Wednesday, 2012-07-18

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ericcthe  irc  is   hacked03:41
Stskeepsno, just bad client03:41
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ericc11:36  11:37 11:38  so  fast03:41
ericc= Stskeeps   is  use windwos03:43
ericcwhich    irc tools  do  i  have  in windows?03:45
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Paimenmorning all05:05
iekkumorning paimen05:09
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E-PStskeeps: you have the Mer core package list with architecture domains, can you send that to me via email?05:47
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StskeepsE-P: got meetings today, setting reminder for later today05:53
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E-PStskeeps: ok, no hurry05:54
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ericcStskeeps  how  i can run  mer  on   win7??06:05
E-Pmorning timoph06:06
Stskeepsericc: virtual machine06:07
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Stskeepslbt: OK for prerelease07:15
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mdfe_good morning07:57
Stskeepsmorn mdfe_07:57
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slainemorning folks08:00
rcgsup guys?08:02
Stskeepsnot much08:02
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timophE-P: do we have libssh2 enabled in tr-lite?08:10
E-Ptimoph: just a sec08:11
lbtmorning all08:12
E-Ptimoph: I guess not, if it's not enabled by default08:12
rcgmorning lbt08:13
lbtStskeeps: pre-release, OK08:13
lbthey rcg08:13
E-Pmorning lbt o/08:14
E-Ptimoph: no, it's not08:15
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E-Ptimoph: it requires libssh2 package and that isn't in the mer SDK at the moment08:21
timophE-P: ok. was just checking that I'm compiling it with the same options08:21
E-Ptimoph: ok08:22
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lbtStskeeps: phost6 has lost a worker .... just fy08:24
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lbtphaeron: apparently the caffiene hasn't made it all the way08:24
Stskeepslbt: yes, why?08:24
lbtupstream tmpfs solution is more flakey than /fast (but less risk of inter-job corruption)08:25
lbtStskeeps: also I think you saw w00t break gitweb/gerrit - looked like very low mem08:26
lbtrestarted services and all seems well08:26
* lbt glares at w00t08:26
* w00t wears the D hat08:26
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lbtsilly chap ... clicking on a webpage!08:27
slainephost6 seems to have lots of problems lately08:27
lbtslaine: mer CI08:27
slainedidn't it loose a disk also08:27
lbtno, that was 508:28
slainemy mistake08:28
lbtnp :)08:28
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lbtStskeeps: CI is locked08:39
lbtjust thought I should say something :)08:40
lbtmmm we have 4 pre-release tags?08:41
Stskeepsnot prerelease08:42
Stskeeps0.1 = first snapshot08:42
Stskeepsfirst prerelease08:42
lbtah, by habit I was doing a snapshot as the first step08:42
lbtnone of those have gone to cobs have they?08:43
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Stskeepsthey weren't suitable08:46
Stskeepsthey were for copyprj08:46
Stskeepsand didn't have cross builds08:47
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dreamer_hello Stskeeps09:06
Stskeepsdreamer_: welcome :) so what brings you to #mer ?09:07
dreamer_I just want to know something about jolla09:08
Stskeepssure :) if you want to discuss jolla, #jollamobile also exists, but if you have any questions on Mer feel free to ask at any time09:09
iekkudreamer_, there's #jollamobile for general jolla discussion09:09
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vi_How supported is the N950?10:07
timophnemo works pretty well on it10:08
timophalthough iirc there's currently some issues with cellular10:08
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timophso no phone calls atm if that's still the case10:10
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer10:14
timophmorjens jukkaeklund10:14
Jopemoi :-)10:14
lbto/ jukkaeklund10:14
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jukkaeklundgetting more volunteers due to that Jolla thing are you?10:18
iekkuyes :)10:18
timophno one has still volunteered to fix my bugs so I need some more more effort from the jolla thing :p10:20
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alteregoHey jukkaeklund have a nice festival?10:27
jukkaeklundhad, thanks! now flu..10:29
*** jonnor has joined #mer10:31
alteregoHeh, oh dear :)10:33
*** merder has joined #mer10:34
timophhmmh. obs doesn't like me today10:42
*** mike7b4 has quit IRC10:42
timophgetting timeout errors10:42
iekkumy head is timed out10:45
*** dcthang has quit IRC10:48
timophand then osc puked a backtrace while doing a co10:50
* timoph is not amused10:50
* timoph goes out for fresh(ish) air10:51
kyyberi:) take it easy10:52
X-Fadetimoph: cobs?10:54
*** zeq has quit IRC10:56
Stskeepslbt: how's release going?10:59
timophX-Fade: yeah10:59
X-Fadetimoph: Hmm I can't see anything weird going on at the servers.10:59
lbtStskeeps: making email11:00
lbtabout to prod cobs11:00
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lbtchatting to john about ruote11:00
timophX-Fade: could be that the company network is just crapping out on me11:00
timophthey're doing some infra maintenance atm11:00
phaeronlbt: this'll come in through *:next, right ?11:00
X-Fadetimoph: Ok, can be that then.11:01
lbtphaeron: yes11:01
*** zeq has joined #mer11:02
phaeronlbt: great thanks11:02
timophalhtough the obs connection has been doing that to me every now and then always11:02
timophnow it's just exceptionally hard to make a co11:03
X-Fadetimoph: I see you checking out..11:09
X-FadeA lot of stuff you have there ;)11:09
timophyep :)11:09
timophI actually removed some stuff recently11:10
X-FadeBut all requests seem to be ok, no errors in the logs.11:10
timophand again... 110 connection timed out :/11:10
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*** molczak has joined #mer11:13
Stskeepshello molczak11:16
Stskeepslonger nickname this time around? :)11:17
*** situ has quit IRC11:17
molczakStskeeps: hehe. that's the correct one (registered). seems i got previous one from this machine username ;)11:18
molczakStskeeps: any reference hw i could use (N900 maybe ;) ?11:21
Stskeepsn900 is a good piece :)11:21
Stskeepsnemo has hw adaptation for it11:22
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*** jluisn has joined #mer11:24
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*** tsdedst has joined #mer11:30
molczakthat might just give it another life :)11:33
Stskeepsget a nice 4gb class 4 or above microsd11:34
*** xmlich02 has joined #mer11:36
Jopeis class4 enough?11:37
Jopeor will I get annoyed :-)11:38
dm8tbrideally you want a card that performs well on random IO, but that is not something advertised11:38
iekkuooh, nice to see you Jope11:38
*** lizardo has joined #mer11:39
kimjuJope, I'd suggest something faster. or at least a decent brand of a card (sandisk is my favourite but ymmv)11:39
lbtupdatestorm starting on cobs btw11:39
Jopeiekku, I've been quiet here for a long time :-)11:39
Jopedm8tbr, that's what I sort of gathered based on previous Meego CE attempts in my n90011:39
Jopeit was excruciatingly slow with the card I had :-)11:40
iekkuJope, sorry. nice to see you talking in here11:40
Jopeiekku :-)11:40
iekkuJope, reminds me about the time i was born11:40
qpxany experience which sd cards perform better than other?11:40
jukkaeklundIve liked class 6 Sandisk I recall11:41
dm8tbrJope: transcend seems to be OK.11:41
Jopepayday on friday so I'm able to afford some goodies again. ;-)11:41
dm8tbrJope: also note that some class 10 cards have a timing problem with the default kernel and OMAP311:41
Jopeok, that still exists.. I remember reading about it11:41
dm8tbrI don't know if the nemo hw adaptation got patched11:42
*** situ has joined #mer11:42
kimjuI have a 8GB transcend class 6, that works fine. and a sandisk class 4 that is even faster. everything else just sucks.11:45
JopeI think I have a spare sandisk class 4 at home.. I'll give it a go11:46
jukkaeklundI recall class 10 bug had fix but was N900 kernel patched ever?11:46
Stskeepsno, it's on my list though11:49
kimjujukkaeklund, at least I didn't do it, as the first patch was said to be "wrong" by the mmc maintainers. later there has been a better patch, but I'm not sure if that has been applied.11:49
*** zeq has quit IRC11:49
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*** zeq has joined #mer11:50
jukkaeklundand anyway good class 4 or 6 is fine11:50
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer11:50
*** blauzahl has quit IRC11:52
*** vi_ has quit IRC11:56
kimjuhmm, does osc work within a virtual machine? it seems to wreak havoc if I have virtualbox running on the host along it, so I can't use it right now. but I could install another vm with linux and run osc there..11:57
*** Dynamit_N900 has joined #mer12:01
Stskeepskimju: should work fine12:01
Stskeepshello Dynamit_N90012:01
*** mikhas has quit IRC12:01
*** springz has quit IRC12:05
Dynamit_N900hello Nemo is nice but to un-stable to use as primary OS12:06
Stskeepssure, it's not end user ready12:07
*** Dynamit_N900 has quit IRC12:07
w00tStskeeps: lies! it's a completed product12:08
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer12:09
*** Jucato_ has joined #mer12:10
w00tjukkaeklund: o/12:10
*** Jucato has quit IRC12:11
*** Jucato_ is now known as Jucato12:12
iekkuw00t, :D12:14
w00tiekku: :)12:15
*** mikhas has joined #mer12:18
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*** zeq has quit IRC12:26
jukkaeklundw00t hi12:27
*** himamura has joined #mer12:27
*** Khorn has joined #mer12:37
*** Khorn has quit IRC12:40
*** kyleven_ has joined #mer12:40
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*** phaeron has joined #mer13:08
Stskeepslbt: email?13:08
lbtwaiting for updatestorm to complete13:08
lbt ... like it has in the last few mins13:08
lbtnot looking good13:12
lbtcould just be slow13:13
*** mikhas has quit IRC13:13
*** phaeron has quit IRC13:14
lbtgetting missing logs via the webui13:14
*** phaeron has joined #mer13:15
lbtand now they're there13:16
lbtit feels like it was all blocked for a bit13:17
lbtmaybe just looking at it too soon after updates13:17
lbtnm ... will check back later13:17
*** lofty306 has joined #mer13:20
*** vgrade_ has joined #mer13:23
*** molczak has quit IRC13:26
alteregoMight have to start using screen split window13:30
alteregoWith the amount of IRC clients and terminals I've got to monitor.13:30
alteregoOr I should setup my .screenrc to properly monitor channels.13:31
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC13:31
*** norayr has quit IRC13:31
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC13:35
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer13:36
*** JvD_ has joined #mer13:38
*** norayr has joined #mer13:39
lbtStskeeps: when do we plan to release?13:41
Stskeepslbt: 2 days QA needed at least13:42
phaeronlbt: give the vendors time to feedback ! :)13:42
lbtthis is why I'm asking13:42
lbtgives to close of friday for feedback13:43
phaeronand based on feedback we can push it a little, and maybe have another prerelease ?13:43
lbt"Of particular note: systemd, connman, ofono and openssl have been updated. Systemd and udev were merged upstream so the udev source package has been removed. openssl has been brought up to date and an issue affecting SDK upgrades has been resolved (expect a new SDK soon-ish). Booting some test images is advised."13:43
*** andre__ has quit IRC13:44
lbtplus it's my wedding anniversary on fri so I won't be around much.... :)13:45
phaeronlbt: happy anniversary :)13:45
lbtapparently we're getting kittens....13:45
phaeronlbt: lolcats13:50
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*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer13:52
*** mikhas has joined #mer13:55
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*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #mer13:56
*** sledges has joined #mer13:56
*** sledges has joined #mer13:56
sledgeshello everybuddy13:57
Stskeepshewwo sledges13:57
lbt[ANNOUNCE] Mer PRE-RELEASE 0.20120719.0.1 is done - c.obs is rebuilding at the moment. see for announce email ... f5 is your friend13:57
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*** shrikrishna has quit IRC14:04
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phaeronlbt: 0719 is tomorrow , right ?14:21
*** situ has joined #mer14:22
*** situ has joined #mer14:23
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC14:29
*** wmarone_ has joined #mer14:29
*** situ has quit IRC14:30
FireFly"Mer supports the Intel x86 and ARM architecture and there is work in progress in getting it work on MIPS architecture as well." <- what is the reason for targetting MIPS? Is there any particular MIPS device that you'd want to get Mer running on?14:30
*** situ has joined #mer14:30
StskeepsFireFly: not work in progress, it's just there14:30
lbtFireFly: STBs often use MIPS14:30
StskeepsFireFly: well, there seems to be a major gap in proper distros for MIPS support14:30
FireFlyFair enough14:31
Stskeepsand we have modern gcc 4.6.2, glibc, etc, for it14:31
lbtFireFly: where did you get the quote?14:31
FireFlythe wikipedia article on Mer14:31
lbtwill edit14:31
FireFly more precisely14:31
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Paimengrah, what a day16:45
alteregodinner time16:47
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CosmoHillStskeeps: can I pm you a question?17:16
*** cxl000 has quit IRC17:23
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StskeepsCosmoHill: ok17:27
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* Stskeeps stretches18:11
* CosmoHill has fixed two (CLFS) tickets so far :)18:12
*** smoku has joined #mer18:13
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*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer18:24
Stskeepsevening Alison_Chaiken :)18:24
Alison_ChaikenEvening Stskeeps!18:25
Stskeepshow are you doing?18:25
Alison_ChaikenBusy as always.    Haven't been able to get back to PlasmaActive tablet, alas.18:25
Stskeepssame here18:25
Stskeepsnew job, etc18:25
Alison_ChaikenWill be in U.K. for Automotive Linux Summit, and would like to get together will local folks then.18:26
phaeronlbt: I think there are some stale jobs in obs that need cleaning18:26
Stskeepshmm, i would almost expect vgrade would go?18:26
Alison_ChaikenStill Novomok, Stskeeps, or are you Jolla?18:26
vgradeAlison_Chaiken, Heritage Centre?18:26
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: Jolla, i was never a nomovok employee, just a subcontractor/resource hiring18:26
Alison_Chaikenlbt, vgrade, I forget where you are?18:26
phaeronlbt: I'll try to clean them soon18:26
Alison_ChaikenYep, vgrade, in Gaydon, which is near Coventry I gather.18:26
vgradeI work less than a mile away from there at JLR18:27
*** cxl000 has quit IRC18:27
Alison_ChaikenCool!    vgrade, I will buy you dinner, I totally owe you.18:27
vgradeAlison_Chaiken, what date is it?18:27
CosmoHillhey Alison_Chaiken18:28
Alison_ChaikenI will be staying at the Hilton Warwick.    Dates are not totally clear, but meeting is September 19-20.18:29
*** cxl000 has joined #mer18:29
*** shanxS has joined #mer18:30
StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: many good things coming with jolla.. hopefully we can do a good job :)18:31
Alison_ChaikenI sure hope so, Stskeeps.    There is interest out there if a decent product can be delivered, that's for sure.18:31
Alison_ChaikenIf, if,if!18:31
Alison_ChaikenAs someone who is struggling with bitbake today, I appreciate the difficulty.18:32
Stskeepsyeah.. embedded linux is really much harder than it could be :P18:33
vgradeAlison_Chaiken, date in diary18:34
Alison_ChaikenStskeeps, someone said to me recently, "The software is free for download . . . what's the big deal?"18:35
*** trbs2 has joined #mer18:35
alteregoHeu Alison_Chaiken :)18:35
Alison_ChaikenSo your job is easy: just deal with it!18:35
Alison_ChaikenOff to figure out what's wrong with module_init_tools package.18:36
*** zeq has joined #mer18:36
Stskeepsreplaced with kmod in future iterations, perhaps18:36
*** rakl has joined #mer18:38
Stskeepshello rakl :)18:39
raklhi, i was trying to compile my moslo. It gave error stating "ERROR: file /bin/text2screen is missing! " so i tried to install fb_text2screen even there i get a error "omapfb.h not found". how to fix it ? thanks18:40
Stskeepsrakl: how are you trying to compile it?18:41
raklusing make utility.18:41
Stskeepsokay, probably not going to work18:41
Stskeepsyou need to build the rpm package18:41
*** vladest has quit IRC18:44
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*** vladest has joined #mer18:44
raklStskeeps: i got source code from rpm package only. Do i need to build a rpm package again?18:45
Stskeepsrakl: yes, rpmbuild18:45
*** situ has joined #mer18:47
shrikrishnarakl: are you building it using emulator or on an x86 machine?18:48
raklshrikrishna: x86 machine.18:49
*** rdqfdx has joined #mer18:57
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*** rakl has joined #mer19:02
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raklStskeeps: i used -bp option with rpmbuild, it listed many dependencies along with text2screen .so again i am stuck in the same problem installing text2screen19:04
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ZogG_laptopStskeeps: sup19:36
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ZogG_laptopin order to boot mer on n950 i need just to flash img right? the question is if i make my own img with gentoo arm with using harmattan kernel (for drivers) just by installing it in scratchbox with chroot and dd it's root to img would i be able to flash with it. (sorry i'm noob at this)20:03
*** vladest has quit IRC20:06
*** vladest has joined #mer20:09
lbtZogG_laptop: that sounds overly complex20:10
StskeepsZogG_laptop: just make own image and dd it20:10
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: the question is how i make img, is it just rootfs of gentoo for arm with dd? and if not in scratchbox, how do i do the img for arm on x86_64 system =)20:12
chouchounedoes nemo install and run well on ExoPC ?20:12
Stskeepschouchoune: yes20:12
chouchounetrying to figure out which would be the best device to test Mer stuff20:12
Stskeepsexopc's quite nice20:12
chouchouneI have ExoPC, N900, Raspberry pi ...20:12
chouchouneok, thats quite good as it's bigger than n900 and has touch20:13
Stskeepsquite a good mix20:13
Stskeepsyou'll be able to run our wayland stack in future ;)20:13
chouchounetrying to package wayland 0.85 right now20:14
*** AndrewX192_ has quit IRC20:16
*** AndrewX192 has joined #mer20:17
lbtZogG_laptop: do you want to simply build a minimal Mer image for the N950?20:19
lbt  <- for chouchoune and ZogG_laptop20:20
ZogG_laptoplbt: nope, i actually want to build gentoo/funtoo img20:20
Stskeepsah, we're not much use then :P20:20
lbtZogG_laptop: OK ... can't really help with that then20:20
chouchounelbt: I know how to install, just asking if it runs without to much issues ;)20:21
chouchounelast time I tried on ExoPC, it went black after a few seconds ;)20:22
lbtchouchoune: yep - that page gets you networking and a nice Qt/QML demo20:22
chouchoune(I didn't use the ExoPC for a long time ;))20:22
lbtit also gets you the right structure to start your own UZ20:22
Stskeepschouchoune: back then there was a bug that it crashed when using multitouch20:22
chouchounelbt: oh, that's interesting20:23
chouchounethat's in my plans to make a "custom" UX20:24
lbtchouchoune: I hope so ... it's still slightly WIP ... but it's getting there20:24
chouchouneactually, that's under "design"20:24
lbtyeah - as it stands it makes you a minimal Mer with my 50 line QML demo20:24
lbtwith wifi20:25
*** vladest_ has joined #mer20:28
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* lbt runs the n950 one up...20:29
chouchounewould raspberry pi or tegra2 hardware run wayland ?20:31
chouchouneok, nice20:32
chouchounelbt: the wallpaper of mer-not-a-ux goes to my laptop's wallpaper ;)20:41
lbtthere's a big version floating around somewhere20:44
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ZogG_laptoplbt: moslo is needed only for mer and meego os right?20:48
*** Bryanste- is now known as Bryanstein20:48
*** Bryanstein has joined #mer20:48
lbtmoslo is needed to get kernel and rootfs running20:49
lbtyou need to make a rootfs and copy it to the device as per that N950 page I linked20:49
*** talavis has joined #mer20:49
lbtdoing that is tremendously hard20:49
lbt(making the rootfs from scratch with no cross-compile tools etc)20:50
*** beford has joined #mer20:53
ZogG_laptoplbt: i found ready to use rootfs for armv7a of what i need, all i want now to replace kernel there. i just still don't get how boot works. and i need moslo, what i need to modify in it in order to boot my rootfs as it may be different from meegos one20:53
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: night20:53
lbtyou can't easily change the kernel20:54
ZogG_laptopi want to use harmattan's kernel20:54
ZogG_laptopdon't want to change it20:54
lbthave you read that page?20:55
ZogG_laptoppartly, as i still didnt understand few things there20:55
ZogG_laptopamd it's mostly for mer/meego20:56
ZogG_laptopi need for something else, i just ask more general question and not mer specific20:56
lbtit's generic until the bit where you 'dd' it20:56
lbteven this is generic
*** gimli__ has quit IRC20:57
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ZogG_laptoplbt: ok let's assume i have rootfs build for arm with harmattan's kernel. i dd it to img. the question is if i just flash the img would it work or i need to flash modified moslo and if i need modified moslo would i need too modify it more for my specific OS or not.20:59
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:59
lbtOK - so you don't flash a rootfs on the N95021:00
lbtyou mount a partition and copy files into the rootfs21:01
ZogG_laptoplbt: is it for dual boot? and for only my system boot?21:02
*** Effilry has quit IRC21:02
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lbtZogG_laptop: follow the prep instructions and then follow the rootfs install instructions. Your rootfs will boot instead of Mer/Nemo. Your kernel will not be used.21:08
lbtsorry, I don't have any free bandwidth at the moment to spend more time on it :)21:08
*** gandhijee_ has quit IRC21:08
lbtnp ... hth21:08
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chouchounegood night, going to sleep21:18
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