Friday, 2012-07-13

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Stskeepsthe additional packages, just in obs somewhere03:45
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Stskeepsphaeron: i'm not sure that's what i explicitly want - what i'd like is being able to copyprj a <link> project, and have parts of it not-building for x8604:18
Stskeepsideally on how _meta looks on <link> side04:18
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Stskeepsgood morning sonach04:20
sonachmorning Stskeeps, you got up so early !!04:20
Stskeepssonach: yeah, wife usually gets up a little before me :P04:21
Stskeepsso i woke up at same time as her for once04:21
sonachhehe, good habit :)04:22
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Stskeepssonach: how's your development going?04:25
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sonachStskeeps: what aspect?04:25
Stskeepsnow that's a true developer answer ;) just wondering if things are working OK or you have any problems with Mer and so on :)04:26
sonachStskeeps: it is in progress... if we have problems, we will throw it out at any time :P04:28
Stskeepshehe, good :)04:29
Stskeepssonach: did you by the way find out how to get chinese characters working OK?04:30
Stskeepsit was just a matter of fonts?04:30
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sonachStskeeps: AFAIK, it is just a matter of fonts. Maybe be Mer has done a lot on this but I don't know much about :P04:32
Stskeepsnot as much as i want to - the hope is also to provide CJK input methods in upper UI layers eventually, through Maliit, for example04:33
Stskeeps.. which brings me to next question, how do people input chinese symbols with remote control for STB?04:34
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sonachStskeeps: there are two ways: (1) develop a software keyboard app; (2) improve the remote control which has a small screen on it and put chars on it,04:35
Stskeepsyeah, i think i've actually seen the last solution when i was in hong kong04:35
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sonachStskeeps: what solution?04:36
Stskeepsthe one with remote control with screen04:36
Stskeepsit was many years ago though :)04:36
Stskeepsif you ever have to do anything with input method, consider using - i think it might work fine in STB setting too04:37
sonachStskeeps: yes, for TV/STB, the remote control is very important. I think the best solution is: it combines mouse, IR and screen.04:37
sonachStskeeps: ok, thank you for the link :)04:37
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Stskeepsfor my own TV solution i've considered a solution where remote control is an actual tablet as well, but that's a more expensive solution :)04:39
sonachyes, that is two expensive...04:39
sonachStskeeps: will have a rest since we are at noon :P talk to you later.04:39
Stskeepsgood morning E-P04:40
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* Stskeeps successfully makes a Core:0.20120719.0.0.2:i486 full release \o/04:47
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Stskeepshello kyleven :)05:02
Stskeepskyleven: welcome :] so what brings you here to #mer ?05:03
kyleventhe mer-project website05:03
Stskeepskyleven: sure :) if you have any questions about Mer, or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time :) else feel free to hang out05:04
kylevenjust wanna see how the chanel is going05:04
Stskeepsyeah, it's a bit early at the moment05:05
_Razor_goood morning05:05
kylevengood afternoon...05:06
Stskeepsgood morning to _Razor_ too :)05:07
_Razor_last day of week to smash code :)05:08
Stskeepsnaah, saturday and sunday too05:08
Stskeepsthough i won't be working tomorrow, my birthday05:09
iekkuStskeeps, are you going to have party?05:09
iekkuor something special?05:09
Stskeepsiekku: not really, but i do think to perhaps go out05:09
* Stskeeps isn't very creative in that area05:09
iekkuwell, it's special that you don't work05:09
Stskeepsyeah :P05:10
iekkui think i will be 17 one year more05:17
E-PI have been in your car while you have been driving that... so admit that you are 18!05:20
iekkuand who needs card for driving? you didn't ask to see my driving license05:21
iekkuand the fact how scared you all were...05:21
iekkuhaha, reminded me that mr. toropainen dind't let managers come to my car when we had trip to jyväskylä05:22
iekku"too much risks"05:22
E-Psomehow that doesn't surprise me :D05:22
iekkuE-P, imagine situation now when i have much more powerfull car05:23
E-Pyou don't have the corolla anymore?05:23
iekkuno :(05:23
RhymeswAProbably being 21 again and again would be better, gotta have a beer on your birthday ...05:23
iekkukind of miss that05:24
iekkuRhymeswA, in finland it's 1805:24
E-Pbity, it was such a nice car05:24
*** sonach has joined #mer05:24
iekkuE-P, kottarainen :) now we have mäymobil05:24
iekkuand everyone were sure that i lost my lisence in year when we bought it...05:25
E-Pwhat do you drive nowdays? (so that I can watch out when I am visiting at Tampere)05:25
iekkupurple e36 bmw05:26
E-Pdidn't see that coming05:26
RhymeswAiekku, ok 18 over and over :)05:26
iekkuneither did i05:26
iekkuRhymeswA, if you are 18 you need to start to act like adult05:27
E-PI thought that you will have some sort of american hotrod05:27
iekkuand statrt to look like one05:27
iekkuE-P, :D05:27
iekkuE-P, i have been dreaming older corolla05:27
E-Pbut bmw fits nicely for you, you are just 17 :D05:27
iekkuE-P, and it has morosport equipments etc.. so it's tuned bmw...05:28
RhymeswAiekku, on your birthday ??  Finland can't be that different ...05:28
iekkuRhymeswA, :P05:28
iekkuE-P, my mom said when we bought mämobiili that i have lost my identity...05:29
*** Stskeeps has quit IRC05:30
E-Pdefinitely, the corolla was part of your soul05:30
iekkuit was my first car05:30
iekkuwasn't rocket, but i wasn't going to moon anyway, so...05:31
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iekkuE-P, but there's one great thing in our new car. you can only imagine what kind of looks i get when jump out from car with my needlejacket05:32
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iekkuand it has c-casette player \o/ can listen to my old punk casettes while dringving05:34
E-Pwhat is this c-casette that you are talking about... :P05:36
Paimenthe one you need to rewind with pencil05:36
iekkusomething forgot before you were born?05:36
Paimenso batteries on your walkman does not die so fast05:36
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timophmorning from joensuu05:45
E-Pmorning timoph o/05:46
E-Pilosaari rock starting today?05:46
timophactully there's some clubs today. The main festival starts tomorrow05:47
Paimenoh that too, unfortunately I'll miss all the festivals this summer05:47
iekkui'm going to only one festival this year05:47
iekkuor this summer05:47
Stskeepsi'm not, because of too much travel and starting work05:47
E-Ptimoph: are you camping? or high-tech-hotel/aparment?05:47
Stskeepsmy heart was hurting when seeing pictures from roskilde festival05:47
timophE-P: staying with a friend05:48
iekkuStskeeps, *hug*05:48
timophI've lived about 4 years in joensuu so I have some places to crash here05:48
E-Ptimoph: have fun!05:49
iekkui'm going to puntala to see what kind of 'escaped from bird atlas' punks there's this year05:49
iekkulast year was on honeymoon so missed it05:49
timophdamn. I'm going to miss liimanarina05:51
iekkutimoph, that's shame05:52
timophyeah. need to leave on sunday before they play05:53
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iekkuback in the days when i was 15 or 16 used to listen liimanarina with my friend05:55
Stskeepsthat was just a year ago, hardly back in the days, iekku ;)05:58
iekkuyear or two, who counts?05:59
E-Pyour curtain is falling05:59
iekkuStskeeps, E-P is evil!06:00
Paimeniekku: he is QA-guy he is supposed to be at least little evil06:01
Stskeepsiekku: good, evil gets things done! ;)06:01
* iekku goes to bz to see if there's something to hit E-P 06:02
*** pohly has joined #mer06:02
E-Pthere is ;)06:02
iekkui know06:02
E-Piekku: btw, for the next qa meeting I should gather some bug metrics, can you help me with that?06:03
*** Peppepappa has joined #mer06:03
timophcrying started here as well06:04
timoph(the people I'm staying with have a 4 week old girl)06:04
Stskeepshello Peppepappa :)06:05
Peppepappahi there...06:05
StskeepsPeppepappa: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?06:05
Peppepappaactually, I was looking for lbt - we swapped a few tweets a while ago06:06
Stskeepsah, he's probably not awake yet :)06:06
iekkuE-P, uh oh, if i have enough time. i need to take care of wife during the weekend and mon-tue is going to be very hard.06:07
Peppepappaunderstand... neither am I, but have a deadline to meet06:07
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StskeepsPeppepappa: btw, regarding sound designer, send your CV (in .pdf) in with a blurb why you'd like to work with Jolla (in english)06:07
iekkuoh, coming to hki, bbl06:07
StskeepsPeppepappa: just saw your tweet myself06:08
PeppepappaYep, thanks. Yeah, I've been doing all sorts of audio things for... what, 20 years?06:08
Stskeepsyeah, just looking at your website too, very impressive06:09
PeppepappaI'll send some email... don't get fooled by the picture of an ogre on my web page, I'm a happier guy than what seems. :-D06:09
E-Piekku: ok, if you have some scripts/tools or advises for that, it would be helpful06:09
PeppepappaI think a family here needs some attention... better go and do breakfast now. See you a bit later.06:10
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sonachStskeeps: I bind mount /home/zhanghui/project/src to /home/zhanghui/build-root/home:zhanghui-armv7el/home/project/src, and then 'osc chroot', but under chroot, i can see nothing under /home/project/src, but it is ok outside chroot(i.e. I can see files under xxx/build-root/xxx/project/src),06:29
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle06:29
sonachStskeeps: what is wrong with my stuff?06:30
Stskeepssonach: is this arm build?06:30
sonachStskeeps: yes,06:30
Stskeepssonach: ok, can you make it so that it's /home/abuild/project somehow?06:31
sonachStskeeps: ok,06:31
*** bzyx has left #mer06:32
sonachStskeeps: the same problem ...06:33
Stskeepssonach: hmmm06:34
Stskeepssonach: is this within sb2 that you can't find it?06:38
sonachStskeeps: what do you mean by 'within sb2'?  I haven't done 'osc -t' yet for the moment,06:39
sonachjust after osc chroot,06:39
sonachStskeeps: 'osc -t' --> 'sb2 -t' !06:39
Stskeepssonach: interesting06:39
sonachStskeeps: my command is something like "sudo mount --bind /home/zhanghui/project/xorg-x11-drv-fbtde/xf86-video-fbtde-0.1.0/ /home/zhanghui/obswork/build-root/home\:zhanghui-armv7el/home/abuild/project/xorg-x11-drv-fbtde/"06:40
Stskeepsok, and that doesn't show up as /home\:zhanghui-armv7el/home/abuild/project/xorg-x11-drv-fbtde/ in the osc chroot ?06:40
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake06:41
sonachStskeeps: in the chroot, it is '/home/abuild/project/xorg-x11-drv-fbtde', there is nothing here. will it something related to the user permissions?06:41
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pohlylbt: the SyncEvolution nightly test server on crashed again - can you restart it, please?06:46
pohlyx-fade: ^^^ or perhaps you can restart the machine?06:47
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lbtpohly: sure06:53
pohlyI have a watchdog script running, but it didn't trigger a reboot.06:54
Stskeepspohly: is it a OOM scenario or?06:54
lbtpohly: did the sysrq trick not work06:54
pohlyStskeeps: kernel bug. A CPU gets stuck.06:54
pohlylbt: I'm no longer logged in, so I couldn't try. The script should have done the same when it sees the tell-tale kernel messages, but that didn't work.06:55
lbtno, apparently not06:55
lbtif tail -n 1000 -f /var/log/kern.log | grep -m 1 "BUG: soft lockup"; then echo true; fi06:55
lbthangs :)06:55
*** lofty306 has joined #mer06:56
pohlyeh, "echo true"? There should have been the code to reset the machine. Will check - as soon as I can again ;-}06:57
lbtI just spotted that in the bash log and guessed it was the base of the watchdog06:58
pohlyThe final version is in /etc/rc.local06:59
lbtit's coming back now ... poor filesystem :)06:59
lbtanyhow ... morning all06:59
pohlylbt: thanks!06:59
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iekkui try to get something07:05
lbtStskeeps: saw Peppepappa popped in07:09
lbtgood stuff07:09
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phaeronStskeeps: I don't understand what you mean. this preserves the  build status of the package meta, so if a package is build disabled in source it will be the same in the target project07:21
Stskeepsphaeron: ok, so, my current scenario is that i have a project with <link> to another OBS. currently, the obs does not allow me to independently enable builds for a linked package like that07:22
Stskeepsand it doesn't pick it up from the <link> that the package is actually disabled07:23
Stskeepsor something07:23
phaeronStskeeps: that's not what you asked for yesterday07:23
Stskeepsphaeron: not complaining, just for good measure, i might just have explained it in a wrong manner..07:24
* Stskeeps tries to rephrase07:25
phaeronI get the picture07:25
phaeronpreserve package meta in project link over remote link07:25
Stskeepsso, as you know, mer cross compiled architectures are set up in a way, that there is a <repository><path> to Core:i486, where all x86 packages are disabled, except for a few. the project has <link> to a remote link OBS project, where the _meta says "disable for i586"07:26
Stskeepsthis works for linkpac but not for <link>07:26
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Stskeepsok, is nokia shedding people as development champions because they're qt or symbian c++ people? ..07:33
Stskeepshave these people gone mad?07:34
lpotterwhats a development champion?07:35
Stskeepsseeing random reports from people that they're no longer nokia development champion07:35
Stskeepssuch as "do not fit into Nokia?s future and a decision was made to end your Nokia Developer Championship early.'07:35
lpotterhmm.. thats weird07:35
lpotterbut a very good way to piss off developers07:36
Stskeepsoh yes07:36
* lbt tries to think of a platform where they're looking for development champions...07:37
jjardonStskeeps: hey, did you think about my suggestion to add gstreamer-vaapi to the repos?07:38
Stskeepsjjardon: it feels a bit like it belongs over in hardware adaptation07:38
Stskeepswhere we have libva too07:38
Stskeeps(i think)07:38
* Stskeeps checks07:38
Stskeepsyes, it belongs in hw adaptation07:39
Stskeepslibva is pretty non-existent on arm, so07:39
Stskeepsand gstreamer-vaapi is plugin-like enough to be in a hw adaptation instead07:39
Stskeepssuch as generic x8607:39
jjardonhw adaptation? It contains gstreamer plugins, like the ones in -base or -good07:40
jjardonah, understand07:40
Stskeepsjjardon: right, so, libva is next level straight onto specific hardware07:40
jjardonStskeeps: where are the "hardware adaptation" repos?07:41
Stskeepsthat's hosted outside mer, for example Nemo has the generic X86 adaptation07:41
Stskeeps , the text blurb explains a bit about this07:41
* jjardon reading07:42
sonachStskeeps: any ideas about my question?07:42
Stskeepssonach: no, i'm baffled as to why a bind mount wouldn't work07:43
sonachStskeeps: ok, i try to ask lbt :)07:43
sonachlbt: hi, my bind mount doesn't take effect in 'osc chroot', any ideas?07:44
lbtsonach: sec... in a meeting07:45
sonachlbt: ok :P07:45
*** denism has quit IRC07:46
*** ALo has joined #mer07:48
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jjardonStskeeps: oh, so was MeeGo 1.3 even released?07:49
Stskeepsjjardon: long story short, they introduced systemd, then mostly dropped it on the floor, we spent ages fixing it for our community edition work07:51
Stskeepswe started looking into better ways to do meego, intel forked to tizen, we continued in mer07:51
jjardonwe are using meego in a project, could you give me an idea how hard would be to migrate to MeeGo 1.3/mer?07:52
Stskeepsphaeron: in positive news, copyproject is behaving well07:52
Stskeepsjjardon: systemd is a challenge but honestly, it's worth the move07:53
Stskeepsmer is far more saner to do products with07:53
phaeronStskeeps: for i586 at least07:53
jjardonThe project is quite advanced, so I need strong reasons to migrate ;)07:53
Stskeepsjjardon: get your product out first but be aware of massive CVE issues in meego 1.207:54
Stskeepsand start development work into seeing how mer can benefit you07:54
jjardonStskeeps: where can I find the list of CVE?07:55
Stskeepsjjardon: , but there's ...07:56
Stskeeps... also libpng issues07:56
Stskeepssome of them we just fixed right away instead of filing bug07:56
lbtsonach: OK .. so can you explain a little?07:59
jjardonStskeeps: thanks for the link08:02
lbtjjardon: also we have some docs about getting mer working on base HW08:04
lbtso we try to make that part easy08:04
lbtan evaluation goal may be simply to run a minimal UX on your device08:04
lbtthat exposes you to tools and processes too08:05
lbtand also shows you some systemd initialisation aspects08:05
lbtideally it's a 2-3day task ... even less for someone who knows the tools and for nice HW08:05
jjardonlbt: sure Ill play if I have time after fixing all the bugs I have assigned ;)08:06
lbt*g* ... OK ... I think that would be a good approach to getting a proper answer to your question08:06
jjardonsomebody knows about problems in QML transparency and video reproduction here btw?08:07
Stskeepsmaybe w00t, i think some of the trolls are on vacation08:08
w00tjjardon: video reproduction? - you can always try me08:08
jjardonw00t: hey! thanks! the problem is this: I have a QML test program with transparent background so I can show videos in overlay08:09
jjardonall works ok, but with some videos, the QML gets opaque08:09
Stskeepsjjardon: is this with meego gstreamer/qtmultimedia?08:10
jjardonw00t: yeah, gstreamer08:10
jjardonmore specificaly, only using vaapisink08:11
jjardonsome mpeg2 work fine, but in others I get black screen. Even in some I get the video for a second and then black screen08:11
jjardonweird, isnt it?08:12
w00tis this QML1 or QML2? how are you displaying the video, also?08:12
jjardonI create a pipeline and set the sink I want08:12
jjardonone moment08:13
*** Kili has joined #mer08:13
Stskeepshello Kili :)08:14
ZiQiangHuanjjardon: maybe you can use qtmutimedia's demo player, to see whether it can work08:14
jjardonw00t: this is in my main:
jjardonGstOverlayItem is my gstreamer-based player08:15
w00tok, that looks fine08:15
w00ti'd want to check if gst was creating its own overlay window in that circumstance, I think08:16
jjardonw00t: I start to think that maybe Its a bug in gstreamer-vaapi or in the drivers?08:16
jjardonone moment08:16
w00tjjardon: i don't know enough about gst to comment there, I just know that I had a hard time with overlay windows being created when they shouldn't in the past once08:16
jjardonw00t: as I say, the transparency with other sinks work ok08:18
*** otep has joined #mer08:21
jjardonalso, one strange thing about view.setViewport(new QGLWidget);08:23
*** francois__ has joined #mer08:23
jjardonI have to remove it08:23
Stskeepsfrancois__: URL is now at
francois__you're reading my mind :-)08:24
jjardonw00t: if not, the first video plays ok, bug the in the second, the QML view is not refreshed, so the opacity increases. After 4 videos the screen is totally opaque. Is this normal? This happen with all the sinks08:25
lbtfrancois__: api changed to if you used osc
w00tjjardon: if you don't force-repaint the area where the video was playing between videos, yes08:25
francois__Indeed I do! Thanks!08:25
w00tI'd check what removing Qt::WA_OpaquePaintEvent does in that case08:26
*** blauzahl has quit IRC08:27
jjardonw00t: ok, anyway the black screen issue is not solved even using opengl08:27
sonachlbt: yes, I bind mount /home/zhanghui/project/src to /home/zhanghui/build-root/home:zhanghui-armv7el/home/project/src, and then 'osc chroot', but under chroot, i can see nothing under /home/project/src, but it is ok outside chroot(i.e. I can see files under xxx/build-root/xxx/project/src),08:29
sonachlbt: my command is "sudo mount --bind /home/zhanghui/project/xorg-x11-drv-fbtde/xf86-video-fbtde-0.1.0/ /home/zhanghui/obswork/build-root/home\:zhanghui-armv7el/home/abuild/project/xorg-x11-drv-fbtde/"08:29
sonachin the chroot, it is '/home/abuild/project/xorg-x11-drv-fbtde', there is nothing08:30
lbtand you execute the bind command in the SDK ?08:30
sonachlbt: ah... no, i execute it outside the SDK,08:30
*** notmart has joined #mer08:31
jjardonw00t: mmm, just read that WA_TranslucentBackground causes WA_NoSystemBackground to be set08:31
w00tjjardon: NoSystemBackground, sure, but probably not OpaquePaintEvent08:32
w00ti may be wrong though, i haven't done anything widgets-based in a while08:33
*** cxl000 has joined #mer08:33
sonachlbt: inside the SDK, it complaines: mount: only root can do that08:34
*** thetet has quit IRC08:34
*** kyleven_ has joined #mer08:36
jjardonw00t: nah, same problem :/08:39
*** vilpan has joined #mer08:41
Sage_anyone interested of helping with tdriver/ruby debugging?08:43
E-PSage_: what do you have?08:44
Sage_lbt: I got the ruby stuff done but something isn't working there. However my laptop and host distro and everything changed so possibility for problems is huge08:44
Sage_E-P: qttas for device with ui, tdriver and visualizer for mer sdk08:44
Sage_I can run both, but there is problem with the connection08:44
Paimenwhat kind of problem08:45
*** vilpan has quit IRC08:45
Sage_sec. getting the log08:45
lbtsonach: OK, I'll take a look at that ... I think I know what it could be08:46
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer08:46
lbtSage_: yep - I'm doing OBS today now we sorted Mer CI08:46
sonachlbt: so, should I do bind mount inside or outside the SDK?08:46
lbtsonach: inside you still need sudo08:47
PaimenSage_: what kind of device I would need to help with tdriver issues?08:47
sonachlbt: after add sudo , it reports: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /home/zhanghui/project/xorg-x11-drv-fbtde/xf86-video-fbtde-0.1.008:47
Paimenor just any that can drive qttas08:48
sonachlbt: sudo mount --bind -t ext4 xxx yyy08:48
sonachi think i do something wrong,08:48
Stskeeps-t shouldn't be needed08:48
Sage_Paimen: N900, N950, N9 would do08:48
sonachStskeeps: even so, the syntax is still wrong :(08:49
lbtsonach: that's not the same command you used earlier08:49
lbta bind mount has no type08:50
lbtit's closer to a symlink08:50
lbtor a hardlink really08:50
lbtsonach: OK ... I have a couple of tasks I need to finish up here.08:51
Paimenhmm only have N9 and it is in use08:51
lbtI've got my SDK up - that's good enough for me to try to reproduce too08:52
sonachlbt: ok, no problem :)08:52
*** merder has joined #mer08:52
*** cristi has joined #mer08:53
alteregoStskeeps: my leap motion SDK request, got a reply yesterday, "we're reviewing your application" :)08:55
Stskeepsok cool08:55
alteregoMaybe I'll hear about it soon08:55
alteregoNot holding my breathe though. They said they've had an overwhelming response, etc. So we'll see if my proposal was good enough :)08:56
Sage_E-P: there is "Object::disconnect: Unexpected null parameter" printed on qttaserver side so somekind of connection is established08:57
E-PSage_: what do you have in your /etc/tdriver/tdriver_parameters.xml (if I remember the filename correctly)08:59
E-Paka, how you have defined the sut_qt_nemo_108:59
alteregowin 1208:59
*** vilpan has joined #mer09:02
Sage_Paimen: quick guide how to start (cc: lbt, E-P)09:02
*** slaine has joined #mer09:03
PaimenSage_: do you have log from device side?09:03
jjardonw00t: las comment about this. Even if I do not call view.setSource(main.qml), I get black screen, so seems a conflict between vaapisink and QDeclarativeView?09:03
w00tjjardon: curious... really not sure what to advise09:03
lbtSage_: OK - I'll add that to in the testing section09:04
Sage_Paimen: not sure how to get it. Also not sure if the qttas should be running as root or user. As root it stays on and with user it quits instantly09:04
PaimenSage_: ok09:04
Paimenwait a sec09:05
PaimenI think first time you ran qttas it was as root09:05
E-PSage_: if you run it as root, can it access to the display then?09:05
w00tlbt: is it expected that search on COBS is busted?09:06
E-Pif you run it as user, make sure that the user has permissions to write to the /logs/testability and /tmp/ (or /var/tmp)09:06
lbtbottom of page is a working link to asearch page09:06
PaimenSage_: and it makes one file that needs to be removed to be able to run it as user09:06
w00tok, ta09:06
*** Kili has quit IRC09:06
E-PPaimen, Sage_: yep, the local qsocket file09:07
E-Pit goes to /tmp/ or /var/tmp/ or similar09:07
PaimenE-P: that's it09:07
Paimenalso you might need to mkdir that /logs/testability09:07
Paimento be able to get logs09:08
Sage_that thing09:08
Paimenwith our system it was /tmp/qttasserver_pipe09:08
Paimenwithout /var/09:09
E-Pyes it depends, the qt takes the tmp dir from the sytem09:09
Paimenhmm that looks like problem09:11
E-Pthe 'address in use' usually indicates that the qlocalsocket files exists09:11
E-Ptry to remove the file and start the qttasserver from the terminal09:12
Sage_[root@localhost repos.d]# netstat | grep 5553509:12
Sage_[root@localhost repos.d]#09:12
Sage_ah it is not the por09:13
Sage_ah, it existed09:13
Sage_ok now it works09:13
Sage_qttasserver that is09:14
Sage_not the full thing :)09:14
E-Pnext problem can be that the qttas doesn't find sysuid application09:14
Paimenjust curious that it does not load platform traversers09:14
Paimenmaybe it tries to load them from wrong place?09:15
Paimeninstall directory != where qt points those should be09:15
*** phaeron has quit IRC09:15
*** sonach has quit IRC09:16
E-PPaimen: was that they should be under qt/plugins/traversers or similar?09:16
Paimensomething like that09:17
Sage_ok, so should qttas find some plugins?09:18
Paimenwhat kind of application is sysuid?09:18
E-PSage_: so the connection works but it cannot find application09:18
Paimenjust thinking that could qttas find the appuid if it is not started without -testability switch09:19
E-PSage_: is the ruby error now different?09:19
Sage_Paimen: it is X application that is basically provided the status bar and lock screen09:19
Stskeepslbt: ok, can we buy mer certificate somehow?09:19
Sage_E-P: the ruby error is the same. that qttasserver startup problem wasn't when I first launched it. :)09:20
lbtStskeeps: yes09:20
lbtactually I can get a free one09:20
Stskeepslbt: startssl, or?09:20
Stskeepscheck it out, i guess09:20
Stskeepsit's starting to make us look unprofessional to the untrained eye, so09:20
lbtI did an eval... but honestly it was just low prio09:20
E-PSage_: ok, can you start the sysuid application with -testability argument?09:20
*** Attie has joined #mer09:21
Stskeepslbt: yes, i'd like to up it to high prio now09:21
Stskeepscircumstances are different now09:21
Stskeepsthat, or we fix wiki requiring ssl09:21
Paimenbut well -testability works only with Qt-applications09:21
lbtagreed, but not higher than CI OBS ?09:21
Paimenor am I misunderstand somethin E-P09:21
E-PSage_: when you test a qt application, the application must load tdriver plugin09:21
lbtI'll look at it over the weekend when it's a touch quieter09:21
E-PPaimen: no, you are right :)09:21
lbtI need to do some infra work anyhow ...09:22
PaimenE-P: plugin and traverser directory is QLibraryInfo::PluginsPath + /tasfixture or /tasplugin etc09:22
Stskeepslbt: please switch wiki to do http only and
Stskeepslbt: that should lower prio sufficiently09:22
Sage_E-P: oh...09:22
E-PPaimen: thanks09:22
Stskeepswell, http and https if needed09:22
Paimenso kind of depends on system configuration09:22
lbtStskeeps: why?09:23
Paimenand that is something bit stupid09:23
lbtoh, for anonymous users09:23
Stskeepslbt: because i'm getting tired of having people complain they can't read mer wiki, which is our primary info source..09:23
Stskeepssimple as that..09:23
Sage_TestabilityPlugin::Initialize() could not load testability library:  "Cannot load library qttestability: ( cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)"09:23
Sage_ok, tha might be the issue :)09:23
*** jrayhawk has quit IRC09:24
E-Pyep :)09:24
lbtalterego: you have root on wiki - want to do that?09:24
Stskeepsthe https redirect comes outside wiki, doesn't it, though?09:24
Stskeepsthe extension is wiki naturally09:24
lbtStskeeps: note that most people will have seen a permanent redirect09:24
lbtthis will have been cached by their browser and they literrally will not be able to access http09:25
lbtthey have to clear cache and it's hard09:25
Stskeepsthat's another issue, it's a bigger problem for newcomers09:25
E-PSage_: that came when you tried to start the sysuid with -testability?09:25
lbtagree - just saying we need to retain https09:25
Sage_E-P: yes09:25
lbtI can remove the hard redirect09:25
*** phinaliumz has joined #mer09:25
alteregolbt: syre09:26
Stskeepsthat'd be lovely09:26
alterego~sure ..09:26
alteregoI'll do it in a few minutes.09:26
E-PSage_: 'good', so the qttas lib is in wrong place :)09:26
Sage_where should it be? :)09:26
E-Pwell.. where is it currently? I think is should be /usr/lib09:27
E-Por the qt tries to load the libs somewhere else09:27
lbtdone :
Stskeepslbt: fwiw my browser didn't redirect09:28
Sage_E-P: it used to work from there previously so I wonder what is wrong now09:28
lbtno, mine neither... I didn't expect that09:28
E-PSage_: that lib should come with the qttas core package09:28
*** blauzahl has joined #mer09:28
PaimenSage_: that seems like legit place09:29
PaimenE-P I think it is from qttas-server-plugins09:30
*** anidel has joined #mer09:30
E-Pthe qttas-server.spec has also libs package09:31
Stskeepsmorn anidel :)09:31
*** cristi has quit IRC09:31
*** himamura has joined #mer09:31
anidelmorning Stskeeps09:31
* Sage_ :headdes:09:31
E-PSage_: do you have qttas-server-libs installed?09:32
*** anidel has left #mer09:32
*** anidel has joined #mer09:32
*** eebrah has quit IRC09:32
MerBotSage_: Error: No closing quotation09:33
Sage_one file in wrong package :D09:33
Sage_ /usr/lib/ is in qttas-server-devel09:33
*** himamura has quit IRC09:34
Sage_there is separete file for it09:34
Sage_E-P: so you were right09:34
*** himamura has joined #mer09:34
E-Pand the -libs has .so.*09:34
Paimenwell those should be requirements in spec09:34
E-Pyep, the .so shouldn't be in -devel09:34
E-P(then the rmplint complains about that)09:35
* Sage_ goes to fix09:36
Sage_also qttas-server should probably require qttas-server-libs09:37
*** dcthang has joined #mer09:37
Paimenwell qttas-server requires -plugins that requires -libs09:37
Paimenhmm forget this is our internal .spec I was looking09:38
Sage_-plugins requires -libs?09:38
Paimenno it does not09:38
Sage_12:37.49 < Paimen> well qttas-server requires -plugins that requires -libs09:39
PaimenI'm just wrong side of caffein and was looking -devel09:39
Sage_hehe :D09:39
Paimenno requirements on plugins09:39
E-PPaimen: btw, are from Vehmersalmi? (just looking the twitter)09:42
*** phaeron_n9 has joined #mer09:42
Paimenwell I live here, not from orginally09:43
E-P ok, my grandparents house is in there09:43
Paimenthis is nice place to live in09:44
*** situ has joined #mer09:45
alteregoWell, time to work on new dialer UI09:46
*** jonnor has joined #mer09:55
lbtwiki's secure now anyway09:56
*** situ has quit IRC09:57
*** dcthang has quit IRC09:58
lbtah, that's better ...09:58
lbtStskeeps: that extension doesn't work as advertised09:59
Sage_lbt: ok, need another review for ruby stuff :)10:01
Sage_also testability visualizer starts on fedora host + mer sdk :)10:01
Sage_where it didn't work on opensuse10:01
Paimenaah visualizer, it promises more than it can deliver10:02
lbtStskeeps: logout of wiki and login again10:02
Stskeepslbt: redirect loop?10:03
lbtmeanwhile OBS is not being reviewd or packaged10:03
lbtI think this is the abort point for now10:03
Sage_grr... I broke it again...10:04
lbtand I think we should return to https only or we'll be permitting http login10:04
*** otep has quit IRC10:04
Stskeepslbt: OK10:04
*** otep has joined #mer10:05
Stskeepslbt: do we need a wildcard cert, or?10:12
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC10:12
*** stefan_schmidt_2 has joined #mer10:12
lbtI said I'd sort it tomorrow/sunday ... is that OK?10:13
Stskeepsthat's fine10:13
Stskeepsjust wondering in general :)10:13
lbtyeah - I haven't dug up the email10:13
lbtISTR we get free single domain certs10:13
lbtI just dropped it because I have a really easy self-sign process at the moment10:14
Stskeepsalright, as long as we have a plan10:14
lbtas seen by how easy it was to make the new ones10:14
*** kyleven_ has quit IRC10:14
lbt30s each .. job done10:14
lbtI think we'll go with bugs and wiki to start, then maybe build/api when we do mer cobs10:15
Stskeeps:nod: what's easy for us isn't always easy for everybody10:15
lbtI realise ... but Mer was a hackerspace then :)10:15
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer10:15
Stskeepsright, i don't have anything else, just relaying expectations :)10:16
shrikrishnais ARM-Cortex A8's architecture armv7l or v7hl?10:19
lbtheadache ... working quietly for a bit10:20
Stskeepsshrikrishna: both10:20
Stskeepsshrikrishna: two different ABI10:20
tanuk2At the instructions tell me to download
tanuk2Wouldn't it be better to link to the latest release?10:24
Stskeepsit would, if we have sdk out the door, with kickstarts generated :P10:24
tanuk2The latest release doesn't have the kickstart files, though.10:24
*** yunta has joined #mer10:28
tanuk2Stskeeps: Do you mean that the kickstart files are tied to sdk releases? And that there haven't been sdk releases for a while?10:30
Stskeepstanuk2: yes10:31
*** Jucato has quit IRC10:31
tanuk2Ok, thanks.10:31
*** Behold has joined #mer10:32
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC10:32
*** Jucato has joined #mer10:38
*** Jucato has joined #mer10:38
*** drussell has quit IRC10:39
*** drussell has joined #mer10:39
shrikrishnaStskeeps: if I were trying to build mer from source on an n950, which one of v7l or hl would i place my bet on?10:42
Stskeepsshrikrishna: first off, i assume you mean to make a image for n950?10:42
shrikrishnai read arm's page on ABI, but didnt get an idea as to how to know which one to choose10:42
Stskeepsok, select armv7hl10:42
Stskeepsthat's what images exist for10:42
slaineAnd don't build mer for the n950 ON the n95010:43
shrikrishnaslaine: of course!10:43
Sage_E-P: ^10:44
shrikrishnai want to build an image with a few tweaks and load it on an n95010:44
lbtshrikrishna: hehe10:45
shrikrishnalbt: that page is pinned in my chromium :P10:45
lbtgood - anidel did the n950 ks too10:46
shrikrishnaoh.. sorry.. some other mer wiki page :P10:46
shrikrishnalbt: thanks! :)10:46
lbtI need to add that - was waiting for a git pull from him but may push it first10:46
lbtif you follow that, feel free to duplicate the N900 section for N95010:47
lbtSage_: noted10:48
anidelsorry didn't have time, had to switch to another project that had bigger priority here :(10:48
anidelI wish :)10:48
anidelif you're asking me :p10:48
lbtanidel: soon eh?10:49
*** phaeron has joined #mer10:49
E-PSage_: the qttas looks ok10:49
Stskeepsphaeron: went successfully from .0.0.1 to .0.0.2 to 0.0.310:49
anidelwon't have time until Tue/Wed10:49
Stskeepsin iterations of copies10:49
Stskeepswith publishes each time10:50
lbtanidel: OK, good to know, I may well finish up for you then10:50
PaimenSage_: good work with qttas10:51
anidelthanks, sorry.10:51
lbtanidel: I'd say np ... but it's better if you feel guilty and then have to come back to fix it somehow  *g*10:51
Stskeepslbt: btw, there's some setting somewhere that says '', it's actually repo.ci10:52
Stskeepsknow where thati s?10:52
anidellbt :D may very well work10:53
lbtStskeeps: production.rb10:54
Stskeepslbt: thanks10:54
lbtnb ... not seen any issues since the marathon10:54
Stskeepsme neither10:54
*** KaIRC has joined #mer10:55
lbtwe *did* see them on this new setup until I stopped the fwd10:55
*** phaeron has quit IRC10:55
lbtnb .. did you fix CI BOSS ?10:55
lbtI've not looked at it10:55
lbtas in the api configuration10:56
*** alexxy has joined #mer10:56
Sage_lbt: there are couple of packages (tdriver gems) that are not using gem2rpm but that was because gem2rpm didn't work for those I guess those gems need work for gem level to provide missing information. Rest of the ruby stuff is based on opensuse packages.10:56
*** cristi has joined #mer10:56
lbtrelevant bugs ?10:57
*** stefan_schmidt_2 is now known as stefan_schmidt_w10:57
Stskeepslbt: no, CI BOSS is offline as there was new version to be deployed10:59
lbtyeah - was hoping it was an internal bug.11:00
Sage_lbt: haven't done bugs for those things yet.11:00
Sage_those packages are using those opensuse ruby install macros already though11:01
lbtok, let me know what they are before I do the review for them (it would be enough to add them as comments to 5203, no need to add them to clogs or anything)11:01
Sage_.... Now it works...11:06
Sage_I fixed something else while fixing qttas problems apparently :D11:06
Sage_ah, other one fails11:08
*** phaeron has joined #mer11:08
Sage_lbt: where does ruby belong in bugzilla?11:09
E-PSage_: does the test case work for you now?11:10
Sage_E-P: yes11:10
E-Pwith or without -testability parameter?11:10
Sage_without actually11:10
lbtSage_: hmm SDK or QA tools probably11:10
Sage_qt loads that automatically it seems11:10
phaeronStskeeps: sorry was disconnected , did you say anything11:11
Sage_lbt: sdk is under MINT11:11
Stskeepsphaeron: went successfully from .0.0.1 to .0.0.2 to 0.0.311:11
E-PSage_: yes, there is environment variable for that11:11
Stskeepsin iterations of copies, publishes each time11:11
E-PSage_: great to hear that it works now11:11
PaimenSage_: also meegotouch did load it automatically11:12
phaeronStskeeps: yes and I said ;11:12
phaeron(02:02:15 PM) phaeron: Stskeeps: cool11:12
phaeron(02:02:40 PM) phaeron: Stskeeps: the patch I pasted in the morning should be ok for preserving package state during obs - obs prjcopy11:12
phaeron(02:03:38 PM) phaeron: Stskeeps: but for project links, I took a look and  it is a bit involved11:12
Paimenhmm I was pondering trough our code and found another plugin11:12
Paimenthat calculates cpu-utilisation for some other process11:13
*** Behold has quit IRC11:13
Paimenhmm not cpu, memory it is11:13
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer11:13
Sage_lbt: fixing those last two packages now11:14
E-PPaimen: those might be very useful plugins for testing11:16
PaimenE-P: yup need to look into bit, it has some bugs into it11:17
E-Pdoes the plugin use another tool for looking the mem-utilisation?11:17
Paimenalso we utilised context switch calculations with tdriver scripting11:17
*** vgrade_ has joined #mer11:17
PaimenE-P: it reads things form /proc/%pid/statm11:18
E-PPaimen: ok11:18
Paimenreally simple solution actually11:19
Paimenit works either with process name or pid11:20
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC11:21
Paimenthere is just this one stupid bug that it logs name of application running via tdriver and not the process it is watching11:21
*** mikhas has quit IRC11:23
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer11:24
Stskeepsphaeron: ok, would <build><enable package="packagename></build> in prj meta be easier?11:24
PaimenE-P: not sure did you read the logs about memory calculation bug in qttas11:24
Paimenthat it returns page count instead of bytes11:24
E-PPaimen: no I haven't11:25
E-Pbut that is useful to know, do you know is it fixed already?11:25
Paimenwell we have patch for it11:25
*** hengzhi has joined #mer11:25
Stskeepshello hengzhi :)11:25
phaeronStskeeps: you probably mean disable. I am not sure if that works. I'll dig into it later11:25
Stskeepsphaeron: i actually mean enable, but only for these packages11:26
Stskeepsor something11:26
Stskeepsand yes, later is OK11:26
phaeronI thought the majority were enabled , and then some were disabld11:26
Stskeeps<disable arch="i586"><enable package="cross-arm-gcc" arch="i586">11:26
Stskeepsno, reverse11:26
Stskeepstwo schedulers, i586 and arm, in i586 all is disabled, except for a few, like cross compiler, sb2 tools, etc11:27
Stskeepsand arm all enabled11:27
PaimenE-P: also fps fixture does not work with qtQuick 2.011:28
E-PPaimen: heh :)11:28
Paimenit does not have Scenegraph definations in code11:28
Paimenwe fixed it to our version of qtQuick 2.0 that runs on Qt4.8, but it needs work to work with qt5.011:29
Paimenjust pointing out that there is lot of to do with qttasserver and it seems Nokia is not contributing much to it anymore11:30
*** phaeron_n9 has quit IRC11:30
E-PPaimen: have you tried the TDriver with qt5?11:30
Paimennot yet11:31
phaeronStskeeps: hmm ..11:31
E-Pwould be nice to know is there much to fix/changes11:31
Paimensomething on my backlog, but not had time to do that11:31
E-PPaimen: there should be a qt5 branch in TDriver repository, so I think someone is doing that11:31
Paimenyes there is, but has there been any commits lately11:32
E-Pjust checking :)11:32
Paimenbecause iirc that branch had the old naming of objects etc11:32
E-Plast commit, monday 17.8.2011....11:33
Paimenqtquick classes to be precise11:33
PaimenE-P: tdriver we have is 1.4 with some changes merged from qml2 branch and lot of dirty fixes to make it work11:34
E-Pwill be nice to see what happens to the TDriver11:34
Stskeepsprobably worthwhile to continue in community11:34
Stskeepsgiven the lesser attention on qt in nokia11:34
Sage_lbt: all with gem2rpm-opensuse guide here
Paimenwell one thing that I have been pondering and I'm going to propose is that we should continue it as community and I'll ask if we have at least some resources to put into it in our company11:35
Paimennot sure should there be branch for mer, that could be place where patch could be land?11:36
Stskeepsphaeron: that, or some way to manually enable <link> packages for build in a project11:39
Stskeepsas you can't currently enable them for build11:39
lbtSage_: excellent - ty11:41
E-PPaimen: mer specified patches we have usually added to mer git or to some own repository, keeping the upstream as it is11:44
*** nsuffys has joined #mer11:44
E-Plbt: should we have or do we have a common repo for tools where we could do the development?11:45
E-Pmeaning that mer git should have 'released' sources of the tools, but the actual development is done elsewhere11:46
lbtE-P: I think it's OK to have Mer:Tools:Testing for that11:47
lbtso branch to your home whilst hacking11:47
lbtthen when you're ready to share with the team, move the package to M:T:T11:48
lbtthat says "ready for consideration into an image/release"11:48
lbtthen we need to promote to Mer:Tools - we have no criteria here yet11:48
lbtMer:Tools can be released when release criteria are met11:49
E-Plbt: ok11:49
lbtie when we like or when certain blockers are done11:49
lbtso Mer:Tools is like Trunk and (subject to policy) is always ready for release11:49
lbtM:T:Testing is for us all to share our work and check interoperability (eg we may ask a few devs to run a local SDK with new spectacle from M:T:T)11:51
*** hengzhi has quit IRC11:52
*** phdeswer has joined #mer11:53
*** astro72 has joined #mer11:59
*** AndroUser2 has joined #mer12:17
Sage_E-P: we need to define steps how to test tests :)12:17
*** mikhas has joined #mer12:17
*** ericc_ has joined #mer12:17
*** lizardo has joined #mer12:18
Paimenyou need to create test framework that tests the test framework :P12:18
*** astro72 has quit IRC12:21
Sage_I mean we need to define steps that define where files are and how user can test that they work easily.12:21
Sage_eg. I have tests.xml what should I do with it? What command to execute to get the same result that would come when executed by automated tests stuff.12:22
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:24
Stskeepslbt: i'm a bit daft, what were you doing with obs atm?12:26
Stskeeps(think it's friday afternoon hitting me already012:26
lbtreviewing phaeron's patch and making rpms12:27
Stskeepsthat's good for me too12:29
*** blaroche_ has joined #mer12:31
*** shanxS__ has joined #mer12:33
*** shanxS__ has left #mer12:33
ericc_ rpms???12:34
Stskeepsyes, rpms12:34
*** shanxS has joined #mer12:35
w00t-%setup -q -n %{name}-%{name}12:35
lbtericc_: I thought about .cab files ...12:35
w00t+%setup -q -n %{name}debian12:35
w00tI'm pretty sure the SDK's specify shouldn't have done that12:35
dm8tbrlbt: ipk is nice too :)12:35
* lbt invites dm8tbr to the new package format meeting12:36
dm8tbrlbt: is it in the bikeshed?12:36
Stskeepsyou can convert mer to debian if you convert all the packages and tools to work same way without regression12:36
lbtnah it's permanently on in #devnull12:36
w00tis anyone responsible for specify? or should I just not use it12:37
Stskeepsw00t: sage12:37
Stskeepsif the yaml can't be made into a sane spec after re-run, somebody screwed up the yaml/spec at some stage12:47
*** clopez has joined #mer12:47
w00tit's because of the stupid tarball naming i think12:47
w00t(blame gitorious)12:47
w00tI think specify is actually correct12:47
w00t(in "computers are smarter than people" shocker)12:48
*** AndroUser2 has quit IRC12:51
ericc_how  can  i12:51
ericc_IT  IS   EASY INSTALL IT ?12:58
*** Behold has joined #mer13:00
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC13:03
*** thierry_troll has quit IRC13:14
*** lizardo has quit IRC13:17
*** zanoni has joined #mer13:21
*** rodrigo_golive has joined #mer13:23
*** shanxS has quit IRC13:25
Stskeepshello rodrigo_golive :)13:26
*** rcg has joined #mer13:27
Stskeepsrcg, enjoying .za?13:27
rodrigo_goliveStskeeps: hi!13:28
rodrigo_goliveI'm interested on this project ;)13:28
rcghey Stskeeps13:28
rcgyeah, was very nice so far13:28
rcgtoday the weather is kinda bad but i don't mind too much =)13:29
Stskeepsrodrigo_golive: excellent :) welcome here to #mer :) if you have any questions on Mer, or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out :)13:30
*** blauzahl-laptop has joined #mer13:32
*** blauzahl has quit IRC13:32
rodrigo_goliveStskeeps: thank you! my friend zanoni already booted up nemo on a 950 device, so cool!13:32
Stskeepscool :)13:32
Stskeepsit's all hackable, an entire handset stack you can research and toy with13:32
mikhasdo you have contributor stats for mer?13:36
Stskeepsmikhas: not a lot - the problem is there's many different kind of contribution types13:36
*** shanxS has joined #mer13:37
Stskeepsmikhas: we have what goes into the code, on gerrit13:37
mikhasyes, true13:37
mikhasoh, wasnt aware that mer also uses gerrit13:37
Stskeepswe do13:37
mikhasit shows that I havent been here for a while13:37
Stskeeps-> all, open13:37
*** lizardo has joined #mer13:37
Stskeepsmikhas: i also did statistics on MeeGo at some point.. on average, each meego package was touched 4 times13:38
Stskeepsso i made a bet with myself we could do mer, with it's reduced package set, on a significant lower manpower amount13:38
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer13:40
* w00t watches osc build13:42
*** Behold has quit IRC13:43
alteregoStarting to run out of steam now.13:44
Stskeepsalterego: it's weekend13:44
*** ZiQiangHuan has quit IRC13:46
ericc_a  nice  day13:51
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC13:51
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC13:51
*** srikanth has joined #mer13:51
*** DocScrutinizer06 has joined #mer13:51
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer13:51
*** Kili has joined #mer13:52
*** rcg has quit IRC13:54
francois__I'm not very familiar with baselibs.conf. Is it needed as part of the package Core:armv7l/sb2-tools-armv7l since it is dynamically created in the spec file?13:56
Stskeepsfrancois__: baselibs.conf is a way to transfer from one rpm architecture to another13:56
Stskeepsand between obs schedulers in practice13:56
Stskeepsso sb2-tools-armv7l are sent to arm scheduler13:56
*** msaily has quit IRC13:56
francois__but it is called by mkbaselibs during the build, isn't it?13:57
alteregoInteresting, pulse audio requires avahi.13:58
* alterego ponders a bit more.13:59
Stskeepsit doesn't, on mer14:00
francois__I'm just wondering if I need to put it in the package sb2-tools itself (cf cat /tmp/baselibs_new.conf > %{_sourcedir}/baselibs.conf in the spec file)14:00
alteregoStskeeps: just wondering if it handles network audio streaming ;)14:00
francois__because in the end it's the one created by the spec file that is used?14:00
alteregoAs I've mentioned, would really like to be able to do phone calls through my computer :D14:00
Stskeepsfrancois__: sb2-tools-armv7l generates it's own baselibs.conf14:01
Stskeepsfrancois__: check mer gitweb, sb2-tools-template14:01
*** srikanth has quit IRC14:07
*** rcg has joined #mer14:09
*** harbaum has quit IRC14:14
*** ericc_ has quit IRC14:15
*** Kili has quit IRC14:17
*** w00t_nemo has joined #mer14:18
*** andre__ has joined #mer14:25
*** andre__ has joined #mer14:25
*** blauzahl-laptop has quit IRC14:27
francois__I have my own obs server running for playing. I'm still not quite sure about the steps to achieve to make it cross compile sh4 packages. I've imported MeeGo:1.2:oss. This is what I was thinking of: 1. Add the SB2install tag to the MeeGo:1.2:oss project config 2. Add the sh4 arch to the MeeGo:1.2:oss Meta file 3. Add the sb2-tools package14:27
Stskeepsfrancois__: do you have meego for SH4 already?14:28
francois__I was thinkg that it would bootstrap14:28
francois__once the sb2-tools package would be there14:28
Stskeepsah, sadly not yet14:29
Stskeepsi have some prototypes but..14:30
Stskeepsit depends on how much work you'd like to put into it.14:31
Stskeepsyou could theoretically pull it off with a bit of baselibs.conf'ing and meego-rpm-config, rpm's configs to target14:32
francois__I'd just need the packages for the chroot, not the whole MeeGo distribution?14:33
* Stskeeps ponders14:33
Stskeepsfrancois__: how much time do you have and how into this are you to do it? :P14:34
francois__I'd say a few weeks14:35
francois__and was really hoping to make it work for sh4 and then mips (with a custom toolchain from broadcom) if that answers the how much I'm into it ;)14:37
Stskeepsmips we have already, for mer itself14:37
Stskeepsmodern gcc4.714:37
Stskeepsdoes your target systems have kernel 2.6.32 or above?14:37
Stskeepserr, gcc4.614:37
francois__that might be too much up to date14:37
francois__I'll have to check with our team working on broadcom14:38
Stskeepsfrancois__: do you know rpmbuild?14:38
francois__yes I do14:38
Stskeepsand you have toolchains already?14:39
*** merder has quit IRC14:40
Stskeepsok, if we make a deal that you'll help mer with a sh4 baseline for bootstrapping on top of (rpms), during/after this, i'll help you through doing this14:40
Stskeepsi have some ideas that might make it easier14:40
Stskeepsfirst off, grab Mer Platform SDK,
Stskeepsit has tools for cross compilation, not tied to obs14:41
Stskeepswhat my aim is to help you with the ~123 packages that consitutes a minimal mer and bootstrap that using our tools, with help of scratchbox214:42
francois__I see14:42
Stskeepsi have a list, which helps a lot :P14:42
Stskeepsand mer's git repos are full source dumps, not the partial ones from meego14:43
Stskeepsi wasted a lot of time with src.rpms from meego14:43
francois__The thing is, I can't promise I'll be able to save some time to help maintain an sh4 baseline. sh4 is somehow a dead branch here14:43
mikhaspartial packages …14:43
francois__since ST mostly uses arm now14:43
mikhasI hate them, even though I can understand the idea14:44
mhoyeHello, everyone. I don't know if this is the right channel for this question, but I'm wondering if it's possible to run the Hildon interface on x86.14:45
Stskeepsmhoye: Look at Cordia project14:45
Stskeepsfrancois__: yeah, we'll see how it goes14:45
Stskeepsfrancois__: either way, it's a good lesson14:46
Stskeepsfrancois__: hang on, let me just find a thesis paper i read the other day14:46
Stskeepssomebody ported meego to -sparc-14:46
mhoyeStskeeps: That's extremely interesting, thanks.14:46
mhoyeHaha, meego to _sparc_?14:46
Stskeepsmhoye: for more harmattan like interfaces, Nemo14:46
francois__Stskeeps: thanks. whow!14:47
*** smoku has joined #mer14:48
mhoyeStskeeps: Thanks again.14:48
Stskeepsmhoye: no problem14:48
Stskeepsmhoye: if you have any questions on Mer, i'd also be more than happy to answer :)14:48
Stskeepslo smoku14:48
Stskeepsmhoye was looking at cordia / hildon for x8614:48
mhoyeYeah, I've got a sentimental attachment to my n810, and an increasingly grim feeling about gnome and KDE.14:50
mhoyegnome-shell, I should say.14:52
mhoyesmoku: is there a single metapackage or git pull command I can use to pull in everything I need?14:58
*** zeq1 has quit IRC14:59
timophthere's a ready made .ks for it15:00
*** phinaliumz has quit IRC15:00
* alterego gets down and dirty with pulse audio :S15:02
*** rcg has quit IRC15:03
Stskeepshello furikku :)15:04
furikkuI'm interested in cordia.15:06
*** rferrazz has joined #mer15:07
smokumhoye: there are COBS projects that build the packages and ks files timoph pointed15:07
rferrazzhi, i'm trying to install nemo mobile on virtualbox but i'm having problem with the virtual keyboard maybe15:08
Stskeepsrferrazz: yes, there's a problem with compositor15:08
Stskeepsrferrazz: got any atom devices?15:08
rferrazzmay i can switch to terminal calling telinit 315:09
smokumhoye: no armv6 packages though, as noone needed ones yet ;-)15:09
mhoyeUgh. Yum.15:11
rferrazzbut it switches my host machine to /dev/ttys215:11
Stskeepsrferrazz: there's something called a host key15:12
Stskeepsuse that instead of ctrl15:12
Stskeepsin virtualbox15:12
mhoyesmoku: I'm hoping to compile something to run as a regular (debian-based) window manager, not a live image.15:15
alteregoCan someone tell me what the gconf values for "/apps/dialer/alsasource" and "/apps/dialer/alsasink" are?15:16
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC15:16
mhoyeI'll pull the repositories individually, and see if I can compile a script out of them.15:16
mhoyeout of the process, rather.15:16
*** zeq1 has joined #mer15:16
Stskeepsalterego: gconftool-2 -R /apps/dialer ?15:17
rferrazzok, thank you! i'm not a master of virtualbox15:19
alteregoStskeeps: needless to say, I can't do that at the moment ;)15:19
Stskeepsalterego: OK15:19
alteregoHas someone setup nemo to export it's filesystem when plugged in to USB?15:19
alteregoCausing me much problems when using usbnet ..15:20
Stskeepsit doesn't do it properly15:20
Stskeepsbut usbmoded should ask you15:20
alteregoIt's denying me access to my home directory :P15:20
alteregoWhen using g_ether15:20
alteregoAnyway, if all goes to plan, which it probably wont, I should have implemented PA audio routing for phone calls ...15:22
phdesweralterego, which hw? I can help you get that to work.15:23
phdeswerHmm, that should work fine I think. Not getting asked if you want mass-storage? Or you would like it to be default?15:24
Stskeepsalterego: we have seen that ohmd is utterly screwed on n950 btw15:24
Stskeepsjust do libresource and let policy framework do the rest15:25
shanxShello everyone !!15:26
alteregoStskeeps: yeah15:26
alteregophdeswer: not being asked, don't want mass storage, just want g_ether, but when plugged in it seems to screw /home/nemo15:26
shanxSfinally I have my linux laptop and I've chroot-ed to Mer Platform sdk15:27
shanxSI was wondering what to do next.. some thing took me to ->
shanxSI have created an OBS account15:27
shanxSbut links on this page looks broken15:27
shanxScan someone please guide me...15:28
phdesweralterego, g_ether messes with the home dir?15:28
smokumhoye: so take a look at - it's cordia hd packaged for ubuntu15:28
alteregophdeswer: I'm doing a clean flash now, I'll see if I've not just bugged something myself and get back to you on that ;)15:29
phdesweralterego, ok :) Would love to know of any problems. So I can fix them :p15:29
*** smoku has quit IRC15:29
shanxSperhaps no one is interested in helping a poor n00b :(15:30
phdeswershanxS, which link is broken?15:32
*** rferrazz has left #mer15:33
shanxSthis link on Mer/Build/Application Building page ->
shanxSunder the title 'To create a new package'15:33
*** gimli has joined #mer15:34
mhoyesmoku... gah. Missed him.15:36
mhoyeWhen he gets back, somebody tell him that's exactly what I'm looking for and thanks very much.15:37
phdeswershanxS, ah ok. Do not worry about that. Just use the home project link from the web interface15:37
phdeswerProbably only works when you're actually logged in on the obs15:37
shanxSphdeswer, thanks for replying.. I am trying that :)15:38
*** zeq1 has quit IRC15:40
*** srikanth1 has joined #mer15:42
alteregoaudio works!15:43
alteregofirst friggin time!15:43
*** w00t_nemo has quit IRC15:44
*** Siosm has joined #mer15:46
*** Siosm has quit IRC15:48
lbtalterego: yay15:53
*** srikanth1 has quit IRC15:58
*** dionet has joined #mer16:01
*** RhymeswA has quit IRC16:02
alteregoNow I can go back to GUI16:05
alteregoAnd hopefully have something that's as feature ful as current dialer soon.16:06
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake16:06
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:06
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC16:15
shanxSalterego, sounds really cool... I am really interested in sound related stuff.. hope I'll join you soon.. once I get feel of things in around here16:15
*** ssirkia has left #mer16:18
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC16:19
* Stskeeps is happy it's weekend16:21
Stskeepshopefully not as busy last last one16:21
iekkuhopefully not16:22
Paimenmmm weekend and start of vacation16:22
iekkuPaimen, lucky one16:22
iekku2 weeks to go and 2 weeks off from work...16:22
Paimenaltought wife is threating about cleaning up house16:23
Paimenwell just 2 weeks off, kept 3 weeks earlier, but used them to house renovations16:23
iekkuthat 2 weeks are my only vacation this year16:25
Paimenpoor you16:26
PaimenI had 5 weeks, one week winter vacation :D16:27
iekkulast year had 516:29
*** sledges has quit IRC16:32
*** nsuffys has quit IRC16:33
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer16:33
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC16:33
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer16:33
*** nsuffys has joined #mer16:33
*** vgrade_ has quit IRC16:36
Paimenmmm whiskey16:36
Stskeepsi could go for some martini tonight16:37
* timoph is enjoying a cold can of battery stripped16:38
mikhasgo for vodka martinis, for the extra kick16:38
Stskeepsi've never been a fan of vodka martinis for some reason16:38
Paimenone problem of living in countryside is that it is kind of hard to leave to have drink at city16:39
Stskeepsafter a fateful trip to holland when i was 18, i've not been able to drink raw vodka since..16:39
mikhasStskeeps, next time you are in Amsterdam go visit the house of bols16:39
mikhasthey have amazing cocktails there16:40
* Stskeeps makes a note of that16:40
Paimenluckily I have always at least 3 different single malts in cabinet16:40
mikhasholland house classic for example, I wasnt able to get it outside of Amsterdam16:40
*** Estel_ has joined #mer16:41
*** Estel_ has quit IRC16:41
*** Estel_ has joined #mer16:41
*** dionet has quit IRC16:41
iekkui usually drink beer if anything alcoholic16:42
mikhasnothing wrong with that16:42
iekkuooh, soon @ valkeakoski16:43
Paimenfor me it is whiskey at friday16:43
Paimenand beer on saturday after sauna16:44
mikhaswhy *after*?16:44
Paimenwell I'm not used to drink beer during16:44
Paimenit just gets warm16:44
iekkuor before?16:44
mikhasgets warm, lol16:44
Paimenwell I like it after :D16:44
mikhasyou dont drink fast enough16:45
Paimenmight be16:45
PaimenI drink it to enjoyment not to get drunk16:45
mikhaswell yes, sure16:45
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC16:46
Paimenhad my share of drunkness when I were 6 months in Sweden and shared house with 4 other finns16:46
Paimenwork all week and lot of drinking on weekends16:47
* iekku doesn't even want to imagine that16:47
Paimenwell we had blast16:47
iekkumaybe 4 finn students might be worse16:47
w00twork *while* drinking a lot16:47
w00tno need to limit yourself16:47
Paimenwhen we entered to local bar, bartender just counted how many of us came that night and there were that meny beers waiting16:48
iekku"you don't need to be drunken while working, but it helps" ?16:48
w00tiekku: ++16:48
Paimenand also he played some teräsbetoni16:48
iekkui think it's magic word for me to close computer16:49
iekkuhave a nice evening!16:49
Paimenyou too16:50
iekkuhome ->16:50
*** Aurium has joined #mer16:52
*** yunta has quit IRC16:54
w00tnote to self, when trying out a patch, it really, really helps to add it to .yaml16:55
Stskeepsyes, it does16:55
*** notmart has quit IRC16:55
*** rcg has joined #mer16:56
shanxSgood people, I am stuck again, I've created package on OBS, uploaded files using "osc commit".. but I cant see build log16:56
shanxSrepository that I am using is: MerExtrasDevel_MerDevel_Ubuntu_9.04  armv5el16:56
shanxSand I am following instructions from the Build16:57
StskeepsshanxS: i think you may be using ancient instructions16:57
StskeepsshanxS: we aren't using build.opensuse.org16:57
shanxSooohhhh...16:57 is the mer resource16:57
Stskeepsor well16:57
Stskeeps"new mer'16:57
shanxSStskeeps, I've chrooted into sdk.. what should I do next.. ?16:59
StskeepsshanxS: well, what would you like to do16:59
shanxSwhere can I find bug list..? wiki says here <-
shanxSbut I cant find a list17:00
Stskeeps is a task list17:00
*** nsuffys_ has joined #mer17:01
Stskeepsfeel free to look into any of them17:01
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC17:01
Stskeepshowever, start by getting a account, and prod lbt, phaeron or X-fade to activate it for
Stskeepsand as you go along, no question is too stupid for here, as long as you do your homework17:02
*** vilpan has quit IRC17:04
lbtshanxS: do that soon, I'm going out later :)17:07
shanxSlbt, done17:07
shanxSuser name: shanxs17:07
shanxSplease activat it17:07
lbtwaiting for a sync17:07
lbt4 mins17:09
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC17:11
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer17:13
*** Attie has quit IRC17:13
*** trbs has joined #mer17:14
lbtshanxS: done - have fun17:14
shanxSlbt, thsnks a lot :)17:15
*** arc_mat has quit IRC17:16
*** schmooster has quit IRC17:22
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC17:28
chouchouneStskeeps: lbt : concerning the discussion yesterday evening on perl modules, I checked that each new module as dependency of libwww-perl was previously a lib provided by libwww-perl that was exploded into many new17:33
chouchouneI started packaging it to see the difference once installed : I'll put it on COBS this weekend for you to see if it should be included17:34
shrikrishnaStskeeps: lbt : askes me to run "osc -A addrepos MYPROJECT TARGETPROJECT" ; what exaclty is the targetproject here?17:35
*** blauzahl has joined #mer17:36
*** alien_ has joined #mer17:38
w00tnote to self: when making patches, it really helps to base them on the right upstream branch17:39
chouchouneshrikrishna: the "upstream" project from COBS I guess17:40
shrikrishnachouchoune: then MYPROJECT is?17:40
*** slaine has quit IRC17:40
shrikrishnayeah, understood :)17:41
chouchounenot 100% sure btw ;)17:41
shrikrishnawill give it a shot =)17:41
chouchounemust leave17:42
chouchounegood evening17:42
shrikrishnathanks :)17:42
*** cristi has quit IRC17:42
shrikrishnagoodbye :)17:42
*** arcean has joined #mer17:42
alteregoBloody dbus17:45
*** lofty306 has joined #mer17:46
*** tripzero has quit IRC17:51
* alterego wonders off for the evening17:52
*** tripzero has joined #mer17:53
*** lofty306 has left #mer17:57
francois__I tried to build sb2-tools-armv7l but it did not run the baselibs script :(18:00
*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:00
francois__how does it get triggered?18:00
francois__some rpmbuild macro files I somehow missed18:00
*** phaeron has quit IRC18:02
Stskeepsbuild how exactly?18:02
*** astroak has joined #mer18:02
francois__I can see from *your* logs: ... creating baselibs18:02
francois__well from my debian machine and the shipped osc client with your patch for sb2 support18:03
Stskeepsok, check osc build --help18:03
Stskeepsthere is smth about baselibs18:04
francois__oh yes indead there is!!!18:04
francois__I read the thesis about the port of MeeGo on SPARC. I'll have to think about it to get all the pieces together :)18:06
*** AstroAK_ has joined #mer18:06
*** astroak has quit IRC18:07
*** AstroAK_ has left #mer18:07
francois__Stskeeps: anyway thanks for your help! Have a nice we!18:12
*** mlong has quit IRC18:13
*** mlong has joined #mer18:13
*** francois__ has quit IRC18:13
*** mlong is now known as Guest7786118:13
*** Guest77861 is now known as mlong18:15
*** anidel has quit IRC18:27
*** namtab has left #mer18:30
*** uiop12 has joined #mer18:31
*** wicket64 has joined #mer18:33
*** uiop12 is now known as namtab18:35
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #mer18:36
shrikrishnahow to use this command? "osc -A addrepos MYPROJECT TARGETPROJECT"? specifically, what should MYPROJECT and TARGETPROJECT be here?18:37
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #mer18:37
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer18:39
shrikrishnaStskeeps: ^^18:40
*** Vortiago has quit IRC18:43
*** Termana has quit IRC18:44
*** rcg has quit IRC18:44
*** bzyx has joined #mer18:45
Stskeepsshrikrishna: to be honest, i'm not actually sure18:45
Stskeepsaddrepos --help ?18:45
shrikrishnaoh... i saw it, but unfortunately, wasnt able to make much out of it... there were no examples... :(18:46
* Stskeeps reads manual too18:47
shrikrishnatried a few possibilities from the help... but wasnt succesful18:47
Stskeepsshrikrishna: where did you find that in documentation?18:48
shrikrishnaStskeeps:  osc help addrepos18:48
shrikrishnaoh.. the osc command?18:49
Stskeepsno, the addrepos thing18:49
shrikrishnain in section "Adding repositories"18:49
Stskeepsmy SDK doesn't have that18:49
*** tilgovi has quit IRC18:50
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer18:50
Stskeepsshrikrishna: ok, please stick to documentation on ..18:52
shrikrishnaStskeeps: well, will try more stuff and let you know18:53
Stskeepsif you see gaps, please file bugs as soon as possible and note them here18:54
Stskeepsfresh blood is good for identifying issues18:54
shrikrishnaokay... will do :)18:55
*** tilgovi has joined #mer18:56
*** Behold has joined #mer18:57
*** furikku has quit IRC18:58
alterego"mistake to withdraw from EPEAT and instead will work within the system to update the standard" - Apple18:58
Stskeepsembrace and extend?18:58
alteregoSo instead of adhere, they plan on changing EPEAT policy?18:58
alterego"Apple makes the most environmentally responsible products in our industry" ..18:59
alteregoYeah, right ..18:59
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC19:00
*** Aurium has quit IRC19:00
*** Guest64424 has joined #mer19:14
*** DocScrutinizer06 is now known as DocScrutinizer0519:15
*** Vortiago has joined #mer19:18
kyyberiDidn't know how to read easily Mer meeting minutes and logs. So to refesh skills in ruby and rails I started to draft simple Rails app. Here's some very early stage snapshots (butt ugly and so forth)
* Stskeeps looks19:20
Stskeepsoh that's quite useful19:20
kyyberisome of the data are false, for example the start time and end time retrieval is still buggy19:20
*** pohly has quit IRC19:21
shrikrishnaStskeeps: which are the repositories to be added to the project initially?19:25
kyyberithinking about adding some other stuff there as well besides info about meetings. For example the list of modules in core and such...perhaps..and some info about each package if that can be accessed somehow19:25
Stskeepsshrikrishna: look in topic19:25
Stskeepskyyberi: how do you feel about visualization?19:25
kyyberiStskeeps: not too familiar with the tools, concepts I know :)19:26
Stskeepskyyberi: long story short we have a challenge in dependency navigation19:26
Stskeepskyyberi: we can generate stuff like @/Architecture group/libacl:/Another architecture group/bash:feature19:27
Stskeepswhich is an edge19:28
kyyberiso some kind of "map" to see dependencies could be useful?19:28
Stskeepsyes, a way to navigate around19:28
*** arcean_ has joined #mer19:28
Stskeepslook at
Stskeepsthat's from
kyyberioh, I remember those :) I stumbled upon those the other day19:29
*** jonnor has quit IRC19:30
Stskeepsthough i'm not sure if a qml viewer would be better..19:30
kyyberisome overlapping and such, otherwise hmmm....ok-ish19:30
Stskeepsbut hmm19:30
*** arcean has quit IRC19:30
Stskeepsthose diagrams are meant to be simple19:30
Stskeepsi have much worse19:30
*** alien_ has quit IRC19:33
kyyberiStskeeps: would that kind of stuff be 'out there in space' or...
Stskeepskyyberi: let me find a nightmare scenario..19:33
* kyyberi gets some candy19:34
* kyyberi and popcorn19:34
Stskeepsare you understanding now why we call our work distribution jenga?19:38
kyyberiyeah :)19:38
kyyberiand that's Mer. What kind of that would have been on MeeGo19:39
kyyberi*kind of mess19:39
Stskeepsin practice, even meego was nicely layered19:40
Stskeepsthere's a lot i like from there19:40
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: so i'm here too =)19:41
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: i have small proposal that would be nice for me and begginers. it's little bit cloudy, but i'll try to explaine19:41
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: i personally and i think more people especially students/beginers and other less knowledge people, would like to jump in and help with mer/become part of it/learn and contribute at the same time19:42
ZogG_laptopis there way to make some missions or something like Summer Code as google does19:43
Stskeepsi'd like it to be more dynamic, long story short, the idea is that somebody can join mer by: downloading platform sdk, making a mer account on bugzilla, find a bug or a task and start working19:44
ZogG_laptopfor example i'm advances user in linux, but not admin or guru. i know C and C++ on the basic levels. so i never can catch up with devs.19:44
ZogG_laptopbut i would like to see some missions/tasks for newbies like me19:44
Stskeepsthere's low priority work like "change this line of a .spec file" too19:44
Stskeepsbecause it's a wrong url, for example19:44
Stskeepslook at topic, "To see what you can help with"19:44
Stskeepswe intentionally have a very good atmosphere here of helping, if people understand they need to do their own homework (read what we point them to), or even help document what they learn, they're free to ask all the stupid questions they want19:45
ZogG_laptopbut do you think "change url" or similiar things would help me or others to get exp level up to move at some point to more serious things?19:45
Stskeepsit does19:45
Stskeepsyou learn basic contribution methods and you can move up and learn more about packaging19:46
Stskeepsyou learn about git, too19:46
kyyberiZogG_laptop: not excatly 'summer of code' but still something. Local people can organize developer meetups like we are now planning. See this thread (with responses)
ZogG_laptopok thanks19:47
StskeepsZogG_laptop: the logic here is that if some newcomers take some of the low priority work, or smaller tasks, it leaves more time for those more skilled to work on something19:47
Stskeepsfor example, fixing URLs means it's easier to upgrade packages19:48
Stskeepsor check for security holes19:49
*** situ has joined #mer19:49
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: i hope i'll get more free time to get more and more involved. btw i have few more ideas for mer, but i don't think it would be accepted by others, so i want to try something after i ger rasbperry pi to put mer on it and experiment =)19:51
StskeepsZogG_laptop: sure, just state your ideas :)19:51
Stskeepsworst case is we say no19:51
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: i'll make account and check the things i can help with now and i'll do more test work as i get mer on something for sure. always been reporting and suggesting on any platform/app i use myself19:52
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: i thought of how ChromeOS uses gentoo's portage for package maintaning and it's binaries, i like that idea, need to check it and try more before though19:53
Stskeeps:nod: mer's way isn't half bad either19:54
Stskeepsthough it does have some problems19:54
ZogG_laptopi just find portage the best thing i used/tried19:56
ZogG_laptopand as mer is a core and should be as flexibale as possible for any adaptation, it can be good idea to try. thats why i want to try it, so instead of just talks there would be something to compare to...19:57
*** situ has quit IRC20:00
*** situ has joined #mer20:01
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: but i still would need to poke you and people around here to get it done.20:02
Stskeepsthat's fine20:03
ZogG_laptopi was planing for a while to get old PC to play with LFS to understand Linux more. As it's hard for me to learn anything from reading and theory. i need to practice to sum up and fully understand things =\20:03
StskeepsLFS is a good way to learn20:04
ZogG_laptopyeah, the problem is lack of time and personal stuff lately, but i need to get there. Gentoo was first distro i had and the main i use everyday, i think all i know is thanks to it20:06
*** rettichs1hnidi is now known as rettichschnidi20:06
ZogG_laptopmaybe stage 1 may help before LFS even20:07
*** beford has joined #mer20:10
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:10
Estel_ZogG_laptop,  I wish You much luck on learning how to develop for at least 2 reasons20:11
Estel_1. Obvious contributions20:11
Estel_2. You won't have time for silly arguinhg on TMO =)20:11
*** Eismann has joined #mer20:15
*** george_ has joined #mer20:15
Stskeepshello george_ :)20:16
Stskeepsgeorge_: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?20:16
george_just navigating about qt/qml stuff20:16
Stskeepssure :) if you have any questions on Mer, or on how to contribute, feel free to ask at any time :)20:17
ZogG_laptopEstel_: you don't really bring it here. the reasons are different. and i still do not agree with you. Sorry for personal but i decided officially for me to call you Dwight (the one from Office US) and i do not want futher to argue with you or pollutw any channels here =)20:23
Stskeepspolitics out of here, please20:24
* Stskeeps gets out the water hose20:24
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: btw is mer/jolla in contact with other ex-Nokians startups20:24
StskeepsZogG_laptop: dunno20:25
ZogG_laptopafaik the head of Meego/harmattan is in other company, was it called Kyvyttalents or something like that?20:25
Stskeepswell, as a start, he wasn't head of meego/harmattan20:25
Stskeepsand kyvyy is the ulm people20:25
Estel_no offense took, as I don't know american politics (and glad to) ;P20:26
*** phaeron has joined #mer20:26
*** tilgovi has quit IRC20:26
Stskeepswhich is a bit like a bridge programme/gettogether for soon to be ex-employees to find new jobs, i think20:26
Stskeepshey phaeron20:26
Estel_Stskeeps,  Jolla should pay You as for being press conbtact :)20:26
StskeepsEstel_: oh dear god no20:26
Stskeepswe have better people than that20:26
Stskeepsthan me20:26
Stskeepsyou should see Jussi in interviews, he's doing really well20:27
Estel_hehe, but everyone is asking You about things You can't know yet, anyway20:27
phaeronStskeeps: hey20:27
Estel_Probably, I just don't understand single word. So I rely on translations, better or worse ones20:27
Stskeepsphaeron: finally weekend20:27
StskeepsEstel_: intomobile has a good voice interview20:27
phaeronStskeeps: yeah finally some quiet time to work :D20:28
Estel_will check20:28
*** rcg has joined #mer20:30
ZogG_laptopEstel_: you can go to #jollamobile, and i think it's not about knowing it's about the parts he can't talk about20:31
*** dijenerate has quit IRC20:33
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: btw about the git repo you said to clone, what is in there? i'm thinking for getting harmattan repos20:33
*** am_ has joined #mer20:33
StskeepsZogG_laptop: gitweb.merproject.org20:33
Stskeepshello am_ :)20:33
*** george_ has quit IRC20:34
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:34
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: yes, but i'm talking about that specific tools i cloned. no readme there20:34
StskeepsZogG_laptop: oh that one20:34
StskeepsZogG_laptop: er.. let us take that at one point where i'm not falling asleep on my keyboard20:35
StskeepsZogG_laptop: got a account?20:36
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: even a repo =)20:36
StskeepsZogG_laptop: ok, that helps..20:37
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer20:37
ZogG_laptopi see the makefile is actually rsync20:38
ZogG_laptopso i need to change few parts to make it clone the repos i need and i may need account for it, right?20:38
*** GeorgeH has joined #mer20:39
StskeepsZogG_laptop: tools/dumpbuild20:39
StskeepsZogG_laptop: that's what you need to use20:39
*** am_ has quit IRC20:40
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC20:41
*** saya has quit IRC20:42
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: it's basically wget -N -c -r -nd -nH $API/build/$OBSPROJECT/$REPONAME/$scheduler/_repository?view=cache where i can just correct url20:42
StskeepsZogG_laptop: nah, you need to extract a cpio in practice20:43
Stskeepshave fun20:43
Stskeepsuse it against your own repo first20:43
ZogG_laptopwhat cpio stands for?20:44
Stskeepswell, google for that :P20:44
Stskeepscpio archive20:44
*** jrayhawk has joined #mer20:45
ZogG_laptopi have it20:46
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: so those 3 wget commands get the info needed for cpio to make backups, do i understand right?20:48
Stskeepsbasically you'll get the .deb or .rpm files inside a cpio20:48
Stskeepsfrom the obs20:48
Stskeepsdumping the binary repositor20:48
ZogG_laptopbut i need to run all 3 commands in dumptool right to get names, cache and ?solvstate?20:49
Stskeepswell, good time to find out :) you dont need cache or solvstate20:49
ZogG_laptopthan i need to use cpio to get all debs from all data i got20:49
Stskeepsnames is what matters, and then fetch the files that way20:49
ZogG_laptopStskeeps: with python $ORIG/tools/printbinaries.py20:50
Stskeepsi gtg to sleep though20:52
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC20:55
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:56
*** blaroche_ has quit IRC20:56
*** zanoni has quit IRC21:01
shanxSI am trying to follow this page <- the package to work on it21:16
shanxSwhen I try to add a repo, I keep getting this error <- BuildService API error: unknown_project (404), Core_i48621:17
shanxSI tried searching for this project on Web interface of OBS .. but to no avail..21:17
shanxSwhat am I doing wrong ?21:17
shanxSanyone here ??21:19
phaeronshanxS: the project name seems wrong21:21
shanxSso what should I try ?21:21
phaeronshanxS: hmm no , someone did create that project21:22
*** gimli has quit IRC21:22
shanxSthat means I am missing something, right ?21:22
phaeronyeah one second , I am trying to see what is  the correct project name21:23
phaeronwhich step are you getting an error with ?21:27
shanxSwhen we add repo in xml file, after this command <- osc meta prj home:YOURNAME:branches:Mer.MDS:Core:i486 -e21:28
phaeronif you used this exact line like in the example <path repository="Core_i486" project="Mer.MDS:Core:i486"/> then the project name is correct21:28
phaeronthe error your report suggests you switched repository and project contents21:29
phaeroncan you check ?21:29
*** FSCV has joined #mer21:30
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC21:30
shanxSyup 1 moment21:30
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer21:30
shanxSyeah I wrote exact same line, here is the xml file  <-
shanxSphaeron, so I have switched repo and project cintents... how do I undo that ?21:32
phaeronso when you try to save that xml it complains ?21:32
*** Behold has quit IRC21:33
shanxSyup, it says ->
phaeronbut I suspect you haven't done osc branch Mer.MDS:Core:i486 systemd21:34
phaeronor some other package21:34
shanxSI tried doing that, but it gives following error ->
phaeronok then I suspect it is talking to the wrong OBS21:36
shanxSwrong OBS ?21:36
*** arcean__ has joined #mer21:36
shanxSisnt there just one OBS, The SUSE OBS ?21:36
phaeronno depending on the contents of $HOME/.oscrc you can have multiple obses to talk to. there is suse obs , meego obs , meego community obs , mer obs21:37
phaeronetc ..21:37
phaeronthe one you should be trying to talk to is meego community obs21:37
shanxShow do I set it ? I remember some where in docs it said something abt that...21:39
shanxSbut I kinda overlooked it..21:39
phaeronshanxS: osc -A  ls21:39
*** arcean_ has quit IRC21:39
phaeronif it is was never setup it will ask you for username and password and save them21:39
* shanxS trying that one21:40
phaeronyou then use the same osc -A before any command you do21:40
phaeronyou can open $HOME/.oscrc and set an alias in the section of that apiurl so you can do a shorter osc -A <alias> instead21:40
*** rcg has quit IRC21:41
shanxSYAY.. it worked \m/21:42
shanxSphaeron: Thanks a ;lot :D21:42
phaeronshanxS: I guess  that part should be at the top of the contribution guide21:43
shanxSI agree with you :)21:44
phaeronadding it21:45
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC21:52
*** rodrigo_golive has quit IRC21:52
shanxSlooks a lot better :)21:54
shanxSone more thing can I have multiople chroots with same sdk ?21:54
phaeronshanxS: yes , in oscrc you can add some variables to the buildroot config so that it is different per project21:55
phaeronshanxS: search for build-root in the  config file and read the comments around it21:56
shanxSI'll try that on a later date21:56
*** lpotter has quit IRC21:56
*** lpotter has joined #mer21:58
* shanxS gets ready for bed22:04
shanxSphaeron, thanks for help, good night :)22:04
phaerongood night22:05
*** antarctician has joined #mer22:08
*** mlong is now known as mlong_away22:17
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #mer22:22
*** membersonlyguy has joined #mer22:26
*** Eismann has quit IRC22:27
*** Eismann has joined #mer22:28
*** bzyx has quit IRC22:31
*** andre__ has quit IRC22:35
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC22:36
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC22:37
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #mer22:37
*** membersonlyguy has quit IRC22:38
*** mikhas has quit IRC22:40
*** lpotter has quit IRC22:42
*** lpotter has joined #mer22:42
*** situ has quit IRC22:47
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