Saturday, 2012-07-07

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Stskeepsmorn Hexxeh05:37
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Stskeepsmorn rantom :)06:37
rantomMorning, Stskeeps :)06:37
rantomJust double checking: was there mailing list clean up done some time ago? There's still spam coming through, but very little amount though compared to the earlier.06:38
Stskeepswiki was turned to requiring mer login at least, mailing list.. dunno06:39
StskeepsSleepy_Coder: go look at and and you start to realize wayland is a completely different game06:41
Sleepy_CoderSneaky sneaky :p06:42
Sleepy_CoderStskeeps: also thanks :306:43
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Stskeepscristi: btw, we got window composition working fine with wayland and llvmpipe06:59
Stskeeps(re the old discussion on dri2 and blanking screens)07:00
cristiStskeeps: cool07:00
cristido you have any kickstart?07:00
Stskeepswe do, but it's a bit advanced - and it isn't nemo but a completely different graphics stack07:01
Stskeeps is a video of things in practice07:01
Stskeepsthe lag on there is known and caused by fbcon/cursor blink issues07:01
Stskeepsour idea is to do mer with a minimal footprint and use exopc, virtualbox, s10-3t, n900/n950/n9, raspberry pi as reference, and build a sane system on top07:02
Stskeepsso it makes for a really good wayland-based systems development kit07:02
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lbtmorning all07:21
Stskeepsmorn lbt07:21
* lbt stretches07:23
lbtget anywhere on copyprj ?07:23
Stskeepssortof, some more hints on what goes wrong07:24
lbto/ rcg07:24
Stskeepsi don't understand why fe keeps on stalling in apache207:24
Stskeepsand then eventually seizes totally07:24
lbtStskeeps: is this the rzce?07:24
Stskeepswhat? :P07:24
lbtraces ... in copyprj07:24
Stskeepswell, in part, rpmname.meta isn't copied from :full to new project at least07:25
Stskeepsand it sees 'gcc' as 'new build'07:25
Stskeepswhich is intruiging07:25
Stskeepsi'm waiting for iamer to wake up and we'll probably go heads on with be/fe07:25
lbtwhen I dug into it I saw side effect event notifications07:25
Stskeepswe're currently testing scenario where we build/publish disable in original project07:26
Stskeepsand then copy07:26
Stskeepsfor a more controlled setting07:26
lbtso tracing through fn calls led to events going to the scheduler which caused state re-assement07:26
lbtyep - that's what I suggested07:26
lbtso doing that in fe?07:26
Stskeepsin my copy i've just disabled it in original project first07:27
Stskeepsbut phaeron has a patch that does it on copyprj too07:27
lbtOK - I have code to manipulate in the api call07:27
Stskeepsthe 'fe' stalls really bother me07:28
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Stskeepsbecause they happen without me doing anything07:28
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lbtlet me look - they're not nice07:28
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Stskeepsis not stalling right now but probably will in an hour or so07:29
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Stskeeps.. that's supposed to do what?07:41
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Stskeepsmorn CosmoHill07:50
CosmoHillI've been up since 6am but I got to see the Olympic torch :D07:50
lbtStskeeps: prj.add_flag("build", "disable", 0, :nil)     <---- clue07:52
Stskeepslbt: right, phaeron has a similar patch07:52
lbtwasn't sure if he'd picked it up yet07:52
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Stskeepsmorn phaeron08:20
lbtmorning phaeron08:20
Stskeepsphaeron: you're free to use fe/be for debugging to make pace go faster08:20
phaeronyeah 4 packages build since yesterday night ..08:21
Stskeepsi've added your iamer user as admin08:22
Stskeepsuse Core:i486 as example08:22
phaeronbut you said the fe hangs ?08:22
phaeronas in api ?08:22
Stskeepsyes, just log in and rcapache2 stop / start if that happens08:22
Stskeepsi'm not sure it's related to 'our' stuff08:22
* lbt has a ssh session open08:22
Stskeepsosc -d -A copyprj -m "foo" -H -b -n -p Core:i486 Core:test7:i48608:26
Stskeepsis what i've been using08:26
Stskeepsfor increasing values of test08:26
Stskeeps    -p, --prjconf       copy the prjconf also08:26
phaeronlbt: waiting for you08:27
StskeepsAPI should be up atm though08:27
lbtphaeron: I just meant if you had issues with it hanging08:28
phaeronsomeone changed the screen keybindings .. :D08:28
Stskeepsour aim is to copy Core:i486 to some other new project, re-enable build, and not have it start a rebuild of packages08:29
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lbtmmm yeah - you should normally use screen from your user account08:29
lbtI changed the root ones way back08:29
lbtalthough shouldn't be on fe08:30
lbtStskeeps: what happens if you do a manual build disable, copy, and then manually enable?08:34
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Stskeepslbt: that's what i'm doing08:34
StskeepsCore:i486 is right now manual build disable/publish08:35
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lbtso you've not yet run that trial ?08:35
Stskeepsi have, several times08:35
lbtand what happens?08:35
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Stskeepswhen i re-enable, gcc (and a few other packages) are noted as 'new build'08:35
Stskeepsat this stage08:36
Stskeepsthis was after manually copying in .meta files from :full though08:36
lbtOK, that's what I wasn't sure about08:36
lbtso essentially disabling build flag is not enough08:36
*** rZr is now known as rzr08:36
Stskeepswell, something weird happens for sure08:37
Stskeepsa previous patch had: 2012-07-04 22:10:41  ncurses                                            meta change      unchanged             2m  8s      phost4/308:37
Stskeepsas the start of the wave08:38
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Stskeepsphaeron: i think part of the problem is /build/prjname/repo/arch/:full/*.meta at least08:47
Stskeepsis much smaller set than before08:47
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phaeron:full/* are collected by the reposerver from individual package dirs in /build/prjname when you turn on publishing08:48
phaeronwe turned off publishing so you don't get a :full dir08:48
lbtceffoo needed08:48
phaeronyes bbiab08:49
Stskeepsi'm just not sure wtf is actually putting things in :full08:49
dm8tbrStskeeps: so, have you cleaned up the 'armv8' ambiguity in mer? because the /real/ armv8 seems to have hit kernel.org08:52
phaeronStskeeps: see sub putbinary in reposerver for example08:52
Stskeepsdm8tbr: no, but i might at some point08:53
Stskeepsdm8tbr: and yes, i know :(08:53
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phaeronStskeeps: and sub addrepo_scan in repserver too08:54
Stskeepsdo we use putbinary in copies?08:55
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lbtStskeeps: phaeron... just a comment ... you're discovering a lot about how this stuff works. It may be an idea to summarise it as you go09:08
Stskeepsi'm not entirely sure i understand it, at all09:08
lbtI know what you mean - best guess then09:09
lbtespecially "this stupid functon claims to do this but actually does that too"09:09
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Stskeepsphdeswer: who should we get together to discuss how we can do things better next FOSDEM re open mobile devroom and embedded etc, format, etc?09:16
Stskeeps(seems like a good time to start)09:16
lbtcount me in for helping to organise too09:17
alteregoI see jukka is saying there's some meego related news today.09:18
alteregoOn a Saturday, seems kind of odd.09:18
Stskeepsdunno, waiting to see what it is too09:19
alteregoI think possibly N950 PR1.309:19
alteregoOr maybe the complete open sourcing of Harmattan.09:20
* alterego chuckles09:20
jonnior pr1.3 sdk.09:20
Stskeepspr1.3 sdk isn't out?09:20
alteregoNo, not yet.09:20
jonninot yet afaik09:20
lbtMeeGo 2.0 .... based on .deb   \o/09:20
alteregoBut PR1.3 should be source compatible really. There weren't that many API changes in qml components as far as I remember.09:21
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jonnimostly bug fixes and not that many api breakages, but pr1.3 simulator & sdk repo would be nice.09:22
alteregoMeltemi DDP :)09:22
alteregoAnother possible announcement for today ;)09:23
Stskeeps'possible', now you're kidding me09:23
Stskeepsok, my wsegl can render to screen on n950/n9..09:25
Stskeepsone more step towards qml compositor on n950/n9 in 201209:26
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alteregoThe olympic torch came through my town this morning.09:36
phaeronglibc rebuilds _again_09:37
phaeronon my local obs09:37
Stskeepsphaeron: can i see your job history?09:38
phaeronnot related to prjcopy09:38
Stskeepsi'd like to see where it bootstraps/repeats09:38
Stskeepsinteresting, your obs has perl being unchanged09:41
Stskeepsi thought i had made nss not rebuild09:41
Stskeepscould you file a bug report and attach the bug log for that?09:41
phaeronwhen did you do that maybe my mds is not synced09:41
Stskeepslong ago09:41
phaeronok I synced mine a week ago at least09:41
Stskeepsyeah, way before that09:41
Stskeepsbug please :) (build log)09:42
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* alterego ponders what to do today, 3D printing, or mer.09:46
macmaNdos2unix 6.0. wicked.09:46
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alteregoSo how did we not know of this JollaMobile?09:49
alteregoStskeeps: ?09:49
alteregoDo they have a website?09:49
Stskeepslook at the twitter09:49
alteregoSo this is jukka's pet?09:50
alteregolinked in link: "We're sorry but the company you are looking for does not exist."09:52
Stskeepsyes, try again09:52
Stskeepsfucking linkedin09:52
alteregoNope, still not working O_o09:53
macmaNi got the page09:53
macmaNhit Follow09:53
alteregoNope, still not working -_-09:54
alteregoAh, Jussi Hurmola, don't remember the name.09:57
StskeepsJolla Ltd. is a Finland based smartphone company which continues the great work that Nokia started with MeeGo. The Jolla team is formed by directors and core professionals from Nokia's MeeGo N9 organisation, together with some of the best minds working on MeeGo in the communities.09:57
StskeepsNokia created something wonderful - the world's best smartphone product. It deserves to be continued, and we will do that together with all the bright and gifted people contributing to the MeeGo success story.09:57
StskeepsTogether with international investors and partners, Jolla Ltd. will design, develop and sell new MeeGo based smartphones. The Jolla team consists of a substantial number of MeeGo's core engineers and directors, and is aggressively hiring the top MeeGo talent to contribute to the next generation smartphone production.09:57
alteregoProbably not us then .. lol09:58
alteregoMaybe you then :P10:01
Stskeepsmore to come10:03
iekkualterego, i'm also in jolla10:05
alteregoI noticed iekku :)10:05
rzrthis is a awsome news10:05
* Stskeeps 's involved too10:06
alteregoIndeed it is, I'm really looking forward to how this all comes together.10:06
Stskeepsso i'll let you assume merproject is used in this too :)10:07
rzrthey should hire balmer services as CTO !10:07
alteregoOh god :P10:07
Stskeepsrzr: developer relations10:07
rzrchair man he loves chairs10:08
alteregoHeh, when he inevitably gets the sack from Nokia, Jolla should employ him as the coffee boy. :P10:08
iekkui think that coffee might tasta bad..10:09
iekkutaste also10:09
alteregoProbably Americans are awful at coffee.10:11
alteregoSo is Jolla planning to use Mer?10:11
macmaNiekku: i'm coming through helsinki in a few weeks, you think anyone at Jolla got an hour or so to figure out how i could be useful to the effort?10:11
StskeepsmacmaN: there should be information eventually regarding hiring, but send me a CV at carsten.munk@jollamobile.com10:12
alteregoYou even have an email?! :P10:12
iekkumacmaN, i was just going to ask you cv :)10:12
macmaNStskeeps iekku: ok cool. ill write up a few thoughts and put my profile in your inbox during the week.10:14
macmaNit'd be interesting to know what is needed in the bigger picture for this to succeed10:15
macmaNnew app store?10:15
StskeepsmacmaN: thank you10:15
macmaNwhat's needed to get developers doing apps10:15
macmaNwhat's needed for users to buy this thing10:15
macmaNwhat's needed to get a device out the door without running into the stuff vivaldi did10:16
alteregomacmaN: these guys know more about the logistics of devices than the vivaldi team.10:17
alteregoAnd it's a different kind of device, a different platform, and hopefully they'll keep the idea of MeeGo being truely open, so maybe other vendors will become interested again.10:17
*** furikku has joined #mer10:17
Stskeepsalterego: enough answer from twitter?10:21
lbtI read "Later" ... :)10:22
chouchouneso, merproject ...10:24
chouchounegreat !10:24
phaeronStskeeps: trying to ssh to be and fe10:25
alteregoStskeeps: brilliant :)10:27
alteregoAt somepoint they're going to have to drop the MeeGo name though no?10:28
rzrmeego is already dead10:28
Stskeepswithout especially knowing about that, MeeGo is an idea, a dream10:29
rzrat least for investors etc10:29
Stskeepsthat it may be in other forms or other names eventually is something else10:29
rzrwhat about gnulinuxmobile ? :)10:29
StskeepsGNU is a registered trademark, isn't it? ;)10:29
alteregoYeah, I'm not arguing with the usage, it's the best way to keep the community together.10:30
alteregoAnd to hopefully bring maemo and mer closer.10:30
rzri donno who is behind this twitter account , but something makes me think he will lose his week/end :)10:31
alteregorzr: hopefully there's more than one ;)10:31
Stskeepsrzr: Jolla continues Nokia's excellent work on #MeeGo based smartphones together with the #N9 core professionals and #MeeGo community alumni. Tweets by @jukkaeklund10:31
alteregoSo, I have to ask, what does "Jolla" actually mean? :)10:33
Stskeepswhat did maemo mean?10:33
dm8tbrit means dinghy or life boat in finnish at least.10:33
alteregoMany people tried to understand, and they all failed :P10:33
alteregodm8tbr: the irony isn't lost at least :)10:34
rzrjuice of lime & liltle alchool10:34
rzryou fix the spelling10:34
alteregoAs long as they don't put in a mission statement like those cloud berry guys.10:35
alteregoI think mentioning burning platforms, though it was hilarious, is probably a mistake ;)10:36
Stskeeps[12:33] <dm8tbr> it means dinghy or life boat in finnish at least.10:37
Stskeepsi think that's a bit of a reference10:37
alteregoAs long as it's not too blatant ;)10:38
*** talavis has joined #mer10:38
*** yunta has quit IRC10:45
lbtI seriously wonder what this may do to the c.obs10:46
alteregolbt: worried someone might pull the plug?10:46
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #mer10:46
*** Behold has quit IRC10:47
Stskeepswell, we've been worrried about that for several months now anyway10:48
lbtjust a thought that Intel/LF may have an issue now10:48
timophhmmh. any small c++ task need a doer? I need something to remind me on how to write that stuff10:48
lbtit's not a huge deal - just a tiny risk factor increase10:49
timophplain c++ preferred, Qt works as well10:49
Stskeepstimoph: testrunner-ui?10:49
alteregolbt: I don't think LF will care much, but Intel may pressure them :/10:49
timophStskeeps: any specific requests?10:49
lbt"check ssh connection"10:49
Stskeepslbt: strictly speaking it's a company doing stuff, not us10:50
lbtlittle button in the settings that does an ssh10:50
timophso some indicator that the connection is on/off?10:50
lbttimoph: that a connection can be established10:50
Stskeepslbt: but it would be a good time to check our off site backups work10:50
lbtX-Fade: ping ^^^10:50
timophlbt: host based testing setting is not enough in the settings?10:57
timophnot sure if I understand what you're after10:57
lbtI type in the IP, the username and the key, yes?10:57
timophyep. that's all there10:58
lbtthen I want to press a button and it verifies that they actually work10:58
timophgot it10:58
lbtso later when I run the tests, I know it's not just a bad ssh setup :) eg wrong IP10:58
timophI'll add a 'check connection' button to the setting page10:58
lbtwhat'd be nice is that it checks various things - basic ssh listening (tcp open), ssh connect, ssh authorised, client code present, client code live10:59
Stskeepseat present.10:59
lbtso that helps me know the ip is right but the ssh server is not there10:59
timophactually I think I'll add 'diagnostics' subpage to the settings11:00
timophand start adding checks into it11:01
lbtyep, that works too11:01
timophso you'll get a nice summary of the used configuration and what works or not11:01
* timoph needs to plan a bit11:02
* lbt suggests a simple button would be a useful and agile step 1 :)11:02
lbtie done today, useful on monday :)11:03
alteregoRight, I need a shower.11:09
*** araujo has joined #mer11:10
*** araujo has joined #mer11:10
*** iluminator105 has joined #mer11:13
Stskeepshello iluminator105 :)11:13
iluminator105can someone point to a good article on how to install nemo on n900 on harddrive11:13
iluminator105hi Stskeeps11:14
Stskeepsiluminator105: you're best off testing it on microsd11:14
Stskeepsand there's no harddrive in the n90011:14
dm8tbrthe n900 does not have a harddrive, also using microsd is preferred11:14
iluminator105i mean the microsd11:15
*** niqt has joined #mer11:15
* timoph ponders about the connection check implementation11:15
iluminator105you guys used nemo on a daily basis on your n90011:15
timophsince ssh is handled by tr-lite during the test runs11:15
lbttimoph: ah11:15
Stskeepsiluminator105: yeah, but it has it's probelms11:15
lbttimoph: is tr-lite spawned?11:16
lbtand results returned?11:16
iluminator105what do you suggest for long term support then meego?11:16
lbtif so, spawn "tr-ssh-check"11:16
timophlbt: all the logic is in tr-lite. ui is just a wrapper11:16
timophand presentation11:16
timophso might make more sense to add the checking things into tr-lite11:16
lbtspawning a test app that pops up a window is fine11:16
lbtyeah, maybe11:17
timophthat way you could do the check from cli11:17
*** parancibia has joined #mer11:17
timophalso from automation pow that would make more sense11:17
iluminator105i am looking for like a centos of maemo/nemo11:19
timophlbt: but yeah. the fast and easy way to do it would be the bundle a test suite with ui that does the checks11:20
lbtand the button to call it?11:20
lbtthat gets you the C++ bit you wanted11:20
*** situ has joined #mer11:20
alteregoStill not sure what to do today.11:23
alteregoYeah, okay.11:23
alteregoI'll just have  a quick shower.11:23
lbtI usually feel like that *after* packaging ruby... but fair enough11:23
*** kasperi has joined #mer11:25
Stskeepshello kasperi :)11:25
kasperihello Stskeeps11:26
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?11:26
iluminator105is there like a commercial grade replacement for maemo11:27
alteregoiluminator105: nope11:27
alteregoiluminator105: it's an incremental process, do you have any experience coding?11:28
alteregoThe idea is you pitch in and help make it what you want.11:28
alteregoI think we're lacking a decent email client at the moment.11:28
iluminator105very little, i use centos i just want the thing to work period11:28
Stskeepsmer uses rpm11:29
iluminator105i guess like a 6 month old version of nemo should be stable and tested or ...11:30
alteregoWell, each release gets better and better.11:30
alteregoSo you probably want to keep it up to date ;)11:30
*** kasperi has quit IRC11:32
iluminator105i guess i try a new nemo version see how it goes11:32
*** taziff has joined #mer11:35
Stskeepshello taziff :)11:36
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #mer11:36
Venemo_N9 hey11:36
taziffhello Stskeeps11:36
Stskeepstaziff: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?11:36
Stskeepsmoo Venemo_N911:36
Venemo_N9so, jolla went public. :)11:36
kyyberiany use for non-coder in Mer-project? i could contribute something small :)11:36
Venemo_N9moo Stskeeps :)11:36
lbtkyyberi: hey11:36
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC11:37
kyyberilbt: hi11:37
lbtnon-coders are welcome - though we admit we mainly do code stuff11:37
*** zhaqq has joined #mer11:37
lbtso we have docs and testing too - as usual11:38
kyyberithought so, fully understandable11:38
Stskeepskyyberi: everything from metrics to wiki to 'hey, guys, this stuff causes my stuff to catch fire'11:38
*** ravirdv has joined #mer11:38
*** deztructor has joined #mer11:38
Stskeepshello zhaqq, ravirdv, deztructor11:38
lbtgraphic design things too kyyberi11:38
Stskeepsravirdv: welcome here to #mer :) what brings you here?11:38
zhaqqhi there!11:38
lbtkyyberi: what areas were you thinking?11:38
Stskeepsand same question to zhaqq :)11:38
kyyberilbt: hmmmm....11:38
* lbt feels the need for a FAQ11:38
ravirdvI'm qt developer & fan11:38
deztructorStskeeps: hi :)11:39
Stskeeps.. and deztructor :)11:39
ravirdvjust read the news about JollaMobile11:39
* lbt also really needs to get the "Mer on N900 and Mer on N950" (etc etc) instructions sorted11:39
kyyberiI want to do some semi-coding kind of stuff, perhaps scripting if there is need for such?11:39
Stskeepsravirdv: cool :) if you have any questions, don't hestitate to ask - else feel free to hang out and learn more11:39
zhaqqwell, im a qt dev:)11:39
lbtkyyberi: a lot of scripting11:39
Stskeepsravirdv: yeah, exciting news11:39
Stskeepszhaqq: cool :)11:40
deztructorStskeeps: just foss engineer :) had relation to meego ;)11:40
kyyberiI can do perl and some ruby, but willing to learn other stuff as well11:40
lbtour backend build systems use perl/ruby a lot11:40
Stskeepsdeztructor: alright - three people came in at once, so for all of you: if you have any questions at any time, feel free to ask, else feel free to hang out and learn more :)11:40
lbtrails based11:40
kyyberilbt: cool!11:40
kyyberiI have done some tests, smaller scale stuff in Rails11:41
lbtBTW (everyone) our focus in mer is to make life easy for vendors to build products11:41
deztructorStskeeps: so I am just hanging and looking what is going on :)11:41
*** situ has quit IRC11:41
Stskeepsdeztructor: :)11:41
kyyberiand about to dig deeper in Rails (in work)11:41
Stskeepsravirdv: here we develop Mer Core, a core used in many different products and companies, including JollaMobile11:41
lbtkyyberi: yeah, so I want to do things like rails extensions to OBS to provide richer build data11:42
kyyberilbt: sounds like things I could contribute to11:42
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #mer11:42
lbtkyyberi: OK - I suggest starting by building a small ui in QML script on top of a device and seeing how OBS works11:43
lbtshould show you around11:43
Venemo_N9meh, my N9 decided to screw me. 2/3 of the battery just evaporated...11:43
kyyberilbt: ok11:43
lbtwriting the HOWTO is my current task BTW - so you can test that too11:43
StskeepsVenemo_N9: probably the heat11:43
Venemo_N9fortu ately I found a plug on the train.11:43
lbtI'm aiming at N900 first11:43
kyyberilbt: nice :)11:43
Venemo_N9Stskeeps, can the heat do that just like that?11:44
StskeepsVenemo_N9: it's 32 C here and my n950 is acting freaking weird11:44
Venemo_N9it literally evaporated. one moment it was 70%, a second later "battery low" with red warning11:45
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer11:46
Venemo_N9well, my N950 didn't have any problems in the 38 C last summer.11:46
Stskeepsmoo vgrade11:48
deztructorVenemo_N9: it should not have any problems @ this temperature11:52
*** RhymeswA has quit IRC11:52
Venemo_N9deztructor, I agree.11:52
deztructorStskeeps: maybe modem or smth is eating CPU cycles?11:53
Stskeepsdeztructor: probably, started using mosh and it should really use libiphb..11:53
Venemo_N9or the indicator is nuts11:54
timophlbt: talked with sampos on the phone. tr-lite already does some checks when running the tests but there's no implementation to just to call check. We'll work on it today11:54
lbtneat - ta11:54
timophand after the tr-lite side is done I'll make checking available to tr-ui as well11:55
timophhopefully it's as simple as I think it is :)11:55
*** rzr is now known as rZr11:57
deztructorStskeeps: good to check e.g. tcpdump. It looks like on N9(50) most of the issues with power are coming from active network usage by some apps and smartsearch/tracker11:57
Stskeepsdeztructor: :nod:11:57
Venemo_N9ok, it's only the11:58
*** niqt has quit IRC11:58
Venemo_N9it's only the indicator11:58
rcgdoes anyone know if there is a significant difference between the archos g9 101 and its tubo variant?11:59
alteregoravirdv: cool :)12:00
rcgam asking because i am currently considering buying such a table and put mer + plasma active on it12:00
Venemo_N9rcg, faster cpu afaik12:00
Stskeepsrcg: ghz/higher chipset i thinkl12:00
alteregoWhoops, the awkwardness when you talk to someone, and realise your irssi buffer was half way up ..12:00
Venemo_N9actually I'm also considering getting an archos g9 for mer fun12:01
rcgStskeeps: Venemo_N9, yeah, question is if they changed some "minor" parts that require a different hw adaptation12:01
alteregolbt: so, where are we with Ruby, do we actually have the interpreter packages packaged?12:01
rcgon the other hand.. if mer does not work i should be safe to reflash the stock os and return the tablet within the 14days return period12:02
lbtalterego: yes, they're in Sage_'s home branch12:02
phaeronStskeeps: I am preferring to wait for builds to finish. added another worker12:02
Stskeepsphaeron: ok12:02
alteregolbt: okay, should I look at those first or get started with looking in to packaging the gems12:02
Venemo_N9rcg, can you keep in touch and tell me how it turned out?12:02
phaeronStskeeps: the ci obs is not working12:03
Stskeepsphaeron: ok12:03
Stskeepsfe or be?12:03
lbtalterego: I think the gem thing is the more important - ruby is almost a one-off12:03
rcgVenemo_N9: well, i could not yet convince myself to get one.. but atm chances are pretty good :)12:03
alteregoMy fd is called fe-be, lolz12:03
phaeronfe keeps giving timeout pages12:03
alteregos/fd/gf/ ..12:03
lbtand I think we may need to pull the opensuse ruby packaging12:03
Stskeepsphaeron: yeah, stalls :/12:03
rcgVenemo_N9: however, i will be in south africa the next week and won't have time to hack around that much ;)12:03
*** nsuffys has joined #mer12:04
lbtStskeeps: fe is timeout on be at the moment12:04
phaeronStskeeps: of course qt still has to build and that could take forever :/12:04
lbtI'll enable debug in webui12:04
alteregolbt: that's what I was planning on doing .. lol12:04
alteregolbt: I'd imagine the gem2rpm stuff is in there ..12:04
lbtmay be a good start12:04
lbtdiscrete project12:04
alteregoOkay, lets see what I can come up with.12:04
Stskeepsphaeron: just remove qt, should be fine12:04
lbtalso see my home:lbt subprojects12:04
phaerongood idea12:05
alteregowill do12:05
phaeronStskeeps: what else is big that can go12:09
*** rZr is now known as rzr12:09
phaeronv8 and wayland ?12:09
Stskeepsphaeron: v8, qtwebkit12:10
phaeronremoved qt*12:10
*** zhaqq has quit IRC12:17
alteregolbt: so if I wanted to pull in gem2rpm, and the opensuse ruby packages to build, what would be the best way of doing that?12:18
alteregoCan I clone from their obs?12:18
lbtyeah - but ...12:18
*** rzr is now known as rZr12:25
*** Kiranos has quit IRC12:26
Venemo_N9hm, what the hell is mozilla doing? 'firefox os'? srsly?12:26
StskeepsVenemo_N9: i don't think B2G can be underestimated12:27
Venemo_N9I'm not underestimating, but I don't understand why they did that thing.12:27
Stskeepsthe rename?12:27
StskeepsBoot2Gecko doesn't sell12:28
Stskeepsfirefox is a brand12:28
Venemo_N9no, the os12:28
Stskeepsoh, the OS?12:28
Venemo_N9I mean, does it have advantages over Mer or Tizen?12:28
*** denism has joined #mer12:28
*** Kiranos has joined #mer12:28
Stskeepsbecause they were able to exploit a gap in the market left by tizen delays, pretty much :)12:28
StskeepsVenemo_N9: they can leverage android hw adaptations, as a start..12:28
Venemo_N9are they building on android?12:29
Stskeepsyes, deep down12:29
dm8tbrthey can take what a 'silicon vendor' gives them as a 'android support package' and just put B2G on top of it12:30
alteregoWho's Marc Dillon?12:30
dm8tbrIMHO foremost due to the whole craptastic GLES situation, second due to RIL.12:30
Stskeepsalterego: COO12:31
Venemo_N9are they a threat to mer?12:31
dm8tbralthough I've seen ofono-ril12:31
alteregoOh, of Jolla?12:31
dm8tbrVenemo_N9: b2g is different concept, so not really.12:31
Venemo_N9dm8tbr, okay :)12:32
alteregob2g is a layer on top of Linux, so in theory they can use us12:32
Aarddm8tbr: ofono-ril is plugging in ofono as a ril for the android-stack; what is needed for mer would be ril-ofono ;)12:32
dm8tbrAard: I was talking about the B2G perspective12:32
dm8tbrif a chipset has ofono support you can use ofono-ril (if ril is missing or sucks more than ofono adaptation)12:33
*** Kiranos has quit IRC12:33
Aardand it would be useful to have the different direction as well12:34
*** _al_ has joined #mer12:36
Stskeepshello _al_ :)12:36
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?12:36
_al_I read about jolla today12:37
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer12:37
Stskeepsyeah, exciting news :) if you have any questions about Mer, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out12:37
sampostimoph: sooo .. a connection check to testrunner-lite12:39
* sampos was in the phone with timoph a while ago :)12:40
*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC12:41
timophsampos: yea12:42
timophsampos: I'll be afk for about 15-20. ask lbt for the details is you need to12:43
timophmins that is12:44
* timoph goes12:44
*** mike7b4 has joined #mer12:48
*** niqt has joined #mer12:53
iekkuwhat a nice and exiting day :)12:53
alteregoiekku: I'm enjoying myself :)12:53
dm8tbrI believe you meant exciting ;)12:53
alteregolol, exiting day :P12:54
alteregoIt's not that late yet.12:54
iekkuexciting! yes12:54
Aardiekku: there are support groups for that... we can talk about your problems...12:54
dm8tbrmaybe the last linux guy exiting the nokia building pressed the *nuke* button on the infra ;)12:54
dm8tbrthat would be an exiting day12:55
*** lbt has quit IRC12:55
iekkuAard, can i send msg to you?12:55
timophsampos: back12:55
iekkuAard, so you are my supporter, cool :)12:56
alteregoStskeeps, are there any mer t-shirts around? I remember lbt saying he had a few left?12:57
* alterego should get one :P12:57
alteregoI suppose I could do my own batch.12:57
niqtiekku: which is the relationship  between jolla and mer12:59
iekkuniqt, jolla is working with mer13:00
iekkuor for mer :P13:00
Stskeepsniqt: to Mer, jolla is yet another vendor, though it contributes people (resources)13:01
Stskeepsso mer is a independent, vendor-agnostic core, and many companies work together on it to share the load/work13:01
iekkuniqt, so basicly nothing changed, but maybe we get more vendors and members to mer13:02
alteregoWe're promoting a lego based approach to building software platforms for all kinds of devices.13:02
alteregoWith Mer being the foundation block/s :)13:03
iekkuas mer has gotten also lot's of publicity too today13:03
*** Kiranos has joined #mer13:03
* timoph kicks gitorious13:04
niqtbut i don't undestand , for jolla meego==harmtann or is real meego ?13:04
Stskeepsniqt: jollamobile twitter has stated it's working with #merproject13:05
alteregoniqt: I wouldn't worry about those questions ;)13:05
timophI'd say in this context meego != harmattan and meego refers more to the continuation of it which is mer :)13:05
Stskeepsmeego spirit, etc13:06
alteregoI think the #MeeGo is being used to bring people together for the communities real evolution into the merproject and the projects that work with mer.13:07
timophthat's my thinking as well13:07
alteregoMeeGo is dead, but mer is the future of meego, based on what MeeGo was, but properly run by the community.13:07
alteregoComplete transparency and openness.13:07
alteregoPeople are already familiar with what MeeGo was meant to be, but unfortunately failed to become, Mer is the natural evolution of what we, the original MeeGo and Maemo communities thought MeeGo was going to be.13:08
niqtnow I have to contribute more . This news made ​​me spend the desire to do the grunt work I'm doing13:11
phaeronStskeeps: something cycled everything all over again :/13:11
iekkuniqt, :)13:12
*** jepped has joined #mer13:12
Stskeepshello jepped :)13:12
timophgit pull --rebase upstream master13:14
jeppedhey hey, just came to lurk around to see whats going on :)13:14
Stskeepsjepped: welcome :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out :)13:14
alteregoHmm, my HDD seems to be making wacky noises ..13:15
alterego"For the record, Jolla the company was established in fall of 2011. Soon we will celebrate 1st anniversary, maybe with some good news!" - @JollaMobile13:16
alteregoThat's cheeky, lol.13:16
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC13:16
timophwell what do expect from jukka :=13:16
*** mernewbie has joined #mer13:23
Stskeepshello mernewbie :)13:23
mernewbiehi there :)13:24
alteregolol, like the nick13:24
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?13:24
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer13:24
mernewbiegot interested in the project after today news, but dont have much experience in linux world13:25
mernewbieso guess I'll have to do lot of reading to get a bit up to date13:25
taziffNow we know about the cooperation between Merproject and JollaMobile. When will we see the effects of this?13:26
*** jjardon has joined #mer13:26
alteregotaziff: I guess you'll just have to follow @JollaMobile and wait and see like the rest of us ;)13:26
Stskeepstaziff: you already are13:27
Stskeepstaziff: many here are actually from JollaMobile and has been participating in this open source project13:27
Stskeepslike any other vendor can13:27
taziffok :)13:28
Stskeepsso that also shows a good commitment to being a good open source citizen13:29
Stskeepsmore to come, though :)13:31
alteregoI think any company born from an open source initiative like this will keep openness at its' heart.13:33
*** rZr is now known as rzr13:36
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC13:38
*** DocScrutinizer05 has quit IRC13:38
*** mernewbie has quit IRC13:39
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer13:43
*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #mer13:43
jjardonj/ #cordia13:50
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC13:51
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer13:54
*** jonwil has joined #mer13:57
*** phaeron has quit IRC13:59
*** ravirdv has quit IRC14:07
*** dispeptic has joined #mer14:16
Stskeepshello dispeptic :)14:16
rcgStskeeps: greeting everyone today? ;)14:17
Stskeepsrcg: i -always- do that14:17
dispeptic'allo 'allo14:17
Stskeepsdispeptic: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?14:17
Stskeepsrcg: even did it in meego arm times14:17
rcgStskeeps: right, i see.. then i just didn't notice :)14:18
rcgmy usual ignorance xD14:18
Stskeepsrcg: i'm waiting for somebody to give me a tshirt with it :P14:18
dispepticJust interested. :)14:18
timophyeah. he does that always. a good habbit imo14:18
rcgStskeeps: noted :)14:18
Stskeepsdispeptic: sure :) if you have any questions at any time, don't hestitate to ask, else feel free to hang out :)14:18
Stskeepsrcg: i have to function as a combo community manager and architect, so14:19
rcgtimoph: yeah, agreed :)14:19
dispepticAlrighty, thanks. I'll stick around, that's for sure. :)14:19
rcgStskeeps: and you are for sure doing a great job man :)14:19
rcgand now you know a little bit how my fiancee feels dealing with my common state of being out of it ;)14:22
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer14:25
timophsampos: cool. what if the connection works?14:27
samposjust prints that ok message, and returns 014:28
timophok. that should work14:28
Stskeepskyyberi: given there's many people from here who has been working on behalf of Jolla Mobile, i think that's a good sign for the future14:28
sampostimoph: will you do the UI side ?14:29
timophsampos: yep14:29
timophsampos: the stuff is in your clone?14:31
timophor actually you could just as well make a merge req14:31
sampostimoph: will push to my clone now . Will do the merge request once i have help and such in place14:32
timophsampos: while at it could you add a readme to the sources. for compilation/packaging instructions14:35
*** phaeron has joined #mer14:35
rcgalright, i think i'll give the archos 101 g9 turbo a try and will see if mer runs well on it14:36
dm8tbrrcg: there are quite many people that have those now in the #mer context14:37
dm8tbralso I wanted to update and clean up the boot menu for gen9, currently there seems to be only some crude hack... :/14:38
sampostimoph: sure. Do we have something online that I could point to?14:38
rcgdm8tbr: great, nice to hear :)14:39
rcgand well, yeah, am kinda used to crude hacks14:39
timophsampos: hmmh. not really14:40
timophsampos: mer wiki perhaps14:41
kyyberiStskeeps: yeah14:42
timophsampos: very much under construction but anyway ^14:42
Stskeepskyyberi: but it's better to prove in practice you're open than to talk about it14:43
alteregoAs EU doesn't have software patents, people are free to clone swipe ui I would have thought.14:44
Stskeepswe do however have design patents14:44
kyyberiStskeeps: action is always better than talk14:45
Stskeepsdoing my best :)14:45
kyyberihups :)14:45
kyyberiI know you are14:46
Aardalterego: right now there's not really a point in starting to speculate how our ui will look like, and at this point no-one from jolla will confirm (or the opposite) anything related to ui14:46
Stskeepswe're however more than happy to discuss on mer level for example, participating as any other vendor..14:47
alteregoDo we know if Jolla are talking to Nokia about maybe getting some of the non-open parts from them?14:48
alteregoI'm guess they're not. But it is a commonly asked question.14:48
Stskeepsyou'd have to ask jolla about that14:48
* Stskeeps just participates as a jolla engineer in mer project14:48
kyyberisince Stskeeps (even as in engineer role ;)) is involved, I'm sure that important stuff for community such as openness and transparency are taken care of :)14:50
Aardalterego: you can use twitter, and I believe there were email contacts somewhere, to ask people designated to answer things, if you're interested in answers. if you like do just do some speculating then you should go on, though ;)14:50
alteregoI speculate over things that aren't that important :)14:51
alteregoIf I think of an important question, I'll ask it on twitter ;)14:51
*** Jope has joined #mer14:51
* alterego chuckles.14:52
*** deztructor has quit IRC14:52
alteregoHow is it pronounced btw? Is it, yolla?14:53
kyyberithat got me thinking more like "Trololollololo"14:53
alteregoOr Jolla, like Jolly14:53
chouchounealterego | As EU doesn't have software patents, people are free to clone swipe ui I would have thought. <-- beware upcoming unitary patent ;)14:53
timophit's finnish so I guess in english to get the correct pronounciation one would write it yolla14:54
alteregoI think large companies with lots of IP are scared of the smaller companies that are more agile. If people were free to use, share, copy and improve all paradigms of computing from things like a swipe UI, to all that crap Apple defends.14:55
timophand if you're wondering what it means it dingy :)14:55
alteregoThen the large companies would have a problem, kind of like Nokia had and have at not being able to innovate quick enough.14:55
timophvery true14:55
*** deztructor has joined #mer14:56
alteregoBut imagine how fast we could go forward if everyone worked together.14:56
Stskeepsor many small to medium enterprises..14:56
alteregoRefining, refining and refining well working, tested methods of user-interaction and software design patterns.14:56
Stskeepsthat's practically what happened in android though - small fish got together and pushed hard forward14:57
jonwilI think Android is seen as a threat by many "old-guard" companies in the computing space14:58
alteregoI think Android is becoming what it was created to surplant though.14:58
Stskeepsand well, now android became the old guard..14:58
iekkualterego, 'zholla'14:58
alteregoYou would have thought Google would have had the foresight to have built Android like their Chrome OS experiment.14:59
alteregoInstead of a tailored JVM ..14:59
jonwilMicrosoft sees Android as a threat to their PC OS monopoly (i.e. Android tablets, people replacing PCs with post-PC devices like smartphones etc)14:59
alteregoAnd if you want a virtual machine like interpreter, then why Java?14:59
alteregoWhy not Python, Ruby, JavaScript.15:00
alteregojonwil: indeed.15:00
kyyberialterego: too light :)15:00
jonwiland also they see it as the reason that Windows Mobile/Windows Phone is failing15:00
alteregokyyberi: lol15:00
alteregojonwil: they were a little late to the party with those though weren't they ;)15:00
jonwilyeah :P15:01
alteregoI thought after CE they'd pulled out of the mobile space altogether. Apple was showing everyone that the mobility market needed to get sexy.15:01
jonwilApple sees Android as a threat because its the only thing keeping Apple from having dominance of the mobile market15:01
*** Kiranos has quit IRC15:01
alteregoAnd Android thinks it's won :)15:01
jonwilAnd they dont like that other companies (Samsung in particular) can produce devices that dont look ugly15:02
jonwilI think close to the best-looking smartphone out there today is the Galaxy SII15:02
Jopethe sgs3 isn't as nice looking15:03
jonwilI think the SII looks BETTER than the SIII15:03
*** Kiranos has joined #mer15:03
alteregoI think the N950 is pretty damn sexy :P15:03
Jopealterego, it is. :-)15:03
alteregoI think the N950, slightly thinner, less rounded back.15:03
alteregoWould be schmexy15:03
* Jope gently pats his n95015:03
Jopethe best device there never was .. so far :-)15:04
alteregoI turned  mine on yesterday, it booted into a mer build I did which just showed an LCD look-a-like clock ticking away :D15:04
alteregoWas an experiment with QML shaders I did.15:04
dm8tbralterego: that qml code anywhere? I'm still looking to make a kitchen clock or somesuch out of one of the ExoPCs15:05
kyyberidm8tbr: lol15:06
*** Kiranos has quit IRC15:07
*** Kiranos_ has joined #mer15:07
alteregodm8tbr: ang on15:09
jonwilGive me a device with the looks of the Galaxy S2, the keyboard of the N900, the software openness of the GTA04, the hardware guts of the iPhone 5 (you just know Apple is going to come up with more powerful/better hardware than anything that 'Android has) and a touch screen that is a cross between the iPhone Retina Display and the N900 screen (take the good stylus support from the N900 and...15:09
jonwil...the high pixel density from the Retina)15:09
jonwilThat would be the ultimate phone for me15:09
alteregoThis is it working on desktop:
alteregoThink the QML code is on another machine :/15:11
alteregoI actually have it on the N950 with back background and cyan digits15:11
dm8tbrhmm outside turned into a classic finnish summer rain15:12
Jopethe thunderstorm is coming..15:12
* dm8tbr doesn't hear thunder (yet)15:12
*** iluminator105 has quit IRC15:12
iekkudm8tbr, aren't you located at tre?15:14
deztructorcharge your laptops and mobile devices :) power outage probability is high15:15
dm8tbriekku: herwood, more exactly, yes15:15
iekkudm8tbr, it's near hki now, hopefully coming to us15:15
*** MightyEagle has joined #mer15:16
*** lbt has joined #mer15:17
*** lbt has quit IRC15:17
*** lbt has joined #mer15:17
deztructoriekku: it is rainy in espoo now but thunder is far away15:17
*** lbt has quit IRC15:17
*** MightyEagle has quit IRC15:20
kyyberiI must admit that this Jolla news made me smile, or even a bit more :) hrhr15:22
kyyberidamn, I just wish I could code properly15:22
*** arcean has joined #mer15:24
*** Estel_ has quit IRC15:25
mjaI can't help with platform development but I'll be sure to contribute apps if it's a qt story15:25
Stskeepsit is15:26
Aardmja: yes, qt will be supported15:26
mjaI was so damn disappointed after Meltemi axing but this certainly brought a smile on my face15:27
alteregoMaybe Jolla  will be the next billion ;)15:28
kyyberiwhich reminds me, I haven't paid for the Mer t-shirt. Where do I pour the money? :)15:30
*** lbt has joined #mer15:35
*** lbt has quit IRC15:35
*** lbt has joined #mer15:35
*** Estel_ has joined #mer15:35
lbtpower cut :/15:36
lbtit rained .... not even a thunderstorm15:36
Stskeepsand burning PSU the other day?15:36
mjais there #jolla or similar?15:36
Stskeepsmja: #jollamobile but honestly, the convo is better on twitter15:36
lbtso whilst the power was off we went out to buy a replacement PSU :)15:36
mjaStskeeps: cheers15:36
mjathey've got the excitement of today.. hopefully they'll keep it afloat in the morrow :)15:38
lbtmja of course they will... they have a mer to float on :)15:39
*** NIN101 has quit IRC15:45
alteregoI swear talking to some people is like talking to a wall, with a slightly lower IQ :)15:49
*** jonwil has quit IRC15:50
lbtsampos: I had a power cut here btw ... yell if you need me re tr-ui15:50
M4rtinKjoining #jollamobile :)15:51
*** situ has joined #mer15:51
M4rtinK13 IRC channels is not enough :)15:52
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:53
*** jluisn has joined #mer15:53
phaeronStskeeps: gcc rebuilds again ..15:53
*** Aurium has joined #mer16:01
*** deztructor has quit IRC16:03
*** mardy has quit IRC16:04
*** nsuffys has quit IRC16:05
*** NIN101 has quit IRC16:11
*** wmarone_ has joined #mer16:12
*** wmarone has quit IRC16:12
*** niqt has quit IRC16:13
*** NIN101 has joined #mer16:13
*** nsuffys has joined #mer16:19
*** Stefan___ has joined #mer16:19
*** Kiranos_ has quit IRC16:20
alteregoSuppose I might end the day by raising a few glasses of beer ..16:21
lbtthere's hours of productive hacking left yet!16:22
alteregoWho says I wont be hacking? :P16:23
dm8tbrdevelopers under influence, where have I heard that before...16:24
*** zeq has quit IRC16:28
*** situ has quit IRC16:28
* alterego wonders off to watch the olympic flame go past.16:31
CosmoHillalterego: I saw it this morning16:32
*** eebrah has joined #mer16:33
alteregoIt's supposed to go down castle hill and through cambridge this evening, like, in half an hour.16:33
alteregoAnd leave tomorrow morning at around 6am I believe.16:33
CosmoHillI was up at 6 and in town by like 6:45 to see it16:33
CosmoHillearilest I've ever gotten up to go to uni16:34
*** arcean has quit IRC16:37
phaeronStskeeps: updated the job  history of the repository in that bug16:37
Stskeepsok, i was more curious about build log16:38
Stskeepsthat shows where it 'repeats' / differs16:38
phaeronglibc will rebuild again soon because elfutils is rebuilding now16:39
*** jluisn has quit IRC16:39
phaeronnever mind16:42
Stskeepsphaeron: just wondering what repeats nss, so i need to see bottom of nss log, where it does build-compare16:45
Stskeepsthat's funny16:48
*** situ has joined #mer16:48
Stskeepsi thought i excluded that in build-compare16:48
Stskeeps.. it does16:49
phaeronStskeeps: this is 05.17.116:49
Stskeeps       ;;16:49
Stskeeps    /lib/libsoftokn3.chk|/lib/libfreebl3.chk)16:49
Stskeeps       echo "$file skipped, just signatures"16:49
Stskeeps       return 016:49
Stskeeps       ;;16:49
Stskeepsdoes it grab build-compare from host and not distro?16:49
phaeronhow to be sure16:50
Stskeepsoh fucking hell16:51
Stskeepsi see the problem now16:51
Stskeeps /usr/lib16:51
* phaeron is glad to help :)16:52
* Stskeeps filed bug16:53
Stskeepsphaeron: disable build of nss, perhaps?16:53
phaeronbuild-compare is not installed on either workers16:53
Stskeepsit comes from mer16:54
Stskeepsand there's an error in there16:54
*** yunta has joined #mer16:54
Stskeepsas we moved nss stuff to /usr/lib16:54
phaeronI've added the new log and extra info here :
phaeronStskeeps: you also carry the patch to ignore the build host from build-compare , right _17:01
lbtI am really not having a good day....17:01
phaeronmore issues ?17:02
lbtreplaced the PSU in Denise's machine.. powered on ... one of the chips on a drive glows bright white and smokes....17:02
Aardlbt: got some meat? barbecue!17:03
lbtold 300Gb Maxtor circa 200517:03
lbtaard, last night a psu set on fire17:03
phaeronvoltage mismatch or something ?17:03
lbttoday we had a powercut17:03
lbtphaeron: I do wonder if the cable is badly assembled17:03
phaeronI did that once to an old CD drive , by plugging the power into the audio jack or something17:03
phaeronI heard the laser doing interesting things17:04
Stskeepsphaeron: $obsname does that17:05
phaeronStskeeps: yes but I remember we removed  that from the comparison, relying only on the source md5sum17:06
Stskeepsphaeron: ah, yeah17:07
Stskeepsphaeron: yes, we have that in build-compare17:07
*** deztructor has joined #mer17:08
lbtballs ... crappy molex connector allowed me to plug it the wrong way around17:08
phaeronStskeeps: not sure ...
Stskeepsphaeron: that looks like your $obsname isn't set up correctly17:09
Stskeepsit is a necessity for proper rebuilds17:09
Stskeepsin BSConfig.pm17:09
Stskeepsour $obsname = ""; # unique identifier for this Build Service instance17:10
Stskeepstell me what it's set up to in your obs17:11
phaeronyes I know it is  misconfigured here , but I thought we ignored it17:11
Stskeepsnot obsname17:11
Stskeepsproject name, yes17:11
phaeronok .. then the default is wrong to use $hostname17:13
phaeronwrong to be distributed that way17:14
timophinitial support for ssh connection checking done for tr-lite/ui17:17
timophstill needs a bit polish but seems to work17:18
timophtr-lite will have new switch -T for the check17:19
timophthanks sampos for that one17:19
*** eebrah has quit IRC17:19
*** yunta has quit IRC17:32
*** mardy has joined #mer17:46
*** deztructor has quit IRC17:47
*** dijenerate has quit IRC17:47
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer17:50
Stskeepsevening jukkaeklund17:50
jukkaeklundyour feelings about Jolla now?17:51
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: i believe i owe you at least a good cold beer or other beverage :)17:51
Stskeepsconversation has been good here today17:51
Stskeepsand response is amazing17:51
jukkaeklunddon't shoot the messenger.. beer!!17:51
jukkaeklundyeah, sorry for not being around17:51
Stskeepsdon't worry, you've been busy manning the twitter :)17:51
jukkaeklundmultitasking between vacation with family, twitter and Jolla email17:52
Stskeepsi'm going to have a cold one now :)17:52
jukkaeklunddont shoot, but I have white wine now17:53
jukkaeklundseriously, ping me for any feedback on Twitter comms17:53
JopeI have beer but since I was out boozing yesterday, I don't want to have any of it .. :-)17:53
Jopejukka, I think you did a great job17:54
jukkaeklundhope jolla gets a fulltime person at some point too17:54
JopeI've been a bit meh about twitter for a long time, but today it's power sort of became concrete17:54
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: yeah17:54
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: "meego-based" is in trends, good job17:55
jukkaeklundI think its only tailored, but still..17:55
jukkaeklundor does it trend in some location actually?17:55
wmarone_I think it's if you have it set to "tailored trends"17:56
wmarone_changing to worldwide or regional and it disappears for me17:57
jukkaeklundI hope someone is active in TMO too..17:57
jukkaeklundif needed, that is17:57
wmarone_actually I'm curious now17:58
wmarone_is it actually meego-based, or is it Mer based (but called meego)?17:58
CosmoHillalterego: kinda weird to think that something has ran from my town to your town18:02
*** eebrah has joined #mer18:03
*** deztructor has joined #mer18:03
*** eebrah has quit IRC18:04
*** eebrah has joined #mer18:04
Stskeepswmarone_: mer18:04
jukkaeklundcalled meego..18:06
*** wmarone has joined #mer18:06
*** arcean has joined #mer18:06
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC18:07
* jukkaeklund distracted by PMMP gig in Finn TV :o18:07
*** dijenerate has joined #mer18:09
igheajukkaeklund: so sad, more beer.18:09
jukkaeklundok, will do18:10
vgradejukkaeklund, great news18:10
* Stskeeps sips a cold beer18:11
* timoph enjoys a cold cola drink18:12
situStskeeps: Could you explain the relation between Mer and Jolla ?18:12
* virtuald empties a still cold club mate18:14
Stskeepssitu, Jolla is a vendor utilizing Mer like any other, contributes people to the project. Mer is a open source project, vendor agnostic with a open governance, contributed to and used by different companies18:15
virtualdare jolla vc funded?18:16
wmaroneok, so it is mer derived :)18:16
situI have always wondered how much of the code from Nokia's MeeGo project is open source.18:16
Stskeepsyou'd have to ask @jollamobile, virtuald18:16
Stskeepsand the details on investors isn't out18:16
virtualdis that twitter?18:17
situI am rooting for Jolla :)18:17
Stskeepsvirtuald: yes18:17
timophand from the mer project pow we shouldn't even care who are the inverstors and what vendors are working on behind closed doors18:17
* virtuald is hoping jolla won't have to be rooted for the user to be in control :)18:17
timophjust like any other upstream18:17
situCould Nokia cause any troubles to Mer (like any licensing issues ) ?18:18
timophhow. it's completely based on open source components.18:19
Stskeepssitu, we contain mostly same parts as most other linux18:19
Stskeepssitu, mer is just a core, typical dangerous stuff  is in ui or hw adaptation18:19
situWill we be able to use Swipe UI ?18:20
*** zeq_ has joined #mer18:20
situOk.. may be time will tell :)18:21
Stskeepswe develop sommething very specific here18:21
*** Stefan___ has quit IRC18:21
igheaI wish Jolla would also bring out some tegra3 based Mer core tablets :(18:21
*** Kiranos_ has joined #mer18:21
virtualdi hope they get some GTA04 people involved18:24
timophStskeeps: btw, did anyone ever do the powered by Mer sticker?18:24
Stskeepstimoph: nop, feel free to design18:25
* timoph fires up gimp18:26
situStskeeps: How do you guys plan to share effort with Tizen ?18:26
Stskeepssitu, in practice it's hard when tizen development is practically behind closed doors18:27
timophtizen is not very open so hard to share any effort18:27
Stskeepssitu, tizen ivi is closer to us though18:27
situOk.. Tizen is not based on Qt, so what framework are they using ?18:28
Stskeepstizen handset is efl18:29
jjardonOk, so seems easy easy enough to start to get involved. Where is the code to send a patch against?18:29
virtualdwould you use mer on a netbook?18:30
situStskeeps: So.. what are the devices on which you test Mer ?18:30
lbtmmm needs a link to SDK in there18:31
Stskeepsget first18:31
jjardonStskeeps: thanks!18:32
*** blaroche has joined #mer18:32
Stskeepshello blaroche :)18:34
blarocheStskeeps: hi there :)18:35
*** arcean has quit IRC18:37
Stskeepsblaroche: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer?18:37
blarochelurking, interest.  i had very high hopes for meego and nokia.  now have very high hopes for plasma active + mer, and just catch wind of jolla.  very hopefull for that now as well18:38
*** arcean has joined #mer18:39
Stskeepssure :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out18:39
blarochei do Qt dev on embedded linux on an Arm board for my day job.  so i've been casually looking for things to get get involed related to Qt/KDE/Plasma/Mer.  we'll see.  the one year old boy kills the free time :)18:41
blarocheStskeeps: thank you18:41
situStskeeps: on what devices you test Mer ?18:41
lbtsitu: testing is intended to be distributed18:42
lbtbecause Mer has no HW adapation itself18:42
lbtwe solicit feedback from our vendors18:42
lbtin the meantime it tends to be N950/N900 and ExoPC18:43
*** eebrah has quit IRC18:46
*** jonnor has joined #mer18:49
jjardonStskeeps: Would be ok to add gstreamer-vaapi to the repos?18:50
jjardonand libva18:50
*** smoku has joined #mer18:57
Stskeepsjjardon: will catch you latrr18:58
*** lpotter has joined #mer18:58
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC19:02
[ol]Hi! I have a problem registering with Mer Gerrit.19:03
[ol]HTTP ERROR: 50019:03
[ol]Problem accessing /OpenID. Reason:19:03
[ol]    Server Error19:03
*** smoku has left #mer19:03
*** lbt has quit IRC19:04
Stskeeps[ol]: i'll help tracing it tomorrow if you have time19:04
[ol]This happening after I allow verification on me OpenID server.19:04
Stskeepsopenid is flaky in gerrit19:04
[ol]OK, no problem. I'm not in hurry.19:04
[ol]BTW, does Gerrit synchronise usernames with Bugzilla?19:05
*** nsuffys has quit IRC19:07
Stskeepsnot yet sadly19:07
Stskeepsmy fault19:07
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC19:09
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer19:10
jjardonStskeeps: sure19:11
*** smoku has joined #mer19:15
smokuStskeeps: any hint how to add to a package a dependency on libGL?19:17
*** deztructor has quit IRC19:18
*** arcean_ has joined #mer19:19
*** arcean has quit IRC19:21
smokuoh. I see that these prackages provide libGL and :)19:21
*** tsdedst_ has joined #mer19:30
*** tsdedst has quit IRC19:31
*** alh has joined #mer19:47
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:47
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC19:54
*** furikku has quit IRC20:00
*** taziff1 has joined #mer20:00
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC20:00
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer20:01
*** gimli has joined #mer20:01
*** taziff has quit IRC20:02
Stskeepstoday's been a good day20:04
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC20:04
phaeronhear hear20:04
*** rdqfdx has joined #mer20:04
timophalthough the cat disagrees :)20:04
timoph(has an eye infection and I need to give it eye drops 4 times a day)20:05
timophalways a "fun" task20:06
smokuit's much easier with a dog ;-)20:07
*** harha has quit IRC20:08
smokulike giving eye drops to a dog, not using a dog to give eye drops to a cat...20:08
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer20:10
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer20:10
* smoku CAN HAS WM ON MER20:10
Stskeepssmoku: mm?20:10
smokuI just started mutter with success20:10
smokuI can finally move windows around :F20:11
*** smoku has left #mer20:15
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:15
phaerondid it crash ?20:16
jjardonso seems I need an account in to contribute to mer, is this correct?20:17
Stskeepsjjardon: not directly, but it helps20:17
Stskeepsjjardon: because of community OBS20:17
Stskeepswe're working to get our own independent one20:17
Stskeepsand a better way for people to build without a OBS20:18
phaeronjjardon: lbt can provide one too20:18
jjardonyeah, I was looking to update some packages, so I need OBS acces for that, rigth?20:18
Stskeepstheoretically just git and gerrit setup needed, but practically you need an OBS to build-test things before submission20:18
Stskeepsgives a good hint at it20:19
* Stskeeps files bug 416 - Mer contribution should not require a OBS in order to do so 20:22
*** mike7b4 has quit IRC20:23
*** situ_ has joined #mer20:25
*** situ has quit IRC20:25
*** smoku has joined #mer20:26
smokuStskeeps: why doesn't Mer's tar support xz ?20:26
Stskeepssmoku: would it surprise you that the answer is GPLv3?20:27
smokuit wouldn't20:27
jjardonStskeeps: mmm, I'm getting "Permission denied (publickey)" but I already put my public ssh in gerrit20:27
smokudoes Mer stick to no GPLv3 requirement?20:28
Stskeepsjjardon: set your username too20:28
Stskeepssmoku: yes, for now - that's sadly how vendors work these days20:28
Stskeepssmoku: you're welcome to provide your own tar however20:28
jjardonStskeeps: good catch ;)20:28
smokuStskeeps: i'll live without ;-)20:29
Stskeepssmoku: nothing a good pipe can't solve though20:29
Stskeeps.. and i don't mean hash pipe20:29
phaeronbsdtar _20:29
phaeronstupid keyboard maps20:30
phaeronbsdtar ?20:30
*** stig_ has joined #mer20:32
*** situ_ has quit IRC20:36
*** situ_ has joined #mer20:36
*** Khaled has joined #mer20:36
*** talavis has quit IRC20:38
*** Khaled has quit IRC20:47
Stskeepsagood evening stig_20:49
Stskeepser, scrap the 'a' :)20:49
stig_good evening20:50
Stskeepsstig_: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer20:50
stig_Stskeeps, decided to come and see what kind of stuff happens here20:50
stig_#mer got nice publicity with jollamobile news20:51
Stskeepssure :) if you have any questions, don't hestitate to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out :)20:51
stig_thank you20:52
*** mike7b4 has joined #mer20:52
*** rdqfdx has quit IRC20:52
stig_try to keep up with mobile development overall20:53
stig_though I'm a web developer20:53
Stskeepsyeah - i think the html5 story should be interesting in the coming years20:53
lpotterwhat hardware does mer currently run on?20:53
*** jluisn has joined #mer20:53
Stskeepslpotter: all sorts - long story short, Mer doesn't contain hardware adaptations, it's just a core, but hardware adaptations for example for raspberry pi, generic atom devices, n900/n950/n9, archos g9, etc etc exist20:54
Stskeepslpotter: where would you like to put it on?20:55
lpottereverything it can :)20:55
Stskeepsjust don't say a freerunner gta02, we don't yet have a armv4 port ;)20:56
lpotteras long as there's sensors :)20:56
Stskeepswe have qt5 alpha1 packaged atm20:57
Stskeepsand waiting patiently for beta120:57
lpotteryou know the qtmoko guys are still working on qtopia20:57
Stskeepsyeah, i do20:57
lpotterstill waiting for my raspberry_pi20:57
lpotterthe guy I share a office room with at work, attached an accelerometer to one20:58
lpotterat any rate, glad mer/meego is in the news20:58
Stskeepsit even seems to be trending, seems like it hit a good nerve20:59
lpotterprobably partly because so many qt/meego/ guys layed off20:59
lpotterwe need some good news20:59
Stskeepsit's also a hope that many of the interesting new startups will take advantage of stuff like Mer - it isn't just a jolla story, we very intentionally run this as a vendor agnostic project21:00
Stskeepslife's too short for just smartphones :)21:01
*** denism has quit IRC21:07
jjardonStskeeps: So you know if there are problems with the registration of other emails accounts in gerrit? I dont get the confirmation in my inbox21:07
Sleepy_Coder  Hmm. </passing-it-along>21:08
Stskeepsjjardon: there shouldn't be a problem, i received one just fine two days ago21:09
Stskeepsjjardon: if you don't receive it by morning, please poke me21:13
jjardonStskeeps: will do21:14
* jjardon already have some patches in the queue ;)21:14
Stskeepscool :)21:15
M4rtinK <offtopic>the QtMoko guys are now working on somehow rebasing on Qt 4.7, which should bring among others QML support (spotted on OpenMoko mailing list) </offtopic>21:17
*** yunta has joined #mer21:19
rzrM4rtinK, yes i read that week ago21:21
M4rtinKI still do have a (chool owned) GTA 02 with navigation board21:21
M4rtinKand do wonder how usable would QML be on it :)21:21
Stskeepsdid you ever see the 200mhz qml videos?21:21
M4rtinKbut tried a flickable on HP Touchpad in chroot - not good :)21:23
M4rtinKnot sure where the slowdown comes in this case though :)21:23
jjardonStskeeps: If I have a patch for a specific bug should I change the status of it?21:24
Stskeepsjjardon: yes, resolved/fixed and refer to review URL21:24
*** vmlemon_1 has joined #mer21:24
Stskeepsand refer to it in .changes file (MER#fooo)21:24
Stskeepshello vmlemon_1 :)21:25
*** Behold has joined #mer21:25
jjardonStskeeps: ok, can I put in assigned state until git push work?21:25
vmlemon_1Hi Stskeeps21:25
M4rtinKhmm, nice for a 200MH CPU :) was it GPU accelerated os SW only ?21:25
Stskeepsthat's a good way to show you're working on it21:25
StskeepsM4rtinK: think sw, but i don't know21:25
Stskeepsvmlemon_1: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?21:25
M4rtinKstill very usable for normal apps21:26
vmlemon_1Not much - I was just curious about whether or not anyone's mentioned "Jolla" (which seems to be vapourware, right now), here. :)21:26
Stskeepsvmlemon_1: it might be accused of being vapourware, but their contributions to Mer aren't21:27
Stskeepsso, at least they're being a good open source citizen :)21:27
Stskeepsif you have any questions regarding Mer, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out21:28
vmlemon_1Sure - the project itself seemed vaguely intriguing when I looked at it ages ago, anyway.21:28
*** FSCV has joined #mer21:28
Stskeeps:nod: we operate in a bit funny way, but that's because of lessons learnt :)21:28
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC21:29
Stskeepsand not do same mistakes as everybody else, or ourselves in the past21:30
*** cristi has joined #mer21:30
vmlemon_1Makes sense. I'm somewhat familiar with the whole Maemo/MobLin/MeeGo/Tizen fiasco, from the perspective of someone who was involved with Symbian, and currently develops desktop Qt applications.21:30
*** gimli has quit IRC21:30
Stskeeps:nod: i was in meego ARM myself21:30
vmlemon_1The sibling rivalry (for want of a better term) was interesting to watch; and it's a shame that neither OSS initiative survived at Nokia, in the end.21:32
Stskeepswell, the good thing about meego was that a bunch of stuff needed to run a mobile platform was OSS'ed21:32
Stskeepswhich brings us to today :)21:32
vmlemon_1Yeah - I suppose that them releasing the ISI/Wireless Modem-related documentation for use with Symbian also helped indirectly.21:33
Stskeepsthat certainly helped for ofono21:33
Stskeepsthough i haven't seen that in public recently, hmm21:34
vmlemon_1(It at least showed me that they were willing to contribute their "crown jewels", and be a good Open Source community participant).21:34
vmlemon_1OFono's still around, I think.21:34
Stskeepsthink or whatever it was shut down21:34
Stskeepsyeah, oFono is well and alive21:34
vmlemon_1Indeed. I have some of that older documentation somewhere.21:34
vmlemon_1The team responsible were transferred to Renesas, if I remember correctly - and now, it seems to be part of an opaque corporate blob.21:35
vmlemon_1The Scalado acquisition was unusual, too.21:35
vmlemon_1(It felt like "We're going down; but we're taking one of our key suppliers with us, too", to me)21:36
Stskeeps"hi, we're laying off a bunch of people, but we acquired these!"21:36
Stskeepsthat was really bizarre21:36
vmlemon_1Same deal with SmarterPhone to a lesser extent, too.21:36
*** AndrewX192 has joined #mer21:36
Stskeepswell, what done is done21:36
Stskeepsat least this time around i wasn't directly hurt by the news21:37
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:37
Stskeepsanyway, i think i'll head off to sleep, been a long but fantastic day21:37
*** jstaniek has quit IRC21:37
vmlemon_1Nokia were a giant shame. They had some great technology; the (enviable?) position of being Europe's last major handset manufacturer; and crap management.21:37
Jopeit always pained me how nokia invented "everything", yet productized so little of it21:38
lpottersymbian smartphone was little?21:39
vmlemon_1I was similarly hopeful that the Japanese OEMs would do some interesting things, globally - but that never happened.21:39
ali1234symbian isn't reallya smartphone OS21:39
ali1234and that's not a criticism btw21:39
vmlemon_1Seriously? By what measure?21:39
ali1234well, it doesn't have a 1 day battery life, it doesn't have loads of security issues, it doesn't crash all the time21:40
lpotteri can do more on my n8 than an iPhone.. *cough* bluetooth file transfer*21:40
*** rzr has quit IRC21:40
ali1234right. but that's not what a smartphone is supposed to do21:40
ali1234smartphones are for playing angry birds21:41
ali1234ok, that's probably on symbian21:41
ali1234but the point stands21:41
lpotterso.. smartphones arent suppose to do common use case scenarios ?21:42
ali1234i dunno about "supposed" but the fact is... they don't21:42
ali1234smart phones are "supposed" to be phones with extra stuff21:42
lpottern8 is a smartphone and it does that.21:43
ali1234n8 is symbian, therefore i don't class it as a smartphone21:43
ali1234but i agree it's a great device :)21:43
ali1234better than smartphones IMO21:43
lpotterhow is it not a smartphone. it does extra stuff.21:43
Jopethe whole discussion about smartphones is a bit moot imo :-D21:43
lpotterheh true21:43
Jopethe first iphone was a smartphone according to some21:43
Jopeand it didn't even have half the features a nokia s40 "dumbphone" had at the time21:44
ali1234my stance is a reactio to iphone and android users who claim symbian is not a smartphone21:44
ali1234and my response to them: my symbian does everything your iphone does, and it has better battery life and doesn't crash. so if that is the difference between my phone and a smartphone, i don't want a smartphone21:44
ali1234also you have to remember, when iphone came out, many people weren' sure if it was a smartphone or not21:45
ali1234not if basically defines the class21:45
*** situ_ has quit IRC21:46
vmlemon_1(I'm genuinely curious, given that it meets the technical criteria of "Exposes native APIs, allows "real" multitasking/deep integration, has PIM apps with sync functionality, and has a Web browser", amongst other things)21:46
vmlemon_1Maybe Rovio should release an Angry Birds Player device?21:47
Jopeahh, I still remember the excitement of the 7650 around a decade ago21:47
Jopea pocketable device you could run native code on21:47
Jopewith multitasking21:47
*** situ_ has joined #mer21:48
Jopeit changed my world.. :-)21:48
ali1234pre apple smartphone: a phone that maybe runs some apps if you are lucky21:48
ali1234post apple smartphone: an app device that maybe can make a phone call if you're lucky21:48
lpotterahhh. to symbian IS a smartphone21:49
Jopea post apple smartphone: a phone that didn't get installable apps when it was launched21:49
ali1234when it launched, yes. but things have changed a lot since then21:49
Jopeit's been slowly getting the features we took for granted21:49
Aardhm, I think all my phones supported application installation (at least it was claimed somewhere), I just never could figure out where to get applications, and how to get things onto the device :)21:49
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC21:50
Jopedamn.. those 7650 specs were rather .. meager21:50
ali1234htc really pioneered what we call a smartphone today21:51
Jope4MB of RAM, 104MHz21:51
ali1234i remember when i saw quake running on one, that was the turning point21:51
Aard(apart from me not figuring out how to put stuff on it, there were only about 200kb for stuff available anyway)21:51
ali1234where the apps became the main focus21:51
*** situ_ has quit IRC21:51
JopeI remember back in 1997 when I telneted with a friend's nokia 9000 communicator and resumed my irc session21:51
Jopethat was the turning point for me21:51
Jopenaturally I was just a kid and couldn't afford one of my own21:51
Jopebut the future was in my hands21:52
Jopea pocketable computer with wireless connectivity.. amazing.21:52
ali1234the future is "emergency calls only"21:52
lpotteryes. new definition: smartphone can irc via ssh21:52
Jopeany smartphone worth its salt :-D21:52
ali1234i'll stick with my symbian thank you21:52
Stskeepsand a meego phone: if it can do mosh too21:53
vmlemon_1Didn't most of the early S60 handsets have about 32-128MB of RAM?21:53
lpottermy n8 is just a camera since I got the n921:53
Jopevmlemon_1, well the first S60V1 devices only had around 4MB :-)21:53
vmlemon_1(And anaemic ~200MHz+ OMAP application processors)21:53
*** psior has joined #mer21:53
Siceloyeah. at that time N-GAge had the most at 10MB21:53
Jopeyeh.. hehe21:54
Stskeepshello psior21:54
Sicelo104MHz. /me still has a working one21:54
JopeI sold my n-gage21:54
Jopeshould have held onto it I guess21:54
Jopenever used it tho21:54
psiorCheers Stskeeps21:54
Stskeepspsior: welcome :) so what brings you to #mer ?21:55
psiorHey. Saw the news on Twitter earlier today, and got interested into the whole thing. I myself come from some years with Symbian, so I'm a different kind of victim of #feb11 ;-)21:56
Stskeepscool :)21:56
psiorHope you aren't a bot BTW ;-)21:56
Stskeepsi'm not a bot, i'm just very friendly :P21:57
lpotteryes, he is21:57
Stskeepswell, if you have any questions, or would like to know more about how to contribute to Mer, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out :)21:57
Stskeepsi'm the project architect around here, and a bit of combo that and community manager, so, it's important to make people feel welcome :)21:57
psiorThanks, will certainly do. Need to recycle my Symbian C++ experience into something else, and Qt certainly sounds like a viable option.21:58
Stskeepsit indeed is - Qt Quick really makes matters easy21:59
ali1234not for c++ devs it doesn't :P21:59
psiorAbsolutely, and I appreciate that. After some years of working on closed platforms mostly, it's nice to get back to OSS feeling welcomed :-)21:59
blarocheseems the next few months will be very exciting for mer and related projects :)  can't wait..22:00
Stskeepsand if you're interested in Jolla, well, they use Mer as platform, so contributions to Mer will help you in the end too22:00
ali1234has anyone worked on this smartq t20?22:01
Stskeepsand everybody wins as we have a vendor agnostic mobile core for SMEs to use :)22:01
psiorWell, around 2009 I was about to get into Qt. At that time Nokia was into the Qt story trying to get Symbian devs into MeeGo. But unfortunately in my case it wasn't much worth at that time given that my whole code base was Symbian native C++, so I chose to wait till MeeGo devices would appear. Unfortunately that didn't happen, at least not the way we expected..22:01
Stskeepsthis place is , channel #mer if you'd like to get on here with a proper IRC client, btw22:02
Stskeeps(anybody, thati s)22:02
*** jonnor has quit IRC22:02
ali1234it's omap, powervr, and has an official ubuntu firmware22:02
Stskeepsali1234: really, smartq went into omap?22:03
ali1234seems like an ideal target for mer. i think you did something with older smartq devices?22:03
ali1234yes, apparently22:03
Stskeepsyes, they were the most open hw company i had found back in the old days22:03
Stskeepsgave us kernel, bootloader, was happ22:03
Stskeepsali1234: yes, it looks like an ideal mer target22:04
ali1234apparently the 3d support and Qt is borked on the ubuntu image they are shipping22:04
ali1234but that shouldn't be a problem for you guys, i imagine you;re all experts on fixing powervr by now :)22:04
dm8tbrSGX is a harsh mistress22:05
Stskeepsali1234: it's one of those things that i prefer to get paid to do..22:05
Stskeepsali1234: but anyway, i am brewing on wayland/qt compositor support for sgx (again)22:05
Stskeepsso that might be useful on there too22:06
ali1234i'm still waitng for wayland to be a "real" desktop22:07
ali1234it's all still demos afaik22:07
ali1234but it's getting better22:07
Stskeepsthey're getting closer, but my interest is in mobile anyway22:07
ali1234they have window decorations now!22:07
*** vmlemon_1 has quit IRC22:11
*** jonnor has joined #mer22:15
jjardonStskeeps:no worries, mail arrived :)22:16
*** niqt has joined #mer22:16
*** yunta has quit IRC22:22
*** parancibia has quit IRC22:41
*** arcean has joined #mer22:53
*** arcean_ has quit IRC22:53
*** niqt has quit IRC22:54
*** psior has quit IRC22:56
smokuProblem: openssl-1.0.1b-1.1.i586 requires, but this requirement cannot be provided23:04
smokuwith Mer:Core:Next - is it expected?23:04
phaeronunlikely that people are awake :D23:09
alteregothink there were problems with glibc earlier that may be the cause of that.23:12
alteregoI'm so, very, tired.23:13
* alterego goes hunting for food.23:13
smokuI've created MER#418 then23:17
smokuEmail sent to: no one23:17
phaeronI think it goes to the triage queue23:18
phaeronwe handle that every week23:18
smokuso that would be enough work for me today23:19
smokuI cannot continue without :/23:19
*** CosmoHill has quit IRC23:20
phaeronsmoku: does it work with latest vs. next ?23:23
smokuphaeron: no idea and I'm not in the mood of reinstalling my laptop to latest23:24
smokuIIRC I'm on next because latest is broken and I couldn't build a working i586 image off23:25
phaeronhmm interesting I am using latest in a vm23:26
smokufull i586 working system, with kernel, systemd etc. booting to X?23:27
smokucould you share your ks?23:28
phaeronit's basically the nemo-vm ks modified a bit23:29
smokumaybe I did a mistake of basing on sdk ks23:29
phaeroncould be23:29
smokuoh. so you could have packages pulled in from CE etc. instead of pure Mer23:30
alteregoprobably, I'd use nemo ks' I do and it all works ;)23:30
alteregoindeed, perfect for hardware adaptations ;)23:30
smokuI tool only x86 HA from Nemo23:30
phaeronsmoku: nemo bases on mer + HA23:30
smokuyes. But I do not want to depend on Nemo23:31
phaeronso just remove the stuff you don't need from the ks23:31
smokuso I ended up with unbuildable ks23:32
alteregoyou're not dependong on nemo, you're just building on core using their packages.23:32
smokuwell... I call having nemo repositories in zypp/repos.d depending on Nemo ;P23:33
smokumaybe I will try again23:33
smokuI have nothing better to do anyway, since openssl stops me from working further on packaging cordia stuff23:34
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:50
smokuphaeron: so far so good :)  mic is fetching packages23:51
smokuBTW, having pure mutter with no plugin, my apps launcher is... /dev/tty2 with logged-in shell and export DISPLAY=:0    ;-D23:52
*** RhymeswA has joined #mer23:53
phaeronlaunch an xterm that way and then launch apps using the xterm23:53
smokuphaeron: i already have several xterms launched. there's no difference in launching apps with bash running on xterm and on tty.   but Ctr-Alt-F2 is much quicker than alt-tabbing to "free" xterm ;-)23:55
phaeronok :)23:55
smokuanyway... i586 Mer is more responsive than my 64bit Fedora :-D23:56
* smoku can't wait for x86_64 build of Mer23:56

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