Friday, 2012-07-06

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tiagoprnhello everyone :)02:33
tiagoprnquestion: I tried the latest nemo mobile image for m n900 a month ago, but it didn't boot on my microsd class 10...02:34
tiagoprnI saw several complains about this on google, could you inform me if that is fixed or planned to be? :)02:34
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E-PStskeeps: Thanks for hosting the QA meeting!05:27
E-PI was out of the Internet range the begining of this week05:28
Stskeepsmorn E-P, was just good to keep a sync :)05:28
Stskeepsi spaced out a bit though, it's like 32 C here..05:28
Stskeepsso hard to concentrate05:28
w00tStskeeps: was 22c here last night05:29
* w00t nearly died05:29
E-Pyou need an air-conditioner05:30
w00tmove to norway, they said.. it's nice and cold, they said..05:33
* w00t shakes a fist05:33
StskeepsE-P: i heard whispers you're moving to germany, where in germany, out of curiousity?05:34
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E-PStskeeps: yes I am, about middle of Germany, in Göttingen05:35
E-Pthe plan is to move in middle/end of August05:36
Stskeepsoh wow, that is really middle of germany05:36
Stskeepsi did wonder when you said middle 'where is the middle of germany' ;)05:37
E-Pit is pretty nice, short distance to many big cities and good train connections05:37
Stskeepshow about to airport?05:37
E-Pnot so near, 200-300km to main airports05:38
E-Pryanair is flying from Tampere to Bremen, and Bremen is pretty near already (200km which is near to finns)05:39
Stskeepsnot bad05:39
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Stskeepsand frankfurt is 1 1/2 hours away by train -- if i was moving to germany, that'd be a pretty good spot :P05:47
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Stskeepswe're working hard to get the copyproject stuff working.. after that, having factual releases we can do automatic QA on should be a breeze05:50
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saunabadE-P: got a new job there or something?05:53
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E-PStskeeps: ok, I will make task list what is needed in the QA area05:58
E-Psaunabad: my partner got a study/phd place from there, I am still looking for a job05:59
StskeepsE-P: yeah, some kind of wishlist from release process would be good05:59
Stskeepsiamer has done quite good job in the VM area, too05:59
E-Pgreat to hear05:59
saunabadE-P: well it has to beat jyväskylä during the winter. good luck the with job hunting :)06:02
E-Psaunabad: thanks :)06:03
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timophah. home06:36
Stskeepswelcome back :)06:36
timophand niina is still away until tomorrow evening. hacking time06:37
timophbtw, do we have some Qt or c(++) lib to interact with connman?06:38
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Stskeepsyes, libconnman-qt06:38
timophthanks. I'll look into that06:39
timophI'm thinking of adding internet radio functionality to my alarm clock06:39
dm8tbrtimoph: - as also tweeted seconds ago06:40
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* dm8tbr is waiting anxiously for the (partly GPL covered) sources of a boot menu variation someone did on XDA for gen906:41
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dm8tbrwould like to ensure it will do kexec and some other nice things, and clockwork mod just so that all the XDA people STFU06:42
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Stskeepsmorn _av500_07:07
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rcgis there currently a freely available tablet on which mer can be run?07:39
rcgwell publicly, not freely :)07:39
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Stskeepsrcg: archos g907:40
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Sage_lbt, E-P: the ruby stuff for testing
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rcgStskeeps: thx07:47
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phaeronwhy would root be able to get a network response while a user gets timeout ?08:36
phaeronStskeeps and rcg your requests are not being handled right now , looking into it08:37
dm8tbrphaeron: is that an android kernel by chance?08:37
phaeronno it's a server :D08:37
Stskeepsdoes it run android..08:37
phaeronno ..08:38
* dm8tbr was thinking of ANDROID_PARANOID_NETWORKING or what it's called, jftr08:38
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phaeronresolves to different ips for user and  root ..08:42
phaeronah proxy env variable08:44
phaeronrcg: fixed08:52
Maceri got my caps for a motherboard today08:53
Macerfound a company that sells it as a kit08:53
rcgphaeron: thx :)08:54
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Alison_ChaikenI just reserved a room for the week of LinuxCon at the Conference hotel and am looking for a roommate of either sex: double beds.09:01
* Stskeeps won't be attending, though the talks look interesting09:03
Alison_ChaikenI'll actually be at Gstreamer and Linux Plumbers, but they're at the same time.09:04
Alison_ChaikenI roomed with 3 other people for LibrePlanet, so I'm flexible.09:04
Alison_ChaikenRooms are hyper-expensive, but the conference is way out on this island with little close to it.09:05
lbtmorning all09:11
lbtTVR passed it's MoT \o/09:11
lbtannual health check09:12
Stskeepsi don't understand any of those acronyms09:13
lbtTVR = my car manufacturer09:13
lbtMoT == Ministry of Transport ... shorthand for MoT Annual Roadworthiness Test or some such - everyone calls it "an MoT"09:14
phakosomeone actually owning a TVR?09:17
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lbtphako: had it since 2000 ... love it :)09:17
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lbtit scares me :D09:17
phakoThat's what I heard about TVRs09:18
phakowhich one?09:18
lbtLovely connection to the road and insane power09:18
phakoclassic or modern?09:18
lbtespecially on single track roads...09:18
lbtyeah - it's getting on a bit now but ... yummy09:19
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lbtrcg: I have some minimal Mer ks files for ExoPC if you need them09:24
lbtphaeron: ping09:25
rcglbt: right, might come back to you if i convince myself to buy another tablet for putting mer on :)09:26
lbtworking on collating our HW adaptations and making step 1 easy09:27
rcggreat :)09:27
phaeronlbt: pong ?09:27
lbtjust wondering about Mer:Tools stuff09:28
lbtin particular .... Ruby09:28
lbtI don't really want it swamped with Ruby deps so I was thinking to have a Mer:Shared:Ruby or something09:29
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lbtIMHO we should either do that or we should stop packaging ruby libs and move to bundles09:30
lbtto be clear ... I don't particularly like it; don't want to do it and it's not "fun" .... OTOH if we don't sort it we will have a mess :)09:30
lbtalterego: ping ... maybe you have some thoughts on ruby?09:31
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phaeronwell opensuse admitted that having stuff separated to different projects is not a good idea. I think this will generally work for build depends only09:32
phaeronlbt: and
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lbtso why doesn't Project:MINT:Testing build against Project:MINT:BuildDepends:Testing09:38
lbtinstead of copying them into PMT ?09:38
lbtI can see the point of copying to P:MINT as the 'place to snapshot from'09:39
lbtSage_: ping09:42
lbtSage_: we need some information on how we're handling Ruby stuff  n Mer:Tools09:43
Sage_lbt: pong09:44
lbtruby libraries are a squriming mess of worms :)09:44
lbtthey change all the time and usually need a mass re-import09:44
lbtso we need to have easy to follow docs on how to update ruby libs09:44
lbtand we need to be clear on what ruby version we support (1,9?)09:45
Sage_well I did that stuff on top of 1.9.309:45
lbtgood start09:45
Sage_I have no idea about ruby in general but I just took something that was relatively new :)09:45
lbtCan you please put a basic wiki page up on how you packaged them09:45
lbtdid you use Fedora-style ? or opensuse?09:46
lbtMINT uses opensuse09:46
lbtfor rpms09:46
Stskeepswell MINT goes on opensuse, doesn't it09:46
Sage_No idea what you mean with that.09:46
Stskeepsthis'd go on device09:46
lbtStskeeps: agreed - but they both provide gem2rpm09:46
Sage_There is actually two different kinds of packages atm. One that has only .gem files and installs those and one where there are also sources that are compiled.09:46
Sage_.gem style is lot of easier.09:47
lbtSage_: yeah, so suse/MINT uses gem2rpm and doesn't just install gems iirc09:47
Sage_didn't use gem2rpm09:47
lbtI really am not hung up about what we use... as long as it's written down so someone else can do it the same way with a fresh gem09:48
lbtI have heard bad things about simply installing gems09:48
lbtI could be out-of-date but I think that's still "wrong"09:48
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Sage_Well, installing from sources seemed to be a lot harder and after seeing other use it I didn't think it was too wrong.09:49
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lbtso   ::     gem install --local --install-dir %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/gems/ --force %{SOURCE0}09:49
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lbtSage_: would you mind writing up a brief policy/howto on packaging the 2 types of ruby gems09:52
Sage_however some gems requires a bit more than just that09:53
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Sage_but that was mainly the tdriver packages that needed special things09:55
lbtyep - normally you'd expect to apply a patch to the source pre-build09:55
Sage_I haven't packaged gems before so feedback is welcome :)09:55
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lbtsed -i 's/ruby1.8/ruby/g' %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/gems/gems/%{gemname}-%{version}/bin/start_app_perf09:56
lbtrunning sed post install to apply a fix isn't best practice and won't be sustainable with bigger changes09:56
lbtthat's all I meant09:56
phaeronlbt: p:m:t builds against p:m:builddepends:t09:58
lbtphaeron: aren't all p:m:bd:t packages in p:m:t ?09:59
phaeronlbt: no09:59
phaeronmaybe a couple are duplicated09:59
phaeronas I haven't weeded out all the proper installation deps yet09:59
phaeronbut this way I have much clearer idea what gets installed on device, and upgrading is a tad easier10:00
lbtphaeron: gotcha - yes10:00
lbtSage_: so add that to the policy too :)10:01
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lbtSage_: you OK with that?10:04
* Stskeeps could really need a osc deployto10:05
Stskeeps"take binaries, deploy to this device"10:06
Stskeepsinstall on device, etc10:06
phaeronah we discussed that , didn't we10:06
lbtby binaries...10:07
lbtyou mean .so or .rpm ?10:07
* lbt has that in the quickbuild list10:07
phaeron* setup a zypper repo on the host side exported over x connection for device to install rpms from10:07
lbtwhich was going well until I redeployed OBS VMs and realised that was where quickbuild lived...10:08
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Stskeepslbt: fe is seizing up a fair bit, could i ask you to restart the vm?10:12
Stskeepsit won't let me in on ssh10:12
lbtStskeeps: ISTR some of our packages being based on Fedora and some on Suse - Tools in particular tend to be Suse-derived. This feels like a problem10:12
Stskeepstools = what go in sdk and on device for during-development testing/development/performance/etc, IMHO10:13
Stskeepsthat may not be your definition though..10:13
lbtyes, we agree on that10:13
lbtMINT = server (maybe non-Mer desktop)10:14
Stskeepsok then10:14
lbtI'm mainly thinking about all the macros/paths policies10:14
lbteg osc is python based and derived from suse packaging10:15
lbtas are various other deps there10:15
lbtI've always been in favour of stealing from another distro10:16
lbtbut I'd rather steal from a single one unless there's no choice10:16
lbtie "if you're going to start from scratch, use suse packaging"10:16
Sage_lbt: add what? :)10:17
* lbt parses...10:17
Stskeepslbt: for mer packages we usually alignish with fedora10:18
lbtoh, add that = p:m:t builds against p:m:builddepends:t .....  but this way I have much clearer idea what gets installed on device, and upgrading is a tad easier10:18
lbtStskeeps: yep, I know... but for tools we don't10:19
lbtSage_: so that's how phaeron is keeping some sanity about the insane ruby dependency trees10:19
lbtsec, door10:20
Stskeepsi still wonder what manager approved of ruby being used for on-device testing.10:20
Sage_lbt: Still not really understanding all :)10:20
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lbtSage_: check with phaeron10:27
lbtAnother reason for the reject is ... what's all that stuff for?10:27
lbttk/tcl and ruby10:27
Stskeepsalso, we can't drop tcl/tk?10:27
lbtI admit I thought ... good, we get gitk on SDK10:28
lbtbecause that wants tk/tcl10:28
Stskeepslbt: what phost is 'fe' on?10:28
lbtoh yeah... sry10:28
lbt"vms" command on zathras10:28
phaeronthat request doesn't reference any bugs or docs10:29
lbtphaeron: yeah10:29
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lbtbeing fair though ... we haven't written up a policy for Tools10:30
lbtbut Sage_ knows better :)10:30
Stskeepslet's not make life too difficult, this is a QA tool that's useful for testing qt applications..10:30
lbtStskeeps: you volunteering to write up the docs to make life easy?10:31
lbtStskeeps: I'm not able to get a virsh console on fe10:31
Stskeepslbt: told you..10:31
Stskeepsjust kill it or find out why the vm stalls10:31
lbtwas hoping to diagnose10:31
lbtSage_: ^^10:32
lbtStskeeps: why me?10:32
Stskeepsyou asked about docs10:32
lbtseriously you guys...10:32
*** situ has quit IRC10:32
* Sage_ is quite busy atm. sry10:32
lbtyeah.... I know... lbt and phaeron will clean up the mess....10:32
phaeronI don't like how we are double standards10:34
phaeronSage would reject the request in  a second10:34
lbtphaeron: +110:34
Stskeepsthen set up a policy10:35
lbtthat's what I asked for10:35
lbtnot an overall one10:35
Stskeepswell, you're in charge of tools area, so you set it10:35
phaeronSage_: play by your own rules10:35
lbtOK .. no ruby until there's a ruby policy :)10:35
lbtpatches for ruby policy gratefully accepted10:36
phaeronlbt: copy the nemo boss process and let the auto ci handle it10:38
StskeepsE-P: is there any (good) alternatives to TDriver?10:40
lbtphaeron: makes sense10:40
lbtI've not written up the basic shape of Tools yet - I don't fully feel it's settled10:41
lbtinteractions with MINT, and Core10:41
lbtthe "Tools is like the UX for the SDK prouct built on Core" idea10:41
E-PStskeeps: I only know the Qt's own UI test library, but I think that is not so flexible than TDriver10:42
lbtI'm not unhappy with Ruby in SDK if we can automate dealing with the gems10:43
lbtthey are *massively* volatile10:43
lbtbut the ruby community is huge on testing and test harness stuff10:44
lbtso Stskeeps I think we'll find enough useful test stuff around ruby to warrant the pain10:44
lbtI just want us to be consistent from day 110:44
lbtif we decide "gem install" is fine then...OK"10:45
* Sage_ is ok with consistency. 10:45
*** harha has quit IRC10:45
lbtSage_: so I just want enough docs (the bare minimum) to enable consistency between other people10:46
Sage_I'm not so sure if we should force "gem install" only method.10:46
lbtyep - happy to steal an upstream distro policy ... just pick one10:48
lbtsuse's is used in MINT10:48
phaeronand we made up our own for debian10:48
*** niqt has quit IRC10:48
*** dcthang has quit IRC10:49
lbtwell, we used debian next-gen packaging10:50
lbt'our' packagin is now official debian ruby10:50
* lbt found himself on debian ruby maintainer team somehow10:50
phaeronyeah that was good upstreaming10:52
phaeronlbt: kudos10:52
StskeepsREMINDER: Advisory board meeting in 10 minutes in #mer-meeting10:52
* lbt -> coffee10:52
Sage_wiki/Packaging/Ruby and define it there?10:54
Sage_we have currently wiki/Packaging_guidelines that was copied from meego.com10:54
lbtSage_: please (and thankyou)10:54
*** rozhkov has joined #mer10:57
Sage_ah, now I recall one thing about that gem install in rpm10:58
*** rozhkov has quit IRC10:58
*** himamura has quit IRC10:59
Sage_some gems use something during the installation that isn't allowed during the %install process, thus I needed to move some of the packages to the more hackish style and do gem install in %build and then copy files in %install11:00
lbtyeah ... suse's gem2rpm sorts all that out really well11:02
lbtI honestly can't recall how it works now11:02
*** rozhkov has joined #mer11:02
lbtiekku: ping11:02
alteregoYay, Ruby :)11:06
lbtalterego: you are now the official Mer ruby maintainer11:07
lbtget to it11:07
alteregoI don't mind11:07
alteregoI was the Ruby maintainer for Maemo on the 770, N8x0's :)11:07
alteregoDo you want 1.8 or 1.9 series?11:08
Stskeepsthere was some kind of source package problem back then though? :P11:08
alteregoProbably still have my Hildon bindings for Ruby some where ..11:09
lbtalterego: we would seriously appreciate some help11:09
lbtand we'd take as much advice as you can give11:09
alteregolbt: I'd love to help, and I do have experience building ruby.11:09
lbteg use 1.9.x11:09
lbtOK, see the backlog?11:09
alteregoYou want to use it to maintain a consistent testing framework11:09
alteregoSooner or later you're going to be running obs in the mer SDK :P11:10
alteregoSelf replicating operating system :P11:12
*** lizardo has joined #mer11:12
*** lizardo has quit IRC11:12
*** lizardo has joined #mer11:14
*** rcg-work has quit IRC11:15
dm8tbralterego: and then it becomes sentient?11:15
*** rcg-work has joined #mer11:16
lbtalterego: it's crossed my mind11:18
Stskeepsbrings an entire new meaning to 'smartphone'11:18
*** rcg-work1 has joined #mer11:24
*** rcg-work has quit IRC11:25
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*** stefan_schmidt_w has joined #mer11:26
Sage_hehe, phone software that can build itself :)11:30
Sage_on a phone :)11:30
alteregorain rain rain11:31
lbtalterego: so....11:34
alteregoSo ...11:34
lbtwhat I think we need is a 'best practice' to import gems to Mer:Tools11:34
alteregoAnd ``gem install'' isn't enough?11:35
*** yunta has joined #mer11:35
lbtput a distro hat on :)11:36
alteregoWell, debian and ubuntu tend to package a lot of the more popular gems.11:36
alteregoWe also have these things in the ruby world called bundles.11:36
lbtyep - I've seriously thought about that11:37
alteregoMaybe it'd be worth making a mer-sdk-bundle.11:37
alteregoSo I guess the problems are, we don't want to install the gems from an outside repo during installation?11:37
lbtso first off, why do suse, fedora, debian, ubuntu ... *not* do that :)11:37
lbtOTOH... what problems do we have by not doing it11:38
alteregoWell, they don't have the same requirements. Their customers are the people that want Ruby, we want Ruby for the distro11:38
lbtI don't think it would be a Mer-SDK-bundle FWIW11:38
lbtI think it would be a Mer-TDriver-bundle11:38
alteregoObviously, to do it right, we'd have ruby available for the distro and for end users.11:38
lbtand certain packages would depend on certain bundles11:39
alteregoI think package the gems we need for our uses, and package ruby and gem for end users11:39
lbtbut then you'd need to package multiple bundles11:39
lbtthat's pretty much where we got to11:39
alteregoYou can't need _that_ many gems.11:39
lbtno, we don't11:39
alteregoSo it shouldn't be too hard for me or you to maintain those packages.11:40
alteregoAnd we have power over the versions we package.11:40
lbtnb rpm version constraints are not as good as ruby's11:40
lbtin dependency land11:40
alteregoThat shouldn't be a problem for our requirements though.11:41
lbtit bit me once but that's probably not a big deal11:41
Sage_bundle means that put many gems to one package?11:41
*** phaeron has quit IRC11:41
lbtSage_: yes11:41
lbtI don't think we're doing that11:41
alteregoWe're only talking about 3 or 4 ruby packages I'm imagining?11:42
lbtalterego: this is ruby ... we only need 3/4 ... they need 30/40 behind them11:42
alteregoAnd ubuntu/debian/etc seem to package their own versions of "gems" successfully.11:42
Sage_I would prefer not to do that after all we are aiming to be distro with mimimal footprint11:42
lbtSage_: Tools is slightly different, if you want ruby you get ... chubby11:43
alteregoSage_: sure, though we're talking about packages specific for the testing process. But I agree, having them seperate means people can still take advantage of them for other purposes.11:43
Sage_Also downloading gems during installations is not something we consider because that would mean need for connections and not so mobile repos.11:43
alteregolbt: do you have a list of deps you need for your testing?11:43
Sage_also longer installations11:43
alteregoSage_: indeed,11:43
Sage_alterego: I've done some initial packaging for stuff needed for some testing
lbtSage_: all downloads come in .tgz or .gem or similar from our repos11:44
lbtso lets forget bundling for now (though I have a suspicion it could be a sane option for the future)11:45
lbtalterego: I'd suggest looking at suse's gem2rpm11:45
Sage_Also we should be able to remove gem without leaving a trace to the system, thus I would like to have rpm packages not gems as installing gem can always bring other gem with and that would then be leftover if the original gem is uninstalled, right?11:45
*** arcean has joined #mer11:46
*** phaeron_n9 has joined #mer11:46
Sage_so IMO rpm is the only proper way to go.11:46
lbtgem2rpm converts gem-deps to rpm-deps11:46
alteregoI think we're all agreed on that :)11:46
lbtbut needs a sane naming policy11:46
lbt(unlike the twerps in debian)11:46
alteregolibx-ruby ;)11:46
alteregoI think for these purposes, it may be useful to forget about gems ;)11:47
lbtalterego: ideally we use whatever suse or fedora's gem2rpm spits out11:47
alteregoJust think of them as ruby extensions.11:47
*** clopez has joined #mer11:47
lbtwell, kinda11:47
lbtgems are the upstream tarballs11:47
*** zeq has joined #mer11:47
lbtso I think they should be out Source011:48
lbtbut again ... see gem2rpm11:48
lbtbbias ... need to move car11:48
alteregogems use the upstream tarballs, gem2rpm probably works slightly differently though.11:48
alteregoBut sounds need.11:48
Sage_Would be nice if the gem packaging would be simple as this:
zeqIn the fennec code there's support for rotation using libqtm orientation API.  We don't use this for Maemo5, since we do rotation via H-D.  Does mer do proper rotation, or does it requirie the manual pixmap rotaion Harmattan uses?  I need to make sure I don't break the Fennec build on mer/meego.11:50
Stskeepszeq: do your own rotation, no xrandr11:50
Stskeepsthere's various good performance reasons for this11:51
zeqStskeeps: so mer/meego needs to match the MAEMO6 behaviour?11:51
zeqdoes MOZ_PLATFORM_MAEMO=6 get defined for the mer/meego case?11:51
zeqor >6 even11:52
*** sirdancealot4 has quit IRC11:53
Stskeepsi don't know, i got a restraining order against fennec after having to fix it for meego 1.111:53
Stskeepswe can't be within 500m of eachother11:54
zeqIt's looking like we're going to get some nice performance out of it on Fremantle.  We don't have a lot of options with modern browsers.  romaxa says he has managed to get ~60fps with hw accel.11:55
zeqRight now, even without hw accel we're getting very close to microb performance for rendering, and blowing it away on js.11:57
Stskeepswell, on mer you should use hw accel11:57
zeqI'm just trying to make sure I don't break it on mer, while fixing it for Fremantle ;)11:58
lbtSage_: alterego
zeqWe're eventually planning on a native Qt port, I don't know how useful that will be for mer?11:59
zeqAt the moment we're concentrating on getting XUL/Qt working properly11:59
zeqYou know if there's a nice device I could buy to run mer with a decent hw adaptation I'd get it... is there such a thing?12:00
alteregozeq: very useful for us I think, especially nemo12:00
alteregozeq: N900, N950 :)12:00
alteregoEven N912:01
zeqwell, I have an N900, but that's dedicated to Fremantle dev :)12:01
zeqN9 has full hw adaptation?12:01
zeqanything non-nokia?12:01
alteregoI wouldn't say full, but good for what you want.12:01
Stskeepszeq, exopc is good too.. and n900 can dualboot12:02
alteregoAs far as non-nokia, you could get raspberry pi, beagle board, ...12:03
zeqalterego: more interested in a mobile device than a dev board12:03
zeqsmartphone, mini-tablet, or tablet perhaps12:04
zeqAs I understand, the many Android devices out there are sorely lacking on OS drivers.12:05
lbt archos ?12:05
Stskeepsarchos g912:07
Sage_lbt: well that looks quite ok actually.12:08
lbt%gem_install applies patches, the spec is autogenerated too iirc12:09
lbtI thought it build-depended on gem2rpm ... but that could be debian build-dep on gem2deb12:10
Sage_so, what should we use is the question?12:17
Sage_where does %gem_install macro come btw?12:17
lbtI think the strange BuildRequires:  rubygems_with_buildroot_patch12:22
lbtand %rubygems_requires12:22
Stskeepslbt: any insight into fe or can i kill it?12:24
lbtkill it - I tried a shutdown and then got into the AB12:24
Stskeepskilled and started again12:25
lbtnetconsole is not only for hacking .... this kind of thing would be useful too12:26
Stskeepsok, thunderstorm starting here..12:27
lbtok Sage_ so you've still got the whole ruby action thing for now? and alterego is helping/advising/testing? And I'll review with phaeron?12:31
* lbt goes to do some prototyping docs/work12:31
Sage_lbt: Well, I did the submit already. And it was decided that it needs changes, but I'm not so sure what kind of changes atm. :)12:33
*** situ has joined #mer12:37
*** nj3ma has joined #mer12:46
alteregoSoulds good to me.12:46
alterego~Sounds good to me ..12:46
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer12:50
alteregoRight, now to hook in lipstick and refactor meego compositor to qml compositor.12:52
alteregoWell, finish my refactoring12:52
*** situ has quit IRC12:52
*** yunta has quit IRC12:58
*** Estel_ has quit IRC12:58
alteregoHrm, I don't remember finishing this ..13:01
lbtalterego: it's like science: it's not finished until someone's reproduced it13:02
alteregoActually, I do vaguely remember finishing this and testing mcompositor with my qmldecorator13:04
alteregoIn Xephyr13:04
lbtshow me the docs or it didn't happen :)13:04
alteregoIn theory should be able to use this, and not have any meegotouch dependencies at all.13:05
alteregoI cut it down to only use mlite. Though I think I had to add a couple of functions to mlite.13:05
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC13:06
*** Estel_ has joined #mer13:08
* alterego jumps in shower13:10
Sage_lbt: so did someone end up with a conclusion what is our ruby policy. I'm a bit confused atm. :)13:13
Sage_or is it still discussed?13:13
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lbthumph ..... planned downtime to quickly swap out an RMA'ed drive turned into "oh fuck the power supply is on fire"15:13
*** Aurium has joined #mer15:14
Stskeepsyour house still standing?15:15
mjaI hate the "oh fuck" moments15:15
*** zeq1 has joined #mer15:16
lbtyeah ... stole the PSU out of my wifes machine15:19
lbtjust really pleased it didn't toast the server15:19
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* Stskeeps takes a deep breath and dives into copyprj again18:54
MerBotStskeeps: Error: "!" is not a valid command.18:57
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