Thursday, 2012-06-21

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t_s_obeen kinda quiet on the Vivaldi front lately...03:07
Stskeepswell, that's their issue03:09
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t_s_oheh, true03:16
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jonwilI think my N900 is damaged :(03:34
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lucahow so03:39
jonwilThe bezel around the screen is coming away a bit at the bottom03:42
jonwili.e. there is now a small gap between the screen and bezel03:42
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lucasounds fixable03:43
jonwilyes I am going to show it to some local "mobile repair places" today and see if they say they can do something about it03:44
jonwilIts not under warranty anymore03:44
jonwiland if I take it back to Nokia Care they are most likely going to say "no, we dont support that device anymore"03:45
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jonwilThat or charge a fortune/take forever03:48
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Stskeepsjonwil, or be replaced by a lumia04:19
Bostikthat would be cruel04:21
Bostiklike going to the dentist and getting a treatment of high colonics04:21
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Stskeepspeople used to get e7s when sending in n900s04:24
StskeepsBostik: any items i should bring to qtcs packaging session?04:24
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BostikI don't know, ATM04:26
BostikI'm still waiting for beta1 to get tagged (can't check if it has happened, not right now)04:27
Bostikbut basically my wishes boil down to "please let there be tags"04:27
BostikI know some code has been shuffled around and moved between components (meaning the internal dependency chain for qt5 might be different for beta1)04:29
Bostikbut other than that, updating the packaging really should not take long04:29
Stskeepsand per component tarballs wouldnt be bad either04:30
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Bostikthat won't happen for qt5.0 I think, the way we're doing things is basically unsupported and technically something of an abuse :)04:32
Stskeepsbbl boarding to berlin04:33
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lbtmorning all07:59
lbtbeen fixing the obs-setup system to support rsync publishing btw08:00
lbtshould have that done RSN subject to a few test/tweak cycles08:00
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phaeronlbt: you mean separate ?08:11
lbtno, local deployment08:17
phaeronok .. :(08:18
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dernise_I don't have any ARM tablets, is there a way to emulate Met ?08:23
dernise_I want to develop some apps for Mer Based tablets08:23
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dm8tbrfor Nemo there are x86 virtual machine images08:25
dernise_And for plasma ?08:26
dm8tbrdunno, have you tried asking the plasma people?08:27
dernise_no :/08:28
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sonachlbt: morning :) you are fixing the publish problem?08:39
lbtpretty much done - need to test it08:39
sonachCan I test it now?08:39
lbtare you ok re-running a new ?08:39
sonachcreate a new VM and re-running it?08:40
lbtI'm just sorting out some tax issues for Mer donations08:40
sonachok, sorting out the tax issues first :)08:41
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dernise_An application made for Mer will work with differents interface ?09:05
dernise_Like Nemo, plasma..09:05
lbtdernise_: not quite09:15
lbtdernise_: Mer operates at a lower level - to do what you want the projects would have to co-operate on a consistent application story.09:16
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lbtdernise_: it's quite possible that they'll do that interoperability at the Qt layer or more likely at the HTML5 layer#09:16
lbtNemo has some application interoperability with Harmattan (the N9/N950 OS)09:17
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lbtOK - now sets up the be/fe to do rsync publishing10:24
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E-PReminder: Mer QA meeting starting in 15mins11:45
iekkuE-P, i won't be there, bad flu, need to go to bed11:49
StskeepsE-P: i'll try to be around, wifi very unstable here11:50
E-Piekku: oh, and just before the midsummer. Take care and get better soon!11:50
E-PStskeeps: nod11:51
iekkuE-P, got medicines yesterday11:51
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E-PMer QA meeting starting12:00
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alteregolbt: ping12:28
lbtalterego: pong12:28
alteregoThe svg upload should be sorted now.12:28
lbtI saw - thanks - it worked :)12:28
alteregoGreate :)12:28
lbtI'm planning on doing the wiki migrate 'soon' (ie within many days)12:29
lbtjust got a new server which helps12:29
alteregoI should be free next week mostly, but very busy at the moment :/12:29
lbtOK - ideally I'll use the existing backup, it'll work and I'll say "do me another" and we'll do the transfer12:30
alteregoSounds good12:30
lbtI'll try to get it scheduled for next week if that helps12:30
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alteregoWell, if that's all you need me to do then it doesn't really matter when you do it. Just whenever you're ready :)12:41
lbtOK - it needs some scheduling as we'd turn off updates and wait for DNS changes12:44
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E-P"In fact we are so sure that we have convinced Nokia to fund 400 boards to be distributed among the right 400 developers that will squeeze them with Qt 5."13:13
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lbtdare I rofl13:13
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lbthey sonach13:24
sonachlbt: hello,13:24
lbtessentially you need to install rsync on the fe and backend; store some credentials and enable it in the BSConfig.pm13:25
sonachlbt: got it, thank you! I will test it when I am at work :) but still can not be accessed ATM13:28
lbtno, I've not done that have I ... :(13:29
sonachnp, i can still use the 'Testing' repo,13:29
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E-Pbeing two weeks away, and now I have a jungle at my backyard13:34
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* E-P goes to harvest some grass13:35
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* sledges sees we are going back to normal towards of exactly 182 users in #mer :)13:42
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sledgesoops :D13:42
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vilpanwhich is way ahead of LibreOffice, for example. What does that tell us?13:50
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sledgesLibreOffice have no problems? :))13:57
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schmoosterStskeeps: Hi there, sorry, only just noticed that you'd welcomed me :D14:32
schmoosteryesterday, that is :)14:33
Stskeepshehe :) welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer?14:33
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schmoosterStskeeps: increasing prevalence of commodity mobile devices, and a generic desire to be able to operate them freely :)14:43
Stskeepscool :) well, if you have any questions feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out14:43
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* Stskeeps has to go out for dinner right now, though14:47
sledgesbuon apetitto!14:47
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lbtyay - infra documentation works for 12.1 based phosts :D17:43
* Stskeeps is trying to keep his eyes open17:43
lbtyeah - E_XS_TRAVEL17:43
lbtOK ... some food next17:46
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Stskeepsevening rcg :)17:57
rcghey Stskeeps :)17:58
Stskeepsnot much.. idling in berlin hotel room17:58
rcgberlin, nice17:58
rcgdid you have a chance to visit the city?17:58
Stskeepsnot yet17:58
Stskeepsarrived 8:25, went to qt contributor summit17:59
rcgbut you are going to, right?17:59
Stskeepsyes, sunday before leaving17:59
rcgright, i see... how was the summit?17:59
rcggreat :)17:59
Stskeepsit's going on tomorrow and saturday too i think17:59
rcgthere are actually quite some nice places in berlin imho17:59
Stskeepsyeah, my first time here17:59
rcggreat, the "classic" place to visit is the town center with the brandenburger tor, reichstag, kanzleramt, and the holocaust memorial18:00
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* CosmoHill woofs18:00
rcgbut there are also other nice places18:00
rcgpersonally, i like the east side gallery pretty much :)18:01
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rcgStskeeps: did they mention anything in particular with respect to the latest news from nokia?18:01
Stskeepsrcg: nothing i didn't expect, but qt development continues18:02
rcgi might attent the black berry jam in berlin next week18:02
Stskeepsyeah, BB referred to that18:02
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rcgah, so bb guys are there as well?18:03
rcgon the qt summit, that is18:03
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StskeepsBostik: heads up: upgrading to a later qt5 version causes a ICE in mer compiler. investigating19:07
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lbtoh bollox19:57
lbtpuppet provided in 12.1 isn't compatible with 11.4 puppet ... ffs19:58
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BostikStskeeps: alright, that doesn't sound good20:28
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StskeepsBostik: later linaro toolchain solves it, so prolly just a 4.6 bbug20:32
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phaeronlbt: ping22:15
lbtpong ... but my eyes keep closing22:15
phaeronI was going to ask if you need help22:16
lbtdoing puppet upgrade - as you may have gathered22:16
lbtjust trying to include a snippet22:16
lbt    include 'lib/facter/management_ip.rb'22:16
lbtdoesn't work22:17
lbtnor does require, with or without the .rb22:17
lbtit used to just work in 2.622:17
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lbtin /etc/puppet/modules/nrpe/manifests/init.pp on puppetmaster in merproject.org22:18
phaeronmaybe includepath changed22:18
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lbtI remember seeing the config diff during dcp status22:20
lbt-pluginsync = true22:20
lbt suggests that this is a bad thing.....22:20
phaeronit says you need to turn it on22:23
lbtyeah - doesn't seem to help :/22:24
lbt"both the master and the clients"22:24
phaeronNote that this location is not within the puppetmaster’s $libdir path ..22:24
lbt"In Puppet version 0.25.x and later, plugins are stored in the lib directory of a module ..... custom facts should go in lib/facter/,"22:25
phaeronworked  ?22:27
lbterp ..... must not run puppet on and expect merproject to update22:27
lbtbut yes, it worked22:28
lbtand no, that wasn't the problem :)22:28
lbtpluginsync = true  on client22:28
phaeronok :D22:29
phaeronI have a weird issue with mer-next22:29
phaeronconnman 1.1 is there but is not found by builddep22:31
lbtcobs seems to have been having some weird issues like this recently22:31
phaeronok so it is a real issue :(22:32
phaeronshould I kick the backend ?22:32
lbtdeep check22:32
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smoku[200/202] installing gnome-keyring-3.2.1-2.222:45
smoku error: unpacking of archive failed on file /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon: cpio: cap_set_file failed - Operation not permitted22:45
smoku error: gnome-keyring-3.2.1-2.2.armv7hl: install failed22:45
smokuworks fine on i586, fails on both arm's... any ideas?22:46
lbtkernel config I think22:47
smokuthis is from COBS build log22:48
lbtcould be this
lbtoh, that's not great then :)22:49
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smokulbt: - fails on ARM22:50
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lbtah, that could be a tmpfs thing22:52
lbtyeah - I'm pretty sure it is ...22:55
smokushould I report it somewhere?22:56
lbtfor sure22:56
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lbtsmoku: I'm not sure what to do about that - possibly have to wait until we upgrade workers to 12.122:56
lbtcan you remove the xattr ?22:57
lbt I think22:57
smokuif only i knew from where ;-)22:58
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lbt"tmpfs file systems do not support file capabilities until you get to a rawhide kernel"22:58
lbtnot sure what that is22:58
lbtI guess > 2.6.3722:58
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lbtunpacking of archive failed on file /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon22:59
lbtI wonder if it's just suid22:59
smokuyeah. but this is rpm created by the very same COBS that fails to unpack23:00
lbt:/  ???23:00
smokuand only on ARM23:00
smokunow I copied a bit older package from CE:MW:Shared and it built fine :/23:01
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lbtso it sounds more like qemu than kernel I guess23:03
lbtsorry, too tired23:03
smokuAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.23:04
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