Sunday, 2012-06-24

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phaerongood morning08:23
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lbtmorning phaeron08:59
lbtand Stskeeps :)09:00
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lbthey alterego ... if you're free for a couple of hours today we can move the wiki09:51
lbtyou won't need to do much, just prepare a backup and turn it to read-only; after that it's mainly in case it goes wrong and you need to re-enable09:51
alteregoLet me know when :)09:54
alteregoGod USB is slooow09:54
lbtwell, now is fine then09:54
alteregoI should really get a USB3 cradle.09:54
alterego14 hours to copy 25G that can't be right ..09:55
lbtno, it's not09:55
lbtalthough some devices are really crappy09:55
alteregoWell, this is a SATA external cradle.09:56
alteregoUsing it to copy some files off of a 2T drive so I can stick it in to my NAS enclosure for RAIDing09:56
alteregoI can't be arsed to wait this long tbh,09:56
* alterego wipes.09:57
alteregoI've got all that music on another device anyway.09:57
lbtI have one of those - I manage about 30Mb/s over it09:57
alteregoMaybe it's because it's NTFS :P09:58
* alterego shudders09:58
lbtanyhow - yell when you've put the backup on the Mer VM09:59
lbt(I've got other stuff to do so I'm not being held up or anything)10:00
alteregoWell, I just need to work out how to make the wiki read-only10:00
alteregoAh, easy peasy10:01
alteregoRight, set to read-only10:03
* alterego does a backup10:03
alteregoRight, now to transfer ..10:05
alteregoAlways forget how to ssh in to the vm10:08
alteregolbt: what host do I ssh in to again?10:09
lbtvia access into wiki,in.merproject.org10:10
alteregoAh, cool10:10
alteregoSomething seems to be hanging ..10:12
alteregolbt: I'm just going to mail you the backup.10:13
* CosmoHill gives lbt and alterego coffee10:13
alteregoIt's 2.5M compressed10:13
lbtoh, fine10:13
lbtis it a full DB backup?10:14
alteregoDo you have an encryption key?10:14
alteregoyes it's a full backup of wiki_merproject_db10:14
lbtI do...10:14
alteregoAre we being paranoid? :)10:14
lbtno, it has user passwds in it10:15
alteregoThat's what I was thinking10:15
alteregosend me your public key :)10:15
lbtor enough to permit attacking anyhow10:15
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alteregoEncrypted and sent :)10:25
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* alterego contemplates a screen or irssi script that sends sms on mention and pm.10:31
dm8tbrI think I had started looking into doing that with XMPP10:34
dm8tbras all my phones speak XMPP10:34
alteregoNot a bad idea, it's just I'd ratbe10:35
alteregoWell I have an SMS gateway, but I guess I could use XMPP too10:36
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alteregoWell, that's a much more acceptable transfer rate. 25M/s12:09
lbtFYI - wiki is up - doing some DB level cleanup12:11
lbthoping to not break it :/12:11
* alterego has a gander12:11
lbtpracticing DELETE from ...12:11
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lbtyou'd need to set /etc/hosts12:11
lbt46.4.92.245                     wiki.merproject.org12:12
lbtit goes to https now and then you can ldap in12:12
alteregoYou might want to do a / redirect to /wiki btw12:13
lbtbit slow atm too12:13
lbtyeah, good idea12:13
alteregoI can give you my config line if you want?12:13
* lbt decides not to delete Alien account12:13
alteregoRewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/%{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/%{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^/?wiki/(.*)$ /index.php?title=$1 [PT,L,QSA]12:14
alteregoWell, just do a new line before each config key ;)12:14
alteregoShould be 4 lines12:15
lbtgot it12:15
alteregoCool, , well my ldap works :)12:15
lbtI'm not 100% sure but I think the LDAP would create new accounts for users when they login12:16
lbtie DB entries12:16
alteregoYeah, good point12:16
alteregoWell, at least I logged in :)12:16
alteregoRight, give me a shout if you need anything more.12:17
lbtwe should be good now - looking sane12:17
alteregoSo guess just the DNS record is next after this12:18
lbtI'll tell you what though ... spam detection is bloody hard12:18
alteregoThat's why I just tried doing the captcha thing, ideally I wanted to use recaptcha, then wouldn't have the problem with running out of images.12:18
alteregoAnd having to regenerate more.12:18
alteregoBut I made a cron job to do that so ..12:19
lbtI don't know if bugzillas suffer much spam12:19
lbtours is special too - needs a uid12:19
alteregoI can't remember ever seeing any on any BZ tbh12:19
lbtso hard to target with off-the-shelf scripts12:19
alteregoBut spammers are more interested in forums and wiki's it seems.12:20
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* Stskeeps is on wifi for a bit..13:04
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Stskeepslbt, phaeron: what did you need clarification on?13:05
lbtqmake cache13:05
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lbtphaeron thought there was something like ccache ?13:06
Stskeepsi'm not sure if i made sense when i said that13:06
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lbtnp - I added ccache and rsync to Mer:Tools - I think he was looking for anything else that may be useful13:08
lbtwiki is migrated btw - not DNS'ed yet, cleaning up DB13:08
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Stskeeps     good13:10
Stskeepswiki is readonly on wiki.* i hope?13:10
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lbtdamned rewriting rules13:48
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* Stskeeps is just looking forward for a week of hacking at home14:07
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lbtalterego: I think I need a copy of your images/ directory too14:14
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lbtStskeeps: can you try the wiki14:22
Stskeepsredirects to https which is a bit irritating14:23
Stskeepsand says "it works"14:23
lbtnot really - it now uses the ldap passwords so https is mandatory14:23
lbtyes, not sure the best way to make / point to /wiki14:24
Stskeepscan you investigate how much we'd need to get a * cert?14:24
Stskeepsas now we have bank account etc..14:25
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lbtfixed /14:26
Stskeepsimages are missing, but you realized this already14:27
lbtI thought they lived in the DB14:27
lbtapparently not :)14:28
* Stskeeps sits with special and w00t at a starbucks and w00t is playing with qml compositor on top of mer+busybox+llvmpipe+wayland14:29
Stskeepsleaving for airport in 30 mins or so14:29
w00t... and wondering why my windows are upside down and back to front14:29
lbtglad that's working - congrats!14:30
Stskeepsa hint at wp7?14:30
Stskeepslbt: for various degrees of working14:30
Stskeepsin a mirror, yes..14:31
lbtmeh, run it all through a QML shader14:32
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StskeepsOTOH, we just made the first wayland-based platform for bathroom mirrors14:33
lbtalways nice to have a heated mirror too14:34
w00tso - intel chip then?14:38
Stskeepswith a fan14:38
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Stskeepsi count 12 children on this flight, this shall be erm.. not so nice flight16:48
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dm8tbrStskeeps: pfff, short haul. try that on a trans-atlantic...16:51
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alteregolbt, I'll send it to you momentarily18:04
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alteregoWas too big to send in email.18:27
lbtgot it - ta18:28
* w00t eyes WaylandSurfaceItem18:28
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w00tStskeeps: you gone?18:44
lbtw00t: he was counting children on his flight 2hrs ago - sounds like he'll be airborne still18:53
* w00t mutters18:53
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lbtANNOUNCE: the wiki has moved to our infra and now uses centralised Mer account/pw (ie Bugzilla one). Can people try it and let me / alterego know of any issues19:02
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w00tStskeeps: i fixed the y-flip bug, i have no idea how19:23
w00tStskeeps: also, we require no qml patch19:23
w00tStskeeps: install qt5-qtqml-import-window219:23
rcganyone familiar with qorganizermanager19:24
rcgfor availableManagers i only get: memory and invalid19:24
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rcghowever, i want to store my organizer stuff somehow19:24
rcgapparently when using "memory" as manager and trying to export, the whole thing segfaults19:25
rcgi assume i need something like mkcal or so19:27
rcgi also see /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/organizer/libqtorganizer_mkcal.so19:27
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w00tperhaps start your application with QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=119:34
rcgah, alright that looks like the problem is19:38
rcgQLibraryPrivate::loadPlugin failed on "/usr/lib/qt4/plugins/organizer/" : "Cannot load library /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/organizer/ (/usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN5mKCal13SqliteStorage12notifyOpenedERK14QSharedPointerIN8KCalCore9IncidenceEE)"19:38
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rcghowever, that symbol looks pretty damn cryptic19:38
w00tuse c++filt19:39
w00tmKCal::SqliteStorage::notifyOpened(QSharedPointer<KCalCore::Incidence> const&)19:39
rcgaye, ic19:41
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rcghmm.. looks like this is a bug in the mkcal version that ships with mer then?19:42
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rcghmm, yes, notifyOpened is removed by a patch20:02
rcgor at least put in between an ifdef20:02
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lbtwhy the hell does rpmbuild run %clean when --clean is not passed?21:09
lbt*grumble* docs say:  --clean  Remove the build tree after the packages are made. ..... what they don't say is   -bb  Build a binary package (after doing the %prep, %build, and %install stages). *oh, and force a --clean anyway just, you know, because.*21:18
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lbtphaeron: can you run osc against meego-core api ?21:31
lbt(in the SDK)21:33
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phaeronlbt: sorry wasn't lookgin21:36
lbtno prob... dunno if we care21:38
phaeronwhat ?21:38
lbt"SSL Error: sslv3 alert handshake failure"21:38
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lbtworks fine from desktop but not the SDK21:38
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lbtI'm too deep into rabbit holes to care - maybe log a bug if it hits you too21:40
lbtcould be our mcrypto which actually needs sorting too21:40
phaeronI thought someone already upgraded it21:40
lbtyeah :/21:40
phaeronso it is already latest version ?21:40
lbtsadly we have mcrypto in core and python-mcrypto in tools21:41
lbtI think core is wrong21:41
lbtTools is newer21:43
lbt   vs;a=tree;h=refs/heads/master;hb=master21:43
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lbtphaeron: so... about %clean ?21:48
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lbtshould we patch Mer rpmbuild to behave as documented? (which is what we need for clean builds)21:49
Venemolbt, either that, or change the documentation21:49
lbtVenemo: yeah .... but see:
lbtlook at -bb and --clean21:50
Venemoyeah, I see21:50
lbt-bb actually forces a --clean (and I don't want a --clean)21:50
Venemolet me see21:50
lbtso I'd need to add --no-clean and document it to undo the forced override...21:50
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lbtit pisses me off that I can't link to the line in rpm in our gitweb copy of rpm21:51
phaeronlbt: because it is a tar ?21:53
Venemolbt, what version of rpmbuild is that?21:54
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lbtphaeron: using my approach :;a=blob;f=osc/;h=a93153e35e7f30f1e78ad3a1faf58d81bce8943e;hb=mer-master#l38021:55
lbtthat would be the "as built source" (I think :) )21:55
lbtVenemo: line 59421:57
lbtcase 'b':21:57
lbt    ba->buildAmount |= RPMBUILD_CLEAN;21:57
VenemoI see21:57
phaeronlbt: I am completely non functional currently21:57
lbtphaeron: tell me what apps to put on my N9 then :)21:58
Venemoin the meantime, the flasher failed to flash the moslo image to my N95021:58
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lbtVenemo: ew21:58
lbtVenemo: speak to Sage_ or Stskeeps about that ... not my area sadly21:58
VenemoI'm whining about it on #nemomobile21:58
lbtah yes21:59
lbtyou may want to add some notes to the wiki21:59
Venemoif I figure out a solution, I'll add notes.22:00
Venemofor now, I haven't managed to work around it22:00
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lbt"have OBS checkout, want to edit source and make a patch" is *WAY* too hard22:23
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