Monday, 2012-06-04

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E-Pgood morning04:50
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: any instructions for qtmobility's architecture can be available?06:45
Stskeepscheck qt documentation, and the .spec file for it06:46
Stskeepsi'm offline this week due to being in denmark instead of poland06:46
ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: ok, have a good time there06:47
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tadzikhuh, they have no internet in denmark? ;)10:32
CosmoHillthen how do they procrastinate?10:33
tadzikmaybe they just leave procrastination for later10:34
CosmoHillso, how are you?10:36
tadzikmostly running around screaming in terror these days. 4 projects to turn over, 4 exams this week and 3 tomorrow10:37
CosmoHillah you're a student10:37
tadzikwell, 2 projects as for now10:37
CosmoHillwhat are you studying?10:37
tadzikalready sent mail to $dayjob that I won't come til at least thursay10:37
tadzikcomputer science10:38
tadzikwell, slacking off the entire semester finally pays off10:38
CosmoHillI was doing a database assignment, talked to my friends about it and found out I'd done it totally wrong10:39
CosmoHillso I scrapped it and started again, on a wednesday and handed it in on friday10:40
CosmoHillgot an A for it :)10:40
tadziknice one ;)10:40
tadzikI've not even started my Databases project10:40
tadzikit's not due this week and not the next either10:40
CosmoHillmy advise, go to bed later and later each day, instead of trying to pull a single all nighter10:41
tadzikI'm doing this every summer ;)10:42
tadzikand then I'm doing an all nighter to balance that10:42
CosmoHillI ended up going to bed about 2 / 3am and getting up 9 / 10am10:42
tadzikno, I'm trying to stay mostly sane this time, as in not live on sugar and coffeine10:43
CosmoHillthat's the thing, I don't drink coffee or redbull10:43
E-Pwhen do you have semester summer break? In Finland the summer break starts usually in May or June and ends on September10:43
CosmoHillE-P: same for my uni but most other unis go back in october10:43
CosmoHillI've graduated btw :)10:44
E-Pgreat! :)10:44
tadzikon my university it starts July 1st10:44
CosmoHillstupid powermac, doesn't work at all now10:46
CosmoHillit would be quiter to have a leaf blower in my bedroom10:47
CosmoHilltadzik: what year are you in?10:49
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tadzikCosmoHill: that's my 3rd year now10:52
tadzikin a year from now I'd be holding an engineer degree ( probably)10:52
tadzikwhich is an equivalent of bachelor, afaics10:53
CosmoHillmy plan was to get a job after uni, if I didn't get one within a year I'd go back and do a masters10:54
tadzikI'm still to choose my topic for the thesis (?)10:54
CosmoHillthat changed cos I was told to do a PHD, not a masters, and the hung parliament tripled student fees10:55
tadzikI'm working part-time now, and I'm trying hard not to ignore studies all the way10:55
tadzikI'm afraid that if I take a break I'll never come back, and I would like to finish those studies10:55
CosmoHillI wouldn't take a break10:56
CosmoHillsome of my friends left their jobs in their third year10:56
E-Pyes, try to make your studies all the time a bit forward10:56
E-PI had many colleges that did a break and they were still working after 10 years without any degree10:57
E-Pif you have lot's of working experience, the degree doesn't matter so much but it is always nice to have :)10:57
CosmoHillthe last few months of my degree became one11:00
lbtafternoon all :)11:00
CosmoHillif I have the right amount of pressure I can work very very well, I spent two weeks solid finished off my dissertation, just writing it11:00
CosmoHillhey lbt11:01
lbthey CosmoHill - got time today eh?11:01
CosmoHilloh bollocks, I was gonna have a bike ride after lunch but I've just seen massive black clouds11:01
E-Phi lbt \o11:01
lbtCosmoHill: of course... bank holiday rain11:01
CosmoHilllbt: I graduated last october :p11:01
lbthey E-P11:01
E-Phow is your hacking-house-building going?11:02
* lbt would like some help sanity checking new SDK later too if anyone is up for it11:02
lbtE-P: did some plumbing saturday morning11:02
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CosmoHillI wonder why packages just grow and grow11:04
CosmoHillpkg-config has used to have glib, but not you need to compile it seperately, but now the current glib requires libefi and python11:04
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Bostikdependency on python might come from rpmlint, I think11:06
CosmoHilloh great, just found out I didn't need the glib package at all cos pkg-config 0.26 has an internal one that you just need to enable11:07
CosmoHillah, ignore that, someone bundled it11:10
CosmoHillbtw, if any of you are compiling vim soon, I have a large patch of all their current patches for 7.311:13
alteregolbt: I'd be interested in helping if I can.11:13
alteregoNeed to install the SDK on my new OS install so would be a fine opportunity ;)11:13
lbtalterego: OK, let me finish triage11:13
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* CosmoHill finds it stupid that a patch from coreutils 5.97 is still required at 8.1611:25
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alteregoGood afternoon jukkaeklund :)11:31
jukkaeklundhi there11:31
alteregoHow're you doing these days?11:31
jukkaeklundwell, thanks how bout you?11:31
alteregoYeah, not too bad, quite busy right now, but coming to the end of some work so looking forward to a short break11:32
jukkaeklundcan we expect you to visit tampere for our summit?11:33
alteregoIt's possible, /me checks the dates.11:33
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jukkaeklundwould be cool to meet again11:33
alteregoYeah, I heard Randy is attending, would be quite cool to see a few faces. As I didn't make it to the Tizen conf in the end.11:34
alteregoI'll check flight costs and hopefully I'm not doing anything that weekend. :)11:44
alteregoBut I've got a feeling there's something I might be doing on the 18th ..11:44
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lbtalterego: costs are stupid high apart from Ryanair - and they don't fly back on sunday11:48
CosmoHilllbt: that is why all the adverts want you to take a hoilday in the UK11:57
jukkaeklundalterego, which city are you based?11:58
* CosmoHill has been there once11:59
iekkuCosmoHill, my inner jukebox just started to play Holiday in Cambodia12:00
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alteregocool, I'll give it a whirl12:55
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alteregolbt: installing now13:26
alteregoNot used a sb2 based one yet.13:26
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alteregolbt: what would you like me to test?13:45
alteregoI'm currently attempting to build an N950 base image.13:46
alteregoWas/Is there anything in particular you want me to test?13:46
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alteregoSeems to have built my images fine :)13:50
alteregoWill try building packages next.13:50
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alteregolbt: package building is working fine too.14:06
lbtalterego: good14:19
lbtthanks - I'll do a final release soon then14:19
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CosmoHillhey GeneralAntilles15:46
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CosmoHillhow much of a bitch is it to move a system from sysvinit to systemd?15:48
tadziknotmuch, I guess15:49
tadzikI've been on a talk of this guy from systemd, seemed to make sense15:49
tadzik...oh, you mean how complicated is it?15:49
tadzikheh. I read "how much of a bitch is it" as "how much does it suck to" ;)15:50
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alteregoCosmoHill: what syste15:53
alteregowhat system are you talking about :)15:53
CosmoHillcross linux from scratch15:53
CosmoHilla year or so ago I was thinking of moving to systemd and using the meego boot scripts15:54
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CosmoHillso far I've installed sysvinit and made /etc/inittab15:57
alteregoah, lfs is cool, learned a lot doing those :)15:58
CosmoHillglade to hear it15:58
CosmoHillI'm clfs' lead developer15:58
CosmoHill/ only >.<15:58
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CosmoHilllooks like for a base clfs I'd need to do 20 to 22 bootscripts for systemd16:01
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alteregoCosmoHill: I'm sure there are some generic ones out there for you to poach16:08
CosmoHillI was asking auke about the meego ones16:09
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marcello|2is there experience to install meego on a tablet zt18016:40
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jeremiah_ehlo localhost17:39
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Sagehmmp... why I can't push my changes to review...18:36
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lbtSage: ?19:06
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Sagegit push origin HEAD:refs/for/master doesn't respond :/19:26
lbtit let you login I see19:30
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lbtSage: it's dead all right ... but I can't find any docs on how to re-start it19:44
jbos_just a short one, how can i install files by rpm with user ownership?19:45
jbos_i tried %defattr (-,1000,1000,-)19:46
jbos_doesn't seem to do the thing19:46
jbos_dont like to hardcode username?19:46
jbos_dont like to hardcode username..19:46
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lbt   "the user and group are specified as a string"19:51
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jbos_so I need to type i.e. "nemo"19:53
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jbos_doesn't seem very generic19:54
lbtin general you shouldn't be using rpm to install files owned by a normal user19:55
lbtif anything it should be a 'system user' such as "mysql" or "www-data" or something19:55
jbos_good point19:56
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jbos_m thing is, its some pre-generated content20:01
jbos_for a webruntime,.. and I wonder if its a good idea to run the runtime as root20:02
lbtno, it's not20:02
jbos_ha yep., :)20:03
lbthowever ... files owned by root != run as root20:03
lbtlook who owns all the files in /bin20:03
jbos_sure sure,20:04
lbtso typically you'd set the files owned by root (unless they need to be modified by the user?) and mode 644 or 75520:04
jbos_well they are going to be mofided...20:05
jbos_thats the thing.20:05
lbtOK, so then they are usually 'samples'20:05
lbtand the user is expected to copy them to a local dir and use them20:05
lbtcan you explain more about your use-case?20:06
lbtpastie a file list?20:06
lbtSage: restarted gerrit - seems to be OK now20:06
jbos_well its pretty short to explains so, its a pregenerated offline cache for mozilla saving some html5 apps.20:08
jbos_thing is, that forls20:09
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jbos_I could avoid that, i.e. by running a small webserver on the device20:09
jbos_but I didn't wanted to go into that, yet20:10
lbtso it sounds like you need to provide the user a comand to copy the cache into their $HOME20:11
lbtthen in the post- script run that command as the "nemo" user20:11
jbos_I need to verify  that there isn't some hardcoded path to that default path...20:11
lbtalso you'll duplicate the data -but you gain a 'reset' capability20:12
jbos_true enough20:13
jbos_alright, this seem to be the way20:13
jbos_ah. btw for the n950 /nemo without ui/ is there a way to init wifi on console20:17
CosmoHillthis is a good example of a binge coder >
Sagelbt: hmmp. still doesn't respond to my push.20:18
CosmoHillSage: you're not pushing hard enough20:18
lbtwhat about : ssh -p 29418 gerrit ls-projects     ?20:19
phaeronjbos_: connman-test somewhere in /usr/lib/20:19
jbos_m not installed, ok need to check thanks20:19
phaeronjbos_: cd /usr/lib/connman/test ; ./test-connman enable wifi20:20
phaeronjbos_: from
*** sethstorm has joined #mer20:20
jbos_ye i have there only scripts20:20
Sagelbt: that works20:23
lbtSage: OK - that was blocking for me before I restarted it20:23
lbtSage: I don't see any ssh connections for pushes from you20:25
lbtmaybe now...20:25
Sageworks now20:25
lbtyep - saw20:25
Sagedid you do something? :)20:25
lbtnot for quite a few mins20:26
lbtlooks good now - dbc seems to have it20:27
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Stskeepslbt: su gerrit2 , cd review_site/bin ./gerrit restart20:39
lbtStskeeps: yep - figured it out ... and put it in admin wiki :20:43
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jbos_urgs, my mer obs doesn't boot anymre... mysql doen't want to start and kvm goes 100%21:04
jbos_not good21:04
* rcg hands jbos_ some pixiedust21:09
jbos_just restarted full server... works again,, had some fuser at 9999% cpu oO21:10
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jbos_lets check for this21:10
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vgradejbos_ you need connman-test package installed to get scripts installed21:43
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cxl000Stskeeps I also get a signal 4 when booting with init=/bin/sh. I am going to try building a static busybox with the working glibc and try that as /bin/sh21:45
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lbttesting SDK upgrades is boring....22:46
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