Saturday, 2012-06-09

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tripzeroanyone know how to extract a kernel config if it isn't in /proc ?02:54
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tripzerooh, nevermind02:57
tripzeroit's in /proc02:57
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* Stskeeps yaswns08:07
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StskeepsSage_: did we have a bug for the connman restarting during upgrade?08:15
Stskeepsjbos__: we can do an experimental armv4 port if you'd really like08:16
Stskeepsjbos__: but it may require some leg work08:16
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Stskeepsmorn rcg08:24
rcgmorning :)08:24
rcghow's it going?08:25
Stskeepsgood, finally ending my semi-vacation tomorrow08:25
Stskeepslooking forward to get back hacking :P08:26
rcgbut aint ending a vacation generally a not so good thing? ;)08:26
Stskeepswell, in this case it was a bit of a working vacation, helping my dad move08:26
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rcgah, right :)08:27
Stskeepsbut has been good to be back in my home country for a bit08:28
rcgah great, that's nice :)08:29
Stskeeps(i live abroad, in poland, originally from .dk)08:29
rcghow come you are living abroad, job, family?08:31
Stskeepsfixed a polish girl's computer while we lived at same dorm and one thing let to another, now married08:32
rcggreat, that sounds pretty cool :)08:32
rcgbtw how is life in poland now that the soccer eurocup has started?08:33
Stskeepswe skillfully managed to leave the country before it started08:34
Stskeepsi'm expecting to arrive back and my driving course will be (car) armageddon08:34
rcghehe, right :)08:35
lbtmorning all08:37
rcgmorning lbt08:38
Stskeepsmorn lbt08:42
Stskeepslbt, what devaamo track was it you volunteered for?08:42
Stskeepsto host08:42
lbttrack 108:42
Stskeepsany news in that area regarding going there?08:43
lbtstill not confirmed - I have to fly back monday and need to confirm we can move an appointment for Denises08:43
Stskeepsokay, is pretty soon08:43
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lbtflying ryanair so it's not so much a problem - should confirm this am08:44
* lbt shudders at the though of Ryanair and Stanstead08:44
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Stskeepsmeh, just think of it of flying like cattle and it's fine..08:45
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lbt(that never made sense before... :P )08:46
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lbtStskeeps: was ppl OK for MIPS ?08:52
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lbtoops, no, read the wrong line in gerrit08:53
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Stskeepslooks correct, failed to build on mips09:01
lbtyeah - I didn't have time yet to try a local mips build09:01
lbtwhich involves mips on cobs09:02
lbtor a direct build against CI which is not a good approach09:02
Stskeepsit doesn't, no, but in this case, please do the latter09:02
Stskeepsthat's what i do09:02
lbtalso ... I've done pkgconfig but I'm wondering whether to bother09:03
lbtit has circular issues on glib09:04
lbthowever, the next version has an internal copy of glib09:04
Stskeepspkgconfig is a bit nasty to upgrade yeah09:04
lbtso may just be worth skipping a version ... thoughts?09:04
lbtsee "Use a bundled glib2 to avoid circular dependency"09:05
Stskeepsit really has a full, bundled, glib2?09:05
Stskeepsin the past it was a minimal subset09:06
lbt"glib: Remove as many unneeded files as possible"09:06
Stskeepsah, so it doesn't export the glib outside it?09:06
lbtpurely internal09:06
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lbtbut even so ...09:06
Stskeepsthats ok then09:06
lbtthe changelog stat is funny:  -0/+20733109:07
* Stskeeps is sorting through all his email since he left town..09:08
StskeepslibXaw required by xorg-x11-xkb-utils, btw09:10
lbtxev ?09:10
lbtalso I want a package DB09:11
lbtlooking at CVE, general version stuff and depenency info over the last few days : it's clear that the info is too far from our fingertips09:12
Stskeepsmm, i don't disagree09:12
Stskeepsi wouldn't call it package db rather, but package overview09:12
Stskeepsie, it has to act on extracted info, not stored09:12
lbtsure ... non-authoritative09:12
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* Stskeeps 's head explodes over IRS forms09:50
lbtfile /usr/include/asm/types.h from install of sb2-tools-armv7hl-inject-1.0-1.43.armv7hl conflicts with file from package kernel-headers-2.6.37-1.2.armv7hl09:54
Stskeepsthat should not happen09:55
Stskeepswhere does it?09:55
lbtah, I'm not in SDK09:56
lbtno sb2install support09:56
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Sage_Stskeeps: well we have bug that says that connection breaks when updating connman via ssh. But I think that issue still persists with that new 1.1 submit.11:55
Sage_Stskeeps: At least on my n950 the connection broke down when I did update but that might have been fluke because of the usb networking as well. Didn't have exopc at the time to test it with.11:56
Sage_Stskeeps: the original problem was in spectacle actually where it had a bit bad behaviour on that11:57
Sage_that will be in spectacle 0.25 when that gets out. Need to fix other things for it as well11:58
Sage_lbt: you should really update spectacle to version 0.24.1 :)12:00
lbtSage_: currently RMA'ing hard disks12:00
lbtyou mean in SDK12:00
lbtI think it is .. in Mer:Tools12:01
Sage_lbt: well noted that your previous submits to review are with 0.23 :)12:04
lbtoh, me :)12:05
lbtyeah - that's me not running in SDK :/12:05
Sage_just note to all. When doing packaging update please search other bugs related to the same package from bugzilla as there are many cleanups that could be easily merged to same submit.12:05
Sage_Stskeeps: could you kick the device mapper in review?12:07
StskeepsSage_: first monday12:08
lbtso : sudo sdk-upgrade --sdk 6.0.112:08
lbtwill now upgrade the SDK to a Tools:Testing release12:09
lbt"Retrieving package spectacle-0.24.1-1.1.noarch"12:09
* Sage_ noted more whitespace errors in spectacle :/12:09
Sage_well at least I got most of them in 0.24 but apparently some were left :P12:10
lbtfeel free to fix - that's a testing release12:10
Sage_not critical.12:10
lbtif you'd like a 0.24.212:10
Sage_I'll probably do 0.25 as havn't noted any other critical issues with 0.2412:10
lbtwhat you'd do is build in Mer:Tools:Testing ... if it builds OK then SR to Mer:Tools12:10
lbtthat's a review step ... gerrit would be nice12:11
lbtgerrit-like I mean12:11
Sage_FYI: I'm keeping couple of weeks vacation here so I might not be online much.12:11
lbtthen when we're happy we do a snapshot release of Mer:Tools (like I just did to 6.0.1)12:11
StskeepsSage_: have a good honeymoon :)12:12
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lbtSage_: enjoy12:13
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rcgSage_: honeymoon, vacation? sounds nice :) wish you a great time :)12:20
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lbtvgrade: ping13:11
lbtany issues with the createrepo in your home area?13:11
lbtI've pulled it into the Mer:Tools pre-release13:11
lbtI noticed it's the 0.9 branch vs 0.4 'stable'13:11
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lbtSDK announcement from last week updated and re-sent13:14
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Stskeepsoh god, where has mosh been all my life13:27
tadzikis it this good?13:28
tadzikI was trying to run it on the bus to N9Party, to no success13:28
Stskeepsyes, for people to roam a lot13:28
Stskeepscombine with a screen session and it's really nice13:28
tadzikmy ritual after opening the laptop is usually 1) wait for wifi to catch on 2) ssh to all shells 3) screen -r on all shells13:29
dm8tbrmosh is nice, but it could still have some moar features :)13:30
Stskeepsthis seems to just keep it open even if i switch from wifi to gprs etc13:30
tadzikso my ritual could potentially be reduced to 0 operations13:30
dm8tbrlike e.g. ipv6 (and thus multi-target), tcp fallback13:30
dm8tbre.g. our corporate firewall seems to eat mosh traffic for breakfast...13:31
Stskeepsyeah, udp is usually dismissed13:33
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tadzik. o O ( no quake in working hours )13:34
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rcgmhmm... working hours... my contract also doesn't say anything about working hours at the weekend...13:38
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rcgor probably it does but i never came to reading it properly due to all the work13:39
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Stskeepsmorn ol13:41
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olStskeeps: Good morning to you too. Very late morning obviously. :-)13:46
Stskeepsah, just UGT ;)13:47
Stskeepsi'm on slightly better connection now :P13:47
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tadzikUGT is funny13:50
tadzik"good morning" "yeah, good evening"13:50
tadzikoh, I'm mistaken13:50
tadzikI thought of it as "X is always speaking in X's localtime"13:50
Stskeepsnop, more complecxx13:51
olOr you can always say something like "good time of day".13:51
rcgactually, it's much easier ;)13:52
rcgno need to deal with freaking timezones ;P13:52
StskeepsHELO BYE13:52
Stskeepswe should all communicate in xmpp13:53
olI think, all the world should use UTC. Just working hours will be different in different places.13:53
Stskeepsworks for china, i think13:53
Stskeepslike, one big timezone for immense area13:53
tadzikI'm afraid that'd just create different sort of problems13:54
tadzik"going work, bbl" - "lol on 21:30?"13:54
tadzikor maybe not13:54
Stskeepsol, so where do you hope to contribute to mer/nemo?13:54
olNot sure yet. May be I'll just try to test how telepathy-ring works on N900 for the beginning.13:56
Stskeepsthat's a good start13:56
Stskeepsgets you into the standard tools used quite quickly13:56
Stskeepsgrabbed mer platform sdk yet?13:56
olNot yet. I'm busy with barbecue today. :-)13:57
rcgtadzik: lol.. well got that issue already here...13:58
Stskeepshehe, a good choice :)13:58
rcgi favor some freaking strange working hours xD13:58
rcgat least freaking strange for germany.. in spain i felt much more comfortable :)13:58
tadzikwell, I favor strange working days13:58
tadzikI went to the office on thursday, apparently national holidays mean that no one will be there13:59
rcgwell, i don't favor em, they favor me ;)13:59
rcgthe working days, i.e.13:59
tadzikI learned some new things that day. For example, the first person entering the office will trigger an alarm13:59
rcgnice :)13:59
tadzikso I'm calling my boss in panic "ohgod ohgod, I turned the alarm on!"14:00
tadzikhis "then turn it off" didn't calm me for some reason14:00
rcgol: huzza to bbq :)14:00
rcgtadzik: hehe, you'll get used to that.. had that at one office too14:02
ol:-) I had just a short break between buying stuff to grill and starting the fire. Now it's time to go, guests are arriving soon.14:02
tadzikI think I'll just avoid going to work during national holidays :)14:02
rcgat this office i learned to stop worrying and love the alarm.. if you wanna phrase it that way ;)14:02
tadzikhave ful ol14:02
olThank you!14:02
olAnd a final note before I go. Working from home solves problems with working hours pretty well.14:03
rcgol: yeah, enjoy :)14:03
rcguhm.. i don't consider having working hours of 24/7 a solution ;P14:03
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zeq #radeon14:09
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Tofevgrade: you were right, I managed to get NemoMobile running on the Iconia Tab A500 tablet14:57
Tofethe trick was to switch to software rendering, and to disable the theme daemon (all of this just because of those unimplemented Nokia GLES APIs...)14:58
Tofegotta go, I'll try to go further tomorrow and have something more completely functionnal :)14:59
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* CosmoHill coughs at the smoke that just came from his laptop charger15:12
tadziks/at/from/? ;)15:14
CosmoHilleither way I need a new charger15:15
CosmoHillI have a newer tech one but that isn't earthed15:15
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Stskeepsfirst bad thing as a danish expat: i got refused to buy cheap alcohol across the border as i had no permanent residence in .dk16:34
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spcsHuzzah, first boot of nemo on my n900 has worked :D18:38
spcsNow to reboot and have a play with it.18:41
spcsKernel panic on reboot :D18:42
spcsShould have seen that one coming.18:43
Stskeepsspcs: congrats :)18:43
spcsUnable to mount root fs. Good stuff.18:44
Stskeepsspcs: back cover?18:45
spcsAye it's on. Just pulled the battery out, put it back in (and the cover again) and it's booted fine this time.18:46
spcsWell lets see what fun things we can do now.18:49
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spcs_nemoGood start so far.18:52
spcsOh, not quite. irc has crashed.18:53
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Stskeepsmaybe you have a weak sd card magnet19:12
spcsCould be. I picked it up a few days ago used, so haven't really had a chance to fully check over everything yet.19:14
Stskeepsso what do you hope to do with nemo / mer ?19:15
spcsNo idea yet!19:15
Stskeepswell, contributing is always possible too ;)19:16
spcsAye, very true that.19:16
Stskeepsif you encounter crashes, please report a bug at bugs.nemomobile.org19:17
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phaeronlbt: ping21:09
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