Friday, 2012-06-15

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sonachhi, on WebUI, the build status is "scheduled". I find that in /srv/obs/log/dispatcher.log, there are errors: assignjob armv7el/home:zhanghui::standard::enca-5642f9450112c23ff95f4111e2198d5d -> x86_64:linux-58rw_1 rpc error: rpc timeout01:57
sonachmy OBS worker VM's hostname is "". what is the "x86_64:linux-58rw_1" then?01:57
sonachCan the obs backend recognize "x86_64:linux-58rw_1"??01:58
sonachAnd why will obs backend dispatcher use "x86_64:linux-58rw_1" as the worker name?02:02
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sonachlbt_away: Now I know the reason of "rpc timeout". On my obs backend, I do 'ping', it resolves as, which is wrong!02:06
sonachlbt_away: but on my old OBS server, if do 'ping', it resolves as which is correct, since worker and backend are on the same machine.02:07
sonachlbt_away: So, for my new installation, if the backend can resolve '' correctly as '', then thing will be fine. but how to make the backend resolve it correctly?02:09
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sonachlbt_away: I solve this problem. I add an entry( linux-58rw) in /etc/hosts of backend, restart the dispatcher, shutdown the firewall of obs worker, then it is building now :)03:42
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lbt_awaysonach: glad you're sorted - I'm off to catch a plane :D ...... talk to you soon04:27
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sonachlbt_away: in /usr/lib/obs/server/, there is "my $hostname = Net::Domain::hostfqdn() || 'localhost'", which uses FQDN.  So in my setup, somewhere is IP, somewhere is FQDN, hehe ,very confusing.06:03
sonachlbt_away: so I have to edit /etc/hosts of be/fe/worker :)06:03
sonachNow build fails with "getbinaries: missing packages: sb2-tools-armv7l-inject", I think I should update MerDS now...06:06
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sonachStskeeps: Can Mer do DHCP?06:38
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Stskeepssonach: sure06:38
Stskeepssonach: connman does it06:38
Stskeepsit's however doing it in a bit weird way :)06:39
sonachStskeeps: how to do it then? or can you show me a link?06:40
Stskeepsif you have connman running and ethernet, try ifconfig eth0 up06:40
sonachbut now, my hardware can connect to internet, using static IP, "ifconfig" and "route" can make this happen,06:41
Stskeepsifconfig eth0 up will cause connman to notice the link and dhcp on it06:41
sonachbut why will connman do that? who tells connman to do that?06:42
Stskeepsthere's a thing in kernel that connman listens to06:42
sonachok, I will have a try,06:42
sonachStskeeps: I think I only need to add one package named "connman-xxx", right?06:43
Stskeepsno, just connman should be  enough06:44
Stskeepsconnman-test would beu seful for debugging though06:44
sonachok, get it,k06:45
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timophStskeeps: lunch?08:28
Stskeepshmm, sounds like an idea08:28
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Stskeepsi just want to run blts-x11 and then i'm good08:28
timophwe're at new factory08:28
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timophwe haven't decided yet where eat08:29
iekkutimoph, out? now?08:29
iekkutimoph, you know what i'm meaning... ;)08:29
timophiekku: soonish08:30
timophwithin an hour or so08:30
* timoph is hungry08:30
iekkutimoph, now!08:30
* timoph got it08:30
iekkuok ok, i go alone :cry:08:30
* timoph joins08:30
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Stskeepstimoph, going to NF in 508:40
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timophStskeeps: ack08:45
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marcdeophello guys, I was wondering who is providing resources to support the development of mer10:43
marcdeopand who is responsable for its development10:43
slainemarcdeop: there's no corporate parent to Mer, it's completely volunteer driven.10:44
slaineStskeeps and lbt essentially took the core idea behind MeeGo and took it to the next level of community focus10:45
slaine has details10:45
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marcdeopand how is it different from Tizen?10:49
slainein what way10:49
slaineIt's different in almost every way, but I'm sure you're thinking of some sort of angle10:50
marcdeopwell, yes. I think I was kind of wondering what's the "direction/focus" of the project10:52
marcdeophtml5 apps? traditional apps?10:53
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jussimarcdeop: if you read like the fist few lines on the website mentioned, youd know the answer to that :D11:00
jussiMer is an open, mobile-optimised, core distribution aimed at device manufacturers; powered by Qt/QML and HTML5 - openly developed, inclusive, and meritocratically governed.11:00
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Bostikmarcdeop: basically, you're asking the wrong question - Mer isn't a batteries-included system, it's meant as an easily customisable and portable base system; if software stack on a phone/tablet was a house, Mer would be the foundation you would never expect to see11:25
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StrikethroughNow that Meltemi is dead, what happens to Qt within Nokia?11:32
StrikethroughThis is really tragic. Meego dies, Tizen allows for no native code to run as apps, Meltemi dies...11:33
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Stskeepsslaine: volunteer based is a bit incorrect since there's definately companies backing contributions :)11:59
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Stskeepsthough it's not always visible as they're just vendors and contributors12:03
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smokuStskeeps: but these companies act voluntarily? ;-)12:26
Stskeepssure, noone's forced to join mer, but it'd be stupid not to ;p12:27
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lbtmarcdeop: I'm in the process of expanding some of the website content12:30
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lbtphaeron: hey13:38
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lbtyou around13:38
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phaeronyes coming :D13:46
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marcdeopStskeeps: how to join if one isn't a developer?14:14
marcdeopjust to not be stupid :P14:14
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Stskeepsmarcdeop: anything :) qa, documentation, marketing, etc14:20
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marcdeopqa?quality assurance?14:24
slaineJoing the mailing list, there's regular QA meetings14:24
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iekkumer bof just started in devaamo summit, tampere finland14:30
iekkunice amount of people14:30
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marcdeopand about developing... is there any sdk?14:38
iekkumarcdeop, is good place to start14:40
iekkuand of cource you are welcome to ask questions, didn't mean that14:40
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marcdeopiekku: no problem, you are right. I should first read a little bit ;)14:41
marcdeopmy apologies14:41
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Venemo_N9Stskeeps, still online while on stage? :P14:42
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iekkuVenemo_N9, there's always time to ask questions in irc also ;)14:55
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slaineI feel like I'm there now14:57
Venemo_N9I see iekku :)14:57
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slaineespecially with timoph's picture15:02
iekkuwho what15:02
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iekkui was plannin to color my back hair as mer blue, but didn't have good blue or severals to mix15:04
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tom_is there any one15:30
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slainedon't you just love it15:31
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slaineenjoy the rest of the weekend devamo folks16:41
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* CosmoHill offers peanut butter sandwiches19:43
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Stskeepsphaeron: how's the dorm?20:33
phaeronStskeeps: it's ok..20:34
phaeronInformatiQ: didn't  find a place20:34
Stskeepsreally? thought omena was available20:34
InformatiQapparantly that was the parking20:35
phaeronStskeeps: you know how they have no reception and their website said no places20:35
Stskeepsphaeron: yes, you walk in with your CC and try your luck20:36
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lbtInformatiQ: so... middle bench?20:48
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InformatiQlbt: so far dorm has nice tv room21:05
lbtInformatiQ: ah, so you're sorted? good21:05
InformatiQfor now21:06
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