Tuesday, 2012-05-08

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dm8tbrgeneric keynote is generic...01:28
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timophdm8tbr: android keynote again?04:42
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Goldyis there any one tells me how to install n900 app in nemo07:07
Goldyn9 apps07:07
Goldyin n90007:07
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Goldyi installed it on mem card07:09
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E-PGoldy: you want to install n9 application to n900 nemo?07:11
Goldyi installed nemo07:11
Goldyon mem card07:11
Goldyand now want app07:12
E-Pyou have to compile the application to nemo07:13
Goldyplease give me details07:14
E-Pit really depends about the application, do you have the source code of the application?07:14
Goldyfrom wher i get source code07:16
E-Pif it is open source application, then google is your friend07:17
Goldyafter getting source code??07:17
E-Pyou might have to change the source to match nemo07:18
E-Pusing Mer SDK you can compile the application07:18
Goldyis there any easy way???07:19
E-Pif it is C/C++/Qt application then not07:21
timophit's really a case by case thing. some applications will work by simply recompling them (I'd use obs) and other will not work without major changes07:21
timophif it's only qml without any c++ then it might work without recompilation07:22
timophbut there's no way just to take a debian package for n9 and simply install it07:23
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Goldythen it is difficult for me07:24
Goldyi havent any knowledge of sdk07:24
timophbtw, what applications you're missing with nemo?07:24
timophI could package some applications if the sources are available and they work with nemo without major changes07:26
Goldyi just want to know from where i download n9 app like i download n900 app easly07:27
Goldyi u have please give i to me07:28
timophI haven't tried using those so dunno how the installation is done07:29
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dcthangNote for all who are using Mer Platform SDK: DONOT update your sdk https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32707:34
timophdid you try updating the target with emulation mode? 'sb2 -eR zypper ref'07:39
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dcthangThe bug was generated after zypper up after finishing Mer platform setup07:42
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dcthangtimoph? are you there?08:20
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slaineStskeeps: good so far ?08:35
slaineoh, that was from last week :)08:35
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iekkuslaine, i hope Stskeeps is sleeping, it's almost 2am in sf08:43
slainethought he was up a little late :)08:43
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slaineA very Mer like background image on the Tizen reference phone ;)08:47
iekkuhaven't seen that08:51
iekkustill so pissed of for how they treated community08:51
alteregoiekku: companies say they care about their communities, but we all know they don't give a crap ;)08:54
alteregoThey only care whilst it's inline with their strategies and when they can use the positive effects of a good community.08:54
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alteregoApple know this, that's why they don't have a developer "community" they have a developer sweatshop08:55
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timophdcthang: on and off :) (a bit busy with work)08:58
dcthangok, I intended to ask you a question but I did solve it already :P08:59
timophgood :)08:59
iekkualterego, tit's has the invite only community...09:01
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timophb├Ąttre folk09:03
* timoph goes back to work09:04
Macertrying to get h264enc to make something useful09:05
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Stskeepsslaine: for those of us who were unfortunate enough to watch jim zemlins keynote last year, we had an unfortunate repeat, at last minute change. Hopefully Imad and his his samsung counterpart is better in todays.09:16
Stskeepsthey were supposed to be last nights09:16
slaineSame thing happened at the MeeGo conf in SF right ?09:17
slaineStskeeps: and you should be in bed ;)09:17
Stskeepsi had a call from my telco provider to give me an offer.09:17
Stskeepsand someone there got abruptly hung up09:17
slaineSo was Tizen so far basically a fresh outting for SLP ?09:18
Stskeepsref handsets yes, but frankly, things were good until the keynote09:19
slaineStskeeps: yeah, Jims same old speech09:20
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Stskeepsyeah, s/INSERY PROJECT NAME HERE/Tizen/g09:25
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smokuStskeeps: and how're the attendees? a lot of meego castaways?09:28
Stskeepsthey sponsored some of us to go09:29
Stskeepsso that's good09:29
Stskeepsbut overlap.. maybe on OEM side09:30
Stskeepsa lot of vendors who got really bit by meego death09:30
smokuso a fertile ground for Mer :)09:31
Stskeepspossibly, but tizen's web runtime cannot be ignored either09:32
Stskeepsbbl sleep though09:32
timophyep. we'll just need to slap it on top of mer09:32
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timophsmoku: any idea why I couldn't get mer+cordia to show anything else than the task switcher button?09:34
timophon n90009:34
timophthe settings button also worked but the menu didn't open from the bar09:34
smokutimoph: switch to a terminal and:09:39
smokuhildon-desktop &09:39
smokuhildon-status-menu &09:39
smokuonly hildon-desktop is started from systemd09:39
timophok. thanks09:40
smokui have it on TODO ;-)09:40
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smokutimoph: so I assume the n900 .ks worked?09:41
timophsmoku: I modified it from the latest nemo n900 ks09:42
smokuso did I09:42
smokubut one of the mer packages for armel was broken, so I couldn't build an image09:42
timophI think I build the image about week or so ago and it build without problems09:43
smokutimoph: does your .ks differ from https://github.com/Cordia/images/blob/master/cordia-hd-armv7hl-n900.ks ?09:43
timophI'll have to check when I get back home09:43
timophiirc I had some additional repo to satisfy some dependency09:44
timophcan't remember what it was09:44
smokutimoph: could you please e-mail me your ks?09:45
timophsmoku: yeah. I'll mail it to you after I get off from work. I should be at home in a couple of hours09:46
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dcthangSearch for zypper in Mer platform target is still broken09:55
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slaineMy Raspberry Pi arrived10:12
slaineit's teeny tiny10:12
X-Fadeslaine: Hehe, mine arrived yesterday. And yes :)10:13
slaineI knew it was small, but still, striking when you hold it in your fingers10:13
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X-FadeTime to setup a Mer target for it :)10:14
slaineI think vgrade already has one10:14
BostikI'll wait nicely until the purchase limits are lifted, since my own uses call for 3 and a couple of friends are eager to get one or two each10:14
X-FadeYeah, saw something for it already iirc.10:14
Bostikmakes sense to bundle the orders together10:14
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slaineBostik: I plan on using this for a mixture of Raspberry Pi intended purposes (i.e. teaching my kids about computers and programming) and noodling around with ARM builds of Mer10:15
Bostikslaine: my daughter (10-month-old) loves keyboards so much that I want to put a working computer together for her :)10:16
Bostiksmall monitor, rpi booting automatically to text editor with large fonts...10:17
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slaineHaving an ARMtastic day, not only did the RaspberryPi arrive, but so did my Pandboards11:49
iekkulike x-mas?11:52
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slaineBetter than x-mss, I usually just get shirts and socks at x-mas ;)11:59
slainethats when they try to civilise me12:00
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timophsmoku: http://timoph.fi/cordia-n900.ks12:35
* Stskeeps yawns12:37
timophStskeeps: managed to sleep at all?12:38
Stskeepsyeah, just some breaks12:40
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slaineWonder will my nokia n900 charger power the Raspberry Pi12:57
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E-Pslaine: it should12:58
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slaineE-P: That's what I figured12:58
slainedon't have it to hand to test though12:58
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smokutimoph: thanks13:25
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CosmoHillbye bye22:07
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tripz0he got it wrong, apps are not html522:34
tripz0those apps are EFL22:34
pdanekEnlightenment, wow :O22:37
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Stskeepstripz0: most apps are html5 now supposedly22:40
tripz0Stskeeps, is in SF?22:41
Stskeepsjust escaped to my room for a tad22:41
* tripz0 is not22:41
w00ttripz0: :(22:42
tripz0whut does everyone think about Tizen?22:54
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ali1234dunno about tizen, but i was impressed by boot2gecko23:26
ali1234especially how you can run the whole thing in a regular browser23:26
ali1234well, a gecko browser23:27
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