Monday, 2012-07-16

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* lpotter contemplates installing Mer over the old Meego on the EEEpc00:09
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Stskeepsgood morning srikanth05:39
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Stskeepsgood morning sonach05:41
Stskeepssonach: this press release might also be interesting for your work,
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srikanthGood info Stskeeps thanks for sharing05:44
dm8tbrgood moaning05:49
sonachStskeeps: good morning, and thank you for the sharing,05:50
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E-Pgreat news, and good morning everyone!05:51
* timoph yawns05:52
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Stskeepsgood morning timoph, E-P05:53
E-Ptimoph: you have survived from the ilosaari?05:53
timophI think that was ilosaari number 13 or 14 for me05:55
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E-Pheh, so you are pro already05:56
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timophoh. kyyberi seems to be working on some pretty cool and useful stuff for mer05:57
* timoph likes
E-Pwau, nice05:58
E-Prelated to that06:00
timopha bit. kyyberi's thing is more of a community transperancy/communication tool06:02
timophbut yeah. I'd guess parts of that work could be reused to the qa thing06:03
timophactually we should reuse..06:03
timophor better yet, add the qa things to that06:04
timophdunno if his goal is to include qa data anyway06:04
timophneed to have a chat with him06:05
Stskeepswe're first traversing into architecture browsing at least06:05
Stskeepsbut yes, please do06:05
E-Pok, would be nice to have most of the stuff in one place06:06
E-Pbut if it gets too messy, not then06:07
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timophE-P: btw, I did a small error with removing the packaging stuff from the tools repos06:09
timophdidn't take changelogs from them..06:09
Stskeepstimoph: how did eat 'self-testing' work btw?06:10
E-Ptimoph: are the old changelogs available in the meego repos anymore?06:10
timophStskeeps: just a simple shell script that get executed after boot. finds all tests (/usr/share/*-tests/tests.xml) and executes them06:10
Stskeepsphaeron: ^06:11
timophnever really took that into use so it's more of an hack06:11
timophE-P: there or from git history06:11
timophE-P: I'm planning to add separate changes file to the repos06:11
E-Ptimoph: ok06:12
timophE-P: to make things easy I'm just going to use the debian changelog style so I can do cat changelog > changes or something06:15
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E-Pthen for the rpm you have to make it different :)06:25
E-PSage_: morning, you are right we have to make simple instructions how to create and execute tests06:26
E-PSage_: for the definition we have good guide
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timophE-P: yeah. but that's the upstream changelog and the rmp changelog is different06:40
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Stskeepsmorn lbt06:42
lbtOBS is built, tested + released btw06:43
Stskeepsok, cool06:43
Stskeepsfound the copyprj problems?06:43
lbt2 new obs workers06:43
lbtWell, the I thought the -p thing was to do with the other link work that was going on06:44
lbtin general more docs+comments needed06:44
lbtA code review != reverse engineering task :)06:45
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phaeronStskeeps: timoph thanks I already solved my issues06:59
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Sage_E-P: :no:d07:08
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Stskeepsrcg, try ask arc_mat your TS question07:26
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rcgStskeeps: right07:27
rcgarc_mat: got an archos 101 g9 turbo here07:27
rcgtried the images from
rcghowever, touchscreen is not working07:28
ericcStskeeps    where  is   good  new?07:28
arc_matrcg: hmmm07:28
arc_matrcg: just last week I had someone with the same problem, just on an A80S...07:29
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arc_matrcg: are you able to get to a console?07:29
rcgbtw. i won't be much responsive these days.. got some serious private issues here.. please excuse this :(07:29
rcgarc_mat: not yet07:29
Stskeepsericc: yes china07:29
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arc_matrcg: the 10 inch screen usually come with a firmware update, but normally it should be applied permanently once you boot into the normal firmware07:30
Stskeepsgood morning mikhas07:30
ericcin  china  the  news  is  bad07:31
arc_matrcg: touchscreen not working means, not at all working or working erratically?07:31
Stskeepsericc: how come?07:31
rcgarc_mat: if you could drop me a link or some explanation on how to get ssh connection into the tablet that would be great... i will then read that later this day07:31
rcgarc_mat: not working at all07:31
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rcgarc_mat: i am really sorry, but i am truly busy with serious private stuff, so i wont be very responsive... however, your help is highly appreciated07:32
arc_matrcg: I'll just have a look for myself...07:32
ericc困难重重 诺基亚关闭中国两家销售中心07:32
Stskeepsericc: sorry, i can't read that07:33
* timoph sees the symbols but has no idea what those mean07:33
arc_matrcg: since you're already the second person reporting the issue, there must be something generally wrong with touch screen support, especially since the two reported failures are on different devices (and therefore different touch panel vendors)07:33
ericci  find  somethin07:34
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Stskeepsarc_mat: xorg.0.log would be a naturally place to look07:34
arc_matStskeeps: that is true07:34
arc_matrcg: ^^07:34
arc_matrcg: if you connect a hub to the micro-usb port, you can plug a keyboard and a mouse.07:35
Stskeepsarc_mat: i'm fairly sure we have sane udev handling.. at one point, a race condition in startup revealed a xorg bug about not handling touchscreen devices that modified themselves after the fact07:35
arc_matStskeeps: "modified themselves"?07:35
Stskeepsarc_mat: yes, udev revealed device, then sent change events to it07:35
Stskeepsturning it into a touchscreen07:35
arc_matStskeeps: ah, and in the middle of it Xorg launched...07:36
Stskeepsand xorg couldn't handle change events :)07:36
arc_matStskeeps: would not happen for our devices, they are always touchscreens07:36
Stskeepsthat was a fun one to debug07:36
* timoph ponders about reporting with testrunner-ui07:36
timophStskeeps: would save report to pdf be useful?07:37
Stskeepstimoph: sure07:38
* timoph files a task bug07:38
E-Ptimoph: is there any feature to upload directly to the qa-reports?07:38
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timophE-P: there is07:39
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timophE-P: but it's a bit meego specific. just filed a bug about it :)07:39
timophthat got me thinking about the pdf thing07:39
E-Ptimoph: :)07:39
rcgarc_mat, Stskeeps, alright, thanks for that information.. sorry for being unresponsive the next time07:40
ericcStskeeps  maybe  good news07:41
ericcstskoops    url
Stskeepsericc: yes07:45
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timophE-P: I'll fix the meego specifics while doing the ui rewrite (just started doing it)08:03
E-Ptimoph: thanks!08:03
timoph17 views to rewrite in c++08:04
timophmight take a day or two :)08:04
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E-Ptimoph: how it was made before?08:05
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timophE-P: Qt's ui designer (produces xml)08:06
timophI don't like that. easier to maintain c++. besides I like to have better control of the code :)08:06
E-Ptimoph: ok, I was just about to ask why :)08:07
timophbecause I want to and can :p08:12
* timoph scratches his own itch08:13
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Stskeepsmorn slaine08:18
*** beford has quit IRC08:19
slainemorning Stskeeps08:19
slainenice and wet here.08:19
* Stskeeps is packing to go to the cold north08:19
mikhastimoph, I've never been happy with Qt's UI files either08:21
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Stskeepstimoph: when do we get shader enabled testrunner-ui08:22
Stskeepsflashy wavy effects when tests run08:22
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* Sage_ is waiting qt to build :/08:27
Sage_or actually qtwebkit08:27
timophStskeeps: :D08:27
Sage_lbt, Stskeeps: is qt/qtwebkit still semething that needs "special" worker?08:28
timophStskeeps: qt5 and desktop components might be the cue for that :)08:28
StskeepsSage_: on mer ci yes08:28
lbtSage_: and on cobs08:28
Sage_ok, so I need to wait i586 to build and then armv7hl gets it turn08:28
lbton cobs it hits phost4 Sage_08:28
Sage_ok, well that will take some time08:29
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Paimengrah monday08:33
slainePaimen: coffee helps08:34
Stskeepsaren't you on vacation?08:34
Paimeneven if it is vacation it is still monday, also I got temporarily laid off08:34
Stskeepssorry to hear that08:34
Paimenwell, hard to push anything regarding qa/tdriver from company side now, but well more time to help you guys08:34
Stskeepsi called my own 'holiday' inbetwen contracts open source holiday08:35
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lbtPaimen: :/08:38
lbtOTOH you get to hang out more with us :D08:38
* timoph heads out for lunch08:39
*** mdfe_ has joined #mer08:39
Stskeepsmoin mdfe_08:39
Paimenwell I just hope that temporay does not change to persistent. More vacation is not that bad thing altougth financially it is not good thing08:40
mdfe_good morning08:40
lbtPaimen: yeah, tighten belt, drop all expenses - just make sure to buy good coffee08:40
* lbt speaks from experience *g*08:41
phaeronPaimen: which company are you ?08:45
Paimenphaeron:  Nomovok08:46
phaeronah, I have  some friends there :)08:47
phaeronmord: o/08:47
* phaeron wakes up the monster08:47
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: for N9, is there a life cycle management function for applications? I don't find it in Qt sdk.09:10
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: hmm, not sure09:12
Stskeepsi don't think so, there used to be at one point09:12
Stskeepsbut i don't recall where it went09:12
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: maybe other modules outside of Qt take charge of this?09:13
Stskeepsthat's likely09:13
Stskeepswhat do you specifically mean with lifecycle management?09:13
Sage_lbt: mic is quite a lot out of date on our sdk09:13
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Stskeepsmorn thierry_troll09:14
*** goooooodd3 has joined #mer09:14
Stskeepshello goooooodd309:14
lbtSage_: yep, SDK needs TLC... we prioritised last week at rel mgmt meeting so I'm going with that prio list at the moment09:14
*** cxl000 has joined #mer09:14
lbtcurrently looking at BOSS09:14
Stskeepsgoooooodd3: welcome to #mer :) so what brings you here?09:15
goooooodd3you ren neng  kan dong wo shuo de sha bu09:15
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I mean lifecycle management for application start\pause\exit and other management for applications. I think there have to be this function in system.09:15
Sage_lbt: and what does09:15
Stskeepsgoooooodd3: sorry, i don't speak chinese09:15
Sage_lbt: "Snapshot of 0.8 with Mer patches" mean?09:15
Sage_lbt: there is no .patches only tarball09:16
lbtSage_: that's probably because I didn't have mer-pkg usable at that point09:17
Sage_lbt: problem is that I can't actually do image with systemd with the current mic and tried to check how to update.09:17
Sage_lbt: why don't we just use the upstream versions and add .patch files on top?09:17
StskeepsSage_: how come you can't?09:17
jonniZiQiangHuan: there kinda is lifecycle management, out of memory handler kills applicaiton if ram runs out, when you switch app to background, the system changes app from opengl to raster and sends x11 event too to application (application can decide themselves if they pause/resume or not).09:17
Sage_and push patche sto upstream?09:17
lbtSage_: we do09:17
Sage_lbt: we currently we don't apparently09:18
lbtcurrently we do; previously we didn't09:18
lbtwhat's the date on that package?09:18
jonniZiQiangHuan: that was on N9 harmattan, dont know about mer :)09:18
Sage_lbt: where is that we do then?
lbt for example09:19
Sage_lbt: latest changelog entry for that says that added mer specific patches09:19
Sage_lbt: I'm talking about mic :D09:19
ZiQiangHuanjonni: thank you for the info.09:19
lbtSage_: so in our release management meeting I said bringing SDK up to date was a high prio. In the end we said it wasn't09:20
lbtso I am not disagreeing with you09:20
lbtmic needs updating and it needs packaging properly09:20
Sage_well, the up to date isn't actually the thing here09:20
Sage_the point was that we have mic atm. that has patches merged to tarball that aren't in upstream.09:21
lbtsince I last did mic I've spent time on making the packaging process for Tools work better with patches09:21
Sage_we are in same page so lets stop :)09:21
lbtwhat do you want me to say?09:21
Sage_Stskeeps: how to get over this :)09:21
Sage_Stskeeps: I have repo that has those but BUILD counts are smaller09:22
Sage_so package versions are smaller so it fails09:22
lbt*cough* release numbers in versions....09:22
Sage_project link doesn't take build count from source apparently09:22
Stskeepsentirely possible09:23
lbtis there any reliable way to do that?09:24
ZiQiangHuanjonni: because I found there is a lifecycle management in Android just like Activity... so it reminds me to think is there something similar in N9 or mer.09:24
Sage_Stskeeps: and apparently mic's --excludepkgs= doesn't work anymore :/09:24
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer09:25
*** rcg has quit IRC09:27
StskeepsSage_: send it for review and we'll test it throughoutly in a snapshot..09:31
*** norayr has quit IRC09:34
Sage_Stskeeps: pushed pulseaudio fix09:35
Sage_please review also the patch carefully09:35
*** arcean has joined #mer09:36
Sage_is this next snapshot only certain things or everything that passes review?09:38
Stskeepsstuff i've already merged + important new changes09:38
Stskeepswhat is on your priority list?09:38
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*** AndyBotwin has joined #mer09:42
*** clopez has joined #mer09:45
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*** Attie has joined #mer09:48
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Sage_Stskeeps: I think there was some CVE fixes somewhere09:49
Sage_Stskeeps: and that mkcal fix was one09:50
Sage_Stskeeps:,652 <- can be dropped already in on other fix09:51
*** psior has joined #mer09:51
*** yunta has quit IRC09:53
ericcsomebody  want  to  buy   lumia 900?09:54
Sage_ericc: 10¤ sold? :)09:55
ericcDO  YOU  GET  ONE SAGE:)09:56
*** blauzahl has joined #mer10:00
Stskeepsericc: this is not a marketplace sorry :)10:00
*** goooooodd3 has quit IRC10:01
*** tanuk2 has joined #mer10:01
tanuk2I'm doing my first gerrit review... What is the "Cover Message" used for?10:02
Stskeepstanuk2: just means 'why did you review like this"10:02
*** fish__ has joined #mer10:02
Stskeepshello fish__10:02
*** fish__ has quit IRC10:03
Stskeepstanuk2: it's possible to review within files themselves too, and then commit10:03
*** mike7b4 has quit IRC10:04
tanuk2Stskeeps: Is it common to leave the cover message empty when giving +1?10:06
Stskeepstanuk2: i just usually write "OK"10:06
Stskeepsit can be empty10:06
*** trbs has joined #mer10:07
*** suviola has joined #mer10:08
Stskeepshello suviola :)10:09
tanuk2Sage_: I'm having a look at,65910:11
Stskeepssuviola: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?10:11
tanuk2Sage_: The patch isn't equivalent to
tanuk2Sage_: Is it because the code has changed since 0.9.22?10:12
tanuk2Sage_: I'd like to have a git branch with the mer pulseaudio patches applied - is there a repo somewhere that would contain such branch?10:12
suviolaStskeeps, I was going to check some bugs as part of exercise from jolla guys10:12
Sage_tanuk2: there is almost 300 patches on Mer pulseaudio :)10:13
Sage_tanuk2: the code has changed between 0.9.22 and 2.0 so didn't apply10:13
Stskeepssuviola: sure :) if you have any questions on Mer, or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time :)10:13
Sage_tanuk2: thouh, that seems differnet patch that I was looking at first.10:14
suviolaStskeeps, I will, when I get started properly, today I just get accounts etc. ready10:14
Stskeepsalright :)10:14
*** sledges has joined #mer10:14
*** sledges has joined #mer10:14
Stskeepsgood morning sledges10:14
sledgeshello everybuddy10:14
sledgesread some new @jollamobile tweets on bussiness level!10:15
Stskeepssledges: yeah, interesting times - let's take that over in #jollamobile :)10:15
sledgesi'm there :)10:15
Sage_tanuk2: ok, that patch applies. will fix it with that10:16
* timoph enjoying coding in c++ after doing mainly python for the past several months10:16
E-Ptimoph: yep :)10:17
*** phaeron has joined #mer10:17
E-Pwhen you have done c++ and you change to the python, you always use ;10:17
tanuk2Sage_: So is there a branch with all the patches applied (not as patch files)?10:17
tanuk2Or should I just create one myself? I guess that wouldn't be too much trouble...10:18
Stskeepstanuk2: the latest PA work was done by the intel guys10:18
Sage_tanuk2: I don't think there is one atm.10:18
Stskeepstanuk2: they delivered a source package with a lot of patches..10:18
timophoh. hi tanuk2 o/10:18
tanuk2timoph: Hi o/10:19
Sage_tanuk2: pushed the patch from that tree10:22
Stskeepssuviola: there's been a email backend change on e-mail system, so if islam.amer@ isn't answering regarding enabling account, prod x-fade, lbt or phaeron on here10:22
*** norayr has joined #mer10:22
*** norayr is now known as noch10:23
phaeronStskeeps: forwarded to lbt10:24
*** smoku has quit IRC10:24
*** jonwil has joined #mer10:27
*** smoku has joined #mer10:28
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*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #mer10:31
*** KaIRC has joined #mer10:34
*** notmart has joined #mer10:34
*** notmart has joined #mer10:34
lbtsuviola: done - have fun10:35
lbtwhy do people talk to me when I go make coffee...10:36
*** zzats has joined #mer10:36
Stskeepshello zzats :)10:36
*** ericc has quit IRC10:36
*** jonnor has joined #mer10:39
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alteregolbt: I get the same10:44
*** mikhas has quit IRC10:44
Sage_tanuk2: thx for the review10:45
tanuk2np :)10:48
* alterego puts the finishing touches to phase one of the dialer mk2 UI :)10:49
PaimenSage_, E-P or lbt is there something you would like me to dig in on TDriver front at this point?10:50
alteregoWhy doesn't build-uid = 1000:1000 work in my ~/.oscrc O_O10:50
lbtPaimen: is there anything in bz or wiki page?10:52
Paimenbrowsing wiki atm10:52
lbtalterego:just 100010:52
Paimenhaven't seen anything yet10:52
lbtand typically it's caller10:52
lbtwhich uses the uid of the user running osc10:52
iekkumer bug triage starting in 7 minutes10:53
PaimenStskeeps: something Mer would need, not general Tdriver stuff10:53
Paimenkind of I would like to get my hands dirty10:54
Stskeepsjust referred to lbt's wikki/bz stuff10:54
lbtPaimen: do you have an N900 you can use?10:54
Paimennope, HW I currently have are WeTab and Iconia10:55
Stskeepswetab works too, given it's practically an exopc10:55
alteregolbt, oh :)10:55
StskeepsPaimen: silly question, does your wetab have a fan..10:56
lbtalterego: my line is :        build-uid = caller10:56
PaimenStskeeps: I do not think so, but let me check10:56
alteregolbt: yeah, that seems more flexible, thanks.10:56
lbtPaimen: OK, so what would be good is to build on this page:
lbtI have an ExoPC ks which you may want to try out10:57
lbtthen we can describe extending the image with tdriver things to enable testing10:57
Paimenok, well I start to follow that page then10:58
*** taziff has quit IRC11:01
lbtPaimen: I need to save the exopc ks too11:02
lbtin triage ... bbiab11:02
StskeepsPaimen: feel free to join triage and take bugs/tasks11:04
PaimenStskeeps: yup Lurking on the channel11:05
*** taziff has joined #mer11:05
alterego.yaml/spec made ..11:06
*** taziff has quit IRC11:08
*** tsdedst has joined #mer11:11
alterego/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.qNAnpL: line 40: fg: no job control11:11
alteregoWhat does that mean?11:11
alteregoWhen doing an osc build11:11
Stskeepsyou did a syntax error somewhere11:12
*** mikhas has joined #mer11:13
*** phaeron1 has joined #mer11:15
*** phaeron has quit IRC11:15
alteregoStskeeps: in my spec?11:16
Stskeepsalterego: yes, show us your spec?11:17
*** eric_ has joined #mer11:17
*** terietor has joined #mer11:18
*** merder has joined #mer11:18
*** yunta has joined #mer11:19
* alterego sighs11:22
Stskeepsalterego: that should really be no-frills11:23
alteregoexactly ..11:23
Stskeepsbuild log == ?11:23
alteregoShould it matter if the package isn't on the server?11:24
Stskeepsdoesn't matter11:24
alteregobuild log11:25
Stskeepsalterego: --clean11:26
Stskeepsand try again11:26
alteregoI think I remember having this issue once before, and it was something to do with cputransp ..11:27
alteregoBut I don't have scratchbox installed ..11:27
Stskeepswe don't use cputransp in mer11:27
alteregoYeah, it was a conflict with running normal scratchbox on my system at the same time. But I don't have that installed currently.11:27
*** merder has quit IRC11:30
alteregoStskeeps: still no good :/11:32
*** zanoni has joined #mer11:33
Stskeepsalterego: show me build log now11:34
lbtkyyberi: you registered on bz?11:34
lbtcc yourself on
*** merder has joined #mer11:34
Stskeepsalterego: hmm11:36
*** jeremiah has quit IRC11:36
Stskeepsalterego: where's qt-devel?11:36
alteregoGood question ..11:37
alteregoI thought by using qmake as the build agent it should pull that in anyway :P11:38
Stskeepsseems not11:38
alteregoAnd surely pkgconfig for other qt deps would pull that in too.11:38
Stskeepsdoesn't necessarily have to11:38
Stskeepseither way, there's your probelm11:38
Aardalterego: never rely on 'it'll just be pulled in anyway' ;)11:38
* alterego gives it a go11:38
alteregoAard: worked for old meego-handset-dialer :/11:39
alteregoI just copied that .yaml tbf11:39
alteregoMaybe it was one of its' deps I removed that pulled in qmake11:39
*** lizardo has joined #mer11:39
alteregoBut yeah, that's fixed it ;)11:40
alteregoSorry I'm running a little late with the packages, but hopefully by not too late today :P11:40
alteregoAard: ^11:41
Aardalterego: please have something for me after dinner :p11:41
alteregoI was always expecting the packaging bit to be slightly annoying :D11:41
alterego/opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-ld: cannot find -lQtOpenGL11:42
alterego/opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-ld: cannot find -lGLESv211:42
alteregoIt's not even a UI app!11:42
* alterego sighs11:42
*** phaeron1 has quit IRC11:42
*** phaeron has joined #mer11:42
*** tsdedst has quit IRC11:43
*** sledges has quit IRC11:43
*** clopez has quit IRC11:43
*** pohly has quit IRC11:43
*** cristi__ has quit IRC11:43
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC11:43
*** w00t has quit IRC11:43
*** tomageeni has quit IRC11:43
*** Hexxeh has quit IRC11:43
*** teve has quit IRC11:43
*** mauno has quit IRC11:43
*** sampos has quit IRC11:43
*** El_Angelo has quit IRC11:43
alteregoAh, probably multimediakit -_-11:43
*** furikku has joined #mer11:43
*** tsdedst has joined #mer11:44
*** sledges has joined #mer11:44
*** clopez has joined #mer11:44
*** pohly has joined #mer11:44
*** cristi__ has joined #mer11:44
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #mer11:44
*** w00t has joined #mer11:44
*** tomageeni has joined #mer11:44
*** mauno has joined #mer11:44
*** El_Angelo has joined #mer11:44
*** Hexxeh has joined #mer11:44
*** teve has joined #mer11:44
*** sampos has joined #mer11:44
alteregofinally :)11:46
E-PI was planning to gather following bug metrics for the next QA meeting,
E-Pany wishes what else?11:48
StskeepsE-P: mean time based on severity11:48
Stskeepswith upper and lower limits11:48
Stskeepsi am fairly sure we're not good enough to get rid of high prio tasks11:48
mikhasany idea why?11:49
Stskeepser, not severity, prio11:49
Stskeepsmikhas: probably due to not breaking them down sanely11:49
*** sonach has left #mer11:49
Stskeepswe're a public project, we can be honest about our failures and we take suggestions how to fix our things ;)11:50
lbtI would like to see some kind of report on closed bugs11:50
mikhasyeah, defeat in detail is good bug squashing strategy11:50
lbtiekku is arranging a bugsquash session11:50
mikhaswell, from my Nokia experience, you *really* need to enforce bug closing for high prio bugs, otherwise it becomes meaningless bug decoration11:51
lbtI'd also like to see a public role-call of bug closers11:51
Stskeepsas in, crediting effort?11:51
mikhasif you have a high prio bug, you cannot work on anything else -- but how to enforce *that* in open-source projects?11:51
E-Plbt: for closed bugs, meaning fixed / notfixed / invalid etc?11:52
lbtmainly a "thanks" and recognition to bug closers11:52
*** licl has joined #mer11:52
licl #wayland on freenode11:53
*** LoCusF has joined #mer11:53
Stskeepslicl: yes, i'm in there11:53
mikhaslbt, bounties? t-shirts?11:54
lbt"thanks" are easier/cheaper :)11:54
mikhaslbt, I'd add recognition for those who actually triage bugs and make them understandable for devs11:55
lbtand avoid sweaty Stskeepses11:55
lbtmikhas: *nod* ... just something to say changes to bz made by these folk this week11:55
lbtanyhow... :)11:56
lbtmikhas: on the high prio - one reason is that we don't create bugs for things we're just getting on and doing11:56
lbtso right now I'm working on things from last weeks release mgmt meeting11:56
lbtbut it's not a bug11:56
E-Pbtw, do you still have mer t-shirts left? :)11:57
lbtno-one else is really involved11:57
lbtE-P: very few XL/XXL11:57
lbtI want a better supplier tbh11:57
lbtTizen does nice t-shirts ... we should collaborate!!!11:57
*** tanuk2 has quit IRC11:57
*** ssirkia has left #mer11:57
E-Pouh, those are bit too big for me11:57
mikhaslbt, we could have localized t-shirt production11:58
mikhasperhaps save on shipping costs this way11:58
mikhasif you want to send to community members for their contributions11:58
mikhaswe did that for Maliit11:58
mikhaspeople were happy to receive them by post11:58
Stskeepsthere's maliit tshirts?11:58
Stskeepsmikhas: on a sidenote, how does maliit and libmtf integration look like in later versions?11:59
Stskeepswas it ripped out?11:59
Stskeepswe have a quite old version in nemo so11:59
mikhasthat's why I had to rewrite the keyboard plugin …11:59
Stskeepsso if we were to upgrade maliit, what would be problems likely?11:59
mikhasthe "new" surfaces API11:59
mikhasby default, Maliit does not use a fullscreen overlay any more11:59
mikhasthat causes some problems for plain QML plugins …12:00
mikhas(because for QML + Qt4, you'd still need fullscreen overlays to do nice animations etc)12:00
* lbt wears his malit t-shirt a lot :)12:00
mikhaslbt, cheers12:00
mikhasI wear my GUADEC 2008 shirt very often12:01
mikhasI just like the colors, the Istanbul skyline + the sun12:01
* iekku has rattus t-shirt12:01
mikhasStskeeps, we're planning to get rid of the gconf backend12:01
mikhaswe will just use QSettings by default, and we have a nice python CLI application now, for accessing settings (together with libs, of course)12:02
mikhasStskeeps, so not sure whether you already had a settings application for Maliit in Nemo?12:03
*** licl has quit IRC12:03
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer12:04
Stskeepsmikhas: nop, we don't12:05
mikhasgood, so who is responsible for setting UIs, in Nemo?12:06
mikhasif anyone is12:06
Stskeepsanyone who contributes :) we have mtf settings atm12:06
mikhasah ok …12:06
Stskeepsbut option for qml panels12:06
mikhaswhom to talk to?12:06
*** zeq has quit IRC12:06
*** eebrah has joined #mer12:07
*** vladest has quit IRC12:07
mikhasI dont feel like writing a MTF settings plugin =p12:07
mikhasnot again!12:07
mikhas(it was actually one of the better designed parts in MTF)12:07
*** vladest has joined #mer12:07
Stskeepshave a chat with aard, i think12:08
Sage_Stskeeps: has anyone tested cups on Mer yet?12:11
Sage_because we are missing systemd patches and stuff :)12:13
Sage_sysvinit scripts were removed but systemd stuff not introduced :)12:13
Stskeepsok, bug please :)12:13
Sage_probably should rebase on top of latest fedora12:14
mikhasAard, I hear you like writing settings UIs for Nemo using QML panels?12:14
Sage_Stskeeps: I need to touch cups because of systemd anyway, mainly pondering if I should just update it from fedora at the same time for this release?12:14
Stskeepsmm, give it a try12:15
Sage_this systemd/udev update is getting bigger and bigger contantly :/12:15
Aardmikhas: uh, that would be rozhkov, and I'm not sure if he likes it ;)12:15
Sage_anyway fedora has the best systemd integration so probably good for us as well12:15
*** Guest87102 has joined #mer12:17
*** eebrah has quit IRC12:18
Guest87102Stskeeps: Hi, does any one know the module name of touch input for n950?12:18
StskeepsGuest87102: check /boot/config*12:18
*** eebrah has joined #mer12:19
*** blaroche_ has joined #mer12:20
*** tanuk2 has joined #mer12:21
Guest87102Stskeeps: okay, will do.12:23
*** eebrah has quit IRC12:26
chouchouneStskeeps: you remember the perl-libwww-perl stuff I we talked several days ago ?12:27
* chouchoune forgot to say hi earlier :/12:28
chouchounehi ;)12:28
chouchouneStskeeps: is this the kind of information you need to take a decision on this ?
chouchouneor do you need some more informations ?12:29
Stskeepschouchoune: i need to go to airport sorry12:29
Stskeepsask me later12:29
chouchouneok, no problem12:29
Stskeepsor cc me on the bug12:29
chouchounehave a nice flight12:30
Guest87102Stskeeps: Thanks :)12:30
E-Piekku, lbt: is the bugzilla's version field used in bugs?12:36
iekkuE-P, let me check12:38
iekkuspeaking about the sw version?12:38
lbtwe use the Mer release version sometimes12:40
E-Pyes, Mer version12:40
E-Pso I have to use time based search for getting fixed bugs per releases or look from the mailing list12:41
lbtthe correct solution should be changelogs12:42
iekkubugs aren't turned to released automatically12:43
iekkuthat's something we should think12:43
lbtthey should be - BOSS should do that12:44
lbtand .. FWIW I'm working on BOSS right now12:44
iekku0 released, 0 verified, 0 closed12:45
*** eebrah has joined #mer12:47
E-Pare the changelogs somewhere else available than in mailing list? or can I use git to gather the number of changes per release?12:48
lbtI publish the changelogs as part of the release process12:49
lbtthey should be easier to access (and process)12:49
*** otep has quit IRC12:52
*** otep has joined #mer12:52
E-Pwhere do you publish them?12:54
Sage_something broke in cobs?12:54
Sage_my link project to fake obs went to state needs recalculations and has been there longer than usual12:54
* lbt hides12:55
lbtthis is why I have to work when everyone is asleep :)12:55
* lbt shoots Stskeeps for setting up MDS as a shell script run by hand from his home directory ,,, and then pushing it to production like that!12:56
Sage_qt5 stuff doesn't require separate workers anymore?!12:56
lbtE-P: they're published here:
E-Plbt: ok, that is what I was afraid of :)12:58
lbtsee #38212:58
lbt"Changelog summary is hard to read and needs to be online"12:58
E-Pdashboard will solve that :)12:59
*** blauzahl has quit IRC13:02
*** Guest87102 has quit IRC13:04
rozhkovmikhas: you might want to look at for an example of qml based settings plugin13:07
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC13:11
*** Openfree` has quit IRC13:15
*** Openfree` has joined #mer13:16
*** eebrah has quit IRC13:22
*** FSCV has joined #mer13:23
*** eebrah has joined #mer13:24
*** fvennetier has quit IRC13:24
*** eebrah is now known as Guest3491213:24
*** eric_ has quit IRC13:25
*** Guest34912 is now known as ibrah13:25
*** Aurium has joined #mer13:25
*** ibrah has quit IRC13:39
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer13:39
lbt"dbus-libs-1.4.20-1.1.i586 requires" type messages making an i586 image13:43
lbt(or Sage_ ?)13:44
Stskeeps-A i68613:44
Stskeepsand file a bug on that need13:45
Stskeepsglibc is i686 so13:45
lbtah, OK13:45
lbtyep, it's fine now13:45
lbtand it's even in the top of the .ks13:45
Stskeepsbug please13:46
lbtdoing it13:46
Stskeepsits one of those insanities13:46
lbtwhat's the bug? :)13:46
* Sage_ is pondering the same13:46
lbtglibc being 686?13:47
*** taziff has joined #mer13:47
lbtarchitecture naming bug13:47
Sage_The need for -A i686 isn't actually bug.13:47
Stskeepsits a bug in glibc13:47
Sage_if you define that use only i586 then i686 packages are not retrieved13:47
Sage_glibc should be i586?13:47
lbtSage_: no, that's correct13:47
*** gandhijee_ has joined #mer13:48
Stskeepsglibc should be i586 rpm.. ish13:49
Stskeepshey gandhijee_13:49
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC13:52
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer13:52
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC13:52
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #mer13:52
*** Jucato has quit IRC13:53
*** tanty has joined #mer13:57
*** zeq has joined #mer13:57
*** taziff has quit IRC13:58
*** essett has joined #mer14:08
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer14:08
gandhijee_hey Stskeeps14:11
essettI was wondering a bit about mer and compatibility to main-line distros... Is mer based on busybox?14:12
Stskeepsgandhijee_: welcome :) if you have any questions on Mer or on how to contribute, feel free to ask anytime14:12
Stskeepsessett: atm no but we provide interchangable busybox in future14:12
Stskeepsso vendors can select themselves14:12
* Stskeeps boards his flightt14:12
gandhijee_where you off to?14:13
iekkuto finland14:13
essettOne thing I found frustrating with the n900 was the unnecessary deviations from what was most common, i.e. strange filesystem partitioning, busybox, etc14:13
*** fvennetier has joined #mer14:14
lbtessett: Mer is a lot more 'normal linux'14:14
essettGreat! That is exactly what I want! :-)14:14
lbtalthough it is following some of the more device oriented trends like systemd14:14
alteregoThat's a long ole commute :P14:15
essettJoy! Joy! Happy! Happy!14:15
lbtwhich will, of course be new to many14:15
essettsystemd? Yes, will need to look in to that14:15
essettBut I didn't really think initd was so great anyway :-)14:16
lbtdon't forget our focus is to enable people to make products14:16
essettYes, that is obvious, they are the ones that need the product! An end-user would have any use for mer without the device :-)14:19
essett*end-user would *not* have use14:19
lbthave you seen
lbtgood place to get a view of packages14:20
*** merder has quit IRC14:21
*** vladest has quit IRC14:23
*** disco_stu has joined #mer14:23
essettYes, but I was more thinking of the guidelines and principles you are following... Such as, are you trying to stay binary package compatible with any major distro?14:26
essettAt least for the amjority of packages14:27
lbtno, not at all14:28
lbtway back, I proposed that for MeeGo14:28
lbtbut it didn't happen and we've maintained that approach14:28
essettIt would really help your "app market"... :-)14:28
lbtwe do take policy and tools from fedora, suse and meego14:28
lbtwould it?14:29
lbtthink about it14:29
essettAt least everything console based14:29
alteregoJust a simple recompile.14:29
lbtwhich, honestly is 0.00000000000000001 %14:29
lbtalterego is right - the story is about easy development14:29
essettThat is what I am talking about14:30
lbtwhat we *do* do is use mainly the same source14:30
alteregoAlso, if you find that some other distro happens to be using armv7hl, then in theory we should be able to use a chroot based on their rootfs.14:30
alteregoLike some maemo people do with debian chroot14:30
essettchroot is a really poor option14:31
essettI do it, but only because I have to14:31
alteregoessett: running random binaries from other distros and expecting us to adhere to their versions of kernel, libc, etc, etc. Is a _really_ poor option ;)14:31
alteregoIf you want to run suse, ubuntu, debian, fedora, whatever on your phone. Go for it :)14:31
alteregoBut we're not doing that here :)14:31
lbtI do see the appeal14:32
essettSo the libc-question was an example of my concerns :-)14:32
lbtand had the same idea back then14:32
lbtbut we solve the problem with OBS and targetting now14:32
*** taziff has joined #mer14:32
essettThe point is, you can't run ubuntu, fedora or whatever on a phone, if you could have, I would have!14:32
lbtbut that has issues in hardware with GLES drivers which are often bionic14:33
essettI want a major distro that I can run on my phone!14:33
essettlbt: Exactly!14:33
essettlbt: And lots of other stuff14:33
lbtessett: we'll disagree on that :)14:33
lbtI *do* want to be able to port stuff easily14:34
mikhasdistros shouldnt exist in the first place14:34
alteregoI don't want to clog my phone up with 4G of ubuntu :P14:34
alteregoNo one wants that, not really.14:34
kyyberilbt: cc'ed to Bug 42914:35
alteregoWe understand if you want to take some random .rpm from somewhere and install it. But that just isn't realistic :)14:35
lbtkyyberi: cool14:35
lbtkyyberi: would like to work with you on some requirements around that if you're open to it14:35
lbtessett: I suspect we have a lot of similar goals/thinking - hang around and get a feel for Mer and the ecosystem14:36
essettI think a really important point we are missing is this: Linux is a platform with masses of ready applications, some developed in times when computers had even less resources than a modern phone14:36
kyyberilbt: sounds about right. I have some dashboard-ish implementation tests on my own14:36
essettThe absolutely biggest barrier for success is not technical development difficulties of a distro, it is market acceptance without apps14:37
lbtyep - but Mer is not about apps :)14:37
kyyberilbt: as you might know, on Ror and currently only local since no host to put my stuff now :)14:37
lbtnot even a little bit14:37
lbtkyyberi: OK - we can work towards something there14:37
essettWith QML and HTML5 as interfaces to all the old console-based stuff, we could get finger friendly in no time, but most importantly, the app developers would flock, simply because they are at home14:37
lbtkyyberi: first, write me some deployment instructions (for debian preferably, suse alternative) and I'll put something up14:38
*** cristi__ has quit IRC14:38
essettSure, mer doesn't do apps, but obviously it is about apps! The only reason for making it is as a platform for apps to be on. right?14:38
lbtthat's more for the people making the products14:39
lbtsome will want apps, some wont14:39
lbtsome will do gtk, some Qt14:39
lbtsome b2g14:39
lbtso mer, as such, doesn't do apps.14:39
iekkuok, i'm officially too tired14:39
lbtiekku: :)14:40
iekkub2g = badger14:40
kyyberilbt: ou... I've doing stuff only on Ubuntu, just starting with Debian. But default RoR install should not differ much. And if I give you my Gemfile you can install needed gems by running 'bundle install'. How detailed do you need?14:40
essettThey will always want apps, since it can not do anything at all otherwise. If nothing else, it might be a single "app" that they developed themselves, but as always, it is about "Developers! Developers! Developers! *frothing at the mouth*" :-)14:40
iekkustore, hotel, rest, continue working14:40
mikhasno, users dont want apps14:41
lbtkyyberi: start simple, ask for more as needed14:41
mikhasusers want their devices to help them with their tasks14:41
kyyberilbt: is RoR already installed?14:41
lbtkyyberi: also is this in git?14:41
mikhas100 email apps wont help me with that if all of them suck14:41
iekkumikhas, :D14:41
*** jstaniek_QFridge has quit IRC14:41
lbtkyyberi: blank vm.... nothing on it14:41
kyyberilbt: putting it there14:41
kyyberilbt: ok14:41
lbtI do some ruby - but need to slowly context-switch back to it14:42
*** denism has joined #mer14:43
essettI am still not following this... Is it for the sake of end-users, customers, or ease of development that you sacrifice package compatibility?14:44
*** taziff has quit IRC14:44
* Sage_ is ponering if there is something that causes qt to rebuild qt in core atm.14:44
*** talavis has joined #mer14:44
essettBecause if it is the latter, you can't argue for any of the former... :-)14:44
kyyberilbt: I'll get back to you later14:44
lbtkyyberi: OK - ty14:44
lbtessett: we don't see package compatibility as being a valuable benefit14:45
*** Ian--- has quit IRC14:45
lbtthe cost outweighs the benefit14:45
essett*sigh* Yes, I see that you made the choice...14:47
*** phaeron has quit IRC14:47
essettmikhas: But you do see the point that the choice of sacrificing package compatibility is for the sake of development expedience, not customer satisfaction?14:48
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC14:48
mikhassadly, software developers never care how their software reaches the end-users14:49
mikhasat least on linux14:49
mikhasotherwise, we'd have chosen one package format a long time ago, developers would provide installers and distros woudlnt exist14:49
essett*lol* too true!14:49
lbtnah, someone would optimise it14:50
lbtor add a feature14:50
lbtand ... seconds later...14:50
lbta distro is born14:50
essettIt is why I love FOSS! :-)14:50
mikhasthat's why we cant have nice things14:50
lbtmikhas: there is truth in that14:50
*** yunta has quit IRC14:51
zeqmikhas: what you suggest isn't "better", it simply sacrifices flexibility and customisation/optimization for one-size fits all standardization.14:52
lbtI think OSS needs to enable commercial organisations to focus on delivering nice things14:52
essettBut I still think you could gain much from following another distro rather than re-inventing that part of the work again.14:52
mikhasthat's why OBS14:53
lbtyou're right esset we shouldn't have gone with our own package system (rpm) or builder (OBS) or init tools (systemd) or .... :D14:53
mikhasOBS is becoming a standard in itself slowly, many projects seem to have recipes, similar things are about to happen with systemd, where service files are now maintained properly14:53
lbtso really we *do* use other distros14:53
lbtanyhow ... must work ... l8r14:54
essettSure, but you are gaining quite little for rather large losses... I am sure systemd is better than initd, but is it really important enough to loose all those free packages?14:55
essettlbt: Thanks for the chat and enlightenment!14:55
lbtnp - stick around and see we do not do NIH14:55
essettOh, I have no doubts at all about you guys having the right set of values, that is obvious from your major existence motivation vs Old Meego/Tizen (openness and transparency)14:57
essettSomeone that starts a project for those reasons has my vote from the get-go! package compatibility or no!14:58
*** taziff has joined #mer15:01
lbt  now has ExoPC instructions15:04
*** zeq has quit IRC15:05
*** psior has quit IRC15:10
kyyberilbt: here's initial steps to install RoR ( It does not contain database setup (don't know which will be used) or webserver+config to work with Ror (don't know which will be used). Warning! Haven't tested this, since I have no debian installation at hand15:10
lbtOK - ta15:11
lbtI'll use mysql and usually apache/passenger to be consistent with OBS15:11
*** mlong_away is now known as mlong15:11
*** dijenerate has quit IRC15:11
kyyberilbt sounds good15:11
Paimenlbt: I try to follow those tomorrow with WeTab and report my progress here15:11
kyyberiI'll dig the database + apache stuff for you15:12
lbtkyyberi: we're also a distro (kinda) ... so in general we'll aim to use packages over src15:13
*** taziff has quit IRC15:13
lbtnb - we're probably also aiming at 1.9.x15:13
kyyberilbt: hmm...haven't installed ruby nor rubygems from packages :) Otherwise it's just gem installation15:14
lbt*nod* ... we'll get in sync eventually :)15:15
*** beford has joined #mer15:15
essettBTW, has there been any thought on optionally having Android package compatibility in mer?15:17
lbtessett: yes, it's hard. There are specialists who would work with vendors to do this15:18
*** onekenthomas has quit IRC15:18
essettAt least the kernels will match now :-)15:18
*** onekenthomas has joined #mer15:18
essettI think I weard that the WeTab had something of the sort15:19
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC15:20
*** onekenthomas has quit IRC15:21
*** kthomas_vh_ has joined #mer15:21
*** onekenthomas has joined #mer15:22
*** tsdedst has quit IRC15:23
*** mike7b4 has joined #mer15:23
*** FSCV has quit IRC15:24
*** taziff has joined #mer15:24
*** nsuffys has joined #mer15:24
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC15:24
Paimenlbt: are you sure that this line: "sudo mic create raw minimal-exopc.ks=phrased --record-pkgs=name --pkgmgr=yum --arch=i686 -o . " is correct15:26
*** shadeslayer_ has joined #mer15:26
Paimengives: Error <creator>: Can't find the file: minimal-exopc.ks=phrased15:26
*** shadeslayer has quit IRC15:26
essettBye all, thanks for the warm welcome!15:27
lbtsudo mic create liveusb minimal-exopc.ks-phrased --record-pkgs=name --pkgmgr=yum --arch=i686 -o .15:27
lbtessett: o/15:27
*** essett has left #mer15:27
lbtPaimen: I should have cut'n'pasted it :)15:28
Paimenhmm still15:29
PaimenError <creator>: Can't find the file: minimal-exopc.ks-phrased15:29
lbtsed -e's/<WPA2 passphrase>/MyWPAPhrase/;s/<SSID NAME>/MySSID/;s/localhost.localdomain/MYHOST/;' minimal-n900.ks > minimal-n900.ks-phrased15:29
Paimenah grah15:29
Paimenphrased comes from that wifi setting by sed15:29
lbts/exo instructions/n900 instructions/15:29
*** vladest has joined #mer15:29
lbtyeah - I should be less hacky ...15:30
Paimenand well I should learn mic and stuff15:31
lbtstill doing docs...15:32
*** Eismann has quit IRC15:32
Paimenhmm where this ks file is trying to do new filesystem15:33
Paimenshould I have some usb-memory or SD?15:33
*** Eismann has joined #mer15:33
Paimenand where the heck is all my usb-sticks15:33
lbtit creates an image first - you then dd it to a stick15:33
Paimenbecause I got :15:34
Paimenrror <mount>: Error creating ext3 filesystem on disk /dev/loop10115:34
PaimenException AttributeError: "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'px_proxy_factory_free'" in <bound method ProxyFactory.__del__ of <libproxy.ProxyFactory object at 0xae66fec>> ignored15:34
lbtbug in SDK15:34
*** tsdedst has joined #mer15:34
*** taziff has quit IRC15:35
lbtsudo ln -s /proc/self/mounts /etc/mtab15:35
Paimenok now it is at least doing something15:37
Paimenand damn I need to reorganise my stuff15:37
Paimenwe did renovation in house and all my stuff is scattered around15:37
*** yunta has joined #mer15:39
Paimenbut well sister-in-law popped to visit and that means staying out of sight15:43
*** taziff has joined #mer15:43
Paimenok it seems to finished correctly15:46
*** gimli has joined #mer15:47
kyyberilbt: updated version (ruby + rubygems still from source) with database and apache2/passanger
kyyberiin the Passenger part, modify the path "PassengerRoot /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/passenger-3.0.7" to versions installed15:50
kyyberisame in "LoadModule" just before that15:51
Paimenok found usb-stick next question is where the hell is WeTab and power adapter15:53
kyyberilbt: another mod in Database setup "sudo aptitude install libmysql-ruby1.8" should be "sudo aptitude install libmysql-ruby1.9.1"15:56
kyyberithat's about it. Can't verify those though without doing that my self15:56
kyyberibut that should get you started15:57
lbtnp ... working on it in spare cycles15:57
PaimenStskeeps: this Wetab has fan15:58
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake16:01
*** zeq has joined #mer16:02
*** mdfe_ has quit IRC16:03
*** talavis has quit IRC16:05
*** talavis has joined #mer16:06
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:08
Paimenlbt: ok this16:09
Paimenblah, this wetab booted to mer16:10
lbtgood :)16:10
lbtand can you ssh in as mer@hostname?16:10
Paimennope, I think something is wrong with wlan setup16:11
lbtcheck your dhcp server to see if there's an IP allocated16:12
Paimendoing that and it seems nope16:12
lbt:/ this part is a bit of a nuisance16:12
lbtdouble check the passphrase and ssid in the .ks-phrased16:13
lbtalso, that's a wetab, not an exopc - *should* work but....16:13
Paimenis there anyway to set ifconfig up for usb ?16:14
lbtprobably - I've not done that yet16:14
*** slaine has quit IRC16:17
*** mike7b4 has quit IRC16:18
*** bef0rd has joined #mer16:23
*** beford has quit IRC16:26
*** merder has joined #mer16:27
*** Frye has joined #mer16:29
*** bef0rd has quit IRC16:31
*** merder has quit IRC16:37
*** mike7b4 has joined #mer16:42
*** vilpan has quit IRC16:44
*** merder has joined #mer16:47
*** sledges has quit IRC16:49
*** mikhas has quit IRC16:49
Paimenok no male to male usb-cable so I try to go with usb-eth16:58
Paimenif I find adapter16:58
lbtconnman should pick that up16:58
Paimenlbt: I mean physical adapter16:59
lbtyeah - if you find one connman should work with it16:59
alteregolbt: unresolvable: nothing provides %{_bindir}/desktop-file-install17:00
alteregoany idea?17:00
* lbt holds fingers to temples and squints in an attempt to penetrate alterego's mind-shield17:01
lbtnope, still no clue what you're on about....17:01
alteregoosc build fails with that :/17:02
alteregoMust be missing a dependency, wonder what provides that ..17:02
lbtosc build of?17:02
alteregoMy new dialer package :P17:02
*** talavis has quit IRC17:04
lbtalterego: ?17:06
lbtcan you show me your .spec file17:06
alteregoAng on, think I've sorted it ;)17:06
lbtOK - I suspect something gconf-ey?17:07
*** AstroAK has joined #mer17:07
lbtand it detected that being used in the %post section?17:07
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:08
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC17:15
*** phaeron has joined #mer17:15
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:16
*** shanxS has joined #mer17:23
lbtkyyberi: btw - I have my local ror mainly setup now I think - I need your gem to try it now17:23
*** Venemo has joined #mer17:24
Paimenlbt: no luck it migth be that because it has been hacked to support steelrat there is something different in kernel or somewhere and I'm not able to enable networking17:27
lbtwell, the next thing is to replace the mer-ux with an xterm17:27
*** AndyBotwin has quit IRC17:28
lbtand then plug in a usb keyb and debug17:28
Paimenwell I alredy plugged in kb and used alt+ctrl+f3 to log in terminal17:29
lbtah good17:29
lbtwasn't sure that was setup17:30
Paimenhmm it does not even find eth0 with ifconfig17:30
Paimenwhat you like to know from there and it seems there is no less17:32
kyyberilbt: it's not a gem yet :)17:33
lbtjust look for wlan and eth - there is 'more' I think17:33
*** zeq has quit IRC17:34
kyyberimy implementation uses lots of other gems and my part is scattered (includes several new models) and it might be a long way (and time) to put that neatly in one gem including all needed automation to make it work 'as is'17:35
lbtsure - tarball then - whatever :)17:36
Paimenlbt no eth or wlan on dmesg17:37
*** arcean_ has joined #mer17:37
kyyberiI'll drop a tarbal of the whole17:37
lbtPaimen: so that kinda explains it17:37
lbtkyyberi: or just push a commit to github17:37
lbtwe can blat it later and start clean if you ever want to17:37
*** Attie has quit IRC17:38
*** arcean has quit IRC17:38
*** smoku has quit IRC17:38
Paimeni'm bit noob on trying to get devices working. Normally just following instructions, Monkey sees monkey does17:38
*** beford has joined #mer17:39
*** cristi has joined #mer17:40
*** denism has quit IRC17:43
lbtyeah - you're at a reasonable point now17:43
lbtobviously it looks like the wetab needs specific support in the HA17:44
Paimenwell we have Steelrat working on wetab nicely, so I can check from our wizards is there anything I should know17:45
Paimenor do17:45
Paimenbut well not working currently so17:45
lbtit should just be kernel config17:46
*** fk_lx has joined #mer17:46
Paimenwell if it helps this has vmlinuz kernel running17:47
lbtnah, we need someone who knows what kernel version/modules are needed for wetab17:49
Venemowhat happened to rcg? anyone seen him lately?18:01
Paimenah well time to take dogs for a walk and maybe I'm done for today18:02
StskeepsVenemo: .za trip18:03
shanxShello everyone !18:04
Venemohi! :)18:06
shanxShey Venemo18:07
shanxSI am trying to build this package mer-core/iproute18:07
shanxSbut I am kinda stuck, I am following instructions from <-
shanxS'osc chroot i586 *.spec' constantly give me this error <-
shanxSof course 'su' exists in my system on path /bin/su18:09
shanxSchroot is on path /usr/bin/chroot, so I tried making a link to su in /usr/bin/su18:10
shanxSbut to no avail...18:10
*** Siosm has quit IRC18:10
VenemoshanxS: I think Stskeeps is your man18:11
shanxSStskeeps, hey!18:11
shanxSdoesnt look like Stskeeps is here... :(18:14
shanxSis there anyone who can help this n00b ??18:15
VenemoI'm sure he'll help when he has some time :)18:15
shanxShmm.. people on thins channel have been very accomodating lately :)18:16
lbtshanxS: it's your ~/,oscrc18:17
shanxSlbt, how should I go about it ?18:17
* lbt is currently eating tea - edit the file and read the comments :)18:18
shanxSsure, thanks lbt :)18:18
lbtnp ... wife is growling,,,,, bbiab18:18
* andre__ tries some weird stuff in Mer Bugzilla18:20
andre__anybody having two minutes to test something? lbt or so?18:24
andre__or iekku...18:25
Stskeepsiekku's outside smoking18:25
andre__okay, Stskeeps maybe?18:25
phaeronshanxS: did you try doing osc build first ?18:25
Stskeepsi can't find my computer mouse, so it can't involve dragging18:25
andre__Stskeeps, np. see my private message18:26
PaimenStskeeps: did you notice earlier mentioning that my WeTab has fan18:26
CosmoHillhi iekku et Stskeeps18:28
iekkui saw 2 awesome guys 5 minutes ago18:29
iekkuthey even speaked to me18:29
iekkume no english18:30
*** saya has quit IRC18:30
phaerony u no elgize18:30
shanxSphaeron: yup, I did that and it seemingly worked <-
shanxSphaeron, but specify *yaml failed <-
phaeronshanxS: that didn't really build as shown by the BuildService API error: can't verify packages due to lack of GPG keys18:33
phaeronshanxS: add a --no-verify18:33
MuJaaaa finnish invasion18:33
* shanxS doing that ..18:33
phaeronthen your chroot will have files in it :)18:34
* lbt back18:34
iekkuMuJ, ?18:34
lbtandre__: you sorted with Stskeeps?18:34
lbtkyyberi: ta - will pull18:35
andre__lbt, all done, thanks18:35
iekkuandre__, what did you do?18:35
iekkudo i even want to know?18:35
andre__iekku, no, you don't.18:35
andre__fixing bug 1818:35
andre__but needed a tester, to not create a third Bugzilla account ;)18:35
iekkuandre__, should you test with someone who's not a admin?18:36
andre__iekku, I did with my second account who has default permissions18:36
iekkuandre__, oh, ok18:37
kyyberilbt: just noticed that my implementation uses sqlite3, so a little changes must be done to define correct adapter in config/database.yml18:37
lbtnp - I can do that18:38
*** vladest has quit IRC18:44
*** vladest has joined #mer18:45
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC18:45
shanxSphaeron, almost there... but it complains about an error <-
phaeronerr.. wth18:47
shanxSsorry for bothering you so much... but am I missing something ?18:48
phaeronI am saying wth at the errors.. never seen them before :D18:49
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer18:51
shanxSbut 'osc chroot ...' works now..18:52
phaeronyeah it should as I said , but the errors are interesting :D18:55
shanxScool.. :)18:55
shanxSone more thing.. do I need to do 'osc ar' and 'osc ci' inside this chroot ?18:56
shanxSbecause this chroot cant fing osc <-
shanxSbut when I exit this chroot (back to MerSdk) and do 'osc ar' and 'osc ci'. I get <-
shanxSis that all ??18:57
shanxSI mean, I am working on <-
shanxSso how should I proceed now ?18:58
phaeronshanxS: the osc  chroot is just to play around with the compiling18:59
kyyberigoing #elsewhere for some time, cy18:59
phaeronshanxS: and after osc ci the files go to obs , if they build successfully then you need to continue with the contribution guide and submit changes in gerrit18:59
shanxSokay, so do I also need to compile osc chroot ?19:00
*** mlong has left #mer19:00
* shanxS thinks he jsut asked a stupid ques :P19:00
*** dijenerate has joined #mer19:01
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC19:01
phaeronerr , when you did osc build it tried to compile the package (which failed). osc chroot is to go and see why it failed and try to fix it .19:01
shanxSalrighty.. cool19:02
phaeronnow that you pushed the modified files to obs , go and check it the built successfuly or not19:03
*** furikku has quit IRC19:05
shanxSphaeron, alrighty.. doing that :)19:06
*** nj3ma has joined #mer19:07
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle19:07
lbtkyyberi: I'm getting a deployment guide together libxml2-dev libxslt-dev19:07
lbtnokogiri native build-deps19:09
kyyberias long as nokogiri will be there. I believe it's needed only for creating the seeds19:10
kyyberiI haven't used it elsewhere19:11
kyyberibut wit rails you never know what it actually uses and where19:12
shanxSphaeron, yeah.. 'osc buildlog Mer_Core_i486  i586' shows RPM build errors19:12
shanxSI am trying to resolve the errors.. lets see what I can get19:12
shanxSphaeron: thanks for helping :)19:13
*** tanty has quit IRC19:13
*** blauzahl has joined #mer19:15
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:17
*** situ has joined #mer19:18
*** AstroAK has quit IRC19:20
phaeronshanxS: welcome :)19:22
*** thierry_troll has quit IRC19:25
lbtkyyberi: running :)19:25
kyyberilbt: you rock!19:25
kyyberineeds seeds probably19:26
*** Ian-- has joined #mer19:26
lbtGemfile needed mysql19:26
lbtneeded db:migrate19:26
lbtjust using webrick atm, not fusion19:26
kyyberifor database as content19:27
lbtyeah - how?19:27
kyyberithose are generated19:27
kyyberiin /MerMeet/SeedGenerators19:27
kyyberihups sorry19:28
kyyberithere are just the generators :)19:28
kyyberithe seeds are at app/db19:28
kyyberitake for example seeds.meetings, rename it to seeds.rb and run "rake db:seeds"19:29
kyyberior copy19:30
lbtso there's one seeds.rb which looks like packages19:30
kyyberiit is19:30
kyyberiyou can run it first19:31
kyyberihaven't tested it yet though19:31
lbtDon't know how to build task 'db:seeds'19:31
kyyberiand rake is installed?19:34
kyyberiah! damn it, try without the last 's'19:35
kyyberithe package list will fail19:36
lbt*g* I tried db/seeds, seeds etc19:36
lbtunknown attribute: murl19:37
*** vivijim has quit IRC19:37
*** vivijim has joined #mer19:38
*** vivijim has joined #mer19:38
*** vivijim has quit IRC19:38
*** vivijim has joined #mer19:38
*** vivijim has joined #mer19:38
kyyberiyou probably need to run database migrate with specific version19:39
kyyberiactually no, I have missed something. Either grep the 'murl' to 'url in the seed file or modify migrate model. First one is easier :)19:41
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC19:41
kyyberiall 'murl' -> 'url'19:42
kyyberi(need to fix generator)19:43
lbtnah, you're using murl in the templates too19:43
lbt(was in index.html.haml)19:44
lbtand app/views/meetings/show.html.haml too19:45
lbtbut ... a little git pull will fix that once it's sorted19:45
kyyberiyeah :)19:45
lbtso the main thing I'm looking for here is to have as much independence as possible between the various modules19:46
lbtso the packages development should be almost completely discrete from meetings19:46
lbtis that do-able?19:46
kyyberinot much 'belongs_to' routes then19:46
kyyberilbt those two can absolutely19:47
lbtI can see things like releases etc too19:47
kyyberiyeah, that's one the TODO list19:47
lbtI'm also quite interested in integrating this into OBS19:48
lbtwell, not sure that's doable either19:48
kyyberiperhaps try at some point. First get some 'basic' stuff working19:49
lbtit may not be the right approach19:49
kyyberiso, what do you think about the little app?19:50
kyyberithe code is butt ugly and needs simplifying19:50
kyyberirefactoring with strong hand19:50
lbtvisual and functionally it's useful :)19:51
kyyberithe users need to be added too, roles are there already19:51
lbtwell, users needs tying to ldap19:51
* kyyberi puts that on the TODO list19:52
lbtthere's code in OBS to do that (some of which I hammered to fit)19:52
*** rcg1 has joined #mer19:52
kyyberilbt: great!19:53
lbttbh I'm not sure it needs users atm19:53
lbtI'd like to focus on data presentation19:53
kyyberisomeone possibly needs to do some admin stuff. Not atm but most likely at some point.19:54
lbtcould we run a differentbackend for that?19:54
lbtgood, I'd rather not worry about security19:54
kyyberibesides the implementation lacks the background jobs which update content19:55
lbtnb we use ruote to handle workflow19:56
lbtcome across it?19:56
lbtok - nm, it will allow us to handle external events (perform tasks) such as import_new_release19:57
kyyberiok :)19:57
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:58
lbtso thanks, this is rather nice - I should be able to deploy it easily in future now19:58
kyyberinp, I'll continue developing it when ever I have time19:58
lbtI think some work on slimming down would probably be sensible, yes19:58
lbtI'd like to get something that's meetings-only done first - that way there's no errors on some links19:59
lbtit honestly looks like that's almost done20:00
*** notmart has quit IRC20:00
kyyberianyway, glad that my little ruby/rails exercise was found somewhat useful. Need to go for the night.20:02
*** noch has quit IRC20:03
*** clopez has quit IRC20:04
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:06
*** Hoolxi has joined #mer20:12
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:18
*** jonwil has quit IRC20:28
*** pohly has quit IRC20:30
* Sage_ is pondering why mer review process in gerrit seems to take so long now. 20:31
*** clopez has joined #mer20:36
*** Aurium has quit IRC20:36
*** Aurium has joined #mer20:37
*** norayr has joined #mer20:39
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*** rcg1 has quit IRC21:07
*** jonnor has joined #mer21:10
*** blauzahl-laptop has joined #mer21:17
*** blauzahl has quit IRC21:20
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*** cxl000 has quit IRC22:25
*** ulf` has joined #mer22:40
ulf`Way to go guys!22:40
*** fk_lx has left #mer22:43
*** niqt has quit IRC22:43
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer22:46
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer22:46
*** FSCV has joined #mer22:51
*** crevetor has joined #mer22:56
crevetorhey guys22:57
crevetorwhere can I found the kickstarter yaml files for mer-core ?22:58
*** norayr has quit IRC23:02
*** blaroche is now known as blaroche_23:03
*** situ has quit IRC23:12
*** merder has quit IRC23:21
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