Saturday, 2012-06-02

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eddybso, I don't have a 4GB microSD around, but I managed to copy the three partitions' contents into similar partitions created on my 1GB microSD card11:22
eddybhowever, uboot says "wrong image format for bootm command11:23
eddyb", when doing "run mmcboot"11:23
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TofeHello !11:57
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TofeIs there a utility out there to list the EGL extension of a X server ? I'd like to verify if my Tegra2 X server has this capability or not, in order to know if I can run NemoMobile with it...12:03
Tofevgrade: do you know if the Tegra2 driver has the EGL_NOK_image_shared extension ?12:04
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StskeepsTofe: fairly sure it doesn't13:59
TofeWell, that's quite a pity that Nemo requires this extension: it seems to be, after some research, that this extension is very Nokia specific; only a Nokia-device OpenGL driver will be likely to implement it14:02
Tofethis means that Nemo can't run on anything else than N9/N900/N950, as long as it requires this...14:02
TofeI'm not really confident enough to rewrite the Qt plugin for Meego extensions :)14:03
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TofeI wouldn't even know where to begin: is this part of Mer, as it is a plugin which is part of Qt ?14:04
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TofeMmmh. In the end, it's all about writing a software fallback for QMeeGoExtensions, for 4 methods. If all it does is sharing an image resource and scaling a texture, that might be possible.14:07
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TofeAnd at the same, I don't even have the specs of these APIs. This is hopeless.14:10
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vgradeTofe, nemo runs on x86 so I'm sure that extension is not required.  It may be using that extension to improve performance or as a way of finding out if nemo is running on a particular driver so it can do something different14:25
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TofeGood ! Hopes comes back :) I was also actually wondering how Nemo would work on the virtual x86 machine... So I'll just have to find out what blocks mdecorator and mthemedaemon to work together.14:30
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Tofemmmh is there any alternative keymap in Mer ?14:41
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marcellois it possible to install meego-mer on an armv7 zepad tablet?16:25
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dm8tbrmarcello: you have to create the hardware adaptation yourself16:48
* CosmoHill pokes dm8tbr 16:51
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* dm8tbr pokes CosmoHill with a blunt stick17:01
* CosmoHill pokes back with a 9" long 2.5mm allan key17:01
marcelloso i've to create the image by myself?17:03
dm8tbrmarcello: you have to bring your own kernel, hw specific software and put a UI on top (e.g. Nemomobile or PlasmaActive)17:05
dm8tbrand yes, you have to create the final image yourself17:05
marcelloso i can thik to installa an arm debian for examle17:07
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joe_____does nemo work on any of the cyanogenmod devices?18:15
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CosmoHillevery time I read youtube comments I lose faith in humanity19:42
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