Sunday, 2012-07-01

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Estel_Stskeeps, Coding Competition isn't burning in flames, it wa scommunity Award06:16
Estel_few people tried attacking coding Competition, but we're defending it hard, and it seems, that it will remain virgin :)06:16
StskeepsEstel_: close enough, it's a big fat mess anyway06:17
Estel_i.e. Coding Competition is working fine, and everyone can participate, without much risk of being pulled into flamewar06:17
Stskeepsand takes attention away from what really needs to be done06:17
Estel_absolutely agree, but it seems it lost it's momentum week or more ago, and it';s making last breaths.06:17
Estel_most of actually reaosnable people are spending their time in threads related to migrating infrastructure06:18
Estel_so I think it will end ok :)06:18
Stskeepsanyway, it's 8am on a sunday, i haven't had coffee, this conversation won't end well :P06:18
Estel_as for others, they're no useful for any discussion that ends up in real work needed to be done, so no much loss06:18
Estel_haha, enjoy Your coffeee, i'm on same timezone.06:19
Estel_except that i'm listening to Tori Amos albums and they're working much better than any coffee ;)06:19
Stskeepsin tatra mountains and my uncle-in-law gave me a bit too much martini and bourbon last night..06:19
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Stskeepsgood morning jstaniek :)06:38
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jstaniekmorning Stskeeps!06:46
jstaniekhi *06:46
jstaniekStskeeps: at Akademy?06:46
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Stskeepsjstaniek: nah, i was first in denmark, then finland for Devaamo Summit, then berlin for QtCS and i decided i needed a week off06:46
jstaniekah makes sense indeed06:46
Stskeepselse i would have been at roskilde festival now ;)06:47
jstaniekStskeeps: and... enjoyed the visits?06:47
Stskeepsyeah, it was a good trip but very tired in the end06:47
StskeepsQtCS was an interesting experience after recent news06:47
Stskeeps.. and so was finland as it happened the day i flew there06:48
Stskeepsi have pretty good faith in qt5 getting out the door and qt-project becoming even more open, at least06:49
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jstaniekyeah, I'd liketo see it adopted at Warsaw too... ;)06:50
Stskeepsqt5's really much nicer to deal with from embedded perspective06:50
Stskeepsi have a virtual machine with llvmpipe, wayland, mer, busybox and qml compositor06:51
Stskeepsand it's absolutely fantastic to work with06:51
Stskeepsno x dependencies whatsoever, too06:56
Stskeepsand if i wanted x, just include the platform plugin..06:56
jstaniekI'm hoping to adopt wayland too06:56
jstaniekfor now I am depending on QWS, what sucks06:56
jstaniekand had to ask someone to write multitouch driver...06:57
Stskeepswe're doing a bit of an effort with as a way to add those capabilities to Mer06:57
Stskeepsstarting out with hardware we know can do wayland, or at least the combo of qtwayland hw integration of qt qml compositor06:58
jstaniekah, how is multitouch progressing in Qt5?06:58
Stskeepsgood question really, i haven't tried it06:58
Stskeepsbut i think somebody made a xi2.2 patch for x side at least06:58
Stskeepswe have multitouch working fine in mer due to xi2 patch06:59
jstaniekanyway, qt is supported by freescale itself... as long as I use right kernel06:59
jstaniekso thanks to Nokia (despite of Elop), qt beats competition in embedded market indeed07:00
jstaniekpeople (that look just at nokia phones collapse) forget that...07:01
jstaniekI've not seen so smooth process of leaving the platform as in Nokia; typically it's the MS/Oracle way - think VB607:02
Stskeepswell, on the plus side: there is a -lot- of capable non-android and qt people on the market now..07:02
Stskeepsand a new bunch of startups which could be utilizing mer to not have to carry a system burden..07:03
Estel_Stskeeps, what would be needed to have possibility of writing GPS support for N950 in Mer?07:03
Estel_it's locked somehoiw? Or just lack of working hands?07:03
jstaniekgood I'd like to see that... will try to follow these German or Finnish startups07:04
StskeepsEstel_: not likely, sadly07:04
jstaniekStskeeps: BTW, as MS just abandoned XAML what means QML has fewer competitors (50% good, 50% bad)07:04
StskeepsEstel_: the location stack is totally different and you'd need to decode the broadcom gps'es stuff07:04
StskeepsEstel_: and we don't have that blob redistributable07:04
Stskeeps(and never will have)07:04
Estel_erm, bluetooth gps externally sounds like less painful option?07:05
Estel_for those?07:05
StskeepsEstel_: probably yes07:05
Stskeepsjstaniek: yeah.. but it will be very difficult to convince anybody of qml as a viable strategy for an app story though07:05
Stskeepsfor building systems - sure07:05
Stskeepsbut for app story? not likely07:05
jstaniekStskeeps: any nonnative etch on mobile is a hard proposal07:06
jstaniekso right07:07
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jstaniekthat said... at least for Tizen, which has already 4 APIs in the plans :)07:07
jstaniekso nobody would cry to have 5th :)07:07
Stskeepsi'm so not impressed of tizen's git repos not being updated for 3-4 weeks, but that's another issue..07:08
jstaniekStskeeps: that's standard from people that work 18 hours a day :)07:09
jstaniekit's a lot even comparef to other teams at the same company in the same campus...07:10
Stskeepsi'm just happy to finally see commercial involvement in/use of Mer as well, and that the way it's being done is similar to current working methods..07:12
Stskeepsmeans it has all been worth it to get to this point07:13
jstaniekdefinitely; Tizen is irrelevant for me -but I won't forget just one thing they did (with the support from Jim-gimmie-$500k-Zemlin): claiming that Tizen is _the_ successor of MeeGo, that there's transition path07:13
jstaniekJim wasn't a star already at the #1 QtCS07:14
Stskeepswell, to their defense, when tizen ivi came out, that was transition for those who were using meego for IVI07:14
Stskeepswhich was the biggest area07:14
Stskeepsbut that came waaay late07:14
Stskeepsbut yes, it's a total SNAFU :)07:15
jstaniekIVI does not seem to be focus at least in declarations - it is not visible in mass media07:15
Stskeepswhich sucks, because their stack really isn't bad07:15
Stskeepsqt, clutter, gtk, etc..07:15
jstaniekthis may be why IVI still does technically better07:15
Stskeepssystemd with user sessions, security, etc07:16
Stskeeps.. and that it's practically mer07:16
jstaniekbtw, do you have any link that lists commercial involvement for Mer?07:16
Stskeepsnot yet.. we were working on a website redesign that helps list active vendors07:17
jstaniekgood, transparency...07:18
Stskeepsanyway, i'm running out of battery (in the tatra mountains), so i'll talk to you later :)07:21
jstaniekhave a good time in Tatra07:21
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dm8tbrmhhh, tatra...07:39
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Stskeepslbt, phaeron: does this have the transparent prjlinks patch?08:59
Stskeepsi'm working on be since it's quiet today09:00
lbtI squashed phaeron's changes into a single patch for us (since they overwrote each other)09:00
lbtwe may need to break it up for pushing09:01
lbtnb .. you mean "Make prjcopy work with prjlinks" patch?09:02
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Stskeepsi mean transparent prjlinks, the thing where localdep actually checks the 'old' project09:03
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Stskeepsthe stuff that makes our build tests fast09:04
lbtthat's not in there09:08
lbtOTOH I think it may have been re-written09:08
Stskeepslet's wait for phaeron09:08
Stskeepsas it's pretty essential for fast mer09:08
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Stskeepsbtw, i have some local mer CI patches for tmpfs and kvm -cpu host, we should sit down and discuss those at some point09:10
* Stskeeps makes a bug09:10
lbtalso consider that patch rejected with an insufficiently explanatory commit message :)09:11
Stskeeps(adding a bug because it's bad practice what i'm doing there..)09:12
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lbtthe CI?09:12
lbtagreed, but we're redeploying the workers so we can do it the upstream way now09:13
lbtand then fix that if there's an issue09:13
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* Stskeeps ponders for a couple of seconds09:14
Stskeepsok, that makes sense09:15
Stskeepscan you shut down the workers?09:15
lbtI'm off out today so now's not a great time09:16
lbtbut I can if you like09:16
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lbtthe upstream way does have some issues - sorted on c.obs but we needed to add some checks/hacks09:18
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Stskeepsshut down phost2, 4 workers09:20
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Stskeepslbt: is puppet suppposed to be installed on phost4..?09:22
Stskeeps(because it's not)09:22
Stskeepsjust caught it (again) being 90s behind09:24
lbtyes, it's supposed to be09:26
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lbtso what are you planning?09:26
Stskeepsright now bringing it into sync with what we have in prerelease09:27
Stskeepsie, CI09:27
Stskeepsand testing it through09:27
lbtupgrading OBS you mean ?09:27
lbtusing dcp etc09:27
lbtI just want to keep it tidy so it takes less time to manage :)09:28
Stskeepsthat's the idea..09:28
Stskeepsthough i need to remind myself how to use dcp09:28
lbtso no strange LVs or 'special' setups :)09:29
Stskeepssure, keeping it clean..09:29
lbtmmm obs-api-2.3.1-1.3.x86_64 ?09:29
lbthey phaeron09:30
Stskeepsphaeron: transparent prjlinks.. do we have that in our trees?09:30
* lbt is wondering why CI fe hasn't got a mer-ised rpm version09:30
Stskeepslbt: from mer obs09:30
Stskeepslbt: i don't know either, but it's from that repo..09:30
phaeronI thought it was already in the mer patches branches09:30
phaeronI'll have to check09:30
Stskeepscan we verify somehow?09:30
Stskeepsit should be very useful for mer vendors too09:30
lbtStskeeps: mmm09:31
lbthas obs-server-2.3.1-1.3.x86_64.rpm and obs-server-2.3.1-1.2.2Mer.x86_64.rpm09:31
Stskeepsnext question is why there's two09:32
Stskeepsalso, 1.3 is naturally bigger than 1.209:33
lbtI did a rebuild --all last night when I changed the prjconf09:33
lbtI suspect it didn't clean the old binaries09:33
Stskeepsyou should have wipebinaries too09:33
lbt I'm getting that ....  :)09:34
lbtredoing the release09:35
Stskeepsok, so bad time to reboot be i guess09:35
* Stskeeps waits09:36
Stskeepsalso, it should really be .03 this time around?09:36
lbtwell, the only thing 'wrong' is that the version is missing the mer suffix09:36
Stskeepsstill, we should make some kind of notion that when you've announced a release, no backsies..09:36
Stskeepsthen content stays the same09:37
* lbt invokes the 5 second rule (with an exception for saturday night/sun morning)09:37
Stskeepsi started using it, maybe others did too ;)09:37
* Stskeeps waits for release..09:40
lbtso rebuild doesn't wipebinaries but wipebinaries does rebuild09:42
Stskeepsrebuild just triggers an event change09:42
lbta triggered rebuild would normally replace old binaries09:43
Stskeepsunless it's similar to last binary09:43
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Stskeepsalso, why don't we have MDS init.d scripts..09:49
* Stskeeps files bug09:49
lbtbecause I use systemd on my mds box09:51
StskeepsWORKSFORME? ;)09:51
lbtthe unit is on the mds wiki page iirc09:51
Stskeepsyes, i know09:51
lbtah, so yeah, WFM09:51
lbtand.... OBS is done09:52
Stskeepsnew .repo url?09:52
Stskeepsand is the version numbers > last ones?09:52
lbt and no09:53
lbta release does not touch software so no rpm version changes09:53
lbtthat was a bad snapshot, not a bad build as such09:53
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Stskeepsupdate latest.repo too?09:56
Stskeepspoints to 02 atm09:58
lbtOK all done09:58
lbt.repo files are not part of script yet so needed manual tweak09:58
* lbt is late ... gotta grab a shower09:58
lbtback in a min before I go out :)09:59
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Stskeepshello SfietKonstantin10:05
SfietKonstantinStskeeps: hi10:05
Stskeepswelcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?10:05
SfietKonstantinStskeeps: well, I have some troubles with mic10:05
Stskeepsalways a good start10:05
Stskeepsdo you have the Mer Platform SDK?10:05
SfietKonstantinStskeeps: I'm running mic with the sdk10:06
Stskeepsok, ls -l /etc/mtab and show me the error you get when running mic?10:06
SfietKonstantinStskeeps:  mic error : Error <mount>: 1-Failed to allocate loop device for '/var/tmp/mic/imgcreate-xxxxxxxxxxx10:06
Stskeepsand ls -l /etc/mtab ?10:07
SfietKonstantin-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jun 30 12:53 /etc/mtab10:07
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Stskeepssudo rm /etc/mtab        inside the sdk, and sudo ln -s /proc/mounts /etc/mtab10:08
Stskeepsand try mic again10:08
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SfietKonstantin(inside the sdk because outside it would be bad ...)10:08
Stskeepsyes, inside the sdk for ln -s too10:09
SfietKonstantinstill wrong10:10
SfietKonstantinsame error10:10
Stskeepsok, cat /etc/mtab shows sanity?10:10
Stskeepsie, it gives some output10:10
Stskeepssudo kpartx -d /dev/loop*; sudo losetup -d /dev/loop*10:11
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Stskeepsok, progress10:12
Stskeepsshow me the line you use to generate the image?10:12
SfietKonstantin sudo mic cr raw my2.ks --pkgmgr=yum --arch=i68610:12
Stskeepssudo mic -dv cr raw my2.ks --pkgmgr=yum --arch=i68610:12
SfietKonstantincomplaining about missing syslinux (installing it now)10:14
phaeronlbt: I think you missed the patch while doing rebases10:15
StskeepsSfietKonstantin: when did you download the sdk?10:15
Stskeepsphaeron: i'm not sure we ever had it in Merproject/10:15
SfietKonstantinStskeeps: ... quite a long time ago i think10:15
Stskeepsbut i might be wrong10:15
StskeepsSfietKonstantin: ok, if you re-download and can verify the syslinux issue again, please report a bug10:16
SfietKonstantinok i will redownload i think10:16
phaeronStskeeps: you applied it by hand ?10:16
Stskeepsphaeron: might be10:16
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Stskeepsa bit too much of ducttape methodology, i think10:20
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phaeronI have no idea what lbt did with the rebase10:30
phaeronwhich branch is he building from10:31
phaeronlbt: ping10:33
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Stskeepshe said he'd possibly be out this afternoon10:38
Stskeepseither way, i'm not going to be able to finish this up before tomorrow anyway10:42
Stskeepsand i want to do some copyprj experiments while CI is shut down10:42
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phaeronlbt: ^11:43
phaeronI cherry picked it and rebased it on the patches branch you  build from11:43
*** toscalix has joined #mer11:43
phaeronso review and merge please11:44
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SfietKonstantinhi once again13:16
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SfietKonstantini still have some problem with platform sdk :(13:41
*** blauzahl has quit IRC13:50
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SfietKonstantinStskeeps: yeah ... it is still saying that it cannot allocate loop device14:02
SfietKonstantinStskeeps: with a fresh install14:02
Stskeepsyes, did you fix mtab?14:05
SfietKonstantinStskeeps: mtab is pointing on /proc/mounts14:05
Stskeepsand mic -dv ?14:06
Stskeepsok, i need my laptop to debug this, i'll be back in like 3 1/2 hours latest14:12
SfietKonstantinbut i might not be on irc anymore14:13
Stskeepsok, please file a bug at and let's track it through there14:15
StskeepsSfietKonstantin: sorry about these problems, it's a scenario that ought to work out of box14:17
Stskeepsdid you use sdk mount and enter?14:17 that is14:17
phaeronSfietKonstantin: is the loop module loaded on your host OS ?14:22
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SfietKonstantinStskeeps: yes, i mount and entered14:34
SfietKonstantinphaeron: how to check that ?14:34
*** GeneralAntilles1 is now known as GeneralAntilles14:35
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #mer14:35
phaeronSfietKonstantin: outside the sdk chroot lsmod | grep loop14:36
*** Siosm has joined #mer14:36
SfietKonstantinphaeron: nothing14:37
SfietKonstantinphaeron: this might explain something ...14:38
phaeronok try "modprobe loop"14:38
phaeronsudo modprobe loop if you are not root14:38
SfietKonstantinphaeron: better14:39
SfietKonstantinbut now ...14:39
SfietKonstantinCreatorError: <creator>Failed to find package 'syslinux' : No package(s) available to install14:39
phaeronwhat type of image  are you trying to create ?14:39
SfietKonstantina livecd currently14:40
phaeronah , that probably won't work14:40
phaeronspecially if you are  trying to create an armv7hl livecd14:40
phaeronno such thing exists afaik14:40
SfietKonstantinno, currently, i'm creating a i586 livecd14:40
phaeronok. best is to create a raw image , and boot it in some vm like virtual box or kvm14:41
SfietKonstantinso it is impossible to create livecd currently ?14:41
phaeronI am not sure. I don't anyone tried14:42
SfietKonstantinwith raw, it seems way better14:42
phaeronI don't think anyone tried14:42
SfietKonstantinwait no14:42
SfietKonstantineven with raw there is the syslinux problem14:42
phaeronok do : sudo zypper ref ; sudo zypper in syslinux14:42
SfietKonstantinno update candidate (already installed and up to date)14:43
phaeronok .. zypper in  syslinux-extlinux14:43
SfietKonstantininstalled too14:44
phaerondoes mic say anything about bootstrap ?14:44
*** toscalix has joined #mer14:45
phaeronyeah it shouldn't .. why is it trying to install syslinux anywhere14:46
SfietKonstantina pastebin should be clearer14:46
phaeronSfietKonstantin: syslinux is not in mer core14:48
phaeronyou probably need to add another repourl to your kickstart14:48
phaeronlike this one14:48
SfietKonstantini'm very newbie with ks14:49
SfietKonstantini'm only trying to install mer core14:50
SfietKonstantinit should not ask for syslinux right ?14:50
phaeronto create a bootable  raw it needs a bootloader14:51
phaeronwhich  is what syslinux  does14:51
phaeronif you create a rootfs (image type fs) only then it won't ask for that14:52
SfietKonstantinhum ... then, shouldn't syslinux be included in mer core then ? seems quite useful14:52
phaeronno mer core is not tied to certain hardware or architecture14:52
phaeronbootloaders are considered part of hardware adaptation14:52
*** vilpan has joined #mer14:53
SfietKonstantinhum ...14:53
phaeronadd a line like : repo --name=mer-tools --baseurl=
phaeronand hopefully it will work14:53
SfietKonstantinseems not happy with dependancies now14:56
phaeronyou could try the repostories provide by this project instead :
phaeronit has some useful stuff for this situation14:57
phaeronso instead of the  line you just added14:57
phaeronreplace the url with
SfietKonstantinfrom now it seems like i have to learn how to write a ks file14:59
phaeronit's quite simple14:59
phaeroncheck that wiki link I pasted14:59
phaeron repo --name=mer-tools --baseurl=
phaeronso the line would look like this15:00
SfietKonstantinto know what to put in my image15:01
phaeronwell you base off an already available ks like this very simple one :
*** toscalix has quit IRC15:03
SfietKonstantini'm gonna do this i think15:03
SfietKonstantini hope that tonight i'm gonna have my first image15:06
SfietKonstantinwhat's wrong with this ks
Stskeepshopefully :)15:07
*** alh has joined #mer15:08
phaeronSfietKonstantin: compare it to the kickstart I linked to , you changed some things that might not validate15:09
phaeronlike password=15:09
SfietKonstantini have seen password=15:09
SfietKonstantinfor an empty password in another ks15:09
SfietKonstantinthe problem is dependancy15:09
SfietKonstantinit seems like if i only install @Mer core15:10
SfietKonstantinit is sad because of unsatisfied dependancy15:10
phaeronhmm well you're on the right path then :)15:10
SfietKonstantini'm gonna try to create a fs and check if there is still dependancy pb15:11
Stskeepsdo you use -A i686?15:14
SfietKonstantini used -a i58615:15
SfietKonstantinand i think the problem come from there15:15
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer15:17
Stskeepsok yes15:17
SfietKonstantinyeah !15:23
SfietKonstantinfinally it seems that it is working !15:23
*** leinir has quit IRC15:25
SfietKonstantinthanks a lot phaeron and Stskeeps :)15:29
SfietKonstantinit works :)15:29
phaeronwelcome :)15:31
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*** jstaniek has joined #mer15:35
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*** jstaniek has joined #mer15:37
*** maour has quit IRC15:39
*** maour has joined #mer15:39
SfietKonstantinone last question15:40
SfietKonstantinwhat to do with a raw file15:40
Stskeepswrite to usb, sd card, harddisk15:42
SfietKonstantinwith vbox ?15:42
*** maour has quit IRC15:45
*** maour has joined #mer15:45
SfietKonstantinit's ok, there is a converter to vdi format15:46
SfietKonstantinthanks :)15:46
*** maour has left #mer15:54
*** niqt has joined #mer15:59
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC16:00
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*** jussi01 is now known as jussi18:04
lbtmmm just back from dancing.... left my wallet + jacket ... back in a couple of hours :/18:12
iekkulbt, i have same feeling several times18:13
lbtiekku: fun eh? :D18:17
lbtstill, was a great afternoon - Blues + Tango18:18
iekkui was fishing :)18:19
iekkumanaged to get even 2 small bass18:19
*** Eismann has joined #mer18:23
*** harbaum_ has joined #mer18:27
*** harbaum_ has quit IRC18:37
*** shmerl has joined #mer18:38
shmerlIs it possible to add autoconf 2.13 to the Mer repos?18:39
shmerlTrying to build Firefox for Vivaldi, and Mozilla has this nasty dependency on autoconf 2.1318:39
shmerlActually, many distros package it, since versions > 2.13 removed some functionality.18:41
wmaronewow, old bug is old18:41
shmerlOld and nasty :)18:42
shmerlDebian and openSUSe ship autoconf213 because of that.18:42
*** situ has joined #mer18:42
shmerlOther useful package is yasm.18:43
*** situ has quit IRC18:43
shmerl(easily buildable from source though).18:43
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC18:44
*** situ has joined #mer18:44
phaeronshmerl: I had similar issue so I built it here
phaeronshmerl: you can copy it18:50
shmerlOh, thanks. Do you plan to add it to the Mer repository so it can be pulled with zypper?18:51
shmerlI'm not exactly sure how it works for different targets.18:51
shmerlI'm instlalling stuff for Vivaldi with sb2.18:52
shmerlSomething like:18:52
shmerlsb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper install ...18:52
phaeronshmerl: it's for Stskeeps to ultimately decide, but I would think mer core is not interested in bloating itself with build deps of external stuff. you can always add extra repos and build stuff in them for your stuff18:53
phaeronlike what CE , PA or Cordia are doing18:54
Stskeepswe'll prolly have some shared repo eventually for pulling from shelf stuff18:54
phaeronprobably zypper ar <url of repo>18:54
Stskeepswe want to keep core qa'able so18:54
phaeronStskeeps: yes it is common that people want to build mozjs or xulrunner or whatever and you need that old autoconf18:54
shmerlYep, that's a common dependency for Mozilla stuff unfortunately.18:55
shmerlFor now it can be buildable from soruce, as yasm I guess.18:56
shmerl(yasm and libIDL are also missing)18:56
shmerlSo each target maintains a separate repo?18:56
Stskeepswhy doesn't nss and nspr eed it then? :P18:57
shmerlMay be some other components do.18:57
shmerlWhen building from source, I have to do something like this?19:01
shmerlsb2 -m sdk-install -R make install19:01
shmerlOtherwise it won't permit installing (non root)19:01
*** NIN101 has joined #mer19:03
Stskeepsor use DESTDIR19:05
*** Luarvic has joined #mer19:05
Stskeepsto a dir for deployment19:05
shmerlYou mean if not into default?19:05
shmerlI'd rather put it into default so other parts can pick it up.19:06
*** Luarvic has quit IRC19:06
Stskeepsthen yes, -R needed19:06
*** talavis has quit IRC19:07
shmerlAlso, I noticed wget is missing from the Mer repo. It's often useful.19:07
shmerlI substitute it with curl though.19:08
phaeroncurl works :)19:08
shmerlYep, but some scripts already can use wget and etc.19:08
shmerlIt's a common tool.19:08
phaeronthen it should be in the Tools project :)19:08
*** talavis has joined #mer19:08
shmerlThat's another repo?19:08
Stskeepsyes, we collect tools in mer:tools19:09
*** _ol_ has joined #mer19:10
Stskeepssdk has that repo added19:10
phaeronit's in CE:Utils though19:10
*** _ol_ is now known as [ol]19:10
shmerlWhen I do zypper search wget - I don't get it.19:10
Stskeepsah, wget isnt in tools19:10
Stskeepsit should19:10
shmerlHm, I found it when using the target:19:11
shmerlsb2 -m sdk-install -R zypper search wget19:11
shmerlRegular zypper search doesn't find it though.19:11
shmerl(inside the SDK)19:11
*** [ol] has joined #mer19:12
Stskeepsprolly not sharing same repos19:12
shmerlautoconf builds from source OK.19:15
*** _ol has quit IRC19:16
*** situ has quit IRC19:16
shmerlcurl -C- -O
shmerltar -xvzf autoconf-2.13.tar.gz19:16
shmerlcd autoconf-2.13/19:16
shmerlsb2 ./configure --program-suffix=2.1319:16
shmerlsb2 make19:16
shmerlsb2 -m sdk-install -R make install19:16
*** situ has joined #mer19:17
*** dijenerate has joined #mer19:21
shmerlNow to figure how to set up Mozilla build :) Harmattan one used bunch of stuff not present in Mer/Vivaldi.19:23
shmerlLike libmeegotouch and etc.19:23
Stskeepshow's your impression of platform sdk and sb2 usage?19:24
shmerlSo far usable, but requires some learning.19:24
shmerlI'd explain more clearly how repos are organized in the documentation.19:24
shmerlIt's somewhat confusing.19:24
*** bef0rd has joined #mer19:25
Stskeepswant to help organise sdk guide a bit? like simplifying19:25
*** rdqfdx has joined #mer19:27
shmerlIt's somewhat split now between regular part, and target specific parts.19:28
shmerlI.e. first you read this:
shmerlThen this
shmerlAnd for specific target.19:29
shmerlMay be it's OK, but looks a bit complicated for someone who just sets it up for building some stuff (not OS itself)19:30
shmerlBut instructions are good, if you read them carefully.19:32
shmerlJust not a "one click" install :)19:32
*** situ has quit IRC19:34
shmerlI'd probably put the building image as a later entry.19:34
shmerlSince OS builders will have more exp anyway.19:34
shmerlAnd more regular developers will be first interested in how to compile regular applications.19:34
jonniI used to use sb2 internally for harmattan untill some 'wise expert' decided that sb1 is the way to go :)19:39
Stskeepsyeah, i prefer sb2 over sb119:40
Stskeepsafter we did the work to mix sb2 and obs it really started being interesting19:40
*** M4rtinK2 has joined #mer19:43
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