Sunday, 2012-07-15

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Stskeepslbt: ensure in puppet that OBS_CACHE_DIR="/var/cache/obs/cache"04:04
Stskeepslbt: also, OBS_CACHE_SIZE=10000 must be set in obs-worker04:13
Stskeepser, -server04:13
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timophStskeeps: you pinged06:38
timophwhat about the meego qa tools pages?06:38
iekkutimoph, how was ilosaari?06:42
timophquite ok06:43
timophI'm still in joensuu06:43
timophtoday is also a festival day06:43
timophbut I'm leaving early06:43
dm8tbron which train?06:44
timophI think the best gig of yesterday was D.A.D06:44
timophdm8tbr: most likely the 12:21 one06:45
dm8tbrheh, then we're likely going to meet. Maria has a ticket for that train06:45
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* iekku is wondering how to arrange bug squashing07:13
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lbtmorning all07:37
lbtah well, my irc client appears to have decided to reset all my freenode windows - backlog review in emacs then .... Stskeeps, I see something about CACHE_SIZE ... looking07:38
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Stskeepslbt: also, i've temporarily hardcoded tmpfs size to 15g as i ran into rootfs+swap > tmpfs size07:46
Stskeepsin bs_worker07:46
Stskeepsjust listing what changes i've temporarily done07:46
Stskeepstimoph: D.A.D from .dk?07:46
lbtok, good07:47
Stskeepslbt: also.. we really don't want to try to run 5 qtwebkit at same time, and powerhosts doesn't allow to assign to only part of a host07:48
lbtmmm true07:48
Stskeepsso i can do phost4-1 , phost4-2 and only run qtwebkit/qt jobs on those07:49
Stskeepsthat's in etc/init.d/obsworker07:51
lbtyep, I was wondering about something like that - so long as there's no id=hostname assumption07:52
lbtwhich, knowing OBS...07:52
Stskeepsi'm just listign changes i've had to do07:52
Stskeepsthe mods to bs_worker and init.d/obsworker would be good somehow to have configurable in mer obs07:53
Stskeepsi'm going to have to skip on copyproject delivering next release and get 1907 out the door07:53
Stskeepsso i've temporarily switched back to old method07:53
iekkulbt, Stskeeps, is there any meetings on wed at #mer-meeting?07:53
iekkuif we use it for bug squashing...07:54
iekkuand do we concentrate on testing, fixing or?07:54
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Stskeepsiekku: usually OK but i am unknown about my schedule07:54
iekkuStskeeps, oh, that's true. should we postpone the squashing?07:55
lbtiekku: I'd do it in #mer rather than make it a meeting07:55
iekkulbt, ok07:55
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ericc_can  mer  run  in  ubuntu  or   red  hat ?08:18
Stskeepsmer is it's own, but mer sdk runs under many linux distribution08:19
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Stskeepslbt: is mer ci boss installation as before?08:42
Stskeepsi'm planning on sending through some jobs08:42
lbtI've not changed it08:42
Stskeepsafter editing paths/etc08:42
Stskeepsany chance we could get another worker up? (phost2?)08:44
lbtworking on phost6 now08:45
Stskeepsthat works for me too08:45
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Stskeepscould need a little more oomph the next days so08:47
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CosmoHillvgrade: you might be interested to know that with XZ your mer-core-armv6l-connectivity-xorg-basic-qmlviewer-raspPi-mmcblk0p.raw image compresses to 99.4MB09:08
CosmoHillsaves 44MB, not much but means we can download it faster :)09:09
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alteregoraspi arm6?09:16
alteregoI thought you could get armv7hl on it.09:16
Stskeepsraspi is armv609:16
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alteregoOh well09:17
Stskeepsi would love to get my hands on one of the armv7 broadcom chips, personally09:17
CosmoHillwhen I find my motivation I'd like to create CLFS for Raspberry Pi09:20
alteregoWhy not just use mer? :P09:21
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timophStskeeps: yep09:25
alteregothe mer sdk is slightly annoying at not knowing it's not mounted.09:26
Stskeepstimoph: ah, yeah, cool band09:26
alteregoStarting to get bored of deleting .sdkoptions everytime I boot up :P09:26
Stskeepsalterego: bug please09:26
timophStskeeps: yeah. they really know how to entertain the crowd09:26
alteregoI might fix it myself :P09:27
alteregowiki going slooooow again.09:28
alteregoHrm, what's my login for the wiki ..09:32
Stskeepsbugzilla one09:32
alteregoIsn't working09:32
alteregoI think it's because I set myself up statically in the config file,09:33
alteregoOh well, that can wait.09:33
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ericcdowning   mer  sdk  is  too  slow...09:33
alteregoericc: would you like me to mirror it for you?09:34
alteregoI'll upload it to my server, if you wait 5 minutes you can download it from there.09:35
alteregoericc: though that's more likely your connection, I can download it at 5Mb/s09:38
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alteregoYou can download it from there, maybe a bit faster.09:40
alteregoeven use wget -c ..09:40
alteregoStskeeps: is it necessary to use https for everything?09:40
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Stskeepshello wwweagle10:15
wwweagleStskeeps: Nice to see you here10:16
wwweagleStskeeps: So you're 28 and running Jolla and saying hello to everyone... are you in fact a bunch of guys or some genius script that exist on internet?10:18
Stskeepswwweagle: just passionate about building community. i feel offended about being replacable with a script ;)10:19
Stskeepswwweagle: not running jolla, fwiw, just a part10:19
wwweaglewell I'm offended about being 29 and not part of something cool.10:20
Stskeepsgood thing yhoou joine d #me r then :)10:21
Stskeepsgood thing you joined #mer then :)10:21
Stskeepswwweagle: so if you have any questions on Mer or on how to use or contribute to it, feel free to ask at any time10:21
Stskeepselse feel free to hang out and learn10:22
wwweaglerandom thoughts, is it practicle to run Garnet VM10:22
wwweaglein mer now?10:22
iekkuStskeeps, you are always so nice10:22
Stskeepshmm. i've never tried10:22
Stskeepsshow me a 'ldd' output of it?10:23
Stskeepsiekku, yes, but don't hope you'll ever end on my bad side. Ever watched Dexter? ;)10:23
wwweagleI believe it's based on a binary named cvm, I'll try ldd it10:24
iekkuStskeeps, oh...10:24
Stskeepsmuch water has run under  the bridge from fremantle times, and we don't carry hildong gtk10:25
* iekku tries to be nice to Stskeeps 10:25
Stskeepsso there's hope10:25
iekkubadgers aren't so nice, you know..10:26
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wwweaglehere's the ldd output
Stskeepswwweagle: gtk dep may be a problem, also softfp..10:40
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wwweagleStskeeps:Maybe run it in another vm...10:42
Stskeepswwweagle: possible10:42
Stskeepshildon gtk deps are a mess10:42
Stskeepsif you had source, much easier10:43
wwweagleStskeeps: On the other hand Palm had had many things maemo/meego/mer lacked of... Will Jolla please buy it back from HP?10:44
Stskeepswwweagle: hehe, i don't speak on behalf of jolla10:44
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* w00t wanders in10:45
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wwweagleI'm trying to start a nemo VM in virtualbox11:19
Stskeepshow is it going?11:19
wwweagleAnd I got this11:19
wwweagle[  149.697797] Out of memory: Kill process 674 (meegotouchhome) score 14 or sacrifice child [  149.701126] Killed process 674 (meegotouchhome) total-vm:108204kB, anon-rss:5896kB, file-rss:1064kB11:19
Stskeepshow much ram did you dedicate to it?11:19
wwweagle512MB, as the wiki says. I'm increasing it to 1GB11:19
Stskeepsok, it's a live cd so it might need a bit11:20
wwweagleNo, it's not the RAM11:25
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Stskeepsthat's interesting, that works for me every time11:26
wwweagleKernel panic, last part is here
Stskeepsdo you have PAE enabled?11:27
wwweagleI had11:27
Stskeepsis this a ssse3 capable machine?11:27
wwweagleSSE3 capable, but not Intel11:28
Stskeepsthree s'es11:28
wwweagleNo. : (.  I must have lost an S somewhere11:29
wwweagleIt's a 1Gen AMD phenom. Is it supported?11:29
alteregoSo some Jolla news tomorrow, cooooooool11:29
alteregowwweagle: should be.11:29
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Stskeepsalterego: without knowing specifics, it might just be jukka coming back from festival :P11:30
alteregoWell, looks like Antti Saarnio is saying something too :P11:30
wwweaglewhat's this? "[   20.343386] ohmd/420: potentially unexpected fatal signal 5."11:34
Stskeepsthat's normal11:34
wwweagleOK, I googled it...11:35
Stskeepswe have that bug on arm too so11:35
alteregoStskeeps: is it possible to build a mer-sdk chroot for arm?11:36
Stskeepsalterego: whywouldyouneedthat11:37
alteregoI don't know, yet :P11:37
Stskeepsbut yes, technically, but cross compilers won't be there11:37
wwweagleNo idea. I'm I right system hangs after this? "[  141.359469] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!"11:38
Stskeepswwweagle: i'm really baffled, i tested latest image and it doesn't do this11:39
Stskeepsvirtualbox version?11:39
wwweagle4.1.16 on Win7 x6411:40
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wwweagleLet me try remove the virtual hdd...11:41
ericcalterego   thankyou11:46
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Stskeepswb merder. done any merders today?11:52
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ericcmy  vbox  win7  64  4.1811:53
wwweagleAnyone with older AMD cpu?11:56
merderand no not yet :P11:56
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ericccpu  i511:57
wwweagleI disabled AMD-V and the VM haven't die on me yet... but it's painfully s.l.o.w...11:58
Stskeepswwweagle: interesting11:58
rcgwhat's the most recent plasma-active image for archos 101 g9?11:58
Stskeepsmaybe a missing kernel module?11:58
Stskeepsrcg: check i think11:58
rcgright, that's what i checked11:59
wwweagleOK it's dead now. Only more painful... I'm grabing virtualbox 4.1.18 now...12:00
rcgStskeeps: tried the turbo version of the g9 with that image and touch screen is not working12:00
Stskeepsrcg: interesting12:00
Stskeepsrcg: i think they discussed that in #active12:00
Stskeepsericc: archos generation 912:00
ericcarchos generation 9???12:00
Stskeepsericc: tablet12:01
Stskeepsomap4 tablt12:01
wwweagleWill someone be kind enough to export his virtual appliance?12:01
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wwweaglemaybe i still mis-configured somewhere12:02
Stskeepswwweagle: isn't there specific setup instructions on the wiki page?12:02
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wwweagleI followed that wiki line by line, I'm fine, kernel panicked :(12:04
ericcmake   mer  run on  the   g9?12:04
rcgStskeeps: alright, thanks for the hint, pinged the guys in #active12:06
rcgwhere you are as well, apparently ;)12:06
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rcglbt: ping12:08
lbtrcg: ack12:08
rcgwas that you who was also messing with mer/plasma active and archos g9?12:08
wwweagleCan someone paste his/her virtualbox Session Information-Details?12:11
Stskeepswwweagle: i'm sadly on the wrong laptop atm :/12:11
rcglbt: ^12:12
lbtrcg: no, I  don't have a g912:12
rcgright, thx :)12:12
rcgthen my memory is worse than i thought12:12
lbtjoin the club ... I keep promising to write a CRM system for irc12:13
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rcglbt: right :)12:18
Stskeepslbt: "grep" works for me12:20
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wwweagleInteresting. I got an Intel machine, and everything runs.12:45
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wwweagleThis is blatant discrimination against AMD users...12:48
dm8tbrwwweagle: you may thank intel for driving meego that way, this is still their fallout12:51
wwweagledm8tbr: well that's very true...still12:52
wwweagleDoes anyone runs a mer VM on an AMD12:52
wwweagleor I'm going to change the wiki...12:53
Stskeepswwweagle: wiki note about problems on amd welcome12:53
dm8tbrprod one of the people who know™ and then file a bug12:53
dm8tbrfirst part achieved12:53
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Stskeepswwweagle: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i ssse3 on the amd12:54
Stskeepswwweagle: we do have mer i486 (non atom) but nemo isnt built for it12:54
wwweagleI'm sure there is no ssse3 on it.12:54
wwweaglessse3 is Intel specific.12:55
dm8tbrAMD has ssse3 cpus too12:55
dm8tbrthey cross-license stuff12:55
Stskeepslater amd has it too12:55
wwweagleright, last gen amds don't have it.12:56
wwweaglenew FXs should have.12:56
wwweagleflags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush mmx fxsr sse sse2 ht syscall nx fxsr_opt rdtscp lm 3dnowext 3dnow12:58
wwweaglebut if the build needs ssse3 shouldn't it be called i586-ssse3 or something like that?12:59
wwweagleI remember arch-linux have i686 branches that runs on pentiumIII, so i586 is somewhat misleading...13:01
Stskeepsi don't disagree, but we wanted to stay close to meego arcnh naming13:01
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Stskeepsas there are pitfalls in packaging for fixing it13:02
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wwweagleStskeeps: Are you sure ssse3 is necessary for all i586 builds? I'm going to add that to the wiki.13:04
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wwweagleAnd I was hoping to run mer on my old PentiumIII tablet, so that's another bummer...13:06
alteregoI thought P3 had sse3?13:06
alteregoOr is that just sse2?13:06
Stskeepswwweagle: mer i486 can run fine there13:07
Stskeepswe have both atom and generic x8613:07
Stskeepsjust nemo is i58613:07
Stskeepsit can be built for i486 too, but we havent had a need13:07
wwweagleI see.13:08
wwweaglealterego: P3s only have crippled SSE, no sse2 or any thing fancier.13:13 stoped new registration long time ago, right?13:16
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wwweagleor wiki.merproject.com13:16
dm8tbrthat's probably handled through central registration and LDAP?13:16
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wwweagledm8tbr Is this central registration self-help or should I contact some one?13:19
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rcgany hints on debugging the touch screen issue?13:22
rcgi figure i can make changes to the "root" image by mounting the data partition the same way as described for unpacking the image13:23
rcghowever, being able to ssh into the system would be much more comfortable13:23
rcgi.e., i am using that image on an archos 101 g9 turbo13:24
rcgis there usb networking functionality by default?13:25
rcgwell, bbl though13:25
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dm8tbrrcg: shouldn't be to hard to enable g_ether on boot and either connman will try to bring up the interface or you give it a static ip somehow13:37
*** goku12 has joined #mer13:38
Stskeepswwweagle: if you see this later, == the central registration, it also is listed on www.merproject.org13:39
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rcgdm8tbr: thx, will give that a try14:40
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alteregowoohoo, replacement mother board,15:34
* alterego builds15:34
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alteregoSo CPU is bloody defective ..16:23
alteregoSubmitted an RMA16:23
alteregoBloody pain in the ass.16:23
* alterego does some more work on dialer.16:26
Stskeepsare you using ofono 1.8 btw?16:26
alteregoNot yet, there are some issues there.16:26
alteregoOnce I get it working, I'm going to move over and debug16:26
*** alien_ has joined #mer16:36
Stskeepsalien_: remember offhand the bug about dri in mesa/llmvpipe?16:38
Stskeepsjust trying to find it16:38
alien_Stskeeps: one minute16:38
Stskeepsi wonder if it would help if let's say, virtualbox's dri2 driver was built16:40
Stskeepsand llvmpipe used that for sending frames to screen16:41
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*** lbt has joined #mer16:47
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*** lbt has joined #mer16:47
alien_Stskeeps: might worth to try that out16:54
* Stskeeps looks at the GLX implementation for TFP16:54
Stskeepsalien_: actually looks fairly straightforward16:56
Stskeepsthough dri2 would also be a good direction16:58
Stskeepsyou know.. hmm16:58
* Stskeeps grabs intel laptop16:58
Stskeepsah, no, won't work..16:58
* Stskeeps curses16:58
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*** dfgfdg is now known as Estel_17:13
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alteregoStskeeps: what wont work?17:17
*** eebrah has joined #mer17:19
Stskeepsllvmpipe and intel dri mix17:21
alteregoAnd you don't have an intel gfx card?17:21
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer17:22
Stskeepsi do17:22
Stskeepsjust sw wise17:22
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situhey Stskeeps18:11
Stskeepshey situ18:11
situHow're you man ?18:11
Stskeepsi'm good thank you18:12
Stskeepstrying to diagnose a tearing display issue on n918:12
situCould you tell me what stuff you take care of in Mer ?18:12
Stskeepsi'm the project architect18:12
Stskeepsso everything and nothing ;)18:12
Stskeepsi make sure the core moves forward, make documentation, settle disputes, chair advisory board meetings, ..18:14
situI am having a look at "how to contribute" page.18:14
Stskeepssure - if there's any errors, or things you need elaborated, don't hestitate to ask18:15
situI would like contirubte as a developer, but don't have a device supporting MeeGo (or Mer).18:17
Stskeepsdoesn't matter - do you have a PC and a linux installation, with possibility to install VirtualBox ?18:17
situI have. I am Qt + Kde developer.18:18
Stskeepsexcellent, then you do have a device :)18:18
situYou use Kde ?18:18
Stskeepsi don't personally use kde, but i'm rather desktop environment agnostic18:18
lpotteri guess it depends on what he wants to contribute18:18
situI am one of the Rekonq developers, if you ever heard about it.18:19
Stskeepswell, i used to use konqueror when i used KDE many years back18:20
Stskeepsso what's the story behind rekonq in this regard?18:20
situWell Rekonq is based on QtWebkit, it's kind of successor to Konqueror which used KHtml.18:20
Stskeepsever considered a more mobile-oriented version of rekonq?18:22
situI think we have it in Todo list.18:23
situWe are going to switch to QML in Kde 5.18:23
Stskeepssounds sane18:23
situMer is core of the OS which runs on Spark, right ?18:24
Stskeepsthat's correct18:24
*** ibrah has quit IRC18:24
Stskeepsor vivaldi, as it's called now18:24
situWhich browser does it support ?18:25
Stskeepsi think it's pretty much a stock plasma active image on there18:26
Stskeepsso whatever they have18:26
situHow do you guys support Qt on Mer ?18:28
Stskeepswe compile it as part of the mer stack, both qt4 and qt518:29
Stskeepsand optimize towards qml/html5 scenarios18:30
situI never had, but I would like to contribute to QtWebkit.18:31
Stskeepsshould be possible, though i guess it's on level of complexity of the linux kernel :)18:31
situI am sure it is :)18:32
Stskeepswe try to avoid doing too much in-distro development in mer and instead participate upstream18:32
situSounds reasonable.18:32
*** membersonlyguy has joined #mer18:34
situHow many people are working on Mer these days ? I mean frequent contributors.18:36
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer18:42
Stskeepsbefore i answer that, i'd like to point out that over the entire time of meego development, each package was in average touched 4 times18:43
situWere you a part of MeeGo team ?18:43
Stskeepswhich was a bet i made with myself, that we could do a solid core with fewer packages, at significantly less manpower18:43
Stskeepsyes, i was in MeeGo ARM18:43
*** vladest_ has joined #mer18:44
Stskeepsso while i guess, like a few very often contributors, and some randomly contributing bugs, package changes, etc, sounds very little, we actually manage to accomplish a lot still18:45
Stskeepsmer's designed for off the street contribution and making it easy to maintain it18:45
situMeeGo team was brilliant, nice to meet you :)18:45
Stskeepsmeego(.com) ;)18:45
*** vladest has quit IRC18:46
*** vladest_ is now known as vladest18:46
Stskeepssitu: did you see our task list/18:47
situNo, where is it ?18:47
Stskeepssee topic18:47
Stskeeps"what you can help with"18:47
*** blauzahl has quit IRC18:47
Stskeepskeep in mind Mer is really a solid set of 320 packages and most sexy stuff exists in UI or hardware adaptations, so it may look a bit dry18:47
situCan you give me a link to this topic ?18:49
Stskeepstype /topic18:49
situohh ok I was searching on Wiki :P18:50
* Stskeeps files bug :P18:51
*** ibrah has joined #mer18:51
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situI will try Mer in Virtualbox.19:00
*** blauzahl has joined #mer19:02
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situStskeeps: gotta go now, catch you later!19:09
Stskeepssee you :)19:09
*** situ has quit IRC19:10
*** phaeron has joined #mer19:19
*** dijenerate has joined #mer19:20
KaIRCStskeeps: looks like fennec for the N9 will be trouble, as romaxa was let go by Nokia as well19:24
KaIRCStskeeps: does the Mer OBS build for Harmattan as well or only for Mer?19:24
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer19:24
dm8tbrmeego COBS has an harmattan target19:24
StskeepsKaIRC: i don't care much for harmattan personally, more interested in fennec on mer19:26
AardStskeeps: touching fennec is most likely bad for your mental health.19:30
StskeepsAard: been there, done that19:32
*** smoku has quit IRC19:39
*** smoku has joined #mer19:40
vgraderumour of opensource broadcom gpu drivers19:49
lbtvgrade: oooh19:52
*** ortylp has joined #mer19:53
*** smoku has left #mer19:53
Stskeepshello ortylp19:53
Stskeepsvgrade: all the fun happens in videocore anyway19:54
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*** Eismann has joined #mer19:59
ortylphi all :) I am new here, so I'll stay quiet most of the time :D19:59
Stskeepsortylp: sure :) welcome to #mer, feel free to ask at any time, or on how to contribute, etc, else feel free to hang out :)20:00
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shmerlHi! Is Vgrade around here sometimes?20:43
*** membersonlyguy has joined #mer20:44
blarocheshmerl: left the server about 30mins ago20:46
shmerlAh, OK. Just wanted to ask if he still works on Vivaldi hw adaptation.20:46
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CosmoHilllaters .o/22:11
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