Thursday, 2012-06-07

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sonachiekku: hi, Have you ever installed OpenSUSE JeOS with virt-manager?04:20
iekkusonach, no04:20
sonachok,thank you:)04:20
iekkuhelped a lot, didn't i ;)04:21
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Bostikwhile on that subject,
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I use linkpac to compile qtwebkit, got the error /usr/bin/ld: BFD (GNU Binutils) 2.22 assertion fail elf32-arm.c:12049, any ideas about that?05:54
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: normal, it is just a warning i think05:54
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: happens on ubuntu too afaik05:54
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I compile on opensuse 11.04, the details
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I use linkpac to get one qtwebkit package, but I found on our local OBS another qtwebkit package on mer-release-tools/release-tools/packages-git/mer-core/, is this normal? there two different qtwebkit packages on our local OBS?06:03
StskeepsZiQiangHuan: same thing, maybe a lower version06:04
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: another package also faild with the error message "collect2: ld terminated with signal 9 [Killed]", I google it, someone says this may be cause by lower memory when compile qtwebkit.06:06
BostikZiQiangHuan: you need to specify "-Wl,--no-keep-memory" as linking flag06:10
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ZiQiangHuanBostik: yeah, no-keep-memory, ok, I will have a try06:12
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SageDo we have something like cron in Mer atm.?07:23
Sageor does something provide similar functionality?07:23
* Sage is pondering what would be the best way to notify user about available updates.07:28
dm8tbrmh, wasn't there this timed thing? or was that harmattan only?07:29
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Sagethere is that in nemo but I don't want to use that if there is something that is provided in the core level.07:30
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Sagelbt: was there copypac already that preserved the release count numbers?07:43
lbtI'm not sure - I think that's one of the reasons I never liked it - they sometimes seemed to get lost07:44
lbtI just got bit by that copying from Tools:Testing to :Tools07:45
lbtSage: how would you check for updates then?07:49
lbtasuming you could cron it07:49
lbtiekku: can you change your email at the meego,com bugzilla ?07:50
iekkulbt, i think i can, but...07:51
Sagelbt: PackageKit has cron extension.07:51
lbtiekku: I'm getting all the bounces :)07:51
iekkulbt, to be honest, if i change it i get huge amount of mails07:51
Sageiekku: set the setting don't send me mail? :)07:51
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iekkudone :)07:53
iekkuand done :)07:53
lbtany idea who's an admin there?07:53
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lbtSage: so what mechanism are you considering for an actual check ?07:56
Sagelbt: cronjob that would activate packagekit e.g. daily which would then check if there are updates available08:00
Sageor did you mean something else?08:00
lbtI meant "define update"08:00
lbtnew release?08:00
lbtor just new package?08:00
Sageah, for now just new packages in repo08:00
lbtnew package implies you're changing packages in a (fixed?) release08:00
Sagelbt: well, I'm not thinking about the release now. Mainly just thinking about the generic mechanism for updating device.08:01
lbt*nod* ... me too08:01
Sageie. what are we missing from the chain if you exclude the release updates, i.e., repository changes.08:02
lbtI think an 'updates' repo08:02
lbtie release repo is very static08:02
lbtbut there's a dynamic update repo with new versions08:02
SageWell, nemo has release like every two weeks. So I'm not thinking about updates repo atm. :)08:03
lbtwell, yeah, but... we should08:03
Sageit would be anyway in that kind of case just release update08:03
lbtI was doing the changelog last night for the Core snapshot08:04
lbtand I wrote it to do a delta between any 2 snaps08:04
lbtwhich of course is what should go in an update repo08:04
Sagecurrently the delta between any 2 snaps we have is about 50-80% of the packages08:07
Sageincluding the rebuilds because of deps08:07
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lbtyeah - that's a problem when Mer is changing08:08
Sagethus, I'm not really thinking of update repos but release repos also because of CI that is more appropriate IMO08:08
timophsomeone asked an interesting question: "how many lines of code does a Mer release contain?" Not that important but would be fun trivia08:09
lbtSage: OK - so would you use 'latest' symlink then?08:10
lbttimoph: sadly we store tar.gz blobs so delta-loc is hard to find08:12
StskeepsSage: delta rpms might help a lot08:12
lbtand OBS 2.3 can do delta-rpms08:12
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* timoph ponders about writing a small script for loc counting08:14
Sagelbt: as said I'm not concentrating to the release now so yes for now.08:15
lbtStskeeps:  :   tools/ obs-projects/Core 0.20120517.1 0.20120614.0.0.108:15
lbtSage: OK - just checking. I need to solve the same basic problem for the SDK08:16
lbtit's hard because we just _dropped_ the 'latest' symlink approach08:16
Sagelbt: but in long run there is need for updating from static release to another. But for that we need mechanism also for nemo to make static releases.08:16
Sagelbt: ... dropped means?08:16
lbtwell, I made the Mer releasescripts generic ... remember?08:17
lbtwell if my SDK email ever hits the ml ... :/08:17
lbtgrr pastie is dead08:18
lbtThe SDK image is now pinned to specific static repositories. Updates are carried out using "sdk-upgrade" which allows the repos to be updated to latest, next or set to point to any Mer Core/SDK release pairing.08:18
* lbt sets a pounce on smoku08:19
Sagelbt: how do you define Mer Core/SDK release pair?08:20
SageSDK release name include mer core release id?08:20
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lbtthe image does08:20
Stskeepslbt, no laptop access08:21
lbtStskeeps: np08:21
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lbtStskeeps: that just uses git tags to make changelogs now08:21
Sagelbt, Stskeeps: The connman 1.1 update should be accepted to next core snapshot. the 1.0 didn't work so well on N950 at least. 1.1 seems much better.08:22
lbtOK - is it in review08:22
Sageyes it is just pushed a fix for it moment ago08:22
lbtSage: the core/sdk pairing issue is part of the problem for me08:22
lbtit's hard to have that information in a package08:23
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lbtso the main way a given installation knows what version it's on is to look in the repos.d/ area08:23
Sagelbt: I'm pondering if we could have package called mer-release which vendors could depend on and define their vendors version baesd on that and depend on the specific version of that package or something?08:23
lbtsomething outside the normal review cycle?08:24
lbtgenerated by the release scripts08:24
Sageprobably yes.08:25
SageSo when ever vendor would compile their release package it would automatically get dependency from the specific mer version08:25
Sagenot sure if this is a good idea, just got it a moment ago :P08:25
lbtI struggled with this for SDK08:25
lbtI do 'Tools' releases08:26
lbtso we have Tools 5.1.008:26
jbos_lbt, so i think my kvm issue is solved.08:26
lbtand mix that with a Mer Core release and you get an SDK release08:26
lbtjbos_: cool08:26
Sagelbt: like <MER>.<Tools> ?08:26
lbtso SDK is, really, Tools+Core08:26
jbos_so your link gave the right idea, :)08:26
lbtjbos_: nice08:27
lbtSage: yes08:27
jbos_but i simply increased max processes in /ect/libvirt/qemu.conf08:27
jbos_mh :) so in obs/spec files, is there a way to get the "Project-Name" in a variable08:27
lbtjbos_: blog about it somewhere ... maybe google+ ... to maximise chance of finding solution08:28
lbtjbos_: why?08:28
Sagejbos_: well you can modify prjconf to get it included ;)08:28
lbtsounds like a bad idea though08:28
jbos_like ProjectName:Package   ..> would like to do something like %{Projectname}08:28
jbos_ye my little birdy project does not yet have a good name08:29
SageRelease: <CI_CNT>.<B_CNT>.Nemo.MW.MTF08:29
jbos_and I want to avoid changing all later :D08:29
lbtwhat for? there may be some better approach08:29
SageI have that in some of nemo projects to see where the package is from easily08:29
lbtSage: that's useful08:29
Sagelbt: would like to see it more automatic though08:30
lbtI could make <PRJ>08:30
lbtI made <REL_SPEC>08:30
* Sage would like that very much.08:30
jbos_like to configure the install folder until I find a not Trademarked name for my project :)08:31
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Sageok, time for lunch.08:31
lbt> coffee08:33
lbtor should that be :   coffee | lbt08:33
jbos_I#m with lbt, coffee for me08:33
jbos_sage, i run my stuff in a cut down nemo image on n950, I wonder about bootup screen08:35
jbos_when jump from plymouth to x i see some glitches08:35
jbos_ever tried to get rid of them08:35
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jbos_lbt, i wrote it in the ubuntu forum, already in google :D08:39
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Sagejbos_: never tried to do anything for those. However I think we should look into merging the whole plymount at some point probably09:08
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jbos_ye not like very important, but it makes a first impression i thing09:18
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slainekernel compiling, my favourite thing….snore09:19
jbos_anyway, since i have no qt or such,... I tried rotating by X which works fine, however :) any system way of rotating  touch to?09:20
lbtfyi ...
lbtI'd be grateful for trials and feedback09:28
lbtnext step is 'osc sb2_target' or similar09:29
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jeremiah_lbt: any 'none-x86'?09:58
jeremiah_Don't you mean 'non-x86'09:58
jeremiah_Also, what do you mean more precisely by 'local build' -- where is the chroot placed? On the host machine or in a VM on the OBS server.09:59
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jeremiah_Then, it is confusing that you have 'armv8el' and then later 'armv7hl'. Perhaps you might explain why there appears to be an architecture mismatch?10:02
lbtjeremiah_: yes, host machine, one's a scheduler and the other an architecture (
lbtthis whole thing is very much a WIP and I'm looking to simplify it a lot - the grep is easier than saying "now look for the repos that match your architecture and pick them"10:09
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E-Piekku: could you host the qa meeting today?10:23
E-Pi forgot to remind you earlier :)10:23
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E-Pjust having the current status topic10:24
lbtjeremiah_: updated wiki after feedback10:24
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iekkuE-P, yes I can10:25
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lbthey phaeron10:30
lbtabout to upgrade spectacle on boss10:31
phaeronlbt: hey10:31
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Sageyes that is the upstream. I asked permission to continue there :)10:39
jbos_a i see, for roation of mtev driver i will need to patch the driver10:39
jbos_doesn't support that10:39
Sagelbt: actually the Mer git repository is the same as upstream10:39
lbtyep, noticed the tag upstream and just fixed wiki10:40
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iekkuhmm, seems that we don't have qa-meeting today12:01
iekkuno one there and i couldn't find invitation12:01
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merftwgreetings comrades14:23
merftwwhere can I buy a phone with mer?14:26
Stskeepsyou probably can't, yet14:26
Stskeepsjust like you don't see phones with ubuntu core out of box14:26
Stskeepsyou'd have to find a vendor that uses mer to make a product14:26
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merftwwhere can I find such a vendor?14:27
Stskeepswell, the interesting part about mer is that vendors can use us without us even knowing14:27
Stskeepsmer is a core, combine with a ui and a hardware adaptation and you have a product14:27
Stskeepsso vendors take the core and add on top14:28
merftwthat isn't very interesting14:28
Stskeepsit isn't for end-users, no14:28
merftwit would be interesting if they say, hey mer people, we are going to use14:28
merftwand then someone added the device to a list14:28
Stskeepsbut for vendors it is, as they save a lot on not having to employ a lot of people for maintaining linux base software14:28
merftwthat would be interesting14:28
Stskeepsand maintaining security updates, etc14:29
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merftwcan we expect such a device in this century?14:29
Stskeepsperhaps - i don't know off hand, but i do know other categories that are in works14:30
merftwor will I have to reincarnate first?14:30
Stskeepsmer is a mobile core, not strictly phone only, so14:30
merftwwhat can I do with a mobile core?14:30
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Stskeepsall sorts of stuff -IVI, TV, tablets, healthcare devices, etc14:34
merftwthat's nice14:34
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merftwI want to develop a device using mer that tells me how drunk I am14:35
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Stskeepsnah, not drunk :P14:43
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merftwwhat can  I do to help mer Stskeeps ?14:57
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jbos_Stskeeps, I may have a patch for xorg-x11-drv-mtev to enable rotation15:17
jbos_I mean like rotation of touch input when not running qt and rotating native x monitor15:19
jbos_still building, but well, how is maining mtev driver lately? repo seems pretty much dead15:19
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jbos_lbt stskeeps, is there a arm9 build of mer / did y ever tried to build against arm9 in obs?16:06
jbos_btw, after changing this max processes, I do have a really noticeable speedup in obs / kvm16:07
jbos_esp deploying a worker16:07
lbt*g* ... anything is faster than crashed :)16:07
jbos_m ye but it ran for hours before crash16:08
jbos_however its now much faster16:09
lbtjust kidding16:10
lbtseems odd though16:10
lbtit's not like RAM where you'd expect extra to make a difference16:10
jbos_yep. I mean when i started with obs, deployment took like what 1 hour or so16:11
jbos_after going to raw, enabling cache16:11
jbos_fixing cache to get really used16:12
lbtah, I understand16:12
jbos_and now setting the max processes to 125k16:12
lbtI thought you just meant the ulimit thing16:12
jbos_its like 2-3 minutes16:12
lbtthat's about right16:13
jbos_before max processes it was like 15 minutes16:13
jbos_i mean, all "virtual network" was damn slow16:13
jbos_before this max processes fix, I also notices fuser take 9999% cpu in top16:14
jbos_this is gone now16:15
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jbos_another thing16:21
jbos_in those configuration.yaml files to generate ks files16:21
jbos_there are GROUPS16:21
jbos_where/how are those defined, and where is mic looking for them16:22
jbos_i just dont get it16:22
jbos_a got it16:28
jbos_mh where is coming from?16:42 isn't that the "useful leftovers from mtf" thing?16:44
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jbos_could be, have some dependecy from pulse audio to that16:49
jbos_and wondered where it comes from...16:49
*** vivijim has quit IRC16:51
jbos_ok from pulseaudio-n90016:53
notmartanybody knows how systemd gets started?17:20
notmarti have to try a different init system (long story :/)17:20
lbtkernel command line17:21
lbtsystemd provides init17:21
lbtso /sbin/init -> ../lib/systemd/systemd17:22
notmartso just having another /sbin/init should do?17:22
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Stskeepsjbos_: armv4 / armv5 ?18:52
*** bef0rd has joined #mer18:53
* lbt would have thought armv9 would have both of them ... :)19:03
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jbos_m im still confused on naming of arm (in general) and in obs even more19:23
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jbos_wait, need to vheck wiki19:23
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*** poka is now known as brant19:24
jbos_jeyp so its an ARM920T which is ARMv419:26
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lbtStskeeps: I've upgraded and built ppl but there's a circular dependency on cloog_ppl ... do I send it to review?20:08
lbt"nothing provides needed by cloog-ppl, nothing provides needed by cloog-ppl"20:08
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jbos_Stskeeps, i have a patch for mtev to allow input configuration to rotate input coordinates21:17
jbos_i.e. when y rotate the screen / monitor21:17
jbos_what should I do with that :)21:17
lbtideally send it upstream21:24
jbos_seem more or less dead, thats why i ask21:25
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lbtwhere is upstream ?21:26
lbtquiet != dead though21:27
jbos_have those patches pushed in a personal clone, :) mh ye i try a merge request21:28
jbos_lets see21:28
lbtnb don't do a patch submit / pull request via gitorious ... the notification sucks21:28
lbtif you do then at the very least follow up with an email to the ml or developer21:28
jbos_i don't like gitorious... its so broken...21:29
jbos_(like for my user the dashboard does not work at all...)21:29
jbos_well yes21:29
lbt.... mika.kuoppala@nokia.com21:29
lbtso yeah, it could be dead :)21:29
jbos_need to do a little clean up... indeed I bet he is not on that mail anymore21:29
jbos_but y never know21:30
lbtalso #xorg21:31
lbtah you're there... kinda21:32
lbtplus, we can always carry it as a mer patch of course - but that's not ideal21:33
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