Tuesday, 2012-06-26

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sonachlbt: the publish problem is sorted out! but in my case, I have to install 'createrepo' on the obs backend.04:39
E-PGood morning :)04:40
sonachStskeeps: I make an directory called 'MerDS:Core:armv7l' under /srv/obs/repos to put Mer-releases packages into it, and under http://OBSFE_INT:82, I can not see 'MerDS:Core:armv7l'. but On my old obs server, it works fine,04:42
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Stskeepssonach: do you do that on fe or be?05:05
Stskeepssonach: you're much more likely to have a better result if you instead make a virtual host in your apache where you put releases/ stuff in05:11
Stskeepson fe05:11
E-Pmorning iekku05:16
sonachStskeeps: I do that on be... I will try this on fe,05:25
Stskeepsfe is the one having a http server, so05:30
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sonachStskeeps: yes, on fe, the job done:)05:34
sonachbut strangely enough, if I create a software link under /srv/obs/repos, the sofeware link can not be seen ,05:34
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Estel_Stskeeps,  sorry for dumb question, but what parts of N950/N9 hardware are missing from Mer hardware adaptation?05:43
Estel_is it listed somewhere?05:43
Estel_BTW, I know N900 got adapted very well, but it's there something missing, nevertheless? if yes, same question as before ;)05:44
StskeepsEstel_: gps, nfc, 2.6.32 kernel not one later, low power mode not really taken into use..05:48
rcgEstel_: battery indicator05:49
rcgiirc battery indicator is an issue for all N900/N950/N905:50
rcgessentially the i2c battery gauge chip needs to be supported05:50
Stskeepswe were actually on path to fix that once and for all with libbme.. but things don't always go the way you want (feb11)05:51
rcgStskeeps: i see, do you have a link?05:51
Stskeepshttp://meego.gitorious.org/meego-device-adaptation/n900_libbme/ i think05:52
rcgam just asking because i tried to mess with that i2c gauge fellow but this thing turned out to be a little cryptic to decipher.. to say the least :)05:52
Stskeepsrcg: got a n900 btw that you could help smoke test an image on?05:53
rcgStskeeps:  or anyone else who cares about my findings about the battery gauge thingie -> http://ruedigergad.com/2012/06/03/nemomer-vs-battery-status-vs-n9n950/05:54
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rcgStskeeps: sure, i do.. but i don't have very much time right now.. i could simply drop the image on my n900 and see if it starts but well..05:55
rcgalso wanted to drop you a note yesterday.. but then somehow other work came across :/05:55
rcgeven had to cancel my planned vacation last week to do some important work.. and i also think that my vacation this week will at least partially suffer the same faith :/05:57
Stskeepshttp://sage.kapsi.fi/Nemo-tmp/testing-versions/0.20120614.0.1.NEMO.2012-06-25.5/ - wifi is not likely to work05:58
Stskeepsjust need to verify it boots and apps start05:58
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sonachStskeeps: when I building libmatchbox using the latest MerDS, hit one build error: http://pastie.org/415259406:01
rcgStskeeps: roger that06:01
sonachStskeeps: maybe the lib for handling jpeg or png has been updated?06:01
Stskeepssonach: it sure has06:02
Stskeepsthough that should be API compatible, i would think..06:02
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Stskeepssonach: you need to add this patch to your libmatchbox: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?msg=10;filename=libmatchbox-1.9.patch;att=1;bug=64982206:03
sonachStskeeps: thank you, i just want to see whether I should do some modifications to libmatbox :)06:04
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* Stskeeps has to reboot, brb..06:06
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Stskeepsmorning pirut, jukkaeklund :)06:16
jukkaeklundgood morning06:16
jukkaeklundyou know what pirut means in Finland?06:16
jukkaeklunder, Finnish06:16
E-PI always smile when seeing that nick :)06:17
iekkuor demons06:18
pirutmorning !06:19
Bostikthe hell is empty, and all the devils are here06:20
pirutwe can thank the kalevala for unused nicks :)06:20
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iekkuhmm, should i change my nick to iku-turso06:30
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Stskeepsuhh, when is it we have our normal mer release meeting?07:21
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Sage_today 11UTC?07:25
Sage_or at least so my calendar says07:25
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phaeronis there a list of them somewhere07:30
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phaeronis that still accurate :)07:30
Stskeepsi think we need to move them an hour back07:30
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Stskeepslbt: OK for release07:37
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Stskeepsmorn lbt07:40
smokuWhat's tha deal with:07:46
smoku$ specify blahblah.yaml07:47
smokuWarning: There is no "Makefile" for this package, please update it using packaging-tools07:47
smoku$ zypper search packaging-tools07:47
smokuNo packages found.07:47
Stskeepsjust some silly old stuff they had07:48
Stskeepsfile a bug against tools and let's get it fixed, we don't use packaging-tools07:48
sonachlbt: morning:)07:49
lbtStskeeps: is that what it is.... it's become "auto-ignore" :)07:50
lbthey sonach ... so you need to install createrepo... that's odd07:50
lbtI checked and it seems to pull it in on my backend07:50
sonachlbt: yeap, now i can do building and publishing well :)07:51
lbtbut yeah - glad that is sorted out07:51
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lbtStskeeps: I'll start the release then07:55
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lbtStskeeps: BTW - I was wrong about rpmbuild... silly me for assuming --clean and %clean had anything to do with each other :/08:12
Stskeepspackages use %clean ?:P08:12
lbtbut it seems like the default %clean is automatically forced on -bb08:13
lbt--clean is almost-but-not-quite identical08:14
Stskeepsso you mean it will erase the already built stuff?08:14
lbtyes - don't you see this?08:15
Stskeepsi do, but i didn't even try to optimize the already-built case08:15
Stskeepsjust the sources case08:15
lbtno problem08:15
Stskeepsthat case could be optimized with ccache perhaps08:15
lbtthe issue I had is rsync has to copy over *all* the source every time08:15
Stskeepsrsync also doesn't --delete fwiww08:16
lbtit can't08:16
lbtwe want to keep the .o files :)08:16
lbtso --delete-unless-.o08:16
lbtthe main use case is hacking on files... edge cases can wait08:16
lbtanyhow:  --skip-clean has been added to your --skip-prep08:17
lbtbut the more I look at rpm the more I believe it's a tribute to the Flying Spaghetti Monster08:18
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Stskeepsthat's how i feel when looking at dpkg-*08:19
lbtdh7 4ever08:19
Stskeepsdo we have powertop packaged btw?08:20
Stskeepsin tools08:20
lbtusual process is copy to M:Tools:Testing and then SR to M:Tools08:21
Stskeepswhy copy?08:21
lbtM:T:T is the team hackspace08:22
lbtM:T is the source for a snapshot/release08:22
lbtfor now08:22
lbtFYI the rpm pain made me spend some time on git/pristine-tar last night08:23
lbtI've refined some of the ideas about branches08:23
lbtand I think we can co-exist with the current gerrit trees08:23
lbtI've also clarified the various branches and naming/numbering things08:24
lbtand how to deal with released tarballs == upstream git + autoreconf08:24
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sonachStskeeps: failed when do 'osc importsrcpkg' against new OBS server: http://pastie.org/415314508:32
Stskeepssonach: rm -rf ca-certificates and try again08:33
sonachStskeeps: same error. and I did 'osc mkpac' before this. http://pastie.org/415316208:35
Stskeepssonach: hmm, odd08:40
Stskeepsmaybe you ctrl-c'ed at a bad point08:40
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Stskeepssonach: start out in empty directory, perhaps?08:42
sonachStskeeps: hehe, if i do 'osc importsrcpkg' directly, it is fine; if i do 'osc mkpac' before it, it is bad :)08:43
sonachbut i remember i should do 'osc mkpac' before 'osc importsrcpkg' ... anyway, it is sorted out.08:44
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Stskeepsmorn slaine09:43
slainemorning Stskeeps, all09:43
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Sage_lbt: why isn't spectacl 0.24.1 in mer sdk yet? forgot or still in testing?10:06
lbtdid you see the messages I sent you in #nemomobile?10:07
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w00tStskeeps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PMlgIoTuJ410:31
w00tsroedal: ^10:31
tadzikwow, that looks cool10:32
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slainew00t: nice10:35
lbtw00t: so ... steps to reproduce?10:36
w00tlbt: at this point, "extremely complicated"10:37
w00ti'll have it easier in the next day or two I hope10:37
w00tit's at least nice to know that my proof-of-concept of keeping things simple to allow for windowing integration later was a good move10:38
lbtso what are we seeing there?10:38
lbtmay be worth outlining the layers and roles10:39
w00tlbt: in a sentence - a window manager/homescreen environment and applications running into it10:39
lbtyep that's kinda visible - but what I'd like to see is what components provide what roles and how it fits wrt Mer10:40
w00tin terms of tech - the homescreen/WM is mostly QML with a bit of C++ from the qtwayland examples (so, easy to put together)10:40
w00tqtwayland/qt/* is all provided from a mer VM using llvmpipe that Stskeeps put together for me10:40
lbtI'd love to get this to a place where it forms the basis for PoC work for others10:42
w00tthat's where it'll hopefully end up :P10:42
Stskeepslbt: http://releases.merproject.org/~carsten/mini-mer-i586-vm-qmlcompositor.ks10:42
lbtcool - being on the same page is nice10:42
lbtStskeeps: ta10:42
sroedalw00t: cool10:43
lbtStskeeps: btw.. phost6/7 issue fixed10:43
w00tsroedal: feel free to share to anyone there who might be interested, and also massive kudos on making this easy to do10:43
lbtsome transient outage and poor recovery10:44
lbtStskeeps: release seems good - no cpio issues10:45
w00tStskeeps: crazy idea #318751 that might make my life easier: can I install a mer SDK inside this VM?10:46
Stskeepsw00t: in a chroot maybe..10:46
w00tI need compilers, and having to scp stuff from my SDK inside another VM to my host, and then from my host into the mer VM is getting old :P10:46
lbtw00t: let me know if you can't10:46
w00tok, i'll give it a shot10:46
lbtw00t: also you should be able to make virtual lans rather easily10:47
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w00tfirst things first, though, figure out how to get git10:48
Stskeepsw00t: you can get rid of the cursor blink in /sys/*/*/fbcon somewhere10:52
lbtw00t: git is in SDK10:53
w00tlbt: ooh10:53
lbtw00t: SDK is fairly fully featured wrt development - anything missing, please yell10:53
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lbtthe objective is to share a filesystem with a desktop ... so operational tools (git, quilt, mic, osc) have much higher prio than visual tools (like gitk/emacs)10:54
w00tlbt: exactly10:55
w00tthat would be very nice10:55
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Sage_re meeting?11:03
Stskeepsyes, let's get it on the road11:04
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sledgesw00t, c00l vid!!11:34
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lbtaard_: ping - do you track our release meetings?11:50
aard_currently not11:50
lbtmaybe an idea to comment on potentially disruptive changes11:51
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w00tlbt: got time to talk SDK?11:56
w00tsure, tell me when you're ready11:58
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lbtw00t: OK ...12:05
w00t/srv/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot expects to be run as root using sudo - whoami reports that I am actually running as root.. it advises me to use -u <user>, but I have no idea what to pass -u12:07
w00t.. this is inside mer VM, of course12:07
lbt"mer" I guess12:08
lbthave a look in /etc/passwd12:08
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lbtjust pulling up code to see12:08
w00tah, ok, it wants an actual username other than root?12:08
w00twonder if that could be made more obvious in the text somehow..12:09
lbtand this part is ... 'lightly tested' .... (ie I ran it in my head)12:09
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Stskeepsw00t: are you running this on top of busybox?12:10
w00tStskeeps: no12:10
w00tI passed it -u nemo, but it doesn't even seem to be trying to process args now.. *dig*12:11
lbtThe main command is :    setarch i386 chroot ${sdkroot} su -s /bin/bash -l $user -- -c "exec bash --init-file /mer-bash-setup -i"12:12
lbtwhich is where the $user is needed12:13
lbtit also does things like add the user to sudoers.d inside sdk12:14
w00tok, here goes12:14
w00tmer-sdk-chroot -u nemo mount: will go through the getopt stuff12:14
w00tmer-sdk-chroot mount -u nemo: won't12:15
* w00t has no idea how that makes sense12:15
w00tbut that means the example needs changing or that needs fixing I guess - want a bug?12:15
lbtit rather insists on action being post-args12:16
lbtdefinitely a bug12:16
lbt(in the docs)12:16
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lbtavtually - don't worry about the bug12:17
w00tlbt: also re https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=385 - yes, I only installed that SDK like... while in berlin, or something12:17
w00tI already filed it, too late :P12:17
lbt385 is odd because that's in the .ks12:18
Stskeepsshow me the .ks?12:18
w00tis that directed at me? if so - which ks?12:19
lbtlooking - I need the ks for the image12:21
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w00toof. /bin/bash going to busybox I guess is going to result in problems with the sdk script too..12:21
w00tnot related to that bug12:22
w00tsorry for crossing topics :P12:22
lbtStskeeps: hmmm Old SDK : https://img.merproject.org/images/sdk/0.20120209.1/images/mer-sdk-i486-chroot/mer-sb2sdk-i486-chroot-latest.ks12:22
lbtlatest : https://img.merproject.org/images/sdk/latest/images/mer-sb2sdk-i486-chroot/mer-sb2sdk-i486-chroot-0.20120517.1.ks12:23
lbtln -s /proc/self/mounts /etc/mtab12:23
lbtI have to go ... back in a couple of hours12:23
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Stskeepsself/mounts ?12:56
Stskeepsit should be /proc/mounts, i would think12:56
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w00tStskeeps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V83mChc-hQE13:27
sroedalw00t: looks familiar :)13:28
sroedaldid you like my quitting animation?13:28
w00tsroedal: yes13:28
w00tthough I think there's a bit of a bug somewhere13:28
sroedalin what way?13:29
w00tprobably more in qtwayland than your animation - but quite often I get stuck with the last part of the now dead client stuck on screen when closing the last one13:29
w00tyou actually see it when I close the last one there13:29
sroedalhmm, ok13:29
w00tI clicked and dragged on the desktop to make it redraw and go away13:29
Stskeepsw00t, wow13:30
w00tsroedal: i'm also curious why the client drawing sometimes seems to sieze up - don't know if it's related13:31
*** sonach has left #mer13:31
sroedalgood question, might be some issues in WaylandSurfaceItem13:31
w00tfun times13:32
w00ti'm impressed at how relatively smoothly this is13:33
w00tenglish is hard13:33
Stskeepsnow imagine it with actual gpu acceleration..13:34
w00tthis is only 800x600 btw13:34
w00tso i guess that helps13:35
w00tbut still, 800x600 in a VM with software rendering, ahem13:35
w00tnot bad13:35
* w00t eyes the switcher code and ponders how to merge the wayland stuff over to it13:35
Sage_lbt, Stskeeps: mer release updates started?13:37
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sroedalw00t: I see that the last client stops animating when the second last client is closed14:15
w00tsroedal: let me take a look14:16
sroedalnot able to reproduce that issue on desktop though14:16
Stskeepsit -might- be a mesa issue though14:16
Stskeepsit's 8.0.3 with some patches backported for wayland later version usage14:17
w00tsroedal: reproduced that at least once, yes14:17
w00tit started again some random seconds later, as usual14:17
sroedalwithout any mouse input or anything inbetween?14:17
sroedalwhich platform plugin is the compositor using?14:18
w00tno input needed, it's pretty random14:18
Stskeepsspecifically 3baa4b71178af5fb311ccbcdaa0175ccd517f49a , 559ce109c8ebccbfefd7317776c386cc9be55839 , afc5047613d9bf25884053beb6791e891e703265 on top of 8.0.314:18
* Stskeeps looks at mesa history14:19
w00ti think i get freezes with eglfs too actually, so it can't be a wayland-specific issue14:19
sroedalw00t: try to change case ThreadedOpenGL: return true; to case ThreadedOpenGL: return false; in qeglfsintegration.cpp14:19
sroedalto see if it's a threading issue14:19
Stskeepsi'll do that14:20
w00tyes, eglfs freezes too14:20
sroedaland comment out the if (hooks ... stuff in the same function, to make sure it gets executed14:20
w00tbut mouse input helps there14:20
sroedalw00t: when running qmlscene with eglfs?14:20
w00ton that same demo app14:20
Stskeepsw00t: building qtbase with threadedopengl false14:24
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Stskeepsw00t: other factors may also be cursor blink, screen blanking, or shitty fbdev implementation :P14:26
w00tStskeeps: true14:26
* w00t wonders how to turn blinking off14:27
Stskeeps /sys/...../fbcon/14:27
Stskeepsecho 0 >14:27
Stskeepsw00t: oh, and ideally we wouldn't have fbcon at all, just a fb0 that's ours14:27
Stskeepsbut that's more advanced :)14:27
*** himamura has joined #mer14:27
w00tthat seems to have done the trick14:28
Stskeepsit stops freezing??14:28
w00twell, it's inconsistent to reproduce, so hard to tell14:28
w00ttrying a few runs14:28
w00ti think it may have tho..14:29
w00tactually, yes14:29
w00tjust as i say that, it freezes14:30
w00tso "helped a lot" rather than "completely fixed" perhaps14:30
Stskeepsso probably a fbcon intermix14:30
w00tnext step: turn off fbcon? :P14:31
* w00t sent his VM into swappy death14:31
w00tso, note to the unwary: mer VM with 256mb can only take a compositor plus ~13 minimer qmlscenes before swapping to death :P14:33
Stskeepsexcellent, we have a product14:34
w00tyou know, it actually feels like we're a lot closer to one than we were before berlin :P14:34
Stskeepsalso, where the heck did you get swap from..14:34
w00tI didn't14:34
w00tI think that was the problem14:34
w00tthe whole system just locked hard14:34
StskeepsBostik: btw, i have a small bunch of updates to modular-qt-specs for later-than-alpha114:35
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*** jluisn has quit IRC14:44
Stskeepswill make sure to push them within next couple of days14:44
Stskeepshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PMlgIoTuJ4 is on top of them14:44
sledgesMer is weirdly welcomed/first-impressioned in a UK environment due to its pronunciation - as in murmur (mur, mer). How do you pronounce it? Is only MeeGo Reconstructed or also sea (in French), in which Nokia Osakeyhtiƶ drowned? :)14:48
Stskeepssea is what it comes from :P14:49
Stskeepsoriginally it was called M-R back in the days14:49
Stskeepsmaemo-reconstructed, just a research prototype..14:49
*** notmart has quit IRC14:49
Stskeepsfrom my own perspective, since i'm a nine inch nails fan, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNeTc68g08414:50
*** notmart has joined #mer14:51
*** slaine has joined #mer14:51
*** notmart has quit IRC14:52
sledgesso should I adopt a French pronunciation to my colleagues then? :)14:54
*** notmart has joined #mer14:55
*** notmart has joined #mer14:55
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC15:15
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer15:16
*** stefan_schmidt_w has quit IRC15:20
lbtsledges: anglicised french15:26
lbtSage_: yes, updatestorm was underway15:28
sledgesas in hare? lbt :)15:28
lbtyes, but that's just my habit15:28
lbtMer only exists on the internet where no-one can hear you anyway :)15:29
sledges:D wrong, everyone can hear me in the office15:29
lbtit's your product you're building on it - you get to pick how to pronounce it too15:29
lbtaye lad15:30
w00thome of mer and more (ok, joke may only apply in certain languages)15:30
sledgesthanks for providing a set of pronunciations to pick from ;)15:31
w00tunrelatedly, I swear that @AntiJokeCat is my new favorite thing on the internet15:32
* lbt is liking that too :)15:33
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC15:38
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer15:38
*** harbaum has quit IRC15:41
sledgestook me a while to crack onto that humour...15:44
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer15:50
*** pohly has quit IRC15:53
*** nsuffys has joined #mer15:53
*** NIN101 has joined #mer15:53
timophhmmh. backlog doesn't go far enough to see who pinged me15:57
* timoph hasn't checked irc for a couple of days15:57
lbt[25/06/2012 16:18] <Stskeeps> timoph: http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=1227178&postcount=7515:58
E-Ptimoph o/, how was your midsummer?15:59
* timoph did nothing16:00
timophbtw, planning to kickoff my Mer n900 alarm clock project after akademy16:01
E-Pwhat kind of alarm clock are you planning to do?16:02
timophinternet radio + clock16:03
timophbasically I'll take nemo as the starting point and replace the ui with my own16:04
*** ssirkia has quit IRC16:04
timophand remove everything I don't need in the clock16:05
timophbut first I need to write the clock application so I'll have something boot into :)16:06
timophoh. and I'm planning to use this thing as an excuse to get familiar with Qt516:09
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC16:11
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer16:14
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer16:14
*** niqt has quit IRC16:29
*** slaine has quit IRC16:38
*** gimli has joined #mer16:39
*** zeq1 has joined #mer16:44
*** wmarone has joined #mer16:48
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC16:48
*** vilpan has quit IRC16:55
*** tilgovi has joined #mer16:58
*** yunta_ has joined #mer17:07
*** yunta has quit IRC17:16
Stskeepslbt: so what is release status?17:24
lbtdone release, c.obs, release notes and writing email - need to do ks17:25
* Stskeeps sanity checks17:27
Stskeepslooks ok so far17:27
Stskeepsdid you remember tagging of release?17:28
*** jluisn has joined #mer17:29
lbtyep - and pushed17:29
Stskeepsi'm going to start admitting some changes then17:30
lbtOK - I have the MIPS port of ppl to check too17:30
Stskeepsi'm thinking to restart with rpmlint merge and then rebuild --all17:31
Stskeepser, start17:31
Stskeepsto verify everything builds OK17:31
*** clopez has quit IRC17:32
* lbt looks at tasks... wonder about setting up the phosts as workers for a turbo-boost :)17:33
Stskeepsa good time to test them, at least..17:33
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:33
Stskeepsjust make sure they have working ntp17:33
Stskeepsphost4 has been giving me nightmare17:33
lbtpuppet should take care of that17:34
Stskeepsi've seen it drift to 300-400s, so something is awry17:34
lbtyep, it has17:34
*** beford has joined #mer17:35
Stskeepswhat host is 'be' on again?17:35
Stskeepsi'd like to request upping it's disk space a bit if possible17:35
Stskeeps11g left on /data is not my cup of tea17:36
lbtit's on phost1 iirc17:36
lbtwhich is rather tight17:36
Stskeepscan you give me 50?17:36
lbttight on cpu, not disk17:37
lbtbe data is 100G, have 600G free17:37
*** yunta has joined #mer17:37
lbtso +100G17:37
Stskeeps./dev/vdd               99G   84G   11G  90% /data17:38
lbt600G free on the phost VG17:38
lbtso I can extend the LV - but it needs a reboot of the VM to pick it up sadly17:38
Stskeepsthat's OK17:39
*** u1106-office has left #mer17:39
Stskeepsit's the best time to do this now tbh17:39
Stskeepsin between finishing a release and before i start building new17:39
Stskeepsyou have time for extending the data base, keeping our copyprj ideas in mind?17:39
Stskeepsmaybe 200 gb would be good17:39
lbtExtending logical volume be_data to 200.00 GiB17:39
lbtso done17:40
Stskeepsok, and now what? :P17:41
Stskeepsi'm logged into be17:41
*** beford has quit IRC17:41
lbtinit 0, not 617:41
lbtsince we need a new kvm instance17:41
*** phaeron has joined #mer17:42
Stskeepsdoing init 017:42
*** beford has joined #mer17:43
lbtit wants an e2fsck of the fs before a resize17:44
lbtprobably >X days17:44
Stskeepsi'm not in a rush17:44
lbtdone ... resize17:47
Stskeeps(now resize, you mean)17:48
lbtI'm doing a resize now17:48
lbtwould probably be bad for us both to try that at once... lets not do that :P17:48
lbtresize done17:49
lbtrestarting be17:50
lbtmmm ... no console17:50
lbt /dev/vdd              197G   83G  105G  45% /data17:50
lbtI wonder about getting an SSD on one of our phosts for a mysql server17:51
lbtanyhow.... not now17:51
phaeronwhat's happening :)17:52
lbtquick diskspace upgrade on the CI be17:52
*** tilgovi has quit IRC17:52
lbtthinking to start some workers on phost6/717:52
lbtok - going to put kettle on for tea ... bbiam17:54
*** Attie has quit IRC17:55
*** rzr has joined #mer17:55
*** zeq1 has quit IRC17:56
Stskeepslbt: apologies about all the sdk task bugs, just collecting tools we need17:59
*** trbs has joined #mer18:03
*** beford has quit IRC18:05
lbtthey're useful18:13
lbtadding urls to upstream or meego obs projects would also help :18:13
Stskeepsi'm guessing people can google hough18:13
iekkuStskeeps, i'm here also and i haven't paid my google bill18:14
* lbt munches on rice+hot pineapple18:15
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC18:32
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer18:34
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*** phaeron has joined #mer19:01
Sage_problems with mer wiki?19:05
Sage_ah, now it works19:05
Sage_lbt: found bug from sdk19:07
lbtwhat's $EDITOR set to ?19:08
Sage_empty, so it defaults to vi that isn't available in sdk19:08
lbtI wonder if vim should provide vi ?19:09
Sage_it does19:10
Sage_bash-3.2$ rpm -qf /bin/vi19:10
Sage_or actually vim-minimal does19:10
yunta_(let's make it all just symlink to emacs)19:10
lbtyunta_: sounds reasonable19:10
* Sage_ gets a baseballbat19:10
lbtM-x baseball-bat19:10
* yunta_ is slowly backing out of the room..19:11
lbtSage_: so is the issue that you'd like vim-minimal installed by default and it's not?19:11
*** arcean has quit IRC19:12
Sage_lbt: http://pastie.org/4155998 after installing vim-minimal19:12
lbtOK, so you really do need emacs?19:12
*** arcean has joined #mer19:12
Sage_no. :)19:12
lbtso the issue is that Mer's vim != your host vim and hence ~/.vimrc breaks19:14
Stskeepshttp://opensource.palm.com/WOCE/index.html might interest some19:14
*** shrikrishna_ has joined #mer19:14
*** Sicelo has joined #mer19:15
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC19:15
lbtSage_: so is that OK ?19:19
*** arcean has quit IRC19:28
*** arcean_ has joined #mer19:28
Sage_lbt: well, removed .vimrc from my $HOME and installed vim-minimal and everything is now ok.19:29
lbtSage_: yeah - that's not something I can think of a trivial workaround for19:31
lbtit's a bit like having an NFS $HOME between a solaris, irix and sco box.... that was always fun19:32
lbtI tend to agree that vim-minimal should be in the SDK though19:33
lbtI was surprised it's not19:33
* Sage_ pushed some updates to review. 19:34
Sage_did it all inside mer sdk :)19:35
Sage_6.0.1 that is19:36
Sage_worked quite nicely and that vim thing was only problem19:36
lbtI am really, really tempted to put gitk in there ... but tk/tcl... hmmm ... I can't see a Wayland compatible tk/tcl anytime soon.19:37
Sage_I would like if I could select some host binaries that could be started from mer sdk shell19:37
lbtthe idea of the SDK is that you can run stuff in the host and operate on shared filesystems19:38
lbtor am I missing what you mean ?19:38
Sage_e.g. if I type "kate" in the mer-sdk terminal I get command not found.19:38
Sage_Would be nice if one could define that if I type kate it would actually launch it from host fs19:39
Sage_of cource that should be somehow selected what binaries one would like to run like that19:39
lbttry ... chroot /parentroot /usr/bin/kate19:40
lbtsudo ...19:42
lbtyep .. that works19:43
lbtbut .. it's so, so bad19:43
lbtI think it'll start kde processes as root and other evil things19:43
lbtso it may need some work... but do-able I think19:43
lbtsudo chroot /parentroot/ su - david -c /usr/bin/kate19:45
lbtseems to be a reasonable incantation Sage_19:46
lbtalias that and you're good :)19:46
*** yunta has quit IRC19:46
Sage_eh :D19:47
lbtalias kate="sudo chroot /parentroot/ su - david -c /usr/bin/kate 2>/dev/null"19:48
lbtI guess you can normally run : kate <file>19:49
Sage_"kate -u file" is what I normally use when I have existing kate in the background already so it just opens the file and terminal stays available19:50
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC19:50
lbtsudo chroot /parentroot/ su - david -c "cd $PWD; kate <file>" works for me to start a new kate19:51
*** gabrbedd has joined #mer19:51
lbtsudo chroot /parentroot/ su - david -c "cd $PWD; kate -u <file>" also works19:52
lbtso now to try and fit that into an alias19:52
lbthmm or better, a generic function19:55
*** Dhraakellian has quit IRC19:55
*** harbaum has joined #mer19:56
*** Dhraakellian has joined #mer19:56
lbtSage_:     function kate() {  sudo chroot /parentroot/ su - $USER -c "cd $PWD;  kate -u $1 2>/dev/null"; }19:59
lbtrelies on having path equivalence19:59
*** clopez has joined #mer20:00
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lbthmm twitter bash 1-liners, not sure it'll trend...20:01
*** Behold has joined #mer20:02
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