Tuesday, 2012-06-05

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E-Pmore coffee?05:19
Bostiktea... the liquid of life...05:20
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iekkuE-P, i think i can't drink enough coffee05:30
iekkuhaven't sleep well for several nights05:33
jbos_iekku, this doesn't sound very healty05:36
iekkujbos_, i agree. if i don't get sleep today i will take a sleeping helper pill tomorrow05:37
jbos_m so it not of purpose... > 2 days y should speak with some doc, seriously --- i know what i'm talking about05:38
jbos_just had once 4 days in a row with less than 3 hours sleep overall... i cant actually remember talking with a doc. Its like Zombie mode05:39
iekkujbos_, i have slept something like 3-4h / night05:41
iekkuso not so bad, but still not good either05:41
jbos_but this is fixable with some coffee :D05:41
jbos_ok - just a workaround, y should put important stuff in the morning05:42
iekkui think it might be better not to take coffee, i have some problems with cofein and it might get me sleepy also05:42
jbos_ou to bad05:42
iekkui think i'm going to take slow walk this evening, drink some tea and go to bed early05:43
iekkuusually that helps05:43
jbos_m i know how y feel,... just read half of the night some odd book05:44
iekkufunny that i just talked on sunday about sleeping problems with one friend05:50
iekkuand said i haven't have those in several months05:50
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zuhiekku: You do know that tea has (depending on type) nearly as much caffeine as coffee?06:17
zuhWell, I guess it's fair to say "only half" as an average but still...06:19
iekkugreen tea06:19
sandst1zuh: tea also has theanine and polyphenols which ease the effect of caffeine in your system06:20
zuh"Although it's a common myth that green tea is naturally caffeine free, green tea does contain caffeine."06:21
iekkumaybe i don't take it06:22
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zuhSome exercise early in the evening and then properly winding down before going to bed should be the best medication to sleep troubles06:26
zuhWell, for non-chronical situations anyway :)06:28
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ZiQiangHuananyone is familar with qmllauncher? I want to change the user agent to "iPad", so I write my inherited WebPage class, but just don't know how to use it in qmlauncher06:58
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lbtmorning all08:11
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X-Fadelbt: Check meego-boss, is that ERROR expected?08:23
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lbtX-Fade: looking08:27
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lbtX-Fade: re-applied it ..08:30
lbtit was (as you probably saw) a 500 response from the API08:30
lbtI guess we need to be more tolerant of that kind of response and implement a retry policy08:31
X-FadeYeah, I had never seen ERROR in there, so it jumped out :)08:31
X-Fadelbt: Yeah, retry on 500.08:31
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sonachhi, anybody knows how to recover ubuntu server08:55
sonachrecover ubuntu server08:56
sonachrecover ubuntu server's root password?08:56
sonachI installed the server several days ago, and forget it...08:57
X-Fadesonach: Boot from cd or thumbdrive, chroot and use passwd?08:57
X-FadeOr change kernel line to init=/bin/bash and use passwd?08:57
E-Pthose work very well :)08:57
sonachX-Fade: Now I can enter into recovery mode menu: 'grub>'08:59
sonachI cannot enter any other command line other than 'grub>'...09:00
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X-Fadesonach: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+recover+root+password09:04
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CosmoHilllbt: you know you have a massive engine and it cost you pennies to insure09:13
CosmoHillI would cost me £995 for a 2.2 TDCI ford mondeo09:13
lbtI suggest getting some gray hairs...09:14
CosmoHillon the plus side, it's only an extra £40 for an extra 35BHP09:14
CosmoHill(not including the £400 t09:14
CosmoHillto have it mapped)09:15
lbtand the excess when you tell the insurance company your car is 'modified'09:15
CosmoHillthat extra £40 is when I have told them09:16
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CosmoHillit would make overtakes less scary09:17
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CosmoHillit sucks overtaking a car cos by the time you're along side it they're almost up to speed09:17
lbtyou're doing it wrong :)09:18
CosmoHillI'm doing it in 3rd gear with my foot down09:18
lbtyep - that's wrong09:18
X-Fadelbt is slipstreaming like a F1 driver ;)09:18
lbtdrop back and be doing 20mph faster before you even pull out ,,,09:18
lbtX-Fade: yup09:19
CosmoHillI go for strategy now, I take them after roundabouts cos they're slower09:19
lbtovertaking uses the brakes, not the accelerator09:19
CosmoHilllbt: oh I do have a run up09:19
CosmoHilllbt: if I were to do that I'd end up in the side of a car09:19
lbtI can believe that :)09:19
CosmoHillmy brakes work but sometimes protest at their use09:20
lbtsave up and do an advanced driving course09:21
CosmoHillhow much are they?09:21
lbtbut not a boring one09:21
CosmoHillI'm assuming you don't mean pass plus09:21
lbterr, no09:21
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lbtex (or some current) police drivers09:21
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mjahi guys10:04
mjaI Qt:ifyed the "xbmcclient.h" that communicates with XBMC event server10:05
mjawrote a harmattan app that uses it and also doubles as a WOL client: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=13309610:06
mjain case anyone is interested10:06
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pohlylbt: ping? See private message...10:25
lbthehe ... yeah, like that10:26
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lbtw00t: where is the git repo for lipstick ?14:36
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w00tlbt: github.com/nemomobile/ afair14:38
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lbtOK - is it the current best tool for a modern launcher?14:38
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kaizerslawtenhello guys , I'm brazillian ...15:40
kaizerslawtenI have a Nokia N800 running Mer 0.16 ubuntu 9.0415:41
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lbtkaizerslawten: hey ... that's a very old version of Mer from the Maemo era15:43
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kaizerslawtenHello guys15:55
kaizerslawtenI need a help about Mer Ubunu :-(15:55
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jbos_ping lbt19:19
jbos_just a question, which kvm version do y use19:19
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lbtstandard suse 11.4 or 12.119:29
lbtyou need 12.1 for nested kvm iir19:30
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lbtgood good.... we have21:34
lbt~/.sbrules for the SDK :)21:35
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