Saturday, 2012-06-30

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CosmoHillnight night00:16
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lbt-> coffee08:26
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* rzr : !n950club : usage of those #nokia #n950 ? benefits for community #mameo #meego #n9 #harmattan12:38
rzri feel  the TMO fight has to be turned into something constructive12:39
rzrand you mer members deserve some help :)12:40
lbtthere's a fight in TMO? tell me it isn't so!12:40
Stskeepsrzr: i'm beginning to think the best thing that can happen to is somebody accidentially droping a nuke..12:40
Stskeepswhen people who really mean well can't do anything or even move the community in a direction without being drowned in complaints from people who don't do anything anyway, things are bad..12:41
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rcgStskeeps: personally, i try to not to feed the trolls and keep posting things that are hopefully productive... on the other hand, lately, things really turned into personal fights etc., which is pretty sad for a community to end up this way13:38
rcgalso, nowadays, the mood is pretty tense and even seemingly neutral posts are quickly interpreted as being offensive and attacking13:39
rcgright now, i very much favor the atmosphere around mer/nemo, that is much more friendly and target oriented :)13:41
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rzrthis is making sense ...13:43
Stskeepsrcg, i was trying to apply mer methodologies long ago to but it was very difficult to turn around the ship13:43
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rcgStskeeps: i know. read many of your posts. imho you really tried to spread the spirit of being friendly and working together on a common goal. :)13:45
rcgunfortunately quite a lot of people favor fighting against each other rather than building something up together :/13:45
rcgand, yeah, that meego endeavor didn't really help in keeping the community united13:46
rzrbtw, do you think my post is like droping oil on fire ?13:50
Stskeepsrzr: i didn't read it too closely as i'm too blind from some other reading i'm doing today13:51
rzrno problem , you're your priority manager ...13:52
rcgrzr: sorry, same for me... just participating in some chit chat here.. got an important deadline i gotta keep.. actually, i am currently fighting very hard to pause coding in favor of doing that important stuff ;)13:55
rcgrzr: i just had a quick glance at your post, though. honestly, i don't think that people will step up and out themselves as users. the current mood in the community is too angry and i think people outing themselves as users would be quickly targeted. on the other hand i keep the fingers crossed that your initiative might result in something positive14:00
rzrthat's what i hope yes...14:02
rcglets see and hope for the best :)14:02
rzrnothing to loose ..14:03
rcgthere is truly very much going on nowadays in the community and i think we really don't know what will be in six months14:03
rcgbtw. i am currently trying to download the maemo repositories to my local nas just for the case something unpredicted happens14:08
rcgthat might be over-paranoid but i figured i have the space on my nas and have the time.. and using a simple wget onliner doesn't seem too complicated ;)14:09
rcgalso began to checkout random projects from just in case14:10
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Stskeepsmost wise14:19
Stskeepsi bkaced up everything useful from a while back14:19
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w00tmobstskeeps, did you get a copy of libmtf? :P14:28
Stskeepsw00tmob: i figured it would be too smelly in my basement14:28
w00tmobbelieve it or not, it does have some usefulness :P14:30
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rzrrcg, we got one honest waster ...14:34
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rcgrZr: interesting, wouldn't have expected this14:39
rcgStskeeps: is there an easy way to recursively check out subprojects from meego obs via osc?14:40
rcgi would like to recursively check out my home project and all subprojects at once14:40
Stskeepsno, but osc ls is your friends14:40
rcgi see14:41
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rcgah looks good.. might take that as basis for some bash scripting to get what i want :)14:42
Stskeepsremember osc is python too and takes plugins14:45
rcgroger that :)14:47
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rZrrcg, and we got 1 generous16:23
rZrthis community is surprising16:23
Stskeepsfwiw some of us got n950 through stating we needed it for community edition work16:24
Stskeepsso we were kinda part of first round16:25
_olBTW, is there a way to get N950 now?16:27
Stskeeps_ol: while it seems appealing it has it's downsides.. and i think the only ways were the coding competition etc16:28
Stskeepsand those are going up in massive flames atm16:28
_olWhat downsides do you mean?16:30
Stskeeps_ol: i'm a n950 user and keyboard integration is really not good in places (as in physical), also, i have signal strength problems on mine16:31
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Stskeepswhich is really irritating when ones n900 work fine alongside..16:36
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phaeronlbt: hey17:24
phaeronStskeeps: lbt tells me he could reproduce another race condition in prjcopy code17:26
phaeronapparently his test vm  was slow enough to cause something to go wrong17:28
phaeronI'll try to reproduce it here17:29
rcgrZr: yay, interesting indeed :)17:30
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lbtphaeron: how do you make a ,repo file ?20:02
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lbtah ... ta20:11
lbtFYI  2.3.1mer1.0220:13
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phaeronwhy do you have i586 and x86_64 packages in both dirs20:19
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lbtdon't ask awkward questions20:20
lbtprobably because the objective of "make a release" isn't well enough defined20:22
* lbt decides to review the OBS publisher code and take a step back from our ''20:25
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