Monday, 2012-05-07

* nightwalk yearns for real linux for this gtab00:13
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nightwalkAh, well...maybe in a year or two when ubuntu releases 14 :)00:14
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nightwalkAs far as I can tell, the actual 'mobile' efforts have transitioned and rolled over four times already (meego->tizen->mer, couple others sprinkled in iirc), and without releasing anything remotely useful00:18
Stskeepssure, but a lot of open code, and actually meego has deployments around the place00:19
nightwalkI used meego in a (x86) vm, and even built a few things for it00:19
Stskeepsand yeah.. i felt there was a need to just go for 'core' and make a solid basis for everybody else to use00:19
Stskeepsas that's what people seem to screw every single time00:20
nightwalkThe fact that no single effort has released anything useful before rolling into something else is kind of a put-off, though00:20
* CosmoHill goes to bed00:20
CosmoHillStskeeps: bank hoilday tomorrow?00:20
Stskeepsno clue00:20
Stskeepsnot here00:20
CosmoHillI was wondering why you were up to late00:20
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* nightwalk couldn't care less as long as the stock market is open :)00:21
Stskeepsnightwalk: just checking, i don't know you from unrealircd do i00:21
nightwalkStskeeps: actually, you do. I'm your hallucination after all :P00:22
Stskeepshehe, so you're larne? :P00:22
nightwalkOnly if you hallucinate us in the same way ;)00:24
nightwalkAnyway...kinda hoping mer actually goes somewhere. It's sad to think that the fate of my gtab might lie in the hands of android or ubuntu. The former is highly unstable, and the latter uses the most god-awful package management system I've ever had the misfortune of having to make packages for00:25
Stskeepsyeah, i think it already is00:25
Stskeepsbut aftermarket adaptation is a ghuge problem00:26
Stskeepsbetter to buy something like vivaldi00:26
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nightwalkvivaldi?00:26's a tablet. gotcha00:27
Stskeepsrunning mer00:27
nightwalkNot really in the market for another tablet atm. I got a gtab way back when mainly because it's so unlocked00:28
* nightwalk hates it when companies try to dictate what you can and can't use hardware you've bought-and-paid-for for00:28
Stskeepssometimes even the openest hw can have difficulties to adapt for later00:29
nightwalkMain difficulty in this case is nvidia. They aren't playing as nicely in the tablet arena as they do with linux and BSD users on the desktop00:30
Stskeepswell, they are sometimes00:30
nightwalkAnything other than the stock kernel, and you lose hardware accelerated graphics (which are kinda important)00:30
Stskeepsthis is the same on all other ARM really00:30
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nightwalkDue to the god-awful android nonsense, there's not even really a way to poke around in the system and hack things together either00:31
nightwalkI mean, really...tablets are basically computers, for cryin' out loud. There's no reason not to have a full unix cli environment00:32
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Stskeepsat times it can be really difficult to maintain though and keep going00:32
Stskeepsthe gnu/linux utilities are a mess of dependecies00:33
nightwalkNot the cli tools00:33
Stskeepsmer won't have the kitchen sink of software though, in standard deliverables00:33
Stskeepsdifficult to QA00:33
nightwalkDoesn't have to. Just has to have enough of the GNU userland for people to be able to hack together their own solutions for whatever device they're working with00:34
nightwalkI've done it with a few different touchscreen kiosks already, and it's not that much work (provided there aren't any driver problems, of course)00:36
Stskeepswe'll probably do a dual staack approach with mer.. standard busybox but interchangeable if you want the full set00:36
nightwalkeven busybox is fine to bootstrap from00:36
nightwalkThat's where google kinda screwed everything over in android -- there's no cli recovery mode to use to fix brokenness00:37
nightwalk"Oh? Apps force close? Can't start android? Wipe and reload" <---too much like windows, and even winmo isn't *that* bad, despite the craptastic nature of the desktop version :)00:38
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Stskeepsm00 lbt02:51
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lbtmoo Stskeeps02:55
lbtwe're just checking location ... market+8th02:55
Stskeepswe're in hacker lounge, sage came02:56
lbtwill pop in b4 we go02:57
phaeronlucky guys02:57
Stskeepsphaeron up at 5am? :P02:58
Stskeepsok, 6am finnish time..02:58
lbthey phaeron o/02:59
phaeronStskeeps: couldn't get much sleep02:59
phaeronlbt: \o02:59
phaeronStskeeps: none actually02:59
lbtand now....o/02:59
phaeronis systemctl a multicall binary ? i.e. can it be symlinked to /sbin/poweroff to ease the pain ?03:02
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sonachE-P: hi, Do you know how to log history of IRC?03:31
Stskeepssonach: depends on the irc client03:32
Stskeepssonach: for chatzilla03:32
sonachStskeeps: OK, thank you!03:33
ZiQiangHuanm_delayingLoad = true;03:38
sonachStskeeps: We have added some kernel CONFIG options when building kernel for Mer.  Now linux kernel 3.3 have merged android's support.03:41
sonachStskeeps: my question is: In kernel 3.3 and later, will Mer's needs conflict with Android' kernel requirements?03:42
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sonachStskeeps: I remember when builing kernel for Mer, we have got rid of some CONFIG options releated to Android,03:43
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Stskeepssonach: it's only when you enable some android specific features, as such it doesn't conflict04:10
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sonachStskeeps: OK, thank you:)04:21
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RonksuStskeeps: how is SFO this year?04:44
StskeepsRonksu: warm and nice04:45
Ronksugood to hear. Busy at the hacker lounge?04:45
Stskeepsnot so much yet04:46
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StskeepsX-Fade: Hostarch re fremantle problems05:03
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timophE-P: you could add "Obsoletes: testrunner-lite-hwinfo-maemo" to the spec under hwinfo-dummy05:58
E-Ptimoph: sure05:59
timophafaik shouldn't require removing the old package then05:59
timophmanually that is06:00
E-PI updated the spec to OBS06:03
timophok. I'll try it with the sdk in a bit06:04
timophheh. ubuntu update notifier crashed06:07
E-Ptimoph: I think we have to add the hwinfo-meego to obsolete too, because if you install tr-lite, the zypper suggest to install hwinfo-meego06:08
timophimo the meego one should be removed since it's practically the same as -dummy06:08
timophalthough dunno if someone depends on it06:09
E-Pour tools shouldn't06:10
E-Pweird that the zypper tries to take the "older" version of the hwinfo, eg hwinfo-meego06:10
E-Panyway the hwinfo-meego and hwinfo-maemo will be removed when the package is in the obs06:11
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E-Pand that spec is anyway mer specific, so we can do that06:16
timophwe should do some documetation on how to add your own hwinfo to a hw adaption06:16
timophI'm not very familiar with it but can take a look06:17
timoph(and boter sampos & co.)06:17
E-Pat the moment the hwinfo is in the tr-lite src, which isn't the best location for that06:18
timophmaybe do the split already in upstream06:19
E-Pit might not need the actual tr-lite headers06:19
timophhmmh. let's ask the expert :)06:20
timophsampos: ^06:20
*** licl has joined #mer06:21
E-Pit looks like that you can just create own .so library that provides 3 functions06:22
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samposE-P: yes, that should do it06:32
E-Psampos: good, the "default" hwinfo had includes to some tr-lite headers but it doesn't use them06:33
samposdon't have any excuse for that :)06:35
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E-Phmm.. the zypper still tries to install hwinfo-meego, even if I added that to obsoletes06:36
timophrepo priorities or something?06:36
E-Pno idea06:38
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timophE-P: I wonder if it needs Provides: testrunner-lite-hwinfo07:00
* timoph ponders07:03
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timophwhat if we make test-definition to be a template? and have a simple config file that it's build against07:04
timophthinking about using something like
timophshould make configuring it pretty simple07:04
timophthat would of course add python to build deps but I don't see that causing that much harm07:05
timophfeel free to shoot the idea down :)07:06
dcthang who are best at Mer platform here?07:12
*** bergie has joined #mer07:14
timophI'd guess the most involved people are asleep at SF :)07:16
dcthangok, since Mer SDK guide to build under i486 arch. Any hint to build one app under arm7?07:18
timophbuilding the SDK as arm7?07:19
timophsorry missread07:19
timophit has cross compilers under /cross07:20
E-Ptimoph: well, test-definition should be quite static because of the OTS and qa-reports, some values can be changed but not the structure07:20
timophE-P: just thinking about how to enable changing the urls, etc.07:21
*** eocanha has joined #mer07:21
timophwith minimal effort from the user07:21
E-Ptimoph: for that it would be nice07:21
timophdcthang: so you need the target rootfs (for example nemo n950 rootfs) and setup sb2 to use the cross compiler with it07:22
E-Pdcthang: <-- for armv7hl07:23
E-Pwith some changes you can use it for other architectures too07:24
timophyep. the idea is the same for all archs07:24
dcthangok timoph. I will try it now07:25
E-Ptimoph: the provides option in the tr-lite spec, that is needed because the tr-lite is depending on it07:25
timophalthough build applications is easier with obs07:25
timophE-P: oh. it had it already :)07:26
* timoph needs to wake up07:26
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mdfe_good morning all08:26
E-Pgood morning mdfe_08:26
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khzi@ X-Fade: Hi Niels, could you please get me a build account on, please? My user name is khzimmer, I am Senior Developer at basysKom, Germany.08:37
*** CosmoHill has joined #mer08:38
mdfe_lbt_away: are you around?08:42
E-Pmdfe_: he is in San Francisco, Tizen conference08:43
mdfe_thx E-P08:44
mdfe_is anyone around who can add khzimmer to the build users?08:44
E-Pkhzi: he might also be in Tizen conference, hopefully answering to you later08:44
X-Fademdfe_: Enable his account?08:45
*** jukkaeklund has joined #mer08:46
X-Fadekhzi: Account is enabled.08:46
khziBTW, my task is to push Peregrine for Mer, that's why I am asking for the account.08:46
khziThanks for this instant handling, guys! :-)08:47
X-Fadehehe, np :)08:47
*** lamikr has joined #mer08:48
mdfe_X-Fade: great thanks :)08:51
X-FadeSome people to to SF to have fun, some stay behind to do some work :)08:52
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timophX-Fade: :p08:54
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iekkuhey, i forgot to send invitation to the mer bug triage, but i think we should skip it this week anyways09:57
iekkubecause of SF and timezone there09:58
X-FadeHmmm pie...09:59
E-Piekku: +110:04
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X-FadeMorning :)13:29
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* w00t appears13:57
Stskeepsa wild w00t appears13:57
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Stskeepsmorn sage14:11
Sageor well have been up about 2 hours already :P14:11
Sagetried to sleep longer but well just couldn't14:11
Sageis the wifi very slow today or is it just me :)14:12
* Stskeeps hides his 'mic' run..14:12
X-FadeFwiw, the boss instance a cobs died due to out of disk.. And I can't seem to get it back into working order atm.14:21
w00tSage: lo14:21
w00tit's very slow all the time :)14:22
* w00t is on the tizen wifi downstairs now14:22
w00tmuch better14:22
w00t64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=54 time=6.566 ms14:22
StskeepsX-Fade: hmm, not good14:24
X-FadeStskeeps: I've already sent a mail to lbt, let's see when he wakes up.14:25
Stskeepsshouldn't be too long now14:26
Stskeepsisn't it maybe a phaeron area too?14:26
*** slx has joined #mer14:26
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X-FadeStskeeps: He doesn't have an internet connection atm :)14:27
Stskeepshmm :P14:27
X-FadeAlready pinged him too, so that is how I know :)14:28
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timophleinir: is still alive?15:25
*** swer has joined #mer15:29
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Stskeepso/ jukkaeklund15:37
w00t\o jukkaeklund15:38
CosmoHill\o/ jukkaeklund15:40
timoph_o/ jukkaeklund15:40
w00t o   \ o /  _ o         __|    \ /     |__        o _  \ o /   o15:42
w00t\   / \   | \  /)  |    ( \  /o\  / )    |  (\  / |   / \   / \15:42
w00t/ \   / \   | \  /)  |    ( \  /o\  / )    |  (\  / |   / \   / \15:43
* Stskeeps stares at w00t15:43
Stskeepsis that the YMCA?15:43
timoph( •_•)15:43
timoph( •_•)>⌐■-■15:43
* timoph hides15:43
timophhow's SF?15:44
Stskeepsit's good, found nice bagle shop15:44
*** slaine has quit IRC15:44
w00tthat was pretty awesome food15:45
timophthat qtcreator obs plugin I pinged leinir about would be nice to have for Mer/Nemo/etc as well15:45
timophwe talked about it with X-Fade a moment ago in the maemo obs meeting15:46
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Stskeepstimoph: going to fwd Mer BoF acceptance to mailing list btw?16:20
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timophStskeeps: thanks for reminding17:09
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Stskeepsm00 sledges17:21
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CosmoHill!seen daniel_o17:28
MerBotCosmoHill: I have not seen daniel_o.17:28
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Alison_ChaikenI'll try to get out of work and get up there ASAP tonight.   Hopefully I can catch Imad's talk.17:45
Stskeepsbe aware, there's a rumour going around that it has been replaced with a Jim Zemlin talk17:46
Stskeepsif that happens, i will certainly make good use of the alcohol supplies in hacker lounge17:48
timophin that case I won't have any more second thoughts about not going17:49
timophanyone talked about streaming there? there's no mention about streams in the website17:50
Stskeepsyes, there will be some17:50
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iekkuStskeeps, streams for community people when there's community members talking?17:56
iekkueasy at that conference17:56
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Alison_Chaikenjeremiah, you in SF?   I'd love to have a catch-up with you, if only because I now have credentials for genivi and see your name everywhere.18:03
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leinirtimoph: it's not really alive, no - but it should still work if you're interested :)18:58
timophneed to that at some point19:04
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* dm8tbr is now on a BART train heading downtown20:27
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DocScrutinizerStskeeps: ping20:33
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