Thursday, 2012-05-10

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dm8tbriekku: good evening from SFO03:26
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iekkudm8tbr, :)03:28
iekkudm8tbr, how it has been?03:28
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dm8tbriekku: it was OK. There is still a _lot_ of work ahead for intel and samsung.04:00
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Bostikha, found out how to work around the build failure04:17
Bostikbasically one line in prjconf04:18
Bostikoh, two..04:18
Bostik *g*04:19
dcthanghi Stskeeps, back from Tizen conf?:-)04:20
Stskeepsdcthang: oh i wish, 19 hour journey tomorrow04:20
dcthangreally, long long time  :P04:21
Stskeepswell, a lot of waiting time04:22
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timophdid you already get mer booting with the developer device? :p04:54
Bostikoh for ....  error("To build QtWebKit with Qt 5 you need ICU") ; and of course the test is against "icu in QT_CONFIG"04:54
Bostikhello, rebuild04:54
Stskeepstimoph: so close..04:54
timophStskeeps: what's the block?04:54
Stskeepstimoph: flasher and wanting to avoid bricking device04:55
Stskeepsie, i could probably run own kernel atm, but i would like to know i can re-flash04:55
timophso they don't provide a os install mechanism?04:56
Bostikat least git-archive from a tag uses the tag's timestamp for created tarball so the binaries don't change (meaning: no tedious uploads)04:56
timophStskeeps: you ended up in's distribution quotes of the week with your blog post05:09
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Bostiksuch a weird build error, -Wno-c++x0-compat should suppress warnings from syntax clashes, but somehow it's still generated and -Werror kicks me in the nuts (no idea where that flag comes from)06:56
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Bostikright, stupid %qmake macro again07:20
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rozhkovHi! connman 1.0 has been released recently. Any plans to get it updated in Mer?10:40
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Stskeepsrozhkov: think it's on sage's list10:48
Stskeepsproblem is dbus api changes i think10:51
rozhkovStskeeps: thanks. will ask him when he's online10:51
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E-PReminder, Mer QA meeting starting in 30mins11:29
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Johannes_hi! is it still possible to use the old cross-building tools with mer-mds?11:47
Johannes_i mean i recently updated the mds and bumped into the sb2-modifications. at this point we cannot integrate those modifications to our production obs, so does it mean that we cannot cross build arm with new mer releases?11:49
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E-PMer QA meeting starting in #mer-meeting11:59
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* Stskeeps waves from 10000+ feet in the air14:30
X-FadeLol :)14:30
X-Fadewifi in plane?14:30
X-FadeNot bad.14:30
slaineWifi on a MF plane14:30
Stskeepswith ssh access too14:30
X-Fadelatency seems quite ok.14:31
Stskeepsyes, no lag whatsoever14:31
phaeronthey let you turn on a device ?!14:31
X-FadeI wonder if it is sat or land based stations.14:31
Stskeepsyes, things must be more modern here ;)14:31
phaeronthe land of technology :D14:32
X-FadeI assume you are still over the continent?14:32
Stskeepsyes, going to detroit, then amsterdam, then waqrsaw14:32
X-FadeNice 20hr trip in front of you then :)14:33
phaeronnext thing the pilot will call on the intercom to ask people to stop downloading torrents so he can download maps or something14:33
Stskeepsphaeron: "to the person in thecabin who's doing 'mic' image builds, please stop" ;)14:33
Aardhow fast is the connection?14:35
StskeepsAard: i'm not going to run speedtest, but fast enough14:35
Aardwhy not? :)14:35
Stskeepscomparable to 3g14:35
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* Sage is pondering how to fit everything back to his luggage14:49
Stskeepsmorn sage14:49
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Sagemorning. Would be nice to have wifi in the plane :)14:51
lbthehe ... what airline Stskeeps?14:52
lbthey Sage ... packing pre-breakfast14:52
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Sagelbt: well woke up early and I know I'm going to have a problem with it. I didn't really have any space in my luggage when I arrived as I decided to take the smaller one this time :P14:53
lbtphaeron: o/ .... missed QA meeting but defiinitely coming back!14:54
lbtSage: *g* I brought Denise so we have an extra suitcase inside a big one...14:54
lbtYou can fill one of the tizen bags with T-shirts and throw it in 'checked;14:55
phaeronlbt: hey , thought you were detained :D14:55
lbtheck, I checked a cardboard box once14:55
lbtphaeron: quite the opposite... :)14:55
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Sagelbt: :D14:57
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* lbt puts his N9 on to charge .... phaeron :P14:58
phaeronlbt: congrats15:00
phaeroncan I get one ?15:00
lbtsure ... come to an Intel conference.... 3 ARM devices ;)15:01
phaeronhow ironic15:01
lbt(Denise is going to work on porting her QML knitting app to HTML5 - so one is hers)15:02
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sledgesHad Meego/Maemo been using OBS as well during their existance?15:58
Stskeepsmeego yes15:59
Stskeepsmaemo no15:59
sledgesw/b Stskeeps , how was the conf?15:59
sledgeswhat was maemo using then?15:59
Stskeepsi'm on a plane going back from it15:59
sledgesnice, on a plane with wi-fi! 8)15:59
Stskeepsit was okay,
sledgesI've seen the developer's phone. Doubt it would eventually reach N9/Harmattan shininess..16:01
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sledgesinsightful post, will swallow it all sometime soon!16:06
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* Stskeeps boards21:09
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