Friday, 2012-05-18

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liclStskeeps:I want enable transparency on mer with a window manager matchbox.I installed xcompmgr and it doesnot work .Would you give us some Suggestions?01:30
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tripzerovgrade, what image should i try on this beaglebone? (has lcd cape)02:14
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Stskeepslicl: define does not work04:16
Stskeepsyou need to run xcompmgr & too04:16
Sageok, so connman works for wifi without password at least04:18
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SageStskeeps: btw, is connman only thing that depends on ntp on mer core?04:18
Stskeepsand even that was supposed to go away i think04:19
Stskeepsin connman itself04:19
Sagewell thus asking as it is gone now in 1.004:23
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* Sage ponders why connmand depends on libiptc during build04:24
StskeepsSage: u-boot source for reference device was published04:24
Sagedep gone bad I guess with the libiptc. At least I can see any reason for it to be there04:26
Sagepushed some updates to connman package to review.04:28
Sagewhen ever the wifi gets them through :)04:28
Sagessh: connect to host port 29418: Connection timed out04:29
Sagehmmp... issues with review?04:30
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Sageah, ok so VR (Finnish railway company) network block blocks my connections to review as well :/04:52
Sageand for some reason my laptop can't find the hotspot I'm building with N9 :P04:53
* Sage is having bad friday04:53
SageIs the N9 Hotspot working in 802.11a or why my N900 with nemo can't see it...04:55
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SageStskeeps: there is no adhoc support in N900 is that driver limitation?05:10
Stskeepsconnman isnt adhoc  riendly either05:12
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liclStskeeps: I think xcompmgr should be working .When I tyr to run command xcompmgr ,it says "Another composite manager is already running"05:36
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liclStskeeps:my test app is a QT program.Is there any wrong with it ?05:41
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ZiQiangHuananyone use Box2D with mer ?06:00
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StskeepsREMINDER: Mer advisory board meeting at 11 UTC07:21
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X-Fadelbt, Stskeeps: Have you ever seen something like this on an arm build? /.build/init_buildsystem: xmalloc: ../bash/input.c:350: cannot allocate 8176 bytes (0 bytes allocated)08:16
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StskeepsX-Fade: auch?>08:19
X-FadeStskeeps: You think that might be qemu related?08:19
StskeepsX-Fade: possibly yeah08:19
X-FadeOk, will play a bit with different qemu versions on the worker then.08:20
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Stskeepsmorn lbt08:41
Stskeepsmorn andre__08:41
lbthey andre__08:41
Stskeepslbt: is it suitable for gprs veiwng?08:41
lbtphaeron: ping08:43
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lbtphaeron: did you get anywhere?08:43
phaeronlbt: got to bed08:45
lbtvery sensible :D08:45
lbtthat's not like you08:45
phaerononly at 3 am08:45
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lbthmm.... only a mild fever then08:46
phaeronI tested backend only and saw the rebuilding08:46
phaeron(my original patch)08:46
phaeronwhich I swear wasn't how it used to be08:46
lbtoh, OK08:46
lbtI wasn't aware how much it had been tested08:46
phaeronyour disable signer hack is not correct because it means signatures will be mixed in one project08:47
phaeronso I need to check why the scheduler decides to rebuild and fix that08:47
lbtyep - I knew that - but...08:47
phaeronnow the backend requires that target project is already setup and has the correct repos so it takes some complexity out of testing08:48
phaeronbut the created packages are unknown to the frontend because it doesn't have them in the database08:48
phaeronpackages will get created in the database only if they are created by the api08:49
lbtwell, the api later on does a "get updates"08:49
phaeronso triggering copyproject on the backend source server directly like what I am testing will confuse the api server08:49
phaeronlbt: I didn't look at that side yet08:50
phaeronanyway later today I continue hacking on it08:50
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ali1234wow, it doesn't even hurt game framerate09:48
ali1234i wonder...09:49
ali1234oh, wrong channel sorry :)09:49
ali1234i just discovered that if you remove compiz 0.9 and unity from ubuntu, and install compiz 0.8 instead, it gets about 2000% better09:50
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: I found a interesting game based on QT
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: do you think it can run on mer?10:05
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StskeepsZiQiangHuan: possibly10:36
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StskeepsREMINDER: Advisory board meeting in 15 monutes in #mer-meeting10:46
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StskeepsREMINDER: Advisory board meeting in 1 minute in #mer-meeting (NOW), jukkaeklund, Sage, jbos, lbt11:00
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Stskeepsthis railway makes me think of chernobyl11:15
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ZiQiangHuanStskeeps: when I compile gst-plugins-bad-0.10.23, got erros like: gst-plugins-bad-free-devel.armv7l: E: library-without-ldconfig-postun (Badness: 300) /usr/lib/
ZiQiangHuanThis package contains a library and provides no %postun scriptlet containing a call to ldconfig. any ideas for this?11:43
Aardjust add %post -p /sbin/ldconfig11:45
Aard%postun -p /sbin/ldconfig11:45
ZiQiangHuanAard: hmm, but they are already in my spec file11:46
ZiQiangHuanmy spec file is like
Bostikah, that's rpmlint being a moron11:49
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Bostikfor some reason it (often) fails to understand the %post[un] -p FOO syntax11:50
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Bostikbut when the same command is put on a separate line, rpmlint is happy11:50
BostikI haven't figured out when exactly it happens to accept the -p syntax11:51
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ZiQiangHuanBostik: you mean I can put %post[un]  on a separate line?12:08
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rozhkovE-P: could you please have a look at ?12:28
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BostikZiQiangHuan: %postun  as a single line, /sbin/ldconfig on the very next line; that's worked for me12:41
ZiQiangHuanBostik: you do this only to %postun? how is the %post?12:43
ZiQiangHuanBostik: I try it just now, but it seems not work for me12:46
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Bostiklet's see a simple example, I'm sure I have one ready...12:49
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BostikZiQiangHuan: okay, see  and compare the output of the build   the %post/%postun blocks are on their own lines and the rpmlint report does not complain about them12:51
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ZiQiangHuanBostik: yes, I see it.12:53
ZiQiangHuanBostik: a few days ago, I build another rpm package, use "%postun -p /sbin/ldconfig  ", the spec file is, the rpmlint report didn't complain about it12:56
Bostikexactly, sometimes rpmlint is happy with it but _most_ of the times it nags about a supposedly missing ldconfig (when it CLEARLY is there!)12:59
ZiQiangHuanBostik: hmm, is it a bug for rpmlint?13:01
BostikI think so, but since it's never been anything severe I've just ignored it or worked around13:04
Bostikalso, the difficulty of reproducing it at will...13:04
ZiQiangHuanBostik: how can I deal with this as the solution not work for me13:05
ZiQiangHuanBostik: from the log I see rpm package have been created13:06
ZiQiangHuanjust like message "Wrote: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/SRPMS/gst-plugins-bad-free-0.10.23-20.1.Mer.src.rpm"13:06
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sonach               /leave14:19
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vgradetrip0, id start with a Mer armv7l qmlviewer image then move to a pandaboard f/s15:16
vgradetrip0, where did you get your cape? I have a bone waiting15:17
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saunabadStskeeps: noticed today that debian/ubuntu has "motion" package. it's seems to be a quite useful motion detection tool and very simple to configure15:25
saunabadmight be worth taking a look if you're doing something simple motion detection15:25
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jboshi, I'm unsure if its mer or active but I wonder where the VT for X is configured16:17
jboscurrently it looks to be 116:18
Stskeepssounds sane16:19
Stskeepslong story short a vt switch is expensive on startup16:21
jbosm ok16:24
jbosi have some on vt switch ... X does not come up again16:25
jboslike x on vt1  ... I do a chvt 2  i see a console   go back on chvt 1 black16:26
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jbosnot a real clue whats going on, not even logs or such...16:26
slainejobs, not sure, is x using a frame buffer driver ?16:32
slaineaffs, jbos16:32
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* lbt gives up on src revisions and general pita-ness of obs for the day17:10
ulf^lbt, OBS rocks!17:15
lbtOBS rocks.... obs code.... doesn't ;)17:16
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* Stskeeps yawns19:34
* dm8tbr faints19:39
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dm8tbrthis renovation work is killing me19:39
dm8tbrbut otoh the flat starts to look awesome now19:40
Stskeepsi'm in wroclaw of all places19:41
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dm8tbrStskeeps: not a bad place. been there quite frequently on business.19:50
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Stskeepswent for to do a last minute schedule change talk, so19:52
CosmoHillhi Stskeeps19:52
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timophI wonder if I understood gerrit in mer correctly? it has package source + packaging scripts?20:28
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Stskeepscorrect, tarball + .spec20:33
CosmoHill+ patches20:37
timophand those are feeded to obs20:45
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timophhmmh. disappointing. I thought I had more things to figure out :)21:04
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Stskeepswhat did you expect there?21:09
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timophdunno :)21:14
timophbut yeah, good and straight forward process21:14
* CosmoHill hands timoph and Stskeeps some hot chocolate21:14
CosmoHillStskeeps: did you have some web questions for me?21:15
StskeepsCosmoHill: not tonight, i'm 500 km from home :P21:15
Stskeepstimoph: you should compare with
* timoph looks21:15
Stskeepslike approach wise21:15
Stskeepsthey use gerrit at /gerrit too, see wiki.tizen.org21:16
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timophI wonder how tizen specific that gbs is21:23
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Stskeepsnot very21:26
Stskeepsi honestly think we can do --git-format=mer as well21:26
Stskeepsand i think we should21:26
timophguessing gbs is written in python (based on the help print out)21:27
Stskeepsand uses obs's 'build' in background21:27
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