i can contribute only by drawing, but i am learning about kernel level architecture, so, maybe in future i can contribute with that to. but now, i am wondering, why mer is not working with sillyboot, from how i see, mer will refuse to run from .img or from fat disk, right?10:55
Stskeepswook: correct, we load our own kernel10:56
Stskeepsas we need that10:56
wooknor it will boot from chrooted dir10:56
wookso, how to addopt them all? :)10:56
Stskeepsdunno, but running own kernel is only sane solution10:57
*** jonwil_ has joined #mer10:57
wookhehehe :D yea, i know nokia's kernel is not what we all like...but it boots nitdroid and seems like more n9's runs nitdroid than harmattan D:10:57
wooknot to mention n950s10:58
wookanyhow, i want to multiboot plasma active and harmattan, but i need open kernel-ed harmattan and seems to me it's not very possible, right?10:58
ZogG_laptoplbt: around?10:59
Stskeepswook: we only really support the moslo way on n9, sorry10:59
Stskeepsand nemo mobile stuff goes in #nemomobile anyway :P10:59
wookStskeeps, thank you very much for your support, you are very friendly :D :)11:00
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*** jonwil_ is now known as jonwil11:00
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Sage_Stskeeps: haven't checked yet. I started to package kernel already, but didn't have time to finish.11:21
Stskeepsseems like they're available from solid run wiki11:22
*** imunsie has joined #mer11:23
StskeepsSage_: looks like a quite nice device support by now.. even flash player there11:26
Stskeepsx11 gles libraries..11:26
*** Guest43803 has joined #mer11:27
Sage_Stskeeps: yeah, I'm trying to get the kernel and u-boot packaged during the weekend so that I can boot Mer and then move to more advanced stuff :)11:29
E-PReminder: Mer QA meeting starting in 27mins in #mer-meeting11:33
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StskeepsSage_: n9 doesn't seem to boot11:44
Stskeepscan you try n900?11:44
*** KaIRC has joined #mer11:47
Sage_Stskeeps: moment11:47
Sage_I've lost my microsd card reader11:50
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*** situ has joined #mer11:53
ZogG_laptopdoes moslo has output somewhere? or the way to see the log?11:57
Stskeepswhy does it crash?11:57
StskeepsZogG_laptop: telnet in/11:57
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: i get "failed to boot alternative os kernel" =(11:58
Sage_Stskeeps: found one :)11:58
*** rzr is now known as rZr11:58
StskeepsSage_: ah11:58
Sage_card adapter that is11:58
Sage_mm? ;)11:58
*** lizardo has joined #mer11:58
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: i need to set usb network for that right?11:58
StskeepsZogG_laptop: right11:58
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: than i think i need to learn how to do it after all =)11:59
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: lbt told that with dualboot method and moslo it loads harmattans kernel and not mine11:59
E-PQA meeting starting/ongoing12:01
E-Piekku, Sage_, phaeron, Stskeeps12:01
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer12:04
*** merder has joined #mer12:04
Sage_Stskeeps: did you get message about emergency mode?12:19
Sage_on n9 that is12:19
Stskeepsno framebuffer12:19
Stskeepsno fbcon, that is12:19
Sage_ok. So it seems that the12:19
*** blaroche_ has joined #mer12:19
Sage_Stskeeps: sending you a image to your mail12:21
StskeepsSage_: did we go for 185 or 186?12:22
* Stskeeps ponders12:23
* Stskeeps downloads VM12:23
Sage_Stskeeps: got my mail?12:25
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC12:25
StskeepsSage_: yes12:25
Sage_it seems that fsck has some incompatibility as well12:26
Stskeepswhich is funny12:26
Stskeepse2fsprogs lacking upgrade?12:26
*** mardy has quit IRC12:26
*** mardy has joined #mer12:28
Sage_yes, quite a bit12:30
alien_Stskeeps: have you made any progress with that llvmpipe issue?12:31
Stskeepsalien_: well, i wondered to work around it, using a GLX mcompositor instead12:31
StskeepsSage_: did you change anything around livecd stuff?12:33
Stskeepsas that breaks12:33
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #mer12:34
* Stskeeps stops complaining and just writes his own image..12:34
* timoph ponders if tr-ui work is relevant anymore12:35
Sage_Stskeeps: no, only change to there was the mkinitrd static dep removal12:35
Stskeepstimoph: it is, very12:35
timophStskeeps: I'm thinking currently to simply write a new view to display the results in it. meaning no more xml transformations using webview12:36
Stskeepsalso possible12:37
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:37
timophshouldn't require that much effort and can be done without having to patch test-definition first12:37
*** situ has quit IRC12:38
Stskeepsgenerally just something that's marketing friendly12:38
Stskeepsand manager firdnly12:38
* timoph gets the point :)12:39
timophbut lets see how I end up solving that one. I'm still experimenting with the current stuff with the needed files installed locally12:40
Stskeepsperhaps just package up the css ?12:40
timophI'm trying to avoid that12:41
*** situ has joined #mer12:41
timophbut might not be possible to avoid it12:41
*** ThreeM has quit IRC12:41
timophlike said, lets see12:41
*** decibyte has quit IRC12:42
*** decibyte has joined #mer12:43
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*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer12:45
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC12:46
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: is there howto on commands while in telnet to moslo thing?12:55
Stskeepsit's busybox12:55
ZogG_laptopso where can i get log of why alternative os fails?12:56
Stskeepstry to boot it manually?12:56
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: if i knew how, that's why i want to read on howto or something12:56
Sage_Stskeeps: maybe should be accepted12:58
Sage_my comment is wrong so will change it12:58
*** FSCV has joined #mer12:58
Stskeepsi concur.. moment12:59
tanuk2Stskeeps, Sage_: I'd like to work on . A comment says "Need input from Carsten/Marko".13:03
Sage_I still fail to see the actual problem with systemd13:03
Sage_tanuk2: I'm not sure if that actually does really need input as such. However it needs also fixing modules that are in the Nemo side for example.13:04
StskeepsSage_: he fsck program will now accept an optional filedescriptor argument13:05
Stskeepsto the -C option.  (The Fedora version of this patch would sometimes13:05
Stskeepscause fsck to ignore a parameter on fsck's command line in some rare13:05
Stskeepscases, sigh.)13:05
Stskeepsthat was in 1.36 though13:05
Sage_tanuk2: and as said there it might not be accepted straight when you are done, but needs evaluation from many sides. But if you want to work on it you are welcome to do so :)13:05
Sage_any pulseaudio work is highly appreciated13:06
tanuk2I wonder what "done" means here. The closed modules can't be fixed, so I guess they will be dropped.13:07
Sage_tanuk2: if you can get n900 phonecalls and resource policy working with pulseaudio 2.0 and nemo I'm ready to buy you a beer :)13:08
Stskeepsif possible, we would move that PA version to n900/n950/n9 specific..13:08
Stskeepsthough i dont know how libpulse ABI functions13:08
Sage_I'm really willing to drop some of those as keeping with those means that we are stuck with old pulse version.13:08
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: so what i need to read/check in order to boot from telnet?13:09
Sage_however, I can't recall what kind of things there were13:09
StskeepsZogG_laptop: go read old mer linuxrc scripts13:09
ZogG_laptopand it's on wiki?13:09
StskeepsZogG_laptop: go find old mer sources13:10
Stskeepsbootmenu, etc13:10
ZogG_laptopoh man =)13:10
StskeepsSage_: mce.service looks to make systemd very upset, too13:10
StskeepsZogG_laptop: welcome to why linux OS developers are expensive13:10
Sage_Stskeeps: you have log about that?13:11
* Sage_ starts nemo vm13:13
Sage_did we have qemu guide for nemo vm boots already?13:13
tanuk2Sage_: I don't know how long I can work on Mer - maybe only until the end of next week. Do you have any input for a smaller task that would still be useful - maybe just get vanilla 2.1 packaged and running on N900, without support for phone calls and policy?13:14
Stskeepsthat's a good start i think13:15
w00tStskeeps: that's session starting from systemd, or?13:16
Stskeepsw00t: no, mce.service must be malconfigured13:16
Stskeepsit went absolutely berserke13:16
Sage_Stskeeps: well that shouldn't prevent boot13:16
StskeepsSage_: it certainly stalls it when it does it every 1/2 second13:16
w00tStskeeps: put it another way.. is that systemd *attempting* to start user session ;)13:16
StskeepsSage_: ok, i see systemd-fsck issue too13:17
Stskeepsstill booting though13:17
Sage_installing the e2fsprogs and checking if the systemd-fsck error disappears needs to be tested. If it does then need to add proper dependency to systemd13:18
Stskeepsi'm doing that atm13:19
*** situ has quit IRC13:24
Sage_Stskeeps: how did you boot the vm? The Nemo image doesn't do anything for me13:24
StskeepsSage_: something has broken in livecd, so i'm using raw instead13:24
Stskeepsie, add /boot partition, then use VBoxManage to convert13:24
Sage_well, I think this livecd issue is the same that was in x86 adaptation when I tried to update udev long time ago13:24
Stskeepsthis is already in initrd though13:25
StskeepsSage_: can you find out why /etc/mtab is not a symlink?13:28
Stskeepswhile we're at it13:28
ZogG_laptopmeh, i can't figure it out13:30
Sage_Stskeeps: Do I read the tizen adaptation correctly. They have only kernel-adaptation-pc and syslinux and after that there is just systemd?13:31
Stskeepsyes, afaik13:31
Stskeepscheck out my home project13:31
Stskeepsthere's a later kernel13:31
Stskeepsliveusb/livecd is no longer used as well13:32
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC13:32
phaeronif your kernel has everything to access hd and mount rootfs , you don't need initrd , that how I run my mer kvm13:34
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: can  link me to what can help me? sorry for being annoying =\13:35
Sage_Stskeeps: well, the kernel is "trivial" thing but the boot order is what is interesting.13:35
StskeepsSage_: bootloader -> kernel -> systemd makes sense..13:35
StskeepsZogG_laptop: don't try to take on hardware adaptation before you can hack small things in an OS13:35
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: i'm just trying to figure out why my kernel boot fails13:36
lbtSage_: you mean no initrd?13:37
ZogG_laptopi want ot see log or something13:37
ZogG_laptopoh lbt is here =)13:37
* lbt vanishes in a puff of tasks13:37
*** Jucato has quit IRC13:37
lbtZogG_laptop: sorry, busy with work today13:37
StskeepsZogG_laptop: sorry, we're not going to be doing your "homework" here.. you need to research and check web pages and other people's methods13:37
ZogG_laptoplbt: ok13:37
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC13:38
*** vladest has quit IRC13:40
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer13:47
StskeepsSage_: it's not e2fsprogs's fault13:49
Stskeepsi think there's a genuine bug in systemd13:49
Stskeeps-C5 vs -C 513:49
StskeepsSage_: i think the 'not starting up' is due to mce, not e2fsprogs13:52
Sage_Stskeeps: well, mce isn't mandatory for bootup so need to try without that13:52
Stskeepsremove mce.service and try that on device perhaps13:53
Stskeepson n90013:53
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC13:55
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer13:55
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC13:55
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #mer13:55
* Stskeeps patches systemd13:55
Sage_removing the mce didn't make differenc13:56
Sage_Stskeeps: checked from upstream if the patch is there already?13:56
*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer13:57
*** Sleepy_Coder has quit IRC13:57
*** Sleepy_Coder has joined #mer13:57
Stskeepsit isn't13:57
phaerondidn't systemd have it's own fsck implementation13:59
Stskeepsno, it calls something14:00
phaeronok, I am pretty sure I remember having fun with systemd parsing fstab and doing things14:00
Sage_lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 14 Jul 19 11:18 etc/mtab -> ../proc/mounts14:02
Stskeepswhy doesn't mine then14:02
Sage_Stskeeps: on my N900 image mtab is link14:02
Sage_No idea14:02
Sage_can you chroot in and check rpm -qf /etc/mtab?14:04
Stskeepsiti says it on first boot14:04
*** alien_ has quit IRC14:06
* Sage_ ponders how to get systemd to log to file its boot14:08
Stskeepssystemd.log_target=console systemd.log_level=debug on kernel cmdline14:08
Sage_well, I would like to get it to file not console14:09
Sage_as it is a) so fast and b) so much information that hard to get from console (I don't have JIG)14:10
lbt(possible hack)14:10
Sage_also /etc/systemd/system.conf is there14:12
Sage_hmm... dbus...14:12
Sage_job boot.mount entered to failed state14:14
Stskeepsi can say as much as today won't be mer release14:15
Sage_o_0 Failed to exec spawning /bin/plymouth14:16
* Sage_ check the systemd build log14:16
Sage_plymouth:                no14:17
Sage_so why it still tries...14:17
Stskeepsi have to head to airport, will connect from there14:17
*** jabis has quit IRC14:18
*** eebrah has quit IRC14:18
*** jabis has joined #mer14:19
*** yunta has quit IRC14:20
*** fosstux has joined #mer14:30
fosstuxHi! Will one of the mer related projects run on my Motorola Defy?14:30
*** vgrade_ has joined #mer14:32
*** shanxS has joined #mer14:34
wmarone_fosstux: perhaps if you port it14:34
fosstuxwmarone_: thx14:35
*** fosstux has quit IRC14:35
*** himamura has joined #mer14:36
Sage_Stskeeps: /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-ld: BFD (GNU Binutils) 2.22 assertion fail elf32-arm.c:1204914:42
*** norayr has quit IRC14:43
*** peavey has quit IRC14:48
Stskeepsin systemd?14:48
Stskeeps or glibc14:48
Sage_systemd build when I do it locally14:49
Sage_will retry with --clean14:49
*** zeq has quit IRC14:51
Sage_Stskeeps: ok, still the same with --clean against next14:54
Sage_need to try against latest14:54
*** peavey has joined #mer14:59
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC15:01
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC15:02
*** zeq has joined #mer15:07
Sage_Stskeeps: happens in Mer CI as well15:09
Stskeepsit's not fatal afaik15:10
Stskeepswebkit does same15:10
Stskeepsbut file a bug anyway15:11
*** smoku has quit IRC15:13
*** cristi has joined #mer15:14
*** rcg-work has quit IRC15:15
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC15:15
Sage_we really need tool that can be used to chroot inside an image.15:15
Sage_oh, mic chroot works :)15:18
phaerondo I need to run testrunner-lite using eat-run-command or does it source the eat env itself15:21
Stskeepsif using a user that is the session user it should source it itself when sshing in15:22
Sage_ ?15:23
*** talavis has quit IRC15:24
phaeronStskeeps: but that's only when doing host based ?15:25
alteregoIf I'm installing @MTF Handset UX but I want to leave out the meego-handset-dialer how do I do that? do I do -meego-handset-dialer in %packages section?15:25
Stskeepsphaeron: correct15:25
Stskeepsphaeron: when device .. ah good point15:25
phaeronyeah .. and the env -i trick it is using masks the exit status of testrunner-lite afaics15:26
Stskeepsthat's more solveable15:27
Stskeepsbug please15:27
Sage_alterego: yes15:30
alteregoSage_: thanks15:33
*** furikku has joined #mer15:34
alteregoHave we updated pulseaudio recently?15:34
alteregoLike within the past week or so?15:34
alteregoor config ..15:35
Sage_well, in -next there is small patch to fix build against new udev but before that no.15:35
*** rcg has joined #mer15:36
*** Ian-- has joined #mer15:37
*** Ian--- has quit IRC15:38
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake15:49
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:51
*** jonwil_ has joined #mer15:56
*** jonwil has quit IRC15:59
*** jonwil_ is now known as jonwil15:59
*** rcg has quit IRC16:05
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC16:05
*** w00t_nemo has joined #mer16:06
*** rcg has joined #mer16:08
*** shanxS has quit IRC16:09
*** w00t_nemo has quit IRC16:11
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer16:12
jukkaeklundhi, quick question allowed about Nemo since I got no response there?16:12
Stskeepsharmattan sdk, ideally qml with harmattan qml components16:15
*** jmk_ has joined #mer16:24
*** nsuffys has joined #mer16:25
*** w00t_nemo has joined #mer16:25
*** denism has joined #mer16:27
*** rZr is now known as rzr16:28
alteregoCan I get pulseaudio to log?16:28
alteregoIt's crashing and I have no idea why ..16:29
jukkaeklundstskeeps, hold on harmattan sdk? isn't mainline qt sdk the same now?16:31
Stskeepsyes, that's what i meant16:32
Stskeepssorry, long day :)16:32
jukkaeklundok, good thanks16:32
ulf`Hi jukkaeklund16:39
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC16:51
*** gimli has joined #mer16:58
*** jonwil_ has joined #mer17:00
*** Ian--- has joined #mer17:01
*** jonwil has quit IRC17:01
*** jonwil_ is now known as jonwil17:01
alteregoNew dialer is being built, should work for basic MO and MT calls.17:02
alteregoAlso has a silence ring tone button ..17:02
*** Ian-- has quit IRC17:03
alteregoHere's the repo :)
w00tzypper -really- doesn't deal well with being killed17:08
w00tby ctrl+c17:08
*** vilpan has quit IRC17:13
*** zeq has quit IRC17:15
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:23
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC17:26
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:26
*** beford has joined #mer17:33
*** Attie has quit IRC17:33
*** arcean has quit IRC17:42
*** arcean has joined #mer17:42
*** clopez has quit IRC17:44
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer17:59
*** goku12 has joined #mer18:02
*** Woody14619 has joined #mer18:14
*** goku12 has quit IRC18:18
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC18:32
*** FSCV has quit IRC18:32
cristivgrade: ping18:32
*** FSCV has joined #mer18:33
*** cristi has quit IRC18:34
*** cristi has joined #mer18:34
vgradecristi, \o18:37
cristiyou were working on raspberry pi, right?18:37
vgradeyea I did some woek ages ago now18:38
cristiIs there a reason why we use armv6l instead of other ABIs?18:38
cristiI've seen debian has a hard-fload build recently18:38
vgradeI think armv6l is the processor type not the ABI18:39
*** situ has joined #mer18:41
*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:43
vgradeMer has armv7l (soft) and armv7hl (hard) ABI targets but only armv6l (soft) target AFAIK18:43
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle18:44
cristiI see18:44
w00tmikhas: do you know if newer maliit would improve nemo kb performance?18:44
cristidoes this look familiar to anyone?
cristiI'm getting it while trying to build the raspberrypi kickstart18:48
*** pdanek has joined #mer18:48
cristithere's no /dev/loop102 block device file18:49
wmarone_I've seen that one before18:50
wmarone_where's the kickstart?18:50
cristiin the same directory18:50
Paimennot sure, but could it be same bug I ran when I was building exopc setup18:51
wmarone_trying to remember how I got around that18:51
Paimentry sudo ln -s /proc/self/mounts /etc/mtab18:51
wmarone_it was a plague when building my W500 images18:51
cristiseems to do the trick, thanks18:53
Paimencristi: np, good that it worked18:53
cristiwhat should we do to get this fixed in the platform SDK?18:54
Paimeniirc it will be fixed in next release18:54
cristianother question, how hard would it be to get support for armv6 hard float in mer?18:55
vgradeone for Stskeeps but the design of Mer includes the ability to add new archs with less pain than with MeeGo19:00
vgradethere was some talk about a SH4 port recently, check the IRC logs19:01
*** gimli has quit IRC19:01
*** situ has quit IRC19:02
*** situ_ has joined #mer19:02
*** gimli has joined #mer19:03
vgradewmarone_, Paimen, looks still open,
*** situ_ has quit IRC19:07
Paimenvgrade: ah, that is something lbt could know better perhaps19:08
Paimenas in comments of bug there is irc-log where he says that new SDK's should have /etc/mtab created by ks19:09
lbtyeah, I'll see what causes it when I start SDK work19:10
vgradecristi, what version of sdk were you using?19:10
lbtI'll also probably put a correction function into the script19:10
lbtcurrently I'm being beaten savagely by ruby/boss packaging19:11
Paimengood to know anyway19:12
Paimenand I'm calling it a night for me, see you tomorrow, depending on weather it is either qt5 testing or cleaning up our yard19:12
lbtwe're going to see kittens \o/19:13
Paimenlbt: nice :)19:13
lbtI need a source for homescreen backgrounds so ...19:14
vgradewe have a 3 legged cat in the house here19:14
*** FSCV has quit IRC19:15
lbtwell, we used to have 5 ...19:16
*** FSCV has joined #mer19:16
* Stskeeps waits for luggage19:17
*** saya has quit IRC19:17
Stskeepscristi: i made the first armv6 hardfloat port for rpi19:17
Paimenwell no kittens for us, we have 4 dog pack19:17
lbtPaimen: ah .. not a good fit19:17
Paimenaltought sadly next week we need to put one dog down :(19:18
*** FSCV_ has joined #mer19:18
Stskeepscristi, theproblem with hardfp armv6 is no thumn19:19
Stskeepsthumb1 that is19:19
Stskeepscristi, prod me tomorrow sometime and i'll fill you in on details19:20
cristiInfo: Finished. :D19:20
cristimy rasPI build is ready19:20
Paimenbut yeah off I go, cya peeps19:21
*** FSCV has quit IRC19:21
* timoph is still waiting for the QtonPi board19:23
lbttimoph: oh, they shipped 2 weeks ago ... *g*19:24
cristiyeah, I've been waiting for almost 5 months before the pi arrived19:24
timophlbt: nope. just got an email stating that they should start shipping next week (again)19:25
lbtyeah .... again19:25
timophiirc that's the 3rd "next week"19:25
*** situ has joined #mer19:25
lbtreal shame how they treated the Qt people ..19:25
*** pohly has quit IRC19:27
timophto make up for it I ordered a "programming motherfucker" t-shirt :p19:27
cristiwho is to blame for this?19:28
*** situ has quit IRC19:28
vgradetimoph, lbt especially now farnell and rs are taking orders for multiple boards now19:28
*** situ has joined #mer19:28
lbtand production is to ramp to 4000/day :)19:28
lbttimoph: I should get them with Mer logos19:29
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer19:29
dm8tbrclearly handling 400 boards at so huge volumes is impossible. if it would be 40k qt-boards, sure, but 400, that's just too small a batch to handle *snerk*19:29
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC19:34
timophI really hope they actually deliver this time around. Need a dut to work with mer stuff19:34
lbttimoph: seen the GettingStarted pages for N900/N950/ExoPC etc19:34
timophs/dut/a new toy/19:35
lbt*g* ah....19:35
timophbut yeah. switched to using the gift lumia as my work phone so I can use the n950 for hacking19:36
* lbt sold it when it had some value19:37
lbtnow can buy an N9 with proceeds19:37
*** situ has quit IRC19:37
timophI have two n9s19:37
timophother is in use as my personal phone and niina is using the other19:38
* lbt is jealous19:38
timophshe didn't want the lumia :)19:38
lbtmine keeps getting stuck on 'updating library'19:39
*** nsuffys has quit IRC19:40
*** FSCV_ has quit IRC19:41
*** FSCV_ has joined #mer19:41
* timoph ponders about python-testrunner19:44
*** lofty306 has joined #mer19:45
*** DocScrutinizer06 is now known as DocScrutinizer0519:49
*** lofty306 has left #mer19:52
*** rem has joined #mer19:55
*** wicket64 has joined #mer19:55
remhi all19:59
Stskeepslo rem, welcome to #mer :)20:01
Stskeepsrem: so what brings you here?20:01
rzrwhat a cool anagram ..20:01
lbtsomeone commented on us having a mer-itocracy recently :D20:02
*** beford has quit IRC20:03
phaerontimoph: what's the benefit thought ?20:05
remhi, just wanted to create the mer image to the 950 but got confused with nemo mobile img, are they different ?20:06
*** denism has quit IRC20:07
*** denism has joined #mer20:07
*** ali1234 has quit IRC20:08
*** ali1234 has joined #mer20:11
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:11
lbtrem: do you mean 'mer' ?20:12
lbtor nemo?20:13
lbtrem: should help with 'plain Mer' (ie if you want to hack) - and #nemomobile channel for the Nemo UI built on Mer20:15
remboth, I read wiki quickly some how they look different images ? I need it for N950 and ExoPC20:15
timophphaeron: not sure anymore since we're getting a replacement for ots20:16
lbtthose links should help with both20:16
lbtthe N950 Mer 'demo UX' has some problems with Qt fragment shader code atm ... ExoPC is fine20:16
*** fosstux has joined #mer20:17
timophtimoph: the original motivation was to have better integration into ots20:17
remcool, so basically Mer for x86 and Nemo for N950 ?20:17
lbtboth for both20:17
timophtalking to myself. clearly time to go to bed20:18
phaerontimoph: ok we can discuss later :)20:18
remlbt: thanks, I want to write some QML on top of Mer. So do you mean that Nemo is sample UX built on top of Mer I cannot hack ??20:20
lbtNemo is a full blown mobile phone distro20:20
rzrrem, what do u want to write ? apps ?20:20
*** talavis has joined #mer20:20
lbtmer-not-a-ux is setup to permit you to replace and make your own device20:21
lbtie: is very minimal20:21
lbtbut does boot to wifi/ssh/Qt5+QML20:21
*** jonnor has quit IRC20:21
Stskeeps(device ui)20:21
rzrrem, nemomobile is what u neeed for exopc no ? i just shot a vid20:22
lbtrem so rzr is asking the right question... do you want to write apps to run alongside a phone UI+browser etc.... or do you want to take over the device entirely?20:23
*** jonwil has quit IRC20:23
*** gimli has quit IRC20:23
*** norayr has joined #mer20:24
*** diggy has joined #mer20:24
diggyhi all!20:25
remyes, good question. I want to write i20:25
* rzr VideO of #RedaK LibrE TexT EditoR #Qt #QmL running on #MeeGo / #MeR / #NemoMobile on #LenovO #s103t x86 #TableT20:26
diggyI have N950 with dualboot using modified MOSLO, is it possible to reapply only harmattan firmware?20:26
remfrom the device HW, mainly need bluetooth, camera, gps, accelerometer but just to read20:26
*** ali1234 has quit IRC20:26
*** Daviey has quit IRC20:27
diggy(without losing MOSLO and second OS)?20:27
remrzr: yes want to write the app on top of ready made platform, UX, and use the API for the controls20:27
*** ali1234 has joined #mer20:28
rzrdiggy, just reflash /20:29
diggyrzr: I'm getting partition table mismatch20:30
diggy(because of alt_os)20:30
jonnidiggy: extract ofc and only flash the main firmware bin without emmc20:31
diggyrzr: I tried flasher -F img.bin -f20:31
diggyfailed on harmattan rootfs20:32
diggywith the above message (partition table mismatch)20:33
jonnitry with --flash-only=rootfs20:33
*** Daviey has joined #mer20:33
jonniif that doesnt work, then you need full reflash and will lose alt_os20:33
diggymmc: Partition table mismatch (start=18464768, sum=10272768). You may want to use the no-preserve option or flash an erase image.20:35
diggymmc: Could not remove mount directory /tmp/sudmmcAOIHOf/mnt: No such file or directory20:35
diggyI guess if I use no-preserve I'll lose alt_os rootfs20:35
*** rem has quit IRC20:36
jonniah yes, then you need full reflash and will lose the alt_os. Or hacky way would be to use rescure kernel, and mount harmattan partiotion, and extrant rootfs from the firmware image, and copy the filesystem from the mount20:36
jonnirescue kernel20:36
jonniblaah, too many typoes today20:36
diggyActually I care more about my files in Harmattan than alt_os, got any pointer to a rescue kernel?20:37
diggystupid me I'm on that page though missed that one completely :)20:38
rzrthis page should be duplicated to maemo's wiki too20:39
diggyI'll try out and get back to you if I have any problems..20:40
rzrbtw reming me what is the problem w/ sillyboot to boot alt os ?20:43
rzrremind ..20:43
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake20:46
*** zanoni has quit IRC20:47
*** pdanek1 has joined #mer20:50
*** pdanek has quit IRC20:51
*** rzr is now known as rZr20:52
*** w00t_nemo has quit IRC20:52
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC20:53
*** rZr has quit IRC20:55
*** blaroche_ has quit IRC21:00
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:00
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer21:01
diggybummer: rescue kernel does not boot!!21:01
*** Behold has quit IRC21:01
jonnidiggy: its not supposed to boot to UI, its only supposed to exposed the devices to be mounted.21:04
*** tilgovi has quit IRC21:05
diggyhmm, even not that21:05
diggyIt stalls at warranty message21:05
diggyfdisk -l shows no additional devices21:05
jonniand you tried kernel+initrd like instructions says?21:06
diggyflasher --load -k vmlinuz- -n initrd.img-rescue- --boot21:06
*** denism has quit IRC21:07
*** denism has joined #mer21:07
diggyyeap with both flasher versions21:08
diggy3.11.5 and 3.12.1 (only first works)21:09
*** denism has quit IRC21:11
diggyI have Plasma Active One as alt_os but wifi doesn't work and so I can't copy my files :(21:11
*** cristi has quit IRC21:11
*** denism has joined #mer21:11
*** notmart has quit IRC21:16
*** jstaniek has joined #mer21:17
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:19
* diggy will be back in min21:22
*** diggy has quit IRC21:22
*** diggy has joined #mer21:25
*** wmarone__ has joined #mer21:26
*** vgrade2 has joined #mer21:26
*** pdanek1 has quit IRC21:27
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC21:27
*** pdanek has joined #mer21:27
*** vgrade has quit IRC21:29
diggyjonni: still no luck, flasher reports success but device stalls at warranty screen21:29
jonnidiggy: you need to remove dualboot/nemo first21:30
jonniif you doing full flash21:30
jonnior were you still talking about rescue thingie21:30
diggythe rescue thingie...21:30
jonniI have too many chats open to follow21:30
diggyno prob21:31
jonniohwell then initrd might be getting confused on changed partitions, so basicly you just need to delete everything and do full reflash if you want to go to normal21:31
diggyI thought I had a chance to salvage my files first, well I'll just try it a little bit more before giving up..21:32
jonnididnt the dualboot screen also offer the mounting thingie if you have usb cable connected?21:33
*** cristi has joined #mer21:34
diggyif I connect usb it just mounts and telnet server (though not working)21:35
diggy(mounts alt_os only )21:35
*** andre__ has quit IRC21:36
jonnidiggy: telnet should be working. Or just boot to nemo and mount in there?21:36
diggyI thought of that but move my files even if I do so (btw I have Plasma one roots)21:37
*** FSCV_ has quit IRC21:37
diggybecause usb connection is lost21:37
*** lpotter has quit IRC21:37
*** lpotter-home has quit IRC21:38
diggysomething must have really crapped up everything when flashing MOSLO and alt_os rootfs21:38
*** beford has joined #mer21:39
jonnicopy plasma rootfs to your linux, extract nemo to it instead? if nemo has working usb or wifi? :)21:39
diggygood one !!! I'll try ASAP, thanks for the great idea!21:41
*** Ian-- has joined #mer22:02
*** Ian--- has quit IRC22:03
*** himamura has quit IRC22:10
CosmoHillnight night22:10
*** himamura has joined #mer22:10
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC22:10
*** rcg has quit IRC22:12
*** himamura has quit IRC22:15
*** FSCV has joined #mer22:21
*** jpwhiting has quit IRC22:32
*** csdb has quit IRC22:33
*** csdb has joined #mer22:35
*** xnt14 has quit IRC22:39
*** xnt14 has joined #mer22:41
*** cristi has quit IRC22:42
*** norayr has quit IRC22:45
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