Friday, 2012-05-25

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Sleepy_Coder(18:58:43) < CosmoHill> here's an interesting fact for you, takes less than 30 mins to compile windows 7 from source :) <-- I would really like to know how you know that :p01:58
Sleepy_CoderOh he's not here. :<01:58
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E-Pmorning all04:53
Macerze germans are watching ze irssi05:02
MacerSleepy_Coder: lol. 30 mins to compile win7 from src huh?05:03
Macermust not use any pything whtsoever ;)05:04
Maceralthough pything works too :-P05:04
E-PSage: our idea was that device and host side of tools are only for sdk and server side tools (like ots) are for other distros05:05
E-PSage: server side tools don't usually work in the SDK05:06
E-Pmorning Stskeeps05:09
SageE-P: exactly, so server side tools like OTS are not in Mer:Tools, right?05:11
E-PSage: yes05:11
* Stskeeps was happy to find local hackerspace in warsaw and visit it yesterday evening05:11
E-PSage: those will go to Project:MINT05:12
E-PI am writing to the wiki what goes where and how05:13
SageE-P: ok sounds good to me.05:13
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Sleepy_CoderMacer: so he says, I want to interrogate him later if he returns :p05:22
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sonachStskeeps: morning05:31
Stskeepsmorn sonach :)05:31
sonachStskeeps: I am making one package called webkitsvr in one project, and in the same project, there is a package called ezwebkit which includes ''. Now my problem is: when I add 'BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(ezwebkitl)' in webkitsvr.spec, it reports unresolvable.05:33
sonachthe error is: nothing provides pkgconfig(ezwebkit),05:33
Stskeepssonach: pkgconfig(X) means if /usr/share/pkgconfig/X.pc exists05:34
Stskeepssonach: is a guide to .pc05:34
sonachso, how to achieve this? maybe I should add something to ezwebkit.spec?05:34
Stskeepswell, does ezwebkit have include files?05:35
Stskeepsif you don't have a .pc already, just use BuildRequires: ezwebkit05:35
sonachno '.pc' at all,05:35
sonachezwebkit only include one file, that is '',05:35
Stskeepswhich you want to link to, i presume05:35
Stskeepsjust BuildRequires: ezwebkit then05:36
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sonachOK. it is no need to use pkgconfig for my case?05:37
Stskeepsit's just a handy way to avoid a lot of nasty problems, it's kinda like "give me this API which the pkgconfig represents".. and makes it easier to rename packages and so on in future05:37
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Stskeepswhich is why you see it like that in mer05:37
*** agi has joined #mer05:37
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sonachI see. it is a way for better maintainance.05:38
Stskeepsand sometimes versioning too, as you can do for example pkgconfig(QtCore) >= 5.005:39
Stskeepsdm8tbr: heh, just saw a tieto poland job advertisement.. senior software engineer in Wraclaw05:40
Stskeepsspot the error ;)05:40
*** jd is now known as Jade05:43
E-PStskeeps: what do you think about distributing the tests to core, mw and ux?05:44
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E-Pfor the mer it is mainly core and mw05:47
Stskeepswell, there's potentially the challenge that tests may require most than what exists within the core05:49
Stskeepsi am not completely against it :)05:49
Stskeepsjust have to be kept in mind05:49
*** pohly has joined #mer05:50
Stskeepshaving it outside core would mean more freedom to develop tests, having it inside would pose requirements similar to that of software directly interacting with core05:51
* timoph agrees05:53
E-PI think we don't have to restrict the test package to use only core05:53
E-Pmainly that the tests are grouped in the high level to core, mw and ux05:53
E-Pand if the test belongs to core, it mainly tests the core package05:54
Stskeeps:nod: just have to be careful with 'core', as in mer that means;a=blob;f=packages.xml;h=fcbe976e1710429801c015a60779d693fea87aa1;hb=HEAD05:54
E-Pyep, so the core tests would mainly test those packages05:56
Stskeepsthough i'm fairly sure i've screwed the middleware concept with that definition..\05:56
E-Pin meego the qt was middleware05:57
E-Por was at least from the test pov :)05:57
Stskeeps in mind as well05:58
E-Phmm.. I don't know should we even use the word middleware in mer06:01
E-Pmer core has most of the API's what the applications are using06:01
*** lamikr has quit IRC06:02
Stskeepsperhaps do it by architectual domain?06:02
E-Pyes, might be better like that06:03
*** niqt has joined #mer06:05
Stskeepsat least the grouping there helps understand what needs testing06:05
*** apostrophe has quit IRC06:12
Stskeepsand allows vendors on top to define own domains06:14
SageStskeeps: we need manually work the libnl update to mer btw.06:16
Stskeepsok, so what breaks it?06:16
Sagelibnl, wpa-supplicant, iw, crda and qt-mobility probably all need to go together :)06:17
SageI have only first 2 in review atm.06:18
Stskeepsso they mutally break eachother?06:19
Stskeepsqt-mobility, what?06:19
Sagelibnl dep changes so package .spec files needs change to others06:19
Bostikqt-mobility, wth?06:20
Stskeepswhat's the dep change specifically?06:20
*** saunabad_ is now known as saunabad06:20
Sagepkgconfig(libnl-1) pkgconfig(libnl-3.006:20
Sageand qt-mobility broke probably as it has dep to one of those packages06:20
Sageas that package didn't build06:20
*** apostrophe has joined #mer06:20
Sagebreaks == unresolvable06:20
Sagenothing serious, just packaging :)06:21
Stskeepsah, fun06:23
StskeepsSage: ok, can you put all those packages in a branch of Core:i586 on and then we'll make a localdep build check of them?06:27
Stskeepsthat way it's safer06:27
dm8tbrStskeeps: clearly the l should have been an ł ;)06:30
StskeepsBostik: can't merge qt3d, doesn't build on mips:
* Bostik peeks06:40
Stskeepsprobably just a bad ifdef in 3rd party06:40
Bostikvery bad indeed, the header only allows builds for x86*, ppc and arm06:41
Bostikeverything else dies with the error06:41
* Stskeeps checks if debian has a patch06:42
Bostikseems to have06:45
Stskeepsyeah, but not for mips06:46
Bostikoh crap06:46
Bostikthat looks slightly more generic and developer-friendly way06:49
Stskeepsthat looks more useful06:49
sonachStskeeps: can  package A BuildRequires package B which lies in another project?06:50
Stskeepssonach: yes, as long as your <repository> has <path> to it06:51
*** Jade has quit IRC06:54
Bostikah, this is neat - the code which uses those arch-specific build flags only modifies how a certain debug string is constructed :)06:54
BostikI'll cook up a patch shortly06:54
Stskeepsta, no big rush06:55
Stskeepsi think i have quite a fair bit of qt5 so far06:55
Bostikqt3d wouldn't be much of a factor otherwise, but qtwebkit needs it...06:55
sonachStskeeps: my repo config is, and it reports error: error saving package: unable to walk on path 'tvos:common/tvos_common'06:58
Stskeepssonach: typically you should only have one <path06:59
Stskeepsso if tvos:common's paths points to merds:core:armv7l06:59
Stskeeps's better06:59
sonachStskeeps: I only keep the line '<path repository="tvos_common" project="tvos:common"/>', but reports the same error,07:03
Stskeepssonach: does tvos:common have a <repository name="tvos_common"> ?07:03
sonachoh, I see,07:04
sonachStskeeps: so, in different projects, we often use different repository names, right?07:08
Stskeepsyeah, sometimes07:08
Stskeepsthere's really no functional difference, some people just call it 'standard'07:08
sonachi see:)07:10
*** phaeron has joined #mer07:14
Stskeepsmorn phaeron07:14
*** harbaum has joined #mer07:17
sonachStskeeps: Since mer-core's repo name is 'Core_armv7l', but 'standard'  can not reflect the arch. Maybe 'standard_armv7l' is better, for example?07:19
Stskeepssonach: it's up to you how to do it :)07:20
Stskeepsi like to name it so it talks about the path it takes07:20
Stskeepsie, Mer_Core_armv7l07:20
*** cs278 has joined #mer07:21
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*** vgrade has joined #mer07:21
Sage,sidebyside,591,1,openvpn.yaml <- Stskeeps what is dev package?07:21
SageStskeeps: line 2107:21
* Stskeeps goes take a look07:22
Sageit wasn't in .spec :)07:22
Stskeepsthat's not easier then07:22
Stskeepsperhaps it meant udev?07:22
Sageudev version has never been like that07:24
*** fabo has quit IRC07:25
*** fabo has joined #mer07:25
Sageok, typo probably as it is not in reference .spec either07:26
SageStskeeps: could you help me to solve the libnl conflict I have in my project. I just can't understand why that goes as it is.07:29
*** rcg1 has joined #mer07:29
Sagewhy iw and wpa_supplicant can't find that libnl-3.007:29
rcg1what's the proper way to start a script at boot up as root?07:30
StskeepsSage: is it intentional you have 'localdep' in there?07:31
*** GeorgeH has quit IRC07:32
rcg1Stskeeps: thanks07:32
StskeepsSage: probably stalls scheduler for a while07:33
Sagehas been like that about week now :)07:33
lbtmorning all07:34
Sagedropped localdep07:34
Sleepy_Coderguten morgen :D07:34
Sagenot sure where it came07:34
Stskeepsmorn lbt07:34
SageStskeeps: removing localdep didn't make any difference07:38
*** leinir_ has quit IRC07:38
SageStskeeps: if I remove libnl1 fromt here it works07:38
*** vilpan has joined #mer07:38
Sageor well I didn't have problems before I introduced that one07:38
Sagewhat deps on crda on Mer btw?07:39
Sleepy_Coderevil sadist wireless card makers07:39
lbtalterego: ping07:39
lbtah damn it ... wiki is down07:40
Stskeepslbt: worksforme?07:40
lbtoh good :)07:40
* lbt checks internet is working07:41
Sleepy_CoderSage: ldd /sbin/crda ?07:42
Sleepy_Coderoh depends on >.><07:42
StskeepsSage: CRDA acts as the udev helper for communication between the kernel07:43
Stskeepsand userspace for regulatory compliance. It relies on nl8021107:43
Stskeepsfor communication. CRDA is intended to be run only through udev07:43
Stskeepscommunication from the kernel07:43
*** mdfe_ has joined #mer07:44
Stskeepsgood morning mdfe_ :)07:44
mdfe_good morning :)07:44
lbt--- ping statistics ---   7 packets transmitted, 7 received, 0% packet loss, time 6008ms07:45
Sleepy_CoderI really hate crda, I would love it more if it worked 100% of the time.  And then if Atheros drivers didn't intersect the region the device was made for from the firmware.07:45
Sleepy_Coder(crda manages the wireless region drivers query for when deciding which channels the card can transmit and receive on) :>07:46
Stskeepsuseful for certification07:48
SageStskeeps: ok, so crda needs libnl1 probably07:49
Sageso we might need to push them both to core. :/07:50
Sagelibnl1 and libnl307:50
Stskeepshm, how can it need it?07:50
Sageit has checks for libnl3 actually07:51
Sleepy_CoderStskeeps: it seemed like crda would only set the region I told it to half the time.  it wouldn't always work07:51
StskeepsSage: maybe?07:51
Sageso it should build07:51
SageStskeeps: maybe07:52
*** lamikr has joined #mer07:55
* Sage hates the fact how hard it is to get patch from mailing list07:56
SageStskeeps: ok, that helped.08:00
Sagenow time to do more review submits08:00
*** jonnor has joined #mer08:01
*** pirut has joined #mer08:02
*** arc_mat has joined #mer08:03
*** Basstard` has quit IRC08:04
Sageok, and qt-mobility doesn't need patch. It was just the deps08:04
Stskeepsok, good08:06
Sageso libnl, iw, crda and wpa_supplicant together08:06
Sagewe had quite old iw btw :)08:06
Stskeeps[08:27] <Stskeeps> Sage: ok, can you put all those packages in a branch of Core:i586 on and then we'll make a localdep build check of them?08:06
Sage0.9.x vs 3.4 :D08:07
lbtSage:doesn't  curl <link> | git apply      work ?08:07
StskeepsSage: ouch :)08:07
Sagelbt: ..08:07
*** andre__ has joined #mer08:07
lbt[25/05/2012 08:56] * Sage hates the fact how hard it is to get patch from mailing list08:08
Sagelbt: ?08:08
Sageprobalby different link needed ;)08:09
lbthmm - I thought I'd done that before now .... nm then :)08:09
lbtyeah - I thought it skipped header crud08:09
* lbt goes back to Tools stuff08:10
*** araujo has quit IRC08:13
*** notmart has joined #mer08:19
*** notmart has joined #mer08:19
*** araujo has joined #mer08:20
*** araujo has joined #mer08:20
*** enc0de has joined #mer08:26
*** slaine has joined #mer08:34
*** smoku has joined #mer08:36
*** vgrade has quit IRC08:41
Stskeepsgood morning slaine, smoku08:42
*** wmarone_ has quit IRC08:42
slainemorning folks08:43
iekkugood morning slaine08:46
*** Attie has joined #mer08:49
smokuhello Stskeeps08:59
*** M4rtinK has joined #mer08:59
*** decibyte has joined #mer09:02
*** ali1234 has quit IRC09:09
BostikStskeeps: new qt3d packaging in Mer:Qt5:Devel, building the chain onwards atm09:16
*** clopez has joined #mer09:17
*** ali1234 has joined #mer09:28
*** clopez has quit IRC09:36
*** rcg1 has quit IRC09:36
StskeepsBostik: cool, thanks09:45
*** sonach has left #mer09:50
*** himamura has joined #mer09:51
*** rcg1 has joined #mer09:53
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*** wmarone has joined #mer09:58
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alteregoIt's finished :D11:10
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer11:11
*** jluisn has joined #mer11:19
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*** dionet has joined #mer11:32
*** dionet has quit IRC11:33
smokualterego: reprap?11:43
*** DocScrutinizer has quit IRC11:49
*** DocScrutinizer has joined #mer11:49
Stskeepslbt: rebooting mer-ci fe11:55
Stskeepsit's acting awkward11:56
Stskeepsgetting spontanous 403s11:56
lbtcan I look?11:56
lbthmm no ssh11:57
lbttoo late :)11:57
jukkaeklundanybody have experience about Chumby NeTV box?11:57
jboshey, guys is there a way to fully disable suspend  ... avoid writing mem to /sys/power/state12:03
jbosdisable in kernel is not an option12:03
Stskeepsjbos: where do we suspend? :P12:25
*** dionet has joined #mer12:29
StskeepsFrom the NEWS file:12:32
Stskeeps       * Note that we skipped 139 releases here in order to set the12:32
Stskeeps         new version to something that is greater than both udev's12:32
Stskeeps         and systemd's most recent version number.12:32
*** Tofe has joined #mer12:40
*** jukkaeklund_ has joined #mer12:48
*** pirut has quit IRC12:51
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC12:52
*** clopez has quit IRC12:55
lbtHoly cow .... :  rpm supports ~ in version numbers!!!12:57
Stskeepsmiracles happen?12:58
lbtwhat's the betting the algorithm != suse's ?12:58
Stskeepsfairly high13:01
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SageStskeeps:,592 <- mips oddness13:58
Stskeepswill re-kick later14:03
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Stskeepslbt: looks good16:47
*** cs278 has quit IRC16:47
lbtStskeeps: need to think a little about how products will release too : Nemo is nice and complex :)16:50
*** lardman|home has quit IRC16:50
lbtthat came from running : tools/ --conf --next --all 2012052516:50
*** cs278 has joined #mer16:50
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lbt is config16:51
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*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:22
vgradeevening all17:23
vgradehi CosmoHill17:24
CosmoHilljust got home from work, first time in 7 weeks I've been in traffic on the way home17:24
vgradesame here, I get stuck every night.  Run in this morning was good though17:25
CosmoHillI have a pretty easy run to and from work17:26
CosmoHillit's an extra mile to work than on the return cos I take a detour to avoid schools17:27
vgradejust noticed that someone with mali ddk source was asking for help in building for x1117:27
vgradeneed to follow that one up17:28
tripz0Stskeeps, ping17:28
vgradetripz0, \017:28
CosmoHilllast week someone mentioned some web work for mer i think17:28
tripz0hi vgrade17:28
*** tripz0 is now known as trip017:28
* lbt is off to Tango .... see y'all tomorrow :)17:29
trip0what's the good news, vgrade ?17:29
CosmoHillcyas lbt17:29
vgradesomeone with access to mali ddk was asking for help17:30
trip0anyone know if omapfb works with wayland?17:30
*** bef0rd has joined #mer17:30
vgradeStskeeps did some work ages ago on N900.
*** vilpan has quit IRC17:35
Stskeepstrip0: shm composition might work17:38
trip0should I try n900 images on my beaglebone?17:39
trip0just the filesystem?17:39
Stskeepsmer platform sdk, mic cr raw of one of the .kses for armv7l17:40
trip0where are the .kses?17:40
vgradehi Stskeeps17:43
*** bef0rd has quit IRC17:43
Stskeepshey vgrade, had a good work week?17:43
vgradeStskeeps, I did, SLES 11, Jenkins and just started with Clearcase17:44
Stskeepsvgrade: sounds like lots of fun :)17:44
vgradeoh and watched an OBS install on some heavy iron17:45
trip0hi w00t17:45
trip0ahh, there we go17:46
vgradeStskeeps, dual cpu hexacores with 64GB, 1 master and 3 workers17:46
w00ttrip0: seen btw? i decided to play with qml2 some :)17:46
vgradeStskeeps, bootstraped MeeGo 1.2 in a few hours17:47
vgradeStskeeps, x86 not arm17:47
trip0w00t, nice!17:48
vgradewhat's the news about the webOs guys going to google?17:48
*** tilgovi has joined #mer17:51
Stskeepsvgrade: gorgeous machine17:53
vgradeStskeeps, and thats just the interim solution!17:56
*** lamikr has quit IRC17:59
Stskeepsthey're free to send it to us afterwards17:59
*** bef0rd has joined #mer17:59
vgradethey have 4 machines of that spec18:00
vgradewill see what I can do18:00
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tripzerosudo mic create ...19:07
tripzerosudo: must be setuid root19:07
tripzerowhat's the root pwd for mer chroot?19:07
vgradetripzero, you using the sdk?19:11
*** fungi has quit IRC19:12
tripzerofor some reason my home directory is being mounted nosuid19:13
tripzerookay, maybe it's fixed now19:14
vgradeYou have sudo rights automatically. If sudo fails within the sdk, make sure that the filesystem the sdk is on is not mounted with the "nosuid" parameter. "mount" on the host system gives you this information, add "suid" as parameter in fstab, if necessary.19:15
tripzerosaw that in the wiki19:15
tripzeroimage building19:17
tripzeroi take it zypper has no love? --pkgmgr=zypp explodes19:18
tripzero--pkgmgr=yum works though19:18
*** jstaniek has joined #mer19:19
*** tilgovi has joined #mer19:21
vgradeyea, yum is reccommended19:22
*** fungi has joined #mer19:24
tripzeroyay, image built!19:29
*** fungi has quit IRC19:32
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tripzerois there a pvr package in mer?20:52
tripzeroguess i could search for it when I get it up and running20:52
Stskeepsi guess you might be able to use beagleboard one20:52
Stskeepsfrom harbaum's20:52
*** fungi has joined #mer20:52
tripzeronot sure the beagleboard sgx works on the bone20:52
Stskeepsmm, no clue where to get beaglebone pvr then20:54
tripzerobut that's assuming a ubuntu fs with that dude's kernel20:54
Stskeepsand NOTE: this only works on BeagleBoard hardware, BeagleBone stuff is in development..20:54
*** tilgovi has joined #mer20:54
tripzeroas long as omapfb works, i'm happy20:55
Stskeepsthink harbaum has -omapfb xorg driver yeah20:57
tripzerothe arm7l fs i just made doesn't?20:58
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trip0mmk, adding harbaum's home project and installing xorg-x11-drv-omapfb :)21:51
*** fungi has joined #mer21:53
trip0vgrade, you have the tizen ivi UX packaged right?22:00
vgradesec for link22:02
vgradewhat are you running on?22:02
vgradeperfect don't even need to add a new target to
trip0ahh, just the homescreen?22:04
trip0and what window manager you using with that?22:05
vgradewhat more do you want?22:05
trip0nemo has it?22:05
vgradewindow manafer22:06
trip0nemo is a window manager?22:06
vgradeno I ran the IVI UX on a nemo mobile base22:07
trip0does that use kwin or mcompositor?22:08
trip0mcompositor and meego-home?22:09
trip0ooo, is that a rPI ?22:10
trip0wonder if those will run very well on omapfb22:11
vgradeI've ran the same setup, mer + nemo + tizen ivi ux on pandaboard22:12
trip0with omapfb or sgx?22:13
trip0err pvr22:13
vgradeyou could try something like openbox,
vgradeyes, rPI22:20
*** gabrbedd has quit IRC22:23
trip0very cool22:25
*** trip0 has quit IRC22:28
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