Friday, 2012-05-11

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Sleepy_CoderStskeeps: nice post :]01:26
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iekkumorning E-P05:24
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E-Pmorning iekku, how are you?05:48
iekkuE-P, tired and bored, sitting in the abc and waiting for call that my car is fixed... how are you?05:48
E-Ptrying to start working05:50
iekkupaid free today \o/05:50
E-Plucky one05:50
iekkuplanning to work still :D05:50
E-Pso normal working day then :)05:51
iekkunot really, few things to do before monday05:51
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iekkuStskeeps, almost home :)06:22
BostikStskeeps: how long delay between flights?06:23
StskeepsBostik: boarding in an hour06:23
iekkuStskeeps, not bad06:23
Bostikthen you don't have time to visit the in-terminal museum06:23
Stskeepsi am totally screwed in the head by now though06:23
* dm8tbr just woke up at home06:25
dm8tbrtotally tired even though I got 6h of sleep at home06:25
Stskeepsi got the intimate patdown at transfer security06:26
Stskeepsi genuinely felt sorry for the guy06:26
dm8tbruuuuh, lovely06:26
Bostikdid you use a suitable quote from 33 1/3 ? :)06:27
Stskeepsnah, just 'sincerely sorrry for the sweating, i trravelled all the way from sfo'06:28
Bostik"while you're at it, could you scratch behind the left hanger?"06:29
iekkuStskeeps, you look too normal06:30
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prusis there a good way to use mer sdk + gdb server on an arm device?09:45
prusi have "out of memory" issues when loading debug symboles09:45
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* Stskeeps lands in warsaw10:05
slaineStskeeps: almos home10:06
dcthangoh back to Warsaw not Helsinki? :)10:08
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dcthanghope you had a good trip and news from Tizen and useful for Mer as well10:15
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Stskeepsoh, hey, a raspberry pi box on my table10:56
Stskeepsdidn't expect that to come yet10:56
RhymeswAor, more precisely ... w00t err ... W00T !10:57
slaineStskeeps: cool10:58
slainemine arrived during the week too10:58
slainenot time for it until tonight though10:58
kimjuStskeeps, got any use case for that? :)10:59
Stskeepskimju: i was thinking mer tests for armv6.11:06
* Stskeeps goes crash in bed or in front of tv11:11
kimjuheh, for you that makes sense. :) there just seems to be a lot of people wanting raspberry right *now* without any idea what they would do with it. quite weird, but still interesting phenomenon, though11:11
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slaineStskeeps: finally, FINALLY fixed my EEPROM problems11:18
slainefound the correct combination of Bytes to get the device working again after a corruption11:18
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Bostikoh ffs again11:50
Bostiknot you!11:50
slainewelcome back lbt11:51
lbthey all... what time is it?11:51
lbtlike in my head11:51
slaineuneventful travels home I hope11:52
lbtwell the good news is I have a Tizen cushion :)11:52
slainewell worth the trip so11:52
lbtyeah - easy trip11:52
Bostikit's qtwebkit, whose Tools/** has makefiles which blindly assume the build system runs on mac and calls xcode stuff -> on any other system, *BOOM*11:52
slaineI really must make an effort to get to some of these things11:52
lbtactually it was nice to meet up with the Meego-turned-Tizen crowd11:52
slaineall the usually peeps there ?11:53
lbtslaine: yeah, you should do a talk11:53
lbtBostik: ugh11:53
slaineabout flashing EEPROMs, 'cause thats all I seem to be able to remember11:53
Bostikon the bright side, Source/** builds now so I'm 80% there11:54
lbtBostik: we've been talking about things like introducing ccache into the sdk/osc-build11:54
Bostikwould be welcome :)11:55
* lbt keeps an eye open for Sleepy_Coder11:56
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lbtoh, and X-Fade, phaeron.... what's the situation on BOSS?11:56
slainelbt: They decided to re-write it while you where away11:58
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slainestarted again from scratch11:58
slainethey figured it was their only shot, while you where busy11:59
slaineI told them it was a mistake, but they wouldn't listen11:59
lbt*nod* ... it only took me a couple of days ... 2 of them should have no problem ;)12:00
slaineThey wanted to do it in BASIC though12:00
slainethat was the mistake I was pointing out12:00
lbtso long as it has a gui....12:00
slaineVisual Basic then12:00
lbtI hope it's blue this time too12:00
slaineI forgot to put a .NET in there and a sharp too12:01
lbtno worries...12:01
slaineThere, I'm finished12:01
* lbt has the CA laidback attitude all sorted...12:01
lbtdude... it's fine!12:01
slaineseems to have quietened down out there too, I'll risk a coffee run12:01
phaeronlbt: I fixed it12:02
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prushi stskeeps12:03
lbtphaeron: I expected no less :)12:03
prusI wonder, is there a remote debugging opion on mer sdk for arm12:03
lbtprus: what do you mean ?12:04
phaeronlbt: however I recommended to X-Fade that we should soon clean the db as it has a lot of lingering and potentially corrupted processes12:04
lbtI bet - I wrote some scripts to clean some of that up12:05
lbtI *really* would like to migrate to mongo or couchdb or something12:05
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phaeronThe fsstorage engine is fast but really optimistic stupid. there's virtually no error handling12:09
lbttbh we should allocate an LV in the short term12:10
prusi have not enough ram to load my dbg symboles12:12
prusso i need to have gdb server12:12
prusbut how can i use it on mer sdk12:12
prusis there a description?=12:12
lbtI don't think we have any docs on it12:14
lbtI'm not 100% sure we have it built to support that either12:15
lbtdo you have gdbserver running ?12:16
phaeronlbt: btw
lbtphaeron: OK - what does that fix?12:33
lbtISTR a syslinux / extlinux issue in mic but I thought we fixed it?12:33
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Bostikahh fsck it, webkit tools call for qttest and that's not a mandatory module12:36
phaeronlbt: missing deps ?12:41
lbtOK - I wasn't aware of any outstanding issues :)12:44
lbtI'd suggest the comment said: "Add missing Requires which prevent loop/raw/fs/.... images from being built"12:45
* phaeron looks for the buried hatchet12:47
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lbtjust saying that from a review point-of-view a patch which has 2 lines which adds Requires: <something>  and a comment which says "Add missing Requires" is hard to review....12:49
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lbtI don't know what was broken before, so verifying this is the correct fix is impossible12:49
lbtoh, in other news... Tizen has abandonded spectacle12:50
lbtso we get to take over maintenance if we like (which I think we do)12:51
eocanhaStskeeps: remember that illegal instructions I had, even after ensuring optflags such as -march=i486 and -mno-sse ?12:53
eocanhaA co-worker has finally found the cause12:54
lbteocanha: yes12:54
eocanhathere are packages adding "-ffast-math" in their configures12:54
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eocanhaand that links with crtfastmath.o (from gcc) which, no matter the care I put, still has illegal instructions12:55
eocanhaI (hope) to have finally solved the problem by adding -fno-fast-math as optflag to the whole project12:56
lbtmmm - as Stskeeps said, it's possible that these are guarded12:56
eocanhaJust wanted you to know. Maybe it's helpful to others.12:56
lbtcan you verify the illegal instruction is causing the crash using gdb ?12:56
eocanhaI would need to setup gdb in the image and so12:57
eocanhabetter I get a functional image first and then will confirm if that was the good solution12:58
lbtI think we'd need to have some verification of the bug before applying that to Mer .... "-ffast-math" should be valid!12:59
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Bostikhad to disable webgl from qtwebkit for now (it's supported by default only on OSX) but otherwise we should have qt5-a1 ready for proper review next week13:15
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Bostik*argh* so close14:40
BostikChecking for unpackaged file(s): /usr/lib/rpm/check-files /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/qt5-qtwebkit-5~5.0.0~alpha1-29.1.arm14:40
Bostikerror: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:14:40
Bostikonce more with a feeling14:40
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Sleepy_Coderlbt: Hello hello :D16:38
Sleepy_CoderI had been on IRC the minute I got home (after some welcoming and story telling to the rest of the family who didn't know what Linux is) but then I crashed.  Kind of unintended... :-)16:39
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lbtSleepy_Coder: yeah, we've been mainly zonked out this afternoon17:01
Sleepy_CoderI think I crashed as a result of the lack of sugar :D  You saw how much I was downing at the conference :-)17:02
lbtnow preparing to wake up and go out to tango .... yay17:02
* Sleepy_Coder is digging up scratchbox2 docs to see what's up with Lua :317:02
lbtwhen you get there:
lbt"The definitions are stored in /usr/share/scratchbox2/modes/sdk-build/fs_rules.lua "17:03
lbtso following through the tutorial should work - but Stskeeps said the SDK is broken so I may need to do a new release in the morning (UK time)17:04
Sleepy_CoderKind of unrelated, but the instant I got home and got back into the feel of being in my hometown again I noticed how polite foreigners are to natives around here :]  When at the conference it seemed like people from other countries would not often give negative criticism unless specifically asked for the honest truth :p  Got to missing you guys much sooner than later just because of how much less niceties were being observed in17:05
Sleepy_Coderconversation :]17:05
sledgesgot an GLES-enabled imx53 Lipstick + QmlComponentGalleryExtras demo ready , will upload in the evening. Next step: put up a tutorial so everyone can start bashing from there!17:05
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lbtsledges: nice17:07
sledgescheers lbt. Looking forward to share it with everyone. Finally touch-screen works and calibrated!17:08
lbtI would really like to see if it's a good reference UX too17:09
sledgesLipstick QML ?17:09
lbtNemo is quite big and Sage is kinda busy atm17:09
sledgesis very lighweight17:10
sledgesI see a great potential in an embedded world (industrial markets, not consumers)17:10
sledgesvery appealing N9/harmattanish elements, and fast!17:10
lbt ... and hopefully we can put in a small selection of apps17:10
lbtthings using some Mer APIs17:10
sledgesuntil it inflates and hits the performance ceiling :) we have to be careful there17:11
sledgesbut the future looks exciting17:11
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lbtstep 1 is to scope what "lipstick" does17:11
sledgesyes, i tried to run Nemo things, very heavy :( unusable17:11
lbtie just a launcher or ...17:11
Sleepy_Coderlbt: having a little trouble finding fs_rules.lua, in the git package I just installed (I'm on Arch) it doesn't have a /usr/share/scratchbox2/modes/ either ;>  only scratchbox2/modeconf ?  Also I could not find /usr/share/scratchbox2/ -name '*rule*' :S17:16
Sleepy_Coderit looks like most Lua is in lua_scripts/ ?17:16
Sleepy_Coderlua_scripts/pathmaps/ looks related :>17:16
Sleepy_Coder-- use "==" to test options as long as there is only one possible option,17:20
Sleepy_Coder-- string.match() is slow..17:20
Sleepy_Coderstring.match() accepts patterns/regexes :o17:20
Sleepy_Coderer, which is why it is slow.  just sort of going through FIXME's and warnings17:21
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mordwin 1317:34
Sleepy_Coder  I wonder if this is considered good or bad :>17:34
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Sleepy_Coderhello :]17:41
lbtSleepy_Coder: hey17:49
lbtwas afk17:49
Sleepy_Coderno probs :)17:49
Sleepy_CoderI keep getting this sense that someone tried to micro-optimise in places of the C Lua and the pure-Lua scripts :o  What must scratchbox be able to run on?17:51
Sleepy_Coder(with decent expediency)17:51
lbtwell - that's a possible issue for the upstream...17:51
*** Behold has joined #mer17:51
lbtI'm going out in 10m so have to vanish...17:51
lbtI'll be around tomorrow17:52
Sleepy_CoderOkey dokie :-)17:52
Sleepy_CoderNice to be back home, eh?17:52
*** BeholdMyGlory has quit IRC17:52
lbtoh yeah17:52
Sleepy_CoderSay hi to Denise for me :-)17:52
* Sleepy_Coder is just going to poke around the source more to get a better sense of the larger machinery17:52
lbtwill do .... l8r o/17:52
Sleepy_CoderLater :]17:53
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vgradeharbaum hi17:59
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Sleepy_Coderjust noting that lua_sb_isprefix() can only work with C strings, no interpolated NULs. :>  shouldn't be a problem, but if that were unintended I could fix it18:14
Sleepy_CoderLooks like C strings are what are used everywhere anyway, which is why I don't think it matters :>18:14
vgradeSleepy_Coder, hi18:14
Sleepy_Coderhello :]18:15
vgradeseen you around recently , welcome to #mer18:15
Sleepy_CoderThank you :D18:15
vgradehow was Tizen conf?18:15
Sleepy_CoderDid you by chance go to the Tizen Conference? I think I met a Martin from Italy :o18:15
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer18:15
Sleepy_CoderIt was very well-sponsored, I think :-)18:15
*** Alison_Chaiken has quit IRC18:16
vgradeI had sponsorship but had to give it up for family reasons18:16
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #mer18:16
Sleepy_CoderThe first 2 days I had fun really just meeting people and looking around SF18:16
*** Alison_Chaiken has quit IRC18:16
Sleepy_CoderWell, first day18:17
Sleepy_CoderThe last 2 days the talks got more technical and it seemed like only the developers had hung around (which was good)18:17
vgradewhat's your interest in Mer?18:17
vgradehow wat the hacker lounge, thats where I would have been18:18
Sleepy_CoderHard to answer the first question18:18
Sleepy_CoderI have friends that contribute to Qt and contributed to Maemo/Meego18:18
Sleepy_CoderI'd like to contribute to Tizen :]18:18
Sleepy_Coder(Maybe Mer also) :>18:19
vgradegood news, Tizen IVI looks good to me18:19
Sleepy_CoderI didn't honestly know where Mer fit in until the 2nd day of the Tizen conference :S18:19
vgradewhat made you see the light?18:20
Sleepy_CoderThe hacker lounge was kind of bright. :p  Not really the cave dwelling environment most of the devs were used to, imo18:20
vgradeyea, I heard that there were windows!18:20
Sleepy_CoderI tagged along with a friend to the conference (I only found out about the conference last week on Friday) :]18:20
Sleepy_CoderMostly I wanted to meet a friend I had known online for several years18:20
Sleepy_CoderGot to say though, they made developing for Tizen look really simple through Eclipse... was inspiring :>18:21
Sleepy_CoderAnd then someone had talked about scratchbox (which mer uses?) incorporating Lua, which I am quite familiar with :)18:21
Sleepy_CoderJust hoping to contribute in whatever small way I can :p18:22
vgradeyea we have sb2 plus some tweaks to enhance performance with OBS builds18:22
Sleepy_Coder    lua_pushliteral(l,"version");18:23
Sleepy_Coder    lua_pushstring(l, "2.0" );18:23
Sleepy_Coder    lua_settable(l,-3);18:23
vgradegood to see you here, I'm more on the device side of things, adaptations18:23
Sleepy_Coderpushliteral() is a macrot o pushstring() iirc18:23
*** exman2 has quit IRC18:24
vgradebut you get to see the whole picture on here which I like18:24
Sleepy_Coderthat does sound nice :)18:25
Sleepy_Coder  ahh, pushliteral() is a macro around pushlstring()  pushliteral uses the preprocessor to find the length of the string to pass to pushlstring() underlyingly, so pushstring() is actually the more expensive one, as it finds the length of the string at runtime, but I was just giggling at the fact that they were used right after the other with 2 literal strings and the same18:27
Sleepy_Coderfunction (pushliteral) wasn't called18:27
Sleepy_Coder(I was looking for the most unimportant thing to nitpick about)18:32
vgradethe devil is in the detail18:32
Sleepy_Coderthat is a most beautiful anecdote18:33
vgradeDid you get a tizen device?18:36
Sleepy_Coderyes I did :D18:38
Sleepy_CoderI am really impressed by the screen :x18:38
*** dionet has joined #mer18:41
vgradeI see Stskeeps was hacking it on the way back from sfo18:42
Sleepy_Coderon the way back from sf to my hometown I was having a good time chatting it up with all the people on the train about how gracious people in the big city had been during my trip.18:43
wmarone_Sleepy_Coder: really? I find pentile to be terrible.18:43
Sleepy_Coderand then I started laughing hysterically when I got back to the BART station in said home town and for the first time in 4 days I saw someone who looked gang-related18:44
Sleepy_CoderSF has some dangerous bums, but it seemed like there wasn't much of a street gang problem.  Was refreshing.  wmarone_: my first device, it's impressive to me :<18:44
Sleepy_CoderBulky but impressive.18:45
wmarone_oh I have no problems with the bulkiness, it's a devkit afterall. nor do I dislike the size of the screen (hueg)18:46
wmarone_but the pentile matrix, bleh18:46
wmarone_try looking at some small text, it's terrible18:47
Sleepy_Coderthe mute icon when you reduce the volume to 0 is silly18:49
Sleepy_Coderit looks like noodles18:49
*** slx has quit IRC18:49
*** slx has joined #mer18:49
TrisMcCwmarone_: I have both a nexus s and a galaxy nexus here and the pentile doesn't really bother me, and doesn't really seem apparent, and I have great vision...18:49
Sleepy_Coderit does look a little strange for the text that appears when you make it panic (Home + VolUp), dunno, I'm not familiar with pentile matrixes?18:51
Sleepy_Coderjust seems much less clear when the higher contrasting colors are used?  er, this might be a derp moment for me.18:51
Sageah, finally at finland :)18:52
Sleepy_Coderlies, finland is at you!18:52
SageOnly 2,5hours left travelling ;)18:52
Sleepy_CoderI thought you said they would have free wifi on the train :p18:52
Sageno didn't have that unfortunately. Would have been nice though. I think Stskeeps had it on some flight at least.18:54
Sleepy_Coderweird, if you cancel a memo you're drawing it asks you if you want to save it18:54
SageBut now when I'm at Finland again I can use 3G so travelling is much more fun ;)18:54
Sleepy_CoderSage: no pr0n for j0018:54
Sleepy_CoderI keep trying to figure out what an SNS notification is in Settings (whether to enable it or not)18:56
Sleepy_Coderit has to be a typo for SMS, right?18:56
*** thopiekar has quit IRC18:56
Sleepy_Coderperhaps I should talk about these things in the Tizen channel >.>18:57
*** selesnie_ has joined #mer19:00
*** selesnie has quit IRC19:00
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*** andre__ has joined #mer19:08
*** Khaled has joined #mer19:08
vgradeharbaum_ you need to add a check box to your order form19:14
vgrade"Would you like to donate you unused capacity"19:15
harbaum_ah, ok19:15
harbaum_but then these devices willactually use more current and will need more cooling19:16
*** pohly has joined #mer19:16
vgradeSage, good conf?19:17
vgradeyour journeys sound hellish19:17
vgradeharbaum_ :)19:17
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer19:17
vgradeso you plan for them to be idle19:18
harbaum_we don't plan it that way. we just work with the facts as they are19:19
vgradeseems sane as long as you can deal with peak demand19:21
Sagevgrade: good conf yes.19:22
vgradewhats Tizen stack looking like?19:22
vgradeCosmoHill, hi , hows things, must be pay day soon19:23
CosmoHillI get paid on the first of the month, already had one pay check :)19:23
vgradenice feeling19:23
CosmoHillfinished my 5th week :)19:25
CosmoHillI should add it to my portfolio19:25
*** ALoGeNo has joined #mer19:27
vgradeCosmoHill, I started onsite at a new place this week after 5 months working from home19:27
*** pohly has quit IRC19:27
CosmoHillthat's a bit of a shock?19:27
vgradeCosmoHill, feels good to get into the office env again19:27
vgradeCosmoHill, but yea the commute is a lot longer than from the bedroom19:28
vgradeto the home office19:28
CosmoHillI live with my parents so everything is in the bedroom :)19:28
CosmoHillI got told off for being late on tuesday19:29
vgradecar trouble19:29
CosmoHillI spent 6 mins stationary at a roundabout cos it was being blocked by new traffic coming on19:29
CosmoHillon a good run it's 15/ 20 mins19:30
CosmoHillbad run it's 30 mins19:30
bef0rdnice CosmoHill, what are you working on?19:31
vgradeyea I've done between 60 and 90 this week19:31
CosmoHilldid I tell you what happened to my car last week?19:31
CosmoHillI drove through a ford, only it wasn't a ford, the road had just flooded. The water came over the bonnet and soaked the engine and passager side carpets19:32
vgradeoh no19:34
vgradewas the engine ok after?19:34
CosmoHillthe car is mechanically :)19:34
CosmoHillI have no carpet or rear seats atm as the carpet is drying19:35
CosmoHillcousin gave me a quote today of £450 + VAT for a new carpet :o19:35
*** NIN101 has quit IRC19:36
CosmoHillthe car is insured for £50019:36
vgradeditch the carpet, seats, save in petrol19:37
CosmoHillthey're in the garage and are pretty dry now19:37
CosmoHillI'll bring it in doors in a moment and maybe spray it with ferbreeze19:37
vgradeyou probably don't remember shake and vac19:38
CosmoHillI had a lot of fun taking the car apart tho19:38
CosmoHillnever would have the balls to do it on my own so my cousin helped19:39
CosmoHillbut now I'd do it on my own :)19:39
CosmoHilland no I don't19:39
vgradeI'm the same, try mot to get involved19:39
CosmoHillmy MOT is this month19:40
vgrade voted one of the most anoying adds years ago19:41
CosmoHillaaahhh, annoying19:42
*** arcean has quit IRC19:44
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*** tilgovi has quit IRC19:52
CosmoHillI've just thought, I can ferbreeze my car interior outside the car :)20:00
vgradeshake and vac and put the freshness back20:02
*** pdz has quit IRC20:02
*** pdz has joined #mer20:02
*** drussell has quit IRC20:03
CosmoHillI found a bottle of it under the sink20:04
*** arfoll has joined #mer20:09
*** pdz- has joined #mer20:09
*** pdz has quit IRC20:09
*** arfoll has quit IRC20:10
vgradeCosmoHill, it does not work unless you do the SNV dance while applying :)20:12
CosmoHillit's 3ft off the ground on a clothes dryer atm20:13
*** sirdancealot has quit IRC20:14
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