Sunday, 2012-06-17

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CidanDoes anyone have any tips on how to get mer going on an ASUS Transformer?04:13
CidanSeems to be very little concise information on... well, how to use mer04:13
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Stskeepsgood morning05:50
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CidanWhew, okay, after some hackery... I still can't get mer to boot on an ASUS Transformer07:33
CidanBut I'm close, I think.07:34
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Stskeepsmorn JvD_ :)08:09
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iekkugood day08:32
rcgmorning all :)08:33
rcghow's it going?08:40
Stskeepson a train to some strange city in .fi08:40
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iekkuStskeeps, ?08:44
Stskeepsiekku: roroad(train?) trip to  visit aard08:44
Stskeepsand back in the morning08:44
iekkuaaa! jyväskylä08:44
iekkuit's very nice city in summer time08:44
rcgStskeeps: nice :) i hope you got good weather over there08:46
iekkuforecast says it08:50
iekkuit's going to rain08:50
rcgoh :/08:50
rcgwell, yesterday was also quite heavy rain here.. luckily my fiancee and me were in a restaurant for dinner at that time :)08:51
aard_so far weather is in state 'bloody hot', so I guess it'll start raining towards the evening, like yesterday08:51
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iekkuaard_, :)08:52
iekkuoh, i think i need to start to build boat08:52
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iekkuit's going to be very hard rain in the evening08:53
* CosmoHill goes "thud" on the channel floor08:54
* Stskeeps gets the mop08:54
CosmoHillI swear my hayfever is worse in my bedroom08:56
aard_Stskeeps: in what shape are you guys? directly home first, or looking at the city first?09:00
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Stskeepsaard_: if distance(home) is low we';d like to drop off bags09:02
Stskeepsthen city09:02
JvD_we have hard rain over here in Espoo09:02
aard_distance is about 1km, so low enough, I'd say09:03
Stskeepsdrop fbags first then09:03
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Stskeepswe'd be there 12.39 i think09:06
aard_yes, I'll hopefully too ;)09:06
aard_enjoy your last few minutes with internet, those bloody tunnels should start soon ;)09:07
Stskeepstunnels? :P09:07
Stskeepsare we driving into the depths of hell? :P09:07
aard_where do you think I'd chose to live? :)09:08
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aard_btw, my wife was worried I'd bring shame on her by having an unclean/untidy apartment when you come, so if she ever asks -- you never saw such a tidy apartment before... ;)09:10
Stskeepsgot it, same deal with me..09:10
rcgsome things never change no matter where you are :)09:23
iekkui usually say "sorry for mess, but i have been working and wife haven't clean up the place"09:24
CosmoHillI'm single and my room is a mess09:25
saunabadi'm single and nobody even expects anything else than a mess09:26
rcgCosmoHill: and most important of it all, you don't need to have any excuses for it and can feel good about it :)09:26
CosmoHillmy mates come over and they like "feels like home"09:26
rcgsaunabad: right :)09:26
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CosmoHillit is an organised mess09:27
saunabadyep, coffee mugs and gadgets are organised in a distributed manner09:28
CosmoHillokay it's not so organised but I know where stuff is09:29
rcgbtw. am not complaining, i truely love my fiancee, it's just funny how things are the same all over the world09:29
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CosmoHillaard_: you in GMT+2?09:36
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smokuAny idea why 'sudo' does not work on my image?11:48
smokui enter 'sudo command' it asks for password, and when i give it, returns back to prompt without running the command11:49
smokumy image is based on sdk ks, just built for i58611:49
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Stskeepssmoku, pam debugging perhaps?13:35
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smokuStskeeps: uh?  don't follow13:47
Stskeepssmoku: well, if you can figure out any reason why it would fail to sudio13:47
smokuMer doesn't have selinux, does it?13:49
Stskeepsno, but host does13:49
smokulike I said in the report I'm running Mer on bare hardware13:49
smokuno host13:49
Stskeepsthat -should- work..13:50
smokuactually, when i chroot to that partition from fedora, sudo runs fine13:50
Stskeepsbizarre - strace?13:50
smokui will get to it once I have system semi running13:50
smokunow my WM is xterm ;-)13:51
Stskeepscan't you su for now?13:51
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smokui can sudo now, once i removed from system-auth13:51
Stskeepsok, perhaps something about seats13:51
smokuthere is a possible patch in the freedesktop bugreport i linked to13:52
Stskeepslet's get a bug filed about this issue in merproject bugzilla?13:54
smokuAlready did13:56
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smokuI was thinking you are talking about my bugreport ;-)13:56
Stskeepssorry, i'm erm, a bit hungover13:56
aard_hungover and wet, and making cute faces :)13:59
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mjaoh, never mind15:48
mjareload fixed it. thought someone had done a practical joke15:48
Stskeepswhat did it say? :P15:50
mjastarts like this:15:51
mja{"QCS":"Qt Contributors' Summit","IANAL":"I Am Not A Lawyer (meaning: do not to take this opinion as professional legal advice)","QSA":"Qt Script for15:51
Stskeepsiamer, lbt, aard_ :
mjathen bunch of lines and also definitions for YMMV, AFAIK etc15:52
Stskeepsplease study and see how that reflects into what we do15:52
mjanow I got the page again. loaded it on N95015:52
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iekkuhi, lbt and Stskeeps i can't chair the bug triage tomorrow. having a important work related meeting same time16:48
Stskeepslet's postpone it to tuesday then16:49
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Venemo_N9hey guys :(19:28
Stskeepsmoo Venemo_N919:28
Venemo_N9that was supposed to be a :)19:29
Venemo_N9moo Stskeeps :)19:29
dm8tbrmeh ;)19:29
Venemo_N9lbt_, thanks for the tango lesson :)19:29
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Venemo_N9Stskeeps, it was a very nice presentation about Mer. the BoF was good tio19:33
Stskeepshope it inspired some19:33
Venemo_N9the only thing I can criticize was the volume, you could have spoken more loudly :)19:34
Stskeepsi had a bit of a frog in my thorat19:34
Venemo_N9but it wasn't a problem, at least the audience paid attention.19:34
Venemo_N9I also noticed that you didn't use the word 'whatever' anymore :P19:35
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lbt_Venemo_N9: :)19:37
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Venemo_N9anyway, have you guys seen Andrew's cool terminal?19:44
Venemo_N9fanciest terminal ever19:44
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Venemo_N9looking forward to taking a look at his code19:47
Venemo_N9he talked me into learning shaders for Qt 519:48
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Stskeepshello hufhufhuf :)20:09
hufhufhufjust leaving that here:
Stskeepsis this the powervr sgx stuff?20:10
Stskeepstry to read the next post in line, it's quite humorous :)20:10
StskeepsFSF makes sgx reverse engineering project a high priority, gnu lawyers shut it down as there's risk of them suing GNU project..20:10
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hufhufhufStskeeps: yes. now, don't be like that.20:11
Stskeepsmy own reservations about it is that due to the immense amount of patents related to mobile graphics, it will be very difficult to put in shipping, open hardware20:11
Stskeepsi think it's great, but once i see someone run actual libGLESv2 and libEGL that are open based on the effort, then it has been a success20:14
Stskeepsand not even lima is there yet20:14
hufhufhufStskeeps: Still, better it is better someone try it than wait for closed driver updates that might never come.20:14
Stskeepsprobably, just looking at it realistically from a pov of someone who might want to use it on hardware20:15
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hufhufhufStskeeps: will probably take a few years until we something working but you never know.20:16
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Stskeepsat least there's good movement on mali and omap in terms of kms/dri/wayland20:17
Stskeepsthat may just reduce the gles drivers down to blobs that really doesn't need changing20:18
Venemo_N9do we have hw accel on omap4?20:18
Stskeepsyeah, that's where most effort is these days20:18
Venemo_N9there was an archos 101 g9 at devaamo with Mer+PA20:19
Venemo_N9and those guys basically said that hw accel doesn't work on it20:19
Venemo_N9and indeed, the experience was quite sluggish20:20
Stskeepsthat's related to a different issue.. basically it's difficult to do omap4 accel unless you have kernel version Z, xorg B, etc..20:20
Venemo_N9ah, I see. that's awful.20:20
Stskeepsmostly linked to what versions ubuntu use :)20:21
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Venemo_N9couldn't they just make one for us?20:21
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Venemo_N9I mean, a build that links to whatever we have20:22
Stskeepslinaro isn't a charity ;)20:22
Stskeepswell, as i said, there's good work going on on open xorg drivers, drm, kms, wayland20:22
Stskeepsthat's where it will be more independent20:22
Stskeepsas i said in my presentation.. aftermarket adaptation is really damn hard20:23
Venemo_N9yeah, I get it20:23
Venemo_N9but anyway, at least it works on omap3, right? (20:24
Stskeepsgiven certain conditions20:24
Stskeepsbbl sleep20:24
Venemo_N9i mean N9(x0)20:24
Venemo_N9still not quite used to this vkb20:24
Venemo_N9okay, sleep well :)20:24
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saunabadVenemo_N9: try fingerterm, makes using irssi a alot easier20:46
Venemo_N9I don't use irssi20:46
saunabadoh, that seems like an exception these days :)20:47
CosmoHillI use it for logging20:47
Venemo_N9I'm kind of a UI person :)20:58
smokusaunabad: heh... I use Opera to irc ;-)21:00
Venemo_N9smoku :)21:01
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phaeronI was there21:27
CosmoHillcould you imagine steve jobs going "fuck you adobe"?21:30
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