Saturday, 2012-05-19

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ZiQiangHuanBostik: I remove %{_libdir}/  %{_libdir}/ from position "%file devel", and add %{_libdir}/* to position "%file", then it workd for me04:15
BostikZiQiangHuan: ah, that makes sense - the plain symlink is in -devel package and the rest of the links in the binary package04:17
ZiQiangHuanBostik: yes, it seems to be so.04:19
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timophbtw, how does moving a package from gerrit to obs work in practise?07:07
timophunder the hood07:07
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Stskeepstwo ways, one is manual import, the other is through fakeobs/MDS packages.xml pointing to the new commit07:33
Stskeepscheck mer/boss-workflow i think07:33
Stskeepsand mer/project_core07:34
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Stskeepshey tadzik :) made it safely back to warsaw?07:36
tadzikaye, just arrived at my flat :)07:37
tadzikgeez, I spent last night wandering from one bar to another. Can't say I haven't seen some folklore07:38
Stskeepshehe, i went back and crashed in bed, judging by the sunshine here a hangover would not be pleasant07:38
CosmoHillStskeeps: woof07:39
CosmoHillStskeeps: how many kilometres are you away from home now?07:39
Stskeepsanyway, welcome to #mer :) feel free to hang out and if you have any questions at any time, feel free to ask07:39
StskeepsCosmoHill: 500ish07:39
Stskeepswill be back tonight07:39
CosmoHillthen you'd be 500km ish away from me07:40
tadzikStskeeps: yeah, I'm considering going to the shop to buy and sdcard right now :)07:40
CosmoHilltadzik: get a high class one07:40
Stskeepsget a class 6 or above, they're wortg it07:40
* tadzik looks at prizes07:40
Stskeepsbut also more difficult to find07:41
CosmoHillmy uni bought me a 16GB class 10 SDHX / SDHC card07:41
tadzikthat'd be like 80 PLN/20 €, aye?07:42
Stskeepsprobably yeah07:42
Stskeepsi have transcend myself07:43
CosmoHillStskeeps: I was wrong, it's 1665km :/07:44
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Stskeepsmorning coffee++07:53
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CosmoHillthat like notepad++, only coffee?08:00
Stskeepswell, that was bizarre08:14
Stskeepsa mcdonalds without big mac08:14
CosmoHillthe end is nigh08:14
CosmoHillor it's called something else08:14
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Stskeepsnote to self: don't wear tizen tshirt in places with large quantities of germans. just had a woman start laughing :P10:45
dm8tbrStskeeps: guess why I had to remind myself all the time NOT to 'mispronounce' it [tits'n] all the time at the conference... ;)10:48
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Stskeeps5 1/2 hours of train ride ahead of me, woohoo11:45
tadzikhave an appropriate amount of fun :)11:45
CosmoHillStskeeps: first or second class?11:46
tadzikbtw, I stumbled upon How is that meego different from nemo?11:46
StskeepsCosmoHill: first, but that's because price wise it's similar to what i would pay in .dk11:46
Stskeepstadzik: well, that's ancient, but installation method is similar-ish11:46
tadzikyeah, I found nemo first after your talk11:47
CosmoHillin the UK you'd have to worry about a bus replacement service :p11:47
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Stskeepsso history wise we stem from meego, mer's practically meego 1.3 without all the crap in11:47
Stskeepswe condone u-boot nowadays instead of flasher11:47
Stskeepsas it's simply just easier11:48
lbttadzik: also (just FYI since you're not in it) #nemomobile exists (focus there is on the stuff in Nemo which is above/beyond Mer)11:52
lbtalso, afternoon all o/11:52
Stskeepsafternoon lbt11:52
Stskeepsanything blew up after .1 ?11:52
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lbtdoesn't seem so11:53
tadziklbt: thanks, I might go there as well once I get this onboard :)11:53
* lbt is looking at OBS code and just ...11:55
Stskeepslbt: perhaps take a break from the code and work on something else, to not go insane over it11:55
lbtfunction : addmeta($projid, $packid, $files, $rev) .... $rev is not a revision ... no... it's a flag to say "use the upload dir"...11:55
Stskeepsah, yeah.. rev is fun11:56
Stskeepsthere's =upload, and =build .. i think11:56
lbtyeah - I'm really getting a feel for what it's doing wrt src handling and stuff - if I ever want to do the git thing I need to know this11:57
lbtI think I may ask Adrian about submitting some cleanup patches too11:57
Stskeepsmakes sense11:58
* lbt found one bit of code that used $1 and $l extensivley11:58
tadzikand you guys laugh at Perl? :P11:59
CosmoHillas variables?11:59
lbtthis is perl tadzik11:59
Stskeepsthis -is- perl11:59
* tadzik hides11:59
StskeepsOBS = the magic RoR and perl mix i talked about11:59
lbtperl is wonderful.... humans suck :)11:59
tadzikif you've got some Mer-related Perl to maintain I can pick it up11:59
CosmoHilltools are only useful if you know how to use them12:00
lbttadzik: if you're serious about it and have some good perl knowledge then ... sure12:00
* lbt notes tadzik's whois :)12:01
tadzikwell, my $dayjob is Perl 5 and I'm doing some Perl 6 development for some time12:01
lbtall the perl is really on the systems side (which is mainly where I play)12:02
lbtOBS backend is split into a web half and a 'backend'12:03
lbtweb is ruby, backend is perl/shell12:03
Stskeepstadzik: once you don't have a hangover12:03
CosmoHilloh I see12:03
lbtmmm... I dunno... the hangover may dull the pain12:03
tadzikoh, mls is working on it too12:04
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Stskeepsthis is what runs things like for example
tadzikI see12:07
Stskeeps(and mer builds too naturally)12:07
* Stskeeps merges all ze contributions12:11
Stskeepslbt, have you by chance been doing anything like hardlinks or push anything to all the git repos?12:13
Stskeepson packages-git/ ?12:14
lbtI did it for the last few prereleases and snapshots and it didn't cause any issues12:14
Stskeepsokay, but did you touch packages-git/ ?12:14
lbtlet me check that I didn't12:14
CosmoHilllbt: do you know anything about this web stuff for mer?12:15
Stskeepslbt: mer/project-core/HEAD => mer-core/ConsoleKit/HEAD12:15
Stskeepsfrom my rsync12:15
lbtlooking ...12:16
lbtin the public_html/ area12:17
Stskeepsin danish we have a term called a fuck-up beer and i think you owe one.. let me just back up gerrits's version12:19
lbtyeah - they shouldn't have been linked12:19
lbtbut we can wipe them and re-syn12:19
Stskeepsyes, just wait a few seconds12:19
lbthow does this cause you a problem?12:20
lbtrsync doesn't preserve hardlinks12:20
lbtand this is just the publish version12:20
Stskeepswell, as a start, our published 'mer' output would be useless for resurrecting the project12:20
lbtno, it'd be fine12:21
lbt(if you used rsync to copy it)12:21
Stskeepsalso, sure that git would behave well with hardlinks to other repos?12:21
lbtdo you use -H ?12:21
lbtthat filesystem is not useable by git12:21
Stskeepsanyway, let's get this mess cleaned up and fixed, and no hardlinking there anymore please :P12:22
lbtSure - it was a fuckup :)12:22
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Stskeepsi'm just taking a backup of gerrit's version just to be completely sure gerrit  doesn't pull any weird tricks12:22
lbtit saves having 442 copies of a file called HEAD though ...12:23
lbtthat's kb of disk saving12:23
Stskeepsthere was also stuff like mer-crosshelpers/gmp-x86/objects/f6/7e459cd175b3488e6122e0916931d4daa67b9b => mer-crosshelpers/glibc-x86/objects/f6/7e459cd1712:24
lbtalso fine12:24
Stskeepswhich, naturally, they're the same but....12:24
lbtas long as you rsync without -H12:24
lbtin fact I'd be tempted to 'restore' it by running rsync -a packages-git packages-git.OK12:26
Stskeepsnah, let's have gerrit rsync it as it should, i guess12:26
lbtOK - but let me try this first - makes a new dir...12:28
Stskeepsalso, fwiw, obs-repos/ and such are traditionally rsynced with -aHx12:29
Stskeepsis that a problem if you opt out of a release?12:29
* lbt ponders12:31
lbtI can't see it - that'd need to be handled by exclusions to allow the overview to make -H work thouh12:32
lbtyep - non -H fixed it12:33
Stskeepshow long are you around today?12:34
lbtafternoon only really12:34
lbtparty tonight :)12:34
lbtall day tomorrow as normal12:35
Stskeepsokay, so, in approx 10 mins we'll rename packages-git to packages-git-broken on merreleases and mkdir -p packages-git again, and i'll poke gerrit to do a replication12:35
lbtsure - you may want to rsync to packages-git.OK .. should be a no-op12:35
lbtheck - just try it as a first go :)12:36
Stskeepsgerrit2@gerrit:~/review_site/git$ rsync -naHx --verbose .
Stskeepssent 650485 bytes  received 71634 bytes  481412.67 bytes/sec12:43
Stskeepstotal size is 3641310281  speedup is 5042.53 (DRY RUN)12:43
Stskeepswith a lot of paths mentioned12:44
lbtdid you merge ze this morning ?12:44
Stskeepsi merged some this morning yes12:45
Stskeepswell, an hour ago12:45
Stskeepsi'd prefer clean slate approach, to make sure it's 1:1 to what gerrit syncs out12:46
Stskeepsif it's okay12:46
Stskeeps"just" 3.5gb anyway12:46
lbtreleases went from ~240Gb to 135Gb using hardlink btw12:48
Stskeepsso, mv packages-git packages-git.BROKEN and mkdir packages-git and let me know?12:49
Stskeepswe should probably notify on mailing list we're re-syncing packages-git, too12:49
Stskeepsok, sync in progress.. i think12:52
* Stskeeps glances12:52
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Stskeepsokay, gerrit replicate doesn't work as i would have expected.. moment12:57
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* CosmoHill is having some issues with his laptop power cable :/13:11
tadzikbeen there, had that :/ I ended up putting lots of duct tape inside the laptop :)13:14
tadzik(and a new power socket)13:14
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CosmoHillI think this is the power jack13:16
Stskeepslbt: how did you push the gitweb stuff back then?13:16
CosmoHillmy other cable which is held together with tape works fine13:16
CosmoHillof course it lost power when I was swapping the battery13:16
lbtStskeeps: hmm13:19
Stskeeps(btw, went for packages-git.OK method instead..)13:20
lbtso what's the problem?13:21
Stskeepsthat i seem to have forgotten how the replication was initially set up and initialized13:21
Stskeepsbut anyway, the reason i was wondering is that i see hooks etc in public_html git tree and not in gerrit tree13:21
lbtthat's all done by the release scripts13:22
lbtnot the initial sync13:23
lbtyou mean the gitweb initial sync - sorry, was talking :)13:24
Stskeepswell, i was just wondering, becaauses i don't see the hooks samples etc in gerrit's 'git/' dir13:25
lbtmakes sense, gerrit isn't git13:26
lbthas different hooks13:26
lbtgitweb will be a git-content clone to vanilla git and use those hooks13:26
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Stskeepslbt, btw, did you ifgure out the problem with sb2 in sdk?13:35
lbtthe PA zypper update ?13:36
Stskeepsok, so, the problem is that you need to rebase on top of the rules you based it on13:36
Stskeepsthey've change "api" so13:36
Stskeepsand it shoulkd start working again13:36
lbtah, OK13:36
lbtI'll do SDK stuff tomorrow then13:36
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jbos_lbt ping, I wonder - default config of mer obs is to disable anonymous browseing13:46
jbos_where is this done?13:46
Stskeepsif you find out where, let me know, it's not intentionally so13:48
jbos_btw is there public access to 'official' mer fake obs?13:49
jbos_so like I can remote connect my a project to mer fake13:49
Stskeepsno, because i'd have to kill you if you did connect to it13:49
Stskeepsjust your own fakeobs should be fine, localhost is best for fakeobs anyway13:50
Stskeepsyou can usually expect that project-core HEAD on master is == what mer fakeobs has13:51
lbtjbos_: back now... it's in the api config13:51
lbtah - options.yml13:51
jbos_ah nthanks13:52
lbtjbos_: is this for our setup or a private one?13:52
lbtours should be anon=true13:52
jbos_my private13:52
lbtyeah, the default is authenticated only - makes sense for 'internal' OBSes13:53
Stskeepsmake sure to lock up your /public api as well13:53
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jbos_lbt one thing I wonder all the time about is this:   /usr/sbin/rcobsstoragesetup: line 249: 599.79 - 25600 - ( 2 * 512 ) : syntax error: invalid arithmetic operator (error token is ".79 - 25600 - ( 2 * 512 ) ")14:11
jbos_ever seen this? any idea how to fix it?14:11
lbtsorry, I haven't used storagesetup for a long long time14:12
lbtis it running bash ?14:12
jbos_yes, well its happening at startup of the server14:13
jbos_yes, once it was an appliance14:13
lbtlooks like some space calc is resulting in a decimal value14:14
jbos_its  $VG_SIZE = `vgdisplay OBS --units M | grep "Free  PE" | sed 's,.* \([^ ]*\) MB$,\1,'`14:16
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lbt $VG_SIZE = `vgdisplay OBS --units M | grep "Free  PE" | sed 's,.* \([^ ]*\) MB$,\1,'| cut -f1 -d.`14:19
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jbos_so finally I found that the issue was a wrong config of the lvm15:34
jbos_this script is actually doing all the config it self (like lv for workers, cache,..) which is conflicting with this
jbos_so redoing obs pvm and running this script just does the job... ( ah btw when y do so... do not forget to setup the cache directory in /etc/sysconfig/obs_server  :)15:37
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Stskeepshmm, plasma active guys: do you use png or what do you use for your graphics?15:53
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jbos_Stskeeps the trick on the ano access is to add the url of the ui which should have ano access16:02
jbos_webui_host: your.obs.ui16:02
CosmoHillwon't svg be best?16:05
jbos_svg are mostlike the best from a scale pov16:10
jbos_but if it comes to performance...16:10
CosmoHillhmm, eys16:11
CosmoHillthis assumes the .pngs are displayed at their native size?16:11
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jbos_so well it depends a bit, if y have hardware accl scalling is sort of free16:12
jbos_(on cpu)16:13
Stskeepsjbos_: ah, clever16:14
Stskeepsjbos_: reason i'm asking about png and such is because i'm adding ssse3/neon etc optimizations to libpng, zlib (fairly used by zlib) and latest we enabled libjpeg-turbo16:15
Stskeepserr, fairly used by libpng16:15
CosmoHillwith modern computers would the performance difference be negotiable?16:15
StskeepsCosmoHill: we're on mobile devices, time still counts :)16:15
Stskeepson a 4ghz desktop machine, probably not terribly much16:16
jbos_on mobile devices even performance come close... but...16:16
Stskeepson a netbook or a cellphone, it does matter a lot16:16
jbos_on mobile you always need to think about battery16:16
Stskeepsfor example libjpeg performance will be directly linked to how fast you can save a image, as well16:17
CosmoHillI was further thinking that whilst the difference might be small it might use more power and thus reduce battery life16:17
jbos_and using less cpu time is always a good idea16:17
Stskeepsfrom camera16:17
StskeepsCosmoHill: it's better to race to idle16:17
Stskeepswhen the cpu is doing nothing, that's best16:17
CosmoHillon a mobile device they might display at the same speed but use more processor to scale16:17
Stskeepsor other factors like startup time of an application16:19
Stskeepsor the OS itself -- theme graphics = hell to decode16:19
* CosmoHill gets piss off with his mac and starts taking it apart again16:20
StskeepsE-P, timoph: so there's of course things like tests.. how about benchmarks?16:28
Stskeepsthink "speed to render png images" "number of gles frames on a certain program.."16:28
Stskeepsi think we could probably have some nice marketing material on that, as well as regression testing16:29
Stskeepsperhaps some even exist for qt already16:31
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CosmoHillI know macs aren't meant to be taking apart by end users but I swear they're designed to physically harm the ones that do19:09
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SageStskeeps: can you kick openssl and doxygen in review.21:07
* Sage ponders if libnl failed because of bug or some other reason. 21:08
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phloonhi... don´t know i u can help... Trying to install nemo on my n900 but my cardreader has gone to the grave can i do it with the sd card in the device, on another n900, have got 2 handsets23:51
befordI think it can be done on the device (last time I checked it was possible)23:52
befordhowever is not recommended, you could damage your rootfs and will require to flash it, or you could lose the data in the eMMC23:52
phloonso the best way is a new cardreader... can i write it to the sd while in the device?23:53
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