Tuesday, 2012-06-19

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Stskeepsgood morning dcthang03:33
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dcthanggood morning Stskeeps03:36
Stskeepshow is it going? i've spent the week in finland, been interesting to see the latest nokia news :P03:37
dcthangeverything is fine. yeah, that's so interesting ;)03:39
Stskeepsgood we have Mer so we aren't relying on yet another platform dying :)03:40
dcthangBut I think Mer has many things to do if Mer wants to be come to one of best platform :)03:41
dcthangah you've just been Devaamo Summit rite?:)03:41
Stskeepsit was quite good03:41
dcthanggreat, I only heard something good  from that. Unlucky I can't get there03:43
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dcthangah It looks like Mer has budget for development or you are developing yourself?03:46
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Stskeepsa bit of both, there's companies contributing people who do work on it or small contributions, and for infrastructure people pitch in (we use something like 300 EUR a month on infra, so it's not really bad)03:47
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Stskeepsi prefer this model myself, as companies will then contribute with the effort they need done to improve things03:51
Stskeepsinstead of a project which manages funds and employeees of it's own and is disconnected from reality of what vendors want03:51
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dcthangok :-)03:55
dcthangUntil now how many developers are contributing for Mer?03:55
Stskeepsit's difficult to count but i think we're up at 20-30 people who has in some way contributed to mer03:56
Stskeepswhile this may seem small compared to how many people was in MeeGo, i found out that for excample each package in MeeGo had only been touched on average 4 times over the entire time of the project03:56
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Stskeepsmeaning you actually need a lot less people03:57
dcthangok, with that number I think it's enough to build a good platform.04:03
dcthangFor the application ecosystem, Mer SDK should be good enough for app developers see that's easy to use04:03
dcthangAtm, it's not.04:04
Stskeepsi agree04:14
Stskeepshaven't tried to build app ecosystem personally as i believe html5 is next one04:14
Stskeepsbut we can still do a lot to improve dev experience04:15
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dcthangok, do we have meeting on every Tuesday?04:20
Stskeepswell, which one? :)04:22
Stskeepsrelease meeting for mer is tuesday and a nemo meeting too04:22
Stskeepsbut today we take bug triages as well04:23
Stskeepsdue to so many being absent yesterday04:23
dcthangok, it's good to know that04:25
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Stskeepsiekku, 380 - medium high05:17
Stskeepsit helps develope experience a lot05:17
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OutoLumoOk, today I made it to the right network :)06:30
Stskeepswoo :)06:32
Stskeepswelcome OutoLumo :) so what brings you here?06:32
OutoLumoStskeeps, I had a chat with lbt at the devaamo conference last Friday. I promised to look at the website stuff for you. So I've made a preliminary mock-up, as I promised.06:34
OutoLumolbt, the initial theme is light, would you prefer dark?06:34
OutoLumoaddress: http://mer.outolumo.net/06:34
Stskeepsalright :) i gtg now, lbt'll be around later06:35
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Stskeeps(arriving to helsinki myself)06:35
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iekkushould we have advisory board's member names somewhere in the wiki06:37
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OutoLumoStskeeps: so I thought - it's 20 to 8 am his local time :)06:40
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lbtmorning all07:40
rcgmorning lbt07:40
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lbtright .. need to do some thinking and consolidation after our devaamo f2f meetings :)07:41
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lbtOutoLumo: hey .... that's not bad at all07:42
lbtiekku: what time is triage today ?07:43
iekkuthe usual: 11:00 UTC07:44
lbtI have a dentist appt at 12:30 finnish time07:44
lbtI may well arrive late then07:44
lbtdepends if they're on time and/or if they want to do nasty things to me :/07:45
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rcglbt: i'll keep my fingers crossed ;)07:45
lbtrcg: ty07:45
iekkulbt, there's only 2 items to triage07:48
iekkuso it wont take long07:48
lbtOK .. np07:48
lbtah, yes.... fix changelog generation07:49
iekkuplease, take a look for those. Stskeeps asked 380 to be high07:49
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lbt379 looks like a regression and blocker to me07:51
lbthigh to verify if it's a regression; if it is, then it's a blocker07:52
iekkuso need info with that comment07:53
lbtif it's not a regression then verify that normal SDK sudo operations work (osc build, mic) ... if they're OK in next then I think this is a high but not blocker07:54
iekkui totally agree07:55
lbt380 .... core or tools ?07:56
lbtI think it's an SDK tool07:56
lbtI guess that would be too disruptive07:59
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lbtlooks we're going to need to track sudo/systemd interactions closely08:02
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OutoLumolbt, ok, I'll start working on that then... See if I can find some CC images to spice it up etc. Though, this week I'm somewhat bound up, and my beloved is in Scotland and I'm here alone with the Little-One-Kenobi.08:03
lbtfinger-painted Mer!08:03
lbtI have an SVG of the Mer logo if that's of use08:04
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OutoLumolbt. vector is always a better base for imaging. Can you give me a link?08:54
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sledgesMer wallpaper is now my wallpaper :)09:55
iekkui have badgers09:56
iekkumaybe i need to do some photoshop excersise to mix the mer and badgers09:57
kimjumushrooms and snake too?09:58
sledgesI liked the sunk ship of Nokia and Osakeyhtiƶ :)09:58
sledgess/and //09:59
iekkukimju, nooooo09:59
iekkusledges, i love badgers09:59
slainebadger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger10:02
sledgessnake snake!10:02
slaineOh it's a snake10:02
slainebadger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger10:02
slainemushroom mushroom10:02
slaineSorry, normal service shall now resume10:03
sledgeswish there was a bigger resolution Nokia Ship Mer logo10:03
sledges!seen wazd10:03
MerBotsledges: I have not seen wazd.10:03
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iekkucrap i was in the other meeting11:21
lbtiekku: I think today is a bust meeting-wise11:24
Stskeepsyes, count me out rest of day too11:25
lbtyay .... work day :)11:25
iekkui change the item's according to discussion we had here earlier11:25
lbtthat's cool11:25
lbtit's all we needed really11:25
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Stskeepslbt: ping14:49
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Stskeepsevening OutoLumo :)16:04
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lbtStskeeps: pong17:19
Stskeepslbt: i think if we can get sage to validate mer-next we can do a final release17:20
lbtOk - I need to grab a shower - been doing cement things17:21
lbtI'm around most of the night though17:21
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Stskeepsyeah, dont think its today17:23
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Stskeepslbt: oh, and do you have a changelog of prerelease?17:33
Stskeepsthat'd be useful for testing17:33
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smokuStskeeps: which project on OBS should I use to build for Mer:Next?19:09
Stskeepssmoku: same as usual, just Core-next19:09
smokuCore-next not Core:Next ?19:09
smokuok. thanks19:11
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smokunow I just wait until the rebuild storm passes :)19:12
Stskeepscoffee time :P19:12
smokuit's after 14 afterall19:12
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Stskeepslooking forward to trying out your homebrew :)19:13
smokuStskeeps: BTW my plans got changed externally, so we need to postpone the degustation even more19:13
* Stskeeps tries to do a mer armv7tnhl port for fun and profit19:14
Stskeepsthumb, neon, hardfloat19:16
smokusuper-fast :)19:16
smokutargetted at which soc?19:17
smokubtw, /me is IRCing from Mer :)19:17
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Stskeepssmoku: for now, just trying on n919:17
Stskeepsto see what implications it has on my mini-mer19:17
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smoku$ lsb_release -d19:18
smokuDescription:    Mer release 0.2011 (Mer)19:18
Stskeepsthat's my fault, fwiw19:18
Stskeepsbug please19:18
smokuwhy? looks correct for me19:19
Stskeepsit should be 0.202219:19
Stskeepsand more expanded than that19:19
Stskeepsevening jussi19:20
jussiHiya Stskeeps19:20
jussihows omena today? :D19:20
smokubtw, Fedora's 'make-grubconfig' detected Mer's partition and added it to 'other OS' section under 'Mer release 0.2011 (Mer)' menu item :-D19:20
Stskeepsthe bandwidth is good on the wifi19:20
Stskeepssmoku: :>19:20
jussiStskeeps: feeling better now ?19:21
smokuStskeeps: isn't a .ks job to overwrite this with proper information?19:21
Bostikhmh, night at omena and flight to Munich tomorrow morning...19:21
Stskeepsjussi: yeah, spoke to my wife and now calmer, just one more bad image in my mind for the collection..19:22
smokuStskeeps: MER#38119:22
Stskeepssmoku: thanks19:22
Stskeepssmoku: re .ks job.. ish19:23
Stskeepssmoku: theoretically it should come from the repo, but that could get nasty19:23
smokuvirtual dependency with many providing packages?19:23
Stskeepssmoku: nah.. as in, meego-release updating might cause a rebuild19:23
Stskeepsbut yes19:24
Stskeepsks should do it19:24
smokuwell... you need to do a full rebuild either way, for a release, don't you?19:24
Stskeepsnot really19:25
smokuso bumping meego-release verision might not be that bad19:25
Stskeepssometimes we can get away with basing off old state + a few changed packages19:25
smokufrom my years of experience as a Release Manager - not a good idea19:25
smokuit's a good idea, to do a full build for releases19:25
smokuto at least make sure it works ;-)19:26
Stskeepsyeah, though obs makes sure it's consistent :P19:26
smokunot really19:26
smokuI already have stale packages in the repo with dangling packages that do not build anymore19:26
Stskeepsthat's possibly another issue :P19:26
smokuand the old ones built when deps were correct present in the repo19:27
smokuergo - current "release" is unbuildable from scratch and depends on legacy state19:27
Stskeepstrue, we should at least verify we can rebuild sanely once in a while19:27
smokui was scratching my head when all packages were "green" but the image build was failing19:28
smoku"obs rebuild --all" revealed the issue19:28
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