Monday, 2012-06-18

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sonachlbt_away: Stskeeps: After updating MerDS, I successfully build my test package. And I can see the rpm under /srv/obs/repos/home:/zhanghui/standard. But I can not see it on WebUI(
sonachthe publisher.log reports an error:, but I don't know how to solve this problem. Please give me a hand when you have time :)02:06
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zuzuzuNice. Seems like suspend is fixed for omap
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sonachStskeeps: morning! Any idea about my new OBS problem?06:11
Stskeepssonach: ls -l `which createrepo`06:13
Stskeepson backend06:13
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sonachStskeeps: which: no createrepo in (/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/sbin:/root/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/games)06:14
Stskeepssonach: well that's a start..06:14
Stskeepssonach: zypper in createrepo06:15
Stskeepssonach: ths is on the new one with lbt's scripts right?06:16
sonachStskeeps: yes, with the new lbt's scripts,06:16
Stskeepssonach: try to zypper in createrepo and let's see how it goes now06:17
sonachok, i am trying,06:17
Stskeepslbt says (sitting next to me) that there's a chance he hasn't tested publishing06:17
Stskeepsso you might have hit a genuine bug06:18
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Stskeepsmorn timoph oh//06:23
Stskeepser, o/06:23
timophstill at tampere?06:23
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Stskeepsvisited aard, going back today but am busy06:23
Stskeepsand mobile monday tonight06:24
sonachStskeeps: lbt is sitting next to you? really cool :)   Now createreps success, but still nothing is published out:
timophI also signed up for mobile monday but not sure if I'll go06:31
Stskeepssonach: ok, progress06:31
Stskeepssonach: show me osc meta prj of home:zhanghui ?06:32
iekkui think i'm not coming to mobile monday06:32
iekkunot wearing my suit today :P06:32
Stskeepsneither did steve jobs06:33
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Stskeepsok, looks fine06:37
Stskeepsdo you mind if i ask you to osc wipebinaries --all in home:zhanghui ?06:38
Stskeepsso it rebuilds06:38
sonachnever mind :)06:40
Stskeepsok, did it solve it?06:41
sonachStskeeps: no. but it looks different for this page:
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sonachUnder "Architecture: armv7el", it lists several files...06:47
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sonachStskeeps: I click 'Go to download repository' which is '', it reports "Error 404"06:48
sonachStskeeps: But publisher.log looks fine enough:
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sonachStskeeps: In, there is: our $repodownload = "http://$hostname/repositories", but on my old OBS server, this line is: our $repodownload = "http://$hostname:82/". Is this releated to the problem?07:22
sonachI changed to our $repodownload = "http://$hostname:82/", but yields the same result...07:23
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Stskeepssonach: have to go, let's talk later07:26
sonachStskeeps: ok :)07:27
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rcgStskeeps: how critical is the infrastructure @MeeGo like the OBS for Nemo/Mer?08:14
rcgi am asking due to this:
rcgessentially, when * goes down there is imho also the huge chance for * going down.. respectively running out of funding08:16
rcgor is there a significant difference in the funding?08:16
dm8tbrthere are some differences08:19 infrastructure seems mostly funded by intel/LF and it's been long known that it will 'go away at some non-descript point in the future'08:19
dm8tbrrecent announcements of a (still) large european phone manufacturer have no direct impact on the infrastructure08:20
dm8tbrTHOUGH: there is a possible indirect impact: if the maemo OBS gets shut down earlier, then harmattan/fremantle support on COBS will likely cease.08:21
dm8tbrsame goes for the servers08:22
dm8tbrI am sure though that the community is able to arrange for replacements08:22
Stskeepsrcg: obs is a bit for community but we can run a slimmer one if we don't do harmattan ..08:22
* dm8tbr has a pile of servers on cold standby08:22
Stskeepswithout big need of cash08:22
dm8tbrwe could even do harmattan+apps, but with reduced computing power08:23
timophStskeeps: imo we can drop the harmattan support08:24
timophmost harmattan stuff goes to the store anyway08:24
dm8tbrtimoph: losing apps would be sad08:25
dm8tbras in apps.formeego.org08:25
Stskeepsyes, of course08:25
Stskeepsjust thinking from survival mode :)08:25
timophtrue but in reality there's not too many apps there08:25
Stskeepsand i didnt mean apps08:25
Stskeepsi meant all the other crazy crap people build for harmattan08:26
Stskeepswhich is really slow for builds08:26
dm8tbrAFO relies on the harmattan target though08:26
rcgah great :)08:29
rcgso the biggest "issue" would be the harmattan target?08:30
rcgi for myself want to move from harmattan to nemo development anyhow :)08:30
rcgalready submitted two of my apps including some of the required libs so far08:31
Stskeepsas such.. i can pitch in for one or two obs workers for mer community obs likely08:31
Stskeepsor other companies08:31
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rcgStskeeps: what are the requirements for hosting an obs actually? does a usual root vserver at some arbitrary hoster suffice?08:32
Stskeepsrcg: we use usually08:33
Stskeepsfor mer stuff08:33
rcgalright, i see08:33
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dm8tbrif necessary we can bring up several servers here in tampere.08:37
* dm8tbr has those Dell R200 servers ready to roll in storage08:37
rcggreat :)08:40
rcgi was just a little bit alarmed from the most recent news08:40
Stskeepsmer isn't so badly hurt and it seems qt-project is continuing08:40
Stskeepsif anything, we can just be happy we have mer08:40
dm8tbrto be honest, we preempted most of this last summer08:41
iekkumer <308:41
dm8tbrincluding the whole MeeGo/Tizen fiasco08:41
timophshould be interesting to see what news comes out from the Qt contributor summit08:41
dm8tbrso we are actually well prepared and have extensible infrastructure08:41
rcggreat, so this kinda proves once more the advantage of going "fully" oss and setting up an independent infrastructure08:42
dm8tbrworst case we have to find some funding for additional servers08:42
rcgthat's very nice to hear :)08:42
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rcgthanks once more for all your efforts in this guys :)08:45
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Stskeepssonach: here?09:16
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Stskeepssonach: how is your impression of companies like mediatek and their non-android support?09:19
Stskeepssonach: like, if they provide kernel source, or even care about non-android, etc09:19
sonachStskeeps: I know something about MStar. MStar can provide android and non-android support. But most of their chips only support android.09:21
Stskeepsmediatek is interesting for many as they also include modems09:21
Stskeepsso it's kinda like chinese qualcomm09:21
sonachStskeeps: so, MTK is interested in Mer?09:22
Stskeepswell, i'm just curious myself on how things look09:22
Stskeepsas there's often going to be more knowledge in china, than what we find in english websites for them :)09:22
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sonachStskeeps: for MSTAR, the target market affects whether one chip supports non-android or not. For example, the target for "TV and STB in one chip"(I don't know how to describe this precisely) will support non-android,09:24
sonachsince STB is not so anroid-oriented for the moment,09:24
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Stskeepshello asdf_ :)09:26
sonachStskeeps: got to go, talk to you later, and I am still puzzled by the non-publishing problem :)09:26
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Stskeepsasdf_: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?09:28
asdf_i am a little bit interested on #mer.09:29
asdf_so far i have not got time to study it further09:29
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asdf_but from now on i will probably have time ...09:29
Stskeepsalright :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time, else feel free to hang out09:29
asdf_ok, thanks!09:31
Stskeepsmany of us are returning from devaamo summit so not a lot of traffic today, but pace picks up soon probably09:32
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pohlyIs lbt going to be around soonish (= today)?12:19
Stskeepshe's on a plane atm, so guess not12:20
Stskeepsanything i can help with?12:20
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pohlyStskeeps: you don't have admin privileges, do you? I need a virtual machine there to be rebooted.12:25
pohlyI keep killing it by running SyncEvolution testing.12:26
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Stskeepspohly: ah, no i don't12:44
X-Fadepohly: which machine?12:46
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sledgesprobably a top secret VM :)14:18
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sledgeshi Venemo_N9 !14:48
Stskeepshi Venemo_N914:48
Venemo_N9hey Stskeeps :P14:49
sledges:b :)14:49
Venemo_N9(he is actually standing next to me)14:49
sledgesso, how was devaamo?14:51
Stskeepsquite good14:52
Venemo_N9better than this mobile monday thing14:52
Venemo_N9devaamo was quite good actually14:52
sledgeswhat, a #mer-meeting? :))14:52
Venemo_N9there was a very nice mer presentation at devaamo14:53
sledgesI see Stskeeps :)14:53
sledgesphoto was taken by 808 8)14:55
Venemo_N9sledges, are you here too?14:55
sledgesnope :))14:55
sledgeslooks like it took place in an improvised setting there14:55
sledgesany high heads?14:56
Venemo_N9ah. that was taken a few days ago14:56
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sledgesStskeeps, has your presentation been filmed in devaamo?15:14
sledgeslooking forward :)15:15
sledgesthat could go on a frontpage15:15
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sledgesstill needs plugging :)))15:16
sledgeswrong channel :))))15:17
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sledgesAndrew Baldwin, wonder if he used Mer for Qt5 (or probably/hopefully will)15:18
Stskeepsno, debian, but may15:18
Stskeepshis presentation was awesome15:18
sledgesone can't Debian around as much as can do with Mer..15:19
Stskeepswhen you just need a bootable system, debian works15:19
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_olStskeeps: Are all those presentations available for downloading or online viewing?15:46
Stskeepsthey will be for online viewing15:48
StskeepsBoF we have notes15:48
Stskeeps_ol: mine was very hands-on, so it was difficult to demo15:51
Stskeepserr, video15:51
Stskeeps.. okay, i'm not making sense: i mean, slides aren't terribly good15:51
Stskeepsvideo is fine15:51
_olI'd like to see that video.15:52
Stskeepsit's a nice little session that showed you could make a nice image that you could easily prototype and create and install sdks for and write to sd, in 30 minutes15:55
Stskeepsas well as run automatic testing against / ssh into without password from sdk15:55
Stskeepsand boot on a raspberry pi15:57
_olHow did you obtain Raspberry Pi? I'd like to order one for experimentation, but site is under constant maintenance...15:59
Stskeeps_ol: order it through rs components or farnell15:59
Stskeeps_ol: i got lucky, ordered through rs on first day, on waiting queue15:59
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kaizerslawtenhello guys !16:26
Stskeepshello kaizerslawten :)16:26
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tanuk_ol: Check the sidebar of for the ordering links. is not used for selling the devices.16:35
tanuk_ol: You can't actually currently "order" it at all, but "registering your interest" will put you in a queue, so it's worth registering.16:37
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Stskeepso/ phaeron16:40
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phaeronStskeeps: hey :)16:41
phaeronhome sweet home \o/16:41
Stskeepsmy feet will never recover from this..16:41
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phaeronthink of the good side , we  added a few years  to mer's life :D16:43
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Stskeepsdebugging wayland can be so much fun at times18:31
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Stskeepshello moi_ :)18:38
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Stskeepscapisce: got llvmpipe+qwidget compositor+wayland working \o/ some odd crash in scenegraph in alpha118:56
Stskeepsso probably fixed in later version18:56
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Simoneso, what about the spark tablet release?22:04
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