Sunday, 2012-06-03

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Sleepy_CoderBlah, finally converted my irssi config to weechat >.<00:54
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* Stskeeps yawns08:08
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* Stskeeps is in .dk for the week08:50
jbos_nice, vacation or some b-t08:51
Stskeepsvacation and family trip.. helping my dad to move and visiting my wife's brother08:51
jbos_m maybe y can give me a hint where to look anyway :) Any Idea how I can change behavior of the power button on the N95008:52
iekkui miss Stskeeps's wife, she's so nice08:53
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Stskeepsjbos_: hook into it through x input, if you hold it down emergency kicks in in dsme08:54
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jbos_mh y are right08:58
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jbos_is there an overview about the Nemo Package Groups13:41
jbos_sage ^^^13:43
vgrade2jbos, OBS structure here may help ,
jbos_guess i found it :)13:46
jbos_vgrade2 thanks13:47
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jbos_i'm wondering where mce comes from13:52
jbos_ah found it13:52
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Stskeepslbt: operational note, phost4 had a bad cache14:34
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Stskeepsstopped worker, removed cache, removed tmpfs roots, restarted, now OK14:51
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Stskeepshello colomar :)16:21
Stskeepswelcome here :) so what brings you to #mer ?16:23
colomarI am a member of the Plasma Active team16:23
colomarAnd I am currently running PA on Mer16:24
colomarAnd I came here because I have a question, or, more precisely a request16:26
Stskeepssure - ask away :)16:26
colomarWe have the following problem: Currently, PackageKit depends on connman on mer16:27
Stskeepsit does? ugh16:27
Stskeepsthat's a bug16:27
Stskeepsactually, packagekit doesn't sit in mer core16:27
colomarTrue. But Sage is the maintainer, correct?16:28
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Stskeepsah, so it's further up in the chain16:29
Stskeepsi'm not 100% sure if PA uses the Nemo repositories or their own for packagekit16:29
Stskeepsif it's from , please file a bug in bugs.nemomobile.org16:29
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colomarSo to which product does is belong?16:32
Stskeepsjust place it in middleware , we catch it in triage16:33
Stskeepsif it's in wrong place16:34
Stskeepswe have triage tomorrow16:34
CosmoHillhi st16:40
Stskeepsmoo CosmoHill16:40
CosmoHillI'm having a stab at CLFS and updating it as a go16:41
CosmoHillwhilst helping some kid do LFS16:41
colomarOkay, Stskeeps, I filed the bug. That one should be quite easy to fix ;)16:46
CosmoHillcolomar: ugh, from exp the "easy fixes" take forever and the hard ones you put off are fixed in 10 minutes16:48
colomarCosmoHill: True. However, removing an unneccessary dependency hopefulyl won't cause any trouble ;)16:49
CosmoHillI need to do that to binutils 2.2216:49
CosmoHillthrows a hissy fit and won't configure if you use CLooG 0.17.* and not 0.16.*16:50
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lbtStskeeps: ok - noted17:17
lbtStskeeps: busy few days/weekend ... we got persuaded to do a Tango show tonight :)17:17
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Sagecolomar, Stskeeps: PackageKit depends on connman as connman is set as network backend for it. No idea if that could be cut out or not. Or if that is a separate module that could be in separate package actaully.17:52
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smokuStskeeps: is it a known feature, that current Mer is unable to reboot/shutdown i586 system?17:54
Stskeepssmoku: acpid not installed perhpas17:56
smokuStskeeps: doesn't @Intel x86 Generic Support include it?17:57
Stskeepssmoku: not sure17:59
Stskeepssmoku: check package list?18:00
smokuI need to reboot for that18:00
smokuwill check in a minute18:00
Stskeepscolomar: see vgrade's url18:00
Stskeepsvgrade: bored?18:00
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Stskeepsi need somebody to test out llvm 3.1 and mesa 8.0.3 on arm, to see if llvmpipe arm has started working yet18:18
Stskeepspackages available..18:18
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w00tStskeeps: i wouldn't be hopeful18:21
Stskeepsw00t: there was a massive amount of arm work done on llvm recently18:21
Stskeepsin the area i identified as problematic18:21
Stskeepsso .. mayb18:21
w00tmesa-dev had a thread on it in april, in which they said it had never been tried / wasn't maintained, so i was going off that18:23
Stskeepsyes, i recall18:23
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marcelloi'm seaching detailed istruction to install meego on a zepad toochscreen tablet18:28
Stskeepswhat SoC is it?18:28
Stskeepsand this is mer here, not meego :)18:28
marcelloit has a cortex a9 processor18:28
marcellomer ok:D18:28
Stskeepswhich one of them?18:28
marcellommm wait18:29
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marcelloi'll see on cpuinfo18:29
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Stskeepsanyway, regarding llvmpipe, mesa & arm: please try out and try out mer-gfx-tests18:31
smokuStskeeps: acpid is installed18:31
Stskeepssmoku: hmm18:31
Stskeepssmoku: good time to add systemd.log_level=debug and systemd.log_target=console to cmdline then18:31
smokukernel cmdline?18:32
marcelloit's an armv718:32
Stskeepsmarcello: need more speific.. cortex-a9 implies armv718:32
marcellowhere can i see18:32
Stskeepscpuinfo usually18:32
marcellohere i read amlogic meson-m118:33
Stskeepsmarcello: can you build and install your own kernel on the device and your own root file system?18:33
Stskeepsas in, you specifically18:33
marcelloit seems difficult18:33
Stskeepsfigure out how to do that and then installing mer and mer-based systems is easier18:34
marcellothe tablet is
marcellotell me istruction i will run18:35
Stskeepsmarcello: sadly we don't do your homework here, you'll need to research yourself :)18:35
marcellowhere are some specific istruction18:36
Stskeepsthere's no clear instructions for this device, AFAIK18:36
marcellothat i've to follow18:36
marcellono one has tried this kid of tablet?18:38
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colomarsmoku: Have you tried waiting a bit when you tried to reboot? On my WeTab with Mer, when I try to reboot or shut down, it seems to "hang" for a few minutes and then it goes off / reboots18:44
smokucolomar: I waited about a minute18:45
colomarIt often takes longer than that on my machine. Literally several minutes18:46
smokuI will see with the next reboot with systemd debug then18:46
colomarThe first few times I gave up after a minute or so and forced power-off with the hardware button18:46
colomarThan one time I forgot about it and then suddenly saw that it had powered off by itself18:47
smokucolomar: yup.  that destroyed my root btrfs a few times now, so I started complaining ;-)18:47
Stskeepsplease file those bugs against nemo x86 adaptation18:47
smokuStskeeps: will do18:48
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colomarSage, vgrade: Ah, I see. So it's a configuration issue, then? If there is no way to make the package backend-independent, I guess we'll need a seperate package.18:49
colomarI hope there is a way to make it backend-independent, though ;)18:49
marcellothe kernel i've to use is meego-core-ia32-madde-sysroot-1.2.0-fs.tar.bz2 ?18:50
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smokuyup. it worked.19:03
smokuI waited a bit and Mer eventually rebooted19:03
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rcg1DocScrutinizer, Stskeeps:
rcg1that's what I could figure out about the battery gauge chip in the N950 and (seemingly) N919:15
rcg1comparing this to the bq27520 specs this differs quite a lot19:15
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iekkuhaha, i installed win8 to exopc and somehow i think i'm not able to even try it... there's soooo happy man sitting in my workrooms floor, he didn't even notice when i took photo of him.20:11
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