Saturday, 2012-05-05

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lbtWell, the internet works .... :)01:06
lbtbut ... bloody hell.... 1hr45 to get through passport contol at SFO !!01:06
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Stskeepslbt, boarding soon from waw03:20
lbtwhen you get off the plane - move fast... the queue for passport control was insane03:20
Stskeepswill be in sfo 11:50am03:21
lbthopefully they will have fixed the BART03:21
lbtthey were hand-cranking the points today !03:21
Stskeepsenergy crisis and creating more jobs?03:22
lbtsadly just the computer going down03:22
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lbtSMS us when you pick up your backs - we may sightsee to Sausilito for the morning - should be back for 4pm03:24
Stskeeps:nod: i'm on plane with w00t and meeting thiago too03:24
Stskeepsno clue how long we'll take03:24
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Alison_ChaikenIf in Sausalito, go over to Tiburon and have a margarita on the pier and watch the pelicans.05:06
Alison_ChaikenTaking the ferry over to Angel Island and walking around is really fun, although to see outside and enjoy the view, you need a warm jacket.05:06
Alison_ChaikenTiburon pier is nicer than Sausalito, which is more touristy and crowded and expensive.05:07
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timophiirc Stskeeps & co. are somewhere over the atlantic now07:01
timophwho would want to go to california when you can be in cold and rainy finland07:02
timophE-P: you're planning to take a swing at the tr-lite packaging today?07:02
timophif so I can test it later in the evening07:03
E-Ptimoph: I have to do something else this morning, hopefully later I have time07:20
E-Ppyh, california...07:20
E-Pjust made/paid my taxes07:21
E-Palways so fun :)07:24
E-Ptimoph: are you planning to do something?07:24
timophplanning to take a break on hacking today :)07:31
E-Pthat is good07:32
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E-Pmorning CosmoHill07:44
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CosmoHillhow are you guys?08:59
iekkutrying to wake up and today is the day i will boot nemo to some devices. how are you?09:01
CosmoHillI'm good, I've been reading the past hour and a half in bed, later on today I hope to have a look at my powermac and figure out how one processor is overheating09:02
CosmoHilltypically both processors are water cooled and it's already cost me money on a special tool09:02
CosmoHillI call it "boot roulette", you turn it on and hope that the firmware disables the overheating processor so that you may use the other working processor09:04
TermanaHave you considered... just getting rid of the powermac?09:04
CosmoHillonly got it a few months ago09:04
CosmoHillwill be using it for CLFS developerment on the ppc64 platform09:05
TermanaOh i see09:05
CosmoHillmate's dad gave it to me and we got it into the car09:05
CosmoHillgot it home and did some research, he didn't believe me when I told him his computer was watercooled09:05
TermanaWell at least you didn't have to pay for the awefulbox09:06
CosmoHillhe's given me..4 powermacs over the years09:06
CosmoHillonly one of them ever worked properly09:06
CosmoHillit's kinda hard to get a 9" long 2.5mm allan key09:11
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sonachlbt_away: hello, I forget my password for COBS. How to get it back? :)09:54
E-Psonach: lbt_away is in San Francisco09:55
E-Pmaybe he can answer to you later09:55
sonachE-P: oh, for Tizen conference:) Now I can login into COBS since the firefox remember the password.09:56
E-Psonach: you can get the password out from the firefox then :)09:56
sonachE-P: how to do this?09:56
sonachI don't know where does firefox save this information...09:57
E-Pfrom the preferences, security and saved passwords09:57
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sonachE-P: solve it! thank you:)10:00
E-Psonach: great10:00
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zuhStskeeps: byako: Sounds like you guys are missing these:;a=blob;f=10-ste_mali.rules10:22
zuhThere doesn't seem to be install targets outside the debian packaging... :/10:23
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* phaeron looks around10:56
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lbtThanks Alison_Chaiken :)16:13
Alison_Chaikenlbt, hope I can get together with you guys sometime this weekend.16:16
lbtDenise and I are aiming for the 10:40 ferry ...16:17
lbtand you have carsten's # for tonight?16:17
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* CosmoHill 's water cooled mac has a very slow leak16:21
CosmoHillor has had in it's past16:21
Alison_ChaikenCalling Carsten's number will probably cost me $5.   If there were another way, it might be easier!16:22
Alison_ChaikenShould be a lovely day in Bay Area today, if breezy.16:22
Alison_ChaikenBundle up for ferry.16:22
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lbtAlison_Chaiken: we're in room 715 in Hyatt16:26
lbtso you can call there16:26
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Alison_ChaikenWill do, lbt.   I have a biz meeting on Market St. downtown with an IVI startup that spun out of Berkeley.16:26
Alison_ChaikenThat meeting starts at 3:30 or so, depending on when BART gets me to SF.16:26
lbttiming sounds good16:27
lbtwe plan to be back ~ 4-516:27
Alison_ChaikenAfter that I will be free.   I do seriously have a bad concussion, so I can't have as much beer as usual!16:27
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lbtheh ... we'll take care of you16:27
lbtI lost 2 teeth skiing ... I know how it is16:27
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Alison_ChaikenI lost a bunch of teeth cycling.   Now apparently I've decided that the front of my head is perfected and am moving around the rear.16:28
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CosmoHill#mer uses ...does mer use rpm?20:42
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vgradeCosmoHill , it does20:48
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CosmoHillrpm 4 or rpm5?20:48
vgradenow your asking,;a=summary20:49
vgrade good link to bookmark20:50
CosmoHillI'm just here for you guys tbh :)20:51
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thauta_hmm is that gitweb usually that slow?21:33
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thauta_vgrade: getting this after a while
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StskeepsAlison_Chaiken: lbt_away: 6pm in lobby we are a small bunch going out for thai21:37
Alison_Chaikenexcellent, Stskeeps.   I'll be there!21:38
* w00t manages to connect after typoing the password 20 times21:38
Stskeepsw00t: moar coffee21:38
w00tso, 6pm? ok, i didn't hear the time part of the discussion21:38
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Stskeepsso happy to finally be landed :P21:40
* w00t concurs21:42
CosmoHillw00t: have I got news for you bbc1 :)21:42
CosmoHillalso hi21:42
CosmoHillStskeeps: do you get bbc channels over there?21:43
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StskeepsCosmoHill: no clue21:45
Stskeepsvgrade: good work on meego-ivi21:45
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w00tahhh, hot waterrrrr21:53
* w00t vanishes21:53
CosmoHillHE'S A WITCH21:53
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Stskeepshello rodriesp :)22:03
rodriesphi, how are things?22:03
Stskeepsthings are good, just landed after 14 hours flights today, for san francisco22:03
Stskeepsso what brings you here to #mer ?22:04
rodriespwell, i'm here cause i'd like to know if you could help me how to install Mer in an Asus Transformer TF101 Tablet...22:04
rodriespi'm very interested in PLasma Active...22:04
Stskeepscheck if there's any guides on the wiki22:04
Stskeepsthe hardware adaptations are as such external to the mer project :)22:04
rodriespoh, i see...22:05
rodriespjust to know, what is the exact relation between plasma active and the mer project?22:05
rodriespi mean, is mer a kind of distro?22:05
Stskeepsmer is a core, so other projects like plasma active build on top of it, as well as add hardware adaptations to it22:05
Stskeepswe don't as such contain any UIs, as to make people able to use it for many different products22:06
Stskeepsw00t: up for finding supplies (water, ATM, coffeee) after you've settled down a bit (3:45pmish?)22:06
rodriespahh, now i understand...i wanted to have plasma active in my device...22:07
Stskeepsor earlier for that matter22:07
w00tStskeeps: yes22:07
Stskeepsw00t: ok22:07
Stskeepsw00t: just say when you're ready and we can meet at the elevators22:08
rodriespand the relation between mer and meego?22:08
Stskeepsrodriesp: meego's dead, mer is derived but not a strict continuation of all meego project content in meego 1.3, as we have a different focus22:09
w00tStskeeps: probably another 20 mins or so, just catching up on mail/misc and letting people know i arrived ok22:09
rodriespah i see...22:09
rodriespso lets say that mer project is based on meego project...nice, since i like a lot meego...22:10
Stskeepsrodriesp: we have a lot in common, also people involved22:10
rodriespso if i could get plasma running on my device, would be great...22:10
rodriespoh, nice...22:10
Stskeepsrodriesp: right, so you need to find a hardware adpatation for your device for mer, combine it with PA and mer core.. well, device22:10
Stskeepsdevice running PA, that is22:11
Stskeepssorry for typos, laggy wifi and very sleepy :)22:12
rodriesphehe, it's ok, no problem22:12
rodriespwell, thanks for your help, at least now i understand a bit better how is this...22:12
Stskeepsfeel free to hang out to learn more :)22:12
rodriespi'll keep looking for some adaptation of PA22:12
rodriespand plasma UX? is sth similar to active?22:13
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Stskeepsthat you'd have to ask the pa people about22:15
Stskeepssunscreen, check..22:20
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