Wednesday, 2012-05-09

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pdanekali1234: and B2G is completely openly developed, same as Mer is, in contrast to Tizen00:41
pdanekali1234: B2G development is quite rapid last months, they are heading into functional/beta release soon (June 1 according roadmap)00:42
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pdanekali1234: and Gecko is rendering engine, not browser, anyway you are right, everything is webapp, what you see as "phone app" is basically something like a bookmark in your browser, except it can be cached to your phone for offline usage00:44
pdanekali1234: also, Mozilla is non-profit organization and they do great job, same as Mer project does anyway00:45
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proyvindmight  be a silly question but... is actual use of phone expected to work with nemo on n9 currently?02:50
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sonachStskeeps: When I make in Mer's chroot with '-j4', it reports: warning: jobserver unavailable: using -j1.  Add `+' to parent make rule.03:06
sonachStskeeps: Is there any way to enable 'make -jx'?03:07
iekkuproyvind, i have heard that people can receive calls03:13
proyvindinitially, first time when opening wifi stuff, it listed networks, then later on, it claimed wifi not being supported on the device :|03:19
proyvind'iwlist wlan0 scan' etc. from terminal did work none the less..03:19
iekkuyou need to boot the device03:19
proyvindbut then it went away03:19
proyvindand not been able to activate my sim card or related at all :|03:20
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Stskeepsmorn, or rather, goodnight :P05:26
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Bostikokay, this is weird06:17
Bostiksomething in qtwebkit build requirements pulls in libqt4* packages and that (naturally) breaks things06:20
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djszapiHey! Has anybody tried Mer on a toughbook ?10:37
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* jukkaeklund_ in TV interop workshop.. webkit and linux are the rule10:48
E-Pjukkaeklund_: using linux as TV's OS?10:54
jukkaeklund_yes, so far all I have seen10:55
jukkaeklund_I don't think they are even any alternatives10:55
* X-Fade just saw xbmc working on his RPi on tv :)10:55
jukkaeklund_frustrated that QtonPi10:55
jukkaeklund_..hasn't appeared10:55
E-Pat least my samsung TV has some kind of linux10:55
jukkaeklund_like mine10:56
E-Pwaiting for a day when I can replace that10:56
X-FadeE-P: SammyGO? :)10:56
jukkaeklund_yes, but there isn't a custom rom for my set at least (D-series)10:57
jukkaeklund_but, one can hack it nicely to get full access via ssh etc.10:57
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jukkaeklund_would be kind of nice to see how would it look like those old linux releases were replaced with eg Mer10:58
E-PI am using MythTV at home, and would be nice to have mythfrontend on the tv directly10:58
jukkaeklund_I guess you could try to install that on your sammy :)10:58
E-Pyep, I will first try that with rpi10:59
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dcthangsomeone knows which VideoPlayer package for Mer?10:59
dcthangthe link I mean.10:59
E-PX-Fade: have you tried to play 'normal' mpeg videos with rpi, eg. dvb content?11:00
X-FadeE-P: No mpeg2 support.11:00
X-FadeNo license for the codec.11:00
jukkaeklund_btw, if somebody is interested hacking on TVs I could find some left over sets in the office..11:00
E-PX-Fade: ok11:01
timophjukkaeklund_: hackable tv? I could take one :)11:06
alteregoHow are they hackable?11:07
* timoph hopes they're small11:07
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jukkaeklund_well, they run linux and at least on samsung you can hack your way to shell11:14
slainejukkaeklund_: Some philips TV's also run it, at least the ones I've worked with11:26
jukkaeklund_safe to say all recent models run some flavor11:27
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speakmanHow does Mer compare/differ to e.g. Ångström distribution or Buildroot?11:48
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slainespeakman: the wiki probably gives a lot of details11:54
slaineBut essentially, Mer takes off where MeeGo 1.3 should have been11:54
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slaineOr rather MeeGo 1.3 Core11:54
slaineSo, the packaging is abstracted out and built with Open Build Service11:55
slaineThe images are created with the image creation tool, mic, using kickstart files11:55
speakmanOk, I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with MeeGo. Trying to read as much as possible.11:56
speakmanAnd how does Tizen and Mer differ? What I'm looking for is a way to run one (at least) HTML5 (and/or QML) based application fullscreen on our beagleboard like hardwar.11:58
Stskeepsas a start, there's no image creators for tizen currently, or beagleboard adaptation12:02
Stskeepswe have mer on beagleboard adaptation and it should be almost trivial with our platform sdk to get your usecase running12:03
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BostikStskeeps: odd build errors with qtwebkit (qt5-a1), as something pulls in libqt4* packages and naturally paths conflict; I'll try to hunt down the cause12:05
StskeepsBostik: ok, check build log top12:06
speakmanStskeeps: thanks, where can I follow beagleboard adaption development? I've just signed up for the mailinglist.12:06
Bostikoh bugger...12:07
Bostikcycle: qt5-qtsql-devel -> libqt-devel12:07
Bostikthat's not right....12:07
Stskeepsspeakman: harbaum is the one who does it12:08
alteregoprinter kit arrived today :)12:08
speakmanStskeeps: ok!12:09
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Stskeepsspeakman: think wiki has info, if not, prod him12:13
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Bostikthis has to be it:12:15
Bostik% rpm -qp --requires qt5-qtsql-devel-5\~5.0.0\~alpha1-5.2.i586.rpm |grep Qt | fgrep -v .so.512:15
Bostikpkgconfig(QtCore) prefers libqt-devel, I think12:15
Bostika versioned dependency should be better, I think :)12:16
StskeepsBostik: yes12:16
Bostikan automatically generated dependency.... hm12:17
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Stskeepsbad .pc\12:18
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* Stskeeps wakes up13:01
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Stskeepsspeakman: , search for 'beagleboard'13:13
speakmanthanks! :)13:15
Stskeepsspeakman: will be your faithful friend13:15
Stskeepshmm, those .ks'es might be out of date13:16
Stskeepsharbaum: do you have any more up to date beagleboard .ks?13:16
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bigbluehatStskeeps: just more "day of glass" style tech :)
bigbluehatmore foundational13:43
bigbluehatmaybe :)13:43
* Stskeeps is blogging atm, will look later13:43
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bigbluehatno worries :)13:46
bigbluehatjust fodder13:46
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Stskeepsblogged about tizen conference so far:
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slaineStskeeps: just read it, very good15:06
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* timoph reads15:11
CombatjuanStskeeps: I'm in the middle of reading it.  Very informative.  "Tizen architecture (SLP-based) has a lot of NIH in it -"), NIH = "Not Invented Here", SLP = ???15:12
slaineSamsung Linux Platform15:12
Combatjuanslaine: Ah.  Thanks.15:12
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slaineTheir implementation of LiMo, Linux for Mobiles15:12
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slaineit basically became the de facto implementation of that15:13
slaineFinally, FINALLY, checked in a fix for that touchscreen EEPROM problem that's been plaguing me for weeks.15:14
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mdfe_Sage: hi15:16
chouchouneStskeeps: great article, thanks15:17
chouchoune(and hi ;))15:17
mdfe_Sage: we got peregrine running on your home:sage:telepathy project15:17
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harbaumStskeeps: Sure. The last one i used is
*** slaine has quit IRC15:21
pirutStskeeps: thanks for the post, really insightful15:21
pirutStskeeps: has teh turn out been good overall ?15:21
timophStskeeps: very well said15:25
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*** himamura has joined #mer15:31
Stskeepspirut: it hasn't been bad, quite well attended15:38
Stskeepspirut: we even get tizen ref devices15:39
pirutStskeeps: I know15:39
Stskeepsnow actively hacking it to see if i can put mer on it15:39
Stskeepsunless SMACK or other things block me ;)15:39
pirutI managed to get one a few weeks ago15:39
pirutno such trouble there, permissive security policy  ;)15:40
Stskeepsand other funny items include kernel source availability15:40
Stskeepsi really hope they don't screw that one..15:40
pirutoh that is a nightmare15:40
pirut2.6.36, 3.0.8, 3.215:40
piruttake you pick15:41
pirutand wjhatever is backported to each one :)15:41
Stskeepsi'm fine with anything above .32 :P15:41
pirutactually you joke but that could actually be onteh ref devices15:41
Stskeepsright now i'm trying to remember where it was i would get 'sbd'15:42
Stskeepserr. sdb15:42
Stskeepsor what it was15:42
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pirutyou mean sbs ?15:43
Stskeepsno, sdb, smart development bridge15:44
Stskeepsi just found the usb debugging mode15:44
pirutthat is all part of teh sbs installation15:44
pirut*should* be15:44
Stskeepsit is? ok15:44
Stskeepsah, there we go15:54
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Stskeepsit was in sdk15:54
StskeepsuImage.. well that's positive15:55
Stskeepsarm mali, curious15:57
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Stskeepsmoo tripzero16:07
* tripzero reads Stskeeps' blog16:08
Sagemdfe_:  nice. any problems with those pacakges?16:09
StskeepsSage: get 'sdb' from sdk16:10
Stskeepsand put it into usb settings debugging mode16:10
StskeepsSage: it's a s5pc something dual core arm with mali-ish drivers16:11
StskeepsuImage booted16:11
*** pirut has quit IRC16:12
Stskeepskernel source not found..16:13
SageStskeeps: oh, they are using modified adb from android?16:13
Stskeepsnoo clue16:14
Stskeepsits just called sdb16:14
Sagewell that sdb looks like adb from android :)16:14
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SageStskeeps: "device not found".16:16
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer16:16
StskeepsSage: settings usb mode -> usb debugging16:17
Sagesdb = Samsung Developer Bridge, they have it named as Smart Developer Bridge in --help but in other palces in the binary it reads Samsung instead of smart :)16:17
SageStskeeps: did that didn't help16:17
Stskeepstry again16:17
Stskeepsmaybe it's conflicting with your usbnet stuff16:17
Sageah, you need to disconnect usb16:18
Sagex)  ~609 packages installed16:19
Sagewhere is the kernel for this device?16:21
Sagewell, sources16:21
Stskeepsyes, i was wondering same thing16:21
Sagethere is no package in the device that contains the uImage16:21
SageOk, time to go to samsung booth to ask about that probably ;)16:22
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Stskeepsmore importantly, someone who's a lawyer at linux foundation who understands the importance16:23
Stskeepsie, if you see ibrahim..16:23
* Sage tweeted to @samsung_dev ;)16:26
alteregoStarted making my printer :)
alterego1.5 hours to build the A-Frame16:29
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SageStskeeps:;a=summary <- maybe thsi?16:43
Sageit is fun though that they pushed all files with one commit and not based on linux kernel git tree :P16:43
Sageso no history :)16:43
Sagecommit diff is like 90M or something I guess :P16:44
mdfe_Sage: only one fix was needed in telepathy-gabble, the rest is awesome16:48
mdfe_Sage: But I did not tried it on arm yet16:48
Sagemdfe_: ah, ok.16:49
StskeepsSage: yes, it's the kernel16:50
Stskeeps;a=blob;f=packaging/linux-2.6.36.spec;h=563611f1b6e0c93216296bd3331675a822254c08;hb=refs/heads/master gives it away16:50
*** arc_mat has joined #mer16:51
Sage  22 License:        TO_BE_FILLED16:54
SageI'm already cloning that :)16:54
Sagegood the defconfig is there as well16:55
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Stskeepsyes, seems like it17:01
tripz0what hw?17:01
SageStskeeps: you have microsd card with you btw?17:01
StskeepsSage: no :(17:01
wmarone_Stskeeps: what tool did you mention earlier for accessing the device, I totally didn't hear you17:02
*** shrikrishna has quit IRC17:02
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tripz0the tizen dev phone is mali?17:03
Sagetripz0: seems so17:03
Stskeepswmarone_: sdb17:04
*** drussell has joined #mer17:04
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* Sage ponders if adb would work as well17:06
*** beford has joined #mer17:06
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*** tsdedst has quit IRC17:15
Sageo_0 CONFIG_ANDROID=y17:17
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer17:17
StskeepsSage: yes17:17
SageI ponder what they use from that17:18
Sageah, the usb stuff17:18
*** sandroandrade has joined #mer17:22
*** mdavey has quit IRC17:25
Sage :(17:25
Stskeepstoolchain error17:26
Sageso I need to get older linaro toolchain?17:27
Sagegcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabi-2012.02-20120222_linux.tar.bz2 <- better chosie?17:30
*** smoku has quit IRC17:34
SageStskeeps: ah, you are not in hacker lounge anymore :)17:35
StskeepsSage: was in auke's systemd talk17:39
Sageah, ok was it good?17:41
SageI was there last year and though that it might be similar to that one so didn't attend.17:41
Stskeepswas interesting17:42
*** ALoGeNo has quit IRC17:43
*** himamura has quit IRC17:45
SageStskeeps: ok, will listen it online when available17:49
CosmoHillwill that be available for download?17:49
*** himamura has joined #mer17:50
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*** drussell has joined #mer17:58
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StskeepsSage: tar -H ustar -c factoryfs.rfs recovery.bin zImage > package_name.tar18:51
Stskeepsmd5sum -t package_name.tar >> package_name.tar18:51
Stskeepsmv package_name.tar package_name.tar.md518:51
Stskeepsso untar what i had, and re-tar it18:53
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nuovodnahi, where can i find a guide to install Mer on Asus TF101 ?19:23
*** BeholdMy- has quit IRC19:25
*** BeholdMy- has joined #mer19:25
*** BeholdMy- is now known as Behold19:25
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TofeHello !19:31
*** shrikrishna has joined #mer19:32
*** Termana has joined #mer19:35
smokuto which project in COBS is MeeGo:Trunk connected?19:35
*** tommis has quit IRC19:40
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tripzeroi want mer on my tablet!!!!19:46
*** djszapi has joined #mer19:50
djszapiHey! Has anybody tested Mer on toughbooks ?19:50
nuovodnatripzero: order a vivaldi tablet!19:50
*** pdanek has quit IRC19:51
tripzeronuovodna, did19:51
*** pdanek has joined #mer19:52
tripzeronuovodna, well, kinda19:52
tripzeroi have a 7" ztpad19:52
tripzero1gig version that mer doesn't run on yet19:52
nuovodnavivaldi is with 1gb di ram too19:53
tripzeroi guess the vivaldi is either based on this or something similar19:53
*** Dotti has quit IRC19:54
vgradetripzero, I should have a 1GB soonish19:54
harbaumtripzero: i'd expect the vivaldi to be exaclty the c71+. i doubt they'll redo the hardware for this project19:55
*** pdanek has left #mer19:55
harbaumthe most important thing: vgrade needs to receive a device :-)19:58
tripzerovgrade, got one on the way?19:58
harbaumhe just told you ...19:58
tripzerodunno what "soonish" means19:59
vgradeshould have been this week19:59
tripzerocould mean someone is collecting pennies at the corner store to save up to buy vgrade one someday19:59
vgradealso maybe news on kernel20:00
* tripzero dances20:01
vgradetripzero, I've been disapointed before so fingers crossed20:02
*** shrikrishna_ has joined #mer20:02
* tripzero lowers expectations20:02
vgradetripzero, you see my 1.2 IVI UX20:02
tripzeronot yet20:03
*** Eismann has quit IRC20:03
vgrade, on top of Mer this time, Exo and Panda20:04
*** Eismann has joined #mer20:04
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vgradetripzero, I always liked the tablet ux20:04
tripzerome too20:05
vgradewhat was the reason it was discontinued as the IVI ref UX?20:05
tripzerowell, right now, the IVI ux in tizen is based on it20:05
tripzerojust simplified20:05
vgradeah ok, with much fewer deps20:06
vgradeIt took a while to tease out the deps to build for Mer20:06
tripzeroi imagine20:06
tripzerothe newer ux-ivi depends on just mlite i think20:07
tripzerodoesn't use meego-ux-components20:07
tripzeroand everything that brings in20:07
harbaumvgrade: Do you know the Intel automotive uys from karlsruhe germany?20:07
tripzerovgrade, I've got a beaglebone + lcd expansion on the way.20:08
*** djszapi has left #mer20:09
vgradetripzero, there are not that may deps for the basic ux its the apps which bring in the deps, the green packages here are enough for that photo,
tripzeroahh, yeh20:11
tripzerothe tizen ivi demo we put out only has a handful of apps20:12
tripzerohfdialer, navit, and some simple demos20:12
*** tommis has joined #mer20:13
vgradetripzero, yea I know its running great on Mer20:13
*** exman2 has joined #mer20:19
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vgradetripzero, i still prefer the tablet ux though.  I may keep on chipping away at the red packages20:29
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hrwStskeeps: how goes tizen/sdp hacking?23:27
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