Thursday, 2012-05-24

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sonachStskeeps: when making rpm, I encounters the following error:
sonachand the spec file is:
sonachplease do me a favor, thank you:)03:41
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Stskeepssonach: in top of .spec file, do %global debug_package %{nil}04:43
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Stskeepsmorn E-P :)05:13
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* timoph dives into lwn's weekly edition05:30
Stskeepsi should probably feel bad that my subscription has expired, but my login somehow continues to work..05:31
SageE-P: I'm probably going to miss the QA meeting as well :/05:32
timophI know I'm going to miss it (meeting with the customer at the same time)05:33
sonachStskeeps: I need to change /etc/securetty. Can I simply add the modified securetty to rpm and expect my securetty will replace the origin?05:34
Stskeepssonach: just add it in the .ks in %post section05:35
Stskeepsthat's better05:35
sonachah, ok,05:35
Stskeepsideally you should just log in as a user and su to root, but :)05:38
SageStskeeps: do we have filed a bug about that? That really should have .d folder whre different adaptations could add files easily...05:39
Sageor at least is the file %config(noreplace)?05:39
StskeepsSage: don't think so05:40
Stskeepsbut makes sense05:40
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sonachStskeeps: success after adding "%post -p /sbin/ldconfig" and "%postun -p /sbin/ldconfig". What is the function of "-p /sbin/ldconfig" here?05:45
Stskeepssonach: it makes sure that the libraries are properly updated in
sonachSage: It seems that I can use '%config' to replace the default file with my modified one?05:46
sonachStskeeps: ok,05:46
SageStskeeps: and we have at least three CVE's in our pam package05:47
StskeepsSage: excellent05:47
sonachStskeeps: what is the 'xxx-debuginfo-xxx.rpm' used for?05:48
Stskeepssonach: debug information, because debug symbols can be many many mb or sometimes gigabytes, we seperate it out from the binaries and store them in seperate packages, called debuginfo05:49
Stskeepsmer also does debugsource which is the source code matching the debug symbols, for being able to debug if you install both debuginfo and debugsource05:49
SageStskeeps: 5 to be exact :)05:49
StskeepsSage: can you list them?05:50
Stskeepsprobably doesn't matter always much on this kind of setup, but..05:50
SageCVE-2010-3430, CVE-2010-3431, CVE-2010-3853, CVE-2011-3148, CVE-2011-314905:50
Sageour version 1.1.105:51
Sagelatest 1.1.505:51
Stskeepsyeah.. some of those might affect us05:54
Stskeepsso i think we can mark that a high prio bug05:57
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w00tany apparent jerkiness in the image switch is down to the awkwardness of using a trackpad one handed06:02
Stskeepsespecially the time :)06:02
Stskeepsi'd use that on a tablet06:03
w00tsroedal: ^, when can I hook this into qtwayland? ;)06:03
Stskeepsis it qt4 or qt5?06:03
w00tqt 506:03
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E-Plooks really nice06:03
SageStskeeps: bug 35206:04
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StskeepsSage: k06:05
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SageE-P: As I'm going to miss the QA meeting most probably I'll comment couple of things here that are in the agenda.06:10
E-PSage: that would be very useful06:11
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iekkuE-P, there's possibility that i miss that too06:11
Stskeepsmorn phaeron :)06:11
iekkulimited network connection... and day at office06:11
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E-Piekku: ok06:11
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E-PI will chat with myself in the meeting :)06:12
Sage2) I would separate the QA tools to Mer:QA:Tools or similar (Mer:Tools:QA is not good as that mixes with Mer:Tools:Testing on the same level). Also I would probably try to drop the native host support and would give that mainly via Mer SDK as then it would mean that we don't need to worry about distributions having same package with different patches installed and that we would break the host distro functionality.06:12
phaeronStskeeps: morning06:13
Sageqttas and tddriver (for host and device) are at and ready to go. Tested with N900 and Mer SDK. I couldn't get the visualizer working on my opensuse but it should work on Mer SDK running on ubuntu/debian.06:14
StskeepsE-P: do you have any opinions of if you'd like to start out testing releases (pre releases, content preview, etc), or individual changes first?06:15
Stskeepstesting releases is definately easier to get started with, as we're limping a bit on individual changes ability06:15
SageE-P: that is most of my things atm.06:15
SageWhat is the proper component for SDK bugs in mer bugzilla?06:15
w00tStskeeps: that's 439 lines of QML total, btw, no C++06:16
Stskeepsw00t: should have that in the youtube description06:16
w00tI can probably lower that down a bit, since I have some redundancy in some parts06:16
* w00t will do that first06:16
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E-PStskeeps: testing releases is easier to setup at the moment, so we could start with that. Move to changes testing is not so big when we have the system running.06:17
Stskeepswe can definately extract info like "these packages were changed"06:18
phaeronStskeeps: agree, imho once we have enough test assets (coverage) to do proper regression testing per request we should do that. For now per release is easier.06:18
E-PSage: thanks, I will represent your comments in the meeting06:18
Stskeepsokay, that should be good to get things going06:20
Stskeepsfrom my perspective any QA is good, especially if we can automate it to work on top of hw adaptations06:20
Stskeepsand ideally we'll catch it already in change testing06:20
Sagew00t: very nice06:20
Stskeepsin future06:20
* timoph ponders about using libgit2's python bindings for generating a list of changes06:21
sroedalw00t: if it's all Qt should be easy to hook it into qtwayland (as long as there's hardware accelerated buffer sharing supported by qtwayland)06:21
sroedalw00t: QML is nice, right?06:21
w00tsroedal: all QML, yes.. I wrote it specifically wanting to do that :p06:23
* w00t is down to 419 lines06:23
w00tsroedal: one thing I don't like is that sometimes writing states feels a bit like copy pasta hell, for instance:
sroedalyou don't really need states unless you have a lot of property changes linked to them06:25
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w00thow would you do that else? animations?06:26
sroedalcould just in launcherPressed to "opacity: mouseArea.pressed"06:26
w00tI want a transition06:26
sroedalthen Behavior on opacity { NumberAnimation {} }06:26
w00tnever really used that..06:27
* w00t reads docs06:27
sroedalI use it a lot06:27
w00tooh :)06:27
w00tthis looks useful06:27
sroedalw00t: see this for example:
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w00t413 down to 387 lines06:29
w00t383.. getting harder to remove things06:32
Stskeepsjust remove all \n's, down to 106:32
w00t381, I'll call that done ;)06:33
sroedalw00t: if there's a lot of duplication in your main qml you can always split that into separate qmls06:34
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w00tsroedal: I split a lot of stuff out, that's where I saved most LOC early on06:34
timophthe behavior on x {} is handy06:40
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E-Ptimoph: do you have any comments to today's QA agenda or/and to Sage's comments?06:42
timophE-P: not much. I'd go with mer:qa:tools from the project options. maybe have mer:qa:tests for the test suites06:48
timophbtw, how big modifications are needed for the vm image for it to boot without any user interaction?06:49
Stskeepsprobably just a bootloader parameter06:50
E-Ptimoph: ok, thanks06:50
E-Psetting some default timeout06:53
w00tnow 359 lines, sroedal is awesome :P06:55
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lbtmorning all07:36
Stskeepsmorn lbt07:36
lbtw00t: looks nice ...07:36
mdfe_good morning07:38
w00tlbt: :)07:38
Stskeepsgood morning mdfe_ :)07:38
lbtw00t: I hope your code and commentary is as educational as it is compact ;)07:42
w00tlbt: it's not that terrible, I think07:43
lbtwhen I've done the SDK + release tools I may even have a look07:43
Bostikshouldn't be long until we have Qt5 in mer either07:46
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StskeepsBostik: certainly getting there07:48
Stskeepsi have like 90% in review atm07:48
StskeepsBostik: for all the changelog entries with " <>" in .changes, i've modified to be you thoug07:50
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Bostikright, I think they may have been due to misbehaving script and ahma committing them along other, intended changes07:51
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Stskeepsmorn slaine :)07:56
slaineMorning Stskeeps07:57
slainemorning everyone07:57
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slaineRemember that Netflix UI Whitepaper from Qt labs about using html5/Qt-Webkit for a server driven UX08:07
slaineWas the sample code for that ever released ?08:07
slainelet me see08:08
slaineHere it is08:08
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smokucool.   it's fairly easy to do mockups in qml :)08:37
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Stskeepsthink w00t wants to combine it with qtwayland as well08:39
* w00t nods08:39
Stskeepsie, compositor infrastructure08:39
sroedalin qml the path from mockup to product is fairly short too :)08:40
* Stskeeps ponders idly how to get a /dev/fb0 in virtualbox08:40
w00tsroedal: yeah, since you essentially write your frontend and then glue it onto the real pieces as you write them08:41
w00tor at least that's how I do it :)08:41
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ali1234Stskeeps: modprobe fbcon should do it?08:44
ali1234wait, not fbcon, the other one08:45
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kostajaStskeeps: hi! we decided to pop up another obs for mer builds while trying to fix the old cross tools. is it ok to fork your obs stuff from github now or are you planning to push something there soon? i see that you've updated something a few hours ago.08:46
Stskeepskostaja: lbt'd know08:47
Stskeepslbt ^08:47
Stskeepshello keath :)08:48
lbtkostaja: hey08:48
lbtlet me check my local git08:48
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lbtit needs a push08:49
Stskeepsso what we have in now is ..?08:50
keathhi Stskeeps08:53
Stskeepskeath: welcome :) so what brings you here to #mer ?08:53
keathStskeeps: thanks,..i was looking out if meego was dead...but to my luck it still continues to be alive by mer08:54
lbtkostaja: OK ... so mer_patches_2.3 is based on 2.3.0 and should have our SB2 patches applied as well as some other patches that I've not yet pushed upstream. It's a working/collaboration branch so it's subject to rebase08:55
keathStskeeps: i am a developer and let me know if i can lend my hands for mer project in my free time..08:55
Stskeepskeath: sure, any contribution welcome - we even have task lists to help you select what you'd like to help with, and happy to answer questions08:55
lbtkostaja: I've not tested it recently though - I'm in the middle of some changes for copyproj (stashed, not pushed)08:56
keathStskeeps: wow great...08:56
Stskeepskeath: so what kind of things can you do?08:56
keathi have fair knowledge on c,c++ ,a some knowledge on qt08:57
Stskeepsalright - have you ever tried to do RPM packaging and perhaps a bit of working with git?08:57
kostajalbt: ok, thanks!08:58
keathyeah i have basic understanding of git but never worked on rpm but i have knowedge on debian packaging..08:58
keathStskeeps: but i am ready to lear new things..08:58
Stskeepskeath: alright, a good time to learn then :)08:58
Stskeepskeath: do you have a linux machine?08:58
keathStskeeps: yeah with ubuntu distribution..08:59
lbt(no, new SDK isn't ready yet)08:59
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Stskeepskeath: alright, install Mer Platform SDK, and that should be a good first step :)09:00
Stskeepsif you run into any problems, don't hestitate to ask09:00
*** mardy has joined #mer09:00
keathyeah sure...thanks a lot Stskeeps09:00
Stskeepsno problem09:00
Stskeepskostaja: btw, - next generation sb2 builds09:00
Stskeepssets up both x86 and arm side in a proper manner09:01
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lbtStskeeps: does that solve/rely-on the "only install from the target dir" problem ?09:04
Stskeepslbt: hmm?09:05
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*** jd is now known as Jade09:05
Stskeepslbt: this looks like a sb2 issue, not so much sb2-obs09:06
lbtOK - given you probably ran sb2 rpm -i or something I wondered if it was relevant09:06
Stskeepsi cd $TARGET first09:06
lbtOK - commented as a workaround?09:06
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* lbt hears "clicky... clicky" ... "yes"09:07
Stskeepsyou have hidden microphones in my office? oh poor you..09:08
rcg1lbt: i am very sorry.. again the same issue09:08
* lbt waits to throw sleepy at that problem09:08
lbtrcg1: aaaargh09:08
lbtwtf is going on09:09
*** mardy has joined #mer09:09
lbtbloody cbe keeps drifting an hour away from its ntp master09:09
rcg1lbt: thanks once more :)09:10
lbt* * * * * root /usr/sbin/sntp -s >/dev/null 2>&109:12
lbt"take that"09:12
lbtphaeron: X-Fade: ^^^ on cbe .... I don't know what's up with ntp ... it looks sane but ...?09:12
X-Fadelbt: Yeah, noticed it too.09:14
X-FadeMust be xen..09:14
StskeepsX-Fade: btw, sb2 maintainer said he's up for helping with deb rules in sb2 as well09:15
Stskeepsas it needs to be accelerated in a different way09:15
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC09:16
Stskeepsand i might need a hand with testing my sb2 patches on top of debian packages09:16
lbtX-Fade: only started yesterday09:16
lbtI noticed Adam doing security updates today on some machines too09:16
lbtso could be related09:17
Stskeepsbtw, do we know anything about cobs fate yet?09:17
Stskeepsdon't recall if we discussed this in SFO at all09:17
lbtno, I didn't ask Dawn - completely slipped my mind09:18
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lbtIntel france are putting Tizen on there09:18
lbtreminds me I must ping him.... this afternoon though09:18
* Stskeeps takes a CE backup..09:21
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Stskeepsgood morning sledges09:25
Stskeepshow are things?09:25
sledgesis there a free radio Qt app+source code anywhere? They made N9 radio paid :(09:25
sledgesbusy :)09:25
sledgesdoing some heavy python atm09:25
sledgeshow are you?09:26
Stskeepsi'm good, integrating qt5 stuff and working on a way so we can easily prototype wayland-based systems in VM09:26
keathStskeeps:  are you looking for internet radio?09:26
sledgesnice, nice direction wayland-to go :)) !09:26
sledgeskeath, FM09:26
Stskeepsie, mesa with llvmpipe on top of fbdev and wayland09:26
sledgessmashing fast then ;)09:27
keathsledges: ok09:27
sledgeskeath, found it, even if paid, it is open source :)
keathsledges: great :)09:30
sledgesno rds though.. ;)09:30
sonachStskeeps: I submit a package with a single so file in it. the status is "succeeded", but no rpm in repo. Is there something wrong? this is the final outputs:
*** himamura has joined #mer09:32
sledgesand here is the RDS support in QT5!! :) ( Attie ;) )09:32
sonachStskeeps: I have made several packages successfully. so the spec file should be OK. Does the '' needs special handling?09:32
Stskeepssonach: verify that the time on your OBS workers is equal to that ont he server09:32
sonachStskeeps: ??09:33
sonachmy OBS worker is running on the server,09:33
Stskeepssonach: okay, does it end up in the web UI with correct version?09:36
sonachhow to check this in Web UI?09:37
Stskeepsclick build results, where the repository name is09:37
Stskeepsin the package09:37
*** dionet has joined #mer09:38
sonachStskeeps: what is 'correct version' mean?09:38
*** clopez has joined #mer09:39
*** vilpan has joined #mer09:39
Stskeepssonach: well, that the version that the rpm has in the build log, is in fact the version of the rpm making it to the obs09:40
sonachthe full build log09:41
Stskeepsokay so ezwebkit-0.1.20120524-3.1.Mer.src.rpm09:42
Stskeepsshould be possible to find under the webui for ezwebkit09:42
Stskeepsthat means it came from worker to the obs09:42
*** kahola has joined #mer09:43
Stskeepshello kahola :)09:45
sonachStskeeps: where to find this file? I can not find it...09:45
Stskeepskahola: welcome :) so what interests you in Mer?09:45
kaholaStskeeps I am here for the first time.09:45
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC09:45
Stskeepskahola: :) if you have any questions, don't hestitate to ask09:46
sonachStskeeps: is the spec file correct?
kaholastskeeps: i am looking into mer for replacement to a rootfs bsp09:46
Stskeepssonach: yes looks correct09:47
Stskeepskahola: cool09:47
kaholaStskeeps:  I am also looking into Yocto09:47
kaholaI have gone though a few pages on both the websites.09:47
sonachStskeeps: in my repo for src(, I can not find ezwebkit-0.1.20120524-3.1.Mer.src.rpm,09:47
Stskeepssonach: ok, moment09:48
kaholaStskeeps: I have read a few posts of yours about mer.09:48
Stskeepssonach: - see "Mer_Core-next-i586" and "Mer_Core_i586"?09:48
Stskeepskahola: yeah - i should really be blogging more about it09:48
Stskeepssonach: same place in your obs, click there09:48
Stskeepssonach: probably is called MerDS_Core_armv7l there09:49
sonachStskeeps: yes, I can see ezwebkit-0.1.20120524-3.1.Mer.armv7l.rpm there!09:49
Stskeepskahola: so if you want to evaluate Mer, you can start by grabbing Mer Platform SDK and attempting to build one or more of our images,
kaholaStskeeps: have you used yocto anytime. I am thinking of getting a rasberryPi where both configuration already exist so that I can do some comparisons09:50
sonachStskeeps: but why doesn't is publish to repo??09:50
lbtkahola: what's the experience with Mer been like so far?09:50
Stskeepssonach: OK, so, ZiQiangHuan had a similar issue the other evening, that his packages weren't published to the repository09:50
Stskeepssonach: i'm not entirely sure why it was09:50
Stskeepskahola: i've only touched yocto briefly, but you should definately evaluate both of them and choose which one you think is best09:50
kaholaStskeeps: Till now, I am more inclined towards mer, because as far as I have looked it seems more complete09:51
Stskeepsyocto has it's areas and mer has others :) so it really depends on your use case09:51
lbtkahola: and we'd really like to hear your opinions - it's difficult to be objective when we're so invested09:51
Stskeepskahola: can you try to talk about what kind of product you'd like to make perhaps?09:51
Stskeepsnot detailed, just overview09:51
kaholaStskeeps: giving an analogy, it feel yocto is more like a toolkit while mer seems like full framework09:52
sonachStskeeps: OK. ZiQiangHuan said it is the problem of our OBS... thank you. and I must setup a new OBS as soon as possible, hehe...09:52
Stskeepswe're a puzzle piece, add a UI and a hardware adaptation on top and you have a product09:53
Stskeeps(.. analogy :)09:53
Stskeepsyocto has it's good moments though, they can scale to some areas we can't (yet)09:53
*** sonach has left #mer09:54
kaholaStskeeps: I have a sigma design provided stack right now09:54
Stskeepssigma design.. is that MIPS?09:54
kaholaStskeeps: and everytime something new have to be added crosscompiling, dependency resololution, its a mess09:55
kaholaStskeeps: yes09:55
Stskeepsok, we have a MIPS32 port at least, though not too validated yet09:55
lbtkahola: have you looked at the systems around Mer ?09:55
Stskeepsit runs to fbdev and qt in qemu09:55
Stskeepswe'd be happy to have some help verifying our port actually works properly on real MIPS hardware - we have very up to date toolchain, gcc 4.6, eglibc 2.15, etc09:56
kaholaStskeeps: not yet, do you have any low configuration examples09:56
Stskeepswell, start with platform sdk and go from there, we have 'base' mer kickstart files (image configuration) to try on09:57
Stskeepskahola: did you see OBS?09:57
kaholaStskeeps: I have had a look but didnt use it till now for anything09:58
*** dionet_ has joined #mer09:59
Stskeepskahola: alright, take a look at for example09:59
Stskeepsthat's the build system any Mer vendor can use09:59
*** dionet has quit IRC09:59
Stskeepsas in, set up for themselves in their company and use it to make products10:00
*** rcg1 has quit IRC10:01
Stskeepswe also have platform sdk with cross compilation tools inside that make it easy to develop and make images10:02
*** dionet has joined #mer10:03
kaholaStskeeps: thank you for the guidance, I will try to loop into obs and atleast try and get kernel to boot.10:03
*** dionet_ has quit IRC10:04
Stskeepskahola: :nod: you'll want to start with your own BSP kernel (2.6.32 and above ideally), and then use mer platform sdk to make a root file system10:04
Stskeepsonce you're booting, that's first step10:05
*** keath has quit IRC10:05
Stskeepskahola: if you have any vendor questions, how to set up systems, etc, lbt is our vendor relations guy and always happy to answer questions10:05
Stskeepselse here or the mailing list is fine for asking questions, especially if you'll help document some of the answers :)10:06
kaholaStskeeps: that may be problem, the vendor has a port of 2.6.22 only10:06
Stskeepsthat might be a bit too low for Mer10:06
Stskeepsour baseline is 2.6.32 + some few patches to support systemd10:06
kaholaStskeeps: I will inquire if they have any unreleased internal port of 2.6.32 or above10:07
kaholaStskeeps: I dont understand why platform vendors go after rootfs when there are better projects outhere.10:08
Stskeepswell, that's something that yocto is at least helping a bit10:08
Stskeepsand projects like linaro10:09
Stskeepsleaving them to work on proper things like hardware adaptation that doesn't suc10:09
Stskeepsand of course Mer too, but we don't have ARM vendors on board to provide hw adaptations out of box :)10:09
Stskeepsor others10:09
kaholaStskeeps: Anyway thanks for your time. I will see if something can be done.10:10
kaholaStskeeps: do mer have any commercial backing right now.10:10
kaholaStskeeps: it becomes a little easier to pitch it to others to invest some time into it.10:12
*** lardman|home has joined #mer10:12
*** lardman has quit IRC10:12
lbtkahola: Mer's a cooperative open source project setup as a non-profit10:13
lbtso backing is diversified ... which is a great risk management strategy10:14
lbtie if a certain major player pulls out (trying not to look at MeeGo here) the project just carries on10:14
kaholalbt: I understand and believe that. Infact I believe a lot of good work has been done as part of meego and mer10:15
lbtwe have about 5 organisations with 'commercial' interest (ranging from sponsoring to paying people to work on Mer)10:15
lbtat some point I should quantify that to be able to answer questions like this a little more solidly :)10:16
kaholalbt: I understand that.10:17
lbtWe should also publish some of the goals we've met - eg our IT budget for the entire core is ~ €350/month10:17
lbtcore team of 3-4 have managed all ~13 releases for 5 architectural builds10:18
lbtthese figures go to answer the worst-case scenario risk10:18
kaholalbt: that is very impressive, but unless I can get my vendor to play nice with mer, I may be out of luck.10:19
lbtsure ... these are just factoids to help make decisions10:19
kaholalbt: and currently we dont have the numbers to actually force them to our liking.10:19
lbtas usual :)10:19
kaholalbt: but that may change soon10:20
kaholalbt: hopeful :)10:20
Stskeepskahola: we're many small-medium companies so we're all in similar boats :)10:21
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC10:21
lbtAs I mentioned - part of the goal is to act as a co-operative : may be worth looking to others in your field to evaluate Mer's strategy10:21
kaholalbt: thank you, I have much more clarity now.10:21
lbtkahola: good - please yell if you need anything else ... especially if you want to look to productisation and scaling up + out10:22
kaholalbt: sure10:22
lbtbear in mind that a lot of our systems were designed thinking about the Nokia N9 replacement10:22
kaholalbt: how well  broadcom and mer play10:22
StskeepsMIPS or ARM?10:22
kaholalbt: we may change vendor also10:23
lbtWe keep the hardware adaptation discrete to permit that10:23
kaholalbt: I am yet to look into their current pricing10:23
Stskeepsat least we have raspberry pi hardware adaptation, and that one runs quite well10:23
kaholaso ARM or MIPS will depend on their pricing10:23
lbtkahola: you may notice Stskeeps likes the low level chips... I mainly do bigger systems :)10:23
lbtkahola: the other thing I will say - you should find it reasonably easy to run them in parallel during early prototyping with the OBS10:24
* lbt doesn't define easy :)10:24
Stskeepskahola: on a sidenote, it's also possible to develop your systems in virtual machines - Mer runs on X86 too10:24
Stskeepsso that saves a lot of hardware budget too10:24
kaholaStskeeps: I had used meego in vm just to try it out some time back10:26
Stskeepsyeah, meego wasn't so impressive10:26
Stskeepsmer is better in that regard10:26
*** rcg1 has joined #mer10:26
kaholaStskeeps: thank you once again I will be leaving now. Will come back if I have something concrete or more questions;)10:27
Stskeepsalright, have a good day10:27
kaholayou too, I guess you would have made mer more awesome by then10:28
*** kahola has quit IRC10:29
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Stskeepsjust quickly dumping some info into channel: In order to get framebuffer gles on VirtualBox with Mer, and llvmpipe, you must:11:10
*** szymon has joined #mer11:10
Stskeeps    --with-egl-platforms=fbdev \11:11
Stskeepsin mesa-llvmpipe11:11
Stskeepsand enable CONFIG_ for VESAFB and UVESAFB11:11
Stskeepsin kernel command line upon bootup or permanently, video=vesafb:mtrr:3 vga=79111:11
StskeepsNOTE: you -must- have either 32bpp or 16bpp, due to llvmpipe being retarded and not supporting 24bpp11:12
Stskeepsthen you can do EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY and 0-window like you do on some other platforms11:12
tadzikhello szymon11:12
Stskeeps.. hope that helps some people :)11:13
szymonI will make a fool out of myself with this question but I will ask anyways:)11:13
Stskeepsgood ;)11:13
tadzikI had a physics teacher once who said "the one who asks questions is stupid, the one who doesn't remains stupid"11:14
szymontadzik, thank you:)11:14
tadzikYou're welcome :) I find that quite insightful11:14
szymonso, is it a passable way just to zypper up kernel-adaptation-pc package in the running system, or do I have to build a new Mer image after I rebuilt the kernel package?11:15
Stskeepsszymon: there is a minor bug with that at the moment11:17
Stskeepsi think11:17
szymonStskeeps: so better way, building a new image, ain't it right?11:18
Stskeepsszymon: right now but it's obviously a bug :)11:18
szymonno problem, just wanted to know, as yestarday i tried to update the kernel to install kernel modules and it installed but with errors, which I did not write down: sth with grubby...11:19
szymonok, so that is known, uff11:19
Stskeepscheck if there's a bug for it in nemo mobile and if not, please file it11:19
szymonI will.11:19
* Stskeeps heads downtown11:26
*** jluisn has joined #mer11:30
E-PReminder: Mer QA meeting starting in 29 mins11:31
*** trbs has joined #mer11:39
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E-PMer QA meeting starting in #mer-meeting11:59
*** jd has joined #mer12:04
*** jd has joined #mer12:04
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lbtSage: phaeron: QA mtg12:11
Stskeepssage is out, see morning chat12:12
phaeronI am there12:12
phaeronStskeeps: thanks for the info about vm / llvm / egl it would be interesting to include this in the vm adaptation and test without devices :)12:18
slainew00t: nice12:21
*** slaine has quit IRC12:23
*** slaine has joined #mer12:23
lbtw00t: seriously... at least make it look hard :D12:26
w00tlbt: :-P12:27
*** tsdedst has joined #mer12:29
* w00t makes the window thumbs a better size12:29
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*** jd is now known as Jade13:18
slainew00t: more youtube videos or it didn't happen ;)13:19
*** InformatiQ has quit IRC13:20
slainew00t: looking good13:22
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CosmoHillI left work today to find a large lorry loading a generator into itself in the middle of the farm track17:29
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Sagephaeron, lb, E-P: I would like to see that everthing not installed on Mer would not be in Mer:tools bu tin saome other projec17:31
SageFor QA tools if those are for device side or for host (SDK?) side would make it easier for us if we would build those only against Mer17:32
SageAlso then we would not have to deal with bugs like this does work because: we using different version of package X as it is taken from distro and not from Mer or it broke my host distro because it is not picked up from there17:34
SageAlso people will start asking why isn't this compiled against Fedora 14/15/16/ OpenSUSE x,y,z, ubuntu e,f,g etc. :)17:35
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SageI like the story where we concentrate to the Mer SDK based setup where the installed packages etc. would be always the ones we build from same sources and for Mer.17:36
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rcg1Sage: did you have a chance to look a the new qca2 and qca-ossl packages?17:48
* CosmoHill growls17:51
CosmoHillCLFS is going to be a right bitch to update cos of udev and systemd17:51
*** harbaum has joined #mer17:52
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Sagercg1: not yet17:54
SageWill arrive at home arround 22:30 or so. :)17:54
*** pohly has quit IRC17:54
rcg1Sage: alright, no need to hurry. :)17:56
rcg1just saw you online and wanted to ping you as I wasn't online pretty much today, just in case ;)17:56
SageWell most probably will look tomorrow or next week. Has been quite intense week so far so rest would be nice for a change :P17:57
*** mardy has quit IRC17:57
rcg1hehe yeah.. also took a rest today17:57
rcg1just got home from the beach17:58
rcg1been for the first time swimming in the atlantic after being about 3-4 month in cádiz =)17:58
rcg1all months before i was loaded with work so i could only look at the beach ;)17:58
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lbtgrumble - can't do anon clone of mer git21:19
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lbtOK ... general purpose MDS-compliant release scripts are kinda working (lbt branch of release-tools)23:07
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