Friday, 2012-06-08

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olHi! Can anyone advise how to type Escape in terminal application of Nemo Mobile? I've started editing a file in vi and don't know how to leave insert mode.01:33
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* timoph yawns06:22
* dm8tbr mooos06:23
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iekkuoooh, the mer bof is on fri!06:49
iekkui can join \o/ \o/06:49
iekkusat i can't be at devaamo summit, but on fri as long as it takes06:55
timophbtw, do we have some preliminary agenda for it or just talk about whatever07:03
timophat least I was thinking whatever although might be good for someone to give a short introduction to it if there are people not so much involved with mer07:04
iekkuthat's good idea07:08
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* timoph looks at Stskeeps07:25
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lbtmorning all07:53
lbtSage: ping07:54
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Sagelbt: pong07:59
lbthey, I had some issues with trying to build ppl07:59
lbtanything you could help with ?08:00
lbtit builds fine locally08:00
lbtbut there's a circular depend on cloog08:00
SageI remember trying that some timeago quickly but can't recall why I didn't push it to review08:03
lbtwe need a mechanism to explain this kind of issue08:06
lbtand how to handle co-dependent packages too08:06
lbtI'll ask Stskeeps when he's back08:06
Sagelbt: what kind of error you get?08:09
lbt"nothing provides needed by cloog-ppl,08:09
lbtnothing provides needed by cloog-ppl"08:10
lbtmm actually I had to remove the package from there - it stopped any others from building since they all needed cloog08:10
Sageah, so there is .so name change08:11
Sagelbt: remember the pcre hack I did when the so name changed?08:13
lbtno :)08:13
Sageyou might need similar thing there :)08:13
lbtwhich is why I need to write it down :P08:13
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Sagelbt: that should not be writtend down really as it really is something nobody should do :D08:14
lbtwon't it happen every time there's an .so number change in a toolchain dependency ?08:14
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lbtclever but painful :)08:15
Stskeepsso number change in preinstall / requires packages is a nightmare08:16
Sageso what that does is pretty much preserves the binary that was previously compiled :P08:16
Stskeepsie, prjconf08:16
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lbtis this because we don't have the old version of the package to hand?08:18
lbtie the solver doesn't say ... ooh, I could use version-1 in the build chroot08:18
lbtStskeeps: happy for me to use that approach for ppl ?08:21
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lbtslaine: ipv6 eh :)08:47
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Sagelbt: yes, because old soname isn't available.08:52
Sagelbt: version-1 in the build root08:52
lbtSage: it could be if the solver looked in a 'pool' of rpms for the old version08:53
lbtwhich seems like the 'right' solution?08:53
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sonachhi,where to set gateway under OpenSUSE11.4 permanently('route add default gw xxx' is lost after reboot)?09:13
lbtin /etc/sysconfig/network09:15
lbtroutes file09:15
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sonachlbt: I don't see this file at all09:15
lbtecho "default $IP - -" > /etc/sysconfig/network/routes09:16
sonachlbt: ah, create a new file?09:16
lbtyeah, if it's not there then this is OK09:16
sonachlbt: cool, thank you09:16
lbtI think that's correct; I know debian better :)09:17
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sonachlbt: keep in mind to run 'rake db:migrate ...'  after I execute 'zypper install obs-api mysql memcached apache2' when setting up obs_frontend.09:35
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sonachlbt: what does this mean? I am very puzzled about this,09:36
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lbtit's just part of the setup09:36
Stskeeps(i think that sentence is not very clear in the docs)09:37
lbtyou run migrate if you are upgrading09:37
Stskeepsit doesn't say where to do it, what env variables, etc09:37
sonachlbt: ah, you mean I have to do this only when I want to upgrade apache?09:37
lbtsonach where are you reading this?09:38
lbtsonach: no, when you upgrade the OBS fe code09:38
sonachlbt: the last line after 'zypper install obs-api mysql memcached apache2'09:38
lbtsonach: *grin*09:38
lbtwhat page?09:38
sonachlbt: the OpenSUSE11.4 JeOS is a little stupid and Now I can not see the information again... the screen is scrolled away...09:39
lbtOK - so it's shown as part of the install text - I see09:40
sonachlbt: Can I safely ignore this?09:40
lbtnot really09:40
lbtyou should be following an install guide09:40
lbtis this a fresh install ?09:41
sonachlbt: hmm, Maybe I can execute 'zypper install obs-api mysql memcached apache2' again?09:41
lbtwell, no09:42
lbtthat will just say "nothing to do"09:43
sonachlbt: hehe, yes,09:43
lbtis this a fresh install09:43
sonachlbt: yes,09:43
lbtI assume you've done any config you need?09:43
sonachlbt: no, I have not done
lbtthat's what you need for  a fresh install09:45
lbtI made a script:09:45
lbtif you read this part:
lbtit tells you what you need to do09:46
lbtsome bits you can skip - eg if you don't want https09:46
lbtsonach: ^^ is the official documentation09:47
sonachlbt: ah, I see this, at the very front of '',09:47
sonachlbt: OK, thank you for the information:)09:49
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lbtSage: thanks - I was extremely confused by all the %{_lib} stuff you were doing in there ... moving stuff around, leading / chars etc .... I realised that pcre is a bit special11:06
lbtI only needed one post-install line:   cp -p %{_libdir}/libppl*.so.* $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_libdir}11:06
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Sagelbt: post-install?????11:15
Sageah, inside %install not %post :)11:15
Sagelbt: the %{_lib} macro is a bit odd btw, it doesn't have the leading / where %{_libdir} and others have it :)11:16
Sagelbt: I've also moved some of our libs to /usr/lib while doing package updates11:16
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lbtyeah install post sry11:24
lbtI spotted the %{_lib} missing a / in the macros too - I was thinking "is that trying to install from the real / ?"11:26
lbtand then spookily - cloog failed on i486 and armv7el ... but worked just fine on a rebuild...11:27
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lbtalso wondering if sb2 is getting this right by magic11:37
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Stskeepsok, i'm at laptop for a bit..13:07
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lbtwb Stskeeps13:24
Stskeepsnot home in .pl yet though13:31
lbt"home is where the packets land"13:32
dm8tbr::1 sweet ::1?13:32
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lbtgrumble ... we don't have mipsel on cobs13:41
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jeremiah_lbt: Do you still work for Teleca?13:49
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jeremiah_ah okay. :)13:49
jeremiah_Good to know.13:50
lbtwell, not from my point of view *g*13:50
azadpakiHi all13:50
Stskeepshi azadpaki13:50
azadpakistskeeps nice to meet u here13:51
azadpakiyour contribution is remarkable13:51
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Stskeepsoh thank you13:52
azadpakiWell Stskeeps when new Nemo Mobile image will launch13:52
Stskeepswe try to do it on a regular basis13:53
Stskeepsprobably when next mer core is out13:53
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azadpakitoday I update my nemo through package manager13:53
azadpakibut voice screen not shown13:53
Stskeepsfeel free to join #nemomobile too13:54
azadpakiwhats going on these days13:55
azadpakiu r a busy man13:55
Stskeepswell, i mostly work on mer core13:55
Stskeepsbut more and more contributors are coming to nemo13:55
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azadpakithats good, One day Nemo will hit the peak soon13:55
Stskeepsyeah, but there's always a upper limit of what a open source project can provide13:56
Stskeepsin terms of codecs and other things13:56
Stskeepsor typical valude add things like skype etc13:56
Stskeepsyeah - some things cost in life13:56
azadpakibut still you have done much13:57
azadpakiI appriciate13:57
Stskeepssure, but i'm just one person - others contribute too :)13:57
azadpakiall of them are respectable13:57
azadpakigood wishes for him also13:58
azadpakiin near future what chances of strong improvement in Nemo13:58
Stskeepscore will improve greatly for sure13:58
Stskeepsbut ui will require contributors13:59
azadpakimy Bad I am simply end user13:59
Stskeepssure, your questions are good enough :)13:59
azadpakibut when every you release Nemo image I test it on N90013:59
lbtStskeeps: we have packages with unexplained patches... this is bad13:59
Stskeepslbt: welcome to fedora based packages14:00
Stskeepslbt: like which?14:00
olGuys, I have a question about registration on I want to file a bug report and start contributing, but I need to register first. However, has a minimum limit of 3 characters in username, so I can't register with my nickname. What's the reason for this limitation? There's no such limitation on, so I've registered there with my nickname.14:00
lbtnow :;a=tree14:00
lbtbut the ones I just did too14:00
lbtoi to be honest ... the effort it would take me to find and fix it14:01
lbtand then ensure that all our other systems work with short usernames14:01
lbtprobably ... but then you'd need support if it broke...14:02
Stskeeps(oh ell, for good measure)14:02
lbtwe're just using (mainly) plain upstream packages14:02
olWhat do you use for that?14:02
lbt*grin* ... I get called Ibt sometimes14:03
lbtol: plain bugzilla with some ldap stuff14:03
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lbtol: if you can point me at the code that implements the constraint...14:03
olI mean, what kind of software can have such strange limitation on _minimum_ username length? I understand if there's a limitation on maximum length which can be imposed by fixed length database field...14:04
azadpakistskeep what about Plazma Active for N900?14:04
ollbt: OK, point me to the software, and I point you to the constant. :-)14:04
lbtol: I don't argue14:04
Stskeepsol, with bugzilla it is probably some silly argument about search results when looking up users..14:05
olWhat software do you use on the main site?14:05
lbtmediawiki ?14:05 or ?14:05
Stskeepsol, bugzilla is actually our 'central' db14:06
Stskeepsso the issue must be there14:06
olWhat version do you use?14:06
lbthmm let me look14:06
* Stskeeps googloes14:08
lbtif ($uid !~ /^[a-zA-Z0-9_]{3,12}$/) {14:09
olOK, I see version
ollbt: I can't believe. Is it hardcoded??? :-O14:09
lbtyou've never met bugzilla then14:10
lbtalthough ... I can't complain ... I may have written that bit :)14:10
lbttry now14:11
ollbt: Only as user, actually: and But that bugzillas was using my email as username.14:11
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lbtyeah, I may have added mandatory usernames to make it possible to front ldap14:11
ol"A confirmation email has been sent containing a link to continue creating an account. The link will expire if an account is not created within 3 days."14:11
lbtOK ... so it wasn't a big deal then :)14:12
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olNow I need to wait a while for greylisting on my SMTP server to let the message in...14:13
olI hope, there won't be problems with a plus in email address.14:14
lbtno, that's fine14:15
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ollbt: Do and use the same user database?14:17
lbtthe wiki doesn't .... *grumble*14:17
lbtnor does gerrit ... *grumble again*14:18
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lbtStskeeps: "don't call out to glib-config, since our glib-config is a pkg-config wrapper";a=blob;f=pkg-config-0.21-compat-loop.patch;h=c8d3feab0046ad9a9dd353a21b361f3863627da4;hb=HEAD14:20
lbtthat patch removes handling of gtk+ and glib by their *-config14:21
lbtdo you want to keep that behaviour14:21
lbtnm - they're dropped anyway14:23
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ollbt: OK, I've received confirmation link by email and clicked it. Now I't registered. Thank you very much for letting me in!14:34
lbtol: no problem14:34
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olI had an intention to file a bug, but it appeared that this bug is already filed. So I've just added a comment describing how to fix it:
lbtol: ok - useful - ta15:00
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olI've found that there are pretty old versions of many packages used. Like there's kernel 2.6.37, whereas 3.4.0 has been released already. Is there something preventing to upgrade to newer version?15:02
lbtol: so this is the mer/nemo split thing15:03
lbtmer doesn't provide a kernel15:03
lbtNemo is constrained because some of the nokia binary-only drivers only run against certain kernels15:04
olThe same thing for connman which is frozen at
lbtyeah, Mer has 1.015:04
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olSo why does Nemo use outdated version?15:05
lbtask Sage (technically you'd ask in #nemomobile )15:06
lbtbut he's here too15:06
olI have to understand the relation between Nemo and Mer. I was thinking that Nemo is just Mer + some user interface on top of it.15:07
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lbtit aims to be that, yes15:09
lbtbut like any real-world hardware product, things get in the way15:10
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lbtStskeeps: another circularity with pkgconfig :)15:25
lbtcan we handle this by doing a manual review and accept - then when the circular build starts, modify the BR??15:27
lbtthe good news is that the next pkgconfig version has a bundled glib snapshot .... rly15:27
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zeqjoin #radeon16:57
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Sageol: connman is same version as in Mer and Mer is currently updating to 1.0 or even 1.1 if my last submit is accepted.19:46
Sageol: with kernel I guess you mean N900 kernel that is old because some of the drivers haven't been accepted to upstream and nobody has rebased those on top of the latest branch. Feel free to help if you have kernel experience :)19:47
Sageol: package updates are also welcome. There is only so limited amount of us and stil a bit over 300 packages in Mer and it is hard to keep up with the releases. We are constantly updating those as we go. See e.g.
Sagee.g. that release contains already 16 package updates.19:51
Sagewhich is about 5% of the packages and in ~2 weeks so guide nice IMO :)19:51
olSage: Thank you for clarification. One more question. I didn't find any Telepathy packages in Nemo. Does it mean that instant messaging functionality is not included?19:55
Sageol: telepathy was added just a moment ago. You should be able to find them now with zypper search.19:55
Sagethose are also needing update and I have update packaged but that broke peregrine so needs debugging before pushing forward19:56
olWill it be installed by default in the next release?19:56
Sageyes, peregrine is part of the image so it drags some telepathy stuff in.19:59
olSage: Will phone calling and texting be using Telepathy?20:04
Stskeepsright now it uses ofono directly20:06
Sageyes, ofono directly20:09
olIt would be logical to have all instant messenging (including texting) and voice/audio calling (including phone calling) to be implemented uniform way with Telepathy. That's how it's done in Maemo on N900, and I think this is the right way. Conceptually there should be no difference between phone call and a call through any other instant messenger.20:10
olIs Telepathy phone backend from Maemo available as open source?20:12
Sageno idea. However currently telepathy isn't part of Mer so this discussion should be at #nemomobile instead.20:14
Sagealso the maemo phone backend most probably doesn't work with ofono and probably would need complete rewrite anyway20:15
olIs there a reason why Telepathy is not a part of Mer?20:17
olIt's part of Meego, so why was it excluded in Mer?20:20
Stskeepsol, check out as a start20:22
Stskeepsproject that is20:25
Stskeepsjust to serve as foundation for the talk20:26
olI don't see any mention of instant messaging on this page. I found just this: "Mer utilizes the oFono telephony stack"20:29
Bostikinstant messaging is basically an application problem (and scope)20:33
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Stskeepsol, basically we try to limit how much we have to maintain and qa20:36
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