Friday, 2012-06-22

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Stskeepswoo, qtbase updated snapshot built \o/05:28
Stskeepsok, said that too fast05:28
Stskeepsbuilt but didn't package05:28
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w00tStskeeps: :(07:14
w00tStskeeps: building VM again.. gave up last night with hotel's wifi ;)07:15
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Stskeepsw00t: now try to boot that as a hd in your vm software07:17
w00tStskeeps: about to07:18
Stskeepsmight have to convert to parrallels hd wformat07:22
Stskeepswow, protocol buffers take ages to build07:27
Stskeepsw00t: qemu-img might be your firiend07:27
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w00tStskeeps: mm07:29
w00tin what way?07:29
Stskeepsas in converting to parralels format07:34
Stskeepsqemu-img is a convertor tool07:34
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lbtmorning all07:44
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lbtStskeeps: are we still waiting for a "go" for a release?08:54
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Stskeepsyes, havent validated it yet..09:01
lbtthought so - just checking09:01
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Stskeepsmorn phaeron :)09:07
phaeronlbt: deep check didn't help09:07
lbtphaeron: OK - I'm awake - lessee09:08
lbtStskeeps: "error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon: cpio: cap_set_file failed - Operation not permitted"09:10
Stskeepslbt: tmpfs not having ACLs?09:10
Stskeepsarm or x86/09:10
lbtthat's what I said09:10
lbtworks on i586 though09:10
lbtbreaks on arm09:10
Stskeepsso sb2 issue09:11
lbtOK -  I thought there was a qemu thing about this - couldn't find anything before my head hit the desk though :)09:11
phaeronpoor desk09:12
lbtphaeron: mmmm09:14
lbtI'm looking at -next on cobs and it looks like 0.20120614.0.0.109:16
lbtnot 0.20120614.0.109:16
phaeronlbt: what does that mean09:16
lbtold connman ?09:16
phaeronI looked at next on releases.merproject and it was correct version09:17
lbtyes, I wonder if I did something wrong on the snapshot import09:17
lbtit's screen so no scrollback09:17
phaeroneven the primary.xml has correct version09:18
phaeronso maybe mappings.xml is wron09:18
lbtno, the repos aren't there09:18
phaeron*blank stare*09:18
lbtI ran the "update cobs" script on cobs and it didn't09:19
phaeronwhat's that supposed to do ? doesn't the cobs get core and core-next through the  remotelink to mds09:19
lbtyes, I mean on the cobs MDS09:20
phaeronosc -A cobs ls -b Mer:fake:Core-next:i58609:20
phaeronServer returned an error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found09:20
phaeronremote error: File not found09:20
phaerondoes that explain that09:20
lbtlet me explain ... when I do a release I need to do stuff on Mer with my "Mer release" hat on. Then I put my vendor hat on and go and import it to cobs09:21
lbtinto the cobs MDS09:21
lbtI seem to have done the 2nd bit wrong09:21
lbtbut I *know* I ran it...09:22
phaeronok , so the binary repos are not in cobs's mds09:22
phaeronhow is anything building in cobs09:22
lbtit's building against the snapshot, not the pre-release09:23
Stskeepsim not confident ls -b will show it on remote link..09:23
lbtI'll run the import now and see if I can find what happened09:23
phaeronStskeeps: true09:23
phaeronStskeeps: mds needs to implement that ?09:23
lbtI don't think screen keeps a log09:24
phaeronStskeeps: it works on suse obs through cobs09:26
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Stskeepsphaeron: ok, so a mds bug09:37
Stskeepsfile please09:37
phaeronStskeeps: unless there really are no binaries due to lbt not importing them :)09:37
slaineinteresting email from dominque on the tizen list09:37
Stskeepsslaine: yes, good to see they're realizing mer has good ideas09:38
lbtthere are binaries - but they are from the wrong snapshot09:38
phaeronok so at least the ls is  a bug09:38
Stskeepsslaine: of course it's a total clusterfuck you can't rebuild from sources..09:39
Stskeepsfor all packages09:39
slaineindeed, moblin was the same though09:39
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Stskeepsthe problem really stems from the src rpms09:39
Stskeepsthey dont always equal the input09:39
Stskeepsand honestly, if i hadn't had access / knowledge how to extract whole sources from OBS through it's public api, we wouldn't have had mer09:41
phaeronStskeeps: #386 .. nice number :D09:41
lbtwell, I found what happened...09:42
lbtI pastied into a dead ssh connection09:42
phaeronlbt: you were tired ? :D09:42
phaeronuse mosh09:42
lbtit's in my konsole scrollback09:43
lbtwell, I dunno ...09:43
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lbtwondering how to monitor this kind of thing09:43
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phaeroncompare ls -b on both sides when we fix it in mds . maybe09:44
Stskeepsoptimally we shouldn't be doing manual work at all, except for 'import'09:44
lbtStskeeps: yes. I agree09:46
lbtphaeron: OK. updatestorm running09:50
phaeronlbt: thanks10:02
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phaeronugh , crashed my Xorg server playing with xinput210:25
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smokuwho hogged COBS? :)12:04
* lbt hides12:04
lbtsee mailing list for excuse12:04
smokuok. thanks for the info12:06
smokutime to take a lunch break then... :)12:06
phaeronlbt: there was once someone implementing workers in the cloud12:07
lbtyep - they used chroot12:07
lbtplus it's cheaper on Hetzner IMHO12:08
lbtwhen ec2 supports nested kvm... that may be useful12:08
phaeronhow about spawning ec2 vms as workers12:10
lbtthey run as root with a public network....12:10
phaeron*roll eyes*12:10
lbtI'm sure something could be made to work ... but it's a priority issue :)12:11
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lbtphaeron: how is copyproj going?12:16
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lbtI was thinking to do a proper Mer OBS release12:16
phaerondid nothing more on it12:16
phaerontesting latest irc-chatter  on nemo12:16
lbtOK - so what's left before we can use it as per the wflow discussed on the train?12:17
lbtsupport moving a link?12:17
phaeronfix exposed bs/mds bug12:17
lbtis it an MDS bug or OBS ?12:17
phaeronchanging  a link target should recalculate and possibly rebuild12:17
phaeronI am not sure yet.12:18
phaeronI just upgraded my vm host to 8GB memory yesterday12:18
phaeronso that I can test better12:18
lbtatm that's our highest prio non-Core bug12:18
lbtwell, task12:18
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phaeronphaeron_: test12:21
phaeronok not bad12:21
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phaeronlbt: ok will promote irc-chatter to nemo apps and start on copyprj12:40
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phaeronok done12:55
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phaeronsmoku: ping13:10
phaeronhello, I just noticed there were some requests by you to the gnome shell projects13:10
smokuon COBS?13:18
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phaeronsmoku: yes13:21
phaeronsmoku: for example
smokui was moving some packages up from gnome:shell to gnome as hildon requires them too13:21
smokuand I don't have admin rights to the gnome:shell project, to I requested removal, so the packages won'13:22
smokut be duplicated13:22
smokuanyway I don't depend on Cordia:GTK and Cordia:GNOME repositories anymore (copied all needed packages to Cordia:Desktop), so you may just ignore the requests ;-)13:23
smokuthe packages got so interconnected, it made no sense in keeping layered arch13:24
smoku(i.e. packages from :GTK had features enabled requiring stuff from :GNOME or :Hildon repos)13:25
phaeronthen that stuff can move up to GTK ?13:26
phaeronsec joining #cordia13:26
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lbtalterego: ping ... can I have a copy of LocalSettings.php for the wiki13:52
StskeepsBostik: any good reason the modular qt5 scripts uses origin/HEAD and not HEAD?13:54
Stskeepsit doesn't cause right behaviour for me :)13:55
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w00torigin/HEAD is wrong, qt5.git shas are all tested to work together13:55
w00tHEAD of all branches might not function together13:56
w00tso e.g. qtbase can rewrite something that declarative uses, declarative HEAD might not yet have rewritten to match that change => breakage13:56
w00t(but you won't see that in qt5.git)13:57
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lbtrebooting internal ldap - no-one should notice ...16:24
lbtphew ...16:26
lbtat least it was no-one who mattered :D16:27
slaineI'll get me coat16:27
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szogunekhi there16:56
szogunekany1 alive?16:57
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szogunekno1 alive?16:58
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szogunekany1 alive?17:00
szogunekany1 remember how to make boot.scr for nemo? i need it in n900 on emmc17:00
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sledgesFriday night :)17:03
szogunekyep and thats why i working on my n90017:04
sledgesI remember making boot.src for a linaro kernel on imx53 board, it involved mkimage command... Wish I was of more help17:04
szogunekonly in weekends17:04
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sledgesgood! someone tells me (you) I should do it too :) (N9)17:04
szoguneki know how to make boot.scr but i need commands to file which will be translated to boot.scr17:05
sledgesthought so :/17:05
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szogunekhehe on february i've made ubuntu with lxde working fine even touchscreen calibrated17:05
szogunekbut that takes me few days to do that17:06
sledgessame here, only on Mer17:06
sledgesthe touchscreen part was most pain17:06
sledgesgood old times :)17:06
szogunekand first keyboard without special sings :D17:06
szogunekand now i download nemo lates and try to start it on n90017:07
szogunekbut it want to boot from mmc0 not mmc1 which is external mmc card17:07
szogunekand it crashes after that :D17:08
sledgesyou could also try #nemomobile17:08
szogunekpages where boot.scr was really described now doesnt exist17:08
szoguneknow only description is write it to SD card and it should work17:09
sledgesgood weekend everyone! or maybe i'll reconnect :)17:10
sledgesszogunek, good luck with boots17:10
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* lbt afk for the night o/17:44
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Stskeeps'lo vgrade17:56
vgradehi Stskeeps17:56
vgradebeen busy17:56
Stskeepshow is it going?17:56
Stskeepsyeah, me too17:56
Stskeeps3 weeks out of 4 this month abroad17:57
Stskeepsin berlin atm17:57
vgradein a bar getting ready to watch the footie ?17:57
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Stskeepsnot really into soccer.. i've been at Qt contributor summit, game is being shown there too but i am such a wreck by now :P17:58
vgradeyea I saw a pic of you and lbt from devaamo17:58
vgradewhats the mood at the summit?17:58
Stskeepsqt continues, simple as that17:59
Stskeepsbut a fair bunch of sarcasm :P17:59
vgradehow was devaamo17:59
Stskeepsit was good, many interesting and differentiated talks17:59
Stskeepsmy talk went fine too18:00
vgradeno demo hitches?18:00
Stskeepsnop, worked fine18:00
Stskeepsi went completely off my own manuscript, but probably good18:00
vgradeI will get a date in the diary for a OBS meeting18:00
Stskeepsalright, situation has also changed significantly18:01
vgradedue to nok thinkg18:01
Stskeepsi personally only expect to see them survive max 6 months more, with no new investments18:01
vgradeI saw someone asking about donating as well so getting a meeting planned is needed18:03
vgradesorry for not being able to set things up until now18:03
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Stskeepsit's okay, i would be busy too if i had to commute that much18:04
vgradewe've managed to do our first end to end commit->Jenkins->OBS->back to CM which has been a challenge18:04
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vgradewould have taken a only a few days if they were using git of course18:05
Stskeepsi've been working on wayland+llvmpipe+qml compositor on virtualbox18:06
Stskeepswith mini-mer18:06
vgrademini-mer? busybox18:06
Stskeepsand qt518:06
Stskeepsno x1118:06
Stskeepsgetting 60fps on laptops, though not my atom netbook virtualbox18:07
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vgradeinteresting, we have people at work thinking about testing and not having a good virtualised solution18:08
Stskeepsi'll help you to get a demo if you want, in a week or so18:09
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vgradeI've not managed to get involved in the dev side of things yet, just working on the tools. But I hope to at some stage18:10
Stskeepswe are trying to make it much easier for generic developers to use mer from now on as well18:10
Stskeepswe've heard interesting obs-using stories and problems people have had18:11
vgradehave you been following the tizen fakeOBS stuff18:11
Stskeepsi'm glad they're using our ideas18:12
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Stskeepsto me it means us bitching about those issues weren't in vain, too ;)18:12
Stskeepsglad to see tizen ivi genivi certified too18:13
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vgradeyes, I still wonder what hoops you need jump through to get a stamp18:16
vgradewas there a list of packages listed18:16
Stskeepswell, you can always look at tizen ivi list18:16
Stskeepsand joel indicated on mailing list what they were18:16
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vgradeyea I thought I saw that18:21
CosmoHilllbt: you car nut, are you about?18:21
vgradeCosmoHill, \o18:21
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CosmoHillhey vgrade18:21
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vgradestill looking for a new motor18:21
vgradeStskeeps, how far did Mer on Tizen handset get?18:22
Stskeepsi bricked my device..18:22
Stskeepsit should be entirely possible now though18:22
CosmoHillvgrade: always, even if just to past the time18:22
vgradeStskeeps, put my order in18:23
vgradeCosmoHill, you motor dried out now?18:23
CosmoHillyes it has18:23
vgradeStskeeps, for dev device18:23
Stskeepsvgrade: yeah18:23
CosmoHillinterior is all in and I've put the snorkel back on18:24
vgradeneed to run now , catch up with you over the weekend. I've nothing planned for once so need to get some hacking done as its been ages18:25
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CosmoHill :)18:27
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Stskeepsdid germany just score? :P18:49
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Macercan someone direct me to information on how to get mer on a tf101 with an unlocked bootloader?21:38
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CosmoHillwhen you say "moo" this is what I hear22:08
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seanew when? :)23:33
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