Thursday, 2012-06-14

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sonachStskeeps: morning!05:30
sonachStskeeps: I have setup obs according to lbt's Now, I can access https://fe:444 and http://fe:82, but can not access https://fe05:32
sonachStskeeps: Any instructions?05:33
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sonachStskeeps: strictly speeking, I can access https://fe, but it is very very slow...05:39
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sonachphaeron: morning. Do you have any instructions for slow access to my local obs frontend?05:55
phaeronyou mean  your local obs is slow05:58
sonachphaeron: yes, just the obs frontend, which is a delicated VM,05:58
sonachphaeron: especially when I login,05:59
sonachit take about 2 minutes to login,05:59
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phaerondid you change anything in /srv/www/obs/webui/config/environments/production.rb ?06:00
phaeronand how much RAM does that vm have06:00
sonachphaeron: no, I just RUN lbt's without any modification.  And the VM has 1536MB RAM,06:01
phaeronok not bad amount of ram ..06:02
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phaeronsonach: can you give link to the script.06:04
sonachphaeron: and I run ' fe'06:05
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sonachphaeron: will SSL have some impacts on this? On my old local OBS server, I run be,fe(with SSL),worker and MerDS on the same server with only 2GB RAM, but the WebUI access is very fast,06:08
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phaeronI don't see anything out of ordinary06:11
phaeronis memcached running ? rcmemcached status06:11
phaeronand output of free -m06:12
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sonachphaeron: I think rcmemcached and memory is OK:
Stskeepssonach: we encountered that issue too at some point. lbt probably remembers cause06:33
Stskeepssonach: i'm on a business trip the next 10 days so don't expect i'm much around06:34
iekkuoh, news in finland: nokia is ending salo factory, and ulm. cutting down oulu. 3700 people out06:34
iekkustill not official, but...06:35
timophwhere did you get that?06:35
sonachStskeeps: I find that in /etc/apache2/vhost.d/obs.conf, "Listen 443" is commented...06:35
iekkutimoph, hs.fi06:36
sonachStskeeps: business trip:)  and lbt is on business trip two?06:36
Stskeepssonach: yeah, seeing him tomorrow06:37
Stskeepshe should be here on irc today though06:37
iekkutimoph, i think official info will come around 1006:37
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iekkuinfo for shop stewards has been at 9, and info for nokia employees starts at 1006:39
sonachiekku: Will this event impact Mer at some point?06:41
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Stskeepsonly if it impacts qt06:42
Stskeepsbut qt is a open project these days so less risk06:42
sonachyes :)06:43
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iekkumaybe we get more people in06:46
phaeronsonach: you have swap which good enough too. so I can't find anything that would cause slowness. look at apache and obsfe logs and try to find out if anything is logged during the  slow time06:47
sonachphaeron: where to check the log of obsfe?06:49
phaeron/srv/www/obs/api/log/ /srv/www/obs/webui/log/06:51
sonachphaeron: I find "[warn] RSA server certificate is a CA certificate (BasicConstraints: CA == TRUE !?)" in apache_errors.log,06:53
* Stskeeps waits to board to helsinki06:55
sonachphaeron: there are some logs in /srv/www/obs/webui/log/production.log, but I cannot understand the log. Do you have time to have a look at it? If so, I will paste it out :)06:56
phaeronsonach: I can have a look but that ssl error looks weird06:57
sonachphaeron: weird?06:57
sonachphaeron: the lastest operation log is:
sonachthis log is about Adding MerDS as remote link, and it is timeout,06:59
phaeronnot good07:01
phaeronsonach: what is FRONTEND_HOST in /srv/www/obs/webui/config/environments/production.rb07:04
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iekkuE-P, hi! are you coming to tampere tomorrow?07:15
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E-Piekku: unfortunaly no, I am still on vacation in Germany07:16
iekkuE-P, oh, ok :(07:18
E-Piekku: are you going?07:18
iekkuE-P, yes, for tomorrow. can't join devaamo summit on sat :/07:19
E-Pok, have fun and say greetings to everybody07:19
iekkui will :)07:21
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sonachphaeron: FRONTEND_HOST = ""07:31
phaeronis it accessible at that ip and port (FRONTEND_PORT and PROTOCOL in same file)?07:32
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sonachphaeron: it is very slow,07:33
sonachphaeron:, which is API frontend, works fine,07:34
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sonachjust very slow,07:35
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phaeronsonach: try accessing  the api from the webui machine07:36
phaeronsame machine. so why not just use localhost07:37
sonachphaeron: oops!!! It is the backend(
phaeronanyway it looks your webui is slow either because it can't access the api fast enough (?) or the api can't access backend07:38
sonachthe backend's firewall blocks something!07:38
phaeronsource server would be first guess07:39
phaeronport 535207:39
sonachphaeron: yes, it is that the api can't access the backend. In api/config/environments/production.rb, I find '5352'. I shut down the backend's firewall, then everything is OK,07:40
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sonachphaeron: thank you for your time to help me diagnosis this probem :)07:41
phaeronany time07:41
sonachphaeron: but I am strange why not access 443 port at all intead of accesing is very slow...07:42
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sonachin my POV, if the backend blocks the frontend, I will can not access the frontend at all,07:43
phaeronit keeps trying to talk to backend which is just not replying so it keeps waiting and waiting07:43
sonachcool.  then I can go forward with my further OBS stuff :)07:43
lbtmorning all07:45
lbtsonach: saw the backlog, good to see you're sorted out07:48
sonachlbt: morning :) It take me several hours to sort this out :(07:48
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lbthehe .... you should hire some experts :D07:49
sonachlbt: I think the backend should let port 5352 and 5252 pass. any other ports additional?07:49
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lbtsonach: well, typically your front/back end machines have fairly open access between them07:50
sonachlbt: what do you mean by 'have fairly open access between them'?07:51
lbtthey should be on the same LAN07:51
lbtand not have a firewall07:51
lbtI don't have a list of "all ports that OBS needs"07:52
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sonachlbt: there are VMs running on the same host machine, and share the same eth0. So I have to shutdown firewall of backend?07:52
lbtit depends on your installation and could include DNS, ntp, smtp, etc etc07:52
lbtwell, honestly, that's not something I can just say "yes" to - I don't know enough about your installation07:53
sonachlbt: hmm... the backend VM is just for OBS backend, not do anything else,07:53
lbtI will say you should monitor the firewall between fe/be and see what's being blocked07:53
lbtthe easy option is to permit all fe/be traffic07:54
lbtI don't know what your company security policy is07:54
sonachlbt: how to monitor the firewall under opensuse11.4?07:54
lbtin my old companies that would have been OK in development but not in production07:54
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lbtsonach: sorry, I just don't know that - I don't use the SuSe firewall07:55
sonachlbt: you mean, you just shut it down??07:55
lbtI use low level iptables .... which is quite complex07:55
lbtbut then I know what's happening in detail07:55
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lbtand fwiw I just open all fe/be traffic07:56
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lbtI limit fe traffic to known ports (which are different in production)07:56
sonachso you know what is all 'fe/be traffic'?07:56
lbtie any port to any port bidirectional07:57
sonachyou know, I install the OBS just RUN your script,07:57
sonachlbt: anyway, I can shut the firewall down now, and do some research on it later:)07:57
lbtIf you do, then please write up what you find07:58
lbtif you like you could send some contribution patches to improve the setup script07:58
lbtpossibly provide an (optional) firewall setup script to run before the ?07:59
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lbtit's hard for me to do that since I don't have the same setup08:00
sonachlbt: I think I can add some 'echo' information after the start_be step?08:03
sonachor just write it down in the wiki page?08:03
lbtwell, ideally we'd have a "test connectivity" script08:04
lbtyou could setup socat to listen on the right connections on each machine08:04
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lbtthen check and report on each connection08:05
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lbt:) ... you'd probably learn a fair bit about what connections are needed08:05
lbteg the worker needs to run curl on port 5253 to the srcserver08:06
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lbtsonach: but before that, a list of connections would be a really useful addition to the wiki08:08
sonachlbt: this seems a little complex...08:08
sonachlbt: yes, I think I can add something to the wiki first ...08:08
lbtI know ... but we all contribute a bit to it and share the burden08:08
lbtthat's what a co-operative *is* :D08:08
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lbtsonach: I think many people who start working with open-source eventually learn that it's not "easy" ... but it should be "easier" than alternatives.08:10
sonachlbt: yes, contribution is the CORE of open-source08:11
lbtso .. in this area (obs setup and debugging) it's good to have a target08:12
lbtand it would be nice to have a quick connectivity tester08:13
lbtbut that's a lot to do in just one step08:13
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lbtso I think it would be a great longer term goal - and we can start a section on the wiki working towards it08:14
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sonachlbt: good point! I want to contribute to Mer at some point, and i find the directest way is to add something to wiki page. I will try to do this 'test connectiveity' stuff immediately after my local OBS can work.08:16
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lbtthanks :) that wll be useful08:17
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sonachlbt: you can give me more suggestions, because I don't know how to \\\\\\\\08:17
sonachlbt: sorry, mistype :(08:18
lbtmore suggestions about?08:18
sonachabout what we can contribution. Anyway, today is a good start :)08:19
lbtDon't forget that you already contribute by talking about problems you have and we (sometimes) help solve them for you and others08:20
lbtyou would not beleive how many people don't even come to talk about problems :)08:20
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phaeronlbt: so the scenario that Stskeeps wants to use prjcopy for doesn't work in obs, either a bug in obs or mds08:32
lbtyeah - I forced myself not to get involved yesterday :)08:32
lbtdidn't follow too closely08:32
phaeronlbt: the scenario I want to use it for is working, just need to add an option to make it part of submit request accepting08:33
lbtWell, I'd like to do a Mer OBS snap and release08:33
lbtcan we do that first?08:34
lbttidy the commits as much as possible and get Mer OBS 2.3.1.Mer1 out the door ?08:34
phaeronlbt: it's in good enough shape afaics08:35
lbtI thought so - the rebase on 2.3.1 is minimal08:36
lbtwe should review the patches and decide what to keep/bin08:36
lbtand bear in mind we should go to cobs and CI with this08:36
sonachlbt: Now I am testing the new OBS. the 'build result' keep 'scheduled' for several minutes,08:47
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sonachlbt: how to debug this?08:48
lbtwhat arch?08:48
lbtand is your build machine 32bit ?08:48
sonacharmv7el, x64,08:49
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lbtso that should be working08:49
phaeronhe means the workers, what is their OS arch08:49
sonachall VMs are opensusu11.4 64 bit,08:49
sonachlbt: Is there any log files to look into?08:50
lbtso check the worker is running properly08:50
lbtyes, tail -f /srv/obs/log/*.log08:51
lbton the be08:51
lbtalso on the worker I run : screen -r08:51
lbtuse "ctrl-A" then "d" to leave the screen08:51
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sonachlbt: there are some errors, but I don't understand that:
lbtrpc error: rpc timeout   means some network problem08:56
lbtCan't exec "createrepo" means the package isn't installed08:57
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lbt"503 remote error: Service Unavailable" is actually OK - we're planning on making that sound less of a problem08:57
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lbtphaeron: we should hack Mer OBS to be nice about MDS link drops08:58
sonachlbt: but no network problem at all... the four VMs(fe,be,worker,mds) can ping each other08:58
phaeronlbt: actually the correct way would be to fix mds not to drop the link08:59
phaeronI am already  testing a patch for that08:59
lbtphaeron: agree - was reading
lbtabout how to handle drops of persistent connections08:59
phaeronfirst we make it persistent :D09:00
sonachlbt: and all VMs' firewall have been shut down,09:00
phaeronbasically enable http 1.1  on the mds request handler and make sure all responses have proper content length09:00
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*** IanWizard-Cloud has joined #mer09:00
lbtphaeron: OK09:01
phaeronand hold the connection if there are no lastevents to report09:01
phaeronI already have the patch for that , you get one persistent connection per obs scheduler arch , but sometimes you get double connections so I am debugging that09:02
lbtsonach: so also need to check what servers are listening on the be09:02
lbtnetstat -lnp09:02
sonachlbt: results on the be:
sonachbut I shutdown the firewall of be...09:04
sonachrpcbind is not started?09:05
sonachhmm... rpcbind is running.09:05
sonachlbt: can you get some results from the output of 'netstat -nlp"?09:06
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lbtsonach: if you see this... rpcbind is not needed - the rpc in question is an OBS one09:22
phaerongoing to wearing mer Tshirt :D09:23
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* lbt afk for quite a while now09:30
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Stskeepsmorn slaine, sledges10:05
*** harbaum has joined #mer10:08
* Stskeeps hugs Mer10:10
iekkuStskeeps, it's good we have mer10:14
*** pohly has joined #mer10:14
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Stskeepslo niqt10:25
*** nj3ma has quit IRC10:27
niqti reading nokia news10:27
*** nj3ma has joined #mer10:28
Stskeepsyeah, it is a bit unsure what impact it'll have on qt10:28
Stskeepsat least with mer we arent too tied to it, we can do html5 just fine too10:28
Stskeepsor even gtk10:29
*** icota has joined #mer10:29
niqti don't like gtk10:29
niqti use qt from 199710:29
niqttoday is bad day10:29
Stskeepsi think qt continues, and we're not about to exclude it from mer or something10:29
aard_Stskeeps: qt is widely used outside of mobile phones for opensource and commercially, so I'm pretty sure it'll never drop below development effort on gtk10:30
aard_only that nokia probably won't pay for it in the long run10:30
Stskeepsman, the weather is really awesome today in finland..10:30
Stskeepslo icota, was good seeing you in SF10:31
icotaStskeeps: hi! nice seeing you too :)10:32
icotayou guys discussing the nokia news?10:32
Stskeepsa bit, not enough details out10:32
Stskeepsit doesnt affect mer financing or project but trouble in any of the components is useful to discuss10:33
icotayeah i'm still waiting to hear from qt people employed there10:33
slaineI've clearly missed something regarding Qt10:33
icotatoo bad they're shutting down the ulm office10:33
Stskeepsslaine: 10k employees out, rumours of qt based project shut down..10:33
slaineOuch, Nokia on the skids10:34
icotai'm thinking this might be a good thing in the long run10:35
slainebbs, switching machines10:35
Stskeepssure, more innovative small to medium enterprises10:35
*** slaine has quit IRC10:35
icotaStskeeps: exactly, that's what i'm thinking10:35
Bostikit'll be rough for the next year or two, but it was going to be that way already so...10:36
*** nj3ma has quit IRC10:36
*** rcg has joined #mer10:38
icotaBostik: why? you mean the financing is going to dry up?10:38
Bostikicota: not that - after last year's major announcement we already knew it would take a while to get any reasonable number of smaller companies up from the ruins of Nokia layoffs10:39
Bostikicota: this one now dumps additional 3k+ developers to the pool who need to figure out how to go from here10:40
Stskeepsanyway.. in case anybody wonders, this does not change anything with Mer direction, it only confirms why we need to have this project10:41
icotamore so than ever...10:41
icotadoes anyone know how many people where there in trolltech prior to the acquisition?10:42
icotacan't be mora than 200?10:42
icotagoogled - it was 250-30010:47
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*** himamura has quit IRC10:48
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iekkushould we have status update for QA ?12:00
iekkuis there anyone willing to join?12:00
Stskeepsi'm around but lagge12:00
Stskeepsand actually got QA info to share12:01
iekkuoh, ok then12:01
*** bigbluehat has joined #mer12:32
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*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #mer12:34
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer12:34
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*** shrikrishna has joined #mer13:03
sledgesmorn Stskeeps13:11
sledgesguys, where does nokia news mention Qt? (apart from 10k layoffs by end of '13)13:13
Stskeepssledges: it doesn't, but it is a bit bad indication that they've been asked to not commit any changes for a little bit..13:13
sledgesi just saw it long time ago as going on their owns already13:15
Stskeepsyeah, it's good qt-project exists13:16
sledgesany news from Meltemi world ?13:18
Stskeepsi'll let you search on for your own dose of rumours :P13:18
Stskeepsat least we have mer :)13:18
*** arcean has quit IRC13:20
*** sonach has joined #mer13:21
rcgyeah, imho going fully open source is the way to go :)13:21
mja!/eeropenttinen etc13:22
Stskeepseither way, i think qt-project is at a state where it might actually function as a proper open project13:22
Stskeepsafternoon lbt13:23
lbtback for a few mins before I have to go pickup the car from the garage13:23
sledgeshi lbt13:24
lbthe sledges13:27
*** arcean has joined #mer13:33
Bostik"asked not to commit any changes for a bit"13:34
Bostikwell thanks a bunch, guys13:34
Bostiksupposedly mere days away from -beta113:35
sonachStskeeps: "at least with mer we arent too tied to it, we can do html5 just fine too", but I think now Mer uses qtwebkit to support html5,13:36
sonachand it seems that Qt is a kind of 'application framework' of Mer...13:37
lbtsonach: Qt is indeed an application framework for Mer13:38
lbtand it's a good one - it provides both native and HTML513:38
lbtbut it's not the only one13:39
sonachlbt: "it's not the only one", so there are other alternatives?13:39
sonachwhat alternatives?13:39
lbtyes, including things like "boot 2 gecko" from mozilla13:39
lbthowever, one reason for using Qt is that it's a proper open source project13:40
lbtso whilst investment may drop for a while - the risk of the project being closed is absolutely tiny (like zero)13:41
sonachi personally think gtk is not a good choice. yes, since qt-project is open, this event doesn't affect much.13:42
lbtWe also chose Qt over Gtk and I doubt that will change in the near future13:42
lbtWhat this event will do is it will mean that other companies will have to find ways to fund Qt development13:43
*** himamura has joined #mer13:44
*** jonwil has joined #mer13:44
lbtbut really companies should have been funding opensource projects anyway - in order to be involved and to be ready to handle any economic disruption13:44
lbthmm ... I have to go catch a train13:45
sonachlbt: I personally think Mer had better insist on Qt :)13:45
sonachhesitation is not a good thing...13:45
sonachok, good trip :)13:46
*** sonach has left #mer13:47
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* Stskeeps yawns14:16
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timophStskeeps: up for a beer/soda/something?14:36
Stskeepstimoph: sure14:37
Stskeepstimoph: i'm behind the railway station, not omena this time14:37
Stskeepssokos hotel villa14:37
Stskeepswhere are you at?14:37
timophnew factory14:37
timophI'm just planning to leave here14:37
*** beford has joined #mer14:37
timophwe can meet at the station14:38
Stskeepssure, where would you like to meet?14:38
Stskeepsah, lag14:38
timophit'll take me around 15mins to get there14:38
Stskeepsi need to verify my stuff didn't go into pieces during flight, then i'll go14:38
* timoph starts heading to the station14:43
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CosmoHillto replace my laptop is about £1800 >.<17:51
CosmoHillfucking macs17:58
*** epirb is now known as pomm17:58
CosmoHillI think mine cost £2100 when we bought it 7 years ago17:58
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* Stskeeps yawns18:33
* CosmoHill sticks some fruit in18:33
Stskeepsit's been a bad day, but i'm not as worried as on feb1118:34
CosmoHillmy boss kicked up a fuss yeasterday morning saying he could fire both of us and employee someone for the combined wage18:34
CosmoHilltoday he seems happy enough18:34
CosmoHillhow come your day has been bad?18:34
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phaeronCosmoHill: at least because of
*** talavis has joined #mer19:13
CosmoHilloh crap yeah, I heard about that on the news before work19:13
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* CosmoHill offers out drinks19:17
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CosmoHillI've just read of a website that adds a 6.8% surcharge for IE7 users21:47
Stskeepsit costs to maintain for21:47
Stskeepsthat does actually give me some kind of idea..21:49
lbt_awaysee you tomorrow Stskeeps o/22:07
Stskeepsyup, give me a sms when you land22:08
lbt_awaywill do22:08
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